4 o 1 i i i NORTH CTkdlffijtfAr E&TKT w - T1 V V ed the royal escort. Her German ladyship must? -oanA: of fie 17. States. Thfebilllfor re-char-certainly have very nice and delicate feelings ! It is : tering the Bank of the United States, in a very pie, mud was several times thrown, at the royal car- . ; : -r : 1 1 : V LIBERTY, TH1: CONSTITUTION 'iu .. THE SENTINEL. lates, thoush it was ffenerallv under- j . " ' i waf ! pri'iwuie mai u win pass oy.a Etna new aoinet naa neen arrange, j , , D - . onH that tho ProsiHant .tr.rl Th fnllnwmnr list seems to J FRIDAV, JUMJ 22. nage. un this occasion,, the Duke ol Wellington who was there in lull uniform, was treated by tne people in a similar manner." At the latest stood that tlie it was not announced. be considered as iikely to constitute the new ministry : Wellington, First Lord of the Treasury. 'Baring, Exchequer. Carnarvon, Privy Council. Hill. Armv. Sir Robert Peel, Home Secretary. JVharncliJT, Postmaster. Aberdeen, Foreign. Eltenboroutrh, Board of Control. irivy oeai. . Admiralty. Attorney General. Solicitor General. Rolls. Chancellor. Colonies, Secretary for Ireland. War. Steam Boat Disaster. We ' :Ieam from; the Cin- Tornaao Sylvester 8, 130,' BROADWAY, NEW V0K.K. . 4 cinnati Advertiser, that on the 2d inst. a! oriiiL- tho etmm hnnt ffrnmrt. Cnnt' Jnhlf r iftnllivaJl. exceptionable form, has nasspd the Senate bv ! Svlvester. continue a majority of eight votes, In the House of j she upeet, and Irotn ten to 15 persons were;drowned, r, I M. he jead in idisposing Fortune ft Representative on the 14th, .the bill was made resortto.ii , the order of the day for Monday last. It is ! hu rah and a Mr. Duvall passengers; names of the during the, last tvvo mon thsvsold the Capital Rosslyn, Croker, Scarlett, Sirgden, Lyndhurst, Leach, Wicklow, Hardinge, Ilerries. CHOLERA IN CANADA. Hitherto we had to record the ravages of this frightful disease in distant countries, and among nations for whom we felt only through the i thv nf rmr ndtnrp Vint jlio time commuM uipMj ... has arrived when our fears are excited for our own country, our neighbours and ourselves. On the 3d inst. a passenger ship arrived at the Quebec quarantine! from Dublin, having on board 133 emigrants all that remained of 172 with whom she had commenced the voyage. We are not informed whether the cholera broke The oppogition to Mr. Van Buren, on the part of out on the pasbage, or had its existence before tne federalists, is in character with their principles. the vessel's departure. The emigrants were Since the days of Jefferson, down to the present mo hnded on Groose Isle, and visited by the ment, there has been no falling off in their hostility Health Commissioner, who reported that there to republicanism ; and we have remarked, that their was not a case of Cholera on the Island. We opposition to the undeviating, uncompromising re fpar that-this report had lulled the authorities publican, has always been the most relentless and into fatal security, as we find by the following extracts that the work of death had commen ced on the 9th, only two days afterwards. Much- exaggeration and many false alarms virulent. They deprecated the elections ol Jefferson Madison and Jackson, and it wouldbe strange if they did not protest against the elevation of Van Buren But that men claiming to belong to the republican party, should unite with the federalists in denouncing will no doubt get abroad on the subject, but Van Buren, is an inconsistency which justifies from the course of the disease in Europe and tne belief that they have departed from the true politi- Asia, we have reason to fear the worst, and to cal faith. Mr. Van Buren, sny they, is an intriguer make the best preparation in our power that he has disgraced the country he caused the 3 is- it may not overtake us unprepared. turbances in the cabinet he voted for the tariff! ZTrom Ihe Quebec Mercury of June 9th. These are very grave charges ; but are they all that Chohra It is our painftil duty io apprize ihe publi' the enemies of Mr. V. B. bring against him ? Yes, thut tl.i' (li?uW lis actually appeared in this city. Sin'co vpsu nlay morning eight cases have occured wh:ch hv e'.even of the fatuity are declared to have all the gynii - inm of Spasmodic Cholera. Thre- deaths had ccui red , previous to noon ihis day and there were two others wKoie lives wn- despaired of. This disease first appear ed iu a hoarding house in Champlain street, kep? by a prrs"it named Roacii. The patients are emigrants, and are said to be some of those who were relauded on Thurs day evening from the steamboat Vayagenr One Cana dian has been -cized with the disorder, he had been work in' on hoard a ship, and a woman is said to have been seized with it t Cpe Blanc. Every precaution which the (circumstance call for has been taken by 'he Board of Health, anii a Cholera Hospital will be immediately e tablished in the Lower Town, authority having been gi vpi to engage suitable building in an airy situation, for that purpose. Much alarm prevails particularly amongtt the lower classes, and the greatest activity is displayed hv the Medical gentlemen, who with .heir usual humani iv reader the most prompt assistance. ' TArfc o'corfc We have just heard from undoubted riuth'-riiv, thhl 15 cases Off cholera have Rppeared since vsterday morning, and gthat-7 eave terminated fntally The Board have i.ot ye closed their sittings, nor any re iort issued . ' 1 STILL LATER. A letter from Montreal, written on the ll'h, sayr 41 The Cholera in Montreal 'is confirmed 17 cases have occurred in Que'-ec, andfi deaths A pntcripl on toe. biicW of the letter rays 1 h. i past one Six deaths from Cholera iu Montreal arejn t ietort.-d bv Or; Hobertnin. Late and iiiiportawt from EnglaiKi. Our readers are referral to the preceding pare for nn abstract of very important European intelligence. The condition of England, is truly critical: and we shall not be arprized to learn that the outraged feelings of her pcopla, have already burst out into Ojr:n and successful revolution. Their lon ger forbearance, under the accumulated and ag-irravate.:l-ini:ult.s with which they have been mocked, would aroue a want of courage and firmness foreign to the true. English character: Indications of pur pose, not to be mistaken by the aristocracy, were every where exhibited ; a solemn determination to press their just claims and to secure their accomplish ment, is the characteristic feature of their public ad dresses, and if Parliament are eo iniatuated as lo persist in their opposition to the popular v-.ii!, a retri bution, fearful and devastating, will assuredly ovcr- t ake them. The. present state of the country the stubborn aivl Wind opposition of the Lords to the wishes of the i people has created a feeling among all classes of the British, which God only knows where it will end ; but it is enough to make the most fool-hardy tremble for the fate of Britain. As a proof of this, we give the following short extract from the speech of Thomas VAtwood, Esq. President of the Birmingham Politica Union : ; I would rather die than see the great Bill of Re form rejected or mut ilated in any of its great parts or provisions: immense cheering, which lasted for o considerable time.J I had rather hide my head un der the. earth than live to witness the misery, the de gradation and slavery of my country. I see. that you are. all of one .mind upon this great subject : t v,...v,vj ...... ..v. w,v, wren, nj,u uui von an ratner the titan live -tlie slaves ol the borouo-hmonn-ers? all, all !, , " The people of England will bear this contempt.of tne Lirdir, till endurance is no longer a virtue but that will not be long. The Liverpool Chronicle of the 12th May, in concluding a long article, makes the following remarks: " There is, however, a mode of ' cutting off the sup plies1 quite independent of any issue of any election a mode, which will be firmly and unnnimrmslv nd- hered tto, by the people of England, Scotland, and Ireland, should their present gloomy anticipations he" together. It is already adopteil cxtensivelv in Rir mingham, &c. and has within these few davs become , almost as familiar to men's ears as household words.'" The New York Mercantile Advertiser says The King's popularity among his people is sadly on the wane, if not entirely tast. The Court Circular having announced that the King and Q,ueen would arrive m London from Windsor on Saturday the 12th. Throughout the whole route thev were assailed with hisses and groans from an insulted and much abused people. At Houston the royal carriage was joined y an escort of about 20 of the 9th Lancers, and so proceeded to the Palace and at every step the peo ple continued to express in no equivocal terms their feelings of dissatisfaction. The King it is said leaned back in the carriage, unwilling to meet the gaze of rrb? subjects, while the dueen looked out of me groaning and hissing of thousands who Jouoic ill. Then he is-less guilty in their estimation, than were Jefierson, Madison and Jackson, for in relation to each of these illustrious patriots, ihe federal party indulged in the most unmeasured abuse. The truth is, the opposition to Mr. Van Buren, on the part of the federalists, consists in enmity to his republican principles, and a desire to affect his popularity by creating divisions among the friends of Gen. Jackson, on the subject of the Vice Presidency, In this State, their efforts have contributed to the Barbour meet ings which have been held by portions of the people, and the;r object will be promoted by the annunciation of the self-styled Convention which convened at Raleigh on Mon .avlast. We recognize among those favorable to the nomination of Mr. Barbour, some of our most valued personal and political friends men whose attachment to the administration will not be questioned ; but we regard the great majority of his supporters, as the secret enemies of the Presi dent. A master spirit, in the work of intrigue, has taught them how to divide, and if they shall conquer his will be the trophy. But of their success we have no fears. The democracy of the country is sufficient for every emergency, and the ballot boxes, as hereto fore, will witness another triumph of principle, in the election of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Bcren. Among the Acts of the Colonial Assembly, recent y passed, is the following : Whereas it hag appeared, by the orderly ahd obedient conduct, in the late rebellion, of those negroe who have attendea the Presbyterian places of worship, that it would be expedient to encourage that religion in this Island : We, his Majesty s most dutiful and loyarMibjctg, of this your Majesty's Island of Jamaica, do most humbly be seech your Mijestv, that it may be enacted: Be it there- tore enacted, ny the Governor, Council, ana Assembly, of thi. Island, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, that it shall and may be lawful, from and after the passing of this act, to and from the justices and Ve? trymen of each Parish, and they are hereby authorised and empowered, (if to them it shall seem meet) to rais, by a tax on He inhabitants of each parish in addition to the existing Parish Taxes, and In the same manner and form as the Parish taxes are now. or shall. or may be h-re after raised and collected, anv sum that may be necessary for completing o' repairing any Church, in their respec tive parishes, lor the usf of the Presbyterian worship, an 1 for the purpose of allowing the Minister a sum ol 2o0i currency, per annum Now we have the impudence to believe that the Baptists and Methodists, against whom such an ex citement has been raised, are just as innocent of any design toencourage insubordination among the slaves. as the Presbyterians. And we are afraid it is not a good sign in respect to the latter, that their cause has been so warmly espoused by the colonial govern ment. Y. Journal of Commerce. Judge Brackcnridge. The opposition have pub lished two of the letters of this desperate man, in pam phlet tortn, and the honorable Mr. White, is, we un derstand, employed in sending them over the country under his frank. We should like to know why he has not answered the letter of Gov. Duvall, in which it is stated that he was utterly unfit for the station he had occupied, and that his being superseded mofhee. hat! given general satisfaction to the people of Flon da. Perhaps he finds it will not answer for him to touch that matter: but it would form an excellent ap pendage to his two letters which are so pleasing to the taste of the opposition. Who does nof admire Ihe taste ot men who can relish such trash as is contained in the letters of the ex-Judge? As the hog delights to wallow in the mire, so they d'.'ig loss. uapi. fc-mnroe, oi me uujauuuuc, iwn. n oumo i jU,OUU, ana on y euue&uaj - - of ih tiapnrs nhnnt an hour and a half after the n i. olen ni'nrhntlv' paid rC accident happened. gides many other9 0f $ 5000, 8 3000 9 iiW Be-apearance of the Sea Serpent. Capt. Fer- 85000, 8 100, &c. . tWhiit guson, of the sloop Meridian,from Charleston, declares . It is not probably generally- known, mai urn. that he saw the Sea Serpent on tne din insx. on me i a short period lias now io eiay&c capes of Virginia, and represents the appearance of hfew York Lotteries will terminate ; those tne monster as hitherto described. I ifiprpfnre. who are desirous ot adventuring, will do wIi to make early application. SyL- FOR THE SENTINEL. Vester'S xvEPORTER, UOMlierieu lcictiwi, At a resectable meeting of the citizens of Lenoir, being now the size of the daily papers, is puf riendly to the election of Philip P. Barbour as Vice Kshed every Wednesday evening. It contains ?resident,held atKinston.onthe 12th inst. Dr. Chaun- ,,-1, ,'ntPrfistinor reading matter, andis beyond cy Graham was appointed Chairman, and Carney cornparison, more correct in its information Wayne, Secretary. nrrnn nanh& iHonnterfeits. price of Isaac Croom, Esq. after making a few remarks ex- "P , , T 44 4i an 0.r othr nanffr planatory of the objects of the mating, submitted the Stocks, and. Lotteries, than an any other paper oiiowmg ivesoiuuons, wnicn were unanimously aaop- I now jjuuhshcu- s'" er-- ted. Resolved, That the talents, integrity, ahd political consistency of Philip P. Barbour, united with his ex perience, principles, and high reputation as a States man, entitle him to the confidence of the ( American people. Resolved, That we will use every honorable exer tion to promote his election, a3 Vice President of the United States lor tne next lour years. Resolved, Tymt this meeting views with alarm and reprehension an attempt recently made by the Balti more Convention, composed of individuals represent ing jess than a hundredth part of the freemen of the Union, to impose upon us as the next Vice President, Martin Van Buren, a man who to pass aver ms numi all who deal witli Sylvester. Tht following Lotteries are next to be drarcn in New York viz: V July 5, Class 22 Capitals 012,500, 03000, &C. Tickets 84. On all packages a liberal discount of 10 per cent will be given. July 11, Class 23 Capitals 4 of $10,000! Tickets only 85. A handsome Scheme, and well woithy tue liatin? instructions to Mr. McLane, while Minister to Great Britian, and his general character,: as an artful attention of adventurers selfish intriguer, is peculialy obnoxious to the South A Package less the discount will cost 8100 for his agency in fixing upon the country the present "warranted to draw 42,50 oppressive and unjust tann, ana in me uissoiuuuii ui the late camnet. q.i cu) Isaac Croom, Jno. C. Washington, Carney '.,- , . 4. ''t Wnvno nn(i Tamen Metts. were appointed dele- All orders sent by mail, receive the most gates, to represent this meeting in the State Conven- prompt attention vhen addressed to tion. to be held in the City of Raleigh, on the 18th inst J. C. Washington, Moses Westbrook, Isaac Croom. Lem'l. Westbrook, William Wayne. Mortimer Bright, ht I Guilford Houston, and Melchor Rhem, were appoint- in any thing that is grovelling, low and base, against the administration. Bait. Repub. Public Sentiment in North Carolina. The Raleigh Slfir remarks, that of the twenty-five papers published inj this State, five advocate, and fifteen oppose ihe election of Mr. Van Buren. If the Edi tors lrd aclded, that aWthe Clay and Sergeani pa pers in tne State, amounting to eight or ten, are included m the fifteen, they would have enabled their readerslo place a just esti mate upon the character of thekopposition to Mr. Van Buren. We rej ic to find that the spirit of conciliation is ra pidly spradiii; in this eity as well as throughout the country It is now brought home to the minds of men, that the fnr ff question tn tst be arranged on the basis of mutual concession, to secure the continuance, the peace anl we; being of tlv- Union. Such a settlement of the q lestioo, at the present session of Congress, is by nil anx ifusly 'lesir-d. A major. ty of the tariff men now peak of it a becomes Ameiicang their doctrine is ' though we love the protective system much, we love the Union more Congress will not disregard the voice ofth- peo plelet the Union be preservedlet this great legacy bequeathed to us by our fathers, be faever let this beau tiful fabric, the prid- of Americans, the admiration of Enropeans the model of Governments, continue uow. and through coming ages, perfect and entire. We are willing to admit that many friends of Ihe pro tective, we might say prohibitive system, were conscien tious in tlieir clamours; and for a long time c uld not bring themselves to believe that the Union was in danger but now they are convinced of it, and they also cry for MUTUAL CONCESSION. The friends ol tree trade, the zealous supporters of the Uninn, and the liberty of man, do not desire to ruin the manufactures by abolishing the tariffthey are willing to encourage and foster domestic enterprize as far as- is com patible with justice to the majority that is, to raise a j revenue from imposts sufficient to support government hit they are not willing, nor should it be expected of them.. that a large surplus revenue be raised, to protect a cer tain class of nanufactui ers and that surplus apportioned j among the states for internal improvement such a policy, if pursued by tariff men, would siot be right would no ; be jut it would be subversive of the liberty guaranteed bv the Constitution in short, it would dissolve the Union. We will not pursue, this subject further to-day, but con ed a corresponding committee fur Lenoir County. On motion ot, William Wayne, Resolved. That the proceedings of ttuVmeeting be published in the North Carolina Sentinel, and New born Spectator. ' ! CHAUNCV GRAHAM, Chairman. CARNEY WAYNE, Sec. S. J. SYLVESTER, 130 Broad Way. The North Carolina Journal, Raleigh Constituttonair i, Union, Washington ; free Press, Tarborough; and Ad -vocite, Elizabeth City, will insert the above, and trans mit their accounts to S. J. Sylvester. PORK AND LARD. yTT The communication of One of the People will appear nxt week. j MARIWB LIST. PORT OF NEWEERN. " ARRIVED, i Brig Chance, Lamotte, Aux Cays. Sch". Sarah, Ludlom, Philadelphia. Schr. Pedee, Tolson, New York. Schr. Rebecca Hyer, Brookfield, Philadelphia. Schr. Rebecca, Jones, ! New York. CLEARED, Schr. Timothy Pickering, Ferguson, New York Schr. Pedee, Tolson, New York. Schr. Sarah, Ludlom, New York. PIDPOSALS. WILL BE RECEIVED, until the 16th of July next, for building chide with one remark, it is this So alive are the people Ju "in JUI 0 "fh of this city to the preservation of the Union, that more jn tie town Qf Tarborough, of the following than one half of those who six months aero were advocate V 4i tt., u Af u K.a Uliuensiuiih . iiiu iiuusc n uc xj iy icci The Baltimore Republican, speaking of the course pursued by the friends of Mr. Barbour, very justly remarks " With all their professions of attachment to Andrew Jackson, they are really opposed to him, and are covertly doing him all the injury they can. They dread the consequences of openly avowing their feelings and their purposes, because they know that the people would not sustain them in an open hostili ty to him, and they think to accomplish by deception, what they dare not attempt by open and direct means. To all such individuals we would say, be open and candid. Display your true colous. Haul down the Jackson flag, and hoist that of Calhoun. Abandon your double dealing. Candor is commendable ; and if you desire Mr. Calhounj take him, and make the most you can of him ; but cease your attempts to de ceive the public by pretending to support Jackson, while you are evidently ndoing all in your power to in jure him." POLITICAL CONSISTENCY. It is really a source of some amusement to witness the new born zeal displayed by certain gentlemen against the Tariff. "We recognize amongst those who are now most active in the meetings for sending delegates to the Anti-Van Buren Convention pro posed to be held in this city, some that we happen to know, who not only voted for Mr. Adams in his first election, but who even voted for him in the last con test against Gen. Jackson ; and yet those very con sistent gentlement would now persuade the people that their new zeal is in opposition to the Tariff. They are indeed consistent, but their consistency consists, in their ormosition to Gen. Jackson. It is 7 -rt- - not because of the Tariff that tbese honest gentlemen oppose the election of Mr. Van Buren, but because they fear he is known to enjoy the - confidence ot tne President, and because they fear he will give ah nonest support to his administration. We do not mean to say that all of those who are thus active m getting up this meeting are euDiected to this charge. very many and some too who are our best ana per sonal friends, are agitating this rfuestion from the purest of principles. But as we wish to separate the the window, and appeared wholly unconcerned at black sheep from the white, we Drooose to nublish the names of such as we know voted at the last election ior Mr. Auams. and in ordpp tn pn,.hio ,1Q n ist complete, we request of those who mnvhc infnrmeA to give us information at an early day, as we do not w w uui puuucai opponents imposed upon, and we wish to inform the people, who they are, who are thus endeavouring under the pretext of opposing the Aaiui, ivicai uicm astray more anon. 4 Rahigh Constitutionalist. of the protective system, have so changed their views, that, rather than even risk the safety of ihe States, they would vote for the Tariff of 1816- The good work is com menced let it go on, and the Union is ?afe. N. Y Mercantile Advertiser Barrels mess and prime Porfc, 5 barrels Superior Leaf Lard. For sale by V. II. BRIGGS. ICS All persons indebted to him by note; or book account, -are hereby requested tp call and settle the same without delay. 0 New York CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY, CLASS NO. 21, FOR 1832. To be drawn on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 1832. 68 Number Lottery 10 Drawn Ballots. , 030,000, 820,000, 05,000 SCHEME. 1 . . prize of . . 30,000 . . is . . 30,000 1 .... . 20,000 . . . 2Q,000 1 . , . . . 5,000 . - v 5,000 1 3,000 . . - 3,000 1 2,000 . . . 2,000- 1 .... . 2,204 ... 2,204 10 . . . . . 1,000 . . . 10,000 10 800 . . . 8,000 -10 ..... . 600 . , . 6,000 10 ..... . 500. . . . 5,000 400's, 200's, kc. . amounting to . $&66,0SD Tickets $10 Halves 5 Quarters 2,50 . A Package of 22 whole tickets will cost 82CtO warranted to draw 8l0 A Package of 22 half tickets will cost 9104 warranted to draw 8B0 A Package, of 22 quarter tickets "Will cost S531 warranted to draw " $25 A Package of 22 eighth tickets trill cost $26 square, two stories high, the lower story to be 12 and the upper story 13 feet from the floor to the ceiling. The lower story will con tain four rooms, with a passage 40 by 20 feet; and the upper story three roomsj two of. which I 1 1 i t l iL. -.1 r' - I & nn I n xjir iitit rririiric mill I u iiniur mr n i a. "Mutual forbearance and reciprocal concession- " 111 IlJX "" 1 warranted to draw , J wuu .""I. . l, . ' ' . I This is the most advantageous scheme that in & 1 bn PVPr Kaati nfTArArl fnr TiiTbaci n rr r!trn rrno forever sustain it." Van Buren. vvorkman like manner, and hmsneu complete. thftV fl feertain rtf drawiner nr,P riWlfth firt . rn U TVT .1 a J iU C jl, i Tl. 4- U yC tkA Ut nnulir I J ' - - . O . ' . i ue ui ui iiiwi gi v ui t uiue onu mc ouum muai. iuc iTxatcnoja ut ui ucsiuiuuj. cost, and the adventurer has a chance for all le Commissioners being authorised tocon- fu0QTf4 olo ti,;. t a aia- The language of Mr. Van Buren, .quoted abovfc is tract for thc building, either publicly or pri- f"om Snv other that r.,11 off n-ith nnri nmnhpev it mnrf hft hniip.vptanri ? i . . S i f. 1 rom any other that has been drawn heretofore: practised upon or all is over. It is too momentous a crtsis for men to stop and coolly calculate self interest. In the language oi the Alexandria txazette, "it tae Union be saved, ALL is saved. Troy Budget. The common Council ofN. York are making pre parations to give Mr. Van Buren a warm reception And "a great Democratic meeting was held at. Tarn many Hall, on the night of the 31st ult. at which Re vateiy.as tneymay minKoest, ana lomaKesucn thal ticket having on it the first drawn ballot alterations or improvements as may be ap-1 nT1i -n ,:tiri on .in,. . i. . a proved by a majority of them,V deem it umie- drawn number 16 dollars : the 3d, 4th or 5th ccssary to enter into further particulars in re- drawn number, 13 dollars, all tickets having garuio me niusn aim piun oi iue ouuuuig. . one drawVl number will be entitled tn lftrlnl m 1 . - : - M.L A ' . J L ' II " 4.. l ne commissioners are "lunnerempowereu narR to advance, from time to time, such sums of .olutiona were ndoDtfid. annrohatintr the nomination finances of the County will enable the Corn- by the Baltimore Convention, of Martin Van Bcren missioners to make prompt payment according as Vice President of the United States; and a Com- to contract. Bond with approved security will mittee of 24, corresponding with the number of States of the Union, was appointed, to make arrangement o receive Mr. Van Buren, on ms return to his native State." Another old saw exploded. With Mr. Clay's par tizans, no argument is more common than that the ax or duty on a particular article ot trade, makes it cheaper. Mr. Adams, the late President, in his tariff report, puts this absurd emphatic terms money as they may deem necessary to carry on the work and the present condition of the be required from the Contractor. For the Commissioners, LOUIS D. WILSON, Ch'n. Tarboro'i June 15, 1832. I 1TN PURSUANCE of an act passed at the XL Orders for packages or single tickets in either of the above lotteries should be forwarded as early as practicable. Please Address SYLVESTER fc CO. No. 33 Market Street, Baltimore tdWhen one or more tickets are ordered, postage need not be paid. A discount of five percent, will be allowed to those who purchase packages. When a certificate is ordered, it is only re quisite to remit the difference between the cost and the sum varranted to be drawn. DLetters will receive the same attention as personal application, and a .statement of present session of Congress fnr imnrnrinir .surd proposition to rest, in the most pTnnlvlvania Avenue md fYvnifc 17 6 v JJciau mi PP"-". u i,NBineni o "The doctrine (says he) that du- V? I!. A '' r, other purposes, the drawing will be forwarded to each adveu ties Tof import cheapen the price ofarticles upon which pruposais until me turer. . they are levied, seems to conflict with the first dictates first day of July next, for executing the works The Bulletin' will be sent gratis to all who ot common sense."--Chillicothe Adc. piuvmeuiui un &aiu Avenue, or any part there- natronize Sylvester. of not less than one-fourth, viz: The surface BaltimnrP. Mav 1832. Extraordinary Revenue. The amount of duties I to be regulated by removing the surnlus earth 1 ' secured and paid at the New York Custom Housr, the centre way then to be paved 45 feet in STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, for the quarter ending on the first day of April last, width with hammered stone oh the McAdam's Duplin Coufity. . exceeds nve millions seven hundred i uouram aoiiare, pian, the stone to be broken so as to pass thro' COURT;OF PLEAS AND QUARTITCotV a sum exceeding by nearly one million of dollars the a ri of two inches diameter; , P f h VfcU AJi 1 JR SjES- amount ever before secured in the correspondinfif ; i . V . . S51UIX&. quarter of any previous yea,' - TS,!feiK ... Ten A. D. ; - v,wv uu wiuu icr oi me same micKness tines l. Liouin, i to be put on, and each well rolled; the sideways vs. Oritni a i - - - v t .ii a tuat J ucai giaici i . j till ic i lipuiu. Fatal Rencontre. The Milledgville Journal of the 30th ult. says : " It is our painful lot, to announce a most tragical rencontre that took place at Macon last Sunday evening, between Heman Marks and Lewis Washington, aoout the same age, neither ol them probably much over 21.- They metj perhaps by acci- ent, at a contectionary shop, and alter some warm nine inches thick. It is estimated lhat there TTT anDearinrr tn thi c4:.o. . '' "z. will be about 58,635 yards of paving, 53341 of Jl that the defendant in hU tUCQU.rt gravelling, and 39a3 cubic yards of earth to re- habitant of this Stnt n-?8? JS & in . The proposals will state the price per publication be made XZJZl J1 square yard for paving and gravelling, and per Carolina SentineL vrr J.Ti J , fcU" move j U r1"1'"" c""'.tl" . .txliri S(luare yard lor paving and gravelling, and per Carolina SentineL tv j V wra-Qs,iVici.r;si...1vcuiium ainuiSiuii Nsioi snot .K vo, r,o oartK t.f v, om ueienoam utitimt fall in the breast, and immediately expired. Bothcf Tpp. T t.l ? 1 A if Vi o T T ueioreine ourt oj 'Pleas and Quarte SW them were respectably connected - and have invo ved he f the laWS f ?! Statc?' I11 atthe Court toboheldfovSeCto 1? ' by their rashliess the friends of each in a scene of 1 several btates are requested to insert this at the Cwt-aouse in unspeakable distress, with whom every person, and t noU?e 4 times and ward their account for cond Mondav of KtVL ? 0n !he se particularly every parent, must feela lively sympa pajtoent. . J J. ELGAR. plead to issue ?5?!fA 'SP r thy. We understand mat judge Strong refused to I mmissioner oi ruDiic uuimmgs. Iderpd atrn L Jw64"c--anai win oe r3n- ' a r m h. uaiii b 14 I III JAMES PHARSALL, Cierh , admit Washington to bail." t Wa$ington City, May 25, 1832. l 3r r i i ! f -. -.. . .. . . ...

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