From Hood's Comic Annual. THE ISLAND. if the author of the Irish Melodies had ever had a little Isle so much his own as I have 1 possessed, he might not have found it so sweet as the song anticipates. It has heen my fortune, like : Robinson Crusoe, and Alexander Sel lurk, to be thrown on such a desolate spot, and I felt so lonely, though I had a follower, that I wish Moore had been there. I had the honour of being in that tremendous action of Finisterre, which proved ail end of the earth to many a brave fellow. I was ordered wth a boarding ,j party forcibly to enter the SantissimaTrinidada, but in the act of climbing into the quarter gallery, which, however, gave no quarter, was rebutted by the butt end of a (marine's gun, who remained the quartermaster of the place. I fell senseless into the sea, andshould no doubt have perished in the waters of oblivion, but for the kindness of John Monday, who picked me up to. go, adrift with him in one of the ship's boats; All our oars were carried away, that is to say, we did not carry away any oars, and while shot was raining, our feeble hailing was . unheeded. In short, as Shakespeare says, we were drifted off by "the current of a heady fight." As may be supposed, our boat was any thing but. the jolly-boat, for we had no pro vision to spare in the middle of an immense waste We were, in fact, adrin in tne cutter, with nothing to cut. We had not even junk for junketing, and nothing but salt water, even if the wind should blow ircsh. b amine indeed seqm'd to stare each of us in the face; that i?, we stared at one another, but if men turn cannibals, n great allowance must be made for short ditto. We were truly in a very disagreeable pickle, oceans of brine and no beef, and; like Schylock, I fancy we would have exchanged a pound of cold for a pound oi tlcsh. The more we drifted Nor, the more sharply we inclined to gnaw but whenwedrmcdoow, we found nothing I ike pork No breacTrose in the east, and in the opposite point we were equally disappointed. Ave could not compass u. meai any now, nui got raeaiy moulhM, notwithstanding. We could see the Sea mews to the eastward flying over what By ron calls the Gardens of Gull, j We saw plenty ot Urampus, but they were useless to all intents and purposes, and we had no bait for catching " a bottle-nose. Time hung heavily on our hands, for our fast days seemed to pass very slowly, and our strength was rapidly sinking jfrom being so iquc.h afloat. Still we nourished Hope, though we had nothing to give her. But at last we lost all prospect of land, if one may so say when no land was in sight. The weather got thicker as we were getting thinner; and though we kept a sharp watch, it was a very bad look "out. We could see nothing before us but nothing to eat and drink. At last the fog cleared off, and we saw something like land -l ight a-head, but alas the wind was in our teeth as well as in our stomachs. We coulddo noth ing but keep her near, and as we could not keep ourselves full, we luckily suited the course of the boat; so that after a tedious beating about . riribr the wind not only gives blows, but takes a great deal of beating we came incontinently to an island. . Here we landed, and our first im pulse on coming to dry land was to drink, 'there was a little brook at hand to which we applied ourselves till it seem'd actually to murmur at our inordinate thirst. Our "next care was to look for some food, for though our ' hearts were lull at Our escape, the neighbouring region was dreadfully empty. ; We succeeded in getting some natives out of their bed, and ate them, poor things, as fast as they got up, but With some difficulty in getting them open; a common oyster knife would have been worth the price of a sceptre. Our next con-4-eln was to look out for a lodging, and at last we discovered an empty cave, reminding me of an old inscription at Portsmouth, ""The hole of this place to let." We took the precau tion of rolling some great stones tp the entrance, for fear of lastlodgers that some bear might come home from business, or a tiger' to tea. Here, under the rock, we slept without rock ing, and when, through the nights failing, the day broke, we saw with the first instalment of 1' l.A AI. -A - . - - iigm inai we were upon a small desert isle, now for the first time an Isle of Man. Accordingly the birds' in this wild solitude were so little wild, that a number of bobbies and nod dies allowed themselves to be taken by hand," though the asses were not such asses as in hn rnua-ht Thorn lire n I,.,. 7 e u o - nua uu uuuiiuautc ui roo- its, which we chased unremittingly, as Hunt runs Warren ; and when coats and trowsers fell short, we cloathed our skin with theirs, till, as Monday said, we each represented a burrow, fa this work Monday was the tailor, or, like thefmaker of shadowy rabbits and cocks upon i he wall, ho could turn his hand to any thiricr. He became a potter, -a carpenter, a butcher, and a baker that is to say, a master butcher and a master baker, for I became his journey man. Reduced to a . state of nature, Monday's favorite phrase for our condition, I found my l)ein an officer fulfilled no office; to confess i he truth, I made a very poor sort of savage, whereas. Monday, I am persuaded, would have been made a chief by any tribd whatever. Our situations in life were completely reversed ; he wi tuuic iue icuut'r aim x me luiiuwt'r, ur rtuii&r, to do justice to his attachment and ability, he became like a strong big brother to a helpless little one. i u i a .1 i .1 r if .1 when at last a whaler of Hull though the hull was not visible showed her mast on the ?rzon an cvcnt which was telegraphed by - londay, who began aying his prayers and ,5??cmS College Hornpipe at the same liSft-m 1 reqaal- vour. We contrived .by of. d!"y f fe-4-i t0 - deliverance. a 0at camc t0 0Ur slnaI Hots The Chi every gentlcffan in n,t PT'.. 1 1 linesp ln - t:A except the hog." We nvTv V- 1OT "IS "Tp,S to be daubed, a hofeVd1iStl?,r ,fM sufficient dimensions, and C",h.' of it-the hogs are then called" aTw of corn thrown into the hole, when k.Ti!" plunge in and soon prepare the lump of cliv dauber. - - - - w w AAW Western Ploighbov. THE SALTED PUDDING; r OR, TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH. . I had been journeying all day with my mer ry old friend, Uncle Jacob, as every one calls him, and both of us had become completely 'jogg'd out.' At length we came to a public house, haying the sign of a golden ball. Here,' said my droll companion, we shall find small potatoes, or lose our guess, for I ne ver had any great opinion of these pumpkin taverns.' But, fatigued as we were, indifferent accommodations would be acceptable, rather than push on farther. So, after seeing to our beast, which was pretty well provided for, we called for refreshment for ourselves. We soon found that Uncle Jacob's guessing, was not far out of the way, for all the house seemed to be in a state of dishabile. All slattern and slip shod,' saki he, as he passed from bar room to kitchen, reconnoitering. They promised to pick us up something to stay our stomachs. It was Saturday evening, and the landlady had commenced the work of making a hasty pudding according to New England custom. As my companion and I were seated near the bar-room fire, a stout strapping wench, not the sweetest and most delicate in the world. brought a dish of hashed meat, and, placing it upon the hearth, left it uncovered. There was a great bull-dog in one corner and three cats in the other. Jowler scented the savory morsel and made for the dish. I was about to drive him off, but Uncle Jacob, shaking his head significantly, pushed me back. So the dog commenced operations and soon finished the work, licking the platter clean. Uncle Jacob watched him attentively the while, and when he had done his meal, he went to the kitchen door, and, all grave as a churchman, addressed the lady. Madam, the dog has done, and, I suppose, it is our turn next! There was a most terrible burly burly in the family ; and father and mother and daughter were all by the ears ! The canine gentleman had disposed of all their frest meat, and,, by way of aiding his digestion, Dolly had made him feel the force of one of her ponderous hoofs, and sent him headlong out of doors. To ease the.matter and comfort of ourpoor hostess, we told her that we would sit down with the family, if she pleased,' to a dish of hasty pud ding, which was a favorite of both. Fondly now I waited the enjoyment of this charming Yankee repast. Uncle Jacob, how ever, was not at all satisfied with their sloven ly appearance about the house, and, though now in no fear of the dog, he chose to lake a peep into the kitchen, lest all would not go on in so cleanly a style, as our own worthy grand-1 mothers were wont to have it; 4 John,' said the landlady to the bo)', ' I'm going to run over to Mr. Darby, a minute. Tell Dolly to re member to salt the pudding.' But John heard onlv the last three words, and so administered the salt himself. Next came Dolly, intent on seeing the5 cookery well attended to, and gave it another seasoning. By and by the mother returned, and the family being all out, conclu ded nothing had been done as she directed, and so she dashed in another handful, and, giving it a hearty stir, wentup stairs. Presently the old man. came bolting from the stable. He stood enjoying the smoking mush for a mi nute, and muttering over to himself . I'll bet a goose there 'is no salt in it;' and then going to the salt box, he took a fist full and shook it into the pudding. Our turn next,' exclaimed Uncle Jacob, as the landlord past into the bar room, and in went the fifth handful ! Now, reader, behold us all around the old pine table, with each a bowl of milk and a pan of homany foaming in the centre ! All but the rogue Jacob, anticipated a charming feast. The landlord took the lead. lie made out to gob ble down one spoonful, when, as soon as his throat was at liberty, he dashed his spoon up on the table with violence and vociferated aloud In the name of Lot's wife, Cape Cod and Turk's Island, what have ye got here ? who salted the ouddinfr. Dorcas? WW? wW? what's the matter Mr. Blaney ? It was I that i salted it' 4 Why, mother,' savs Dolly, 4 it M as j I. that salted the pudding ! Well,. I know I granny told me to salt it, and so did I. bv iinfr.' 1 A O' " - ' J ' " J said the boy. Gallows take it !' cried the old man, 4 did you all salt the pudding ? What a pother is here ! I was determincd'thc business should not be neglected, and so I chucked in a handful.' 4 And I too,' said Uncle Jacob, 4 supposing it to be the custom of the family, followed suit.' 4 O, flanders and flamationV ejaculated our host, 4 what shall be done now?' I really felt a sympathy for the disappointed people, and determined to get rid of as much trouble as possible, so I called for bread xmd cheese, and with this we made out a tolerable supper, washing it down with 'small beer. I undertook to scold Uncle Jacob, after we re tired to-our lodgings, for carrying his fun to such a pitchf ; but it was to no purpose. 4 1 was determined) to eat none of their flummery,' said he, 4 and was glad to experience the truth of the old adagre, that too many cooks spoil the broth.' Boston Masonic Mirror. . . AWFUL EXPLOSION. i fer fr0rn the editor of the Buffal Journal dated lUoclofck Sunday morning states that just as the bteam boat Niagara left the wharves of that city for Uetroit, her boiler burst with a terrible explosion shattering and carrying away a large portion of her decks. There were about 300 passengers on board ; a!!? aL.n y 03 couId be ascertained at the time, about 0 were more or less irrjured-25 of the nura 5? Ci ul "Med or blown overboard and droicned. Much blame ls attached to the Engineer, though with what justice we cannot say. uta 6. xiic lonowing statement of tne emcacy oi slacked lime in the cure of wounds, is from a work recently buhlUhPf. in London, entitled Observations on the Mus sulmans, of India descriptive of their manners customs and habits, by Mrs. Meor Hassan a1a., "The usual application in India to a fresh wound, is that of slacked lime. A man in our employ was breaking wood, the head of the hatchet came off, and the sharp edge fell with considerable force on the poor creature's foot he bled profusely and fainted; lime was unspa ringly applied to the wound, the foot carefully wrapped up, and the man conveyed to his hut on a charpoy (bedstead,; where he was kpt quiet without disturbing the wound; at the end of a fortnight he walked about, and in another, veck returned to his labor." j i THOMAS WATSON HAS FOR SALE, A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF BOOKS, AMONG WHICH ARE THE FOLLOWING : Murray's Introduction, Reader, Key, Sequel, Exercises, Spellingbook and Grammar. Grimshaw's United States, Adams', Willard's, Woodbridge's, Cum ming's, Woodbridge and Willard's, Dwight's, worse's, WiJlett's and Parley's Geography. Walsh's, Pike's, Colburn's, Smilev's, Ben nett's and Daboll's Arithmetic Key'to Pike. Webster's, Cumming's, Pickett's, and Ju venile Spelling-Book. Walker's, Johnson's, and Webster's Die '4 tionary various sizes. I Blake's Natural Philosophy, Treby's As tronomy, Blair's Lectures, Cowper's Task, Thompson s Season s, Jaud s Expositor. Tytler's History, Conversations on Chemis try. Whelpley's Compend, Duncan's Logic. Columbian Orator, American Reader. Goldsmith's England, do. Rome, do. Greece. Gummere's Surveying, Simpson's, Euclid, Jacob's Latin Reader, Gould's Adams Iiatin Grammar, Virgil Delphini. Horace Delphini, Ovid Delphini,.' Cicero Delphini, Works of feailust. Entick's Latin Dictionary, French Grammar. Greca Majora, Greca Minora, Greek Delectus Valpley s Greek Grammar, Greek Testament. Schrevelli's Lexicon. Bonnycastle's Algebra and Key, Simpson's Algebra. Family Bibles, School do. elegant Pocket do. Super Pearl Pocket Testaments, common do. HYMNB OOKS. Watts aud Rip- pons, Methodist, ixencral Assembly's, V illage, Olney, Dover Selection, Alexander's,Bidd!e's, Rippon's, Watts', Zion's Songs. Pollock's Course of Time, Henry on Prayer. Christian Lyre, Brown's Concordance. Jay's Closet Exercises, Jay's Discourses. Flavcl on Keeping the Heart. Book of Common Prayer, Closet Exercises. Alexander's Bible Dictionary, Malcolm's do. Smiiey's Scripture Geography. History of the Reformation, Law's Call. Pilgrim's Progress, Saint's Rest. Historv of the Bible. A Cergyman's Letters to a Young Christian. Miller's Evidences of the Christian Religion. Letters on Church Governments Henry's Religious Life, Help to the Gospels. Confession of Faith, Methodist Discipline. Dewees on females, ditto on Diseases of Children, ditto on Midwifery. Juvenile Spectator, Evenings at Home. Franklin's Works, Scientific Dialogues, Byron's Works, Moore's Life of Byron. Pocket Gazetteer, Lexicon of Useful Knowledge, Conversa tions on Common Things. Peter Parley's Books for Youth. Complete Letter Writer, Western Songster. Life of Washington, Life of Marion, Life of Bonaparte, Life of Nelson. Virginia Housewife, Housekeeper's Manual. American Chesterfield, Tooke's Pantheon. Family Dyer and Scourer. Life oi" Alexander: the Great, Life of Moham med. Lacon, or Many Things in Few Words. Laennec on the Chest, Begin's Therapeutics, Horner's Special Anatomy, Johnson on the j Liver. Blount's Coast Pilot, Bowditch's Navigator. Marsh's Bookkeeping, Jackson's ditto. Buck's Theological Dictionary. History of Paris, Humorous Songster. Evening Entertainments, Scenes in Europe. Mason's Improved Farrier, Hinde's ditto. Irving's Mythology, Violin Preceptor. A variety of Entertaining Juvenile Books & Coloured Toys. New York Primer, Reader and Table Books. NOVEL S. The following popu lar Novels will be sold at40 cents per volume : Pelham, or Adventures of a Gentleman, The Oxonians, Private Life, Beatrice, a Talc, Rybrent De Cruce, Flirtation, Romances of Real Life, Adventures of a King's Page, Walter Colyton, Gaston De Blondevillc, Reuben Apsley, Devereux, by the Author of Pelham Paul Clifford, Walde grave, The Country Curate, The Prairie, a Tale, by Cooper, Goslington Shadow, English at Home, Lionel Lincoln, The Refugee, The Last of the Mohican?, Body and Soul, Redgauntlet, The Lost Heir, Yes and No, Husband Hunting, The Baron vv Hungarian Tales, Tales of the O'Hara Family, Woodstock, Falkland, Fair Maid of Perth, The Book of the Boudoir. ALSO, Paper, Quills, Wafers, Sealing Wax,Lead Pencils, Office Tape & Wafers, Ink Powder, Tissue Paper, Slates, Pocket Books, Pocket Maps of the Southern and Western States, Blank Day Books, Memorandum Books, and A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF Such as Shipping Papers,4 Bills of Lading, Vessels' Bills of Sale, Manifests, the different kinds of Blanks used by the Clerks of the Superior and County Courts, Sheriffs, Con stables, &-c. fcc. orders for any of which will receive immediate attention. NORTHERN, SOUTHERN, AND WESTERN STAGES. General Stage Office at the Washington Hotel. Ir3 Those who may apply for seats in either of the above Stages, will please pay their stage fare at the time they give in their names ; as no names will be enteredon the Waybills until the fare be paid : and no Etra i3tlfl3aflC will be received at or delivered from the Office until payment of the fare due thereon. I F. ALEXANDER, Agent. POST OFFICE. Arrival and Departure of the Mails. 1 Northern Mail, arrives on Sundav, Wednesdav and Friday, at 4 P. M. Closes on Mouday at halt past 2 P. M. and on Wednesday and Friday at half past 8 P. M. Wilmington Mail, arrives on Monday at 12 M. and on Wednesday and Friday at 2 P. M. Closes oh Monday, Wednesday and Friday at half past 5 P. M. Raleigh Mail, arrives on bunday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 P. M. Closes on Mouday, Wednesday and Friday at hall past OF. M. Beaufort Mail, arrives on Monday and Friday at P. M. Closes- same evenings at halt past o. Trent Bridge and Onslow Mail, arrives on Mon day and Friday at 2 P. M. Closes on Wednesday and Friday at 5 P. M. Letters for any of the above Mails must be brought to the Office fifteen minutes before the hour of closing, or they will not be sent until the next mailin course $20 Reward. nj) AN away from the subscriber, on the 14th JULVl of May last, a Negro Man named EZE KIJ5L, about 24 years of age, 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high, of dark complexion, and by trade a House-Carpenter. He is probably lurkinsr about the plantation of Michael N. Fisher, on Handcock s Creek, about 25 miles from New born, where he has a wife. He can read and write tolerably well, andmay attempt to pass for a free man. He is well known at the plan tations ot .Lemuel u. ijatch and James Hatch, in Duplin and Jones Counties, where he has worked. The above reward will be given for the delivery of said Negro to me in Newborn, or for his confinement in any jail, so that I cet him ; and all reasonable expenses will be paid. WILLIAM L. SEARS. Newbern, Feb. 22, J 832. FLOUK, OZNABURGS, etc. 44 bbls. West'n Canal Flour? 'Beach's red brand,' .' 10 half bhls. . do. do. do. 1 hale Scotch Oznaburgs, 4 boxes Sperm Candles, 5 bbls. Sperm Oil, GO loaves " Premium" Table Salt, 2 dozen Cayenne Pepper, Lee & Thompson's Bleaching. Landing from schooner Rebecca, and for sale by JOS. M. GRANADE & Co. June 1, 1832. J. M. GRAN AD E & Co. Have just received from JYcic York, yfl bbls. (Beaches fancy Brand) FLOUR, o linos. iM . is. itum, 1 tierce prime white Rice, 2 boxes Pine Apple Cheese, 50 pieces Smoked Beefy 1 barrel fresh Lime Juice, now on tap, 5 boxes very superior Soda Lemon Syrup, 2 casks Claret Wine, now fininjr, which bv the first day of June will be ready for use. Newbern May 18tb, J832. MRS. BRISSINGTON MESPECTFULLY informs her friends and the public that she has removed to the Store at the south-east corner of the Court House, lately occupied by Mr. Tredwav. whtre she continues to carry on the Millinery and Mantua-Making business in all its various branches. She has just received a handsome assortment of Leghorn, Silk, Dunstable & com- mon Straw Bonnets: which, together with almost every article in tne millinery line, she otters for sale at redu ced prices. Mrs. B. expects, by the first arrivals frnm the North, an ele cant addition to Stock ; and as she will be regularly informed - I a 1 . 1 m " oi me viiuiigcs oi lasilion, she hopes to uv lw """ "cr uusmess in a manner which cannot fail to cive satisfaction. HLeghorn, Dunstable, and common Straw Bonnets, Whitened, Altered, andTrimmed, in tne latest fashion. Silk Bonnets made order. to 17th May, 1832. LAST NOTICE! TTOTICE is hereby given, to all persons in--LM debted for Taxes listed in 1830, that a statement containing their names, and the amount due by each, has been made out and delivered to the present Sheriff, at whose office they are, for the last time, requested to call and settle the same. This ime prior to the first day of July next, at whirh period, the property of such persons as ham not then complied with this notice, will, with out discrimination, be sold to pay the taxes due thereon. JAMES C. COLE, late Shtf. eiobern, May 18, 1832. M TAXES! ! TAXES!! TAXES!!! MOTICE is hereby given to the inhabitants of Craven County, that the! Subscriber has received from the Clerk, the Lists of Tax able property and holds the same for their in spection. All persons are requested to rive in formation of any Lands, Polls, or othe? Taxa ble property, not included in the! Lists and they are further notified, that the Subscriber will attend at his office oa Middle Street, near n?Tr V USe; eVe?y d durinS the ensuing Sespe&t S- to receivl May 23, Jg? Jl PASTEUR, Shff. Ml subscribers have In It on .1 1 1 a i '. . . me Brick oiurcueany opposite the Newbe wherethey haveonhand airenpr,.! ' ant j o . "oaurim em of STAPLE AND FANCY BK (GOODS Hardware, - Groceries, fyc Their goods are purchased by-Mr atkx ANDER ANDERSON, who resides in York, and who will be frequently forwardf by which means, the assortment will be l comfjlete. eP They will be constantly supplied with AXPa both long and short but, from the maker. Pi & Taylor, which they offer by the box a ft m per doz. sit Justreeeivedpcrschr. Rebecca, 4. now opening AMONG WHICH ARE Calicoes ; French, Scotch & other Gin PrJntnr, Afneline "glV ams; Mull, Swiss, Book, and Jaconett Muslins Ladies' and Misses Bonnetts ; ' Inserting, and a variety of Fancy articles Bombazines ; Circassians ; Erminetts ' Cassinetts, &c. Sic. ' Osnaburgs ; Brwn Shirting and Sheeting With a number of other articles. Pnrrbasnr mav find t tn .- muuiui t u 1 til jv AC7J11VS i call and examine. M,vu uutantapcto II orrl flvnnnnn O B. L May 9, 1832 HOSKINS, & Co. CHEAP DRY GOOI3S. fTpiHE subscribor has just opened a new and JLL handsome assortment of fresh imported Which he offers to the Ladies of Newbern and the public in general, at very reduced prices, at the Store formerly occupied by Willarm j Handcopk, on Pollock-street, one door from'the corner of Craven-street. ! J. VAN SICKLE. Newbern, 27th March, 1832. NEW GOOB& JOHN A. CRISPIN J" AS just returned from IScw York with a L general assortment of Hi HARDWARE, CUTLERY, CROCKERY GLASSWARE, &c. The following articles comprise apart ofhs Stc:': Wines. Fruits. Champaigne, in qt. and Citron, Currants, pt. bottles, Teas Gunpowder, Imperial, Hyson, Souchong, Pouchong. Sugars. Loaf &. Lump, White Havana, Brown, various qual. Nuts. Filberts, Madeira Nuts, Almonds. Spices. Mace, Cloves, Cinuamon, Nutmegs, Old Madeira, Pico, do. Naples, Lisbon, TenerifTc, Dry Malaga, Sherry, ' Country. Jjiquors. Cogniac Brandy (supe rior quality) Peach do. . Old Jamaica Rum, Superior Holland Gin, Old Monong. Whiskey, N. E. Rum, Porter in qt.& pt. bottles Pepper, Spice. Preserved tiiiisrer. Buckwheat, Goshen Butter, Cheese, Spanish & American Se gars, su- perior Chewing Tobacco, &c. I Which he offers low for cash or country produce at the fetore on rollok-street formerly occu by the late Georre A. Hall, Esq. THE HIGHEST CASH PRICES WILL be gi ven for likely young Negroes of both sexes, from one to 26 years of age. JOHN GILDERSLEEVE. MRS. KAY respectfully informs the jfll public that she has removed to that I' convenient House on Craven-Street, formerly occumed bv Cnl. Tisdalo. where slier . V A J 7 " is prepared to accommodate transient and per manent Boarders with the best the market af fords. Parents -and Guardians residing in the country and who may wish to procure B'rd for their children or wards in Town, arc asurcd that, if placed under her care, every exertion will be used to promote their comfort and con venience. Newbern Jan. 25. VALUABLE SOUND LAND FOR SALE. J3 The subscriher offers for sale, thai II III i well L-nmvn Phntod'nn frtrmrrlv be- I . . I r M. A&A-l 1 IW II V.A mmhiuupiu iu oi. iticnara iuiu") on Topsail Sound, in front of the Inlet, ebou; twenty miles from Wilmington, containing be tween 800 and 1000 acres, 300 of which arc cleared and under good fence, and about two hundred well worth clearing; the remainder well timbered and an excellent range for cattle and hogs. The quality of the Land is equal to that of any other tract on the Sound, and the situation is healthy and pleasant. The im provements consist of a good Dwelling and all necessary out houses. Persons wishing to purchase, are requested to call and view the premises, which will be shown by Mr. 05? who resides on4.he place. For Terms, whicft will be accommodating, apply to the subscri ber in Newbern. DANIEL Y. SHINE- Newbern, May 25, 1832. T()W' PI MPS M. J. M. A.' . rmilT? r,,:;- r t,ti mih the VlC r 1AAU VAHlJIIIIimiUUClB VI M. V 4 J . order have entrusted their preservation to."'v?L mueia Reed, who will, upon the representation w Ml of the inhabitants, attend to such necessary repairs a may be suggested. Z. SLADE, Town Ssr- i i

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