8323 ! ;v t.' ;d ; la ' EI y 0-: 33- m v ; tS, ; snt-v i riT de is, . at n& ' at re- : Svv- nv'ED M. B. FREEMAN. Advocate will ie prinied every J !lav morning at $2 5 per aimum , in Tdvic i or v3 if payment is. aot made within. 3 ?rntnh,npr to be discontin led until all ar; Itrt Poi3 unless at th option of -wtrr.and a -failure to notny a us- . ,tlC wIll be j consiflered ias a new one . j timns flir Jne JJollar, nnrPII ft M 1 1 V I i ini'-v'" . .r. I . i t Ronare o bry 6ubeeqaen '.....fite cents fir ew 'f, 'longer ones in proportion. in.5erSrnSs will be cjntinaed unl Xe ordered, and ca charged All CSS h continuance ..Thtain a moment brihif. ne to!an-ondV &es have become jso frequent At they liary surprise us, and the SeS knnonnced tho lasUs another P The instrument is various Sa',moreW;,vs ti'dlc. 7ZA possebullel the ;th,v- '. -.rtr'l in the small rat" Of." J - ; -. i I " 1 really 'believe you are bewitched!" llesponse by the choir, " 1 really ' believe you are bewitched.'. -Deacon: ; ; I ' ' . . "The deuce is in vou all!" The choir finished the verse bv .e choing fhe last line, and the deacon sat down in despair. ' s i ' . "i". . v"- Pathos. The fleecv clouds of mor ninir were now tinned with natures richest vermillioh; the sun v as just lifting his" radient. head above state ly trees of the forests; the feathered trihes of nature sana- forth their T - O ,4 , i sweetest, carols, and the universe had borrqweti the robes of M ay; when Sylva more beautiful ; than Diana walUed out to feed the cl.iclccns. mv-utuuvi . Aiitiju sun iu :. ."-. ... '.- . 1 ', k -' h- r the loner known and the long loved; ly wings touch us as they flit around? .-they cannot read, as in a book, the own: satva- !simple, and found upon h the feast staff of though. impudence sees cucum- well satisfi- papers- from t thirty cnii eral in that Is upon thei This U the season when tbe hypocl.on x.. M from liimself, or, at tTS ,r whhoutthe fear f . crowner's quest- u.uuu :: that c wilfully seeus nii tioh." fi means are at hand- They may.be the table, side by side vvi i:r npnth comes to the noijnviteJ.forhelias.tht to face any thing. l n liP hoard, and is qci a " v s cd with the results. Tr mflvhe seen by tnc Philadelphia that aboiiti dren die weekly, 01 cu .:. TMc mortalitv fa C!v . - foil mirin those wrong class w u who permit the little innocents, to ea cucumbers The cruel j uncle that lent the poor babes to th , wood couW 1....- a'A tmnble and character by riving them the right: Vegetable at home! Thirty of my fpllovvers at a rlnn"' it is too serious fori levityit is than the case of the goule Vathek who devoured four you Lmatrct.!ithnunr& as he was care," he preferred those whose ten- der hearts were paipurtiiii Jrst tumults of love." Death, howe v er, is not so nice, he devosurs aU .tnat be can get, and in time he gets all; but is it right to accelerate the com ing of that time? Is it fnendly for a n.r r. rt cpt rncumbecs before his without a cause and feel the? warm 'mote his comfort and assuage his pains; j moral causes, is comparatively rare, life-blood stand still in its courses? but they; cannot supply the plac of; and difficult to comprehend. Tct opportunity of observing changes ef fected by tnis power, which might ap-. pear incredible, and almost miraculous to those not aware of the force of men tal operations on the human .organs. I could, indeed, adduce, many such cases. -Biiti perhaps, it would be proper to state one or , two in detail. "When, some years ago, the metal lic tractors were in the height of t?.eir reputation-Tor the cure of disease by external application ,to the part afiec tcd, the following . experiment was performed by Doctor Haygarth, cf Bath. ' Two tractors were prepared, not of metal, br t fa? substance dif- rnute lancruacre of his face; they have not learned to wait upon his, habits, and anticipate his wants, and he has not learned to communicate, without hesitation, all his wishes, impressions, and thoughts, to thenu- He feels that he is a stranger, and a morle desolate feeling than ' that could not visit his soul. How ranch is expressed by that Miss 7?wrnci.---VnssBurney -after- form of oriental benediction, May you, rards Madame D'Arbtey, wrote her die amoiig your kindred, v of Evelina, when Has our soul intercourse 5 which the body shares not though it feels, with the '. supernatural world myfterious revealings -unimaginable- -communion a language of dread and power,' shaking its centre,- the fleshy barrier that divides the spirit from its race? j Bulwcr. in hs at a an epi- 'A Slip between the Cup and the Lip. One night lately,' an occurrence took place in a cottage near the village of Poolewe, on the west coast, which occasioned at first some alarm. A decent cottar's wife, who has : a fiir xlaughter, of whom she is some what proud and; " vaunlie," invited the captaiq and -mate of an English vessel theniying "iu the. neighbouring hi v. to enter her hut and partake of her humblcf hospitality. The pa'rties j gladly obeyed, and enjoyed, them selves till the evening, vjien curds and cream were produced, and a caudle was lighted. The candlestick; how ever, could- no where be 'found, and the landlady p umvilling to keep her visitors in the dark, placed the" lum nary ' in a bottle which, she had found among-, the papers and other stray ' '.il:.'.'l,..K,.n(! W-Ilrv -.!? rt till! eliClS OI lit r tllullli n .o tt, time in Inverness.; " All went as merrv as a marriage bell" for an hour, or two, till the candle burned down, nnd the'remnder fnHiiTj: into the bottle, the latter went oil" like a cannon ball," says our correspondent, " quite through the roof, the bottle beiuc half full of -'unpowder." A I piece of the bottle went into the Cap i tain's arm and wouded hiln severely, while another lragment coming Kern as a north-wester iu the teeth of the w celebrated novel only ,17 years of age, and published it without the knowledge of her father, who, having occasion to visit the me tropolis soon after it had issued from "the. press, purchased it as the work then most ; popular, and most likely to prove an acceptable treat to his family. j , ' When' Dr. Burney had concluded his business in town, he went to Clies sington, the seat of Mr. Crisp, where his family was on a visit. He had sc:uve!y dismounted and entered the parlor, when the customary question of "What news?"; was rapidly add res Fed to him by the several personages j o( the little party,- 'Nothing,' snid the worthy Uoctor, bit a greai ueai npise about, a novel which 1 htive brought you.' WhenVhe book was. produced, and its title read, the surprised and con- A teacher one day endeavouring to make a pupil understand the nature and appli catio n . of a passive verb, said to him "a passive is expressive of the na ture or receiving of an action, as Pe ter is beaten! now what-did Peter do?" The numbscull paused a moment, and scratching his head by wayof ai ding thought, with the gravest coun tenance imaginable, ; replied, "Well I dont know without he hollered.1 mate; struck the rrew, who bay, hear- glHSS mouth. The rest pi tne 5t sth: veswl in the nrr U renr.rt of the: explosion, and fancying the Captain had hn o a gin. to apprise tliem that he wished to re turn ion board, were at the spot :n an but of his srlou-. Miss Bjuriiey tinned away her face to conceal the blushes nndde H'zlited " confusion which oUienvise would have betrayed hbr secret; but the bnstle. whiclf usually attends the arrivnl. of a friend in 'the country, where'liiolirttonous but peaceful tenor of life s agreeably disturbed by such rh-uMxc' nrevented tlie curious and hnopy group from observing the agi tation n their sister. After dinner, Mr Crisn nrorjosed the book should be read.! This was done with all due rapidity;1 when the gratifying com mpntslmadf duriiiff its progress, and ihp aeemmations which attended Us conclusion, ratified the approbation of the pablic. . The amiable auinor, wlioie anxiety and pleasure could with i diuicu tV be concealed,' was at iengin nvprr rirrif hV the ClCliClOlIS lecuugs Ol ih irt- Iho hurst into tears. and tl.rowitV' herself on ':hcr. father's neck, Two curious apologies for coward ice are recorded. One is that of an Irishman, who" said "He had a heart as bold, as a lion, but his cowardly legs ran awnv with it on the apprehension of danger.", Th e other, an Englisli officer, who being tried by a court martial for cowardice, said "lie ma not run away from fear of the enemy, but onlvtosce how long a paury car cass might.last a man, with good look ing to." I . In some parish churches it was formerly the custom to. separate the meU from the women. A clergyman, being interrupted by loud talking, stopped short, when a woman eager for the honour of her sex,, arose and said, "Your reverence the noise is not among us.""-'.' much tlie better" answered the priet, "it -will be over pos. of the sooner. ferent from the genuine tractors, and made to resemble them. These, were applied, in a number of, instances, with all the good effects of real trac- , tors. LAmong other remarkable cures was that of a person with a cr ntrac- . tion of the knee Joint ifrom a disease of six months dura tion. After a few minutes 'application.' this man was di- . Lrected to use his limb, and to the sur prise, of all present,; he was able to walk about the room. Such instances are very usual Many empirics sue- ; principle. " ' -' . "I will relate artother case of this kind. Some time since a female pre- sented herself to me with a tumour of swelling of the submaxillery gland of the neck, which lad beconrie what is called a wen. It, was aboutvthejiie of an egg, had lasted two years", nd was so very hard, that 1 considered any attempt to dissipate it by medicine to be vain, and advised its removal an operation. 'To this, the, patient could not bring her" rriind; therefore, to satisly her wish, I directed some applicatioris of considerable activity to be made to the part, and these she pursued for a number of weeks, with- out any change. Alter this sne can- A genileman having a horse that started and "broke his- wife's neck, a neighbouring squire told him he wish ed to purchase it for his wife to ride upon; ."No, "says the other, "no,- I will not sell the little fellow, because I intend to marry again myself." - ed on me begged to and with some hesitation know whether an applica- put f-knives " halters m iem without beradventure friend? He may as well thpir nilloWS , and their p" - I ' Let no man eat of makinc his will-r-uhless U he willing to die intestate. Cucum hrrc shmild alwavs be acebmpahied by sfl'liiil of wolfsvane. hemldck or night shade, this gives 1 the choice, though to be sure difierence: Oneej is sdid to be a slow; poison very slow thought it, for it let him guest some there is little Napoleon ive 50 years and did not kill him at last but the encumber; does its msinelvery quick nd sn thnroncr hlv that it leaves noth- r-- v iiipc for the Doctor to do. Prom the Boston E venind Transcript nrromnanicd by dogs and neighbours wham; the report had orotised. I hcy met -t.,,,, ... and mate in ;full retreat , under tlie persuasion that theyUha( !beeh .nyH ted by the kindb' crols wife for n.. other purpose than to be Burked and plundered. An exp.anation af terwards took place, to the sorrow and derision of the honest "woman, but not to' the entire satisfaction of the rnfrlkhmnn. who could not fairly ap preciate, this unlucky instance of liigniana nop""".) m s . - . 1 Dumfries Tcpcr. Roscoc -it is proposed in the Liv erpool papers to collect subscriptions to erect a monument to the memory of Roscoe. In that great commercial ...u TAcrn wns .born where ; A capital performer in a country V "iVn , .rr-.v.i: .... lihpatre once ' plavinjr liomeo, in uu nvowej tiersiJl uie auua r ii . . - - rum iuc uuoiyu un'"g - ; L . f We published yesterday, on our first page, an anecdote from the Christian Index, which wb are assur- a corrnpted He insists real 'Simon The joy and surprise ol her sisters, and stilimore of her father cannot ea sily he expressed. Dr. Burny conscious as'he wal of the talents of his daugh ter, never thought that such maturity of objeiSralion and judgment ,;such fer tility oil imagination, and chastcness ofstyiji'could have bren displayed by a girl i oft 17, by one whoappeared a mere infant in arllessness and expen n,P aiuLwhose deep seclusion from the world had excluded her from .all usual knowledge of its ways. " .riolirJi of Oath.TUe following account of this Giant is extracted from Malcom's Bible Pictionary.. , Coliah of Gath was 11 feet and 4 inches in height; his brazen helmet weighed 15 lbs.; his target or collar, oh tl.o anotiiecarv. crave the ....... r - i - c passage, a new readi.ngraiid insteaa oi j calling out, "What ho, apothecary!" in a strong voice, rather whispered the words. The gentlemen who enacted the meagre apothecary, not being ap prised of this, w hen he m:ule his ep tree asked as usual. t4Who calls so loudi" T h i s t h re w-1 h e a u d i en ce into a little confusion, ami rather djscon certed the performers. " '. A bailiff ciatping a man on the shoulder, said, "I arrest yon, Sir for i,.,o ." YVhv thou coxcomb, re plied the man, "thou canst not be such a fool, look at me again, ; what like ness ca:. you see?. V shjpw thee a tiu recommended to her, would in my opinion be safe. : "This consisted in applying the hand of a dead man three times to the diseased- part. One of her neighbors now lay dead, and she had an oppor tunity of trying the experiment, if I thought it not dangerous. At first, 1 was disposed to divert her from it; but, recollecting the power of the im- - -'! '.it ' . .1.. L,. cha n emati On, lailght jm a bullous o 1 gravely assured her she ie the trial without appre- , f serious consequences. A while after, she presented herself once more, nd, with a smiling counte nanccf informed me she had used this rprnedv and no other ince I saw her; and on ; examipiiiig for the tumor 1 found it. had disappeared."-r-Ir. - Warren of Boston, ; - ; yf " Tone of the fit affiled . between .bis? shoulders to de- he nourished as one ot the tirst oi js n0: Ins snear was edby an octogenarian, is version of the original, that the following is the rare: - c: : '. In tk Un tlmae irllPn it ' WaS ' 3. Worn in many parts ot- New-England to sing the psalms arid hymns by v.nm e ?t ' wns: called. at was, by the deaco i's ; readirjg ich line previous to its eing sung, ne of these church dignitaries rose, hi after lookincr at his .book some time, and making several attempts to Jpell the words apologised lor tne Realty he experienced in reading, otservinrf. "0 1' . .'. mBhtc-where he cultivated his fine genius, and completed his imper ishable works, a monument should be erected to his memory. We believe that among the merchants and citizens of Liverpool there is. that regard for the character of Roscoe, and generos if.r rtf fpplincrs. which will ensure a splendid monument to the mantrsof one of the most gmeu ciuxeus. ., -V. ' ; . ' Are there not "more things inbeay orl Mrth than are dreamed of in our philosophy?" ; A spirit may hov er, in the air that we breathe; the depth of our most secret solitudes may be peopled by the invisible: our up risings and our down-settings may be marked by a witness from the grave. In our walks the dead may be benina '? siting 'for a whole ItSe, thinking i the board: and the ch.l breath of the his to K2.A','f'cbWn metreinieht wind that stirs, the curtains of "otoW ' an Vr it. The Bod deacon exclaimed, with emphasis, " I cannot see at hll." " - of course they also sung, Th hen tbQ astonished p nicrh ThiuH mnv.; bear xne kjul uvu :. -., .. . - . senses receive not, trotn .-ups iuai mc. pressed kisses ori our: own! Why is it at that momeni uieic vctt- . illar! of the an awe, a terror, overpowering but fend his neck, about 30; his spear was SGifeet long, and weighed 58 lbs.; its head .weighing 38; his sword 4 ms greaves.' oihis legs 20; and his coat of mail 13G! Making in all 223 lbs. v May you die among your 'kindred. It is a sad thing to feel that wemiist die away from our home. Tell not the invaild who is yearning after his distant country that the atmosphere around him is soft; that the gales ar filled with balm and the flowers are springing from the green earth; he knows that the softest air to his Heart would he the air which hangs over his native land; that more grateful than all the gales of j the south, would breathe the low whispers of anxious affection; that thei very icicles cling ing to his own eaves, and the snow beating against his own - windows, .Tt,M h iar more nleasant to his eyes, than the S bloc::i and verdureKwhich mnr forcible remind nim now far he is from that one spot . which is j l,;' thoTi 'tlie world beside. Ite may indeed; find estimable friends, :n 4 ll tn thplr nower tO pro- hi-cp-ctrik. however." And giving lvrtjv . , himashdden kick, and a well applied blow, left him in the kenncl,and ran off. ...... . .:. InrenJiaru Pub licat ions, Tlc last . M MrlS- 9 w - 7 . Frpp Press says, a letter ftom a gentleman in Washington lity, rlotprl 29th ailt. to the Postmaster at th'tc nlnre. savs: - M An incendiary paper, " l ne-iiioe- roior." tis circoiatea opeuiy iiujuuLi the free blacks, of this city; and if you will search, "it is yeryprooabie you a-'ill Vinrl it anions the slaves of your county. It is published in Boston or ruiladeipnta oy a whuc mau, avowed purpose of inciting rebellion in the soutn; ana i am iuiui uicu r - carried through your country oy secret agents, who are to come amongst under the nretext of peddling, &ic Keep a sharp looK.oat ior uww.- - llonc nnH if voa catch tnem, uy n that is sacred ou ought to barbacue n;r,icft th?c information a- mongst whom it may concern. Potr of, the Mind in resisting Disease! cf the; Body. --tte produc- tinn nf nhvsical chances in a sudden and sensible way, by; the action of f Fashions: for v.?ust. A n on de " ' - crrint bonnet, with here and there a space of net work , like the grating of a prisoner's cell: . Ribbons " of all widths; colors, ana patterns, pui on io. resemble a skein of tanglcti silk. Ap; there are cross ribbons from crc to rim, the veil must be tied by onVecr- her, and suspended from the bach oi the bonnet." There is ak peculiar ad- vantage in this, as tne necK aim uuur; der-biades wbuld otherwise be expos- ed to the broiling sun. Gown thin, mushn, faced with buckram to the waist. Stripes yel low and black, each quarter of a yard wide, .covered with spider's legs, or. any other scrawly figures; on no ac count, whether the lady be short or tall, must it come nearer than twenty one: inches to the ground. The city nmnlnv men to sweep -the strees, and this service is beneath the dignity of a lady. . Stockings of the thinest game; speckled, striped, plaid and rainbow colors, or as the wearer chooses, pro-, vided they "be nxt white. v It isnot thought proper. However, to have themorrespond with 4 the dress. . pj- u The rule forhe sleeves, is, to have "them a few inches wider a cross, than the wn Iong. l -.5 p. s. The editors of the, o::i.:cra and Western papers Will .confer a fa vor by giving the above three inset-; uon.Bstoti Transcript. ; wca cried out, , , I undefined! Why is it mat wesuuuuu Wnil Will UU w v u

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