...' : .-UK...- .p t. - , B h 1 - : " ' ' ' ; :V a . ivi v ; i IBIAllFAJX, 1 N. C? SEPTiartJBim 2Q, 1851 WHOLE NO. 1C. v P.D1V1J B. FREEMApL ,dvocatb will be printed every The .in ner annum, in IbtfM if paynjcntis not ina ie within 3 moQs ' be jiscontinned until al ar N PaPc . ;,r unless at the option of TK41 I n 1 I I III I IT ' LU T w ' - mm a. i " tket01 h considered kis anew " - :mAO . Will continual ... one square or for : Ode Dollar, .i,ro t mes 1' iDl6Lfive cents for every ! subsequent d .!n longer ones in proportion. .All insertpn,J m bc conUnJ6d unless jdvertifc dcied aIld each continuance otherwise I charged , .i .xtTi-p a view qf LAKE . SnllOTEL, and art of the iDK'.Vi SWAMP CANAL..; JOHN ADAMS, from tne y . Oospore, v a. , swiixnzs pmiiicisxi. t- T1 HALL, being the accredited vl J t. acrent of Wu Sw nu w mnstantlv receiving supplies of the Panacea, . conse quently persons purcnasing pi mm may re ly upon its being fresh and genuine which are matters of some consequence, there be ing sj many spurious imitations calculated to deceive the public. . Price Two dollars per bottle. Noifblk, Aug. 10, 1831. i : WOOL. FTWHE subscriber wishes to nurchase 5000 pounds of eood Wool; for which liDerai price will be. given. - JOSliuA CORPREW Halilax, Mav 10. 1831. 11 tf tfeiD and Ckctm SPEXITCr G002S. ur cnhcrriKer resDectfullv in fnr.fts his friends ami the piibhc gen- that lie - has received his Supply of SPRING and FANCY GpOVS, and that they are now ready for Jexamina tioo He invites his friends.and the public generally to call and gef bargains; as he as sures them he is determined to sell at such prices as" cannot, fail to please. Among his DRY GOOIXS will bo found a anety ot articles of the newest style and latest tash inn. The following comprise on y a small part of them. I . . U GrHe Naps, Italian Lutestring, Florences, Crane Hhfc. Gauze II hfs. liarajre ILit. Paliarine Hhfs. Gauze Scarfs Ci ape do. Silk Pocket Hhfs; Silk Neck Ilbfs. Bobb. Laces, Thread Laces, Thread; Edgings, Thread Inseitings,CambriciWruslins,Chccki ed Muslins, Book Muslins; Aiuil Muslins, Swiss Minims, Jaconet Muslins ! Bonnet, Cap aad all kinds ?of Talfeta 15 Lbbons, a beautiful assoijment of Belts, Swiss Muslin aud Upbb. Collars, Lace Collars aiid .Capes, ilarce and good assortment of White and Black Cotton Hose and half Hoe, Furni ture Dimity, Cambric Diroity, Rbssia and p.tn ni-mpf. ilrittinia StocksJ Silk and Leather Stocks,, a "handsome' assortment of L nfin and Cotton Floss, Linen,. Cotton and Cambic Tapes, Linen Bobbin, best Btick and Horse Skin Glovci for gen tlemeu, do. for ladies, a good assortment of Cinshams and Calicoes, (supassell by none In the market,) JJelg-iura &tnpes, ys. new, j fashionable aud good article; for lai lies dress- es,) Circassians, Bombazetts, Bombazines, JSaakeene, Swiss, Silk and Catto i Cravats, (new -style) Li neri-Cambric and t Cambric j Hhfs- Silk Suspenders, Irish Lin ens, Long 1 Lawns, French Bombazine, whitf aud dark Linen Drilling, Bang-up Cord Beverteen, Merino Cassimere lor pantaloon!) He has also on Ifand a general assortment of every article, in the j It and a fAiod assortment o Hardware, Crockery, Saddled Bridles and MartmGrales, lioots ana snoes, ITmhrpHas and Parasols. Ftir, Wool f Hts. Leerhbrn Bon- nets. Dunstables, (some vtfry fine,) and ' Black and White Nkvarinos, Trirnbc nnrlhnxps and aJ well se- m mm w m . - i lected assortment ot Jewel Mrs. D. WO MULE TTS now opening her sprirrg supply LI of Goods, in her line of business, and respecttuliy solicits her customers auu ruends to call and examine them amongst her assortment will be foond: ' Pattern Satin-straw. Silk, and JJattese bonnets, latest fashion, I , ; Diamond straw Dunstables, plain dp. Leghorn and straw bonnets, Elegant turbans, &o. An assortment of Duffs and curls. Gauze and barege scarfs and handker chiefs, ' i Straw, and Fancy flowers, A rrreat vatictv of ribbons. &.C &.C. All of which she is disposed to sell at her usual low prices. Ladies' pelisses, cloaks, dresses, &.c. made to order, in tiie latest ana most ap nrr.vpl fashions. Leghorn and straw bonnets bleached, dved, or trimmed. I'M "Mrs. VV. havim? been Well patronised during her long residence in this place, Ttas rf5cp.nf.lv made arrann-enients for a perfaiar nent settlement, aiVd will therefore find it her interest, as it ever has been her plea sure and duty, to execute all orders with taste, fidelity and. promptitude. June 'Jd, lJKil. 14-tf PROPOSALS. For publishing in the town of Milton, N. C. a weekly paper, to be entitled THE MILTON SPECTATOR. irrnHE subscriber having purchased ii tne printing esiaonsaraeni oi iue m u- ton Uazette and Koanote Aaveniser, wui, in a few weeks, commence the publication .... . . i . ota political .newspaper wme iowu o Milton, Uaswcll county, ix. - unuer me title of the Milton Spectator. In thus pre senting himself for the patronage of a gen exous public, the editor deems itjunncccssary in inis enngiueneu agu w muuuuvu "" t . i sons ana argumeuis vo tuuiutrs jvjw - - - .... - ...w.. ...... m -f r I 01 uie necessity unu uiiiikjr mi a guiu "j " c-t4 "" " i constitutea iiKe ours, 01 wen couuuntu wo COTTON GINS. VI lHE snbsrrihpr will hnvp rpad LL for sale, at the approaching season, tured by him of the best materials. They ...:ti u ii i t t wut ue boiu on uis usual low anu accommo daiin7 terms 'pi Original attachment levied on land. ft- mnvnipnt tr thom. tr nrpvpnt liisi biisi ness from so accumulating as to cause dis appointment to any. JOHN G. HAMLET. Julv 10,TC31.- 21 tf tablishments of the kind. The important subjects of education, internal improve ment, agriculture, the cultivation or tne arts and sciences, and in short every object hav- mg for its endvtne prosperity ana uappiuess of our country, will find in the editor, so far as his abilities will enable him,, a warm J j l 1 t Tk v: lir has ever been a friend and supporter of the ... r . "11 Dr. Robert C. itond, F.SPF.rTlTTTT .T.VnfTprchinpn. ressioiiiii services to tiie citizens 01 prebent cniel magistrate oi me umuu, wiu State ofNortli Carolina. II ALT FAX COUNTY. Court of Picas and Qucrtcr Sessions. August TcTvt, 1S31. Eli McMullea vs. Johnston Sorrev. nT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that Johnston Sorrey is not an inhabitant of this State; It is therefore ordered, that publication be made ia the Roanoke Advocate for six weeks, that unless the said Sor.rey doth appear at the nxt Court of Pleas and Quarter Ses:onj of said county, to be held a the Court House in Halifax, on the third monday in November next, and then and there plead or demur, judgment final will be entered a-, gainst him. and the property levied on will be condem-d subject t the plaintifTs re covery. . M. II. PETTWAY. CYIv Price adv. 3 50. . '21 6w State of North Carolinay MARTIN COUNTY. to businosfe. Halifax. December 21, 1830. 44 tf NOTICE. liuutax and the adjacent country. He has continue to support hia aUnnnist ration so UUlM taken the office, so long occupied by Doct long as its acts shall be conductive to the Court of Pica and Quarter Scssil R. H. Wilson, where he is ready to attend public good. Believing, as he does, that the J piesent uign ana ouuroua muu u no yr I - ' -'-' , uso of) iaw I T t tsawww. I VH- I reduction.. - I Thomas Smith. I i - .. CONDITIONS. nrK f nr RnoMntnr will he nnblished 1 VJ U Smith, against whose land execution rt lnhn U'mtt hnt!i every vveanesuay murmug, uu a. ou .. i - -" - , " 81 sneet. Willi iieau l lc wm v g v.- ir i i - . - . V. 1 I . "II 1. 1. IT.. ,,,....! at the price of three dollars a year payuute i uce 01 saiu levy cauuui ut. (H;uiiawjr k i.cv UU li I 111. VIUCICU JUIiiviiu rf5H subscriber intending to re- ! move irum this place, will -eil his t?n tire stock of goods on hand at prime cost, for rush. II. S. HAYNES. N.B. All persons indebted to me by bond, .... . . 1 . f r.r, flrt mrumr nfth iirnt number. ted to call and disenarire tne same witnoui uw V 1WNNS,FERR ALL Co. AVE lire pleasure of informing tti.ir .iV'innils nrwl tliP Dtjblic. that is now ready for examination at their New Stork, and natter , themselves that their stock .will be found to comprise an assoit ment as general and extensive as any ever otibred-fuiale in this market. Among the DRY GOODS will be found a variety of articles of the newest style, and latest patterjis, viz. 1 : A spteu Jidassortfxait Changeable Gro 1 dc Naps, Buff Mandarines, Embroi dired Satin Sashes, Gold Printed Crape Handkerchiefs, French Prin ted Muslins and hace Caps; Together with a large and beautiful assort ment of " ' i Pnm hlprk Gro. de Nans M Italian Lutestrings, of various shades aud rich lustre Snlp.iidid nhdn black aiid white Satins - Muslins, Ginghams, Cambrics Calicoes Thread Laces and luserf.iiigs A handsome variety of Fancy Silk, Gauze and Crape Handkerchiefs, some veiy low priced Tlnsis-srv of everv description I Superior Belt, Boifuet and Cap Itibbops Superfine Linen Cambric Haudkciciiicfs and Long Lawns J -a n oltifrntit nKsnrtriir.nt of figured Swiss ill' . Muslins, for Ladies' Dresses. FOR GSNLEMEN'S WEAR. A lare assortinnnt of Extra Sujter Lon- don blue and ulacK i iotns A few pieces sup. London brown and fan cy coloured Cloths ' . -An extensive assortment of SUMMER CLOTHS, viz: Rowan Cassimeres,Cir cassians, Bombazines, black and mixed Lastings, Drillings, Bang-up Cord, En-n-lish Fustians, &c. &.c &c. Together with a large assoument of READY MADE CLOTHING, delay; and all persons having claims against me, to present them tor. payment. H. S. HAYNES. Halifax. April 20. 1831 8 tf BERRY Sf OWENS AVE iust received i n u receipt ui iuu insb uuuiu.' i " - i .-i : ,n.nn etiVisrrihprs I fir tlirao votia in th Ifo lKE ADVOCATE. uiy-pereuu piucuimj; o- - -- . ihlp for the oavinent notifviiif said Thomas Smith that at Octo- .. .u .a c-i.jii uo mtiuoa i hor Sokuhk. i?r.i. nf Aiartin iouri oi i leas in luctr euuiiuuuuo v-w-.ww, . , . to receive the Spectator one year gratis; I and Quarter Sessions an order ot tale wii - l .. . n-m-c ntlirri9 in. I Kn rnn A f r coll cslil 1 i IK?- Tins liiusL ui Lilt: wueiuia;icio v..w . uw terestedin'the publication of the paper, can easily go. Uorunna trt 1'Tirtin Rubspiintion papers S&lfrom Norfolk a beautiful may be sent, are respectfully requested to Ladies' and Children's like jv to patronize a publication of the kind, &Qt. an,! r..rvLnnl to thp r.ditor at Milton, a list THOS. V. WATTS, CUr. Prir mlr. 27 Jw Stofc o AbrA Carolina, HALIFAX. COUNTY. ward to the editor at Milton, a list - p , q firt S0ftt. of the subscribers they may obtain, by tue a, - first of October next. . , luuit icto, ioji. mn Aru firot- nninhpra ot tne Ladies' Lastintr Slippers, Ladies' French Morocco Slippers, Ladies' White Prunella Slippers, Ladies' Seal Skin Slippers &t Shoes. Gentlemen's J3oots, Shoes, Pumps - and bhppers, AlUsrs' Lastitig Slippers, 'Mis.-es Seal Skin Slippers, Children's Shoes of all descriptions, A fresh" supply of Box; and Jug BLACKliNU, We have ni:ido arrungpments to have a fresh supply of goods of every description, once in every two weeksi TIipv I:pi". constant lv- on hand a hand- snnifi assorimeia tf LEATHER; and are i prepared to manufacture Boots 'uud bhoes in the neateot and best style. June 25, 183r. - 3 7 tf Villon N. C. Sept. 5' 29 Just Received arid for Sale, m . rT i tiuarter Sessions, to. pg ALOTofexcellentTAR.inlarge County at lhe CourfrIIouo ca.li. DUNNS, FLRRALL & CO. . . . , d alifax, Jan. 2., 1831. 47 tf ery The subscriber intends, at alu times, to gll:tabie for the season,. and at very mode ln firif rati? and full assortment oi .:,.;.aD ; toods. and beinrr determined td sell very low, respectfully requests the public to call, i 1 . A.-A. l Vv n ip -v n v r c wue win cenainiy give uitm s""f ua' v Tbey have also on hand a general assort ment or every arxicic in uie Halifax, May 1831. NOTICE. 11 tf I. . duly ap- tthis place, JmHE suDScriber bein' II nnintfurAcrent atand near for the Viro-inia and North Carolina Trans portation Company, informs the public that tiie eaid company have maae arrangemenis to tacuitate theja.rrivai or gooas ia nrl ntKos nn tt4"rivpr.&: also the! v i s A W V A W w 1 1 ( of produce from it. The arrangements now made cannot fail to mve cenerai: satisiac- i . . . . ...,' . L i i ' ' won: as the arrivals ana uepunures nave ue- COme rptrularand certain- ! i . JOSHUA UUKrUiiW , Agent ior . Va. n . Cy. -Trans, uctrip. HulifiiY Jifnv in 1831. I ' ! N.B. Persons' haying freight oi any kind i tcship from any part of the Roanoke river, oast make earlv application to tne budscii- wcr. as it cannot ue suiuueu uuiviaa iw way come in by turn. Early attention will be jwa to all communications concerning uie tame. JOSHUA COR Halifax, :May .10,1831. I , REVV. I 11 tf GS.OGSS.T 'LUTE, Hardware, Urockery, BOOTSj&i SHOES, Umbrellas &l Parasols, SADDLERY, d Straw Bonnets J4a.li.lca AJCKIiw" -7 , - .... . .1 v. t i,rn fr. Palm Leatilats Tin-ware, Stone7ware. Looking Glasses Sde.Uppsr.Sk.rtiog&Harn-sLe.ther Calf, Kip, Juorocco auu t, 1 ,i t;,Wi!n4. Paoer Hanjrinffs n n: Unir nd Fancv Trunks irttvciuuKj . . x Glass-waie ot every ueip"""'- ALSO: 1 enft Qnn 71 arrets of CORN, About 10,000 .Prime iI L cm , o 0 Groran'5 Family FLOUR. Thev have also on hand a lot of Trimmed and Roe Herrings: MRS. ELIZABETH GORDON TTTTAVTNn returned to her house iiiJ. lately occupied by aU of which will be sold low for cash; or on their usual credit to punctual cuswuicrv -'mu :r,riA at all times. to keepoa hand 1IICV lUbUUUi w - . - . I ' f dncns. to be surpassed ba iLLL lately occupied voi. aios au noc 5ioreand shall JSffS? BO 5ffiip conUnue to S on such terins a3 cannot 1 demons will be wanting on ner part 10 give respeunuiiy " v; " heretofore re faction and promote the corifort of all patronage which they have heretofore re A T AUVTIO N! ft-?-Worthy the attention of Merchants. tlOR the purpose of closing -the J concern ot HAWKINS &. HARRIS. tl'? subscriDers win oner ior saie ui iuui. auction, on Monday the 24th ot October next their whole Stock in Trade consists inrr of ' " 'Fancy and Seasonable Dry Goods, A handsome assortment of Hats and Shoes, .Hardware aud Cutlery, Glass. Croclcerv &:c. &:c. Vniip months credit will be civen op all suras over fifteen dollars, bond and approv ed security required. The sale will positively lawe piai.. . . " .ri ii: 1.1 continue trom cay to day mini an is sum. HAWKINS & HARRIS. wi;r i 2'J t u s. Estate of North Carolina, MARTIN COUNTY. Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions July Term, 1831 norses, careiui a.uu m- . . Stages for Tarborough Tbos. W. Watts, Agent not inhabitants of this Slate: It u there- fore ordered, that publication bo made ia the Roanoke Advocate for si weeks, that unless the said Allen Cw V yckotl ap- near at the next Court pi rleas ana Quarter Sessions, to. to lima ior said. in Halifax, ember next, then and there to plead or demur, judge-, mcnt final uill be entered against tkcm, and the money in the bands ol wc gunr r.ishees be condemned to sati-fv the same. M. U. PETTWAY, Cierfc. Price adv. 3 0U. 117 6 v STAGE NOTICE. HE PROPRIETOKS, by direction of the l'ost Master Ueneiii. navu .... II ... . . .. ... 1. a.o It l .. f-rmr horse ITOSt vuaviiv w lisueu u iiii- w . tween Halifax and Raleigh, passing through Enfield, Hilliardston and iasnvme leawu V .. 'PcHbv. Thursdav and Sat- iiailiUA 7 ; J ' . . ri:U urdav at 3 A. M. anu uuuiug .ln.ro tu III r" nciuiuinc) .1.., iLTnndav arrives in Halifax the uar ft'" j . jc liwio.P. M. buuiw J ....i ..ij ;tK This line has oeen recenuy swcunuu oorhfK. rrood horses, careiui auu perienced diivers intersect this line at Enfield and, Nashville. cj. ,. iotPrhnr(T. warreniou. mui- freesborough and Winton arrive and depart as heretofore. . . tii:A. TM r.. JnnR 6th. 1831. 15 tf hkiuhi w" - w a j v w Attachment. WANTED, vs. foinK Wntta. HEREAS Thomas W. Watts, A crnnt. has sued out an attachment amine Tft (nh J. Watts, returnable to April Sessions: Ordered, that publication be made in the Roanoke advocate ior six veess, nntifvinrr fsnid Jacob J. Watts to appear at October Term of the Court of Pleas and Slate of Norlh Carolina, HALIFAX CULM I. Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Aust Term, 1831. William C. Jones") Oiiginal attachment . I Turner Rutland and B. vs ( J. Spruill &. Co. sura- Allpn &, - jryckofT. ) moned as guarni-hecf. TTT a)peariug to the satisfaction o. JJ. the Court, ihat Allen &. JFyckofr are. not inhabitants of the State: It is therefore. -ordered; that publication be made in the ; Roanoke Advocate for six weeks, that un id Allen & JFvckotr aunear at the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to. be held for said County, at the Court-house in Halifax, on the third Monday m ioveraT Rr nvt. thpp and there to dead or demur. iudemeiil final wiliie entered against them J 3 - r m 1 and the money m the hands oi me guar nishecs be condemned to satisfy the Fame. M. 11. I'lSTT V A 1 , or. Price adv. $3 50. 37 6 w 1TASZ3B Book Bindery & Blank Book . J . j m JVJ P. NASH .JSt-Uo. respecuuliy LiliO inform their friends and tb public generally that Uiey nave recently esiaomu- BOOK MANUFACTORY, aud are now I October Term of the Court ot am? j Spared to execute any work that they 11137 nrA . Wa nprrrn hnvs nbnut oirtpr Sessions, held for this county at F,c . ... J v t iii' w KJk hj.-w ."-- j " 1 1 , . r , . 1 1 ue xavoreu wiui. f-ll- orBnhl. r annrentices to Williamston, on the second Monday there- o tji.i: nt. jinJ manafac- --t- J fT " . I r ;Mi1fTPmnt will hR entered ud 8 rains A.rnnntir'H trade. None will be re ceived but such as are active, smart and ca PaDieo4 to I PWf T.A VSSART). Tnno 2d. 1831. I 14-tf iiauAi of, or judgement wUl be entered up against him. Tltua. w. WAiia.w T.o Hv. fl fiO 27 Off IiailiaA, - ' NOTICE, j and HE subscribers have ia store offer for sale, Turk's !. Salt, Sugar, . Cotton Bagging, Coflee, Qnnv "Molasses 5iO 4 J. C. & W. R. KORCOM rvr-They continue to do COMMIS SION BUSINESS, at Plymouth. ; on 0ir ncnal terms. J. Oi 1. jlfafe ancf Female ACADEMY, r o pi.nt- Ttrftt-o rtilfr? and minuiac- tured to order with neatness and despatch. E. 1. F. v,o. NorloUc, Va. Aug. 23. 27 lf , E2. P. NASHamj iJ O OK SELLERb, NORFOLK, VA. WILLIAXSTON, N. C. TTTTAVE iust received Lectures cn TVTTTM. A. WALKER respectful- 1 - School Keepbg; by Samuel R. Hall, VV ly informs the inhabitants of Mar wo-rk hly spoken ot asd worUy tha ;..-n1 nnininnKAiintioa thftt the abOVe i Ti'lbHe. that the above institutiwi is now open for the reception of Mii T-u I a ... . 12 weeas Engish Department,. Fuel furnished by teacf zz- attention of the public Norfolk, Aug. 27 tf 5 00 4 For sale at this Office;. ; "vi uiaT T.atrnp ripr wna men uanwuuj: ivwv.. , , . i . - n Plymouth 8tb Ser, A'Jg. S3, 1831. Uoifitessboto, N. C 8ef 1. 1, 1881. r " ' . V- Law . I tt.i:p Itf r 5 rn I lb; lilJl. w XittlUiiAj w r" ' - . . .... t

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