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I. ft 1 not ties'), my iiHhbor, I,M.k up, a- on lo- ai.il l.it.or. Not tor out-: i n-wor f la! -; Kvry nno Im rare ati'l trl 1n. .Ion Hii pitinni'1 llnkfil tour-t her Like, the !air aii'l Hoiuly matli'T. .. ay vn f 1,. 1 o, oh, let UK pra n , I- aliti and pal U-in r- for to-hiy. 1 uk A r"' a v K. Twp Scenes by Firelight. A'ter rat h-r a vaiulerinir life neither ai i I h:.ive at I t-t settled down in a lit t le matit.taei ui inn t"U n in tin- et of 1 Mj. 1 lid - a j 1 1 - r Utile Jilaee, where the -in;. 11 atiMiuiilof ji ailalde sieje is -plit up into smaller cliques, which are aiJiili divided iht tact H '11-, t lie eauseof it.is ;atterdiviion in im ciiit lly pariA'- iii.itttr- and real 'r siipHistd dill Ii he. Ill reliui... .pillion. I SIN i M-i in s t. h r the weruiv i n hat titan is of .atH'lii II lliatn are more leillie on ..e Mil jtct e, loeiiis alui spindles thali that el i le. 1 1 i li s. and could h; idly advance a h'tti !iri;unint in hv r ol ti.eirA n view- than " I know what" I like," or the well-worn " l.t, catlse I do." Our parisli chinch is all that an an tiquary could dtsin a -glorious old pro-cat I edral. Its pewing arranve nienJs, hiw i v r, sue, I n gret to say. alt that a young woman w ho wishes to sav her nruvr in h H"ct. Mini lv weip. . lie .unci her wimi tioliat psUlie, ami no Net Iwao-,-!-'"""--'- n tain amount ol tender reca.d lor her hoyn w ho h d back and knees, would Hot de-il our stall' of clergy consists of a vicar and tw curate-, one of whoni is furn isliel by that most evaligeltcal liody. the Pastoral Aid Society, and goes by the nan e of " Pastoral Aid Curate," or .more often'! on the principle that hrcvitv is the soul oi wii.ine f. ; .... 1 ('.," o, w ith this liberal supply ol dl- i " vine-, our souls should be Well weeded iiid watt red. if thevaic not n h,v in the end of October, i ; '" - - - , ... ... i was fitting over the lire, chatting with ! Carev, w ho had just come to spend a ... i . few w eeks with me at Xarroniyndham. (rey is my particular friend, and very nice and very pretty, but she has one id fault she is a shocking flirt. I oiteii remonstrate with her on the subjtct, but it is quite useless, iiml she makes some very uncivil and profane retorts about "motes" and "beams" ami "brothers," wiich I don't like.. As I was watching the firelight dancing on her soft brown hair and lighting up her glorious hazel eyes fascinah I, as I always am by any thing beautiful, ami thinking that win n I'L rhaps I ought to say if) I turn into an'an angel 1 should wish to be just like her- he middt -nl inquired:. "Are, ! bete any curates here?" "So my angel is planning iresh works of slaughler," thought 1, Unanswered '.'Yes, two; one isold and married, and. has St. Vitu-'s dam e, and the oih r is young and unmariitd and sound, like wise ht'i-a p;iloral aid curate. Wi.l he do?" . "Don t!" with a laugh. "I know the animal. It always seem to have outgrown its clothes; is weak about the legs, hair i.mg " i louchi njg her col lar) '-ahdshek ; c hijl- x ton p Hid and tin w boh son e : expulsion imek.. It makes con-laht use of the woid siem Iv;' ha- a voracious app tite ami a lit tle waUi.e-s for tea and old Ldns. Tbei. 'san inveiitorxo! it-charms, and I don't b. ln v the soc iety wou;d have anything to do with a man hot pos s, h, d of .nil these,qualilicaliolis." Moth r o.. m d her n outh to ieni n--tratc against. this flippant "tirade: but the remonstrance was never ilestin. d to !t- utteie.l, lot at that mom lit a ser vant ami. unced " Mr. Llo d," and t he Mlhj.ct of Caley's long w in.it d sj ere h t t i,il iei the room. A oung man, in a veri correct cleri cal equine, with n licrctj. detern.iuel, good looking lace, and At a trace of weakness about himf let or otherwise; in -hoi t, a man. every inch of him. and lu.i .i . i. ...,M..hi.u imii'i.iii i.ini . . . . . . . . T .humi(((iiii ni thinkofacura!ea.iuuiteanau. j 1 giaaud tit Carey, and sw Uje UkJ j 1878. JIlIJliOROUGH, X. C. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, tin- look of our visitor, for she had put little hutiihu!; hhecaii alwaMaHume at will, and always does when there is a- man ures.-ut .whom khe dhink if U lO lall. .wou.er itaving gone tnrough the . eremony ot introduction, the Pastoral A.d Curate prided to inform u, that there wan a parochial row on. , " ,!"'re1bI1Wa.y!; 5h in, Nttrr'nd- ham. said I. " r u'lim it -n t , i,l- j tu.uu I ""1 IU NIT UUUJHII, " I -houldn't, only that you and per- I opened my mouth to refuse, for I am not parochially-minded, and am proof against all petition-, even from handsome young curates, t- make my--elf u-eful in that line; but Carey wan too quick lor me. j " It would he nice if wecotild, Kitty; lut there is so little girUcaii do." Tlds w ith an humbh' i ok at our spiritual pastor. "1 hope -you won't think m?very mde it I agne with you," was the an vwer. "A a rule, I think it the greatest pos-ihle mi-take for young ladies to go pott, ring: : about a palish, interfering in matter- they don't understand, or teaching poor little Sunday school chil dren shocking false doctrine. Hut thin is -really something you c.m lo; it's' inu-ic." 1 : " i " Now. vou must giv( a full. coherent, ; but, above all, short account of whaf ha- gone wrong, and i form us what part we are i-pccted to hear in putting I right," said I. .: K ,ance one neason, and, doubtletw, forgotten ! Bengal, ami siied "Carev Llovd " ... ndin.rutioi. at ( arey, whieh I saw her hh lightly the next ; and I couldn't i On the dav before the now'hannv (W7' 1 ;,n ,i; r1m H,,U;f ,,wn" help teHing her R d'' Renedicfsdeparture from Xarmmii ( -ast even, "can 1m It if von w 1 " - ; huA i :.. ...... ' . - . . - . ' ,,,,u 1 1 u hi. futir f rtumi" il.r.., .1, . . . , ' - . "vc" riiuij- uer jnnvers oi las- nam -t.eiore t, arev bad left us " It'- Miss Trills '" uau ginicu ..... ... . . ' from the room. Stop! ' Horn ( arey. "I must know ! i who the spi,,st, r in question is. What- ys aft,'r this 1 ,,ad com in .n alarming name in connection with fr;ni a 'xi,,k' in wlli' Carey had de-inii-ie :" i dined to join nit on the pica of a slight "Mi-s Trills do, snot belie her name I ('ol,1-not in her head; the lucky linie She is a good lady, who had a strong l,eaut' 'H never atllicted with anything voi. e i her youth, ami in those tar-off 1 u"l,tco,lii"; "'id I can't recollect halcyon days volunteered to assist in ' eVer ,,avi,1 seen h pretty nose dis training the choir, and, bavin some i fiuml un,iut' friction, for he isn't know edge of the music, was really a i e,v"n t( te"iH; on the same principle. help. She '.and her nU r her totaet i i! to Mft not tluMi a'r- rived xt tht di.mitv if ui i r. .1 ....u .....1 lead thechoir- "Out of thestraight path int flowery was," put in I; "hut what -do you want us to do ?'J "Tliis. On Wednesday week there is to be a harvest thanksgiving service. Rather late certainly, but Narromynd- ham ms vim Ltimu iu ulivma h.liii.l ' - ' " j l'""u ni: 'i :ii . 1 e ei uiiug. .iiss 1 rwis wants 10 nave an extra utly ami flowery anthem; and this eing objeete! to she decline : . . to silif Ht all fir what u fur vctrm ti . " ' toifh t u liovs ji ki motor nn Wilt 1 teach the boys a, simpler one. Will you and your friend come and practice with the boys ? You won't be expected t sit among the surplices at the ser vice." Carey professed herself delighted. Mother said we ought; so I, with a very bad grace, had to consent to be present at the next practice, and the i, ..... i .1 ,w. i. : i i -.um j Carey a little more than the regulation hand shake, it struck me) and took his departure. - Shall I ever forget Jhose choir prac tices? The well-meait efforts of the organist to drown the very small voices of the boys; the hopeless ignorance and stupidity of the aforesaid little mortals; the cold, very often wet.wjdk.' to the church for such was Carey's si - i zeal in the good cause that nothing would induce h r to miss a practicV, the P. A. C. always being our escort); and last, but not least, hefmr con straint d to pla the uncongenial part of goocht i ry. How the Misses Trills attenlel every j ractlce hot, ilideed, tij-eldlig -their mouths to sing or speak, hut marking, w ith paUgn t n. spiteful eyes-, eve r Jresh failure; how ('arey and the P. A. C. always sang out of the same b ok. making, no doubt, sweet harmony tor tin msi l ves. but not n.a!eri;dly a.s.-iting in reducing to stmt thing like time ami nine the balsh, discordant voices with which it was my doubtful privilege to cope, thiiu almi-t unaitieti are not these I . graven on the ileshy taides of i tl,v v' ', . nnim-oij- i I ! ... r-t ' t I luiM.tn tt.v fv,. tt.Cl... sinks linn in signify ance t-ide this uineie inn e niury in .-oiinn ; lortnine . was but one saciitice, while all these things xea.'amt u.tire also did I en dure many limes lor the sake of my friend. ' Weeks p3!-sed. The harvest thanks giving scr ice was over, the sinking not having leen worse, but rather U t ter, than u-ual, wh itever. Mi Trills oii'i nu ti.in-.c- iii. i iu- r- ij in id 4 ami her fr emis may I a seen tit to . - i say to the contrary. And yet Mr. Lio d' daily vUiu, begun at th Uium j of the practices, and alw ays purporting ; were not di-eontiriued He i-i the mtt earnest man I ever met Whatever he ..:,..J ' evt.ry onf tU withOUt irolniT tO the injudicious length of falling in love with her. Of course she enootti ; him. though seemingly in the mrf i leeway; and itemed tomea,hame Our P. A. C. was oo good and if a i ' - . . . i v , ...mi .u ue ner piayumig-altogepifcr a difltrent stamp lromthe young fftow who had fallen in love with herlisitly dilation to the utmost. and, I am bound to say, wit4i unmitigated success. " You'reQealous, child," said she : lightly. - "That's humbug, and you know it. The P. A. C. doesn't admire little peo- pie; and besides besides " No, I certainly wasn't jealous; for was there not lurking warm about my heart the thought of someone very1 big and strong who, nevertheless did , admire little people. ami w ho could treat them with a chivalrous gentleness ()f which the P. A. ( was utterlv incaia blc? " Do you know that the he under dis- cussifn h going away very soon said Carey, after a pause. "No. Where?" "He is almost sure of that appoint nnntin India he was telling us of. and if he is appointed must sail in January." Be ore I could answer this startling tlll.T' .if i II t tj 1 i in.li .... . 1 . , I I I- 1 1 , BUI,Pf. Ulal mnuenza doesn t utlack ' ia Jrawinr-oom dotr WU " ituw, hp i eiuereu noi-e- gly jK)sed in the attitude of the famous Huguenot pic : ture. My first impulse was to with ! draw as noiselessly as I had come, but it seemed rather a sneakish thing to do; i so I notified my presence by a loud ! "Ahem!" I i The two sprang apart guiltily. The P. A. C. began shakimr hmnlu ihiK- am 111,m(irin,wmtili iu', I "uuiMiuuK .in unrj ciiiiyi . . c v.u about "great hurrv." "beofr lit.iK. ' . . " 1 ' flew out of the room down stairs, and out of the house, shutting the street door with a bang that set every window in theold house rattling, and left Carev with cheeks that put the well-worn crimson curtains quite in the shade, and me, I regret to say, in a pa oxysm of laughter on the hearth rug. Carey couldn t stand that. SheflW at meand hookme, exclaiming lou are mean and hard-hearted and cold-blooded, too!" "I am awfully sorry," Raid I, pick ing myself up and fishing my hat out of the coal scuttle; "hut I couldn't know you were doing tableaux rirant; j and. besides, you really ought not to." , know irssi , it uill Tullier astOIIlsll niM tin ; . . " i r - - . , wm , ... ....... I. .....1.. 1:1 - ... ! 'lie oiut-i SiliTllt wnrcn nir.n 1 7- v uu r.ni. , ' OiaceiJ. v- . f 'jnaiiijirnnniur.imiF niilt'l nun 1 c.UHt..u,la I am totl-l,,!., Mule f,rl 1' ugl 1 ' KCn'V the pot . tu,- ,,;;; wai,r ' HirfH vaKari.-i her ami Mr ' '. r-i.. . Tl.fj I f lr'"' n..v j... Ke..i.t .Uuvlmx. .(L. ,,,, jlr Sw,-,U!1,,. ,:,, H.re to im-rea.se my astonishment. I nursing it. Anybody knows how a she threw her arms around me and j monkey looks.jwiih a dwarfish, bem kised me; and when she let me go I j up lsMiy and face liU- a British tourist saw there weie tears in her eye.., j but a baby monkey is simply the samt "You're not to preach, and I shall ! hi,deous thing cndenseJ and intenni often do it again, only you're not to j fled.' Yet in tiie.littie, meagre features tt come into rot nis so suddenly. He" j of the child monkev the tfnitn ... the i""""u" great ev nress.on i i has got that apitointmeut." "Was that a fond farewell ?" said I. my bewilderment, I suppose, appear ing in my face: -tor Carey, p tiingher-1 - x I1HM , ... i : . i i Stilt. wniie nanus over my eyis saiti: " You mu-tn't lMk nt me liL tt,a." land adtlttl very so;tly: "I'm too, dear." going, ! " What did you say almut P. . C.'s? ; and tiitin't you alvvax- tell me you had no heart? and I thought nothing short j of a title would content nou." gaid I -pv. r.-tv T which shP n,.,tan .vr ,. iie won t t.e a I . A. C and of a P. A. ( course due talks like that, hut one dotfu t mean it and I havelf t a heart for I've gone and given it away, ami think it's a wry ( hh! match it.ti df ' Having wound up her sentimental sjicveh with this astonishing fib she settleti ht rself at ii y fet. and we hai a bug explanatory con versaiion, at the end of w hich sine premised me vol un-; : fxritv- tr ..,. ,11. I . . . . . . - " j m i t n pracut es. m i iiir z i ii i r in a. 5 )wi in' vi ?. v- or mi-ii ti,.: ... - : - a I'nuiuse, i am bound to say, she has, to the Ur of my knowleda, faith fuii y kept. There is little more to hetold. Carev gut her own f(xlis.h 'way. And th -rr.atfh wosl ,.. . ,,..k ,. - fU,u a uau uueauerail, t.riv nn 5,..l,lt.,. - . thou.h ti.i i.tt' T ""T.' T t J U v ' TV." lMS? I . Un Z 3 ? teW. P tU da a,m8 i The wedding was necessarily quiet . . . . . . i . v i an t numed, but I was brldoniaid nevertheless; ami already I have had j two quaint bright letters, dated" from T 4 him to ask be-opinion oif a Pastoral Aid Curate. j " I know lt,"jeaid h it before I saw her." Jt j ' The Wit of the National ; Press. A Badly SAHKKI) i.vdiax. The Indian Joapiiri (iomez, who killed a Spaniard at Gilroy, about two weeks ago, i- breathiiig the vapors of a dun geon in a county jail. The following description of him ha ben entered on the jailer's record: Joiquin Gomez Charge, manslaughter ; height, o feet "i inches ; weight, 1" pounds ; native, California Indian , age, about 4o years; occupation, vaqueriand herder; hair, black and coarse; whiskers, black ; lea tun s, square ; nose, medium large ; teeth, extra good ; chin, broad ; build', heavy-set ; manner, very quiet ; marks, two scars of knife-cuts 4 the left hip two inches long; scare of 'knife-cut in the centre of ithe. forehead , also one over the left eye, one through the left nostril, one on' the under lip and on at the corner of the left eye, four scar of knife cuts on the inside of each thigh near the kneefjoint ; also divers scar. t kni:e-cuts on his breast, four scars o knife or bullet wounds on the right hip, situated in the form of a square ami three moles on the right side o the neck. j A Pact isi Astronomy., Vounp ir. ijnteijarsjwa.- fitting on tlie'porcl star,'? he said, smiling at his owi poetic fancy, j I wuld rather xn were a comet," she said .Ndreandly His heart beat tun ultuously. " An why?M he aked tenderly, at thesaim time taking her hands inhis own : "and why? ? he repeated, imperious ly. Oh," she said, with a broodiie earnestness that fell unon life soul lik. S A s L. . ., ... ... 1 41 l"tH ulmu an onciotn, " becaus. . . . . then you would only j every fifteen hundred years!" He did ! not say anything until he was halt I way to the troiit-gate, when he turneti : around and shhok his fist at the house and muttered between his teeth tha . "gt would be a thundering sight Ion : ger than that before he came arouno ! again." But by that time the pool ! girl was in bed and sound asleep. SOMETHING j NO FELLER CAN FlNI) t Oi T. Cole's circus was-) tacked yester I day with woinen who wanted to set 1 tlie " bahv m'oTtL-ev Tl,u tw.i... ' HI - p "ir i.iwijrvc mother sat there with its diminuti v. offspring in itsfarms, holding it just a a human mother would havedone r- J j J -. "-'., usual, saw more U-muv ii.on evei jjtsiphael crow. j 'hi Madonna, I it ju-t lovely ed int the features o ' Oh ! do bok." "Ain't ?" "How cunninir." I "Oh .my ! li4 you ever see the like?" Crt now i wisn it was mine." "What do they cost?"! " Isn't it just charm f r w ing. Jtight alongside the monkev in another cage, was a Ua cttnsfrictor lit - . ... . or- iiiur sun graceiui a . ,v cftuld he well ironiMHe.1 nL o i..i. who markings and combination of colors rivalleti the rainU.w y-t he wa. vote a "naatJ. thing by 'the admir- en of the monkey Who - - - . " 1 1 ii a in nj plain the ch ir,,. ,w , t j lutrm nionkeys exerci-e i over women ? fA. .!,,, l I ivnciMwi isiy, w no spent some six ' r-, W t.tl.. C T.t , ..... j i"iiiiip iu iiP Hiiij ci...Ai. home la4t vi--L- miH -..i. ,nn x, i . T V 1 r U1' I sJo rV :rZ nfnIe,.I,e oiacKiaii aeer sKin ivalltalotins. b(ided niodeHjin( nH a ! nit'-cnudns and a ' white felt hat with a brim Hkea wagon whet 1. He wjimlered into a saloon ! thumi-ed his fl-t on the counter and howie.1 for fan juice with a glisten in-' ve-j t...t. , V ,IJtM,ie- wranger? : Si at a uyl . I - - S 1 'Ii I V'r iTi it'llll'Il 1 T ting m , ""vV I was : - .j . r..,Mlrt..r tr. Swu.k- 1880. NEW SERIES. VOL. 1. NO. 0. ine an invite nvans liquor or blood Ye'd better come ap' Tliey approach ed the bar, aud all took beer except one, who t(ok cider, explaining that ne iiad never touched spirit in his life. i Xa11' ri1 le dogged!" roared the i skin-decked traveller " Ef ver with me whar I hang out ye'd be inter a hole. 'Caue ihar's whar yer got ter drink, whether yer drink or not. 'Sluck!" And he poured in tne poi mn. " Where are you from, if I might ask ?T' inquired the eider man. "From? Right from tile gulch. The edean up put me a few thousand ahead, aud I'm wanderin' to see the sights. You bet!" " From the mines?" ' tr ff-n J IIVU1 iist whar ver reckone? T I been inter the Hills. Panned big, land now I'm in for a reg'lar old He. " How are things in the Is business depressed or Hills now ? are things flour.shing?" " I don't know nothin' about them big word.5 but ef yer want fer ter know how things is, they're thar; right thar. I seen twenty millions o' money taken out o' my mine in fourteen hours. That's trade. ThatV hitten' gilt every wash, and don't you torgit it; ybiCbet!" " How does Custer City seem to pro- j I rtHS " I ain't no bizness with ho Cutter City-I'm a miner. lam."" "I saw in a recent paper that a number of ! troojis have been moved to Fort Meade. Do they think there is any danger from Indians?" "Injuns! In juns, pard ! Why tier's more'n seven millions of 'em ettVn around on the rock waitin' fof aUiance to lite in. Injuns ! Why, you dpfi't know nothin' about Injuns here.l'seen a hundred ihousand troops killed in an hour ail a half. But I don't mind 'no Injuns I tunnelled under four tribes camped half a mile from my claim, and every logged one of them went up in the oljst. You bet ! th.re can't no Injuns gu away with a Widt r, and don't ver it IT t. T I J. . . , ""r"- ic- ieau wooi m usi ne rat lugvt i-i angerous locality. . I had i . . . i no pflea It was so exposed I)eadrwood I)an- :erous? w mM ,e a v. if ver ever earn to iranfw -A up your mon - V on t. - tatenieiit at Deadwotxl if time?" " Jist come to take a souiiit it it. ay, Muow me around. Show me i faro bank. I've got ttto much dust or comfort, ami I'd like ter drop or' pick up. Show me around, stranger. Hid I'll make yer proud of yerself." ' I don't think you would And me a very good guide for I've only been hVre t comparatively short time, but per iap one of my friends, who resiths nere, would " "I.n't belong here? Whar yer from, stranger? Whar's ver teepe?" "I live in Deadwood," responded the stranger. " I'm only " If the young traveller will come around uid pay for those drinks all will be forgiven. Housekeeper f' milkman: " My riend, you put water in your mi k." Oh, no, ma'am." "But I am sure you do." "Oh, no, ma'am." " Now will you say solemnly that you do not put water in your milk?" "Well, ma'am, well, I must say that some tunes I put somj; water in the can, and put the milk (in that, but I never put the water in fib e milk." The EvepyyDay Turk. 3 The Turk has oven called unneak&- hl. n Uihl rheti.r-dl fl.nrP W,M, consider ln,w much he has been spoken M if. In one sense no epithet could well 1 ie less hapjty. There is nothing inef fable altout the Turkish system as such. Its distinctive feature is its rigidly natter-of-fact character. It eon-ist in literal atllierence toafew general rule. ;a$ Even among the well-educated Chri tians mav fteuuentlv be ttbservetl that ( .v f.. w rtprsona are not to t morf cruel than the cttn-cientitius man who has no imagination. Now the average Vl 1Uf " "lUC 1Uia,nal,rj l ,,M-'i u ,K'n iR "nefl by his I ix !li"n-lhat iH b' ,he hrrxid views ttt'tn 1 injunctions of the Koran ; and his t '"ducat ion is not calculated to correct i. r nnsieraie ims. i ne nverage mm ,r t ab)ltitelv indiflerent to the reuitM i'- nduceti by applviug his general all that ii the will If Allah. " " rhat he, ae a servant of the Prophet. M,a todo.hei.todo what the Koran sa .u i.i- . a . - . ' in varj'ing aegrees or integniy, dui nf t, generally, with any diabolical ni alice; often, however, without that 6 moderation which armed t!i rength i apt to forget, unle it is re- raineti bv conscirnce. by cant, or by ' I me power of seeing m the victim , a. ro". JebVt " Modern Greece." Hi J A Sad Mistake OK MR. HIOOS. THE FORM Kit KMTt'tR OK THK WORMVILLE LANTUKN. Mr. John Biggs, a young man with brisk air and brisker loquacitv. came to the city several days ago, and call ing at the Gazette .office, feked'for a situation as a reporter. "I'm ligJ.t ning,,? he said, I used to le cdiW-iu-" cheif of the WorruviUc antwn. Oh. hilt. uVv. -fLS a papeT. YiU ought to have seen how I pUdied Vntu a section Is ssr for calling my half broth I er a Tox-eyed liar. I skinnetl him. Now , ; if you've got any important work that I you want done I'm the mau to do it. j I used to report the WormvlIU- City Council. I stirrel"up one AhttrmHii j until he threw one of those old-fash- lonetl brass kettles at me. That's the way to write. Thik quiet way of doing things may take with religious paper, but with a newKpajer, theyarenogoei. Simply n. g. D you want a man?" The young man seemed to haveu. h a correct idea of4 the newspaper bii nes that he vtcas employed, with n view to doing sjecial wrk. A proviso was addel to the agreement that Mr. Bigg was not to feel aggrieved or bring uii I in eae he was " Urn need " aft r a few days trial. u " IJn WPP?i " on the street. it'l nz . . . . . i mere was an air oi nusiness ahout him that attracted the passer by. Hewalked along with his note-book in his hand, and with his pencil between his lin gers, like a cigar. " Yes," said a man standing on the corner, addressing an acquaintance. "That is a fine boy left at HwauksV "What!" said the reporter "Boy left. where?" "Who are you?"-asked the man. " I am a rejmrter. I used to be edi tor in-chief of the Wormville Louturn. Tell me atmt (he mysterious loy.M The man v inked at Ids acquaintance and remarked : " Well, I reckon a r-' ! , , t , , , t ' - -. - v . . i tiling. t , . x . . . J . ... . , . . a . . , ulKl irjiuiu a nue oov was icllat the , - n - ' w, , , . . 7 . "7 - , c-jy III vsici ions. I "U K Octlcr LO" , f . i around and sec .Mr-. Swank-. ' i r. ... , , ,. , , s ,- ,.,, t " You can't see her." " Why. is she bu-y ?" " Not so busy, perhaps, as indi-po-i d. What is your bti-iness. sir ?" "Tama rejKrter, sir. I used to le editor in-chief of the Wormville l.m, turn, but hard luck has brought n.e down to the level of common iit wi hunttr. I want to .see Mrs Swank- in regani V that myteriius Imv" " What mysterious ly ?" a-ked Mr. Swanks, w ith warmt h. " Now here. Colonel, you needn't t ry any, little dodge on me. I u- i t. h the elitor-in-chief of the Wormville Lantum, I know more aiMiUt'tbis af fair than you think I do. There's a mysterious baby in this house, and I 'm going to see it. I'm going right in j where your wife is ami write the thing up. The reporter attempted to pass into the next room, but was knocked; dow n by Mr. Swanks The miM lirought1 out several ladies, sufhVie- tly al van. 1 in age to iKv'lteyonti the road-luw r -quirementa The lathes scruimeti. 'I he reporter regain-J his fe t and made another dah for the door. Tbewmcn caught him, while Mr. 8 wanks kicked him, turnel hirn around, shovtj him through the front door, anI kicked bun I M r- Jil fHn"' U ! the oftW an'J tHt if the office c-ould spare him a few unI of tyfie he would go ut and re-fab-lish tlie Wormville fstnfurn. All this time young Hwanki laid in his Iitti cradle, staring at an existence wi new to him, and like Paul IomU-y, squaring his little fist at he world. A Feast in Morocco. We seated oursel veu, and wen w-rved at onee. Twenty-eight 4idie, withtfut ! fnununK in wy- gm , immen-e dishes, '-every one of which j would have ben enough for twenty 1 p-ocle, of all forma,-odor4 andflavt.r-; monstrous piece of mutton on the f it, ' - . . . ciuuhru vnn j-jmiu,; iur iiiu mohi cream,? nn tun osaitti.,, l.ven, puddings, v$?etatltf , egg ' sulads.all with the pariie drt-alfui (m ve of the harl-er's every mouthful of biuations. uggtti Uhop; sweetmeats mw ,rtWh -iA umn of t . . . . . . - .... . ; any crime ue uau cer wiiiuinieii , aim with all this, large ghve of water, into which we spueeietl lemons that w habrought in our pocketa; then a I cup of tea, sweetened to syrup; and nuaiiy. an irrupuon oi ervanm, woo j deluged the UWea, the wUa, aud our- Irtlvea wltL rue-waUr. i

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