n V 3 r TI IT' HE VOL. 1. HILLSBORO, N. C., MOK :hfaby;5; i88o. i mwm tobacco tradl WeW A ., J. M.i'rHla, H. P. Umt ud J. V. Whined. Th. aitnatioo of HiU.boro, in tb. ri- , cinity of th fioeat tobaooo grovinf eonn try in the world its eaay aeoeaaibUity to the farmers of an immense section of fer tile country, by means of the old estab lished roads leadiog into tbe town from ery direction, and its facilities for trans portation to the great markets of the world, gira it many striking advantages, which, with additional capita) and enter prise, should at once make it one of the leading canters for tbe mannfactars and sab of tobacco. " Another point, that, in oar estimation should hare oooaideTable weight with in telligent dealers in, and eonaomen of to bacco, is the fact that EQlsboro is almost nneqaalad for healthfolneai, and therefore, the tobacco manufactured berets not ma nipulated by sickly operatiTes; conse quently there is no danger of it spreading contagious diseases. Tbe prejudice againm tobacco, cigars, et made in unhealthy localities, in becoming quite general, and justly so. Consumers hare good reasons to avoid the use of tobacco made in such localities. They know that the contagious diseases of unhealthy towns are often box ed np with the goods made there, and shipped throughout the laid. There are at present four factories lo cated in the town, owned by as many dif ferent firms. They are all doing a good business, and it is gratifying to learn that their sales are steadily increasing from year to year. The value of the tobacco manufactured here during the past season was abont $160,000. Tbe prospect for a decided increase in business was never o good as at the present time. The low est estimate which we hare heard any of onr manufacturers give of the value of next years business, was $00,000, just double that of the past year. Judging by the extensive preparations being made, we will not be the least surprised to see it go considerably beyond $500,000. The above estimates hare reference only to the factories which have been in opera tion during the past year. We have heard rumors, which we regard well founded, of new enterprises Jto be tarted here this yeir, which will materially increase the vtjmn and extent of our tohuulxaie. IJelow we give short sketches of the firms at present engaged in the manufac ture of tobacco in HilUboro. JAMES Y. WHITTED Is the oldest manufacturer in the town. ' having commenced operations in 1869. He has kept constantly at the business since that time except while serving three years in the army, and also for a short time in '66. Mr. Whitted's long experi ence in the business has enabled him to manufacture some remarkably fine grades of tobacco. To him is due, in no small measure, the unrirallod reputation which the Hillsboro plug tobaooo now enjoys. Experts, and others well qualified to judge, pronounce the Hillsboro fine plug tobacco superior to that made inJDurham, orany otber place. The numerous First Premiums, Medals and Diplomas which Mr. Whitted has re osived at various times, affords flattering and convincing evidence of the excellence of the grades of tobacco manufactured at his works. In addition to silver medals received at North Carolina State Fairs, in 1371 and T3, he has bees awarded first premium at North Carolina and Alabama State Fairs, and also at Fairs held in Sa vannah and Atlanta, Georgia. His factory is conveniently located near the Railroad depot, and is a large two-story and a half building, 34 feet in width by 110 feet in length. This season he has employed thirty -seven hands in making the different grades of bright plug and twist tobacco. Amcpg the principal brands manufac tured by Mr. Whitted are the following : .Gold. Ambrosia," "Rising Star," .KMd North State," "Nat. Macon," "Cape Fear," "Okaneke," "Magnolia," "Tar Heel," "Our "Charles Day,' Gov. "Allen," etc. The above brands are all chewing tobao oo, to the manufacture of which Mr. Whit ted haw to the present time solely confined hi attention. But he has recently com pleted arrangements to place on the mar ket s Mw brand of fine smoking tobacco which will be known as the "Harry Lee.'' He will commence operations on this brand n a few weeks, and we confidently expect to see the;4'Harry Lee" become favorite with the smoking public. Mr. Whitted has done a good business this season, and it is pleasing to note that he is enlarging his facilities ibr this year, when he will be prepared, sad expect to do a larger business than ever. H. P. JONXS. Tbe tobaeco works of EL P. Jones b also located near tbe BaU-Boad depot. It is 'a large two- story building, 40 feet in width, by 160 feet in length, and has a ca pacity of turning out one million pounds of tobacco annually. Major Jones com imbmiI business in 1871. and has since then confined his attention to the menu faoture of smoking tobaooo. The well knows Tar Beet granulated smoking, and a stin finer brand known as the M Oo coneechee, n rranalated, art mad at this bctory, kod lao two branJj of ion cat ; rooking. In Addition to the bore, he ill shortly introduce a new 'brand of. long cot nook in g, which U mainly intended ' for NortLem trade, If aj. Jones' sale laxt aeaaon amonnt to aboot 60,000 pounds, hi prospect for a largely inert avd bioi D6M this year, are particularly good. Re cent arrangcmeaU which he has made induces him to believe that his torireM mill nmnu nnnrcwAtntA rtnuknri iint j h- . . ..... J. M. Corbin commenced business st his present location in 1879. Previous to that, however, he has had an extensive ex perience in the tobaooo trade, hav np been raised up in th business, and thereby be coming a thoTigh manufacturer. H saa Mfautlll m mil the difforent grades f plug and twist chewing tobacco, in which ha has done a fair busiies from the start. His factory is a two-story building 40 feet wide by 70 feet long, and affords employ ment to from 36 to 40 operatives. The amount manufactured hut season will reach between sever ty and eighty thou sand pounds. The outlook for an increase of business in 1880 is considered good. VEBB & 00. The firm of Webb k Co. is eon posed of James Webb, Jr., Joseph C Webb and Geo. C. Corbin. This firm was ertabl'bed in 1878, and although two year- Lavc not elapsed, they have Already acq;:ire) ':on - siderable lead of many older manufactur era. Their success is a notable and pK asinc . . . . musirauon or wnat can be accomi'lithed by a thorough acquaintance with business, backed up by an energy and 'enterprise that fears no competition sad urmounts all dlffiralti Thir fftft.irv i& ratnA M,.j .vv.. aj. Jones receive a diploma tor 'line tt of laaftftinnei to be the most ab Bmoking Tobacco," at the North Carolina j sorbing --taVw'Kational Capital. State Fair of 1677. I1"1" southern me jexticularly are j w OORRIX ' ooght and questjoeeu as) their choice opposite tbepourt House, and is a two-1 The latest development on the Demo story building, the dimensions being fiftv ; cratic side is tho Seymour boom, which bv one hundred f.t The m.Vo , A(. ! has t0 started by Epitor Hutchins of the . ferent grades of plug and twist tobacco, and have already placed on tbe market twenty-eight different brands. The season of 1878 being their first in the business, they made and sold about sixty-five h ousand pounds. Last year they had about sixty operatives employed and worked their factory to its ful 1 e s t capacity, the result being one hun dred and fifty thousand pounds of tobacco more than double tbe amount ine last year. 1 be rapidly increasing rtemand lor i the brands of tobacco made by this firm. I being far greater than can be supplied with goes tlit Mr. Seymour is unwilling, on ao tbeir presvit facilities, has necessitated 1 1 count of his health, to take any active bai addition tOTiie r'Worls. 1 his ut di- I tion will be a three-story building 4v f.-et in width, and 70 feet in leng.h. It will b completed by next Spring, and their factory will then have facilities for turning out five hundred tho-.-.Hiid pounds ai.nurilly, and tney wiu w, -tit to its ludest capacity, The tact, ener ,ind ability exhibits! ly thi firm in the management of their busi ness, has already won for them a substan tial trade, and will, no doubt, ere long, place them in a foremost position an:ong the leading manufacturers of the weed. MILITARY NEWS- Bobecrib for the Soctuirb Mail. Adjutant Genera: Jones, has issued gen eral orders directing the election of field officers for the N C. State Gnard to take place on the 18fh of this month. The elections will take pla:e as follows : First Regt, Newbern -.Second Reit., Wil mington ; Fourth BattalioL, Raleigh ; Fifth Battalion, Fayetteville. An effort is being made to reorganise the Vance rifles, of Elizabeth City. Wylie T. Jones, captain of the Govern or's Guards, of Columbia, and brother of Adjutant General Johnstone Jones, of this State, is prominently mentioned in con nection with the position of Adjt and In spector General of the South Carolina troops. The Raleigh Observer says that the re ports coming In from the various com mands composing the State Guard are in the main satisfactory, as showing that despite certain drawbacks the organizations V.... atflwAn ti fnlfil tVi ji rwin irnyr.fln f f f , tw . . f the law. There are at present a total of oa companies in tne uuara. ji ui uuiu ber 40 are white and 19 colored. RaUread Ties. : The Charlotte Observer says it is re ported that the Western North Carolina Railroad has suffered quite severely from recent rains, there having been several slides along thejine. The Winston Leader says the railroad fever is reviving in Stokes. Appointments have been made from the loth to the 83d, and Gray, Morehead, Caldwell, Jouoe and King are tbe railroad talkers. Postmaster-General ey has promised to rectify the matter of the Northern mails missing connection at Weld on. The Charlotte Observer reports that re sponsible capitalists in New York city propose to take the Western North Caro lina Railroad off the hands of the State. There has been a great increase in the exports of railroad iron from the United States. In September 1878, they amounted to thirty-eight tons, while in the same month in 1879 eight thousand two hun dred and thirty -one tons were exported. In the nine moutbj ,ding October 1, 1878, they were but six hindred and twenty five tona, and for the tame period last yeev they vara 23,107 tons, wasMixtoi Mtical Ml Hanceck, Bayard, Seystewr, Tkursuu, TIMea and J, L. English. tbi rassiDsavtaa outlook. The question as to whe shall be the dem- rwrfitir atuKnrti Kmtav in th 1 1 - . . ... . um wju- tie candidate and to the chance V in the south either for General GrJaSt otffiyone else in the Re publican party, uff1 the last point they testify almost unanimously that there is no probebQiiy whatever of any serious preak at tisicrath, either for General Grant or anyone else. The south will be solid for anv good Democrat except Mr. Tilden. This is the testimony of all the southern Democratic revnbers. In regard to the best candidate for the Democrotic party next year, the southern members say that the best man or the best two men to head the ticket are those who are most certain to carry New York and Indiana, which two states are still looked upon as reliably Democartic, while their votes, to gether with those of the south, will insure the election of a Democartic president HASOOCK AID BATABD. If the sonth'could have its preference it would choose either General Hancock or Senator Bayard, judging from the talk of its representatives now here. General Hancock is very strong in tbe southwest, and if the convention were held todav he 1 would probably receive ine votes or Lou- 'ijikn ToTna on1 W Bi si aA Tn TIava. X. entirely satisfactory to the entire south, Knr faa ra n a imtmaa&A tTlslt Via m Sa4 n,i ; Ti.n. v u V -"""B --! " - " popular on account of his extreme posi tion on the money question, and there is some doubt as to whether he is accepta ble to the Tilden ring of the Democracy of New York. THS SBTMOOB BOOH l . Tl - T! . . . i rTBBuuigioB rui. i uere is more in mis than is generally supposed. Mr. Hutch- ius is a man w no is not apt to commit himself to political movement without having a definite object in view, or with out knowing thoroughly what he is about. Before he started the movement in favor of M. Seymour he took a run out west and had an interview with M. Hendricks, and I am informed he also paid a visit to Mr. j Seymour himself. At any rate I have it j from himself that Mr. Seymour's physical health is such as to warrant his nomina tion, and that Mr. Hendricks is willing to accept second place with Mr. Seymour. There is a curious rumor here in regard to to the Sevmnur movement. Tb ttnrv the Seymour Purl p iracir-car, wiuieeisiiisi ue , I a -v.l ... .li.-l iL. is not able to discharge uie uunes oi me presidential ottice even if elected, but that lie is willing to allow the use of his name at : the head of the ticket for the sake of uni- ting the purty in New York and to insure victory, on condition that if he shall be elected he will be permitted to resign the j office after lie hftg been inaugurated, in which event of course the successful can- did ate for the vice-presidency will succeed 1 'o.the presidency. It is further alleged : that this understanding is entirely accep- table to Mr. Hendricks, and the chief j reason why he is willing to run second j with Mr. Seymonr, although he has said , positively within a very few days that he absolutely will not consent to run second again with Mr. Tilden. This story has most of the attributes of a Washington ca nard, and should be taken with a very large grain of salt. The project is, how ever, seriously talked of by politicians here, and the story is interesting as one of the political straws which is floating on the enrrent at the outet of this president making session. SCIArOB THUBMAB. There is very little talk of Mr. Thurman as a possible candidate now among the Democratic members, and yet it is not at all certain that he is out of the field. Gen eral Butler says that Senator Thurman is still in the list of possible Democraic can didates, and General Butler's political sa gacity is of the very best. The most seri ous obstacle in Senator Thurman's way is his own state, which, it wiD be remember ed, refused to take his name to the last na tional convention. The trouble is, there is a very strong anti-Thurman faction in the Democratic party in Ohio, and it is bound that Thurman shall not be the bresidential nominee. r. TIICIB. There is not much talk about Mr. Til den, except that evervbodv savs, or near ly everybody, that aa is altogether out of 1 the question, inasmuch as the election In , h h not carry his ova state. Soma of tbe longest-beaded Qsniocrata, however, asy quietly that Mr. Tfden h not shsl vad vet and may cause s great deal of trouble be fore the question ef a candidate is settled. There is an imoreasion that he has pretty i much given up thi idea of runnig himself, but means to name the-oandidate. I learn ed while in New York the otber day that X-eoTSBSOB BBSLISS. of OonnecticuBf is Xr. Tudeo's second choice, bis first choioe of course, being hlmself.nThe Uoaof Mr. Tildas ana us friends u that (fhs Democrats must nom inate a war Democrat in order to sputa tne stalwart issue; and must nominate a hard- money Democrat u order to sputa tne n nancial issue,! must name s new man to earrv New TuVk. Oonaectbot and New Jersey, withcA regart to Indiaaa or the aest Govf "t SnfUn M a uara-moner. war Dam-' lar' iiwXh, udjwM undoubt' jTyC onetiottt. His friends claim lis sj sedingly pwalarm SMf a Arwvarsey, jn.i i-saarrea,as i awiw tnats Jx. tmmn swenpn choicand. Bkxto &epponeany MrVTilden'i JHends m Vtw York state in the event CM Mr. Tudaa aaau o eoDviaoadt tiat be eonae secure tw Cbiropo L taro last weak. Uentocra eAhr4 fistA NORTH CAROi; The marriage of sr4 wffl take place soon is I. V" The chestnut eropra. -t Over $7,000 teles Miliar ttl shipped from Hamlet & &Cg&mi!U Raleigh since September fijJ IredeJL Randolph mwejfpmh, Jhn Graham fa ifei1timber to Work on the Westersf iaTiato'.tna insane, has been sasrded ti next Spring.' t Prof. Hargrove's n-f -BmJJaltoi nah," wffl be publisheibj- Harper 4 BroV ofJJen Jork. r ; " ' Ta4i.ft. Mfiler-.of Lancaster, reessstly drank a pint and a half of whisky, and. died in a few hours. 3 C r .' i The grand ojwilsWstMobtcoo wart B" house at Marshall, Madison county, w" take place Jan. 14th. I There are fifty-six water power mGs n Chatham eonntv. Tbe water nowesr&f this county is said to be mater than the j entire State of Massachusetts. StatesviUe is one of the most attractive towns in the State. The buildings are handsome and substantial, and tie streets 106 feet wide. V In 1873 Winston contained a store and a blacksmith shop. Last year 4000,000 pounds of tobaooo wat shipped from its factories. Joel Kinsey in Craven county, has 47 hogs still running in the fields which will average two hundred pounds apiece. Kingston Journal. A negro near Winston, recent pur chased a farm for $1,100, paid $900 in cash, and raised tobacco this year to the value of $800. Deputy Pennington, 'recently captured two distillelles in Moore count; in full blast, one owned by Wm. Brady, and the other by KMy Williams, botl old of- j fenders. ' i wnue uiTys pateci meweme men Ms. i a were perforaJl in the Streets tt Scotland . Neck a rogue entered the sho of Mr. P. i Ewell, and stole 16 wahes,.'with other jcwelry amounting to about 300.-Roa-; noke News. , ,r . , it , . , Capt Waitt informs the Hsleigh News . . . , . , that another installment of Jerry s dupes left Goldsboro for Wasbingtn last week, scantily supplied with money and provi- sions. '.The party nurobewd thirty-four men, forty-three womek. fifty- seven cbil - dren and fifte yeUow-drThL s A correspondent of tiKt yharlotte 1 )em- ocrat states that Rondoa county is the A Lowell of N. 0. It requres several thou- j Mr. L L Ha-s. ll, has'jr'.veu up the Grand sand bales of cotton to rnpply the works , Central Hotel at Durham, and will hcreaf on Deep river, which ves employment , make his home in llickfrv, N C. Th. to thousands of hands of all sexes and j Young Men's, Pleasure. Clul. pre-tntl Mrs. tfad- Hassell, with an unique and beautiful si- Married, in Barbecue township, Harnett ! ver cake basket, a-; a tribute of their re county, Wm. Stephens aid Annie White. ' spect and admiration. The citizens marked A young man present "brbid the bans," asserting that the lady had promised to marry him. She said that she had, but that he had "fooled abort" too long, and that she now meant busheae. and directed ih Wr tn nrord &.?, Nwt i. , i T a. S TT 1 1 a J . 1.1. I iu uucil uisbiucr ruuiAu ui lull uiaat one mile east of Swan's it&tion in Moore connty, on the night of tbe 23d of Dec. Over nine hundred gallons of beer were destroyed and a small quantity of mash and malt which could sot be removed. The still was preserveu and shipped to Fayetteville. In the rtjl house Wesley Stone, the proprietor, was arrested, and an accomplice named John Gales. Mr. A. K Clarke, milltr at the1 H axel green Mills, near AshevCe, has recenlty put into operation at his mills an invention of his own, in the process of bolting flour which makes from one to three pounds more of flour to tbe bushd of wheat, and saves about omvfourth of the time hereto fore required to grind th wheat In May 1878, Mr. C. commenced work on his new process, his idea being to make an im provement heretofore used in the manu facture of flour. The end he intended to locompliab was to make the middlings and the chop from the mills all bolt together, . ! V ALL. V VAn.k4 a. wmM- mnA ta aeeomnhah this he bouent s mid dling mill from Messrs. Norkyke A Mor mon, of Indianapolis, Ind. The middlings now run direct from the bolt through this mflL aid then pasr tirrtragb a ourefier (Mr. C's own invention,) where the fine bran and specks are removed and go with tbe bran. The flour then psases into the fine cloth with the chop from the mills, and the latter is equally distributed through the flour as it was in the wheat before it was ground, which makes the flour perfectly uniform. There are no shorts or middlings left, only bran and flour being made. Mr. 0. claims that his process not only sdds to the quantity of flour produced, and saves one-fourth of the time, but the flour grades higher. AahevfileCitisen. iFaJlur of J.R Day. Thsfailura of Jatnafr' . Pay, a promi neat tobeeoe liurseterer of Durham' k Sons Tbm, zzZ rxJXXL and the assets lift, OObT .VS id4WI rf-leto! kVjL ThWber Oe, 6CeWforlr, and a irnv Sorted la tUtflbawWafaess in SirtMrwsr arem. tha flrm rtWatir mks4fol WS tW ttroafc -e - I tsHis ( f jtrntm Vaia, Tf cottary i MWoners will meet te- K" l.fc,-!'S jk isjse recenUy sokl 170S ' .iee : i fa days. liUa wU4Qe, not help us a! the asCSBoWiMlneJp us af an. tha Greenthoto spoke worke. Hie sisshp tobacco tax in Orange county ftif November, was $61,093 70. are now laying in fuel, and daagliters must look eat for sparks. j? uiitj wy name Is a yocnt; w oman ' 3 iiiby hat and th .fgother ulster. mS susxket reports wffi be found in Man here Iter. (jsJThe olflest inhabitant'' infonssfjus that 'this he been one of the mildest wiWs he : 11 jfarwapatw. iU. s f. .sr i is ! " " ' " r o -wi - the new lessee of the Grand Central We wish him success. Messrs. J. P. Caldwell, and J. L. Cham- bare, assistant editors of the Charlotte Ob-, server, have purchased the StatesviUe : Landmark. j We feel certain that there is an a bund- j ance of home talent in Hillsboro. to con stitute a first-class musical association, j why not have one f Will some one rise and explain t j There are over 60 people now living in Hillsboro whose ages range from 75 years up to as high a point as any one need care to reach. If there is any town of equal ; population that can beat this wo would ' ike to know where it is- We are pleased to note tbe continued prosperity of the Farmer and Mechanic, under its present able management. Capt. Shotwell has succeeded in making his paper one of the best representatives of modern journalism published in the State. The Yarborough House, in Raleigh, Is j one of the best hotels in the South. The , old adaare. "he cannot keep a hotel, does , ; not annlv to Dr. Hlar.knall the irentlemanlv ; I I r proprietor of the Yarboro. He is justly styed tbe .'Chesterfield of hotel-keepers.-' . N- Shishkin, ltussian minister at Wrah- lnon; V1" 10 e. neral0' 8 I Pre,crlPtl0n OI oenzoic poiy, wmcn ne ! asK-rts has proved a simple and very ef- ... ,, ..,-, fective remedy for diphtheria m Germanv Rugsia. The Ctica Herald says : " The maidens of Chenango county are getting desperate, j They adopted the following: Resolved,' 1 Thst if we the .,nrr ,.f 13 lirhri.y.-. ' don't pet married this year, 'mebody Will be to blame.'' their appreciation of Mr. Hassell 's mny fine qualities, by presenting a testimonial in the shape of an elegant gold-hoadcd cane. lM elePant entertainment given at their residence, New Years Eve, by Mr ' ' Un 3 Cheek, will rank among the most pleasant social events of the winter. ! Their fine residence was crowded by their numerous guests, representing the youth, beauty and intelligence of Old Hillsboro. After an elaborate supper at nine o'clock the merry company spent a most enjoyable I time until the "weo smo hours" of the j morning,. j Naw Legal Firm 1 solicitor, is. BtruawicK and Jus son Robert, have recently formed a co-partnership in the law business, and have located their office in Roulhac's building. The well-known legal attainments of Solicitor Strudwick, and the promising abilities of the junior member, will at once entitle the new firm to a high rank among tbe strong egsLflrms for which Hillsboro has so Ion g been pre-eminent. Infanticide- For some time past a family named - Smith, living on the estate of the late J. E. Redmond, near Durham, noticed a strange, nauseating taste in the water used from the well on their premises. A young man named Wilcox, who boarded with tbe family, became disgusted with the rank stuff they were drinking, and deter mined to investigate the cause. . Going out to the Jwell last Sunday he discovered something floating on the surface. He procured s pair of pot hooka, sad after considerable difficulty he succeeded in in raising out of the well the decayed body of a colored infant Sarah GilL a colored woman, who was supposed to be pregnant about four weeks ago, and to have made way with her off- spring, wss arrested on suspicion, and al so her sister Mary as sa accomplice. Grr- oser Wflson, of Hillsboro, was notified, and he held an inquest on Monday. The Jury rejtamed a verdict that the infant was murdered by unknown parties, and at the asms time held that the prisoners should be eommitted to Jail te await trial at tha Spring term. A Graham, of HiUaboro, and Roul hao, of Durham, appeared at the mqoeat ia theialarastoftbe aecuasd, ta vara re frpexmiadoabytbs eoraiar ta cross eaasabM wttnasam They wll sppry fcr a wrht A KOYX HI THE BIGHT DlSIt nos. ;;;; Te A4rawce the llntemta afJffrTssil At tV meUi u of th Tewn Coaiofj( m4.iSM Ttwredsy evei-ita. tta4) usw isidLsrc Cbap4 BUI, was tn.XU: ehy discaj f5 r ciU: wUI, plriitd to Warn tht tbe CommhahHiera; 4, eidpd la sake atremoaa eOerM to save " tersifoss of ibe new road located at, RniaWwA. As a pre lis; i arv step commkie of sf f wassppoitiud.cooxiioeef Uwee Oosasall ionrr end tbiee eltiaea te. confer with rt)ircioTt ef tbe ee road sod letra all aeiV ! esaory pariicniars in relation to the eetef ! nrkr. Tn enmSAhlee snooiated is SS H V , r . .. 4 i tows : - CoaaiteioeiBB. Crrisaas, , . ' UB. T J W1LSOH rfABise " "' JAMB IIUV' Cbias. M. FABBr Tb,rrdc- H (lliknro ! far left EMi than IS aSY - etfcrt . - . j desirable point. This fact' will no doonaa I hit doe wigbt ) deterssinici tbe aetk of ih Directors. We hop our cjliseue 3 -j be PP' ' tsiuaie encouraee. w " commn " ttr in Bdvano me intrrip oi iu - mxy be crownefl with locceu, PEBS03AL. Carlyle is eighty-four. Mrs. Gladstone is very charitable. Subscribe for the Soctbikn Matt. Oliver Wendell Holmes is a good - j car - - peutf. Capt. Iredell Jones, of Rock Hill, 8. & never fails to do all he can for the UnlTer spent Christmas in Hillsboro. sity and Chapel HilL and we with all our Miss Mary and Miss Anna Parks arrived t readers, join in wishing him a long life home Tuesday evening from Durham. . and a well-filled treasury. He gave the Miss Maria Routon. of Oxford, is vistiting 500 conditionally. The prospects no her grand-parents Mr. and Mrs. Jaraesf" the road will run to some point Parks, of nOlsboro. . near University Station. Will the people We resrrt to leara that D C. Pirk., car popolar county TrriMirr, ii cor fiord to fcts residi nee by nine"! jis3 Maggie Webb, of Hillsboro, is visit-. l.cr imi tv j rt ri.m t.'.,..i B. Chesire. Tar'. -or cti,., - ... - uvuiuciuui. Mif- Sarah Kollock, of tho Femalo Hih School, is spending her vacation in New York. Capt. Jos.JP Davis, will represent North Carolina on j tho Yorktown Centennial ; committee. - . ' Mayor Henry K.' Nash, of Hillsboro, ! has gone to Tarboro where he intends to spend the winter with his family. Prof. D'Anca hat severed his connection with tho Hillsboro Female High School, and h? "cfaptAii nrajfin in thn Slam Academy. Capt. James D.frooks, of StatesviUe, one of the rao-t gciilal and best known men in the Sat. . nt Christmas in nills-J b.,ro. Th- man fri -nds of Tim Allison in the' upper section o: O-arire Person and Cas ell . omities. w ill he pl .ased to learn that ! he is now connect,-! with the welbknown 1 and reliable firm or Rouihac - Davis, J, Hillsboro. Charles S. Rurke, ofMal-ne, N. Y. will visit Hillsboro iu a few d.iys accompanied by Mr. N. Plumadore, the well-known manrger of the N. C. Farm Agency. Mr. Burke is at present inj Ridcigh, and has 601,16 t0 thi8 SUte witb a yiew of locatine n this section. What The MailWould like To See. ' Good witr in Durham. A hippy New Tear for all. Tbe meanest mm in Hilliboro. Penple lie eitbin tbit metos. Milk that i old without wster in it. 8ome Ureei imprjTment In Hillsboro. The girl who never wai.u to get married. The Chapel Hill Railroad come to HHla boro. 5 000 subtci Dext spring i for the SocTHias Mail by No .old becb-Wi iD Hilliboro tt th cloe of Up yeir. A tout g right here. M-?n's Askoci..io orgiD;r Everybody rich, not too rich bot Jut rich econcb. A bouse with esongb closets h it to nleaae wosaan. Tbe relstioDi of the Ma Ice meddle to "Ibe Maine law." One woman pes inolber 1 to see bow ib is drrteed. Ilbool looking Friends always tme aod booest to ya' never deseuieg you lo tbe boar of Dd. A record ef the good rtsolalioa tbe yosaaf sao of Hillsboro will tbii week adopt. More delightful social gatherings Ekif the one at Mr. James A. Cheek's on Rjtw Tear's Ere. Every poor child to a sew salt of clothes bd! a good tanare saeal U get oa tbe oat. i of' Hones and Horseman, Bella, a white hens employed m the street eteectng departsaent ef CtbeiaaeU, who died Friday ef ieobjsw, was probably tbe lattest heres la aaasrka, beteg from 18 to iv tanaa Mam, and weighed a wine There wQ he Ave dsys raefeg at Asg as Astasia. January etk. . Three thuaaena flat hsadred daUars awraes aa-re been paid aeanirsaeeiesisMBeaargea. Agirfnamed Brea smCins! from Par. soneoanty, wss arreatia ia Durham last Wednesday, by Sheriff Barnett, of Person. cm avehsna of infanticide. It is sett that char of murder and tnfantkade will be . . . - vauarea sgsmsi Mr. , Around Aisui U. Tnenexltaatia oTths Burhan my 11 epeasaar tba Re IVllamA agl. 4. Itra.lhadaWjimsta atTcy. Plaids made it fU Iftpfri feeteTVia Haw River ware 'awarded atiaa at'Oe Otoenattl IndustriaffcrpeartioB. The march of enprovement inQxiQrd is quick and steaiy. The result of ftf ear peaters hammer is seen In ewary pajtof the town. The two mammoth weinr houses, ith all the modern nteffitias, wait -ready for the suetioneer Jan. 1st Trri- The sepsial court in linaawity 3 -be held on trd Monday in JanuarySatnp- m county court opens on tbe4th KoB- i vv , -47, iadga Gilmer will pida at.Uh V ,.'' 4hidt inlevt S ih 0. .X ZLAicrn- juries at Sandford. Chatham Record. Hende aon Tobacconl A supposed case of ii 'antidde occurred in town this week, a . olored infant heist foandina wll h-iv on Thursday. Qlen Foster colore1 s under arrest, supposed to be Uie per n implicated. The I rchlight says there are over three thousand dog in Granville, and no saa sagel R. J. WortLam, of Oxford, lost 9 sheep by dogs in one night, The o! !y man in Dnrham who subaorib ed to the University Raih-oad was Julian S. Carr. He gave 600. This gentlatnan of Durham allow this! Chapel Hill Ledg er. EducationaJ. abscrfbf' for tbe Soctsuibs Mail. At t: annual speaking exertises at iWake I est College, the following young gentlein. i of the senior class delivered or- lollow s. Davis "The Intellectual lfan Tones "Devotion to Our Count- Rtions i J. M W. T. ry e canst . w. B. Woff- -'Onward, the Language of CreatioD." J. T. Alderman "Mathematics. M. A. GHeam." ,B n. Jones "After tlie Gloom the PMlHri. "T- T'erh if Life.' W. G. Ferebee "Genius makes H own way and carries its own lamp." The College itin a more prosperous con dition now than at any time since the war. Virginia has now 2,491 schools, in structing 108,074 pupils. " e81 v ,rn,a cbol PoptUatlon f 20074i tLe whool apportionment TV. .t-.. . . . ... Ior Jear amounts to sM,08S,0. In the education of tbe blind at Boston an cxcelle-ii step has been taken. They .ire now taught to tune pianos, and are aa-," treuely successful iu their work, which ' praised by leading muiscians. The citjt i has for three years intrusted to these blind ! tuners all tho pianos in the public schools. Harvard has now 1,322 students and 1ST instructors. We are in receipt of the Cataloirue of Bingham School for 1879. The number for tliO current session (171st) is 60 per cent, ahead of tbe hist and 26 per cent, ahead of any former Session. Every South ern State, we believe is represented and al so New York and Wisconsin, Brazil and Siam. The catalogue claims that the cul ture of tlic faculty is broader, the discip line and instruction better, the satisfaction gien to pupil and patron greater, than ev er before. The Prise and Scholarship features are new and so is a Leipairf Ph. D. among the teachers of a Southern School. . The increase from 108 in 1874, I2 in 1877, 142 in 1878 to 1M in 187f, is very significant. Board is $11 par month Tuition, $50 per Session. See Advertise went. Corn.!! tTniversity has twenty-nine pro feasors. The sokat boarding school tar youur k dies by tbe Misses Hsah vFtflffAsJ Hillsboro, ft one of the beat iastHatlosa ef the kind in the if h Rrisighbsai rat. Th Bwatia ThaChMpttt The annoaeefflent that a am aAMm t fuiiej, ecmaumg many aew aao raioable ftatores, suggests tbe thought that buying Dictionary is a good deal Kka baying asj egg ar a watch: a badoae unoseBaapacany price. Webster being the standard authority for the EngBah language, he naturally has many imitators, but bnftators are usually bald at their true worth by the public who wanna wood, nutmas, throih H mar look ever so miieh like the genuine article! The popularity of Webster t baaed upon this nrmdala. If you want a handy thing to carry with you, a eompanioa that you eaa a ways rely upon, and one that wffl tire you. ameXy vade meeum. we reece. snend that 0u get a copy of the poeket edition of tbr, with its 18,ooo words and meanlnfs, rules for spellmg, tahke of weight and Atasura, abbreviatioaa. words, phrases and pfoverbs from the ancient and tnoderon pmgage U is printed from new type, and bound muMroeoo, with twaalMadit tSit edrsa, and, wk not otharwies obsstealla. ' i. vm re'iiaaer ivMoa. man, ibymw V0..1S8J Co., 128140 Grand itrssi, Sew York. i - , - e 5,- l- ; W1 ir s j : , 1 y- a 'at tt V 1 , tft

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