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is authorized to make contracts and give
receipts, Ac, Ac j
All letters relating to subscriptions or ad
vertisements must be addressed to Wm. M.
Brown, Business Manager.
, Communications and political suggestions
will be addressed Editor of Era, Raleigh,
N. C.
Raleigh, H. ft, June 15, 1871:
Granville and Warren are to have some
Canadian settlers. I
' ' . I ' v
' -Vk learn that the Expositor at William-
ston has been revived. . j f f
' Dr. Geo. W.Graham, son of Gov.Graham,
lias loaded in Atlanta, Ga.
, Nense River Association of Baptists
meets' -at Halifax on July 12th.,
The colored people of Goldsloro purpose
building another Methodist church.
Luscious peaches have been received in
. Washington City from North Carolina.
-JrnoK Watts will hold a Chamber Court
in Uii City commencing on July 12th, 1871.
. : p ;
Hon. A. H. Arrington is .the Democratic
'candidate for Convention: in Nash. Of
. course! I " ' !
J Ion. Thos. S. Ashe has been nominated
for the Convention in Anson, by the Dem
ocrats. i
- 1 1. J. (Joonwpi, of Windsor, has' obtained
a patent on an improved j spatter-dash for
buggies. . !
Zion"s Landmarks, a Primitive Baptist
organ, has lieen removed from Tarboro to
Wilson: . . !
Flat River Association wRJ meet at Mt.
Zi'.m, in Granville county, on the 8th of
August, j
The town property of Tafloro' is assessed
at jcisi),("n), an increase in assessed value of
$TiO,.MHver last year. -
Dr. McDocoalp and.B. A. no well are
mentioned as - prolxible candidates against
'on vert t ion in Robeson county. . '
The twenty-second annual meeting of the
stockholders of the N. C. Railroad will be
held in Greensboro' on July 13th.
P.-csidont Martin Si'iys that the W. C. fc
R. R. R. will probably be completed
through to Charlotte by next summer.
The Friend's' Normal School will le held
this year at Caiie.Crcek, in Alamance coun
ty, commencing on the 2Sth of next month.
The Chatham county. Teachers' Associa
tion will meet at Cane Creek, Alamance
county, on the 21t and 22d of J uly.
, i
Sixty thousand dollars have been spent
ma-nfly in the liquidation of tho debts of
the Western Division of the Western N. C.
R. 11. !
In Rutherfordton, last week, Mrs. Sarah
Wilkie died, aged i2 years and Mrs. Char
lone Miller, of Folk county, died, aged 82
years. ; .
The next annual"' convention (5fth) of the
Protestant Episcopal Church of North Car-
-Awa will meet at St. Luke's Church, Sails-
W. A. Harney, of Elizabeth City, has
been awarded the' contract of carrying the
C S. mail from Edenton; to Norfolk, "Va.
Price ?l,l:i5. " .!' j '
' h
Georok D. Bovd, Eh. and Hon. A. M.
N-ales have been nominated as the Demo
cratic Conservative ciiniiiilatos for Rocking-
liam County. . I
Michael Brown, ono iof the oldest and
most respecUble citizens of Salisbury died
in that Uwn on Monday last. He was in
his 77th year. , '
We learn there will be a Special Term of
Granville Superior Court, commencing on
Ihe third Monday in Julyj his Honor Judge
Watts presiding.1 . f
W. T. Crawford, of Martin, has leen
nominaUxl by .the Dciuc rata for a sound
beating at the ensuing election oil tho Con
vention question. ; j
We learn from the HillsbonV Recorder
that Jasper Turner, a tobacco peddler of
Orange, was found murdered in Duplin
county last Saturday. - j
-We are pleased to learn that the schools
in this Suite under the auspices of the " Bal
timore Association of Kriends," have been
very sue-essful this year.'
tj TTon. A. M. Waddell. of "Wilmington,
?will deliver the annual .address i before
the young ladies of tho Charlotte Female
Institute on tho 27th of June.
At a meeting of the Central Republican
socitioii of States in Washington, on
Thursday last, Gen. Allen Rutherford, of
this State, was elected Secretary,
Gov. Caldwell has ordered a special.
Term of the Superior Court of Anson for the
trial of - tho murders of Mr. Redfearn. His
. 1 lonor Judge Buxton will preside
"Wo learn that Law. F. Battle, Esq., of
"Nash, contemplates tendering, at an early
dayt his resignation as Senator from that
county in the State General Assembly.
TnK-'rtrj7rrtw says a young colored man
named Allen Bryan lost his life in the yicin
ity of Raleigh on the 3d! Instant, in saving
the life of a son of his former master from
drowning. ;
The'town of Oxford has a reading club
which is composed of ladies and gentlemen.
Their reading room is supplied with the
leading periodicals. So says tne liuisooro'
- Wm. Popp, U. 8. Engineer, Is engaged in
n' Survey of the Neusej river from - Golds-1-oro'to
iU mouth, with a view to the re
moval of obstructions. So says the New-
Rev. A. JV EARtJE,,the distinguished
Baptist Evangelist, will preach in Raleigh
on the evening of the 23d Inst. Ilewillpass
ou, next day, to Norfolk. M- : ' ' '
" , . '
; The Raleigh fe Gaston Railroad . feas de
clared a dividend of six per cent., payable
on and after July 1st. This Is one of the
very best roads in the South.
: Writing Ink is manufactured in Char
lotte and Windsor; In the latter town by
Henry Alger, and his ink is commended by
a correspondent of the Sentinel. '
- j i
i Richardson Drivkr, sentenced in 1869
to ten'years in the Penitentiary for larceny,
has been pardoned by Gov. Caldwell, as the
prisoner is pronounced to be dying with
consumption. . i
, Dr. Grissom, the efficient Superintendent
of our Insane Asylum, is in attendance on
the meeting of the American Association of
Superintendents of Lunatic Asylums at
Toronto, Canada. " i
2 i r
. 4 '
Wk were pleased to meet in this City, a
few days since, Col. R. M. Douglas, Private
Secretary to President Grant. CoL D. is on
a brief visit to his native State, and is look
ing exceedingly well.
Dr. Pride Jones, of Orange County, was
before the Ku Klux Investigating Commit
tee of Congress on Monday last. He was
examined in relation to affairs generally in
Orange and Alamance.' f
Through to Chaklottk. The Presi
dent of the W..C. A R. Railroad informs
the, Wilminsrton Journal that the road will
CD ; ( .
probably bo completed to Charlotte: by the-
middle of next summer.
John Nichols, Esq., of this City, was at
the session of the Grand Cliapter Of Royal
Arch Masons at Wilmington this woek,
elected Grand High Priest the highest
Masonie office in the State. !
; r
The Statesvillo A merican says that it has
a portion of the press on which was printed
tho "Mecklenburg Declaration of Indepen
pendence," May 20th 1775, part of it was de
stroyed by federal raiders in ISoo. j
The present member of Congress . from
tho tirst Alabama District is a colored man,
named Sterling Turner, a native of Halifax
county, in this State, and once belonged to
a gentleman living near Weldon.
The Odd Fellows of Wilson are making
arrangements to have a celebration at that
place on the 23rd of June. . Seaton Gales,
Esq., Grand Master of the Order in North
Carolina, will deliver the address.
The Charlotte Observer tells us that Hen
derson Young, coL, was lasf Friday found
guilty of the murder of Mr. Ed. Smith, of
Mecklenburg county, and has been sen
tenced to bo hung on the 14th of J uly.
' - ' -
The Masons of Warrenton and Hillsboro'
will celebrate the approaching Anniversary
of St. John the Baptist on the 24th inst
Isaac R. Strayhorn will deliver the address
at Hillsboro', and the Rev. Paul Carraway
at Warrenton. I
. The Contempt Case. We are informed
that the contempt case of David Schenck, of
Lincoln County, who was barred by Judge
Gi W. Logan from practicing in his Courts,
will be argued on Monday, the 19th inst.
Messrs. Brairir A Strom: apoear lor Mr
Schenck. .
Send Them In. The Secretary of , the
Republican State Executive Committee de
sires that a complete list of each County
Committee' be forwarded to him at once.
The District Committees should see to it
tljat a 'complete list is sent up immediatelj
from their Districts. j
The Democratic legislature says
Hbrth Girolinian, neglected 4o levy ' any
tax to carry on the Public Schools, but
they did levy 200,000 to pay the money
borrowed at eight per cent to pay the ex
penses of the Holden prosecution, and to
pay the per-diem of the Assembly.
i "
Gov. Bragg says tho A'orA Carolinian,
is reoorted to be the author of j the late
Democratic Address to the people of North
Carolina. Is'nt it a singular that the posi-
lion he now takes on the Convention ques
tion is diametrically opposite from the one
taken and maintained by him in lo4 7
. .We were pleased to meet in this City, on
Thursday last, Alfred II. Dockery,'Esq., of
Richmond County the newly appointed
Consul to Stettin. Prussia. He is a son of
JIon. O. 11. Dockery, and sails on Wednes-
rUv noxt his Dost of duty. He is a
vjoung gentleman of much promise, and; we
congratulate lain on his appointment.
The Raleigh Telegram says: "Mr. James
Burras, of Moore county, had a tenant, Jack
Peoples, who would not work. Mr. B. took
steps for ejectment, and one evening last
week, the SheritT, accompanied by Mr, Bur
ras. went to serve process on Peoples.
During the progress of the affair, the latter
raised a shot gun to shoot Mr. Burras, who
also raised his gun, when both hred simul
and both fell dead
in their
The' Statesvillo American learns that the
wife of Mr. Burrel Barnes, of Alexander
eountv. a few davs ago. was burnt so that
death ensued in a short w hile, in the fol
lowing manner: she was preparing dinner.
her husband plowing in a field near, and! it
is supposed that her clothing took lire,
when she ran out into the yard, but her
rins were not heard. When found, she
was insensible, and died in a short while
A heart-rending accident occurred a few
weeks since on Rock Mountain, in Wilkes
county, by which a Mrs. ttkins j lost her
life and her husband was severely injured.
They fell over a precipice 250 feet high.
Mrs. Atkins was terribly mangled : Mr.
Atkins had no bones broken, but was bad-
lv bruised, and is recovering. Mrs. Atkins
was the daughter of Franklin Wiley, of
Guilford county, and had been married
about a year. They were with others on a
pleasure excursion. .
Sentenced. In the U. S. Circuit Court,
at Raleieh. on Tuesday, says the Wilming
ton Star.yVf. J. Green, Of Montgomery
county, who was convicted at the last No
vember Term of illicit distilling, and who
made his escape from custody before sen
tence was -passed upon him. but who was
subsequently arrested and brought to this
! city on Saturday last, from whence he was
taken to Raleigh, was sentenced by the
I Court to six months imprisonment and
ttoo- infoli;Tnt Builder knows the
value and Importance of good Doors, Sashes
and .Blinds, well made, of good ana tnpr
outrhly seasoned stock ; but many, are ri-
informed of the best place " to purchase at
the lowest prices. For the benefit of such,
we would refer to the Messrs. . Whitlock, A
Co., 254 A 256 Canal Street, New York, who
have always on hand an extensive and well
selected stock.. Their new Circular and
Price List is sen$ free, on application.
Another- Outrage. We are informed
by a letter from a reliable gentleman that a
raj-frr of men. disguised as Ku Klux, wont
to the house of Joseph Tesinger, in Rutbjer-
ford I County, on; Saturday night, 3rd inst.;
and jwhipped him severely. Three of le
party Andrew Brooks, Lawson urootcs,
and George Bridges, were recognized and
have? been arrested by this time.
When it is too late the Ku Klux find 0ut
that they will not be allowed to control
Rutherford County by intimidation, outrage
and murder; . Forbearance will cease to! be
a virtue before a great while; and the Kii
Klux wiU meet bullets whenever they make
. . . . - i i j
an a
We learn that Judges Bond and Brooks
have' ordered that many of the petty cases
now bq tho docket here from distant sec
tions; of the State, be transferred to the Dis
trict! Courts at Morganton, Wilmington,
Newberne and Elizabeth City. j .j
Thisjia a good move, as many tnning
cases for violations oi internal ivevei u
otiru frnm thfMA sections, now stand on the
docket, consuming the time of the Court,
and preventing the trial of a large dockej of
civil business quite important to the peo
ple; j Besides, it is wrong to bring these
parties here from, a distance when Courts
are hold 'more convenient and less expen
sive to defendants! f. I - f j
While Ve believe in enforcing the revenue
aw, we think ino greatest carw wiuuwjire
..l-. flint nno niav have crood reason to
t,An.TA. ..v-.w : : L i
complain of injustice. -. j
A cciPENTLY Shot. On Friday, a Mr.
Richd'Dednam, Sr., of this county, was in
the store of Mr. Julius Lewis, on Fayette
villo street. He had been looking at a very
small single-barrel pistol. Mr. Nick West,
the efficient and j gentlemanly clerk, was
waiting on Mr. D. After the pistol lid
been examined Mr. D. turned oil and start
ed to some other part of the store, when the
pistol Went off in the hands of -Mr. West,
striking Mr. Dednam in the left side or ius
backU It seems that a cartridge had bejen
put iiv the pistol, of which Mr. West was
ignorant, and in letting the hammer down
the cartridge exploded. Drs. Royster auid
W. Hi McKee were called in, and the smf-
fereii was removed to the residence of Dr.
McKef -The bullet ranged downwardly,
and w are fearful that the wound isatal.
Mr. AVest is very much grieved that the ac-
cident'should have happened ; and we sin-
cerely hope, not only for the sake ot tne
family and relatives of the wounded man
Hut nl-sW nn .juM'Ount of Mr. W.. that Mr.
ledn:j?xi may recover. i
CoLoiiED Conference. Bishop Pierce
and Rey. R. O. Burton give notice in tho
l wttafia nf tho 1?alftiQ-li Chrixtain Adii
took w.v w .hv O m i
cate, that a meeting for the organization (of
tiio CnnforeiK in Virsrinia and North Car
olina of the "colored Methodist Churc h
AniAri " will le held in Enheld. Jlalift
county, North Carolina, on the lth
June. 1S71. and request the attendance
all colored preachers who desire to comic
themselves with tho Conlerence.
Bishop Tierce savs that "Bishop Milps
will ! visit North Carolina early i in June,
beginning his labors most likely at Wil
mington. I commend him to his people
and to all as a worthv man and faithful serf
van't of our common saviour, Jiisns Chri$t.
Bishop Miles is one of the colored bisli-
ops recently ordained by the Bishops of
the" Methodist Episcopal Church, Southl
llei recently visited a town in Tennessee
and. after preaching to the colored people
morning and evening, by special mvita-
inr tlin whites Preached to them in Uie
afternoon. -
H t : :
.Tfve Piistrict Court jiow in session draws
maiiy to the city and from the countenance
oi tne.vanous panics you can picuj "
guesfe ilfe business that brings them - here.
The ! bland and placid smile denotes the
... i . ...... x i.n
"legal', iraternity mai compose
part bf this throng now in our city, and are
aarmtria- tho "Lesral Tenders" from their
""rrrDi " j :
unfortunate clients who may also be ree-
ogniiod by the length of the face and the
care yrprn countenance. Prominent among
the throng are the Kevenue omcers wnom
you -may readily recognize py ineir njee
clothes,;: and
general "well to do appear
long will it be before the
ance.H Jiow
practice of the law will cease to be lucra
tive?'. .How long before people wall
ease to break the law, and oh how long
will it be before these onerous taxes will
e reduced to such an extent that Revenue
officials can be altogether dispensed with
and the credit and faith of the government
still be -maintained.
We anxiously await the coining' of t!
day and may it not be far distant.
Ttia with painful feelings, that we are
nrwin tn rpcord tlie death, bv his own I
" --: ; ' ' - L.r
hand, of the Hon. R. R. Heath, late ono
the Judges, of our Superior Courts of Lnw
and Equitv, We knew Judge Heath well
at the bary-and on the bench, and can truly
say, that; a more courteous and ttignined
irentleinen in the one sphere, or a more
CTi ' -
learned and iust Judjre on the bench
never knew in the State : , We copy
the Daily Telegram of this city, the 1 follow-!
ing just and complimentary tribute:
"ye learn from the Statesville American
that Judge Heath, formerly of the Superior
Court Bench of this State, committed sai
cide: byi cutting his throat with a razor,! a
few 'days since, from which he died a day
or two since. The rash deed was commit
ted fit his home in Ashe county, j No cause
is assigned. I
Judge Heath was universally regarded
in North Carolina as one of the most emi-i
neut Judges that has at any time graced
our Bench. When charging a jury, or de-
cidiirjg points at .Nisi Prius, he presented
soinowhat the . appearance of a machine
constructed for the very purpoee of utterj
ing; law. All was unimpassioned, ; trans
parently clear, and sufficient neither too
much 1 nor too little. The unflexible and
automatic tonea of his voice added; to the
impression. . With him, temptation to par
tiaUty or ordinary human weakness,
seemed out of the question. If such an
institution were to fail of its design, fit
could be ascribed to intellectual miscar
riage alone. No one could entertain! a
thought of any purpose upon the Judge's
part, except to pursue reasoning to its j le
gitimate conclusions. His ability to fdo
this was extraordinary, and his success un
surpassed. '' I
Learned in his profession, quick of ap
prehension, possessed of fine powers of an
alysis, fready in expression, dignified and
courteous in bearing,, he -will long . be re
mnmhflml with re&rret. bv the Bench, the
Bar, and the generfil publia
For the Carolina Era.
Iemtor Carolina Era : It did me good
to read vour first number. T like the tone
of the DaDer moderate but firm In the sup
port of Republican principles, decided and
fair in its opposition to the attempts to iorce
unon the people a Convention in a manner
not provided for by the Constitution, and,
in fact, revolutionary, Tor it oisregaras an
restaints put upon the will of a bare major
ity, and leaves the organized law, the very
foundation of all government, to depend
upon the caprice of the moment, so that
nothing is hereafter to pe treated as final
and settled ; and any party, when it happens
to get a majority vote, is to be considered as
having a right to call a Convention, and
change the Constitution to suit its peculiar
policy, and make room in the affairs of the
State for hungry expectants.
r Every one can see that such a state qi
things will not secure th object. of a good
government, and that t.'ie . re t iit Conven
tion movement, if carried out, ill result
in producii g ust that state of things.
i l suirtrest. however, for' consideration,
does not tho Em yield too much in putting
the whole issue upon the unconstitutional
and revolutionary mode in which it is pro
posed to call the Convention ? I
Many of our citizens, and I am one ql
them, do not think that the objections to
our present Constitution are so grave as
to justify the call of a Convention, if. it
cpull be tfone by a two-third vote of .the
General Assembly.
: Many voted against tho adoption of the
Constitution because the Judges are elected
by the people for a term of years, thereby
octrnvinff tho inricneiidence of the Judi-
UVOUl V J M. wm-w X
ttnt as it has been adopted, it should
have a fair trial, and the objections to it are
not so potent as to justify a clamor for
change at this earlv day. and at the risk bf
- j- .
setting a bad precedent to bo followed when
the other partv happens to get a'majority
the other party happens to get a'majority
vote. .,!!'.-' ;. f j
j You will soe that in the enumeration of ;
supposed objections to the Constitution, set
out in the address of the Democratic Con
servative Executive . Committee, Messrs.
Bragg, Merrimon & Co., do not advocate
falling back upon the old Constitution in
this particular. Why? I venture to say
both of these gentlemen are opposed to this
provision, and yet they fear to say anything
about it. They object to the Township sys
tem, but propose no substitute. Are we to
go back to the old County Court system,
with Justices appointed by the Legislature
on the recommendation of the members of
the several counties, and an accumulation
of costs by appeals to the Superior Court,
with a double set of costs, and a petit j iiry
and grand jury at each of the four terms?
They make no comparison of Uio costs of
the two systems. j; - j I
; So in regard to other matters the people
are called on by a general 'clamor keeping
back some things that liave force in them,
and pressing some that have no real force,
but chime in with the feelings of the mo
ment to put the organic Law at the mercy
of a set of men eluded m these excited
... ....... -...'il
times, in other words to "go it bund."
The true policy according to my judg
ment is to "go slow and look betore you
lean'' save the cost of a Convention j by
taking time and making all needful amend
ments, by legislative enactments alter J the
particular change has been pointed out land
considered by the people and by two dif
ferent sets of Legislators. These matjters
do not 'belong to party, they concern all of
tljio people, a democrat may well vole
against a Convention, and a republican; for
one if such be their convictions as tothe
true interests of our beloved old State, j
; Politicians and the newspapers are try
ing to make it a party question. There is
not one man in ten who candidly believes
he ought Under present circumstances to
incur the expense and excitement incident
to a Convention. It remains to be seen
how far people can le carried by applying
tho party lash. . j.
June 8th, 1871. . v
Married, in Kinston, on the 6th instant,
Dr. Jas. B. Hughes, of New Bem.e, to: Miss
Elia W. Knox, of that town.
Married, in Fayetteville, June 8th, at
the residence of the bride's uncle,! Maf
Arch'd McLean, by Rev. H, G. II ill, Mr.
John B. Harris, of Chatham' counjty, to
Miss Alice Poe, daughter of J. C. Poe,
Esq., of Cumberland county. ;
New Advertisements.
"Wood Mouldings, Stair Rails, Newels, ftc,
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A large and well assorted stock of the
alove goods constantly on hand at the low-j
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tbw Knciiil attention eiven to Black!
Walnut and other First-Class work.
Estimates and Price Lists furnished ori
application. r
- ' I
S5 l' & 250 Canal Street,
2 wly.
June 8, 1871.
A. Integrity. ' .
By Aaron M. Powijlu j ; ,
Reprinted from the Herald of Health foj-
May, 187 1. j , ..... -. ; -..
A neatly .printed, sixteen page Temper
ance tract. . '!?''' ' I .
Single copies, six cents ; for distribution
Jour dollars per nunoreu.
rFrom the (Cleveland, Ohio) Prohibition
Era. ' j !! i
READ. , I f
Be sure and read the excellent article op
the second page, on "Intemperance and Na
tional Integrity," by Aaron ;M.; PowelL
wfiirh wo have taken irom mis mom-n
tt . 1,1 t TTnih : Tt micht to be read
Of 11-. urj avvwm 1 n - !
every temperance organization, and by ev
ery temperance man. ; 1
Address AaRON M. POWELL,
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Raleigh Markets.
") ' "WTiolele Irice, :
Grocers " and Commission Merchants
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CORA per bushel,
CHICKENS per piece
EGciS-1-per dozen. - j
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Eggs scarce, butter abundant
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For storage -Sales
yesterday, -
Ordinary, - -
Good ordinary,
Low middling, - - -Middling,
: - - -Market
active, cotton scarce.
79 bales.
47 "
32 "
57 "
- Thursday, June 10.
Cotton strong, 20J.. j
Cotton firm ; middlings, 10i20.
r r Summer Arrangement for 187s J
From and after 'June 15tli, 1S71, until the
first Monday in October, 1871, TICKETS
mav be obtained from any Ticket Agent,
on the Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad,
from any Station,' to Morehead City an I re
turn for one first ' class fare or one secorul
class fare, as follows :j -
From Goldsboro' to Morehead l'ity and
return, first class, ?5.00, second class, $4.00.
From La-G range to Morehead City and
return, first class $4.25, second class ..40.
From Kinston to Morehead City and re
turn, first class $3.75 second class $3.00.
From New-Berne to Morehead City and
return, first class $2.00, second class $1.00.
From Newport to Morehead City and re
turn, first class 50c, second class 40c.
Children over five and under twelve years
of age, . half the ' above rates. .Persons who
fail to obtain such tickets, will be charged
full regular fare. -.Persons getting on' train,
between stations where such tickets are
soldj will be charged local .fare to the first
station, and then be allowed to purchase a
return ticKet, uui 11 mey iuu w iimviiaBc
ticket, will bo charged full fare both Ways.
i Hi. It. n i AiMjl, XT I CflitrM..
New-Berne, June 8, 1871. 4 tf.
iyjL and correct Map of this Cdunty is now
for sale at the Telegram olhce; it can also oe
had of Fenpol Bevers, Esq., County Sur
veyor. '- . i
No pains have been spared to make tne
Map perfect. The township boundaries are
jriven. and tne ranroaus, county
streamsano names oi iuany liumsmo
ly marked.
Accompanving the Map is a plat of
Raleigh, 'showing location of public build
ings, ifce. ; also, a table, showing tle popula
tion of the different townships, male and
female, white and colored, with the number
af dwellings and families in each ; area in
square miles, number of farms and number
of acres in each township. ! (
The townships are described, the nature
and qmaility of the soil and the products of
each being given. Population of the City ;
amount invested in manufacturing; county
and citv indebtedness, tc.
Price $1.50 and $2.00.
June 0, 1871. ' i 1
an; independent and thorouglily pro
gressive weekly paper, devoted lo whatever
tends to make mankind purer and better,
and to questions of the day, whether they
relate i to Church, State, Morals, Politics,
i.itortnrP Soeietv or Art. Conducted by
Ti.viAro Tiltn -'forseven vears Editor of
" The New York Independent," and by
Rev. William T. Clarke, late Editor of " the
Liberal Christrian."
n T v, V ii.i An a r a" nn m Hers anions its
contributors some of the very best writers.
in the countrv, and is pronounced uy inu
petent critics" to be one of the most enter
taining as well as able journals published,
vnHlihed at OSoruce Street (P. O. Box
2.848.) New York, ot $3,00 per annum.
wO. W. RULAND, J , . -
June 8, 1871. i 1
. Rail Road Company, ( .
i , Presipent's Office,
j ; ; New Berne, N. C, June 1, 1871. .
j ' NOTICE. . : j-;
The interest due on the first day of J uly.
1871, on the Bonded debt of the Atlantic and
Tfail " Road OomDanv. will
be paid at the Fulton National Bank, .New
fat.irm nf thft ( 'nil nons
whertduc E. R. STANLY,
; I President Atlantic and N. C. R. R Co.
June 6, 1871. ; 1 JJ
Wilmington Street, Raleigh, N. C,
Walnut, Poplar and Pine Burial cases fur
nished at short notice. Orders for under?
tob-inrr nrnnintlv AltATlded tO.
. Furniture repaired to order. Remember
the place on Wilmington Street,.nearly op
posit the Cuthojlc Church.
Raleigh, June 8, 1871. 1 ro.
STATES District of North Carolina.
United States vs. Two Boxes of manufactur
ed Tobacco, in boxes, iuu , : gross ; iuu
lbs. manufactured TobaccO, without box
es ; one Wagon, two Mules and Harness,
property of James Fi- A. Lnmond-f Libel
of Information. 1 i
To James F. A. Lamosd, and to alt, whom
it may concern: Greetino. j ? .
That tho nlmvn
iUWW 13 ' fc' ' vy.., - -- .
montmnwl nrotwrtv Was Seized 1V John l.
Chesson. Deputy Collector of Internal Rev-
enue, 1st uoiiecuon uisinci vi viv
lina, on the 20th day of May, 1S7I, as for
feited to the uses of the United States, for
violation of the Internal Revenue Laws,
and the same is libelled and prosecuted in
the Circuit Court of the United) States to
condemnation for the causes in tho id
Libel of Information set forth ; ana inai mo
said causes will stand for trial at the Court
Room of said Court at Raleigh on the 19th
dav of June next, if that be a jurisdiction
. - . . . - . . . i . i : . .-I :
day, ana II not ai ino nexi uay j uriswuu
tion tliereafter, when and where all persons
aro warned to appear io snowi cause wiiy
condemnation should not be decreed, and
to intervene for tliolr interest. ,
Given under my hand at ofllce, n Raleigh,
this 2nd day of June, 1871.
iune 13 w2w.? ' . i U. S. .Marshal
UTATKSr-District of North Carolina.
United States vs. 65: Barrels of distilltnl
spirit, seized as tne property! oi r.. .
Groot Libel, of Information.
To E. W. Groot, and all whom it may con
cern. Greeting.
Notice is herebv eiven. that the above
mentioned property was seized; by S.' II.
Wilev, Collector of Internal Kevenue oi me
6th Collection District of North Carolina on
the 20th day of January. 1871, 4 forfeited
to the uses of the United States,! for viola
tion of the Internal Revenue Laws, and the
same is libelled and prosecuted Jn the Cir
cuit Court of the United States for con
demnation for the causes in the jsaid Libel
of Information set forth ; and that the said
anses will stand for trial at (the Court
Room of said Court at Raleieh on the 10th
day of June next, if that be a jurisdiction
,wl if nr at thfl TlOTt HilV fif ilirisullC-
tion thereafter, when and., where! all persons
tare warned io appear tu miuw puao wuy
condemnation should not bo decreed, . and
to intervene for their interest.
Given under my hand at office, in Ralr
eigh. this 2nd day of June 1871. !
je 8-w2w
United States
KJ' STATES District of North Carolina
United States vs. 7 Boxes of manufactured
Tobacco,' 125 lbs. leaf Tobacco, 1 Wagon,
2 Mules and Harness, seized as the pro-
f W. II. Green wav Libel of In-
, t ... , . ..
To W. H. Greenway. and to all whom it
mau concern : Greeting.
Notice is herebv triven. That the-above
mentioned proporty was seizetLby John B.
Chesson, Deputy Collector of Internal Rcv
ntmo trr thfl 1st Cnlloctioh District of N. C.
on the 20th day of May, 1871, as forfeited to
tho TTniterl States, fikr violation
of the Internal Revenue Laws, and the same
is libelled and prosecuted in the Circuit
Court of the 1 United States for jeondem na
tion for the causes in the said libel of infor
mation set forth ; and that the jsaid causes
will Kfand for trial at the Court room of said
Oinrt. at Raleiirh on the 19th dav of June
liext, if that be a jurisdiction day and if not,
t tho noTt rav nf inrisdictioii! thereafter.
when and where all persons arcj warned to
appear to show cause why condemnation
should not be decreed, and to intervene for
their interest. i
Given under my hand at office,ln Raleigh,
this zd day 01 J une, 101.. 1
je 8 W2w United States! Marshal.
STATES District of North Carolina
United States vs. 10 Boxes manufactured
1 Tobacco. 1 Watron. 2 Mules and Horses
700 lbs Leaf Tobacco." 7 .'Tobacco Screws
and the otlier ii.vturcs uudimate'rials '-used
in the Toljkiccd Factory of Jl M. tt A.
Turner Lbel of Information. ,
Tn J. M. fc A. Turner, anxl th all whom
it may concern : Greeting. ;
I Notice is hereby given, That the above
mentioned property . was seized by Saml.
II. Wiley, Collector of the 6th' Collection
District on the 29th day of May 1871, as
forfeited to the uses. of the United States,
for violation of the Internal Revenue Laws,
and the same is lil)elled and prosecuted in
the Circuit Court iof the United, States for
condemnation for the causes in the said
Libel of Information j set forth; and; that
the said causes will stand for trial at the
Court Room of said Court at Hh?tfh on
the 19th of June inst. if that be jurisdic
tion day, and if .not at the next day of ju
risdiction thereafter, when; ami where all
persons are warned toappejar to show
cause why condemnation ; snoaid not . ue
decreed, and to : intervene lor their in
terest. - : Li. ' '
i Given under my hand at office, in Ral
eigh, this 3rd day of J une 1871. I ;
' . S. T. CARROW,
je 8 w-2v United States iMarshal.
STATES District of North Carolina;
United States vs. 3 Boxes manufactured
Tobacco. Seized as the property of John
! Long 30 lbs. manufactureel Tobacco,
seized as the property of Jonathan Jen
kins Libel of Information.
To John Lono, Jonathan Jenkins and
to all whom it iriay concern : Greeting.
Notice is hereby given, That the above
mentioned property was seized by John B.
Chesson, Deputy Collector of InternaLRev
enue of the 1st Collection District of North
Carolina, on the 20th day of May, 1871 as
forfeited , to the uses of the United States,
for violation of the Internal Revenue Laws,
and the same is libelled and prosecuted in
the Circuit Court of the United; States for
condemnation for the causes in the ; said
Libel of Information set forth ; and that the
said causes will stand for trial atj the Court
Room of said Court at Raleigh oil the 19th
day of June next, if that bo a jurisdiction
day, and if not, at the next day of jurisdic
tion thereafter, when and where 'all persons
are warned to appear to show (cause why
condemnation should hot be decreed, and
to intervene for their interest.
Given under my hand at ofllce, in Ral
eigh, this 2nd day of June 1871. I
! je8--w2w United States Marshal.
STATES District of North Carolina.
United States vs. 5i Boxes of manufactured
plug Tobacco, the property of some per
son to the District Attorney unknown
). Libel of Information. 'j
To all whom it may concern ;-:-Greetino.
!' KTj-.ti, la turAiv o-tvtm That th tttmvfl
j ( ..w.vfc n , '
mentioned property was seized by Wm. B
Iticnarnson, conecvor oi iuinwi xveveuuv
of the 3d Collection District of North Caroli
na, on the 25th day of May, 1871, as forfeited
to the uses of the United States, for violation
of the Internal Revenve Laws, and the same
is libelled and prosecuted in the Circuit
Court of the United States for condemnation
for the causes in the said Libel of Informa
tion set forth ; and that the said jr-auses will
stand for trial at the Court room of said
Court at Raleieh on the 10th dav of June
t. if that be a iurisdiction dav. and if
not, at the next day off jurisdiction thereaf
ter, when and where all persons are warned
to appear to show cause why condemnation
should not be decreed, and to intervene for
thfir intflrftst. I
Given under ray hand at office, in Ral
eigh, this 2d day of June, 1871. i
je8-w2w United States Marshal.
itmArt an ail uort iupinpnt in Eicht Hun
dred American Newspapers, for six dollars
per line, per weeK. u uuo w ccjv
cost six dollars, two lines will cost twelve
dollars, and ten lines will cost sixty dollars.
Send for a printed list, i Address t
Advertising Agents,
No. 41, Park Row, N. Y.
Jnne 8. 1871. .
The Springfield Republican, by Sam
uel Bowles A Company, Springfield, Mans.
'inis is a wci-Known I'luepenueni journal
of news. polities, s-iety and literalnro.
journalism, aiid u peculiarly the reprosiMi
tative New England newspaper. I '
its circulation is creater uian mat or aiiv
other! provincial paper in America; only
two iapers in lioston exceed it ; and in tho
town of its publication it has more subMcri-
lAru ivi nntrukrtinti ii IWktiiilalU-in hott
any otlier journal in tho world inthecijty
family in Springfield. 1 j
The Republican is printetTon sl largo .
quarto sheet of eight pages and 48 columns,;
and issues Daily, Semi-Weekly and Wot;k-
lv ulitinnu Thn urtiw nf thfl Dmi! V thrxW
cents for single copies and $8 a year--! less
than h.t rf nithar IVuitnn rr Vftii Yrllr
journals of the sumo class; while its news
t 1 . .1 1 i... . t
Li uu ivkj fruiupt aim iuu, wm iui cucini
s'ope;as a family paper wider. The Komi-
1 ? t-viv l v is c j oar buu uro n vuiwij v- t
while 10 copies of the former are sent by
mail, to one address, for, $10, and 21 of tho
laiier nr cw. 1 , j ;
Tn 1-tuhltii otTufrci Thfl Yintt7kirm ta fihnnn. .
lv' independent and critical; pleading lor '
me mgiicsfc Buuiuanut ii puuiiu wrvuv; tix
acting the utmost intelligence and integrity .
nfiiimi in office: nursuhiir the corrunt with
out ; qualification and the careless nrth hu-
- a 1 .1 It . . l L '
patience ; ami ueuiaimuiK vaiitiicuwuii f i
forms in all our administrative service and
in tho laws for the collection Qf revenue.
Tt oiii-oiiraf( men to demand for women '
and women for thcniselves, a larger share
it ull tlio irrwiiiir wrkrlr nf lift ai nnlialttv
. - - - - - - - - - 1 - .1
of duties and of rights, of responsibilities
r 1... ... I.i;...u.ll.,.l U.
HI1U Ul Jri liv)c, invnuno ti ini!irauuii. 111
the largest individual freedom and the fair
est devision of labor lio tho iiiot sure and
satisfactory advancement of society and Uio
To all ouestions embraced in tho phraso
Scx-ial Science, it gives a welcome hearing
A A. - A 1 . .
and an earnest woru, ior ineso are tne reai
topics of the present and the future; if is
with these that government and society-.
have now most to concern themselves.
All subscriptions must be paid in advance;
Specimen copies of Tho Republican will
bo sent on application.' j ' - J
All business letters should bo addressed,
i June s. Spingfield, Mass. ;
nhiir: siiv. citarles a. dana. Elb
-X itor. The Dollar Weekly Sun, a news
paper -of the present times, .'intended, for
people now on earth, including farmers,
tiai lioiiiKi ntorrhfinlii rtrnttvasionul II nil.
workers, thinkers, and all manner of l)oQest
tolKs, and tne wives, sons anu uaugnters oi
an bucu. i
Or less than ono' cent -a copy.-' Ixt there.
be a f50 club at every ioit ollict.
Semi-Weekly Sun, $2 a year, of the same
size and general character as the Weekly;
but with a greater variety of, miscellaneous
reading, and furnishing the news Ut its sub
scribers with greater freshness, locauMp it
comes twice a week instead of once only, j
, A pre-eminently readable newspaiter, v
the largest circulation in the world. " FrtHi
independent, and fearless in politics.; A 1 1
the news from everywhere. , Two cents a
copy; by mail, 60 cents a month, or jo 00 a
. 1 j
Five copies, one year, separately addressed
. Mmr Dollar.
Ten copies, one year, separately addressed;
(and an extra copy for the getter up of
. club,) . I ' . . Kitjltt .Dttllarsi ,
Twenty copies, one year, separately ad dress;
ed, (and an extra copy to the getter up of
dub,) Fifteen Dollars'),-
Fftyropies, one year, to one address, (and
the Semi-Weekly one year to getter up' of
club,) c Thirty-three Dollar;
Fitly coiies, one year, separately addressitl
(and tiie Semi-Weekly, one .year to getter
" tip oj club,) Thirty-Jive Dollars',.
dressj (and the Daily for one year "to tlio
Letter up olr'the clui.) I Fj'ii. !' f'trsi '
Oiiuv hundred conies, oiio vear. scpHratoi. y
.i : . .. i . ..i .i... it. .. .... Th . i
the getter up the club.) hiixty Dollarsi
Five copies, one year, separately addressed
i i J Kinht. liofhtrHl
i i ,r
Ten copies, one year, separately address!,
1 ..... 4 . . . r ... ....M .n .Inl. 1
. Sixteen Dollar
In post office orders, cheeks, or drafts onr
New York whenever.eonvenient. IJ not;
then register your 'letters 'containing
money. , Address i
1 W. ENGLAND, Publisher,
i ! Sun office, New York City.
1 i : : .
CIAL CHRONICLE commences its
twelfth volume with the first number of
Tannartr. 1S71. The position held bvi the
. t . t i.' Skj Vhkuf ulwkurTi xr tltn ft il h iwi 11 lif .
notices, which have leert !;iven voluntarily
by a number of leading nwsaiers, whose,
standing is su;h as to make 'their'remarks
worthy of attention : ! " I i'
" One journal at least, which ought to lo
.better known in this country tho New
York Commercial and Financial Chronicle
displays a capacity and Knowieigo ior .
practical economical discussions not any
where excelled." London Economist.
" Far superior to any similar publication
ever issued in this country." A cw lw
It Is beyond comparison the liest col
lection of financial. and commercial statis
tics published in the United States." N. Y.
Tribune. ,
" Its success has been legitimately earned
by a faithful and intelligent devotion toHiio
industrial, commercial and financial inter
ests of the country." A'. Y. Times. i '
"It is worth to any business man tenfold
more than its cost." A7. Y. Evening Dost.,
" A standard work like this is well worth
tho patronage of business men.' K.
Express. . 1 . ' ' '
"Ought to bo in the counting-room-t
every mercliant and banker." N. Y. Com
mercial Advertiser.
- The amount of matter Is simply iiston
ishing. It must meet the wants exactly of
the great class of American merchants.' W
Boston It. ; : I
It is one of the best commercial pajmrs
published in the country." Boston Joiir
nal. ' - I
" Replete with a large amount of Infor
mation on financial and commercial topics,
forming a valuable book of referenm for
bankers and merchants." Philadelphia In
quirer. "This is one of the very best commercial
and financial weekly journals published in
the United States, and no merchant M ho
does an extensive 'business ought to bo
without it." Chicago. Tribune. . '
" Tho Commercial and Financial Chroni
cle we have no hesitancy in pronouncing
eminently worthy of the high esteem it has
secured among merchants and financiers
generally' Louisville Democrat. -
"The Chronic le is the best financial and
commercial paper issued iirthis country,
and contains matter that no banker, broker
or commercial man can afford to. be with
out. Misouri Republican.
V The Chronicle is tho lest financial paper
issued in this country." Loui Dem
ocrat. "To say that the Chronicle Is the very
lished in the country would be only to re
iterate what has already been said by half
the leading papers of the ' eouutry. Vr.
Louis Despatch.
It is a journal of sterling worth, and
without a rival among the-commercial pa
pers of the country. It is scarcely possi bio
that any bank officials will fail to have it
always at hand."--Arew Orleans ricayune.
"Tne Cfironiele is modeled on the London
Economist, and deserves to rank with that
well-known champion of commercial inter
ests. Such a publication as ihejjhrtmiele
is invaluable to all business merit bankers'
merchants, brokers, etc. 'New Orleati
Times. ' j
Subscription price, $10 per year. . ,
!'' - ii - - lhit.liul.Arn
79 A 81 William St., N. Y,
Homo Time.
f 1,000 fine..

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