North Carolina Newspapers

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IlAtM or Subscription .
Dailt On ver,-In aJrance, f7 Co
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Six mc-r.ths, . i c)
Tbreo tuontii.
TiiElate and transient jtaics nun
from Orange, Mr. Watson seems to
have considered carefully how he
can best curtail his political exis
tence. Ho has already rendered Its
continuance very dubious by his
Bill to prevent those .unable to pay
taxes from voting,, and by Axis K.
K. Arcncity record. , - . : -
' - ' -
It was painful to sec thel-wiih
I-hadn't-aaid-any thing appearance
of the aged but shortlived slzievnan
from Orange, Mr. Jones Watsdn; as
the able representative from Mitch-
ell, Mr.-Bow man; flayed him alive.
. For those who know Ihe two men
it is enough JLd gay, Mr. Watson
made a speech Hi voring Amnesty,
and Mr. Bowman followed oppos
ing It. v.'. -.
-r 1 j ) o t .I'I a e Thcm
The Supremo Court in the exer
else of its discretion did not impose
a ffW of $2,000.00 on each of the
persons unlawfully holding pod
tions in the State Institutions; bu
m a m
inoso to wnora salaries ana per
diems and mileage was paid since
21st January. 1871, will doubtless
be compelled to fork over to those
whom the Courts decide were the
lawful custodians of these institu
"Would not Scare Worth a Cent.
The Editor of the Sentinel states
that he wrote or inspired the An
derson letter merely to scare Sena
tor Norwood, but finding that the
said Senator would not scare worth
a cent, he expresses the utmost con
tempt for that venerable gentleman,
' and says :
"We wanted the Amnesty bill
to pass, and resorted to this means
" of obtaining a caucus through Mr.
Norwood's fears for the fate of the
"Amnesty bill."
And this is the party of high
morals, and "all the wealth, virtue
and intelligence of the State."
lVraonal Privilege.
Iu the Senat yesterday, Harris, col.,
protested against the prat-:i-e of the Re
porters iu distinguishiiiir his race from
the whites in the report. f the Legisla
tive proceedings, styling it an invidi
ous distinction." TYhcn Harris and his
tbeir-clannUhness audita with the white
Tterrrrte- uf a- t ' . r
the whole peoplo of the South white as
well as blck and turn their backs up
on the thieving adventurers who have
corrupted them and almost ruined the
whites, his complaint may be heeded.
Which means to say nothing
more nor less thau a colored man
who adheres to . the Republican
party is a " nigger;" but if he vcte
the Democratic, Conservative or
Liberal ticket he becomes a Mister
and a gentleman', and can have jus
tice and consideration at tne hands
of Democratic and Conservative
Editors and Reporters. Only this
and nothing more.
What a commentary is this con
fession of the Sentinel !
Triumph of the Lavft
The Supreme Court has decided
the cases involving the legality of
the Boards of Charitable and Penal
Institutions appointed respectively
by the Legislature and the Gov
ernor. These questions would have been
determined last June, but the Leg
islative appointees would not allow
the cases to go up as long as they
could prevent it, hoping that the
Legislature would circumvent the
Court if the matter should be deter
mined during a session of that law
less and revolutionary body.
It will be seen that the opinion
in the leading case, involving the
Institution for the Deaf and Dumb'
nod tlu Blind, is full and compre
hensive, covering all the ground
and meeting the evasions sought by
the Legislature in letting out by
contract positions which the law
says must be filled by appointment
of the Governor and Senate ; and so
goes for naught the present effort of
the General Assembly to enlarge
the powers of the Board of Public
lt has taken two years to undo
trjo mischief of the Legislature of
187l-72 ; but the evil results of that
body will be felt in North Carolina
for ft Century.
.. Governor Caldwell has been fully
sustained by the Courts as he was
by the people, first in August, 1871,
and again in August, 1872, and in
pursuit of his duty he will not be
trifled with. If these revolutiona
ry, unlawful and lawless Boards at
tempt longer to hold the places a
itsuroinc' Legislature gave them,
..r .in sn hold bv force: and If
they apply force they will meet
equal force, and if collision and
bloodshed be their purpose they
will be gratified.
At the point to which matters
have arrived, the law will be en
forced, if the aid of the military
power of the United States has to
be invoked.
Vol. 2.
-hs. IT. C. . L: -"irlitnre.
Moxdav; Feb.-24t 1873.
fVnate met at 10 o'clock.
Lieut. Governor In the Chair. '
Journal of yesterday read and ap
FcTutirKInjr appeared In his arat
t!..t rr'rnlng and was allowed to
havei.: name recorded a vot I m?
In the negative on certain Constitu
tional Amendments, f ;
Senator Murray rose to a" Question
of personal privilege, and denounc
ed the writer of a certain article In
th Dally 2,purtorUnjr t havj
been written from his county, Ala
mance, feigned M., us one of false.
malicious and rabricntlous. an1
thought the public should have the
writers name.
v jWports from sLatuhng commit
tees were piesented by 3IeKsrs.
Flemming, Murray, Love, and
Senator Norwood, a bill to organ
ize the Fire Department of Wil
mington. Referred.
Senator Morehead, of Guilford, a
bill supplementary and explanatory
or all acts of incorporation passed at
tne present session or the uenerai
Assembly. This bill provides that
notmng contained in any act thus
passed shall be construed to em
power or permit any railroad or
other corporation to hold, purchase
or convey any real estate exceptingr
so mucn as is usual ana necessary
to carry on the proper Jpgritimate
business of such corporation. That
not h ins: in said acts eri vincr exclu
sive privilege as to location shall be
deemed to apply to mountain traps.
to the bridging of rivers or crossing
peninsulars or swamps; nor shall
anything in said act be construed to
relieve any of said corporations from
lenger time tnan 20 years, or to
empower or permit any of them to
trade or tramc in any Kind or prop
erty. The bill also limits the pow
ers granted Dy any act or this As
sembly . incorporating any bank,
oan association or insurance com
pany, and bills for the relief of guar
dians and administrators. Referred.
Senator Seymour, a bill in regard
to tne fees or the inspectors of tur
pentine. Referred. f
Senator Flemming, a resolution
in favor of J. II. Ennis. Referred.
Messrs. Grandy and Love were
granted indefinite leave ofnbsence
on account of sickness in their fam
ilies. Senator Waring was announced
as being sick.
Rules suspended by unanimous
consent and the following bills
Bui relating to the Agriculture
Society composed of the counties of
Catawba, Caldwell, Burke and
Alexander ;
Bill in relation to the sale of town
lots of Washington ;
Bill allowing any five county
commissioners to declare streams
lawful fences under certain circum
stances; Bill to prevent tho obstruction of
natural water courses by felling of
trees or otherwise.
The following bills were tabled.
Bill amending an act concerning
corporations ;
Bill repealing an act to construct
a railroad from Salisbury to Geor
gia ; and tho
Bill defining the duties of Judges
of Superior Courts in certain cases.
Bill declaring what portion of the
debt of North Carolina valid and
to pay off the same was taken up,
Senator Welch spoke at some
length advocating that something
should be done now, and went into
a detailed account of the status of
North Carolina.
Senator Cunningham thought it
would be time enough to act on this
subject next November and moved
to refer the matter to the committee
on State debt.
On that motion Senator Welch
called the yeas and nays, and the
motion prevailed yeas 23, nays 14.
Bill to regulate mortgages by
corporations and sales under the
same was taken up, and after con
siderable discussion, the bill was
Bill in relation to homestead and
personal property was tabled.
Bill for the prevention of fraud
in certain cases was tabled.
Bill to extend the time for the
registration of grants, deeds, Ac.,
allows two years passed its several
Bill to prevent dams and other
obstruction across the French Broad
river was tabled.
Bill increasing the powers of Jus
tices of the Peace was tabled.
Bill for the protection of railroads
in North Carolina was tabled.
Bill repealing an act entitled a
bill for the better protection of
oysters and terrapins in North Caro
lina passed its several readings.
B;ll authorizing the imprison
ment of persons convicted in the
United States Court in the State
Penitentiary passed its several read
ings. Bill to amend section 2G9, chapter
2, Code Civil Procedure, was tabled.
Bill iu relation to bastardy was
Bill to appoiut a commission to
investigate frauds in the election
held in 1872 was tabled.
A substitute for a bill entitled
" bastard children " passed its sev
eral readings.
Mr. Cunningham, by leave, in
troduced a bill incorporating the
Central Fire Insurance Company of
North Carolina.
Bill to repeal chapter 133, laws
1871-72, was tabled.
Bills in favor of the heirs of Jesse
McCoy, deceased, passed its several
Bill entitled an act amendatory
of an act entitled an act providing
for a Board of Public Charities, lc.
wa taken uu s
The bill provides that there shall
be a Hoard or 1'ubiic ciiarilicfl com
posed of fifteen male pernon. with
powers to sue ana be sued, and fchali
nave charge of the Insane Anylum,
Institution of the Deaf, Dumb and
Blind, and of all charitable and po
nai institutions oi wiu maie.j
' Senators Seymour and Harris fa
vored the postponement uf the bill
for the present.' and characterized
the bin as oue to serve party cmi.
Senator Allen, Merrlmou and
... , , ...
Morehead' of Guilford favored tho
bill. .
The previous question was called
on the passage of the bill Its second
reading,-and it passed by a vote of
27 to 13. i - '. . ;
On motion of Mr. llorchcad, of
Guilford, the bill wan ordered to be
printed and uiad? a ievlal order
for to-morrow at 1 1 o'clock.
Bill concerning fight of way
to CiiLj-eheji 4"d. placvo-cf public
worship passed its bevral readings.
Bill in relation to attorneys at
law was tamed.
Bill relating to fees of county offi
cers passed its several readings.
Bill amending an act providing
for the proceedings in special cases
passed several readings.
Bill establishing a hospital for
the insane at Charlotte was laid on
the table.
Bill to regulate the time for the
election of Justices of tho Peace,
and other township officers, passed
second reading and referred to the
Judiciary Committee.
Bill providing for services of pro
cess issuing rrom Courts ox Justices
of the Peace in civil causes where
ono or more of the defendants may
reside out of .the county in which
the action is brought.
Senator Morehead, of Guilford,
called the Senate to order at 7
The Calendar was taken un and
the following bills passed their sev
eral readings :
Bill prohibiting the sale of liquor
in the town of Asheville ;
Bill to amend chap. 27, Private
Laws 1871-'72. and re-enact Private
Laws 186-'70, sections 8 and 11 ;
Bill to authorize Commissioners
of Franklin county to levy a special
Bill incorporating the town of
Rockingham, in Richmond county.
Resolution in favor of Jonas
Kline, Sheriff of Catawba county :
Resolution in ravor of Arthur
Dennis ;
Bill to amend the charter of Mon
roe, in union county :
Bill incorporating the Wilming
ton Trust Company and Savings
W V.Y'J-UL? K amendments ;
i H Mil I 1 II W"
Bill to amend an act to lncorpo-'
rate thy town of Boone, in Watau
ga county;
Bui incorporating the town oi
Stauntonsburg, in Wilson county ;
Bill to incorporate the Trustees
Colored Education Association of
Granville county ; i
Bill to incorporate EI Bethel
Methodist Episcopal Church South,
in the county orcieavcland :
Bill to incorporate the town or
Huntsville, in the county of Meck
Bill to incorporate Montana Liodge
318, A. t . M., in Stokes county ;
Mr. Cowles, by leave, offered a
resolution to authorize the En
grossing Clerk to employ such as
sistance as may be necessary for the
remainder of the session. Adopted.
Bill to authorize the Commis
sioners or jMecKienourg county to
sell certain stock: held by said
county and for other purposes ;
Bill to change tne name oi i? ranK-
linsville township in Granville
county was tabled ;
Bill to incorporate tne trustees
Stanley Camp Ground in Gaston
county; ;
Bill to incorporate tne .cureica
Lodge A. Y. M. in Rowan county ;
Bill to incorporate tne town oi
Bin to incorporate the uieaveiand
Lodge, A. Y. M. of Cleaveland
Bill to incorporate tne .trencH
Broad Turnpike Company the line
runs from some point in Transyl
vania county to South Carolina;
Bill to incorporate the N. C. Mica
Company of Yancey county ;
Bill to empower the Commis
sioners of Lenoir county to sell cer
tain lands a substitute thereror,
making a general law on the sub
ject was adopted ;
Kesoiution in iavor oi au. v.
Bledsoe was tabled ;
Bill to incorporate the town oi
Locksville in Chatham county was
tabled. i . .
A message was received from the
House transmitting the report oi
the committee do investigate the
affairs of the Western North Caro
lina Railroad Cdmpany, with a pro
position to priut. Concurred. -
Bill to incorporate the Stowe
Falls Manufacturing Company ;
Bill to incorporate the Danbury
Lodge F. A. M.! of Stokes county ;
Bill to incorporate the town of
Pineville in the county of Meck
lenburg; I
Bill to incorporate the White
Hill Lodge No. 231 F. A. M. of
Moore county; f - -
Bill to extend the limits of the
town of Wadesboro in Yancey
county; ; j
Bill to incorporate the Roanoke
Iron Company in Northampton
county; ...... ; .
Bill to amend an act to incorpor
ate; the People's Building and Loan
Association of Asheville ;
Bill to incorporate the Raleigh
Bucket Company No. 1 ;
Bill to incorporate Cold Spring
Church and Bethel Church in the
county of Cabarrus ;
Bill to cure any irregularities In
titles to land In Macon and Clay
counties; t
Bill to charter the town of Madi
son in Rockingham county ;
Bill to authorize thecommission-
rr of Yadkin county to Ivy a r;x
cid tx wtijnd mtJir.jt
Bill to !hvr tht rornuiUifncr
of Wahli'.rt' . rtmnty to levy a
pr lal tax ju:::J ftforul nwlini;
Bill to lnf -:rnt the bhuilolte
B!thtCht:r. i in Bniniwick cwun
ty. tnatilr A t rd nmdinir.
Bill toat::.'iurietiuCnmmIsion
cn of Choc ui county to !ue bonds.
raiiei as t rsj wvond reading.
Bill to i "quorate tr, twwn
Colcralne i i
Bertie county pasHcdl Adjuurneil.
ts sevend :
9 "
Bill to
uhorizo the comrals
townof Murfrecboro
M oners of t
lo levy a .
; ci 1 tax. passed Its
second re.:
Bill to rt uiate customarv trnn
Ir. 0f eLc In Kinnykeo and
llattem.? lo . nshlps in tne county
or uare i its several readings.
ltcsoiutii i to authorize the Au
dltorto L-;."iti duplicate warrant
or tZSO.OO to LUILUi Murrell.iheil J
or onsiow, passed several readings.
JieoiuUon In favor
or harnucl
passed its several readings."
Bill to establish a public ferry
across the Yadkin river, passed
several readings.
Bill to incorporate the 'town of
Ahboro in Randolph county, pass
ed Hverai readings.
Bill to amend the charter of the
city of - Wilmington in regard to
the Fire department passed pccuiid
reading, itererred.
Monday, Feb. 24, 1873.
Mr. Hanner was allowed to re
cord his -vote in tho affirmative on
the Constitutional amendments.
By Mr. " Sneed, a petition from
citizens of Granville asking the pas
sage of a bill to allow the county of
GranviIIe to subscribe to capital
stock of Granville Railroad Com
pany. By Mr. Brown, of Mecklenburg.
from citizens of Mecklenburg, pass
ing a law submitting the question
of sale of liquor to the people.
By Mr. Bennett, a bill to amend
an act incorporating the Wilming-
on real estate and Loan Associa
tion : Also a bill to charter theCaro-
ina Central Bank : Also, a bill in
regard to salary and fees of Supreme
Court Clerk,
Senate bill to incorporate the
Great Western Air Railway, passed
several readings.
Mr. Darden was granted indefi
nite leave of absence on account of
Mr. Dudley introduced a bill to
provide four terms of Superior Court
for Craven county. A petition ac
companied the bill, signed by the
Craven Bar.
Senate bill to allow Commission
ers of Randolph county to levy a
On motion of iir. Carter the rules
were suspended and House bi II to
anuropriate certain lauds to the
colored department of the Asylum,
for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind, and
appropriates $5,000 to erect the nec
essary buildings on the land, and
was recommitted to Joint Commit
tee on the Institution for the Deaf,
Dumb and Blind.
Mr. Gant rose to a question of
privilege and pronounced false a
letter in the .Era of Saturday, rela
tive an alleged Ku Klux outrage in
Alamance county.
House bill to incorporate the
Trans-Montane Railroad Company,
being special order, was taken up
and postponed until Wednesday
next at 11 a. m.
The bill to alter the Constitution
in regard to County Commissioners
was taken up and "failed to pass its
first reading yeas 59, nays 46.
House bill to alter the Constitu
tion so as to abolish townships, was
taken up and failed to pass first
reading yeas 60 nays 42.
Mr. Gorman protested against
the unnecessary consumption of
time by considering these bills to
amend the Constitution, it being
well known that none of them could
pass, similar bills having failed to
pass in the Senate,
House bill to alter the Constitu
tion in relation to pay of members
of the General Assembly, failed to
pass first reading yeas 77 nays 27.
Mr. Guyther moved to reconsider
the vote whereby the bill failed to
pass first reading, and moved to
make the motion to reconsider spe
cial order for to-morrow at 11 a. in.
Mr. Dudley moved to lay the mo
tion to reconsider on the table.
Mr. Dudley moved to indefinitely
postpone the motion to make spe
cial order. LrOSt.
The bill to allow a special tax in
Camden county, passed its second
reading yeas 99.
On motion or Mr. mcnardson, tne
bill to change the line between the
counties of Columbus and Bladen
was taken up and passed its several
readings. . .
The bill to require tne state Au
ditor to give bond in the sum or
$20,000, was taken up and passed its
several readings. .
The bill to allow a special tax in
Pitt county passed second reading
-yeas90. ' .,.,'
On motion oi-ftir. nrown, oijucck.-
lenburg.the bill to alter the Con
stitution in regard to the Judicial
power, was taken up and railed to
pass its nrsi reauing yrua uo
nays 46. ,
The motion to postpone and
make special order, prevailed.
House bill to alter the Court In
relation to public schools and pub
lie Institutions, failed to pass first
readings-yeas 00 nays 43.
House bill to alter tne uonstitu-
tion relative to the Judiciary and
Judiciary Districts, failed to passed
first reading yeas 59 nays 41.
House bill to authorize Commis
sioners of Hertford county to levy
a special tax, passed second reading
yeas 99.
Senate bill to incorporate tne
Mechanics Bank of Fayettevllle,
passed several readings.
1 1
:r. i:
I a
?in f llr. rsttl lluw
tlhoriztf tlte Auditor anil
bin t
, t'tvri :
t U r..
t mtt.loy at! titiorul
jrtv. nn tak n v;s and
tmd and third mtdui;:.
. illiatiiMtti prewntiMl a to
.cm iiuzt-ns or trankun
S nalnt iMKtgeof a law
j n):i;.-.;iii;
-n- the sale vt Ihiuor In
cr that toxrn.
KirrY-Tiimn iay.
, Ttehday, Feb, 5, 1873.
Sen :A a called to order at 10 o'clock
by Lieut. Governor Brogden.
Joun al of yesterday read and ap
Senator Flemming, a petition
from citizens of McDowell county
fn rr"-ml to tho Marlon and Mo
DowtT.Jrurnpl Company. Filed
witlf bill relating to the same.
Senator Dunham, on account of
absence, was allowed to regard his
name In the negative on the reso
lution relieving the disabilities of
Gov. Ilolden.
Senator Seymour was allowed to
record his name In the allirmative,
iron i the same reason.
Reports from standing commit
tees were u omitted by Messrs,
Cunningham, Love, A vera, Welch
Murray, Seymour, Murphy,' tern
ming and Morehead of Rocking
Senator Troy a bill to incorporate
the Cumberland Savings 13a nk
Senator Harris rose to a question
of personal privilege in regard to
au erroneous report of his remarks
in thfe JSetvs on the resolution re
lieving the disabilities of Governor
Ilolden. That paper made him
say that Mr. Pool advised Governor
Holden to arrest and loose promi
nent citizens, &c., which was the
very obDosite of what he did sav.
He also adverted to the invidious
distinction of Senators that the
Aews and Sentinel were in the habit
of making, &C
Bill providing for the biennial
election of officers of Hhe General
Assembly and prescribing their du
ties, was tafcen up and referred to
the committee on propositions and
,Bill amending au act in relation
to laying otf the personal property
exemption. The amendment pro
vides that. when any person has had
his homestead laid offin accordance
with the present exemption act, the
said homestead shall not thereafter
be vacated .seaside or again laid
off by any"-Njdgment creditors.
for whomr alUbe made, ex4
- of hfr
A 111? Ull
con by iL Norwood, Todd,
Flemming, Hams, Love, Respess,
Merrimon ami Ellis of Columbus.
Senator Merrimon moved that
the bill be indefinitely postponed.
Several amendments were offered
and ere lost and the previous
question ordered when the bill
passed its second reading by a vofe
The bill then passed its third
reading by 23 yeas to 18 nays.
The bill to carry into effect the
provisions of an act incorporating
the Marion and Asheville Turnpike
Company was,-taken up on its third
This bill provides that the Treas
urer shall pay .out of t lie general
fund of the Treasury not otherwise
appropriated, all such sums of
money as may be due and owing
upon warrants heretofore issued for
work done on this road under pro
visions of said act ; and authorizes
the completion of said road.
This bill was discussed at some,
length by Senators Merrimon,
Gudger, . Flemming, Norwood and
Sevmour in favpr of the bill, and
Senators Morehead of Guilford and
King in opposition to it.
Several amendments were adopt
ed when the bill passed its third
reading by a vote ot"23 to 15.
Senator Worthy by leave, offered
a resolution autnorizing me ji.ii-
grossing Clerks of the two Houses
to employ clerical assistance pro
viding that the i compensation of
such labor shall not exceed three
dollars per day. i: Adopted. !
Senator Powell, ; a resolution re
quiring the Clerk to read the reso
lution -adopted; on saiuruay last
every morning for the information
of the Senators in regard to the
time allowed the members to speak
on any subject.
Senator Hemming, a hill to se
cure the rights of the State &c. in
the Western N. C. Railroad. Re
Adjourned. '
. Lieut. Governor Brogden called
the Senate to prder at 7 o'clock.
Unfinished business of last night
taken up, it being the bill to amend
the charte- of the city of Wilming
ton, and on motion it was rererred
to the Committee on Corporations.
: . . 'calendar. -
- Resolution in favor of II. Adams,
late Auditor, was tabled. :
Bill to amend an act incorpora
ting the Wilmington and Wrights
ville Turnpike Company was ta
bled. J
The following bills, and resolu
tions passed their several readings:
Bill incorporating Lanefield
Academy in Duplin county ;
Bill to incorporate the town of
Duplin Road in Duplin county; ;
Bill to incorporate the Cranberry
Iron and Coal Company ; -
Bill to organize the Fire Depart
ment "of the city of Wilmington
was taken up, when
, Senator Mabson opposed the pas
sage of the bill in a forcible and
able manner, stating that it did not
meet the wants of the tax-payers
a k tlnnt t4XtUtuu n f t. t Hy.
Taet Ulin hi 1 Ihry wrr tat f.
rUi tad Jatt tw f fi frl f t th
IVifiiniltbv lVfpf.!ir. Hi
f !ur4ctcm;s tht M) .
rtftt ne ttatt a tmntftMi
utA did not rsi's t th Uiw of Urn
ttle of Wilmington, and- he
Ik td It would not u.
5lr.r4ymourfiuml the Mil and
thought it would U ttnfomtifuUotx
at for It to vw. Inasmuch at It rre
atrd new tifUetns &f. Norwood and Merrlnion
explained the features of the bill
and favored Iti paage.
On motion or Mr, Monhead of
Guilford, thli bill va- also nf rml
to the Committee on exonerations.
A message was mvlved from the
I lou.o Informing the Senate that
tlutt body had passed a reolutlon
In relation to the centennial cele
bration to be held at Philadelphia
on the 4th of July, 1870, and co-
operating witn Hie designs
lans laid out for the wme.
31r. Welch thought'this u move
1J'.i.?.".- .nA.'. h"I
no opposition would be shown to
this resolution.
The resolution was then adopted.
Bill to amend an act to establish
a turnpike from the town of States-
vine, in Iredell county, to the town
of Mount . Airy, In Surry county.
passed several readings.
mil to empower the Commis-
siiuier.s of Mecklenburg county to
sell the jail lot ad nurchaso a new
site passed its second reading.
I Bill to authorize the commission
ers of Franklin county to levy a
special tax passed its second read
A message wTas received from the
House transmitting sundry bills
which had passed that body which
were referred or otherwise dis
posed of.
Bill to incorporate the North
Carolina Classes ot the Reformed
Church passed its several readings.
Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1873.
Mr. Bennett, from the Select
Committee to which was referred
the Anderson-Norwood letter, sub
mitted the following report :
The Committee appointed by the
House to investigate the matter of
the letter written by J. S. Ander
son, a member o? the House of Rep
resentatives, to J. W. Norwood.
Senator, report as follows : The
Committee have examind Mr. An
derson, and his evidence together
with that of
House is he
the action of
seen by the testimony adduced that
he letter in question was sketched
oy Mr. Josiah Turner, at the. in
stance of Mr. Anderson, and re
written with nossibl v a verbal.
amendment by Mr- Anderson..
.Xfuiz ton wrtftcg"ivr7 i '. U'
Norwood by writing the letter, and
that he reallv did not know that
the contract already made in refer
ence to the public printing was pro
tected by safeguards of the Consti
tion of the U. S. In his anxiety to
serve Mr. Turner in this case, he
has exceeded the hounds of sound
discretion, and put himself, to say
the least of it, in a very aw kward
position. We recommend that the
House judge him with as much le
niency as is deemed consistent with
the facts submitted.. Bennett,
for Com.
By Mr. Seott. a bill in relation to
the .town of Trenton.
By Mr. Bryson, of Swain, a bill
to amend the charter of the West
ern Division of the W. N. C. Rail
road. By Mr. Maxwell, a bill to prohibit
the sale of liquor near Churches in
Sampson county.
On motion of Mr. Dudley the bill
giving Craven County four terms of
the Superior Court, was taken up
and passed several readings.
By Mr. Norment, a bill to allow
the Commissioners of the town of
Lumberton to sell real estate for
taxes. '
By Mr. Bryson a bill to allow
Commissioners of Johnston county
to levy special tax.
By Mr. Lloyd, a bill in reference
to the inspection of tar iu New
Hanover county.
Senate bill for Amnesty 'and Par
don come up as special order.
Mr. Brown, "of - Davidson, moved
to lay the bill on the table. The
motion was lost by the; following i
vote : !
Yeas Messrs. Abbott, Badger,
Bean, Blythe, Bowe, Bowman,!
Brown of Davidson, Bryant of Pitt, j
Bryant of Halifax, Bryan of Wilkes, !
Bryan of Alleghany, Brooks, Carson,
Copeland, Corson, Davis, Dudley,
Dula, .Ellison, r ietcher, Foster,
Godfrey, Gorman, Goodwyu, Gray,
Guy ther, Hampton, Hughes, Jones
ot Camden, Jones of Northampton,
Jordan, lvmg, Lloyd, LiUtterioh,
Marler, McLaurin, Miller, Patrick,
Paschall. Perry of Bladen, Perry of
Wake, Reid of -Randolph, --Rhodes,
Scott, Sharp, Snced, Trivett, Wins-
low,' Williamson, Wheeler" and
Whisnant 52.
Na YS-i Messrs. Anderson of Clay,
Ballard, Bennett, Black well, Brown
of Mecklenburg, Bryson of Jackson,
Bryson of Swain, Bryau of Samp
son, Bui lard, Byrd, Carter, Dickey,
Freeman, Gant, Gidney, Gilmer,
Grady, Gudger, Hanner, Haynes,
Houston, Johnston, Jones of Cald
well, Jones of Orange, Jones of Tyr
rell, Joyner, Johns, Lindsay,
Luckey, Maxwell, McGehee, Mc
Neill, Mitchell, Monng, Mizzell,
Morrison, Norment, Outlaw, Pres-
son, Reid of Mecklenburg, Richard
son, Kettle, Shaw, 'Shinn of Iredell.
Shinn of Cabarrus, Shackelford,
Stanford,. Stowe, Todd, Turner,
Warlick; Waddill, WTatsoii, Waugh,
Webb, Wiley, Whitmireand Wood-
house o7.
Mr. Badger offered tlTe following
Provided, That nothing herein
contained shall extend to pardon
Other members Of thO neritv of the fctntn tht futnw. r..M. sinnors nl f!nmrtpn Arinnrv tn Ipvv n. .
rewitli submitted 1 tKinl
your body. It will be vofft for this hill. roartintr- . 1 '
tii- trjtfi, muytUttr brrt h, rn
nothing lit-rrin rmtih:l nAlu .
t(:.d 1 1 p.trl ti ny f rm r r
mm ZMti Immii indtitfocfit 1.4 e
is-ti ijnl.
Mr, 5l4r Ur rmt4 itH istnst-hiitl
tmiy uVtrVh uil tlwrj-h tie
uihktu to tw in opj iti.m t his
arty. JlethiKigttt the provision
of the hill a they tand, were
tuonstnu4,and In his opinion, of.
rem! a premium for crime. He did
Impugn the motives of those who
gave the bill their support, hut as
lor himself, hi conscience and con
victions of duty to Ids constituents
would not allow him to vote for It.
Mr. Bryan, of Alleghany, thought
It unbound policy to pass the bill.
Such legislation would not add to
pence ami prosperity of the State.
ir. waoon urged the passage of
hii1"-'r..V'. 5ih2'J' "?f r
Is not extendtnl to the fortv thou
sand Ku Klux in this State,
that these men will go over to the
xtepuoiican party In order that they
niigiii receive mat mercy.
Mr. Morrison said the bill had
been robbed of one of Its bests fea
tures by having been made a parti
san measure. lie would vote for
the bill as a matter of right, and
with a clear conscience. He be
lieved theLeague laid the ee-jr that
hatched the Ku Klux. The reason
why the League ask not for pardon
is because' the administration at
Washington protect members of the
League. Partisan administration
of justice in this State igreated out
Mr. Dudley moved to strikeout
the words "Union League and
Heroes of America."
Mr. Dudley said that tho teach- special tax, passed third reading,
ings of the League were to protect A resolution in favor of A. M.
this government from foreign ene- Lewis, Jr., was introduced by Mr.
mies and domestic foes. If any McGehee and referred to an appro
member of the League, had com- priate Committee. . .
mitted any crime, let him suffer House bill to amend the charter
the penalty of that the law im noses of the Halifax and Scotland Neck
for such an offence. The passage of
mis win win iuni loose upon tne
people ot the State all the cut
throats who have murdered and
outraged the people of this State.
Oruilty parties are now no doubt
lurking in the bushes praying for
the passage of this bill. Men high
in society are no doubt praying for
the passage of this bill. I am will
ing to go on record against pardon
ing these- infamous scoundrels who
Mr. Tri vett Said he had never be
longed to"any-4 secret' organiiiation.
Those nienwho have .committed
murder at the '-. instance of these or-
courage cr
in the bud. Members whoudvot??
the passage - of this bill are iu the
position of defending the midnight
assassins whose hands are now drip
ping with the innocent biood of
many of our best citizens. I do
hope, in the interest of Christianity,
that this bill will not- pass.
Mr. Bowman said that a feeling
had been exhibited in .this discus
sion that tended to revive and re
kindle that bitterness among our
people whii-h has disgraced North
Carolina. 1 had hoped the friends
of this bill would let it go by de
fault. It is dangerous to ihe peace
and prosperity ot theState,and dan
gerous to public liberty. It is a
novelty in legislation. It is a pro
position to strike from the statute
books, laws which will bring mur
derers to justice. The criminal laws
seek to reform and also to prevent by
a dreadful example that others may
not commit like offenses. All law
writers say that crime is prevented
by the certainty and not the severi
ty of punishment. The Speaker
read the Amnesty Act of 178(1, and
called attention to the proviso that
nothing tin rt-in contained should
be construed to pardon any pers n
or persons of -deliberate and wilful
murder. If gentlemen desire to
follow this precedent, let them vote
for the proviso offeree l by Mr.
Badger, i Who are the classes to be
benefitted by this act? The gen
tleman from Orange (Mr. Watson)
says there are ioriy mousand ujmo
cratic voters of this State' wIk are
guilty, of these crimes; and that
two "hundred, and. fifty thousand
men, women and children all in
terested, in the passage of this hill.
I do not believe it. I think there
are only a few who are guilty of
these heinous and diabolical crimes.
The speaker read the bill of indict
ment heretofore published in the
Ura of .Alamance county, against
the murderers of Wyatt-i Outlaw.
Iain told; that the. officers of the
law are upon the tracks of these
murderers. Is impossible that we
are called uon" to step in and stay
the nanus or justice oy passing this
bill? Thepeakeralluded to the mur
der of Outlaw on the Court House
green in Graham. The pardon of
the men who committed this mur
der is giving encouragement to
crime. The speaker also alluded to
the murder of John W. Stephens,
of Caswell, and said that a Thug
murder of India was not to be com
pared with this murder in the
temple of justice. The speaker
gave the history, of the murder of
Stephens as follows: While a Dem
ocratic meeting was going on up
stairs in the Court House at Yan
ceyville, that a man approached
Stephens with a smile and asked
him to go lielow with him. "Ste
phens went with hini totheClerk's
I room. hen they got into that
j room, the d;r was locked and a
rope was thrown on the head of
Stephens, and he was told he had
lo die or leave tne county. te
phens was struck with horror. He
refused to leave. lie was then
taken to the window of the room to
get one more glance-Kt his home
and -his little children playing In
front of his house. There were
nflJfl flpjitmvwi tin luui'ii .ini i.ri- I SptifltA hill trt nllnw Tho IVimmii. i
gan izath4f-s-asa erj
t f 61
t t
1 t.
i Us
t ,n Ut t: r? k". I
t k
; s as I 'i I : I t '1
zr In . tf'l rtl to
' p t a
f5i V.U tt
it t ii4U U tf.t t ' '"! I a
m t.f ih tr-t$ rut V J iuLtr v U
1 1 . . hi, (r, I ak thepn
! 4 ihl 1 1.' not til s
BTm9 Nurtli 4trtUn by vImuui
' ' a &4tute at this uj-k our
Mr. Houston tnovnt totwmfnona
the rurttH rrinidrratlon of the bill
until 12 m.
Ill 1 TAllllotAII a kn
relative to the celebration of tho
centennial anniversary of tho Meck
lenburg Independence, on 20th of
May, 1875, which! was adopted.
By Mr. Luckey, a resolution rela
tive to the appil-lnttio17nrtedr
SW C Uu' 'urt l the
Henry Clews. Sibley and others.
against the Eastern. Division of tho
Western N. C. Railroad.
By Mr. Bennett, I a resolution-In
relation td the celebration of tho
Centennial Anniversary of tho Un
ion, on the 4th July 1876, at Phila
delphia, which was;adopted.
The amnesty bill was post oned
until to-morrow at 11 a. m.
I i
House bill to
Incorporate' the
Cincinnati and Great Western Rail
way, passed its second reading.
The Calendar wap placed at the
disposal of the Speaker, and the
following bills were! disposed, of :
House bill to allow Commission
ers of Hertford countv to lew a
Railroad Company, passed its third
House bill to authorize Granville
county to subscribe!, to the capital
stock of the Granville Railroad
Company, passed its 2nd reading.
House bill to authorize the Com
missioners of Pitt (county to levy
a special tax, passed! third reading.
Senate bill to change the line be
tween Bladen and Columbus coun
ties, passed third reaidlng.
Senate bill tof allow the Commis
sioners of Beanfort county to levy a
special tax, passed third reading.
. Senate bill to revive an act to In-
yporata. the.; Bank of . , Raleigh,
third reading?.
aetvw-mrrraiiawH ine several
counties to draw $100 a year for
maintaining idiots! and lunatics,,
who are refused admission to the
two Lunatic Asylurns.J ' '
Messrs. Dula, Rhodes and Ben
nett supported the bill.
Messrs. Gudger ahd Guyther op
posed the bill, i .
On motion of Mri Lloyd the bill
was indefinitely postponed.
House bill to amend the charter
of the Western Division of the W.
N. C. R. R. Company, so as to al
low the Company toiwork the Pen
itentiary convicts, passed second
reading. t
The resolution introduced by Mr.
Luckey, relative tothe appeal in
the case of Henry Clews, Sibley and
others, against the Western Divi
sion of the W. N"C. Railroad, pass
ed second reading.
Farm-Yard Scraps.
i f
Athol, Mass., gives a premium of $25
for the best tjpeeimen'of durning" at
die next cattle shbw.
: Pheasants, strawberries nnd green
peas are the correct things t order for .
a "lunch party" tn New York, juat.
now. . , , .
Here is the experience of a Rutland,
(Vermont) man on a (single bear tran
saction : He sold the hide for $20, tha'.
meat for f 30, the bounty was $15, and
tne grease brought the proceeds up to
two. And this w.ui a private bear raised
I y the enterprising yeoman.
Turpentine hacks. The Faycttevillo
JJarflc Bays : Mr. Walter Watson, of this
town, is now making about 200 turpen
tine hacks daily for", which he finds
ready sale. Mr. Watson manufactures
. superior hack and Lis brand has gained '
notoriety throughout the South, ; uy-
The Western fanners alire to their In
terests: : The farmers of Kane county,!
III., held a mass meeting at Seneca, n
the 22d inst., to take action in seeuring
legislation to protect producers against
railway extortions ; also, to organize for
the purpose of clubbing together and
buying direct of the manui:icturors nf
implements and wholesale dealers in
Wild geese in Cumberland.' The Eagle
says: Several large flocks of wild
geese have been seeii passing to the
south ward within the f ast few days. .
This is an indication that there is ex
tremely cold weather in' the north.
Some expert marksman , killed . the
leader of one of these Hocks, and tho
balance of them are still wandering in ,
the same vicinity near tho Cape Fear
Hiver supposed to bo in search of their
leader. ' .j ,-.'.
We see that the women in Ohio form
clubs and meet at each other's houses
to discuss practical questions applicable
to farm life. Somo of theso questions
are, the best way of making and baking
bread ; cake In all its varieties ; how to
clean a house with the least confusion,
least destruction to property, and the
greatest expedition; how cows should
be fed and watered, and how to take
care of the milk and make the best but- .
ter; the best way to can fruit; pastry
and making pies, Ac, Ac. Let the
womer, of North Carolina do likowise.
1 1

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