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Raleigh,- N. ;' C.f". Thura-dayJbUc'Bth,'
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: . . - . -- -... . . '
Wil. 31. BROTrK Mastagzji
-Kates of Subscription, ,
Bates cllTCTtIsln$V
i 1 "ni:
2 m3.t3 in'fip.
1 5 ecjf r-oo
I Be
10, DO
t 3
x 4 do
12 00J5 O0
t35 00
17 00
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28 0030 00
5" do
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45 CO
.13 0Q I 00
20 x2a
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;35 00
60 00
SO 00
:l0 (I
150 00
3 y. - ,
i-. V V-vjC: WejskltOhq year In acTrano, ,f2.00
?.;''i - "':' Tktt months - 50-
0 : t'jcr diuar fox ttglirst ai;i vjrt ceitts
-'.' v. fpreach suecroenf insertion. :, ' 'V'-.
.V.'.-".- .W., , ? -TTT . VTTT7T fTV'Tt OTT
f -Ar v:.irVaVir 'fiver.
f '! years rcmttf'ridtnbiclfbr--a
? r : In the bid. Standara Buildinsv
V rooms upstairs and onejTtloivuj
- JahuaryToiir .colbrrxl cilizeifelr-V
rf . stairs.- Apply to T. I-EE: tpd we ccte ilr col
I . S Kaleigli, lec;AitbV : 187 reeuds oa thsucoggic
7 1 .v- yff i r ';v " ' ' ; ? vr-; bejebyatlon. - - .1 - ' " "r
m - ..t" v : r 5' Anot bu .Bu gl hy. About
uraieu xno eie
, -of theirreleaBi
: thoEmancipat
" ;,witni previous'
...CfeloredXpdge- of Inderhdent,Or
cjririevolent Societies assembled
dtiVPornet Barldf;pSracled "the.
p'rincipaltreets and arrived about
twelve o'clock in front of Metropol
itan Hall.; i v '
" " The Hall was densely crowded.
The Firemen, Union . Brothers and
.Good Templars occupied the front
seats. The officers of the day, read
ers of the Proclamation and Poem,
and officiating ministers were seated
. upon the S $age,as were also Attorney
General Hargrove, Auditor Ileilly,
Col. J. B. Neathery, Private Secre
tary to -the'. Governor, Col. I. J.
: Young collector of Internal Revenue,
Mayor Whitaker, Capt E. Q. Wood
son of the New$i W. R. Richardson
.Esq., of the Era, Theo. N. Ramsay
Esq., W. P. Wetherell, Esq., Chief
nf Pnlinfi Ivinsr. and other invited
w or
The President Chas. N. Hunter
Esq., after a few preliminary re
marks gave out the hymn "Blow
ye, the trumpet," which was sung
with a great deal of effect and pathos
by the vast Congregation.
After the singing Rev. Louis Ed
wards offered up prayer. The proc
lamation of Ex President Lincoln
' was read in an admirable manner
by Mr. Joseph C. Price, after which
Mayor Whitaker and Col. I. J.
Young delivered appropriate ad
dresses. Attorney Gen. Hargrove
and Hon. J. H. Harris were the
orators of the day, and these.gentle
men acquitted themselves with
great credit.
The following resolutions were
adopted: ,
We hail with joy this annual re
turn of the day that gave freedom
to millions of human beings, bound
by the shackles of slavery ! There
fore, as expressive of gratitude to
Almighty God, for this blessing,
which is beyond all estimate, we
do unanimously endorse the follow
ing resolutions; ,
ifcjofcsd, Thai , the memory of
Abraham Lincoln,' the instrument
in the hands of God, to eTcct ' this
great end; W will erer cherish
.the first and greatest benefactor ; to
our race. . - j
i jLiesoiveu ..Tnat ine -memory oi
Abraham Lin coin shall he incorpor
ated into the Instruction and educa
tion of ouiracejthattheyj when we
Shall . hayo pasbtf &tage;6f ae
efirst tfevery succeeding
nu?ry:ninmorate? his 01601
9yyj a:ji?;ii tte:c children down
to the rCiii'Sst'. generation to do
tho '.sam?tl5 5. 1 '-X'.- V ''-
solved, --MaV' we feheftain" to
wards aiimati'iind the kindest leel-
ings?, anil -thaS ve do; saylGood
!, "apd peace on
Iteolvedy That - wc! ;minglbbur
sympaUuea with thb little remnao t'
our xace wnoareyeinem xu con
eitn cQunti? fiiaye3;
Und that
e wtH
. 'iir' ' . szL-'.J i
rievei, ' ceae-onr
tbe crtions of ' Chief of Police
TTinnf fHor "haxrn hnon n nrl
are now in jail.
We do not doubt but that these
men are a part of an organized
band that have been committing
depredations in this and other
places in Norlh Carolina for the
last few months. It is to be hoped
that the severest penalty of the law
will be enforced against them.
New Hall.. Hickman Q Lodge
No. 1, 1. O. G. Templars held their
first meeting in the new hall in the
Fisher building on Tuesday even
ing last.
The hall will be dedicated on
Tuesday evening the 13th inst. when
all members of the order-and the
public geaeraMy are invited to at
tend. "
Rev. T. H. Pritchard will deliver
the address.
This Jodge numbers between four
and five hundred members, and
is rapidly increasing. It is supposed
to be the banaer Lodge of the world
in point of numbers.
Hearth and Home. We com
mend this beautiful journal to our
readers as one of the ablest, purest,
and most carefully edited of all the
literary and home weeklies. Its
stories are not of the trashy, sensa
tional character, yet are of absorb
ing interest, and will be read by
every member of the family with
pleasure and profit. Its editorials
are able, timely, independent. The
best American and , foreign writers
contribute to its columns ; and, take
it all in all, it is as( near a perfect
Home Paper as is published in this
or any ether country. Orange Judd
Company, Publishers, 245 Broad
way, New York.
' Removal. We learn that the of
fice of the Collector of Internal Rev
nue for the Gbldabbrb District is to
be remcrrcd to New-Berne;
prayer, tolxlmighty God for their
ftefedoim 3 . J- . ' X
ScieTXc' the y&stf croTrd dH
;J are state that every
ihingL pa0d;fe4tlie happiest
t'L ....... it1, ... . i.; ' . ' .n i.
xn v;putlr-3TOrray;
den. This gentleman g invita
tion' delivered the ' erbitncipatlon
address at . "New-Berne 3 n':the rlst
inst. : We doubt if afl(ublic man
in Nort CaroHnasevcr attained to
high and ihohbrablefpdon so en-
urciy upuu 111s otu ineofj as iieuc.
Governed Brogden hao
Hhas h
worked is" v waJ up warl and on"
wardand JioTr
ranks pf the ablest statesman of the
State; lllr:lmi
As President tif JKe, Bnate, ; he is
certainly t one fthtAmost popular
pi luiig ,w3Mv?iMmi uig uyer pre
sided over that ondra4& body
meanor towards ialln and to his un
tiuestionable cppsiehtlfiiey hon
esty - and Integrity.-; As "ifie- best
ingofllcer' we' can recaU only one or
hdvebeen made- fropa ins decisions
antT iH ecircase'ho pJyerwhel
mlngly sustained byj--ihpse politi
cly opposed to hiu-W - . :i . .
. "LieuC Governor B-icfeiS. comes
welLup to the old riqi$janie
,kHl 'test "of quallfipatitfrT: for office1
(!whlcfinr honesty? pacity., and q-
fullyfequal tb'eyetf position, in
lira "piati Ibritrie cft Ovpf the
wejope in store-fcfay
j Thifi" is ';Tjo win tdjhfs courteous
I ambvning the 2mstaA "at J
i in oi;f oses- . jpf ttopqrHj f.,:
naif r avimiQ soutn rjavox ne rwyH
erb destroyby r Jution under the control of Revi
second seribualossth it.5feBIetoAdfirt s
iiasfsuMin of the kind in thb TJi?ltri
jmo'nths: (U 11 ftltMes. For more than thlf&KSarsJ
Wjpyjiaenc .tnar (i.genwew.WtWpeen in japurishhCiit
-.erajf :- S""io
shape and are evidently Dent on do
ing him as much h$m as possible.
The sympathies of tlis community
are enlisted in his behalf by; these
continued misfortunes and Ve do
hope-that the scoundrel or spoun
drels may be caught and dealt with
to the severest extent of the law.
We are glad to learn that the prop
erty Was insured.
Christmas Day. We have heard
many complaints of disorder in the
city on Christmas day. We think
the great oversight was in nt hav
ing a large extra police force on du
ty. We know that on such "Occa
sion it is a hard matter to guard
against riots and disturbances in a
town the size of Raleigh ; but then
it seems that the city government
might have taken extra precaution
for any emergency thatmightexist.
In justice to Chief of Police King,
and officer Crossan we take pleas
ure in savins: 'that we witnessed
their exertions on one occasion to
keep order, and they did the best
they could under the circumstances.
We trust our city authorities will
not allow another public holiday to
pass witnout taKing precautionary
measures to prevent such scenes as
disgraced our city a portion of the
time during the late holidays. We
learn that Mayor Whitaker was
sick on Christmas day and his nec
essary absence may in a measure ac
count for the want of prompt action
on the part of some of his police.
Wake Superior Court. This
Tribunal commenced its session in
the Court House in this city on
Monday last, Judge Watts presi
ding. The charge of His Honor
was as usual plain and to the point.
We learn that the Criminal Dock
et is unusually heavy and may con
sume the entire session of the court.
His Excellency Gov. Caldwell is
expected to return to the city about
the 12th inst.
- Internaij -llEVENUE. The re
ceipts ' at the 'ofiica 'of Collector of
Internal Revenue for "the mbnth.Of
I)ecember amounted - to '$36.5C3,SSl
1873; $413,706.30. We do not believe
hat there isla llebtbt jDf Internal
Revenue in the Uni ted. States who
can boast of more efficient and gen
tlemanly; subordinates than Col. I.
X Young can. Everything in.and
about his office is as regular as clock
work. Iassiteris always at work,
Betts continually . bowing and
smiling ; and Thompson steady,
serious and in earnest, is always
ready, willing and anxious to dis
charge every duty incumbent upon
him; .We do not intend to dispar
age any other gentleman when we
say, that in securing the services of
H'O. Thompson, Esq., Col. Young
did but justly appreciate the sups
rior . capacity, honesty and gentle
manly bearing of one of the best in
formed Revenue men in the State.
::. Ils''';qf:iiouse for us to compli
ment Col. Young (Ike.); Every
body knows he comes as near doing
right as the next man, Orant like,
he.smokes3bicigars; Pleasant as a
May inorri when he is in a godd Jiu-
mbr, and stubborn as you please
when he makes up his mindj If
you don't believe he possesses this
latter qualification just violate the
revenue law and he will convince
you very soon. , lie may nave his
errors but if he has, they all fill his
head, and few, if any, come from
under his vest ; and the scarcity of
hair on the top of his head shows
hey are fast escaping through the
pores, r. The subject is exhausted.. ,
St. Mary's Schooe. This InstP
ii9ViorcciniMy -ana
passed. BesKibshe
course Of study pursued at this Sem
inary, Dr. Smedes watches with pa
ternal care over the young ladies in
his charge, and nothing is left undone
tojpromote their health and comfort.
It is folly for parents and guardians
to send their children and wards
out of the State when we have such
an Institution in our midst.
The next sessien commences, we
believe, the 29th inst. Full infor
mation can be had .by addressing
the Rector Dr. Aldert Smedes.
Important SALE.-We call atten
tion to the advertisement in anoth
er column of Separk, Hicks & Co,
offering, for sale on, the 21st day of
January the valuable and attractive
property in the city of Raleigh on
the corner of West and Hargett
streets and known as the North
Carolina Agricultural Machine
Works. Also a large assortment of
Patterns, Machinery, tools, fixtures,
and stock of all kinds pertaining to
a first class foundry. This is a most
important sale and we call the es
pecial attention of capitalists to the
fine chance here offered for invest
ing their funds.
Come at Last. Callenders Orig
inal Georgia Minstrels appear at
Tucker Hall to-night, (Thursday)
and will entertain our people with
real genuine sketches of plantation
life, accompanied with choicest se
lections of song3, duetts, dances, an
ecdotes, cunnundrums and other
side splitting representations. Thi3
company is composed of old and
accomplished artists. They are ,we
understand all colored, and there
fore, "know how 'tis themselves,"
without much need of burnt cork.
We hope they will have full
nouses here as we learn they have
had elsewhere. They give two per
formances. fee Advertisement of .the sale of
Separk, Hicks, fe Cot's Foundry. , "
-'A-Gooj CnANtjE, Wc call at-
another ; column of a grand gift en-c; -torprjse
forJ.tiie: benefit 6!.J?abflct; A
Tne sum of ?6,ooo in casjris to bo-,
distributed arnon,? holders of tici
e to a gaiid cqubert o tak'e place "
ia the cUypf Cqrihne, . ba the SUt
day of March; next. The tickets are
oiy $1 e?eh or s'x fbr$5,'Weno-
7 tnat the enierprise i3 ubder the .
charge 'ofsutti a of the beai citisir.s
of the Territory, ar t everything
aivange'l io have ' aa impr.
d. isv" Periods ho Jing tci,etf,
are at ail 1 n?3 lo bivd frceacccis
.i the b5oks aud c.ii t'reeforenni
'c r. ly u.f f.drde-j.litfg is cDalea-
Sad Accident. We resrret
learn that Mr. W. J. Marshal, a
printer who a short time since wast
employed on the Era, was so badly
injureel ja few days since on the?
Charlotte, Columbia and " Augusta
Railroad, that his left leg had to be
amputated. V
Mr. Marshal was a good naturedj
inoffensive man, and as. he was al
ready maimed, having only one
eye, this last misfortune i3 peculiar
ly hard, vye nope tne poor man
may recover and yet do well,
Fibe. On Saturday night ,r last
about 7J o'clock the stable' in the
reatbiW. -G. ppchurch's' residence
on yilmirionl: Street; owned' ,by.
W, C. Strohach;Esq. , , was entirely
consumed by fire;t At bne timu
was thought thatthepitJel on P
the adibinine ibrwas;-invreat dari-&StlS
pare oi our njejtjuica vuo spreao .
iagworm,saltTrfieum -
'"' . .. -v v .
he skin madeotrTtu-Tsmyo in,
by using the Juniper Tar Soap,
.made'bjrCASWELL, Hazard & uo
KewwSTork Bycecn to getthe .
Juniper Tar oap, astUe are vcu&y,
imitations madeiwitlrcohimottfcr r"
which are worthless.- 4W
Attractive Entertainment.
On Friday Evening the 23rd 11
Dr. L. Von Meyerhoff; Prof. Gratz
and Miss Slater propose giving a
musical entertainment1 in Tucker
Hall. ' The great musical talent of
the par ties is vell knoXJltand wiUno
doubt be appreciated by ettr citizens
in the shape of a crowded fitttWe. -
Respited. His Excellency Gov.
Caldwell, has respited Joseph Baker
who was sentenced to be hung for
the murder' of Wilfong. The exe
cution will take place in Charlotte
on Friday the 16th, January.
LECTURE.-pCol. John H. Wheel
er of Washington City, formerly
State Treasurer of North Caroiina
and better known as the author Of
a History of this State, will deliver
a Lecture in the Commons Hall on
this 5 (Thursday) evening. Subject
"The early Governors of North Car
olina and the Mecklenburg Declara
tion of Independence."
Musical. We notice that Mr
Nat. L. Brotni has on hand one of
Water's Splendid Pianos. We ? in
vite the public to call and see ftiis
beautiful Instrument. We learn
that the price is only $550 which is
considered cheap. Mr. Brown is
the regular agent j fer these Pianos
and also for Water's Concerto Par
lor Organ's, j The price of the latter
is $330. The finish of these Instru
mentals . superior to anything of
the kind usually offered in Raleigh,
and it would be to the interest ef
those having in charge our schtols,
ChuTches, &nd;odge3' to call and
examine for themselves befare pur
chasing elsewhere, u
,aUne. extent c;MfStrb
1Q9. yty trt; - y y.rvyi t-".:
t i
, j-..;
ti. v ,i

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