North Carolina Newspapers

    Stowc, Turner, Warlkk, Waddill,
Watson, Webb and WTiley 4G.
The speaker, Mr. Robinson, tak
ing the floor, Mr. Jones, of Cald
well, in the chair, said he thought
the bill was precipitate and had he
been out of the chair on yesterday,
he would have voted against the
bill. His feelings for the universi
ty were of the kindest nature, for
with delicacy, he was connected by
blood with the distinguished man
who was at the head of that institu
tion so long and whoe name would
never fade from the hearts of all
true North Carolinians, but he was
equally opposed to the bill as now
amende! Ac.
Mr. MeCieheo moved to lay the
bill on the table as amended.
Ykas Mers. Anderson of Da
vi lltackwell, Brown of Mecklen
burg, Hryson of Jackson, I try son of
Swain, lirvan of Sainp.-on, llullard,
Ivis, Fn-eman, (iant, Gidney,Gil
1 rt, iilmer, Grady, (itidger, (Juy-tl.'-r,
lIouton, Johnston, Jones of
Caldwell, Jones of Tyrell. Joyner.
Lindsjiv, I.uckev. Marler.Max well,
JAHifliw, McNeill, Jitchell, Mr-
ing.Xorment,( utlaw, P reason. Ileal
of JAvkl"nburg,S4 ttlShinn of In
Iell,Standford,Stove,lxll, Turner,
Warlick, Waddill, Watson, Webb,
Win-low, Wilev, and Whitmire
X ,v y s M ess rs . A b bo 1 1 , A n ( I erso n
of Cla Ballard, I lean, liennett.
P.lythe, Howe, How man, Brown of
Iuvilon, lirvan of Pitt, Bryant of
Halifax. Bryan of Wilkes, Brooks,
Bunn. Cobb Dudley ,I)ula,Klli.son,
Fletcher, Foster, (indfrey, Gorman,
G km 1 vy n , 1 1 a n n er, 1 1 ay h es, 1 1 u gh es,
Hampton, Jones of Camden, Jones
Northampton, Jones of Orange,
Johns, Jordan, King, Lloyd, Lutter
luh, JcIiurin, Miller, Michael, Mi
ycl I, Moss, Paschal 1, Perry of Bladen,
Kcid of Randolph, Richardson,
Scott ,Sha uvShnckel fc rd ,.Sneed , Wi I -liam-n
Waugh, Wheeler and
Whismyit ".
On motion f Mr. Houston, the
hoine aljourm l.
liLTTEKliest country.
Cool "
" foshen,
KLol'It- N. C .j.illv.
" Kxtr-i,
HAY iVr l' ttx ,
MK A r
IMT TKS -wi-t.
N. C Irish.
OATs K tll. l V i If..
' bushel.
(ioMi iior C;iM 11 and the
migration .Movement.
The fallowing letter from (i iver
nor ( 'al'lwt II to lb v. J. V. McNa
inam explains iW'lf :
llxr.i t nvK Kki'autmknt,
SlATi: iI Ni; l il t ' A I NA,
Bi!. i-!i. Fi-b. 12,
. J. I". M'-ynnnira :
III v. ami IM-:ai: Sn:: I have
tin- honor to a"U iloW'lf.iL;4 the re-
eipt of your
tation to
iti the c
day, met
I reland.
kind ami i
re.M lit and
1 A
!iM of
!.! in
.1 :'.r t
:n vi-
t he annal- of
t!:- heir: nf
N-Ui', r.ulk Sl.lo.
C K. " i
" ShnuM.-rs,
lU-st Suirar
cured H.'Hiik.
(DFKKK-OM !;v'iii nt,
ltio l'rime,
Klsll M.vkfH-1. No. 3.1
N C. IIi-r'ti,'s.cut!
rorn 4bll
FLOUH rt.ipoo.
Va. Family,
" Extra,
MOI.As.stS Cuba, new
tnib, V hbll
si ; U stantl d A y bbl
Extra C,
r. Yellow,
sYitrp isia..
i r.
II 2".
0 4 "
tl 0
0 l
0 )
i. 30
0 15
0 (
1 75
1 15
1 Mo
o a)
0 7-
O 75
0 00
o on
It 1)0
o uo
0 w
0 l
0 )
0 ((
0 Oil
0 (Ml
o m
0 0)
0 01)
0 00
o mi
0 uu
0 00
0 (I)
0 00
8 50
0 00
0 ou
0 IK)
0 00
0 (Ml
0 00
0 10
0 00
"J 01
2 0
1 25
1 10
1 10
1 00
1 JO
Vrsel lAntU.
Liverpool, Feb. 12.-The Bark
EMza Young, Dobray. for Barrow
was totally wrecked at Crook
DoiUlt of n Xrn.vulllng' Actor
Jules Frillipetti, a travelling ac
tor was found dead in bed at the
Atlantic hotel yesterday.
Extradition for Arson
Montreal.. Feb. 12. Justice
Ramsey to-day, in the ease of Ros
enbaum, accused of arson in New
York, ordered the prif-oner to be
to 25
W 12 00
A 10 I)
(a n on
( 15 20
10 00
U, 8 00
Henatk Cn ambkr,
Raleigh. X. C, I'cb. 3, 1874.
At a republican cuucuh, held on the
3nl of i-'ebruary, 1674, the following res
olutions were unanimously adopted:
llrfAved 1. That thin caucus recom
mend 77ie Ihxily Rxamincr and Weekly
Era and Examiner to the republican
party of this State, a.s a paper worthy of
its confidence and support.
Resolved 2. That all republican mem
bers of thi.i general assembly bo re
'juested to subscrilx; to this paper and
use all of their influence in giving it
circulation and support.
(Signed.) StjlTI KK TK1 VETT,
l'res't or the Kep. Caucus.
Mi'WAKD K. It"ii-KY, Secretary.
every Irishman.
As the sun of an Irishman John
Caldwell, w hit iminirilcl to Amer
ica in the year 1mi, the a;e of
tventy-)ne y-ars, and who, al
though a irn!etant, entertained
the warm sentiments of friend
ship for all of his eountrynien of
w hatever religious belief.) it is very
grateful to me to ee the Irishme'i
of this eouv'ry jK'rjH'tuate the fes
tivities' and notable holidays of
their father-land, and to be red,
us I am by your letter, thait they
have the earnest d sire to improve
thei-ondition of their adopted coun
try, and to elexate it in the seal
the nations of the earth.
The.Irih are a noble-hoarU-d, e
nial and enenus lK-ople, and a?
elas I welcome t hem to North Caro
lina, and bid th-m (IixI-sjhimI in
their ev-ry eti"rt to improve thei
i.wn eondition. a:l to elevate our
t:tU- to an enviable position anion;
the si-ter StaN-s of iur Republic
1 loii-.t, enterpriimr, energetic emi
j.'r-Mtt- from every nationality wil
alwavs ne't with a warm reet-
in from everv true-hesirted sol
ami daughter -f the "Old Nortl
State. without re-'an I to their
i-Ii-'io:i-i or iiolilical creeds, and no
on.- in tin Stale will bo more rc
jo:rtl-at a tcady inllux of Irish
M rnian, laili-h anil other foreign
er, or ra-pf hem with a warme
jripofthe "baud and heart than I
I h-"' a-ure vuii, inv dear sir,
that it will ail'ord me re:d pleasure
to mett with veil and other friends
on the occasion ol the celebration of
the patron Saint of Ireland, if it be
in ii. v iiowertodo so.
Thanking you for the honor done
me by your invitation, and the kind
terms in which it was couched,
i am, sir, very truly
and respectfully
your obedient servant,
Toi R. Caldwkll.
M Wiik's C il kt. A soldier was up
b-'foro liis hon r,oii yesterday, for steal
int; wood. Ho wiw lound over to court
in !ond lor his aiicarance to answer
Skuvu ksok Nkw KriSCJPAL Cox
uhkoatiox. The Rev. Edward It. Rich
has accepted the call of tho New Epis
copal Congregation in Raleigh, and will
Ciiiduct the services of his church and
preach in Tucker's Hall on Sunday
at 11 o'clock in tho afternoon.
The Sunday School of the new church
will meet at the samo place at UJ o'clock
p. ui. on Sunday.
Irof. Kerr's Trip to Vienna.
To flte Editor of the Examiner :
In the proc'cding-- of the house
on the 2Sth u:f., the Examiner rep
resents Mr. Mc(iehee as saying that
"car wheels by Mr. Ixjbdcll.of Wil
mii.gton, Delaware, are now being
manufactured near Lockville, and
shipped to all parts of this country
and even to Kurope."
Somebody has misinformed Mr.
McOehee. I nfortunately for the
country, the furnaces at Buckhorn
have not yet been completetl. The
"Krdor Iron Furnaces" near Kgypt
are in operation, but not a single
ear w heel has been manufactured,
and it will be a long time !efore
rolling mills are built.
The people here are opjK)sed to
paying for the peregrinations of
1'r fsor Kerr in Furope.
A Wonderful 3Iaeh'ine.
Mr. I. R. Williams, of Coving
ton, Ky., has inventetl a machine
hich inay well Ih calletl one of the
wonders of the age, and a brief de
scription of which cannot fail to le
interesting to all engaged in the
carpenter and joiner work. It is
sty led "The General Joiner," and
is'guaranteed to operate as well in
all the following named characters
as though it was designed for each
individual purpose only:
It will surface eighteen inches
wide; it will work flooring: with a
speed of twenty to thirty lineal feet
IK.T minute: it surfaces and tongues
nnil grooves all at me same
oeration; it makes; the German,
open or rustic siding or any
kind HjssibIe to be made on
a first-class flooring machine; it
will thrust, grain and groove; cut
ten tons with single head but very
perfectly it will stick mouldings,
from the smallest to the largest; it
will stick sash and doors with a
p rfection not surpassed by any ma
chine; it will rip and cross-cut
rapidly and accurately; it is adapt
ed to turning circular mouldings up
to eighteen inches in diameter, or
straight work ; it will bore with
any bit or augur; is easily adjusted
and very accurate and rapid.
The committee of award at the
great St. I-uis Exposition in Octo
ber J7:J, without a dementing vote,
gave the General Joiner the high
feet premium offered for the best
general wood-working machine.
A Max Killed ox the North Car
o i.i v a Kailroah. When the mail train
bound east on Wednesday night reach
ed 'nm-ord, a man crawled up on the
ti in ks of the sleeping car, endeavoring
to get a rido to some point unknown.
He did not long hold his position, but
fell off upon the track, and, the wheels
passing over hini, was instantly killed.
We have teen unable to le.tru his name,
and suppose he was some poor stranger.
Iiting-nibea Arrival.
New York, Feb. 12. Rev. Chas.
Kingsley, the arthor, one of the
chaplains in ordinary to Her Majes
ty, Queen Victoria, arrived yester
day on a visit to the United States.
Tlie roasvnctinsetfw Ilmlature and
Senator Sum ucr.
Boston, Feb. 12. The senate
passed a resolution annulling and
rescinding the resolveof 1872, which
censured Charles Sumner for his
action relative to battle flags.
Washington, Feb. 12. Senate
Gordon of Georgia, presented a me
morial from the city of Brunswick,
Georgia, in relation to the establish
ment ot a naval department of
naval affairs. Gordon said he de
sired to call attention to the fact
that there was no naval department
south of Norfolk, Va., and in case
of war one on the southern coast
would be necessay.
Gordon introduced a bill for the
relief of certain mail contractors in
southern States.
Pease from Mississippi .seated vice
Bill equalizing currency resumed.
A short executive session to-day.
Drew was confirmed district" at
torney of Florida.
House Among tne execnuve
documents submitted by the speak
er after the reading of the;journal,
was the response of the Secretary
of the Treasury to the call for infor
mation in regard to amounts paid
for compromise of suits out of
frauds on the New York and Bos
ton custom house. The document,
which was verv voluminous, was
ordered to be printed.
The fortification bill has passed.
A long speech from Dawes on the
financial condition of the government.
IS09. February 12. 1874.
Ah I well it is, we say,
For men to weave the laurel, and to
Their heroes! Well to lift the marble
- bieb.
And bid it tell for ages the great deeds
That saved the land ! And well to hal
low days,
And make them rich with blessed
That cluster round each passing hour,
and lay
A beauty and a fragrance on the time !
Well, not for him who sleeps in dream
less sleep,'
Whoso white hands lie upon a quiet
But for the men who livi- and work to
For those who march with slow and
weary feet.
For those who lead tho people to the
And bid them die for Freedom and for
P I O Fastest w: ::ir : ...... .
Three valnabla sarr. j : . ; r i . i . . . .
BRIDE, 707 Uroadnuy, :.'ew York
Hard i:u!-
TRUSSES Comfort and Cure for
Hernia or Rupture. FinoSLccI fcprin.j;
coated with hard rubber, highly posh
ed. Free from all sour, ru.vy," t:.i:in,
strapping or girthing unplcuitncs.-i.
Cool, cleanly, light, safa and durable.
Eveiy dcsin,'' pattern, ituhidlir-c tiio
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t 137 Iird'j, N. Y,;JicarJ of japanned
imitations. - ." .31:1-
is on our lips,
how was he
Vessel Ashore
Key West, Feb. 12. The ship
Rpcons, from Antwerp, via Tybe
for New Orleans, went ashore dur
ing the last gale. The Bar, a wreck
ing steamer, has gone to her assistance.
Injunction Asked for
New Orxkaxs, Feb. 12. The
Stiin Bros., of London, holders of
three millions of levee bonds, have
filed a bill In equity, in the United
States circuit court, asking for an
injunction against the funding bill.
Washing-ton Items.
Washington, Feb. 12. In the
senate, Mr. Conover of Florida, in
troduced a bill to quiet certain land
titles in that State. Referred to the
public lands committee.
yir. Harvey, tne new senator
from Kansas, was seated to-day.
Siamese Twins.
Philadelphia, Feb. 12. There
was no dissection to-uay oi tne
bodies of the Siamese Twins. All
that was done was tho perfection of
the plaster casts, which were taken
yesterday. No knife was put into
the bodies which to-day were in
spected by a large number of medi
cal men.
Soup House for the Poor of New
New York, Feb. 12. The mem
bers of the Stock Exchange have
opened a subscription list for the
establishment of free soup houses in
the lower part of the city. James
Gordon Bennett has given $30,000
o supply soup to the poor from fire
and police stations.
Fire at Sesu
Key West, Fla., Feb. 12. The
steamer Gulf Stream from Balti
more for Havana and New Orleans,
arrived yesterday, and reports, du
ring her passage a hre broke out in
the hold and burned for two days.
and despite the exertions of the
captain and crew, much of her val
uable cargo was destroyed. The
vessel is but little injured, as the
lire was confined to the hold.
Gov.Kemper Visits Washington and
Calls Upon President Grant
Washington, Feb. 12. Govern
or Kemper, of Virginia, being in
Washington on business, made a
call of courtesy upon President
Grant to-day, remaining at the Ex
ecutive Mansion not more than fif
teen or twenty minutes, it was
some time ago stated that Colonel
Mosby thad pre-arranged an inter
view between these gentlemen, but
the Governcr says there is no truth
in the report, and that he called
merely to pay his respects to the
chief magistrate the same as any
other citizen of the United States,
and with no political object in
view. The Governor to-night in
conversation with friends who
called upon him. at Willard'a hotel,
spoke of the pleasure the visit af
forded him. The President receiv
ing him inaspirlt of marked friend
liness and courtesy, and in the
course of conversation expressed his
views deliberately as if weighing
well his words, which left a favora
ble impression on the Governor's
As the interview was private, the
subject of the conversation cannot
be explicitly stated, but can only
be inferred by the Governor's own
free utterances to-night that he and
his political friends in Virginia,
stand on a broad conservative plat
form which he says gives all the
States co-equal rights as members
of the Union, that they may dis
charge all their duties and restore
perfect peace and reconciliation to all
parts of the country. They will sup
port every body that supports that
platform which thegovernor framed
and which was endorsed by the
people of Virginia, and they will
oppose, he further says, every
body who opposes tne conservative
and harmonizing principles therein
expressed. The governor will re
turn to Virginia to-morrow morn
ing. The navigation commissioners
having concluded their business
have adjourned to meet at Fvans
ville, Indiana, upon the call of the
A Horse with'a Long Memory.
This man, whose name
whose deeds
Are written in our hearts,
What was his nature? V as he high or
low T
Did honorable wealth watch his young
Or was he nurtured in a lowly way,
And hardened for tho conflict from his
And so made ready for his victory ?
Short, simple words should tell the
simple tale.
A poor white boy within a cabin home,
Held down by the same curse that held
. the slave;
A lad athirst for wisdom, yet shut in,
And pressed, and hindered by his pov
erty ;
A man with all the roots of greatness
By overlying rocks of circumstance.
What shall call out the hero, and uplift
This man of men lo his own peerless
These plows are incontestibly the best made in America for all purposes of the
r arms, ana being most durable also, AKt liiiu ctiiAi'
l ney are maue or an sizes irom one to six r.orse rignt or leit nana, with or
without knife or revolving coulter, gaugewheel and chain.
COST according to size and furniture ONE HORSE, Plain, f 12.50 to f 15. Two
horse, plain, $18 to $24, actual freight charges to be added.
Can be seen in use at "HOLLY FARM," three miles east of Raleigh,
on the Tarboro road, or illustrated catalogue and price list furnished on applica
tion to SHAFFER A HARRIS, Agents,
20-tf ' Raleigh, N. C.
their tribute as
All the kindly
long years gave
they passed,
And hailed him master,
The childlike ways, the homely honesty,
The tender lov, the loyalty" to truth,
That flow and mingle in the gentlest
Were met together in .his blameless life.
His story is not old ; no need to write
A lengthened page to blazon all his fame.
With sturdy growth he threw off every
And sprang, full-armored, to the battle
And led the hosts of Freedom. In his
He bore the banner of our liberty,
And made its blood-dyed folds so glo
rious, That, for their beauty, we forgot the
That held it up amid the fiery storm,
Until we saw him dead beside his trust.
Ah, friends, to-day wo sit within this
ink of home, and country, and
fair hopes,
And all the gi'ts of Freedom that are
Because such men have lived. Let us
be glad
That for a little space their hearts have
Their hands havo wrought for all the
Let us break forth in fitting words of
And sing our psalms of triumph,
though the flower
Of victory, shining o'er the rescued
Is rootod in the martyr's holy grave.
Mary A. Ripley.
- For '
, Hoarseness, '
all hrmt iis.ic, -
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.3 5"
Pure white Lead, Linseed Oil and Zinc, Chemically combined.
Will last three times
at long as the
best lead and oil mixed in tbe
ordinary way. . j
One gallon covers twenty square yards two coats.
We especially cai the attention to the following testimonials of the Paint :
Tiik City I'i ijlic Sih arrs. Mr.
Gorman, in the house on yesterday, of
fered an amendment whirh authorizes
the city of R;ileii;h, if the citizens, at an
el' -ti.n to le had, should consent there
to, t purchase Moore, Nash and Burke
squares, at a fixed price, ($-l,0UU each for
Moon- and Nah, and $0,000 for Burke
.quarf, and in the event of a favorable
vote authorizing the commissioners to
Ksuc twenty year lond for the pay
ment of the principal and tho interest
thcrcou. But the amendment failed, as
diil also the original bill, to pass the
Heavy Cialc and Overflow of the
lialtic Sea.
London, Feb. 12. The heavy
gale, which prevailed yesterday on
the Baltic sea, caused it to overflow
along the entire eastern coast of
Schleswig Ilolstien. The dykes
protecting the low lands were burst
in many places, and great tracts of
country were flooded. The damage
to property was immense, and se
rious loss of iife is feared.
Sitiikmk CofUT.-This Court mot at
its usual hour, all tho Justices being
present. The following causes were
arued :
1). Pen per vs. Griihn, from Halifax.
E. J. Haywood for plaintiff; Smith A
Strong, Clark A Mullen for the defen
dants. Remanded.
Stato vs. McPherson and Williams,
from Wake. Attorney General for tho
State.J. C. L. Ilarriss and Thos. Purnell
for defendants.
Gideon Perrv et al vs. II. M. Tupper,
from Wake. Fowle A Lewis for plain-
tills; Smtlh & Strong, S. II. Rogers for
The Western Plan for the Suppres
sion of Liquor Saloons to be adopt
ed in ew York.
New York, Feb. 12 The wes
tern plan of suppressing the liquor
saloons will be tried at last in
about ten days. Worcester, Massa
chusetts, will be first operated on.
A mass meeting of the citizens is to
be held when a plan of operations
will be explained and organizations
for work will be formed, which it is
proposed to prosecute vigorously.
Ashlyns, Baltimore Bo, Md., May 27, 187
Mr. C. P. Knight : A.t the recommendation of a friend, I was induced to ap
your patent " Bradley's" Paint to my house. I havo pleasure in stating that it
After the expira- j eyes fixed upon it and conquered economical, and carries better gloss than ordinary paint, and is freer from disa-
Spkciai. Tkrm ok Wakk Superior
Coi-rt, His Honor Jldue Ioubuee
RKsiniNG. The following cases were
heard and disposed of 3-esterday :
A. T. Smith vs. J.M. Moring. Judg
ment for plaintiff.
Retts, aughn A Allen vs. s. u. liayes.
Judgment against plaintiffs for costs.
W. II. llolloman vs. liaieign ana
Augusta Air-Line railroad. Verdict for
W. B. Allen vs. Raleigh and Augusta
Air-Line railroad. Verdict for plaintifl.
V. II. Howell vs Raleigh and Au
gusta Air-Line railroad. Action uis-
missed at plaintiff's cost.
11. J. Booker vs. li. 11. Altorii.
ment airaiust defendant.
Sam Wortham vs. B. N. Howell. On
The Premier of England
London, Feb. 12. There is con
siderable speculation as to whether
Disraeli or the Earl of Derby will
become premier.
Cardinals of Rome.
Rome, Feb. 12. Cardinals Anto
nelli, Capalti and Tarquini are se
riously ill. The last mentioned is
one of the Cardinals recently ap
pointed by the Pope.
IIofSE Proceedings Yesterday
Evening- The house, during the after-
. S- 1-
noon session, postpone!, lnuennueiy,
the bill to aid the University by the sale
of vacant lots and lands in and near the
citv of Raleigh, after a majority had
voted to incorporate Mr. Brown's (of
Davidson) amendment that the proceeds
should not go to the University, but to
the common school fund.
The bill in relation to the Western
North Carolina Railroad passed its sev
eral readings.
The bill in relation to amnesty and
pardon was laid upon tbe table, after a
failure to adopt Mr. McGehee's amend
ment to incorporate into the bill a par
don for every one, save in the crimen of j
arson and rape, lhe democrats for,
and tho republicans, generally, voting
against it.
Weather Probabilities.
Washington, Feb. 12. Proba
bilities for Friday in New England
and the middle States northeast to
southeast winds, falling barometer,
cloud and rain.
ITIinister ot tireecc.
Paris, Feb. 12. John Meredith
Read, Jr., late Consul General of
the United States in this city, is
about to leave for Athens to assume
duties as Minister to Greece. A. T.
A. Torbert, Secretary of Legation,
is Read's successor here.
Many years ago Mr. Abram
Dodge, of the town of Ipswich,
Massachusetts, owned a beautiful
horse, which was the pet of the
family. He was admired by all
who knew his playfulness and
good qualifications. In the sum
mer it was Mr. Dodge's habit oc
casionally to have a frolic with his
horse in his barn-yard, and then
let him out alone, and he would go
to the river, which wa3 about one
third of a mile distant, where he
would bathe, then go to a common
and roll on the grass, then with
the freedom of air start for his
home. His stable was renovated
for him while he was gone, and
his breakfast put in his crib. If
he met his master he would show
some coltish pranks, bound for the
stables, pull out the wooden pin
that fastened the door withnis
teeth, and rush to the manger
where he expected to find his food.
One night the horse was stolen
from the stable.
tion of sixteen years Mr. Dodge
was at the tavern when a man
drove a horse up to the door. Mr.
Dodge at once recognized the horse,
and he told the driver his reasons
for beleaving it to be his; the man
told of whom he bought the horse,
and said that he had owned the
horse for several years Mr. Dodge
claimed his horse, and it was agreed
if the horse would, on being taken
to his old stable go through the
habit of bathing, rolling on the
grass, and pulling the pin from the
stable door as above described, that
Mr. Dodge should have him. When
the horse was led out into his old
yard he reviewed the premises for
a moment, then started for his old
bath tub, then for his green towel
on the common, then to his old
stable, pulled the wooden pin, won
for himself a good meal, and his
old master his favorite horse. The
facts are vouched for by reliable
old residents of the beautiful, pic
turesqued old town, and show con
clusively the long memory of our
noble animal.
Sixty-five years ago to-day began
one of the -tales which history de
lights to tell. A life dawned which
was to mark an era in the world's
progress, Its origin was obscure
and poor. None could think, the
day it came, that it was to bo so
great. Its lot was hard. Its growth
was sturdy. In the strong school
of toil it grew in honesty, sobriety
and patience, in independence and
modesty, in kindness and humility.
It clung to these. It was reverent
and aspiring. Whatever might
happen, it would not be base.
Through no selfish ambition, but
by suffrage of fellow-men, the love
and honor of a few of whom it had
secured, it was summoned to our
country's supreme place. There it
was appointed to stand, the centre
and guide of the nation, while the
nation's life and the worm's pro-
Wake Forest ColIege, N. C, Oct. 4th, 1873.
Mr. C. P. Knight Dear Sir : We have for several months been using your
Bradley's Patent Enamel Paint on our College Building, and are well pleased
with it, though it was applied by one having no experience ill such work, yet we
have a good job. We shall continue to use it, believing that hi point of econmv,
durability and facility of application it is superior to any other pigment offered 111
the market. Very Respectfully,
a S r mr'r fc"
Tho Highest Medical Author
ities ot Europe say tho fctrtingest Tonic,
Purifier and Deobstiucnt known to tho
medical word is
It arrests decay of vital forces, cxhau
tion of r tho nervous system, restore
vigor to the debilitated, cleansed vlli:
ted blood, removes vesicle obstructions
tfc acts directly on tho Liver and Spleen,
Price $1 a bottle. JONN Q. KELLOtlO,
18 Piatt St., N. Y. . 3itw
Golden Medical Discovery ,
cures all Humors from tho worst Scrof
ula to a common blotch or pimplo.Prom
two to six bottles are warranted to cure
Salt Itheum or Tetter, Pimples on fate,
Boils-Carbuncles, Krssipelas and Liver
Complaint. Six to twelvo bottles war
ranted to cure the worst Scrofulous
Swellings and Sore pains In Bonos and
Sore Throat caused by Poison In Blood
or mercurial treatment. By the won
derful Pectorial properties it will cu
the most severo recent or the wo
lingering Cough in half the time rep
ed by any otner meaicineanuispr
ly safe, loosening" cough, soothii
tation. and relieving soreness. SV
rll drmrirists. R. V. PIKltCK,
Darnestown, Montgomery Co. Md., Oct. G,
Mr. C. P. Knight, Sole Agent for Bradley'' s Patent Enamel Paint.
Drar Sir I received your favor of the 3d iust., asking my opinion of the
"Bradley Patent Enamel Paint," for which you are Agent. It affords mo pleas
ure to add my testimonial with many others, of its value and thorough adaptation
to the Rural Districts especially. Having a practical experience of thirty years in
preparing plans and building with all branches .of Artisans and Mechanics and
used most of the material for painting, I was induced to try " llRADLEY
PATENT ENAMEL PAINT," owing to its portabilility, being mixed of all
shades and quantities to suit. I applied it for inside and outside work and found
it dried thoroughly covered the surface perfect and dried with a beautiful Enamel
luster, and covered twenty square yards two coats. I'have recommended its use
to others in the city of Washington and lower Maryland, with equal satisfaction
and good results. Mixing colors by ordinary Mechanics is not often done to the
satisfaction of proprietors and this Paint" being already mixed all desired shades
and frequently to suit, renders it more desirable in "Rural Districts." I cheer
fully recommend its general use and feel assured that all who use it will be satis
fied that it is all that is claimed' Durable, Beautiful and Economical."
Yours respectfully, JOHN L. DuFKIF.
Architect and Builder
ft Dr. Sac
Jstarrh It'
lioiacdy k
rtlc,fj , which
cures by
tho dUcuvo j icias
when tho eystun In
been put In perfect
order nilh Doctor
X. 1lrttu C.oIClCIl
medical Discovery, which thouH
betaken earnestly to correct blood and
system, which aro always tU fault, also
to act spcctncally, upon tho diseased
irlands of tho noso and its chambers.
Catarrh itexnedy should be applied with
Dr. Plcrces Nasal Douclie,with
which medicine can bo carried htqH up
znd perccllu applied to all parts ot pas
sages and chambers In which sores and
ulcers exist, and from which discharffe
proceeds. So successful has Uils course
of treatment proven, that tho proprietor
offers 500 lie ward for a caso of
"Cold in Head" or Vatarrh which he
. Tho hrd mMliclllCl With
gress hung on the issue of a terrible
connict. now noDiy it siooa, amiu
what a rain of sorrows, treacheries,
hatreds, labors. the world's cold
Xew York Commissioners to the
Albany, Feb. 12. The senate
has agreed to a resolution passed by
the assembly to rescind the ap
pointment of commissioners to tne j
centennial exhibition.
An Ordinanck and other Mat
ters. At a meeting of the board of city
commissioners on Wednesday night
last, tho following introduced by Mr.
Battle was adoDted : .
Be it ordaineu that the owners of all
lots along which are dirt sidewalks,
over -hich tho people of the city usu
ally pass, be required to repair the same
with loam or gravel free from clay,
sloping one foot in fifteen to the gutter,
provided that all sidewalks which, the
street commissioner shall deem to be in
sufficient repair, are exempt from the
operation of this order.
The North l arolina railroad company
agrees to remove 'all obstructions to tbe
street and sidewalk after being notified
by the board, but requested mat a
small encroachment be allowed tnem,
which was cranted upon the condition
that the said road put in repair the side
walk there.
Metropolitan hall was granted to me
The Soverigrn of IndUktry
St. Louis, Feb. 12. Council No.
1 of the sovereigns of Industry, was
orgainzed here last night. This is
the first sub-ordinate council of the
order organized in the West.
Wreck off German Bark
London, Feb. 12. The German
bark, Hercules, has been wrecked
and eleven of the crew perished.
Exchange. ..A
New York, Feb. 12. At a meet
ing of the members of the produce
exchange this afternoon, a commit
tee of fifteen was appointed to raise
. j a. t zr m a. i
money ior me sunering poor oi ine
The Jersey City authorities re-
free use of the colored ladies of the Me- J eeived a telegram to-day from Col.
tbodist church next tuesaay nisni. LrDln, commanding the federal
MPMID. ASkCn. Jjee uu men .-K3i
Bradley's Patent Enamel
Paint. It is but a little over a
quarter of a century since the art
of mixing paint was confined al
most exclusively to a few, compar
atively speaking. Now, however,
through the ingenuity of Bradley
a practical painter, as well as a
Chemist, we are not only enabled
to apply the Paint, if we desire,
but can see the shades in advance,
beautiful sample cards, being
furnished gratis, with the differ
ent shades, or tints numbered. Not
having used the Enamel Paint,
we can't "or course speak; irom ex
perience, but we have not a doubt, it
a i a. is a -f s a. i a.
is an mas is ciaimeu ior it, auu must
evidently supercede the old style
PAint.' As an evidence of the
great worth of the Enamel Paint,
we most respectively request all of
our readers, lo carefully read the
excellent testimonia's of Mr. C. P.
Knight, on the 6th page of our pa
per. 29 6 1.
,To connect the memory of Charles
les Dickens with scenes in which
his earliest and latest years were
passed, his executors have erected
in Rochester Cathedral, England,
a handsome brass tablet, recording
his birth and death, and the fact
that his remains repose in West
minister Abbey.
wfrfl ordered to iriade the south side
walk of Cabarrus street, and it was also
ordered that Wilmington and Morgan
Btreets be pavPtl with good brick.
forces at Brownsville, Texas, sta
ting that Hamilton, tbe defaulting
treasurer of Jersey City, had been
nrrcHted there.
Raleigh market: cotton, more doing;
low middlings in good demand at 13;
stained grades 6J11; receipts up to
threo p, m, ISO bales.
into tender admiration by its in
flexible worthiness I How grand it
showed to be the qualities which
make a true manhood ! Their worth
is its illuminated lesson. A nation's
best possession is its noble children.
They are better than wealth ; they
are wealth's security. They are
better than laws ; against them there
is no law. They are better than con
stitutions j to keep them in order
no constitution is needed. In
danger they are its safety. They are
law, order, wealth, safety, progress,
all in one. And when it dies they
are its immortal life, their memory
its undying glory.
Of these, surely, is our Abraham
Lincoln. Noble as a boy, noble
ax a man, he was noble as head and
ruler of the nation perhaps no
blest in the unselfish loyalty to
Right, which refused even to seize
the immortal honor of proclaiming
Freedom until he clearly saw it to
be his duty. Worthy was he to
issue the glorious Proclamation of
Emancipation. It was the triumph
of his unselfishness and Jus
" Oh, Truth ! oh, Freedom ! how are ye
still born
In the rude stable, m the nangen
nursed :
What hnmble hands unbar those gates
of morn
Through which the splendors of the
New Day burst!"
" With honor, honor, honor to him
Eternal honor to his name."
F. F.
greeable odor.
Yours respectfully,
Baltimore. Dec. 10. 1872.
Mr. C. P. Knight Dear Sir : It affords me much pleasure to say to you tha
the Bradley Patent Enamel Paint far exceeds my expectations in economy, beau
ty, and I have every reason to believe in durability. More than twelve months
since, I painted the roof of my house (Mansion House) with the Bradley Patent
Enamel Paint, and I was so well pleased with it, I determined to paint the fronts
of the " Hotel," and I am most happy to say that it gives me perfect satisfaction.
In conclusion, I will say, if this testimonial will be of any advantage to you, you
are at liberty to use it.
. Yours most respectfully,
! ISAAC ALBERTSON, Jansion House Hotel,
Cor. Fayette and St. Paul Sts. Baltimore.
Hillsboro, Va, July 14, 1873-
Mr. C. P. Kniyht, Sole General Agent,
93 West Lombard Street, Baltimore. Md.
Sib We the undersigned having used Bradley's Patent Enamel Paint, lor
which J. Early Thompson is agent, cheerfully certify that for beauty of finish,
durability and economy it is in our opin without an equal.
Yours very respectfully,
THOMAS i:. t'AMJ',
-i -r-
( '.l?Sl?"':lILM (J.
Baltimore, Md., Sept. 30, 1872.
C. P. Knighl, Esq.
Dear Sir: I havo had the Bradley's Patent Enamel Paint, which I purchased
from you, used insido and outside, both, at my dwelling and store, for two sea
sons. It gives me great pleasure to be able to say, that it comes fully up to your
recommendations in facility of use, eeonomy, dnrability and beauty.
Yours truly,
168 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Md.
Princb George Countt. October 24, 1872.
C P. Knight, Esq., Baltimore I
Dear Sir Having given your paint a test of six months, I take pleasure in say
ing that it comes fully up to your representation, and I think looks as well now as
when first applied. It maintains its gloss and color perfectly, and I think will
outlast any other paint I have ever seen.
Very, respectfully,
Senate and House op the Uni
ted States of America :
C. P. KNIGHT, Sole Agent,
No. 93 W. Lombard Street, Baltimore.
S Specimens and Price List furnished gratis. ff
Baltimore, Nov. 2d, 1873. 2t-2ai
For ages it has been the custom
of people and nations to hold in
dear remembrance the name of
him whose life was devoted to his
kind and his country.
To him who proclaimed the de
claration of independence a living
reality, eternal remembrance."
On the twelfth day of February,
1809. the soul of Abraham Lin
coln was launched into time.
We, the undersigned, do petition
your honorable assembly, the
senate and house of representatives,
that you uo nominate and appoint
the twelfth day of ebruary a
' legal holiday," that a universal
people may rejoice together in this
great gift of God to man.
I S m
MsiiliM: Mill:
mm a
T here are about forty families o1
Cherokee Indians living in Chero" j
ke o county. I
Newbers. N. C Dec. 29, 1873.
Notice is hereby eiven to holders of
the mortgage bonds of the Atlantic and
North Carolina Railroad Company, that
Coupons on said Bonds due on the
First Day ot January, 1874,
will be paid at tho Fulton National
Bank, New York, on and after the 10th
day of January, 1874, on presentation.
E. K. STANLEY, Pres't.
28-lm A. A N. C. R. R. Co.
We have this day disposed of our
entire Book and Job Printing Estab
lishment to Messrs. GORMAN, MAR
COMdk LEE, together with all books,
accounts, notes, and other claims due
the establishment. The new firm will
also settle all claims owing by us, by
note, account, or otherwise.
Sept. 6th, 1873.
The undersigned will continue the
Book and Job Printing Business, un
der the firm, name and style of GOR
MAN, MARCOMd: LEE, and respect
fully solicit a continuance of the liberal
patronage heretofore bestowed on this
establishment by the public.
applying at once at Intelligence
Office. ;
The Only Known Medicine
Purges, Purifies 'd. Streng
thens tlio System.
Dr. Tutt's PIIU aro composed of
many ingredients. Prominent among
them are Sarsaparilla and wild cherry,
so united as to act together ; tho ond,
hrough its admixturo with othet
substances, purifying and purging;
while the other is strengthening the
system. Thus these Pills aro at the
same timo a tonic and a cathartic, a de
sideratum long sought for by mod leal
men, but never before discovered, in
other words, they do tho work of two
medicines and do it much belter than
any two we know of, for tho.y icmovo
nothing from the system but, impuri
ties, so that while they purgo thoy also
strengthen and hence tiny causo no de
bility and aro followed by no reaction.
Dr. Tutt'it Pllla have a wendeful
influence on tlio blood. They not only
purify without weakening It, but they
remove all noxious particles- from the
chyle before it is converted into lluid;
and thus makes impure blood an litter
impossibility As thero is no debilita--tion,
so thero is no nausea or sickness
attending the operation of this most t x
cellent medicine, which never strain or
tortures the digestive organs, but causes
them to work Jn a poifoctly natural
manner ; hence persons taking them do
not become pale and emaciated, but on
the contrary, while all impurities aro -
being removed, the combined action of
the Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry puri
fies and invigorates tho body, ind a ro
bust state of health is the result of their v
united action.
Price 23 cents a . box. Sold by all
Druggists. .
Principal office, 48 and 50 Cortlandt
St., New York. 32 4w.
No. 1 Fayettevili.k Strekt,
I O O 1C 11 1 2$ D fr It ,
And Blank Book Manufacturer.
Newspapers,: Magazines, and Law
Books, of every description, bound in
the very best style, and at lowest prices.
Old numbers of Supreme Court I'm-.
ports taken in exchange for binding, j
" i i ,
F. P. IIobgood, A. M., Principal.
II. W. Reinhart, (U. Va.) Assciatr'
Principal. - ,
Dr. L. Von Mcyerhofl, of Vienna.
Music Department.
The Spring: term will open on Mon
day, Jan. 19, 18TU . m
For particulars apply for Circular wl
Ctaalogue. - -, . ZT febl

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