North Carolina Newspapers

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WM. IHJOW.V, Jlnnarr.
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nooa Main South f tho tirt
Ajeucvllla Street.
KATES OP suuscmrnoN t
" -x una year, -
, : . Six months,
. Throe months.
Tri-Wkjeklt Onoyear.- .
Six months, :
Three months,
- One month.
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three times, .- ".
Contract adrcrtisemcttb t..;
proporUoxuttcl low rates. -
Job Worx exocutoJ t;
tic and In atylo onsurpasaoa hj an
aimiur esUblUhmcnt IntLaCo.
TL-ryv I aimiur establishment I
iM J. k & I attenUon paid to
BtAXKa of erery dcr?ff fori
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the print oHl.
X-atcrs Invocation- to Spring.
"Wherea.jbti xrrtain bouzha and nrsya.
Now dlven birds are beard to stag, ' ' I
Ard'spn$yj flowers their bead a praise j Jj
lJairtO'tbe.txmiDz on -of Scrlntr! v
Finffcr Marks, t,
A short time slnec, f a cxnUcruan
erapIoyeU-a mason 1 9. dp some
work Tor him.' ttnu-nmonj? other
Wsiwes of tboso safd birds aroaso
jxnmory of oar youthful' hours,
, U'CfH as those f aid - sprays and
" : "Mi-sjuiwcet as those sakl Howers.
ltUii$ aforcsajd tappy pairs .V
whiteniiicr.ii almost colorless until
drietl. .The gentleman, was much.
surpristtl ou the mornincr. after the
chaniher was finished to iind on. the,
drawer of his. bureau?' standi niT m
; f tlcvclbp tho XvCsourccsV
tVahare frequently called the ttU
tention or oar reoaeni to, the tict,
that; 4 North t Carolina presented
things, to 'rtiin-whtten'v the wall rhoro; tatural;ifulvaniagesrtolth9
one or nis ciiamDers.'. Thisthirt
thriTtr Immigrant: than anr: rothcr
1 csiato os uio f Aiacncaji Unions it
has.Deen cicarJy ccmcsstrated that
our climate is of tho very" best and
by sclentiCs men, und practical dp.
eittons, thot-aigrcltcr -Tariety of
the room; 1 white "finger- marks.1. ores, f minerals, etc ara tbtaklcd
freohold ..liftrfs t ;;iUcipMolTe, their
; AdmInUtratomVasrf,4- r.
Ilailns aibrefavJd, oomlng Spring.
Openinir the drawers, he - found
the . j 6amei 1, upon'Uhe ,-arti
clesin it, and also on, a pocket
book. An . examinaiion.f revealed
the same marks :onthe contents of
a nag. N j. ms ' provea ciean y-max
the mason. wftn his Wet hand. had
ODcned. the drawer. and search Cv
theTajr which contained no mo
TTcr withoiiM
"wUhin. our limits thaa can be fbancl
ln?any-othcr Btaw or country xzpqn
this facQ..ef;the? r;cartbi! 1 The : ,La-
j ? TirrRSDAT; april w, isw.
' llcbablidansStalid Dy your
''Gffiat'comnlaints are mt
justy made, at the appointment
Johfa1 Spelmatt as Clerk td theSu
tJerintendent'.bf .'Me ' tt;fl. Court
M a-u. A uoou appointment. and Gorxnaawere appointed acorn-
The work on the United States Major Hend M. Miller, who was mittee to wait nn Tfr 111
Postofflce in Itaielgh has leen some- so unceremoniously thrust out of notify him of! his nomination.' and
" . , v.v..uuii v "!"ui4iuicuucut 1 icMucabuiaiurpni9Tini4f fr -r t--
oupcrvisiu Aiwiiwvii fujw w OI mo reuenu uounnouse in Ka- After a short ahsencCr the com-
ii knd have ' troabIe about the! materfal. leigh to.make room! for John Spel- mUteeiurnedld Wtfot! ncciP i
f At waasiuu mere i man, j are associate euitorortheiCSpn-1 Air. A'urneUriwOflCceptetLthenom in
9 mo uww ouii w. ...w;. --"-fc," i (hih) wo ui, wppuiuitxi Dy i juauon in , a rewprjerrenjarks ..
Hcjuse eod08t Oflica4 about to be
Mr. Thomas, a practical builder
was sent down . here, and he found
Gov. Caldwell, Keeper of the Cap- pledging himself to mak&thpfw-ji
v.roupui- court onSa thinking that any ond would- dudng a good
fhere tenderplalnUffl actions bring,- eve? know Ft. The 'thin-white-- works have
eason of frolic and of errV-V'? ning" which happened to be on his Copper, lead.
be kWOTtfn tn.tht iTXfciYld ' ihititrrrtr
jnes arciiprodactnjr-the toughefet
UTpent. iron Hovr, an? use. , the Ml-
a35hiinU9!ai: tuo.isst7sn-
uunond regions of our State are pro-
good yield where practical
nvi. - xms appointment has' the ourh can
f rhihK. an abandance of granite, just the ring of the true Republican metal, banner b'f ttie
d atrllalelghaThe Bepubll- fhfW , lt o.imift hardJr.rt Wu k c! k-h Li..v:
Hf KTArfh frnlln cannot nn- tf. : V . 7-7,73. i. -r 6,v uo wsaumiy.
mw . v r , I NAIriDrinnff Mill iriTnllin m If n h fffinfl I KatMthliMima . i I w m
fikfnnrf whtf th a hisn Hnfl man . . i . . i
land-district: Jprodace tomcrr cf the IXiZ'ti&teiUu 01 ouutm snape? AlaJr 18 e eldest son of that InUons
TT:r..Vx 11;- ir,..Tri:Jr: w; and tnensomeooay's minq revenea i grand old love of the Tjnlon.thelate called
Vary fo'tnentiVisV
.u-r no t vr
r Mr. Mabson intrpduccd, two reso-
reifltivft ta thft (nvAntlnna
"r sic Vi'". .-v v v
From tho Dead.
In a town of Northern New York
a poor man went to his grave by a
disease of iho brain, concerning
which tie local medical authorities
diiTcrtHl widely and acrimoniously.
hands did not 9how at first, and he saltpetre, alum, etc., etc., are found
probably had no idea that twelve in large quantities. The best mica
hours drying would reveal his or isinglass, known to the world,
wickedness. , fj also a uarried and furnished from
As the work was all done on the North Carolina. The lands u for
afternoon the drawer was opened, I agricultural purposes are rather
the man did not come again, and to light in some sections, but they al-
mis uay aoes noi Know inai nis acts I ways produce an abundant yield.
are known to his employer. The forests furnish in addition to
Children, beware of evil thoughts I immense turpentine Dine orchards
l j t.i rm ti i . . A .
auu ueoisj Aiiey uu leave ineir i an aDunaance or t moers sncn as
been x inaoffurated. nn we reoeuion,- 8inj wo uw-
tin, zinc, antimony. I lion and up to the present nioment
is as bad politically as It possibly
can be. During the lat campaign
in 1872, he abused, villified and de
famed all prominent Republicans
from Gen. Grant down to the can
didate for the lowest oflttce within
lay. be.:assigned
werVfbtted t6KcmmitteeToti
unci r . r w i j 1 wnn Hirpr rrTiii rn rinn
TTLa rrVl hofnm thfl rebellion dn- -77. " Tr7f. . Tr ---lfUW'
- r.rrr-.-r r-:- "..-. iTlfimnepefl. A xlDDvinciuPni tnen I nntr-rlnfv whih rvi
-" g- r o i 'j w
struck somebody: that Spel man's j him.
patent Blasting Powder would be a
crrwwl thlmr 'fin nssffit. in no on f. I 2S nhnfflo-ihua inaaniftr VioaKrvl- 1 -iA u xlT.,r
the stoneiXor the new government en out among the Democratic oflice- J which re adopted 1 A i
building, and inasmuch asitproved noiaersm virguiiaand may spread J ; Hesolved That"the 'Coventiolis, '
a very dangerous thing Sin 1872 (to the whole! party. The State for the 3d and OtlrJudlctal Districts' V
(having blown up the inventor be- Treasurer first! ipqk it and with it I nereiOTOcaueaoy: Ufi0ma3ewairf
era, jusuruin,u wuu VHJUgre3HioiKiJ!i
. 31J .1... 1U T-V? I I l J
fact, two iarticu ar physicians. r""t ".rrj-iT " .in "i". 77 "77,7 o
', , . s . ,1 I iijaiiva, wiuui vin uuc uav i usu. uuk. cypress, manosany. oiuCK. I orinntiui
hohad long been professional n-1 iii Tf ,i:u vrtV I wiV.f K;ii7' Jfi' 7ir adopted
vaIs,8o radically disagreed as to the brents ell a fhTl or "take wh Te "YnVnTnfi dueHhe
exact character or the case that, i,7i,Qf ia , M 'ml . f.r.:7; lr 7 ,77 1
when he whose treatment prevailed
could not save the patient, tho other
did not heAitate to allege that the
sick man had been destroyed by ig
norant mismanagement. When a
respectable practitioner cists such
an imputation upon a member of
his own professional school he
should be pretty confident of his
ability to prove it, and the accuser
in tho present instance was not un
aware of his imperative obligation
to substantiate his accusation. But
how was that to be done? Ho had
lirmly maintained that the disease
in question was caused by a tumor,
and that the removal ot the same
by an opera lion would save the pa
tient's life. 11 is rival insUted that j
there was no tumor, and, conse
quently, did not perform the ope
ration. Now, how was it to be
practically demonstrated that the
tumor did i ..i.-t, if the patient was
in his grave.' There was but one
way of doing that, and the doctor
adopted it.
On Christmas Eve, near midnight,
when lights hone brightly from
homes lar and at hand, and the
snow lay crisply on the ground, the
professional disputant whose truth
and standing were at stake, as he
consiuerea, in me matter, toot a
confidential shidento hia ith him
in a sleigh to the graveyaru where
had been placed the hapless subject
of dispute, and rapidly and quietly
disinterred the poor body and
placed it in the vehicle. The whip
was given to the horse, and away
started the sleigh on the snowy
road back to the surgery.
But scarcely had the desecrators
of man's last resting-place got un
derway with their ghastly prize,
when tiie mufiled beat of horse's
hoofs somewhere in the darkness
behind them told that they had
been watched and were being pur
sued. Sharper fell the whip, and
the spirited young animal before
the sleigh went like the wind ; yet
still the pursuing hoof-beats sound
ed through the keen air, showing
that the pursuer was well mounted.
Turning froai the main-road into a
by-way, or short-cut, leading
through a swampy piece of woods,
the fugitives managed to gain
enough distance to stop the sleigh a
moment just at the edge of a p ank
bridge over a frozen wood and
stream, and stretch a rope across
the dark and narrow road. This
done, they were off again for the
surgery close at hand, with the gal
lop of the pursuer coming sharply
again to their ears. Pausing once
i'.gain lieyond the bridge, to hear
- presently'the collision of tho com
ing horseman with the unseen rope,
a crash, and a cry of wrath, the two
men carried the body to the house
and triumphantly deposited it upon
a dissecting table.
Then, thinkingof nothing but his
own discredited diagnosis of the
disease and the glory it would be to
a 1 1. ,lt!n rm vx Stltj-V-
prove it true, wi uauu ymnnuu-
. r mt to work with his instruments.
f'sirpfnllv shavinz one side of the
bead, and cutting through the scalp
over the spot where the principal
pain had been, he bored with his
ir.nhino through tho skull until a
lar button of bone. aloutas oS) ronncr cent, was removed,
nnr? ifhnld there was, indeed, the
fizninr Tint tho stransest sceneof
the curious drama was yet to come,
ami mnv be best described in the
doctor's own terms, as they appear
in an extract from his posthumous
i.ifniv mibllshed in the a-
nrtMu-n v V.I Disvalch : "With
no -mall degree of self-satisfaction,
1 threw down my instrument and
oinfr down stairs, when I f7,-nt sisrh. As I kneeled
by the dead man's side and, candle
in Hon. I rr-1 TOM HIIAiUUJJ V HHW "13
pallid features, he feebly gasped
nn.i mii his evlids. My God!
Could It be A reality? Eagerlythe
slendar thread 01 me wtw seizes
upon, and hour by hour, day by
dav, week by wasstrength
ened into a cable of perfect health."
In other words, the supposed dead
man, whose disinterment had oc
curred but a few hours after burial,
had been only insensible instead ot
dead, and the removal of the tu
morous pressure on his bramjvas
just in time to save his life. And
another strange discovery was, that
on the same Christmas night, the
doctor who bad denied the tumor
had broken his arm by falling from
his horse! Suspecting what his
rival Intended, he, too, had ridden
secretly to tho graveytiru,
the pursuing norse"""
concealed rope acru&a
signally overthrew.
what is not your own. you make
sad stains on your character. And
so it is with all sin. lt defiles the
soul. It betrays those who engage
in it, by the marks il makes on
them. These marks may be almost,
if not quite, invisible at first. But,
even it they should not be seen dur
ing any of your days on earth
"which is not at all likely," yet
there is a day coming in which
every sin will be made manifest.
Never suppose that you can do
what is wrong without having a
blot made on your soul. It is im
possible. If you injure another,
you by that very deed hurt your
own seir. If you disregard the law
01 God, the damage is your own.
Think ever bear it in mind dear
children, that every sin you commit
leaves a biemish upon yourself.
Even should it not be seen by those
around you on earth, it will be seen,
to your condemnation, at the bar. of
Uod. Home Journal.
supply vast quantities of fish for
home and shipping purposes. This
is most certainly the best country
for Immigrants.
Now if our own land owners and
citizens generally desire to see all
effective measures to sub-
Ku Klux marauders ; the
Republican party .he characterized
in the same-scurrilous sheet as a
band of thieves and robbers not
one word of which he has ever re
canted. After his Blasting Powder
ploy the patentee himself on
work; That's h'alll '
J3&wsuch appointments, say the
these immense resources develop- blew1 itself up, he enlisted under the
ed in such a manner as will be ben
eficial, they must extend a welcome
hand to the industrious immigrant
with money and energy. Our State
does not need labor alone, it needs
the thrilty immigrant with skilled
labor, who comes with money in
his pocket to carry into practical
operation the work of develop
ment men who are the architects
0 their own fortunes. To obtain
this class-of denizens our people
must offer the greatest inducements,
divide up the large plantations
into little farms of fifty or one hun
dred acres, sell them at the lowest
possible prices, as the improvements
of the new settler will enhance the
value of what you have left.
notorious Joe Turner as an associate
editor of the Sentinel, where he and
his chief .continued tb hurl their
thunderbolts, hissing and red-hot
with vile calumnies and vitupera-
tioh3,against the National and gtate
him by proxy;
,"' i ; ' ':'--
53T"A correspondent of the New
ton Vindicator evidently wants a
learned and 'able finger. in the pie of the Superinten
Mr. James E. 0Hara.
We are informed that at the recent
term of Wayne county j Superior
Court, this gentleman made a
very ; effective,
speech in a suit in . that Coirt. . We
think Mr. O'Hara received his li
cense to practice in the District of
Columbia. Being a man! of good
Treasurer of the Sinking Fund was J the 4th .DisUictf arQ . hereby legal-
so affected by the terrible attack on 7,7
the Treasurer! f hnfc ho wo IaH fi I i.j.hJ-: J aua Aii.u.x.nt
I - " " Mo UiCCUUg UHO CU HCiliclIV
commit . the ! crime of forgery: for each Judicial Distrfct," except-"-
O '" wv,v l ., , , X 1 nL . t .1 1 S . I
Conventions for such JJlstri6ts.
Under this resolution ;theiChair
man appointed the following? geh
tlemen for the several tTudiciar
Districts: : ' : .f.ta qtrr; i
First Geo. W. Cobb.
dent of Instruction for - he hopes
the name of Taj. Si- M. Finger, of
Catawba, willjbe considered for the
place. ! i . . .
administrations. For all this, and address, and a pleasant speaker, he
much mote which ,4$ is needless
to enumerate, the Republicans of
North Carolina' feel aggrieved that
Spelman should be taken up from
his filth and mire, and elevated,
will no doubt make his way at the
bar. - - -.. -4,
There are now three colored law
yers in this istate: Messrs. Mao-
son, of JNew nanover; leary, oi
The Next State.
New Mexico applies at the fam
ily door for admission into the
Union as a State. Comparatively
little seems to be known of this
territory, its fertility, resources
and people, by the average reader.
ti GQgraxHxirai posltlpnmstcrice
from the settled portion of the
other States, and inconvenient and
uncomfortable modes of public
travel render it almost inaccessa
ble to the modern traveler, and its
world is nearly a sealed book to
the people beyond its limits. She
has an area of about 400,000 square
miles, and claims a population of
Hl',000. She maintains also that
her ability for self-support iswell
established, upon the ground that,
while all the other territories have,
at sometime during their territo
rial existence, annealed to charity
for bread to feed their famishing
inhabitants, or relief from pestilence
or tire, iew Mexico, oesides hav
ing an abundance for her own peo
ple, has always had a surplus more
than sufficient to supply the army in
NewMexicoand Arizona with bread
stuffs and forage. The people are
affirmed to be law-abidding, indus
trious, thrifty, and frugal hospit
able and generous : conservative
in financial affairs; slow to contract
debts, and willing to make sacri
fices to pay them. It is further
urged that since the adoption of the
Federal Constitution fifteen new
States have been admitted, each
having a population of less than
83,000 and one of the number less
than 3.5,000, while the average of
the whole fifteen was about G2.000.
Hence she considers there is no
principle of right or justice upon
which she can be longer refused
admission into the Union.
Thia la tho wn r tn rlr anH !r a fianr I nrinninlaa fli !-' rri-u"rl anrl fVnw'
-A ..... ff VV 1 f lUiU A U C A.j T I UV1 J - : .AAA KJ VU UUU kUl W ,
years the value of taxable proper- evil report," are utterly ignored and
ty will have so increased that tax- inn7, f rv.A fnr nna .urt
ation will be comparatively light, displaced to make room for one who
I .(t nvorv mart whn hoa mirn no QHS lauureu IU liUllJllll uu uia-
honored and paid for his vandalism, Cumberland, and O'Hara of Hali-
while good, true and worthy Re
publicans, who have stood by their
lands make out a list of them and
put them immediately in the mar
ket. Will you do it? . Wetbelieve
ypu w m.liepubliC' Courier.
Day is1 Dawning.
Now that the principles of the
Republican party, which for a long
time have been obscured by mis
representation and clouded by the
black pall of prejudice, have become
grace them.
Notwithstanding this treatment,
let Republicans stand firm. The
appointing power; .has nc$tfm-
tidnwyr aowns-qnTTmi
been misled and' imposed yj&rby
some one in whom it reposed con
fidence, and upon n dignified re
monstrance and a proper under
standing of facts, will make speedy
fax: each of whom has been
received with marked courtesy by
tjie members of the bar, and each
has made some reputation and is
receiving a fair share of business.
1 We chronicle this fact with pleas
ure, hoping that their jexample
will be followed, and that other
young men will prepare themselves
for fields of usefulness . , iv-v.
If Democrats are sick V of
their own party, and apply to us for
assistance, let them be placed in
hospital till they get well of their
malady. Don't let them load down
the Republican wagons, while we
are on the march. -
i in. 7
. . ; r - ,
We call attention to the card of
Quentin Busbee, Esq., declining to
he a candidate! j for Solicitor of this
Judicial District.
' CI
JB Plato Dilrham, Esq., of Cleve
land, has declared himself a aindi-
dateJbr Congress in thatDtstlVv
Second A. McCabe, t . i :
rr j I. r nr
jyui vy. a uutnne ,
Seventh J.'H. Headetir 11'
Eighth Wl'B. Glehn. ':JT
Ninth J. 3. Carpenter. V.
Tenth J. J. Mbtt
EJ,eventh-W . S. Pearson f
2welfthVf. G. B. Garret!.1 1
As a part of the permaherft'flian''
of organization of theparty,- the !
committee reported "the following
resolution, which was adopted w 2
A Judicial Committee . for each 1 I
District, to be composed . of, one., i.
District, to be appointed, by thc
.Tnrlinifil r.iafrif C.rr7aniirn
The folio Wlirg resolution, intro
duced by !Mri Mabson, wasnhahW
mously adopted i t i whulln-.a U'.d
somewhat understood by the peo- reparation. REPUBLICANS
pie said feared by our enemies, the
party looms up and is becoming ap
preciated by those who were once
its foes. The Eternal Principles of
Right and Even Handed Justice to
All the People will and. must re
commend themselves to all men.
Our political enemies have been
noted for class and
tion, and before the bold march of
the advocates of true Democratic
government have they often been
obliged to take the back track and
swallow big doses of Republicanism,
such as the. 13th, 14th and. 15th
amendments the nomination- of
Greeleys and Sumners for high of
fice. &c. because it " became neces
i Public Schools.
The Radical party has seen tit to
attack the two last Democratic -Leg
islatures upon the school laws en
acted. These attacks naturally in
cite legisla-1 duce the question, ? what have the
Republicans done tor the education
of thftchildren of the State ?" The
response is, " nothing, absolutely
nothing!" When this party con
trolled the legislative department
of the State government, the school
fund, or the remnant of it, was di
verted to , pay .the. extravagant per
diem of a uselessly prolonged ses-
sary to their very existence. They slon. No school, or if any very few,
have never liked this medicine,how
ever, and don't hesitate to say so.
Now, the question presents itself to
honest and just men, men who are
liberal and progressive, who are pa
triotic and wise, will they longer
cling to a recreant, one-sided,' spav
was than taught through State aid.
. ' Jjauy Jsews.
: What have the Republicans
done for the education of the chil
dren of the State ?" The answer Is,
the Republican Legislature appro-
and 'principle-swallowing" priated one hundred thousand dot-
party? Or, will they go with the tora for public schools in addition
to what was due from the regular
whom the
the road so
How the universal heart of man
blesses flowers ! They are wreathed
round the cradle, the marriage altar,
and the tomb. The Persian in the
far East delights in their perfume,
and writes his love in nosegays,
while the Indian child of the far
West claps his hands with glee as
he gathers the abundant blossoms
the illuminated Scriptures of the
Hindoos tipped his arrows with
flowers ; and orange flowers are a
bridal crown with us, a nation of
yesterday. Flowers garlanded the
Grecian altar, and hung in votive
wreaths before the Christian shrine.
All these are appropriate uses.
Flowers should deck the brow of
the youthful bride, for they are in
themselves a lovely type of mar
riage. They should twine around
the tomb, for their perpetually re
newed beauty is a
party that leadst that hews out tho
timhora rf (rntrernmptlt and fits
them together and builds a Grand school fund.
Homestead for Liberty and a Fort- How much has the two Demo-
ress for the equal protection for all cratic Legislatures appropriated ?
me people r vm uieii naug uu u otone cent.
a party so selfish as to even deny to
its own humbler followers the same
courtesy and honors and considera
tion that it gives to its stronger
members, the "big bugs" and
wealthy leaders? "No! The peo
ple's eyes are no longer closed and
their ears are no longer open to one
sided representations from bitter
and prejudiced leaders. The Re-
The cupid of the ancient I publican Party grows stronger
every uay ami una. yreiiL govern
ment more and more appreciated
by the people. Fay. Statesman.'
resurrection. They should festoon
the altar, for their fragrance and
their beauty ascend in perpetual
worship before the Most High.
On Monday, the 6th Inst., tho
Senate by a vote of 29 to 24, passed
the financial bill, the provisions of
which fix the maximum at $400,-
000,000, and provides for an increase
in the national bank circulation
of $46,000,000, making the amount
symbol of the I of that currency also $400,000,000. All
A Jug Full. A TIdloute man
quit drinking rum, using his jug for
a savings bank, in which he depos
ited daily what he formerly spent
for liquor. He had accumulated a
nice little sum, when his wife
traded off the jug and some old
clothes to a Warren tin peddler for
a dish-pan and nutmeg-grater. The
man was so mad that he took to
drinking worse than ever. Verango
amendments looking to free bank
ing or specie resumption were ruled
down, but a feature was incorpo
rated in the bill requiring Nation
al banks to keep as a-part of their
reserve one quarter part of the coin
received oy uiem as. interest on
bonds of the United States deposit
ed as security for circulating notes
or government deposits, and that
hereafter only one-fourth of the
reserve now prescribed by law for
V.i! 1 "T t f i A A
mauonai jDanJtiug ssociauons
shall consist of the balances due to
the Association available for the re
demption of its circulating notes
from associations in cities of re
demption, and upon which balan
ces with no interest shall be paid.
There was never a cent of the
school fund taken to pay per diem
of members of a Republican Leg
islature, but the record of the old
Literary Board shows that the en
tire school fund of the State was
diverted by the Conservative party
managers to help Jeff Da vis break
up the Union.
The News says there weire " no
schools or if any, very few," while
the Republicans' were in power.
The Report of the Superintendent
of Public Instruction shows that
there were thirteen hundred1 and
ninety-eight public schools taught
for four months in 1870.
Don't - confine yourself to - asser
tions which you can't prove, Mr.
News. ' Let your readers have a few
facts occasionally.
You do not need to black your I
boots in Pittsburg. You bang them
out of the window at night, and It is rattier cool in a San Francis-
they are black enough in the morn-1 co paper to advise a young man 'to
ing. I go West."
JBCoL R. F Armfield, of States
ville, has written a lengthy, letter
merely to say that while he would
like to go to Congress if anybody
wanted him to go, that he is not so
awful anxious as to t beg for Rob
bins' old shoes.; But the mis-representative1
of the 7th District Is
charged by the Piedmont Press with
voting for. a centralization railroad
scheme, and so-; '' "7: f
r Those who look piay one day see
XX. Bobbins an X. M. C. 1
S&- Did any body ever r hear of
any Democrat appointing a Repub
lican to office?
Sustain Your X'aper,
Republicans of North Carolina,
the Era is your paper. "fJnder its
present management it will advo
cate no policy not in strict accord
ance with the principles! Of the
Republican party.
It will be the constant aim to
make the Era an acceptable expo
nent of Republican principles. It
,- i
will know no divisions or heart
burnings in the ranks, and Ignoring
all cliques and factions,' if there be
such, it will endeavor to rise to the
full dignity of a State organ and
openly and fearlessly speak for the
whole party. The. Republicans of
the State are looked to for a cordial
Its columns are open to all mem
bers of the party. Let your articles
be short, pointed and devoid of per
sonality. '
cmi jjis
wd,:,Thati tho; jPSpucan -
Plymouth;. C., April
To the People of the 2d Judl
tnct: '
It having been circulated in some
portions of the District, that I am a
candidate fori the nomination for
Solicitor of said District tending,
perhaps, to injure the claims of Mr.
A. M. Moorei pt Uhowan, lor the
Congressional nomination in the 1st
District I take this opportunity of
saying that I neither seek nor desire
the nomination 01 solicitor, and
have never done so.;
Any one who shall press my name
for It, or further circulate said re
port, will do so without my consent
and against my 1 wishes.
Merrimon's bolt set a bad prece
dent, and did much to demoralize
our party. Still we were taught
useful lessons by it. That men who
could not be trusted in war can not
be trusted in peace. Merrimon's
war record was too fishy. Southern
Home. :
The above extract is from Gen.
D. H. Hill's paper, published at
Charlotte. He is a leading Demo
crat, and he says very plainly that
only the men who were secessionists
and war men are entitled to office in
North Carolina. Let the Union
men, ana the poor men wno were
conscripted and sent to the front to
fight for the rich men's niggers re
member what he says, and see to it
that Gen. Hill and his party do not
get in power again.
Bear in mind that he would pro
scribe every man from holding office
unless he was for secession and war.
Can any One Tell Who did. It ?
The question is' asked on all sides
itf Republican circles who appoint
ed John : Spelman ! to a posi
tion under a Republican adminis
tration ?
Who has thus insulted the whole
Republican party ?
Who ordered the removal of Hen
ry M. Miller, a Republican and the
son of a true Union: man, to make
room for Democrat and the late
Associate Editor of the Senetinelt
If any man calling himself a Re
publican did it, and is not too much
ashamed of the act, let him speak
: XtSKAnyman elected" by Repub
ican votes who appoints Democrats
to office thereby says to those who
elected him that he does not thank 1
hem for their votes. I
Meeting of the : Republican
State 1 Committee.
Pursuant to previous call, a meet
ing of the Republican State Com
mittee, and the Committee of twen
ty-three, appointed by the Repub
lican caucus on February 12th, as
sembled in the city - of Raleigh, on
Thursday, the 9th inst.
The meeting jwas called to order
by Mr. J. C. L. Harris, Secretary of
the Republican State Committee.
The roll wa called and the fol
lowing members of the State Com
mittee answered to their names :
J. H. Harris; N. W. Lillington,
I. E. West, IT.! B. Keogh, J, H.
Williamson, J. B. Eaves, proxy for
R. W. Logan, G. L!. Mabson, J. C.
Gorman, proxy for S. T. Carrow.
The following members of the
Committee of; twenty-three an
swered to their i names :
T. B. Keogh, proxy, for G. W.
Reid, J. H. Headen, Marcus Erwin,
T. L. Hargrove, J.! A. Hyman, I.
B. Abbott, ii. T. Hughes, W: A.
Albright, Gen. Rufus Barringer,
W. H. Wheeler, Mr. Howe, proxy
for Wm. McLaunn, T. L. Har
grove, proxy for A. McCabe. T
The Secretary then announced
that a motion to elect a Chairman
of the Committee would be in order.
Col. Hargrove nominated General
Barringer, who was unanimously
elected. M i'
On motion of Maj. Erwin, Messrs.
I. B. Abbott and J. C. L. Harris
were elected Secretaries.
The "two Committees, acting as
one for the purposes of the present
campaign, having been organized
a motion was earned that the Com
mittee proceed j to the nomination
of a candidate j for. Superintendent
of Public Instruction.
On the first ballot, Mr. T. R.
Pubxell, of Forsyth, having re
ceived a, majority of the whole
number of votes cast, wa declared
the nominee, j I - . t 1 ? ,
The nomination was made unani
Lillington, Williamson
ernmenfc and mot!tolzlnfftrtho" im-. 7
Kpwtaiicc? f educatirig thopcoplo
iu uiuet to txxuro. mo perpetuation, t .
of the same, earnestly desire" that'. ?
the government of the" United
States shall, by proper legislation ii
and appropriation of ' public
funds, bestow the benefits of edui
cation upon every child, white and' r
colored, in the Union. ' !'
A recess was then taken until i
3 P. M., at which hour tho Commit-; 1
tee re-assembled. .0.1
During the recess .the regular -
Republican State Executive , Com
mittee met and organized by elects
ing Mr. T. B. Keogh, Chairman
pro terh.y and authorized' the ap
pointment ofj a ' sub-committee of
five inp.lndintr the Chairman ftrn.
tern., to conduct thecampalgn. ,' '"
. This action' was endorsed by thtf" u
meeting. " t. ;i&tLr..
t On motion of J.H. Harris the, .
regular State Executive Committee' '
were requested to issue , an address,
to the people of the State,' . 7
There , being no further business.Vt;
the Committee adjournedsubject to'
the call of the Chairman. . '
, Chairman,
5: if&s, secretaries:;
i I-
Republican Convention, in
Warren County. .
On Saturday, the 4th inst., the Re
publicans of Warren County met
in Convention. ' i '
Edward Dowtin was called to tho
Chair and Remas Robinson was ap-, ,
pointed Secretary. . ...
The object or the uonvention was
to appoint delegates to the Con- 1
greasional Convention to be held at
Goldsboroon the 14th of May next . .
There was great interest and en- , .
thusiasm manifested. The dele-'
gates were readily chosen. The sen- '
nments of the CtonveritidrTwere that
the Congressional convention should '
be careful to select a .trustworthy
and faithful Republican who would
bear aloft and carry safely through'
the campaign the Republican nan- n
ner in support of the iprincl pies of ' .
the party ; and that the party should , , ,
be represented in the next Congress
by a native colored Republican who"
has been tried and' found true,-and S'
is no stranger to the? rights, iprincl- i
pies and interests 01 .the people pf . .
this District : and that the lion.
John A. Hyman is the Republican."
who, above all others," possesses all
the qualities so essential - and neces-
try to a certain, success .and thatfc. .
3 being " native and to the manner
born,'' .whose whole .hearts and
every energy and "etiort or mind
and body having been devoted ta .
the best interest of the vRepabllcan0.
party from its origin to the present; a
is eminentlv the proper one to be
nominated, and that he alone would '
be entirely acceptable -to. tho Rc-t"i
publicans of this county. j itntat 1 1
, The following, delegates .were ap- ,
pointed to the . Goldsboro Conven-
tiori: Wni.'H. 'Williams and Thosr-
M. Johnson. : " r-riv i . tii.i
To the Judicial District i Con ven-.
tion . to nominate Solicitor: John i,
A. Hyman and Richard. Falkner. .
After, a short and 1 entertaining' '
address from Hon: 4 John Ai'-Hy-w
man and others, the Convention adT a r
Remas Robinbon, Sec'y. 4i" ' "

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