North Carolina Newspapers

City Republican Ticket.
Flection, Monday, May 4, 1874.
FOB O0MitI8I0NK3 :
KasUm Ward II knbtM. Miller,
Stewart Kixisojr,
Cha. N. HuiyKiu
Middle Ward Henry T. Clawson,
James Bakkr,
WVuferit iranf Joint C. Gorman,
Jons R. O'Xeil, "
James II. Jones.
Wiiko County Republican Con
vention. A Convention. of tho Republicans of
Wake County will be bold at the Court
house, In Raleigh, on Friday, the 15tu
day of May, 1ST 4, for tlie purpose of
placing In nomination candi tint for tbe
I?ilatu r e, and suso to uouiiuate
ounty officers and delegate to tbe
Congressional District Convention, and
for such other buiincM an may be
brought before L
Each Township will Iks entitled to
throe delegates and throo alternates and
the ward of tbe city of Raleigh will be
entitled to tb aaitip representation as
Townships. It U Important that t?iere
should be a full representation fruni
rach Township.
By order of the Executive Coin.:
T. F.'K.
IiiroKTAXT Notice. We are re
quested to announce that His Honor
Judge To ureo will be in Raleigh
on Wednesday, May Cth, for the
purpose of eettiing cases on ap
peal from Special Term, 1874, of
Wake Superior Court. Judge Tour
gee was prevented from hearing
such matters at the time heretofore
:ipiointed, on account of other en
gagements. New Yoi:k South. The last
Mimbcr of this excellent paper is
iU voted exclusively to North Car
olina affairs. It contains cuts of our
State Capitol, the U. S. Branch
Mint at Charlotte, and the Atlan
tic Hotel at Beaufort, and discus
ses the resources of the State in the
most favorable manner. It should
l.e carefully read by our people.
Reconsidered. At a meeting
of the Hoard of City Commissioners
held on the 2-"th Inst., the action of
the Board allowing the construction
of a railway from the Raleigh t
; as ton road to the new Govern
ment Postollice Building was re
considered, and the question indefi
nitely postponed. The citizens along
the line of the proposed road pe
titioned against it.
Acknowledgment. We are
under many obligations to Col. T.
M. Holt, President of the Stato
Agricultural Society, for an iivi
tation to a dinner to be given to
t lie members of the Press Associa
tion' on the occasion of the visit to
Haw River in May; also to Messrs.
Holt & Moore for an invitation
to visit the Granite Mills, in Ala
mance county, of which they
Delegates. At a meeting of
tho Republicans of Wake county,
held in the Court House on Satur
day, the 2-jlh inst., the following
gentlemen were appointed regular
delegates to the Judicial Convention
which meets in Warrenton on the
Gth of May, viz.: T. F. Lee, ror
llect Jeffreys, II. C. Jones and Wm.
Jinks. A number of others were
added to tho list and requested to
attend. Arrangements have been
made by which persons will be car
ried to and from Warrenton for one
Rf.purlican City Convention.
A large and enthusiastic conven
tion of the Republicans of the city
of Italeigh assembled in Metropol-
i tan Hall on Monday night, the
L'oth inst., for the purpose of nom
inating a gentleman as caudidate
for the mayoralty of the city. The
iiKM tiug was organized by the ap
lointmcnt of Hon. Jas. II. Harris,
as Chairman, and Francis M. Sor
rell, Esq., as Secretary.
The ballot resulted as follows:
Holden, 292; Whitaker, 272; Shaf
fer, 2 ; Lock hart, 5. On motion of
Mayor Whitaker, the nomination
of Hon. Jas. W. Holden. as the Re
publican candidate for mayor of
Raleigh was then made unanimous,
Mr. Holden accepting in a few
neat and appropriate remarks.
Press Meeting. At a meeting
of the representatives of the city
press, held at the office of the Daily
Xeics on Friday evening, the 24th
inst., the following gentlemen were
appointed as a committee to pro
vide for the entertainment of the
members of the State press who are
expected to meet in this city on
12th of May :
Messrs. R. T. Fulghum, of the
Slate Agricultural Journal; John
Bragg, Daily Sentinel; E. C. WTood
son," Daily Xcxcs; John -8. Hamp
ton, Daily Crescent; M. V'B. Gil
bert, Fra; R. II. Whitaker, Friend
of Temperance; N. B. Broughton,
Biblical Recorder; T. B. Kingsbury,
Christian Advocate; and 8. J. Fall,
Spirit of the Age. On motion, Cap
tain R. T. Fulghum was made
Chairman of the Committee.
A Card from Mayor WliitnJccr.
7b my Republican Friends :.
: Fellow-Citizens Allow, roe
to counsel, harmony and union in
the coming city election. The Con
vention to nominate a candidate
for Mayor was the largest ever4 hs
semblea In this city for any -pur-Pm.
There were not b- hnu
twelve huudred persons prenetit,
ui.d nearly six hundred hniloU cast.
Of this number, Mr. Holden received
292, and I received 272 giving Mr.
Holden a majority of 20; therefore
he is the choice of the party, and
wo owe him our united .support. I
am pledged to the action of the
Convention, and lo my many
friends, who have approached me,
urging me to become an indepen
dent candidate, I am compelled to
say, under no circumstances can I
consent to such an arrangement; on
the contrary, after hearing the
pledge of Mr. Holden, it is now
our duty to give him such a vote as
wul strengthen his hands and make
him steadfast In his good resolves.
I am proud to know that no one
charges me with dereliction of duty
as Mayor. I am proud to know
that I am strong in the confidence
and affection of my party, and my
many friends who differ with me
politically. My future life, I trust,
will merit a continuance of this re
spect. I am your ob't serv't,
Raleigh, April 23, 1874.
Good Templars. The Right
Worthy Grand Lodge of the World
of the Independent Order of Good
Templars, meets In the City of Bos
ton, on the 2Gth of May.
W. F. Anderson, formerly of Wil
mington, died in New York recently.
Wilmington is to have a now brick
postofflee. "
The Charlotte Observer is now a
twenty-eight column paper.
The peach crop is promising in the
New-Berne section.
The Charlotte fair property is to bo
sold on the 7th of May.
J. II. Herbert is a candidate for
mayor of Battleboro.
Rows among sailors are of fre
quent occurrence in Wilmington.
01dBaldy,at last accounts, was
again rumbling.
Silas N. Martin is spoken of as
County Treasurer of New Hanover.
G. M. Yoder, of Newton, Cataw
ba county, has a dish made in 1796.
The appropriation for the Mint at
Charlotte has been reduced to $1,000.
A new Court House in Asheville
is to be contracted for.
More building is talked of In
Charlotte than at any period since
the war.
moccasin, tnirty incnes long,
was killed by Mr. W. S. Royall, in
Goldsboro, a few days since.
J no. Nor fleet, Esq., is spoken of as
the Republican candidate lor Mayor of
Wilson is making rapid strides. New
banks, stores, residences, &c, are going
up rapidly.
Capt. Bcnjamm Rtybfrrtson has beta
nominated by the Republicans of Fay -etteville
as Mayor of that city.
A whale was captured on the coast
near Morehead City a short time ago,
which yielded twenty-seven barrels of
oil and a largo lot of whalebone.
The store and stables, at the Tar
river mills, in Tarboro, were entire
ly consumed by fire on the 23d in
stant. Bryan Oxendine, brother-in-law
of Henry Berry Lowery, shot and
severely wounded his wife on the
16th inst.
David Martin, the boy murder
er, will be sentenced at the present
term of the Superior Court for New
Hanover county.
Dr. R. S. Moran, of Wilmington,
has received a call t6 the charge of
St. Paul's Reform Church, in New
York City, at a salary of $ 4,000 a
year-. . .
At the present term or the superior
Court of Lenoir county, over one hun
dred and thirty criminal cases
were disposed of in threo days. Judge
Clarke presided.
J. II. Mills, Esq., superintendent
of the Orphan Asylum, at Oxford,
will address the people of Nash
ville, on Saturday, May 2d, in the
interest of that institution.
Mr. John Eason, about three
feet high and weighing about one
hundred pounds, was married to
Miss ivate Jerman, weighing about
two hundred .pounds,
in Johnston
county lately.
Latest News.
Everv thing was quiet at Little Rock,
Arkansas, on the 25th inst.
The war is over in Arkansas am
troops have been disbanded.
Prof. John Phelps, the celebrated
geologist of London, is dead. 4
Six very fine horses were burned in
Mann's livery stable, on Franklin
street, in Baltimore, on the 25th inst.
Subscriptions for the sufferers in
the South-west will reach $4,500 on
the Cotton Exchange, New York.
Tho cabinet on the 24th consider
ed the Arkansas matter. No ac
tion was taken.
Washburne. the newly elected
Senator from Massachusetts, will
take his seat on the 1st of May.
The news of the President's veto
of the currency bill was received
with delight in New York. (
A bill has been signed by the
President to relieve the destitute in
the Southwest.
Mayor Cobb, of Boston, has author
ized the Mayor of New Orleans to draw
a second ten thousand dollar contribu
Samuel Milligan, Associate Jus
tice of the U. S. Court of Claims,
died In Washington on the 20th
Details from the sufferers in Lou
islana are heart-rending. Cattle
that have not been drowned are
The Supreme Council of Knights
of Pythias was In session at Pitts
burg, Pa., on the 22d inst. Some
2,000 members were present.
A lar&e" 'meeting was hold In New-
York on tbe 24th Inst, for the benefit of
the Louisiana sufferer.
Up to the 22d Inst, four thousand
dollars had been subscribed in Bos
ton for the relief of the Louisiana
A three story frame house in
Brooklyn fell on the 24th Inst.,
while being raised. Eight workmen
were buried in tbe ruins.
Secretary Richardson is going to
Charleston. Savannah and other South
ern cities to recruit bis health. He will
travel by sea.
On Tuesday night,21st Inst, Hax-
all's large flouring mills in Rich
mond, Va., were totally destroyed
by fire. Loss half million, inclu
ding machinery, flour and grain.
Davis, of West Virginia, has
given notice in the TJ. S. Senate that
he would call up the bill giving
$ 25,000,000 to tbe West and south,
to be withdrawn from the surplus
of the East and North.
, , Louisa McKay, daughter of very
wealthy parents, residing in New
York city, was drowned on the 24th
Inst., at the New Jersey Central
railroad pier while attempting to
leap on a ferry boat that had just
Tne Houso Judiciary Committee has
agreed upon a bill restoring the South
ern pensioners to rolL Tbe present law
excludes those who sympathized with
the Confederacy. Edmunds' postal tel
egraph bill provides for tbe commission
oreitizens unconnected with any Tele
graph Company, ahdah army and navy
officer to enquire about the practica
The Senate has passed the bill
amendatory of an act to provide in
ternal revenue to support the gov
ernment to pay interest on the pub
lic debt and for other purposes, ap
proved June 30th, 18G4. This bill
provides that no legal document or
paper required by law to be stamp
ed, which was made, signed or is
sued in the Southern States prior to
the first of July, 18o, shall be
deemed or held as invalid and of no
effect by reason of the failure to im
pose thereon the required stamp.
The town of Mouroe. Louisiana, is
entirely submerged. The town is on
an island two and a half miles long by
half mile wide, from which there is no
exit except by boats or swimming.
From the crossing of the Railroad and
Desard street back. Is one wide sea.
Boats come and go from Oakley's.
People livintr in the rear have been
driven in. All the vacant houses have
been taken and several families are
living in the same house. Business is
almost completely suspended but tho
houses are open. Fully one thousand
people have not rations for three days
nor money to buy with. Stock of every
description gatberd in town are star
ving. On Desard Island almost all the
plantations are underwater.
The President has vetoed the
finance bill, saying that he was dis
posed at first to give great weight
to the argument that there was an
unequal distribution of the nation
al currency, but thought differently
upuu i-uuuucnug mo i,
000,000 of
such currency still re-
raained in
the treasury, subject to
the demand of the sections desiring
it. He adds: The fact cannot be
concealed that the bill increases the
paper circulation of the country one
hundred million dollars, xne tne-
orv. in his belief, is a departure
from the true principles of finance,
and Its approval would e a. depart
ure from every message sent by him
to Congress.
The Secretary of the Treasury has
sent to the House of Representatives a
reDortofthe! Bank Kxarainer, Meigs,
upon the condition of tho Freedman's
Bank, and its branches in various
cities north and south. The liabilities
of the institution, including those of
its branches, are S3,33S,8ys ; resources,
83.121.008. of which, $100,500 are doubt
ful debts. There is a discrepancy in
amounts due depositors between de
posit books and general lodger of about
lorty tnousand aoiiars, diu me exami
ner thinks it the result of carelessuess
in carrying the accounts forward and
opening different accounts. By-laws
were amended on January 1st of the
present year so as to allow depositors
only such interest as profits of institu
tion warranted, and the examiner says
that if derjosl tors will oxerciso reason
able forbearance for six or twelve
months under the regulation it will
give the institution time to recuperate
from the misfortunes of the past, and
add largely to the safety of depositors.
Market Summawt. In New York
on the 25th inst., Cotton was quoted at
17al8J. Rosin quiet at $2.70. Tur
pentine quiet at 40a41. Money closed
easy at 2a3. Gold heavy at 12ial2i.
Exchange firm at 486. Governments
strong. State bonds quiet. In Liver
pool, cotton 8. In Southern Cities of
U. S., cotton quiet, ranging from 16 to
To tlie Citizens of Wake County:
The undersigned respectfully an
nounces himself a candidate for the office
of Clerk of the Superior Court, subject
to the endorsement of the Republican
County Convention. I am thus early
in making this announcement in order
that the public may have full and fair
opportunity to scrutinize my past
record, and I offer the same as a pledge
for my future conduct. As to my com
petency to perform the duties of the
office, I respectfully refer to the mem
bers of the bar, the Hon. S. W. Watts
and the Hon. A. W. Tourgee.
I take occasion to announce to you that
I am a candidate for the nomination for
Sheriff of Wake County, subject to the
decision of the Wake County Republi
can Convention, to bo held on the 15th
of May next, for the purposo of nomi
nating County officers.
I make no especial claim for vour
preferment. Iam simply a Republican,
standing firmly upon the platforms of
the party State and National. I have
served the people and my party, in the
positions heretofore conferred upon me,
diligently and earnestly, and with an
eye single to the honor of those I have
represented, and for the best interests
of the people at large. These places
have been merely places of trust, with
out profit,, but I have none the less en
deavored to do my whole duty, and
have received the approval and hearty
endorsement of those who have thus
honored and trusted me. I can only
promise that if nominated for Sheriff,
and sleeted, to strive to be an efficient
officer, and a faithful servant of the peo
ple. No stigma shall ever be cast upon
those who elect me on my account. I
Eromfse to faithfully turn over to the
tate. to the County, and to the School
Fund, according to law, every dollar of
taxes which it will be my duty to col
lect, as well as otherwise to perform the
duties of the office with credit to my
self, with honor to the party, and accep
tably to the people of Wake County.
Raleigh, N. C, April 21, 1874. td
First Congressional
A Republican Convention for the
First Congressional District of North
Carolina wilf be held at Plymouth,
N. C, on Thursday, 21st day of
May, 1874, and be convened at 12
o'clock of that day. for the purpose
of placing in .nomination a Repub
lican candidate to represent the Dis
trict in the 44th Congress of the
United States, and for the transac
tion of such other business as may
be deemed proper.
Delegates entitled- to a seat and
vote in the Convention must be
regularly delegated by a County
Convention called by their several
County Committees through their
regular chairmen. Each County
in the District is, jeo titled, under
the plan of organization, to as many
votes as it has members in the
House branch of the Legislature.
County Committees of the counties
composing the District are request
ed to call their County Conventions
early, so as to insure their counties
representation in the District Con
vention. tt. T. uakku w ,
Chairman Dist. Ex. Com.
April 23d, 1874.
Second Congressional District.
Rooms Rxp;Ex. Committee,
For the gd Gmg. Dist. of N. C,
New-Berne, N: C, April C, 1874.
A Republican Convention for the
2d Congressional District of North
Carolina will be held at Goldsboro,
N. C, on Thursday, Ma 14th, 1874,
at 12 o'clock, M., for the purpose of j
placing in nomination a Republican
candidate to represent this District
in the 44th Congress of the United
States, and for the transaction of
such other business a3 may be
deemed proper. Delegates entitled
to a seat and vote in the Convention
must be regularly delegated by a
County Convention called by their
several County Committees through
their regular Chairmen.
The folio wingare thecounties com
prising the Congressional District,
with the number of delegates and
alternates to which each is entitled :
Craven, '2 delegates and 2 alter
nates ; Jones, 1 delegate and one al
ternate; Lenoir, 1 delegate and 1
alternate ; Greene, 1 delegate and 1
alternate ; Wayne, 2 delegates and
2 alternates ; Wilson, 1 delegate and
1 alternate; Edgecombe, 2 delegates
and 2 alternates; Halifax, 2 dele
grtes and 2 alternates; Northamp
ton, 1 delegate and 1 alternate;
Warren, 2 delegatesand 2 alternates.
County Committees, of the above
named counties, are requested to
call County Conventions in time to
insure their counties representation
in tne .District convention.
By order of the Rep. Ex. Com. :
Judicial Convention 2d Dis
By virtue of the power and au-
"2, men? , Sf
Committee of twenty-three.
pointed by the Republican Caucus,
on tne lztn aay oi eDruary last,
in the city of Raleigh, I do hereby
appoint Saturday, the 9th day of
May. 1874. and Williamston, Mar
tin County, anrttie place, for the R-
Sublican party of the 2d Judicial
listrict to assemble in Convention
to nominate a candidate for Judge
and for Solicitor for said District,
and to transact such other business
as the Convention may deem best
for the interest of the nartv. The
counties composing said District
are requested to send delegates to
said Convention. The counties of
Bertie, Hertford, Washington,
Beaufort and Martin will be enti
tled to one vote each, and the coun
ties of Pitt and Edgecombe will be
entitled to two votes each in said
Convention. A. McCABE.
Tarboro, N. C, April 18th, 1874.
Judicial Convention Gth Dis
A Convention of the Republicans
of the Sixth Judicial District will be
held in Warrenton on Wednesday,
the Cth day of May next, for the
purpose of nominating a candidate
for Solicitor of the District, to ap
point a Committee for the District,
consisting or one irom eacn county,
and to transact such other business
as the Convention may deem best
for the interests of the party.
According to the plan of organi
zation as adopted by the State Con
vention in April, 1872, the represen
tation of the several counties in the
District Convention will be as fol
lows :
Franklin, 1 vote; Granville, 2 votes;
Halifax, 2 votes : Johnston, 2 votes;
Northampton, 1 vote; Nash, 1 vote;
Warren, 2 votes ; Wake, 4 votes-
total, 15.
The Chairmen of the county .Ex
ecutive Committees are requested
to issue immediate calls forCounty
Conventions to elect delegates to
to the District Convention.
Arrangements have beem made
with the railroad companies to pass
delegates to and fro for one fare.
Return tickets snouia be bougnt in
first instance, as they will be
marked good by the Agent at .War
The credentials of delegates must
be sisrned by the Chairman and
Secretary of the Convention.
J. C. L..itAllVL,
Ch'm'n Cong. Dist. Com.,
Acting for Judicial Dist.
wake COUNTY. I take this
method of announcing myself as a can
didate for the office of Coroner, subject
to the action of the Republican County
As to my competency, I inform the
public that I have held this office for
twoyear rgMELL.
Raleteh. April 9th, 1874. 8 3t.
vroBTH CAROLINA,! Probate
Ji WakbCocwtt. j Court, .
- April 18th, 1874.
Geo. P. Thomas A Co., vs. A. N. Up
church, adm'r of Parker Overby, de
ceased, i
- in the above entitled cause, proceed
ings have been lnsiuuted by the plain
tiff in behalf of himself and all other
creditors of Parker Overby, deceased,
against A- N. Upchnrch, administrator.
All- creditors of Parker Overby, de
ceased, are hereby notified to file their
claims with me on or before the 3d day
of June, 1874. J. N. BUNTING, -
D. G. Fowle, Plaintiff's Attorney.
April 18th, 1874. 44 w6t
I Republican Organization.
The following is the. latest ar
rangement of counties into judicial
districts lor this state, in every
district an election for solicitor oc
curs on Thursday, the Cth day of
August, this year.
Anil In inn Aa 1L! 1 ll .
elections are held by law for judf
f our years nence the other six
tricts elect judges :
Camden, -Pasquotank,
Bertie, Martin,
Hertford, Beaufort,
Washington, Pitt,
Wilson, Lenior,
Wayne, Jones,
Craven, Greene,
Carteret, Bladen,
Brunswick, New Hanover
Columbus, Onslow,
Robeson, Duplin,
Northampton, Johnston,
Surry? Da vie,
Yadkin, Rowan,
Davidson, Forsythe,
' Cleaveland,
Catawba, Alexander,
Caldwell, Alleghany,
Ashe, Wilkes,
Below is published the district
organization of the republican
party, by congressional districts as
adopted for the campaign of 1872.
To these committees belong the
duty of calling the district conven
tions for this Spring, and they are
here reproduced for the benefit and
information of all the republicans
concerned. -
The republican district conven
tion which met at Wilson, May 9,
1872, elected a district executive
committee as follows, with Colonel
Thomas Powers, chairman :
Craven county, Thomas Powers.
Wayne county, H. L. Grant.
Edgecombe connty, Alex. Mc
Cabe. Lenoir county, R. W. King.
Greene county, Chas. H. Harper.
Halifax countv. Henrv Ennes.
Northampton county, J. W. New
som. Wilson county, G. W. Stanton.
Jones county, Jno. S. Andrews.
Warren county, Jno. A. Hyman.
The executive committee for the
third congressional district, as con
stituted by the republican conven
tion which met at Clinton, Samp
son county, May 22, 1872, is as fol
lows, with W. P. Canaday, chair
man :
New Hanover, W. P. Canaday.
Onslow, E. B. Sanders.
Harnett, J. S. Harringtbn.
Carteret, A. C. Davis.
Duplin, Enoch Hill.
Brunswick, E. M. Rosafy.
Cumberland, A. G. Thornton.
Columbus, R. N. Maultsby.
Bladen, Evander Singletary.
Sampson, Clinton Ward.
Moore, A. R. McDonald.
The republican convention for the
fifth congressional district, which
met at Greensboro, May 15, 1872,
constituted the following executive
committee for that district :
S. C. Barnett, of Person.
Wilson Cary, of Caswell.
H. M. Ray, of Alamance.
S. A. Douglas, of Rockingham.
Thomas B. Keogh, of Guilford.
R. F. Trogden, of Randolph.
Henderson Adams, of Davidson.
A. H. Joyce, of Stokes.
The following gentlemen compose
the Executive Committee of the Re
publican party for the Seventh Con
gressional District:
David L. Bringle,of Rowan, Ch'n.
J. B. Howell, of Alexander.
A. B. Carson, of Alleghany.
Eli Graybeal, of Ashe.
R. L. Patterson, of Forsythe.
J. J. Mott, of Iredell.
Samuel Forkner, of Surry.
James H. Foote, of Wilkes.
Lewis B. Banner, of Watauga.
William B. Glenn, of Yadkin.
William B. March, of Davie.
JL TORS. Sealed
pronosals will be
received in the Town of Louisburg, at
the office of the Board of Commission
ers for the county of Franklin, until 12
m. on the 20th day of May, 1874, for
building a jail for the county of Frank
lin. Said tail is to be built of eranite.
and is to be two stories high and about
44x22 feet. The granite is convenient
to the spot.
Each proposal must be accompanied
with plans and specifications. Propo
sitions will also be entertained for a jail,
with jailor's house attached. The com
missioners resume tbe right to reject
any bid.
The successiui Didder win do requir
ed to enter into bond in the sum, of I
$2,000. for tbe faithful terformance of
his contract. P. B. HAWKINS,
J, B. Tucker, Clerk. 4t
Pursuant to a decree of the Circuit
Court of the United States for the Wes
tern District of North Carolina, at the
April Term, H874, at Greensboro, in a
proceeding then and there pending in
Hiqmty. to foreclose a mortgage men
tioned in the pleadings between
IS- I The Western "North Carolina Railroad
Co.. TE. D.T Tod R. Caldwell, Rufus
Y. McAden, The First National Bank
of Charlotte. John Rutherford. Hiram
Kellev. Thomas G. Greenlee. James
Greenlee, Mary Carson, A. H. Erwin,
N. II. D. Wilson. Assignee. R. M.
Walker and others. Defendants,
The undersigned. Commissioners ap
pointed by the Court at the said April
Term thereof, will sell at the Court
House door in the city of
Salisbury, the 18th day of June,
A. D. 1874,
at Public Auction, to the highest bid
der, all the franchises, road, road-beds,
rollincr-stock s and property of every
kind, nature and description belong
ing to the said The Western North
Carolina Rail Road Company, men
tioned and described in the said Decree.
The purchaser or purchasers will be
required to pay to the Commissioners
Ten Thousand Dollars in Cash on
the day of sale, and will be given cred
it for the balance of the purchase mo
nv until Mondav. the 6th dav of Julv.
1874, the first rule- day of said Court, at
Greensboro, N. C, next ensuing after
the day of sale.
Those who purchase at said sale, pro
vided they be holders of bonds secured
by the mortgage mentioned in the said
Decree, may retain their shares of the
purchase money, except as to tho said
sum of 10,000.00, by surrendering to
the Commissioners an equal, amount
of said bonds.
The said Commissioners are author
ized, so soon as the said sale shall be
confirmed by tho Court, to give imme
diate possession of the said Railroad, its
property and effects of every kind and
description : and all persons who may
be in possession of the said Railroad or
any of its property are commanded to
surrender the same to the purchasers
upon the production of the Commis
sioners' deed to them.
This Road, when its connections
shall be completed, will form one of
tbe most important thoroughfares
in the entire South. Its length is 142
miles, of which 115 miles is complete;
that is from Salisbury to Old Fort, in
McDowell county, at the Eastern base
of the Blue Ridge; and the greater part
of the remainder of the road is graded,
or nearly so. -
There has already been expended
upon this Road, about $6,000,000.00. It
is now sold to satisfy a debt of about
$1,400,000.00 which constitutes the first
lien upon the property. The Commis
sioners believe that the title of tfio pur
chaser will be good.
For any further information, address
Morganton, N. C.
Asheville, N. C.
Hillsboro, N. C.
Greensboro, N. C.
April 22, 1874 . 44 w8t
Alfred Morris and wife and others,
against Leon id as Page, Leroy Page,
Sarah E. Page and Cora Page. Sum
mons for Relief.
The State of tforth Carolina,
To tho Sheriff of Wake County
Greeting :
You are hereby commanded to sum
mon Leonidas Page, Leroy Page, Cora
L. Faire, and Sarah 13. Pasre, the defen
dants above named, if thev be found
within your county, to appear at the
office of the Clerk of the Superior Court
for the county of Wake, within twenty
days after the service ot this summons
on them, exclusive of the day of such
service, and answer the complaint, a
copy of which will be deposited in the
office of the Clerk of the Superior Court
Tor said county, within hve days from
the date of this summons, and let them
take notice, that if they fail to answer
to the said complaint within that time,
the plaintiff will apply to the Court for
the relief demanded in the complaint.
Hereof fail not, and of this summons
make due return.
Given under ray hand and seal of said
Court, this 22d day of April, 1874.
Clerk of the Superior Court, Wake Co.
S. H. Rogers, Plaintiff's Attorney.
April 22, 1874. 44 w6t
-In the Supe-
RiOR Court.
Lucy Ann Haithcock, against Francis
M. Haithcock. Summons for Re
lief. The State of North Carolina,
To the Sheriff of Wake County
Greeting :
You are hereby commanded to sum
mon Francis M. Haithcock, the defen
dant above named, if he be found within
your county, to be and appear before
the Judge of our Superior Court, at a
Court to be held for the county of Wake,
at the Court House in Raleigh, on the
8th Monday after the 2d Monday of Au
gust, and auswer the complaint which
will be deposited in the office of the
Clerk of the 'Superior Court for said
county, within ten days Irom the date
of this summons, and let the said defen
dant take notice that if he fail to answer
the said complaint within that time, the
plaintiff will apply to the court for the
relief demanded in the complaint.
Hereof fail not, and of this summons
make due return.
Given under my hand and seal of said
Court, this 20th day of April, 1874.
Clerk Superior Court, Wake County.
A rqo fc Harris, Plaintiff's Attorneys.
April 20, 1874. 44 wCt
United States vs. 6 boxes manufactured
tobacco, 1; box smoking tobacco, 1
double wajon, 2 mules, 2 sets of har
ness, 1 lot j of blankets, 1 lot of cook
ing utensils, property of W. O. Man
gum. Libel of Information.
To W. O. Mangurn and to all whom it
may concern : Greeting.
Notice is j hereby given, That the
above mentioned property was seized
by M. C. fMcNamara, Collector of
the 1st Collection District of North
Carolina, on! the 18th day of March,
1874, as forfeited to the uses of the
United States, for violation of tho
Internal Revenue Laws, and the same
is libelled and prosecuted in the Circuit
Court of the United States for condem
nation for the causes in the said Libel
of Information set forth ; and that the
said causes twill stand for trial at tbe
Court Room of said Court at Raleigh, on
the First Mniiday of June next, if that
be a jurisdiction day, and if not at the
next day of jurisdiction- thereafter,
when and where all persons are warned
to appear to show cause why condemna
tion should not be decreed, and to in
tervene for their interest.
Given under my hand at office, in
Raleigh, this 26th day of March, 1874,,
' R. M. DOUGLAS, ,
f United States Marshal.
March 30th, 1874. 40 4t A
j 1 '
bargains. Prices suitable to the
times. , j NATL. BROWN, - f
I Raleigh, N. C.
Raleigh, April 7, 1871. 1 6m.
Book and Job Printer
Fayetteville treet. :
Are now prepared to execute ever
description of ' '
IMnin and Vancy
from the smallest, the. largest
Poster, on as reasonable terms as the
same work can bo done at anv estab
lishment la the State. - :
We will keep constantly on hand, ot
print to order,
Solicitors1 Superior Court Clerks
Sherijfii' and Magistrates1 Blanks
of the latest improved form, on most rea
sonable terms. .) , e . .
with the best and cheapest houses in
the State.
Special attention paid to ,
Orders by mail promptly attended to,
id work shipped by Mail or Express
to any portion of the State.
Orders solicited.
W. M. BROWN Manager,
Raleigh, N. C.
United States vs. 9 boxes of manufac
tured plug Tobacco, 1 mule, 1 wagon
and 1 set of harness, property of
Brum met. Libel of information.
To Brum met, and to all whom it
may concern: Greeting; y
Notice is hereby given! That the
above mentioned property was seized
bv M. C. McNamara, Collector: of the
1st Collection Districgof North Carolina,
on the 18th day of March,' 1874. as for
feited to the uses of the 'United States,
for violation of the Internal Revenue
Laws, and the same is libelled and
Erosecuted in the Circuit Court of tho
Tnited States for condemnation for tho
causes in the said Libel of Information
set forth : and that the said causes will
stand for trial at the Court Room of said
Court at Raleigh, on the First . Monday
of June next, if that be a jurisdiction
day. and if not at the next day of juris
diction thereafter, when and where all
persons are warned to appear to show
cause why condemnation should not bo ,
decreed, and to Intervene for their in
Given under my hand at office, in Ra
leigh, this 26th day of March, 1874.
it. oi. uouujuah,
United States Marshal.
March 30th 1874. ... 40 4t
stone for the United States Court
House and Post Office, Italeigh, N. C.
Office of Superintenpent,
U. S. Court House and Post Office,
Raleigh, H- G, April 6, 1874.
Sealed proposals will bo received at
this office until 12 M. of the 6th day of
May, 1874, for furnishing and deliver
ing at the site of the United States Court
House and Post Office at Raleigh, North
Carolina, all of the dimension stone re
quired for the exterior of that building.
The species of stone from which a se
lection will be made will be confined to
granites, marbles and sand stones, and
the qualities especially Insisted upon
will be uniformity of color and texture,
durability, and the capacity for working
under the chisel or hammer.
A sample block 12x12x12 inches must
be submitted with each bid, showing
on one face the natural fracture of tho
stone, and on the others different grades
of cutting. The stone must hare a good
trrain and be free from all dlscolorintr
substances, and the' quarry from which
it is procured must be fully opened and
capable of furnishing the quality aud
quantity desired within one year.
About 30,000 cubio feet more or loss
will be required. The actual average
of tbe stones cannot now be given, but
will approximate 10 cubic feet, the
largest stones containing about 75 cubic
feet. The stone will be ordered on a
schedule of net sizes, aud allowance of
one inch to each cut face will be mado
for quarry dimensions, according to tho
rules made by this Department in order
that' the contractor may male proper
allowance for cuttincr. In tbe quarrying,
and on this schedule payment will bo
Bidders will state how soon they can.
commence delivering the stone and tho
amount per week they can deliver.
They will also state the average and
maximum size of the stones that can be
obtained from their quarry. ! i
No bids will be received except from
the owners or lessees of tbe quarry
from which the stone is proposed to be
furnished, and a certificate from the Re
corder of the county in which the quarry
is situated that the bidder is the" owner
or lessee of the quarry must accompany
each bid. ' t .
All proposals must be made on printed
forms to be obtained on application to
this office, and must be accompanied by
a penal bond in the sum of fire thousand
dollars ($5,000) that the bidder Kill ac
cept and perform the contract if awarded
him, ana give bond therefor in the pe
nal sum often thousand dollars, (10.000,)
and execute a valid, and binding lease
of tbe quarry to Ihe Government as se
curity for the faithful performance of
the contract; the lease .to take effect
upon the failure of the contractor to
comply with the terms of the contract,
said lease to authorize ; the Government
to take full possession of the quarry and
work It at the expense of the, contractor
in case of default.
The Department reserves the right to
reject any or all bids, or to divide tho
contract and use two or more kinds of
stone. - - '
Proposals must be enclosed in a sealed
envelope and endorsed "Proposals for
Dimension Stone for the - United States t
Court House and Post Office, Raleigh,
North Carolina," and addressed to
7 12L - i. Superintendent.

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