North Carolina Newspapers

THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1874.
New Post Offick. The foundation
for our new court houso and post office
is completed, with the exception of the
drainage. In a short time Jtho concrete
stone tilling be put in, and every-
There are sixteen Quaker schools
in jNertn Carolina. .
The consumers of Iron and steel
have appealed to Congress for a re
duction of tariff.
AVukc County Republican Con
vention. A Convention of the Republicans of
Wake County will bo held at the Court
house, In Raleigh, on Friday, the 15th
day of May, 1S74, for tho purpose of
placing In nomination candidates for the
Legislature, and also to nominate
county officer and delegates to the
Congressional District Convention, atid
lor such other business as may bo
brought before it.
Each Township will be entitled to
t!ir;o delegates and threo alternates and
the wards of the city of Ilaleigh will be
entitled to tho same representation as
Townships. It is imxrtant that there
Mhotild bo a full representation from
t:ieh Township.
15 v onler of tho Executive Com.:
T. F. LEE, CA'm'n.
thing will be in readiness for laying the in Asheville on the 9th day of May.
cornor stone on the 4lh day of July.
The Board of Directors of the
Western Division of the Western Contributions to the flood. suffer
North Carolina Railroad will meet era have reached forty-three. thous
and dollars in Boston. . : i
We will shortly give a full description
of the profuwod building. Its probable
cost, nnd the time at which it 1 1 exact
ed to be finished.
Good Tkmplaks. The meeting
of the Grand Lodge of colored Good
Templars took place iu this city on 27th of May.
An old man named Wm White
beat his wife nearly to death re- subscribed for the Louisiana suffer
cently with a salt pestle near Kins- ers in Philadelphia.' : , '
ton. -The brute is near 70 years of Four men were instantly killed
ae v by being run over on the railroad
R. W. King, the newly elected near Philadelphia, on the 29th ult.
S2?,S?-nt af.ffi,ttonf552l?Jft Officer Michael J. Lane was shot
duties of the office on Mondav, the
Second Congressional District.
Rooms Rep. Ex. Committee,
For the 2d Gong. IiL of JV. C,
New-Berne, N. C, April G, 1874.
A Republican Convention for the
2d Congressional District of North
Three thousand dollars have been Carolina-will be held at Goldsboro,
K'.t on i Mursaay, .nay 4tn.
at 1? o'clock, M., for the purpose of
pmviug iu Humiliation a nepuDiican
candidate to represent this District
in the 44th Congress of the United
States, and for the transaction of
such other business as may be
and dangerously wounded by a thief deemed proper. Delegates entitled
iu xurii., jrn., uu xa
Tuesday, the 28th inst., E. R. Dud
ley, of Crawn county, presiding as
Grand Worthy Chief. A large del
egation were present, representing
upwards of twenty Lodges in dif
ferent parts of the State. During
the day the procession marched
Two tobacco barns of Richard
Gentry, of Rockingham county,
have lately been destroyed by fire.
Some 5,000 pounds of tobacco were
Col. Jno. L. Bridgers has been
appointed by the Commissioner of
the Agricultural Department at
through our principal streets, heaaea Washington, statistical correspon-
bv Stanley's band, and presented aeni lor jagecomoe county.
Municipal Election. At the
election held in this city, on the 4th
inst., Hon. Jos. W. Holden, the
Republican nominee, was elected
Mayor, defeating Mr. Pescud, Dem
ocrat. We have lost a Commis
sioner in the Eastern Ward, and
two in the Middle Ward. The en
tire Republican ticket is elected in
the Western Ward. Tho Board
stands five Republicans and four
Raleigh township voted lo pro
hibit the side of spirituous liquors.
an admirable appearance. At night
a festival was held and speeches
delivered at Metropolitan Hall.
Wilmington has snap beans.
The farmers of Macon county
have formed an Agricultural Club.
Jacob Harper, of Lenoir county,
has three hens of the black Span
ish Leghorn species which layed
eighteen eggs in three days. The
three hens together layed five eggs a
day for two days, and eight eggs
on another day, being an average
of two eggs each day for three days.
Nicholas T. Sealey, a citizen, of
Cumberland county, was drowned
in Lumber River on the 25th of
Heavy frosts are reported in the April.
in ine
A colored man
same boat with
who was
him has
Secretary Fish has tendered
friendly offices in restoring peacea
ble relations between France and
Planters in some . portions of
Louisiana who expected to have
made 5,000 hogsheads of sugar will
save only seed.
The residence of Henry Penning
ton, of HantzviUe, Pa., was burned
on the 29th of April. Two sons and
a daughter perished in the flames.
A heavy run took place on the
Freedman's Savings Bank, at the
city of Charleston, S. C, on the
28th inst.
The steamer Exporter, left Louis
ville, Kentucky, on the 27th inst
with 75 tons of rations for the
Louisiana sufferers.
The stockholders of the Seaboard and
Roanoke R, R. will meet at the office
of the comnanv, in Portsmouth, va.,
western Dart of the State.
Snow at Jonesboro and Egypt, on KivTS n "eanescy.ine
- o - . " I A 1 ,1 In UhnitTD
to a seat and vote in the Convention
must be regularly delegated by a
County Convention called by their
several County Committees through
their regular Chairmen.
Thefollowingarethecounties com
prising the Congressional District,
with the number of delegates and
alternates to which each is entitled :
Craven, 2 delegates and 2 alter
nates ; Jones, 1 delegate and one al
ternate; Lenoir, 1 delegate and 1
alternate ; Greene, 1 delegate and 1
alternate ; Wayne, 2 delegates and
2 alternates ; Wilson, 1 delegate and
1 alternate; Edgecombe, 2 delegates
ana z alternates; Halifax, 2 dele
grtes and 2 alternates ; Northamp
ton, 1 delegate and 1 alternate ;
Warren, 2 delegatesand 2 alternates.
County Committees, of the above
named counties, are requested to
call County Conventions in time to
insure their counties representation
in the District Convention.
By order of thellp. Ex. Com. :
Post Ottice Department, '
Wathington, 31st1 March, 487.
.Pposala will boreclrfd aV the
Stramwoft5ls '"ent un
til 3 o clock p. m. of May SO 1874 (ta h
decided by the 10th of KiZTrf!
July 1, 1874, to June 30, 187SL on the fol
lowine: routes In th stJf Vr
lina, ar d by the schedule of departure
and arrivafs herein wx-cined. vff.
HH-cifled, viz :
wuviv, iMirct iimca a
lrom Falklaiid toMarmville, 0
- v ca 1 iv4
29th ult.
Caterpillars are ruining some of
the finest orchards in Nash county.
Salisbury claims to be an excel-
We again call upon our friends to lent hay market.
Deer are said to be plentiful in
the section around Enfield.
heal up their differences and com
bine to fight the common enemy.
See to it that 110 wooden horse en
ter our gates, lie must not lose
Wake countu! Our five members
may secure the next Legislature for
us. Recollect that the vote of this
delegation defeated the Democratic
Legislature of 1871 in their attempt
to call a Convention. Come out,
yc honest yeomanry, on the lotn
inst., nnd nominate an unobjection
j Mr- ticket, then close up the ranks
tn.i! march on to victory !
No rain has fallen in Columbus
county for four weeks.
his person about $200.
General Vance, of North Caro
lina, has filed a recommendation
before the Commissioner of Inter
nal Revenue for a pardon to all per
sons who have violated the Internal
Revenue laws in North Carolina,
mm a mi
upon the payment 01 costs.
Commissioner will act when the
application is endorsed by the Uni
ted States District Attorney.
A lady died in Shawville, Ohio,
on the 1st inst., from eighty grains
of bromide choral administered by
a dentist.
2d lis-
Hogs are dying in Stokes county
of an unknown disease.
Chappell, Esq., of New Light town
ship, is, we understand, a candidate
for the nomination for Treasurer of
Wake county.
Rev. John Reynolds, one of the
oldest citizens of Western N. C,
says that about sixty-five years ago
the people were terribly excited by
a mm nuns' noise in raiu iviouuiaiu
A hen layed two chickens instead (then known as Cane Creek Moun-
mill. lie SLiiic'3 viicm 111 auuiuuu
to the noise and quaking, that they
thought was in the mountain,
lights could be seen at night. The
noise continued for about ten days,
and then, to the joy of the people,
it ceased.
By virtue of the Dower and au-
The memorial services at Atlanta, thority to me eiven bv the State
Georgia, on the 27th inst., were at- Executive Committee and the
tended by about twelve thousand Committee of twentv-three. an-
people. The procession was nearly pointed by the Republican Caucus,
a mile long. on the 12th day of February last,
The city of London was illumin- in th.e f f ;Plei&h' 2 ereby
ated on the 30th ult. in honor of the XP?inaturMtIhe 9tfh dayr of
t 1 tvto Tho Tr;nrv May, 1874, and Wilhamston, Mar-
Dr. J. Walker's California Yin-
egar Bittere aro a purely Vegetable
preparation, made chiefly from tho na
tivo herbs found on tho lower ranges of
tho Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
nia, tho medicinal properties of which
aro extracted therefrom without tho uso
of Alcohol. Tho question i3 almost
daily asked, 'What is tho causo of tho
unparalclcd success of Vinegak Bix
tees!" fOur answer is, that they removo
tho causo of disease, and tho patient re
covers his health. They aro tho great
blood puriOer and a lifc-giviug principle,
a perfect Kcnovator and Invigorator
of tho I system. Never beforo iu tho
history of the world has a incdicino been
compounded possessing tho remarkable
qualities of Vinkgar Bitters in healing tho
sick of every disease man is heir to. 'they
'are a gentle Purgative as well &3 a Tonic,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation of
the Liver and Visceral Organs in Bilious
The properties of Dr. Walker's
Vinegar Bitters are Aperient, Diaphoretic,.
Carminative, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic,
Sedative, Counter-irritant Sudorific, Altera
tive, and Anti-Bilious. 'J ' '
Drngpista and Gen. Apta., San Franoiaoo, California,
and cor. of Washington and Charlton Sts.. N. Y.
soitt dv au lira
Leave Falkland Tueldr, Thur
day, and Saturday i ltU5a. m:
Arrive at Farmvilleb 120 p. ra :
Leave Farmvllle Tuesday, Tlnui
day. and Sato rdav at 8 $1 m T;,
Arrive at Falkland by 10 a. m, '
5282- S?' Bae"svill-y iFork Moun
tain, to Johnson City, (Tenn.,) t
miles and back, once a week.
Leave Bakersvillo Kridn i s- X .
Arrive at Johnson City by 6 n. m
Leave Johnson City Haturday at 6
a. m; - j .
Arrive at Dakersville by 0 p. m. .
5283 FmJyy Flag Fond, (Tenn)
w liiiirc jiiiu uucK, once a woek.
Leave Ivy Monday at q a. m ;
Arrive at Flag-Pond by 12 p. ui ;
Leave FlaPond Monday at 1 p. in :
Arrive at Ivy by 7 p. m.
5285 From Madison to Martin's Limo
Kilns, 15 miles and back, once a
wek. ,
Leave Madison Saturday at 1 in ;
Arrive at Martin's Lime Kilns by 0
Leave Martin's Lhno Kilns Satur
- day at 7 a. m j
Arrive at Madison by 12 m.
5286 From New-Berne to Harlow o
' Creek, once a week.
Bidders to report disUnce, and
schedule of departure and arrival
of malls. 1
Measles, mumps and whooping
cough now rage in Greensboro.
of eggs recently, near Durham.
A Building and Loan association
lias been organized in Ilillsboro.
Considerable snow fell in Ashe
ville on 23d ult.
Cucumbers have appeared in the
Wilmington market.
There is a colored boy in Nash
county who is covered with hair,
except on the tip of his nose.
and Princess of Wales were among
the guests.
Michael Noston, a well-known poli
tician in the days of the old ring, has
returned to New York city and given
bail in six thousand dollars to stand the
trial on six indictments for conspiracy.
The legislative appropriation bill
has passed. The amendment to it
striking: out the items for the Assay
office at Charlotte, N. C, was not
agreed to in the House, so the items
R. H. Hayslip, Postmaster at
Guyandotte, West Virginia, and
the editor of the Echo was shot
county, has been importing some
fine English stock.
Uiwion. 1 he children and teach
ers of (he Kdenton street Methodist
Church pmj so having an excursion
to and pic-iiH- at KittrcU's Spring, on
Thursday, the 7th hint. Arrangements
have been made with the R. tfc O. R. R.
Co. Tor a sptcial train, and if the weath- i$ to be hung.
or permits a I;.o time may be expect- c-fntps nntv hns vnted down
the proposition to levy $G,000 for
the support of the free schools.
Bladen county has a collard of
this year's growth measuring 23
inches across the top.
David Martin, the murderer of I
little Willie Carter, at Wilmington,
There has lately been considera
ble excitement in Edgecombe coun
ty over the shooting of Jennie
Thomnson bv Adeline Whitfield.
. I mm t V 1 Ml 1 11 . it T A.
It seems that Adeline had oecome ana instantly Kiuea on mezytn.uii.,
1 i I 1 1 TU I m C-.;U CnUk nlnimo 4ha
VlUll lt'3 Olllllll. UU1U1I uaiui.i iiiio
shooting to have been accidental.
The bank statement in New York on
the 2nd inst., shows that loans had de
creased one and one-eighth millions;
specie one and three-eighth millions;
legal tenders one million ; deposits de
creased a trifle ; reserves increased two
and a half millions.
Laws. The laws of the last Gen
eral Assemblv are
Mr. C. F. Westfelt, of Henderson desperate in her love for John
Thompson, and planned tne aeatn
of his wife at her (Adeline's) hands.
Adeline learning that Jennie was
in a section house of the Tarboro
branch road, went there and shot
at her, but failing in her murder
ous attempt, and fearing detection,
made steps for parts distant. In
chronicling these events the Wel
don News says: Our reporter left
about that time.
At Yadkin Court on the lGth of
Anril. Judere Cloud held that the
tin County, as the place, for the Re-
gublican party of the 2d Judicial
istrict to assemble in Convention
to nominate a candidate for Judge
and for Solicitor for said District,
and to transact such other business
as the Convention may deem best
for the interest of the party. The
counties composing said District
are requested to send delegates to
said Convention. The counties of
Bertie, Hertford, Washington,
Beaufort and Martin will be enti
tled to one vote each, and the coun
ties of Pitt and Edgecombe will be
entitled to two votes each in said
Convention. A. McCABE.
Tarboro, N. C, April 18th, 1874.
ruggists and Dealers.
Ra Ra Ra
In from One to Twenty Minutes.
after reading this advertisement need any one
It was the first and If
Tlio ; Only 3?ain Remedy
that Instantly stops the most excruciating pains, allaji
Inflammations, and cares Congestions, whether of tne
Langs, Stomach, Bowels, or other glands or organs, br
Goldsboro has strawberries at 30
by the Secretary of State as fast as
They will be sent to the Judges,
Clerks of the Superior Courts,
county officer:, members of the
legislature and
law to receive them.
sent out cents a quart, and green peas at 50 recent act of the Assembly respect-
cents a peck.
The State Council of the Friends
of Temperance will meet In Win
ston, on the 19th of May.
A number of persons are still
others entitled bv leaving tho vicinity of Bald Moun-
I a. r I. 1 X -
lain lor iear oi mure ruiiiuiius.
A regular battle is reported to
have taken place in Jefferson county, o s
Arkansas, on the 1st inst., between Oin
the Brooks and Baxter forces. The
Brooksites had nine killed and
twenty wounded. The remainder
were disarmed and sent home. Sev
en Baxterites were wounded and six
horses killed. Federal action is
per week. Will prove
it or forfeit S500. .New artu les inst
patented. Samples sent free t ill. Ad
dress W. H. CHIDESl'KK,
45 4w. 267 Broadway, Ntw York.
each county for the Spring and
Summer. S150.00 per month. Send Ibi
circular, which gives full particulars.
45 4w.
Philadelphia, Pa
Kklievkd. (Jen. Tidball, the
present Commandant ut this Post,
has been relieved, and Maj. Allen,
at present stationed at Fort Macon,
N. C, will succeed him. Gen. Tid
ball, we learn, g6es to Fortress
Monroe. Since he has been among
our people, (Jen. Tidball has gained
many warm friends who will re
gret his departure.
Hon. A. M. Waddell will deliv
er the memorial address at Fayette-ville.
insr minor ouences assauic anu
battery where no deadly weapons
are used, petty larceny, fornication for bv all
the Superior Court of original juris- A severe gale passed over, the
diction, but makes that of the Jus- Eastern States on the 26th inst. At
tices of the Peace concurrent with Rutland. Vermont, the steeple of
that of the Court. In pursuance of the Congregational church was dis-
this holding, the Grand Jury lodged, and an adjoining house
' worked up" a great many of crushed by its fall. The snow
these cases, found bills, &c. On drifted ten feet in many places. At
the contrary, Judge Mitchell held Poughkeepsie, JNew YorK, the trains
tho very best Sunday-School Song
Book. Br W. F. Sherwin and S. J.
Vail. 160 pages splendid Hymns, choice KVnow1
iste, tinted paper, superior binding, wav-s pillsj so qui
. and cares Congestions, whether
one application.
no matter how violent or excrnciatincr the pain the
RHEUMATIC, Bed-ridden, Infirm, Crippled. Nervous,
Neuralgic, or prostrated with disease may suffer,
The application of the Ready Kellefto the part or
parts where the pain or difficulty exists will afford ease
and Comfort
Twenty drops In half a tnmbler of water will in a few
Travelers should alwavs carrv a bottle of Itad.
way'i Ready Relief with. them. A few drops in
water will prevent sickness or pains from change of
water. It Is better than French Brandy or Bitten aa a
Price in boards. 35c: 530 per 100. A
specimen copy in paper cover mailed
(as soon as issued,) on receipt of twenty
rive cents. 3? Orders filled in turn.
Ready May 1st.
45 4w 481 Broadway, New York.
FEVER AND AGUE cured for fifty cents. There it
not a remedial agent in this world that will core Fever
ana Atrue, ana an outer Malarious, Bilons, Scarlet.
md other Fevers aided by RAD-
Fifty cents pr bottle.
Capt. A. Oaksraith let New
Berne for New York on the 27th
at Alexander Court that the Legis- have been delayed by the storm,
lature had relieved the Court of all
this class of cases, and the result
was. all the business was disposed
Caldwell county has voted against of and he adjourned Court on Wed-
subscription to the Chester ana nesday of the hrst week or the
Don't tie Discouraged.--Suppose
you have "tried fifty remedies" and re
ceived no benefit, is there therefore 44 no
bulm in liilead?" Verily thero is.
Your liver may be congested, your
stomach half paralyzed, your nerves
quivering, your muscles knotted with
torture, your lxnvels const ricted, your
Innjrs diseased, your blood full of impurities-
yet iu one week after com
mncintr a course of Dr. Walker's
Vinegar Bitters you will feel like a new
of Prof. Baker,
died suddenly
the 27th ult.
Hon. S. F. Phi i.i.ira. This dis
tinguished gentleman arrived in
our city on Wednesday evening,
2ith ult., and will remain a few
days. He is in thoenjoyment of
most excellent health. No public
man in North Carolina possesses in
a higher degree the confidence of
tho ioople than Mr. Phillips, and jay
wc can congratulate ourselves on
being represented in the affairs of
the government by such an officer.
Lenoir Narrow Gauare Railroad.
The wheat crop in Yancey county
is the finest ever known in that
The wife
that place on
John Allen Ketchey is condemned
to be hung in Salisbury on the 22d
The Tobacco Factory of Messrs.
Lyon & Bro., at Kittrells, has been
destroyed by fire. Loss $2,000.
North Carolina claims to be the
only State in the Union which pro
duces every article enumerated in
the census of 1870.
Judge R. P. Dick will deliver a
lecture on " Women of the Bible,"
the 12th inst., at the Asheville Col
lege Chapel.
A child was recently poisoned at
Pantego, Beaufort county, by eat
ing a small piece of bark of wild
yellow jessamine.
A special meeting of the stock
holders of the Atlantic and N. C. R.
R. will take place on the 28th of
Latest News.
Pkkss Con vention. Arrange
ments are being made by the com
mittee having the matter in charge,
to give the members of the Press
Convention, which meets in Raleigh
oh the 12th May, a warm reception.
We trust that our brethren of the
State press will come to the Capital
in force, and wo assure them that
everything will be done to render
their visit agreeable and pleasant.
The hotels will entertain the mem
bers and invited journalists free of
Some fiend set fire to the Baptist
Church at the Falls of Tar River on
the 2oth ult. The Church was
A little colored boy was burned
to death in Chapel Hill, lately. His
clothes caught fire while he was
There was a terrible freshet in the
Catawba river on the 27th ult. Ten
thousand dollars of property is esti
mated to have been destroyed.
J. L. Kennedy, of Buncombe,
has been elected President of the
Greenville and French Broad
Rail Road.
Rich specimens of gold quartz
have been taken from the new
charge, every one going to the house Mountain, in Rowan county.
oi nis cnoice. r - , , .
u i n os. anarraw. or wflsninpron.
N. C., will deliver the memorial
address at New-Berne, on tho 10th
The President and Vic President
hid a long interview on the 2d inst.
The whiskey crusade has been
inaugurated in England.
Three hundred families are home
less in Baton Rouge.
The river at New Orleans was
falling on the 26th inst.
An unimportant Cabinet meeting
took place on the 28th.
Snow fell in Richmond, Va., on
the 29th ult.
John Detrick has been confirmed
as postmaster at Calvert, Texas.
The civil rights bill has been laid
over on account of the sickness of
Senator 'Norwood.
Philip Clayton, of Georgia, has
been confirmed as consul to Valpa
raiso. The Senate has passed a bill ap
propriating $90,000 for relief of Lou
isiana sufferers.
A famine prevails in Asia Minor.
In one town one hundred deaths
occur daily from starvation.
Ono thousand dollars have been
subscribed in Concord, N. H., for
the Louisiana sufferers.
Ann Hunt was hung at Elberton, Ga.,
on the 2d inst. for the poisoning of
Eliza Browner.
The river at Memphis, Tenn.,
was forty miles wide at last ac
The mails of the Amerique have
been found at sea in an abandoned
boat, and carried to London.
The Senate has passed the bill re
moving the disabilities of David A.
Telfair, of North Carolina.
and the snow is four feet deep in
the cuts.
The following letter has been sent to
the President:
Little Rock, Ark., May 1,To the
President :H. King White, who fired
on the Commander of the U. S. troops,
at Little Rock, has been ordered to
Pine Bluff by Baxter, and is pillaging
and murdering. The State is perfectly
peaceable except in Jefferson county,
the scene of White's . robberies and
murders. I have refrained from send
ing out forces in order to avoid conflict.
(signed,) Joseph brooks,
Governor of Arkansas.
Federal forces were still between the
contestants in Arkansas on the 2d
inst. Gen. Fragan, formerly Confeder
ate Maior-General. has assumed com
mand of the Brooksites throughout the
State. Both parties are waiting for
something from Washington. A cartel
for exchange of prisoners has been
agreed upon. It is thought that the war
6 Tne isong-contestea &uit or me s
a CO., against the Singer, Wheeler &
I Wilson, and Groverand Baker Com-
panies, involving over $250,000, is fi-
gnally decided by the Supreme Court
of the United States in favor of the
FLORENCE, which alone has broken?
the monopoly of high prices.
3 i
i nrav? wmv rr.nnr'ivrr'
$Is the only machine that sews back-?
i , -4 9.
Simplest Cheapest Best.
gSold for cish only. Special terms to?
Clubs and Dealers.
a Florence, Mass.
I April, 1874. 45 4w
Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,
and all Throat Diseases,
o, Carbolic Tablets,
speedy action. The city of Little Rock
is getting rather unsaie. xae peopio
are being shot at every night with guns
or pis toll.
Put up only in BLUE boxes.
Sold by Druggists. 45 -4w
Sarsaparilliai Eesolvent
Every Day an Increase in Mesh
anu feiilit is Seen and Felt
VENT communicate through tho Blood. Sweat, Urine,
and other Fluid? and juices of the system the Ylfror of
Hfe. for it repairs the w antes of tho body with new and
somid material. Scroiula. Syphilis, Consumption.
Glandular disease. Ulcers in tho throat. Mouth. Tu
mors, Nodes in the Glands and other parts of the system.
Sore Eyes, Strumorou discharges from the Ears, and
tho worst forms of Skin diseases. Eruptions, Feyer
Sores, Scald Head, Ring Worm, Salt Bheum, Erysipelas,
Acne. Black Spots, Worms in the Flesh, Tumors, Can
cers in the Womb, and all weakening and painful dis
charges, Night Sweats, Loss of Sperm and all wastes of
the life principle, are within the curative range of thlf
wonder of Modern Chemistrr, and a few days' use wli
Srore to any person using it for either of these forms of
isease its potent power to cere them.
if tne patient, aauy becomine reduced hv the waste
decomposition that is continually nrocrrAaninir. sue.
in arresting these wastes, nnd renal tha name
Market Summary. In New York
2d inst., cotton was dull at 17jal8.
Rosin firm at $2.75. Turpentine heavy
at40Ja41. Money 3a4. Exchange 488.
Gold 13. Governments active. States
In Southern cities of the United States,
cotton 15 to 17J.
A Republican Convention for the
First Congressional District of North
Carolina will be held at Plymouth,
N. C, on Thursday, 21st day of
May, 1874, and be convened at 12
o'clock of that day, for the purpose
of placing in nomination a Repub
lican candidate to represent the Dis
trict in the 44th Congress of the
United States, and for the transac
tion of such other business as may
be deemed proper.
Delegates entitled to a seat and
vote in the Convention must be
regularly delegated by a County
Convention called by their several
County Committees through their
regular chairmen. Each County
in the District is entitled, under
The President has proclaimed the the plan of organization, to as many
Tkxas Statu Fa a. We acknowl
edge tho receipt frotti James F. Du ru
ble. Secretary of the Agricultural, Me-
chauieal and Blood Stock Association of
Texas, of a complimentary ticket to the
Fifth Annual State Fair, to be Tield In
Houston from tho 19th to 22d inst.
This will bo a grand occasion for any
of our people to visit the M Lone Star"
State to see friends, or witness the re
sources of that growing section of our
country. Excursion Tickets can be
had from Atlanta for fifty dollars, and
wo doubt not that liberal rates of travel
w 111 bo ort'erod from other points.
A young man, named Ellis, fell
from the roof of a building in Wil
mington on the 27th ult., and sus
tained serious injuries.
Jude A. W. Tourgee has accepted
an invitation to deliver the address
at the Union Cemetery at Wilming
ton, on the 30th of May.
The Charlotte Observer says that
a man named Walker, in that vi
cinity, has recovered from con
sumption by drinking warm blood
of goats and lambs.
ratification of the extradition treaty
wnn baivaaor.
The Grand Duke Alexis will at
tend the Czar on his visit to Eng
land. The Chattahooche river has over
flowed its entire length, and consid-!
eranie damage has been done.
Severe snow storms were reported
in many localities in the North on
the 2Sth inst.
A heavy frost prevailed in the
vicinity of Atlanta, Oa.t on the
morning of the 30th ult.
Drexdell, Treasurer of the Relief
Committee of Philadelphia, author
izes the Mayor of New Orleans to
draw for ten thousand dollars.
votes as it has members in the
House branch ! of the Legislature.
County Committees of the counties
composing the District are request
ed to call their County Conventions
early, so as to insure their counties
representation in the District Con
vention. S. T. CARROW,
Chairman Dist. Ex. Com.
April 23d, 1874.
WAKE COUPTTT. I take this
method of announcing myself as a can
didate for the office of Coroner, subject
to the action of the Republican County
As to my competency, I inform the
public that L have held this iofSce tor
two years. Respectfully,
Rilelgh, April 9th, 1874. 8 3t
The Highest Medical Author
ities oi Europe say the strongest Tonic,
Purifier and Deobstiuent known to the
medical world is
It arrests decay of vital forces, exhaus
tion of the nervous system, restores
vigor to the debilitated, cleanses vitia
ted blood, removes vesicle obstructions
fe acts directly on the Liver and Spleen.
Price $1 a bottle. JOHN Q. KELLOGG,
N. Y. 45 lw
If yon want to make money, Sell
10 1 9) '
wit, pathos, life, fun and laughter, 350
comic cuts. The people yearn for it. It
will sell in dull times ! ! Show it to a
man and he surrenders. It is sure
every time. Don't bother with heavy
books that nobody wants. Humor is
the thing that takes. Agents wanted
everywhere. Send for circulars and
extra terms to TO-DAY Pnb. Co., Phil
adelphia, New York, Boston, or Chi
cago j 4w
.r aw -mm.
Il Dr. S)
Jcnre by Us mUl, heal
.1 inspropertles, to which
when the ystcm has
been put in perfect
order "jrith- Doctor
Yioa fialden
Medical Discovery, whlchjboold
be taken earnesuy io correct w
ystem, which are always at Xanlt, abo
to artWiflcally.npon
stands of the nose and its champers.
Catarrh Remedy should be applied with
Dr. Pierce's NaMlDonefce,witii
which medicine can be carried hiah up
vAptrfeeUv applied to all puts of pas
ga andehambcra In which sores and
ulcers exist, and from which discharge
proceed. So successful hastnl course
of treatment proven, that the proprietor
oflfcrs fSOO Reward for case of
"Cold in Mead "or Catarrh which he
cannot cure. The two medicines with
Sstrnment,for 3 y drnggista
with new material made from healthy blood and tbiv
1. eiDv!ilMnli T I 1 K : I a J T
Is certain; for when once this remedy commences Its
work of purification, and succeeds in diminishing the
loss of wastes, its repair will bo rapid, and every day
the patient will feel himself crowing better and stronger,
the food digesting better, ap petite improving, and nesfc
and weight increasing.
Not only does the Sarsaparilua Rzsolvzxt exe
all known remedial agents in the cure of Chronic, Serf
fulous. Constitutional, and bkia diseases; bat It is the
inly positive cure for
Kidtiey & Bladder Complaints,
Urinary and Womb diseases. Gravel, Diabetes, Dropsy,
Stoppage of Water, Incontinence of Urine, Bright's Dii
case. Albuminuria, and in all cases where there are
brick-dostdeposits. or the water in thick, cloudy, mliwl
with substances like tho whiie of an ejrg, or threads like
white silk, or there is a morbid, dark, bilious appear,
ance, and white boue dust deposits, and when there It
a pricking, burning sensation when passing water, and
paiu iu the SnitiU vi the Uck and along the Lolni.
Tumor of 12 Years9 Growth
Cured by Eadway's Resolvent,
Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated with tweet CUln.
parre. regulate, purify, cleanse and strengthen. Kad-w-.
, Fills, for the cure of all disorders of the Stomach.
Liv, r. Bowels, Kidners, Bladder. Nervous Diseases.
5287 From Evorettsvllle, by Falling
Creek (n. o.,) to JBentonville, 20
miles and back, tonce a week.
Ijeave Everettsville Saturday at 1
p. m ; -r- ...
Arrive at Benton vllle by 7 p. hi ;
r.eare liontonville Saturday at 0
a. m ;
Arrive at Everettsville by 12 m.
5295 From Tarborough, by Kobinson-
ville, to Willianiston, 37 miles and
back, three times a week.
Leave Tarborough Tuesday. Thuis-
day, and Saturday at 6 a. m :
Arrive at WiUiamston by 6 p. m. 1
Leave WiUiamston Tuesday,Thurs-
day, and Saturday at tfa. m ;
Arrive at Tarborough by 6 p, m. ,
5296 From Winfall, by IJelvidero and
Wardville, to Woodley's(n. o.,)'
16i miles and back, three times a
Leave Winfall Tuesday, Thursday
ttuu uaiuiuajl Bl VaO, 111 f
Arrive at Wood ley's by 11 a. in ;
Leave Woodley's Tuesday, Thurs
day, and Saturday at 12 m ;
Arrive at Winfall by 5 p. m."
5297 From Manteoto Ilatteras, 65 miles
aud back, once a week.
Leave Manteo Sunday at 6 a. in ;
Arrive at Ilatteras Monday Ly G
p. m ;
f . A A m . i
Ajcave naueras i uesaay at u a. m ;
Arrive at Manteo Wednesday by o
p. Hi,
5298 From Mebanevillo to Melville, 6
miles and back, once a week.
Leave Mebaneville Saturday at 8
Arrive at Melville by 10 a. m ;
Leave Melville Saturday at 11 a. m ;
Arrive at Mebanevillo by 1 p. m.
5299 From Carthage, by Centrovillo,
Watson's Bridge, Gulf, A Branch,
to Pedlar's Hill, 30 miles and
back, once a week.
Leave Carthago Wod nesday at 8
a. m ; i
Arrive at Pedlar's Hill by 6 p. in ;
Leave Pedlar's Hill Thursday at 8
a. m ;
Arrive at Carthase bv G n. m.
For forms of proposal, guarantee and
certificate, and also for instructions as
to the conditions to be embraced in tho
contract, Ac., see advertisement of Dec
1, 1873, or of 30th Sept., 1870, invitiug
proposals for mail service in North Car
olina, to be found at the principal post
Bids should be sent In sealed envelopes,-
superscribed "Mail proposals,
State of North Carolina," and addressed
to the Second Assistant Postmaster
General. JNO. A. J. CRESWKLL,
Postmaster General.
April 9th, 1874. 42 Gt
Department of tub South,
Office Chief Quartermahtkr,
Louisville. Kv.. Anril 15. 1374.
Sealed Proposals, (in triplicate) under
the usual conditions, will be received
at this office, and also at the offices of
the United States Quartermasters at the
several Posts named below, until 12
o'clock, M., on Wednesday, the 20th day
or May, 1&74, ror tne delivery or military
supplies, during the fiscal year, begin
ning July 1st, 1874, and ending June
30th, 1875, as follows :
Wood, Coal, Corn, Oats, Hay, and
Straw, at the following named Posts :
Louisville, Lebanon, Lancaster, and
Frankfort, Ky.; Nashville, Humboldt,
and Chattanooga, Tenn.; Huntsvillo
and Mount Vernon, Ala.; Atlanta and
Savannah, Ga.; Charleston, Columbia,,
YorKviiie, ana' .New berry, S. C; Fort
Johnston, Fort Macon, and llaleijcb, N.
C, and St. Augustine, Fla.
Bids for any portion of the snpplios
will be entertained. V
The Government reserves the right
to reject any or all bids.
Blank Proposals and printed Circu
lars showing the estimated quantities
required at each Post, and giving full
irstructions as to the manner of bid
ding, and the terms of contract and
payment, can be obtained by personal
or written application to the Quarter
masters at the various Posts, or to this
office. JAMES A. EKIN,
Deputy Quarterrnstr Oeneral, i
Chief Quartermaster, Department '
of the South.
April 20th, 1874. 43 w4w
ucera. warranted toe fleet a positive cure.- rurtdy
Vegetable, containing do mercury, minerals or deleteri
ous drugs.
A few doses of RADWAY'S PILLS will free the aya.
tem-from all the above named disorders. Price, Zi cents
READ "FALSE AND TRUE" Send one letter
gamp to RADWAT A CO.. Mo. 83 Warren St. Mer
Trk. Information worth thousands will he seat yoe
mips mm m
mm m fining? wu
ew York cost, at
Raleigh, April 21, 1874. lGm
Fob arcsicAL. iifsxnvifiEPnns,
Strines and Trimmines, eo to
Baleigh April 7, 1874.
Patented January Ctli, 1974.
The undersigned ofTers to Uie public
which for
durability and'
he challenges the world. ,
This bed is composed of the spiral
spring, made of the best tempered steel,
is simple in structure, and is .perfectly
noiseless, being an improvement upon
all otner simitar patents. : '!
.1 will sell County or State UlhU at
low figures. Parties wishing to negQ.
tiate should communicate with meat
once; , , 1
Any one with a little enenrv. can
make money with this patent. -r
For paxtlcalars, address
Jan. 2S-tf Raleigh, N. Ct
"Vfow is tut: Tins to sucenn
JL3l bargains. Prices soluble' to the
Umes. NAT. L. BROWN,
i . Raleigh, N. C.
" Raleigh, April 7, 1874, lw &

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