North Carolina Newspapers

    W JiJJiJKL V EK A.
W. 3IlJilCWNrMsiiiaKi--
OFFiccJntheultl "."standard" Build
nir. mo square South of I ho Court
!lmsp, FavPttflville .StrooL
i.kki.y Oiiuynsir, - - - (tO
Six mouths, - - 1 KJ
Throe mouths, iX)
Vkl'K i.v O.wyc-ar, - - 4 f0
S: months. - )' months. 1 IX)
H.v month, - 50
T I N V.VKIA liLY IN Al)'A.N K. tj-t
A .
hort time Mnce, the Korsacky
NO. 50.
acrobats, were unnounwl to appear
.n the tight-rope :t the TaginoiT
. irct: in Moscow. Tho circus was
crowded to tho utmost, and when
- ih two girl- n.:.dr their appearand
'hey won gicetcd by a perfect? ton n
5 applause.
When the last tableau came-- con
sisting of the roses all uniting into
h'lir iriirnntic t.owcr, with the two
leisters seemingly gliding through
sihe -iir tJw elder of then, Jevina,
f'iddcnly 'mered a scream of terror,
unl fell heavily ::non the .stage.
Wh'.n as-irjUiJiv'. aiiio she was in--nsilk,
mho her legs wero
i 'jm1 to b brokciY.
f The au-e of th. accident was at
; u pertained. Tho highest wire,
r. which she hart stepped im-
;i:tt !y l fore bcr fall, had been
!.t ii: tw:i!n. The manager said
i he accident was inexplicable to
., its the wires had been
horotiiihly tested just before night
. .all. I'pon closer insp.-ction, it was
!'um! that the win must have leen
' '-tit, Ii-aving it iilii-. ntly connected
not io snap asunder until the fair
acroUit had tcped uion it.
Tins diovery led to an investi
gation as ti. who the persons were
: hat had had aecccss to the wires after
;!u'v had been tested in the after
noon, und Ik fore the beginning of
sill. i.i.t piece, when they were
drawn jn.n- the stage. The in-
n: d -'ill r -covered sufficient con-
- ti.- ir ; soon enough to tell the
'it e -... -i.ds :l;,t. Inside herself
(.- -i.-tor lirada, no one had
tMen mar the wire except Una
, W'ogratz. the daughter ot the hotel
5;e'pvr with whom they had stopped.
. ijtm. .-.he had noticed, had re
: p-j.ti-dly touched the wires, and had
finally asked to be shown the one
that would be highest. This wire
Msad Ix-en the thickest. Una Wo
rratz had left before the close of the
performance. An officer was sent
Tor her. He found her at her father's
hotel, where no one knew vet what
had occurred at the circus. .Strange
ly enough, when the officer asked
the girlo accompany' him to the
oircus she became VLsibly alarmed.
and exclaimed repeatedly, " 1 had
nothing to do with it." Theotiicer
said nothing until he arrived with
her at the circus, where she was
searched at hi suggestion.
In her pocket was found a pair of
small but very sharp and iowerful
sois.sors. At one point the edges
were .-.lightly indented, and when
the w o fragments of the wiro were
olosely examined where it was rent,
the indented spots on the pair of
-eissors were found to correspond
with them. Una Wogratz turned
leailly pale as she witnessed all
An Arithmetical Problem.
Thorn I a man whom wo wjllcall
rrn W
I TU" Tj TT. T . "V" "RlTi. A L ;Gov. Vance passed through Ral-! party and Lazarus is a beggar that
1 ' L f rTrrfr rnnrinrr of-for TooTo. TSt. ! Wn3 laiCt nt h!3 CTteS. I
Vahiiitoiis Stiengtli.
Gen. Wflqon reTafpg oonnf of
One square, one time, - - $ 1 (X)
44 44 two times, - - 1 50
' 4 three times, - - 2 00 ;
s Contract advertisements taken At
proportionately low rates. : s
Jon Wo kk exocutod at short no
tice and in a style unsurpassed by an
similar establishment in the State. Spe
cial attention paid to tho printing of
Blanks of every description.
write his own name, nor count
money. IJeing so ignorant, you
may well know he is also very poor ;
lor a man who has not vim enough
to gain a common education cannot
In? expected to possess mind enough
to provide a decent homo for his
family ; so John has always moved
about from one shanty to another.
For over twenty-eight years John
has been addicted to tho im
moderate use of tobacco. His chil
dren are often hungry and always
ragged, but one thing tobacco is
never denied thej. .There is no
doubt but that the intellect of each
member of the family is benumbed
by the excessive use of this injurious
"John, how much do you spend
for tobacco in one year ?" was asked to a bout by the hero of the day and
from which he obtained some inte
resting personal reminiscenses o
Washington. "During ti visit at
Arlington House, Virginia, in 1854,
ington could, like Marshal Saxe.
break a horse shoe, and received for
reply that he had no doubt he could
had he tried, for his hands were the
largest and most powerful he had
- j .
ever seen. Air. uusus then gave
several instances of the General's
strength, of which I recall-fche fol
lowing: "When Washington was a
young man he was present on one
occasion as looker-on at wrestling
J Y i . -p aA V
gam.-.i, men ineiasniomn Virginia.
Tired of tho sport, he had retired to
the shade of a tree, where he sat pe-
rusmga pamnniet, tin cnaiiengca
of him one day.
"JJunno." answered John; "I buy
a little at a time, you know."
His neighbor questioned him
closely with regard to the number
of pounds used in a month, and the
average price per pound, and con-
strongest wrestler in the State.
Washington declined, till taunted
with the remark that he feared to
try conclusions with the gladiator,
calmly came forward, and without
removing his coat grappled with his
antagonist. There was a fierce strug-
cl tided that John must have paid, gle for a brief space of time, when
on an average, at least SoO annually the champion was hurled to the
for tobacco. erround with such tremendous force
"What arc you doing now?" ask- as to iar the verv marrow in his
cd John, suspiciously, as he observ- bones. Another instance of his pro
ed the other with paper and pencil digious power wras his throwing the
in nanu. stone across the llannahannoel- at
"I am going to show you how Fredericksbunr a feat that it is
much money with simple interest quite safe to sav has never been uer-
at six per cent. you have wasted formed since. Later in life a num-
lor tobacco for the past twenty-eight bcr of voung gentlemen were con-
years," answered his neighbor.
at Mount Vernon
in the
John was astonished when the exercise of throwintr the bar. Wash-
amount was shown him. inrrton. after looking on for some
"I don't believe in figgering, any time, walked forward saying, 'Allow
vay." hesAid. "I can guess straight- nie to trv.' and urasuinii the bar sent
i i . . v ' . ' J '
er man any man can ngger."
"Figures will not lie, John," re
plied the other, seriously. "I have
counted everything at the lowest
possible rate, and have made no
reckoning of that which you expend
ed for tobacco when you were first
me iron iiyii.g through the air
twenty feet beyond iis former lim
its. Still later in his career, Wash
ington, whose 'age was like a lusty
winter, frosty yet kindly, observed
three of his workmen at Mount
Vernon vainly endeavoring to raise
learning to use it, which sum, with a large stone, when, tired of wit
these proceedings, and when conU do tek-am that's a fact "
nuitcl with the iKX)r acrobat she
luirst into tears and confessed that
he Iihi! cut the wire because, during
the week since the Korsacky sisters
bad I -evil at her father's hotel, her
(Una's) lover, Ivan Kruger, had
sfijietl to be f;ucinatetl with the
elder of the two sisters, and had
made love to her. in order to re herself she had resolved to
i ripple or disfigure levina Kor
sacky for life. The youngest sister,
unaware of her intention, had told
her the day U'fore what kind of
scissors were required to cut the
wire. i-cvina lorsaoKyrccoverett
from her terrible fall, kind Una
Wograt. was sentenced tojsix years'
solitary imprisonment.
the interest all these years, would
doubtless avnount to several hun
dred dollars beside. There is no use
in denying it, John ; the bad habit
has robbed you of enough to buy a
good, comfortable home for yourself
and family ; enough to buy a good
iarm as good a farm as mine, at
"P'r'aps what Vou say is true,"
said John, reluctantly. "I s'pose
these little driblets to eat a feller up
"Indeed they do ; and now, John,
what can I say or do to induce you
o break yourself of this habit ?"
"What! give up my tobacco "
exclaimed John. "Why, man alive,
if I happen to be without it for one
naif day, I'm down nek yes, eir,
nessing their unsuccessful attempts,
he put them aside and taking It In
his iron-like grasp, lifted it to its
place, remounted his horse, and
rode on."
Wisdom, .Pure, Simple, Refined
And Unadulterated
Section XVI, Article III, of the
Constitution of the State of North
Carolina is in theso words: -"There
shall be a seal of the State, which
shall be kept by the Governor," and
used by him, as occasion may re
quire, and shall be called the great
seal of the State of North 0001103
All grants and commissions shall be
issued in the name and by the author
ity of the State of North Carolina;
sealed with 4tho great seal o&fhe-
estate", signea Dy tne governor na
countersigned by the Secretary of
Notwithstanding this provision
of the Constitution the Democratic
General Assembly of 187374 enact
ed : "That if the Governor shall
refuse to issue hiscommission to any
Judge elect, in this State, as is pro
vided by law, then it shall be the
duty of any Judge of this State to
adminstcr the oath of office to any
such Judge upon production of sat
isfactory evidence of his electron."
Will the -wise men, the "Solo
mons," who enacted this law, be
kind enough to inform the public
who is to issue the commission to
the Judge elect? They say any
Judge may administer the oath of
office to him that has always been
the law but where is he to get his
commission if the Governor refuses
to issue it to him ? If any judge is
authorized to commission him as
well as administer the oath
we ask how is the commissioning
and oath administering Judge
fix the
and a sly smile of satisfaction
wreathing his face. lie stopped
just long enough to enjoy a good
laugh over the result, and then went
'on to Norfolk to tell about the
"Scattered Nation."
tlje efforts of Ckpt Lee, a motion to
inhinW Ire lWO, the last llepublieM
Mr. E. C. Davidson, of Meckleri
burg,makes thefollowingannounce-
ment in the Charlotte Democrat:
I announce mvself an Indenen
dent Farmers' candidate for Con
gress, from the Sixth Congressional
District, knowing no party and ac
knowledging no affiliation with any
Northampton County.'
The Republicans of Occoneechee
Township, Northampton County,
will hold their meeting at Mud-
castle, on the second Saturdav in
June, for the purpose of appointing
delegates to the County Convention,
to be held in the Town of Jackson,
on tho 4th day of the ensuing July.
AH persons interested are request
ed to attend.
Ch'n Township Ex. Com.
June 2, 1874.
Jt must not be understood that The Kra
endorses the sent iinonts of its correspond
ents in every instance. Its columns are
open to the friends of the party, and their
communications will bo given to the public
as containing the views and sentiments of
the writers.
all that he owes by the loth day of
T l t-ft I ill 1 - . T .
juiy, which ne win uo ii it is aone
at all by borrowing from one man
to pay another, or by digging ono
hole, as it were, to fill up another.
And It will come to pass, therefore,
tht Lazarus will be covered up in
the first hole, for it is said that 44 the
beggarrdied or it may be that if
he gqts out of the first hole, he
will fall into the other and perish,
whieh i3'most probable.
Arid yet as we have said before,
$o we now say again, that Dives is
the Chairman of the poor man's
party in the County of Wake.
r : x, q. k. r
History of tilt 4 Lcet7onunittcc.
the Editor oj the Era :
A Nation he' hSforo hem r
S "Z oar membcr of Concrcss? Have wo.
the year 1870. Stick "a pin here.
in iwi, party lines wero not
Committee apDointed .for isfr. led
ger published tliat he appolntrjd tho
Committee of which Capt. Lee was
Chairman iri pursuance of a resolu
tion lassetl by a mtxMngdrbiiizctis)
is thfe only tegular, l&publicati I2x
ecutive Committee in the eountv,
the opinion of Chairman Badger and
Attorney General Hargrove to the
contrary notwithstanding.
. ' CIVIS.
Presto Change.
To the Editor of the Era ; , .
What has produced the wonder
ful change in.Vtho spirit of .tho
dream" of the fdunder and propri e-
tor of the Raleigh Republican to
wards the Hon. W.A. Smith?
Does not every one know in what
not all heard him denouncing tho
"npreesintalive" of the Metropolitan
District? AW he seems to he hU
drawn, there being only township poc defender nd hS tLn e.
elections and the vote upon the Con- ffre chara f of him Thl S
Tf ; ;i;,:: ;,; m., ?n ine oiaie ne can blind with his
rtrr:"l. l Warnpy is 13Uly Smith. Ho reads
Dives mid Lazarus.
lb the Editor of the Kra :
Dives is Chairman of tho Wake
County Republican Executive Com-
egram, late of this city, was the re
cognized Anti-Convention oreran.
So, whatever was done in the cam
paign of 1871 and appearing in the
columns of that journal, should bo
taiven as omcial.
In thoTTelegram of Feb. 23. 1871.
I find the proceedings of an 44 Anti
Convention (not Republican) Meet-
ing,P at Metropolitan Hall. After
the caption as above, except the pa
rentheses, it begins, "A mass meet
ing oi citizens1 &c.
In the same paper, date March 18.
1S71; appears this language : 44 This
matter (Convention) is in no sense
properly a party question."
on May 12th, the Telegram con
tain at a glance. Ho has not for
gotten the bald-headed Irishman
who lifted his sitting hen from her
nest. He can't be honey-fugled by
a man wlio has collected more than
fifty thousand dollars from the tax
payers of Wake county and has
sunk it in his own capacious pocket
and refuses to account for it to the
proper State and county officers.
He can't have respect for, or confi
dence in the individual who came
to Raleigh in tho wake of-tho Fed
eral army in I860, plying his avoca
tion as a bummer, with only about
twenty-eight dollars in his pocket,
and then prefers a loyal claim
against the United States govern
i"greatsealoftheStatetothe of law Attorney-General Hargrove matter possessed a party significance Sntmr ? o r oSzons
ission? The Constitution says and District Attorney Badger have those who favored Convention must "S TaVlL Vx
. . V vfK nr.-A ;r-. u,,n i.-. 7- 7 . .r iu. 1000 lusti up ti uriiiKiiig saioon in
nor has a right tb teethe great seal; sumptuously every day." But there vored the callinjrof the Convention)
rompieu 10 wiis aesper- without its impress upon a commis- is also another, 4 4a certain beggar only proves a mere, difference of
ifivm sion, the commission'isornonjore na,med Lazarus.who is laid at Dives' opinion. Nothing more."
!CUOnS. One Was engag- p-otA nnd rlASnnno tr hp f.l From tha Rv roforonno tho filoo . .f iUa
value than a piece of waste paper.
Some physicans claim that they
can remove the appetite for tobacco,'
returned the other. 44If you will
make the trial I will pay the doc
tor's bill."
44I don't want to be made so that I
don't like it. IVsatl the comfort I
take " and John walked indignant
ly away, j
Mind Your English.
'i lie Fat of Two Lovers.
Tln-ie a iv linr .v rns and r.nvss
: . amongst ti.- rocl.s ; one particu
I if !vf .vruch w' took the opportu
nity of visiting, as it ft -an only.bejen
t'itl at tin 'bb f the spring tides.
! is very, beautifully
rtii'i.ed. .and eonijmsed of granite
locks finely veitKi .with alabaster,
which the imagitrution may easily
form into a semblance of a female
ligure, and is, of emrse, the Nereid
of the irrotto. We wished to stav
whv, lest the tide honldnishIn,
Inch it is upposed io do from sub-
'rraneous caverns, as it till oeiore
ic tide eo vers the sand of the ad-
cent l-each. 1 was particularly
ll'ect. tl with the fate of two lovers
young gentleman and ladv from
ifton) whos" friends were here for
e sake of e.i bathing. They stole
ut early in the morning by them-
Ives, and strolled along the beach
I thev came to this grotto, which,
ing then empty, they entered.
iey admired the strata of rock
uiing in different directions. They
mired tne incrustation wnicii
ver? part of the sides, exactly re-
nltiinu honey-eonii) : various
i'l!- imbedded in the rock ; the
1 presiding its purple
::n animal llower clinging
the rocks. Thev admired the
t eirorts of vegetation in the pur
and green tints occasioned by
lichens and other mosses creep
over the bare stone. They ad-
red these together; they loved
h t.iher the more ior having the
ne tastes; and they taught the
00s of the cavern to repeat the
ows which they made of eternal
mstancy. in tne meantime uie
e wiis coming in : 01 tnis iney
re aware, as they now and then
iced their eves on the waves
ich they saw advancing at a dis-
nce: but. not knowing tne pecu-
nature of the aivcrn, they
In common talk we use a great
many grammatic vulgarisms which
could as well b& avoided as not, and
tho error of which should always be
pointed out to the young men who
are forming their language. The
Jfethoflusl sensibly says: Children
should learn to speak correctly while
they are children, for it will be
L hard to correct .wrong habits when
they become older. Many persons
who have a smattering of French
and even of Latin, too, are known to
make bad blunders in their English
because they never learned to cor
rect themselves when they were
The other day a little girl asked,
Will you go to-morrer?" The
answer was, 4I dunno." How much
bciterjQ n renounce -the, words-cor
-. . :. wm? . - 7 .'- .
know f Never say tech tine apples,
but smh line apples. Jutt ax lice
is another improper expression.
You should say, just as lief. And
uo not say, laint. There is no such
word as ami in the English lan
guage. You should say, I'm not,
or it isn't.
I heard a boy say, 4,I never saw
sech Jiggers." That was very bad
pronunciation. Another said, "I
can holler louder than you ;" but a
little fellow replied, ,41 don't think
I can holler at all, though I can
hallo so as to be heard a quarter of
a mile."
Now, children, try hard to speak
properly, and never use such words
as these: JLo-morrer, Dunno, Sech,
Aim, Holler, riggers.
There is one mistake that almost
e verv body makes in saying "lie
don't." 1 1 is well enough to say 4tI
don't," or 4,they don't," but in tho
third person singular you should
say "he doesn't,11
A Singular Suicide.
Tiif l-i n Snlo tnmnttr.tiiTA itnnn.
of age, of Philadelphia, a local paper
or a late date says, committed sui
cide by eating the sulphur off the
heads of matches. Jiertha seems to
have been prompted to this desper
ate act irom
uiigntea anections. bhe was engag
ed at the occupation of umbrella
making, and was a girl of good
character and habits. One day last
weeK she saw the young man to
whom she was betrothed in -com
pany with another girl, and, while
suffering from a galling sense of
mortification, resolved to put an
end to her existence. On Friday
and Saturday she complained of be
ing unwell, and a physician was
called. . Upon searching her room
a box of sulphur matches was found
secreted. The heads of these matches
she had evidently been sucking dur
all onmmixsinn shall ha swilivl wffh .uyiu grreu auu mer is no connici
the "great
further says
have been the real radicals, of the
I V r A-.. Llllw 1 X 1 1 I ,1 - LL ft 1 il ,
i - Cf . . ueiwwii ihc omie auu national au- uayj ior, saiu inai paper, " we
seal oi tnebtate, ana thority on this question. So we who: oppose it stand upoti old Dem
it "shall be kept by the say, since both Messrs. Badger and ocratic ground."
I$aleigh, could suddenly grow so
ricn as io De roDDea or so large au
amount by the army in Whose wake
hd was such a patriotic camp-fol-
T T!ll tt A
finvrnnr und nsrvl him na oo- Hargrove aerree. Dives is the Ohair- Mav 14th: 44 Tt is not. v nnrfv I
casion may require." No living m??? the Snty comi,ttfe. . question by any means," saiJ the Jeratands the ioprietot of tho Jil
mortal in ihe State but the Covert JS Ji.5' J5Li ST"J&J&JW PuUkxm. who Is Xnint his .mpc'r
liui mc aim ii tic juit-ii tiiu miivs i uci liiii iiii.iJiiiieiiL rLKiiiiiiiurMiis in- i
gate and desiring to be fed from the
crumbs which fail irom the rich
if the Uovernor refuses to issue a man's table."
commission, is it reasonable to sup- Lazarus is a printer, an old col-
. " I 1 A. I .1 .
pose that he would allow the great primer, auu ins namein jyiis
sAnl to hp nftivl to nnA ), "ho v Bviouiuw ueuu cxiangeti iy mai
fused to issue ?
This legislation is surely wisdom,
pure, simple, refined and unadulter
ated, well worthy of the party who
claims to possess all the virtue.
wealth and intelligence of the State.
Oh ! shades of Gaston, Badger, Ruf-
J3y reference to the files of the
Telegram, it will be seen that on the
on money collected as taxes from
the people, and thinks like all other
honest men that said money ought
rather to have been paid into the
State and county treasuries where
tt. :Virr.ilrl Ka nnniAti!ii(r1 in. l
20th June, 1871, a call was Issued, tSWlt :
t not over uie signature oi any one I .i. l'i.ij- tiri...
gentleman on the list of 1870 would .L "",iV
of Sam. Gales. Broken with age have acted if the question had been i JrT " X,"" "!
and years of toil, he is feeble imd one of party ) for 44 a convention of Siitho J a von-rrun 3Xn
burden and desire has failed. But
he was a strong man once, and
many of us can remember him when delegates to this conventioiVfthe
and last at the prayer-meeting,
wnen.tne ricn notes oi his voice
rivalled the mellow strains of a
he was first at the 'possum hunt Republican plan prescribes a differ
ent numberk
On the i&th of June, 1871, the
w- 1 A.A A. 11
ing uie two preceding aays, wnicn xxvuucii., t,.,.hix JOu -af phnrrh nrcmn rmiifi ho t;;t. r.r, o
occasioned the alarming symptoms of the legal ability of the great and Lazarus has received a county or- Raleigh township. Running coun-
WniCn Sne exniDltea. JV ClOSe WatCn wtA "Snlnmnns" who mm nnend tho rlpr. ft Walr a pnnntv r. Trior- fnr- rrt rnr tr fha nlan rr -r-.. f!M
Mraa honnfnith l7-arr rn hnn mAirn I I i , T . - I - .- ... .
.two M "i- vyc- rionoroi Aemhiirnf i ft75?.7-i 9 "Tav ior.nis support lor lliree montns. tneitenublican nartv. five rielemtes.
w iA.kJVtA -'T w vr a AfAWT . - w I ' A X 1 " T - "'a a
w I T - . 1 . 1 . A v aH I JTft .
ments. but desnite the utmost vi?i
lant of Bertha's parents, she sue- the good Lord forbid that the State
ceeded in procuring more matches, j shall ever beso sadly afflicted again.
iati. i j I
ana persisted in tne uesperate aeter
minatiqn to put an end to her life.
On last evening she exhibited symp
toms of faint ness, and was put to
bed. Shortly afterward her limbs
were drawn up in convulsions, and
she appeared to suffer considerable
.Manners are more important than
money.- A
"The nomination of F. N. Strud-
wick, Esq., to be Solicitor of the
7th Judicial
general satisl
plans of his (Billy Smith's) professed
friends, and we undertake to say
that our knowledge of their plans
will result in their defeat, for at the
proper time we intend to out with
the whole matter to the utter dis
mavnf thp intriyiiAr Wn lofir
the founder and proprietor, and ono
or both of his editors, (whom he is .
paying with taxes wrung from the
people,) to "out withj' whatever
they profess to know With regard
to the Era or any of its managers or
friends in any effort it fias mado to
since he has grown too old and fco- &c, were requested to be appointed,
ble to do what he never failed to d HOW MUCH REPUBLICAN,
when he was able, work for and SO PAR ? These editorials and
support himself honestly. And meetings were the prelude and pre
being in sore need, Lazarus has liminaries to the Convention which
taken his county order to Dives, assembled on the 1st of July, over V 11 .11 ,m""
District w l give Tverv who has farms and horses fine which Mr- Bad?er Presided. Of Semen make v
'Qt&RK houses and jewels, and who has also this body the Telegram of the 2d, Sforeve
siatxion. -i,u(. ieus. ohnnt. cu. nf mnnow UoAfofi ,i-tC . ThQ v,-aAf i iJ i I HE Iorver nereai ter noia your peac
I " 1 I -"" - "-WWF-I J rWM3-L VML1VV
vs it is generally Known that
there is a very large number of Ku
Klux in the 7th Judicial District,
who still have the terrors of the law
boy who is polite and ranging over tneir guilty neaas, it want, ne is oia ana
r.Irnir.t in lwrnnnnPN will ilium vs. I is hv nr. mnnns strnncrothA nnminn- I -Llves is ncil ttlHl Jl
have friends nnd will not often nrmkn I ir c-,i ., I every day.
enemies. Liooa nenavior is essen- , ir. , .UfV viU5.yu" e uaaa wiut uuu one rixxv. ftfon. Afh(l,llk
tial to prosperity. A boy. feels when I"""' "ill-J wrote himwn-ft Dem?cifr?rjlI
. T-r.' i. t5 l '" 1 - " rwi8s,-sss,i- , sav ,-vwi pJ. VJ 1 11 wild I Jill kite DttUlV Ul if Ull 1, JiOllf I
about $50,000 of. money collected
from the
gat here
him to give him the money for the of Republicans,
puper, ior ne is
thought themselves safe ; when on
udden. as thev were in the fur
t jart of it, the waters rushed
from lissures in the rock with
rriHe roaring. They climbed
t tioin K-iX 'n u ledge of the rocks, btit
tin : the waters rose impctu-
y, ami at length idled the whole
io. 'Iheir ladies were found
next day, when the tide was
reclining on a shelf of rock : he
the tender attitude of supporting
in tne very highest accessime
and leaning his head in her
o that he must have died first,
r lovers I Mrs. Jlarbauhr Life
: m V;
i llt,
The act of James Lick, of San
Francisco, deeding the whole of his
property to the public, excites much
comment. He donates $700,000 to
the construction of the largest and
best telescope in the world for the
( ibservatory at Lake Tahoe : '$420,-
000 for public monuments ; $150,000
for public baths in San Francisco ;
$100,000 for the Old Ladies' Home ;
$10,000 to the Society for the pro
tection of animals ; $25,000 to the
Ladies' Protection Relief Society ;
$10,000 to the Mechanics, Library;;
$25,000 to the Protestant Orphan
Asylum ; $25,000 to the city of San
Jose for orphan asylums ; $150,000
for the erection of a bronze monu
ment to tho author of the "Star
Snangled Banner" in Golden (fate
Park ; $300,000 for the endowment
of aschool of mechanical arts in Cali
fornia, and the residue in excess of
$1,780,000 to the Pioneer Society.
He makes ample provision for his
relatives, and reserves $125,000 jer
annum for himself.
everybody pleasant about you, and
gain friends wherever you go, cul
tivate good manners. Many boys
have pleasant manners lor company,
and ugly manners lor home.
We visited a small railroad town,
not long since, and were met at the
depot by a little boy of about eleven
or twelve years, who entertained
and cared lor us, in the absence of
his father, with as much polite at
tention and thoughtful care as the
most cultivated gentleman could
have done. We said to his mother;
oeiore we leu her home, i ou are
greatly blessed in your son, he is so
attentive and obliging.
"Yes,'' she saltl : VI can always
depend on Charley when his f At her
is absent, lie is a great help and
comfort to me." She said this as if
it did her heart goed to acknowl
edge the cleverness of her son.
The best manners cost so little and
are worth so much, that every lx.y
can have them. Children s Advocate.
1 YOU ICnnw t.lmr vrm. hhvo mil umc
people, ior Uives is a tax- irresveetive ofvartv. in which ALL "Z'rz 7tY "v""';r.
r, and sits at the receipt of opposed to Co nvention were invited " JS1"1
, and Lazarus has asked to participate, was composed mainly
. v i a iiiTLLiiiiiK. i i iii h nine i n ii. i in rjYi
some of whom T"Vi:":"'s r," " " .t:;;".::. .
i in tuuusiiuu nuifM m iii'LLir lrii'iin
nungrv ana in seemea Dent on maKintr tne nuei- :,.. A 7. ,
ires sumptuously i raiiea." iviv tcacics. uanaiaates i . mu l. ...
were nominated, three Republicans 72SLA " LA VLW "A"
il.-i I l i-.-7i.r"kViT m mi., rrt j . I mucwciiuuutv; ttuu lllUIJUUUtt WJ
at least give them great satisfaction I
It no doubt will be much more sat
istactory to them if he shall be
elected Solicitor, and Hon. John
Kerr, be ejected Judge of the same
district. Such a result will be of
far greater service to the Ku Klux
than any amnesty law the General
Assembly could have passed.
Southern R a i lroa i s. The
following is a list of the number of
miles of railroads complete in the
Southern States : lrginia, l,o47
miles; Tsorth Carolina, 1,281 ; South
Carolina, 1,323: Georgia, 2,202;
Florida, 47G ; Alabama, 1,871 ; Mis
sissippi, 1,023: Louisiana, 568;
Texas, 1,331 ; Kentucky, 1,396 Treasury.
Tennessee, l,6io ; Arkansas, osi j
Total 15,312. ;
While the Republican State Exe
cutive Committee was in session on
Wednesday, Sam. Gales, an old
colored man, over 80 years of age,
was begging on the streets because
there is no money in the County
Treasury to pay off tho miserable
pittance allowed by the County
Commissioners to keep the poor
from starving.
Another one legged colored man,
Geo. Laws, was hobbling about the
city begging some one to take an
order of $M' issued to him for three
months' support.
And yet Republicans are asked
to vote to continue in oflice the man
who causes all this trouble by with
holding the taxes from tho County
Timber along our Railroads.
The officers of the Illinois Central
Railroad have become so well con
vinced of the value of the European ed chairmanship of the Republican
liiii-ii iia uuiwr iar, mm iiitry i f'nmm ftw. in IK. nnnnftr rrut.
V m. y m JL 1M.11 &- . W . BiMlUW .
In another column will be found
an account from one of the oldest
and truest Republicans in Wake
giving a true history of the dlsput-
have otfered to transport the trees of
this variety, free of charge, to any
point on their lines in Iowa, pro
vided they are Dlanted in the vi
cinity of the road.
Governor Baxter is a native of
Rutherford county, in this State,
and moved to Arkansas about
twenty years ago.
article presents the views of a large
number of the Republicans of the
county, and we will state as a fact
that the Committee of which Sher
iff Lee claims to be Chairman has
never been called together since the
close of the Convention campaian in
county, has said to Lazarus; that al
though he (Lazarus) is a beggar and
without friends, yet he, Dives, can
not give him even so much as $3.50
for his county order, because he has
mislaid, or lost, or squandered, or
speculated away all the people's
money, and there is nothing left,
not even a cent out of fifty thousand
dollars, to give to Lazarus to keep
him from starvation ; but that he,
Lazarus, can go, if he wishes to do
so, into father Abraham's bosom,
while he, Dives, will stay here
awhile and fare sumptuously every
day for some time longer and read
for his own enjoyment tho pleasant
writings of Moses and the prophets.
So Lazarus has to go away, it is
said, from the presence of Dives ;
but meeting with a Samaritan in
tho way, who takes compassion on
him, he tells his tale of sorrow, and
is relieved of his hunger and thirst
by the charity and compassion of
one of the men, who has already
paid tribute to Caesar for this very
As we have said Dives is the legal
Chairman of the poor man's party
in this county,, for we have the
highest legal evidence in the State
that such is the case, but Lazarus is
only a beggar and his name this
time is George Laws. lie too went
to Dives for some help, for the
County had said that out of the fifty
thousand dollars which the rich
man had collected, that he, a poor,
one-legged colored man, might have
nve oi it to keep him also a little
while longer out of the comforts of
father Abraham's bosom. But like
Sam Gales, so George Laws has laid
at the gates and been fain to eat of
the crumbs that fell from Dives'
table, and yet he received nothing,
but only grew weaker every day.
Yet another Samaritan chanced to
pass him by likewise, and he too
has been relieved of his sore dis
tress, and the pangs of hunger will
not oppress him for a short time to
And yet as we have said. Dives is
the Chairman of the poor man's
appear the official proceedings, at
tested by the secretaries7 signatures,
headed " Convention of the People
of Wake County opposed to Con
vention." The Chair was author
ized to appoint an Executive Com
mittee of nine, charged with the
duty of filling vacancies which might
occur in the ticket. This duty, and
no other, is named. It does not ap-
pear mat said committee was
clothed with any power beyond this.
So, after the vacancy .occasioned by
the declination of Mr. Wynne had
been filled, by the appointment of
Gen. W. D. Jones, this committee
wiLs functus officio.
Mr. Badger, as Chairman of a
citizens'1 meeting, declared by the
Telegram a "failure" as a party
gathering, appointed T. F. Lee
Chairman of an Executive Commit
tee of nine to vacancies. Mr. B.
says he appointed the committee
pursuant to a resolution of the said
meeting of citizens. Why say "citi
zens', " if he recognized it as a Re
publican, Convention?
In the Telegram of July 9, 1871,
appears the notice of public speak
ing in Wake county, headed, "The
People's Canvass," and starting out
with "The People's (not the Repub
lican,) candidates." In arranging
with Mr. Snow, the then Chairman
of the Democratic-Conservative
Committee of the. county, this eo-
pleys canvass, by the"eofe's (anti-
convention j canaiuates," uapt. juee
first arrogated to himself the chair
manship of the Republican County
Executive Committee, his authority-coming
from the Chairman of a
citizens1 meeting, among whose
nominees was a Democrat.
The conclusion is, that there hav
ing been no Convention of the Re
publican party, as such, in 1871, the
appointment of the Committee made
in 1870 held good until 1872, when
another Committee should have
bepn appointed; but the county
Convention of that year having
failed to appoint, the old (Republi
can,, not citizens') Committee waa
continued till 1S73, when, through
wrong, and it has too much self
respect to fawn upon ! and Hatter
Maj. Smith or any other man in au
thority to his face, while It abuses
and traduces him behind his buck,
as does the Republican and those
who are engineering it. The Era
has never had cause to complain of
any but one act of Maj. Smith since
he has been a member of Congress,
and it had the manliness to speak
out its sentiments and not conceal
them from Maj. S. oraiy oneblse,
while the founder of the Republican
and its editors were as loud in their
condemnation of that; act as j the
most outspoken on thej subject,' but
now, hoping to ingratiate itself into
favor, it cm wis upon its belly, and
in the most sycophantic tones be
smatters and besmears the man
whom it despises and fears, with
most loathsome and disgusting llat debasing as to make the heart
sick. Well does Maj. Smith under
stand all this Irish blarney, and he
has an unmitigated contempt for
the men who are trying to gull him
with it.
Mr. Purncll and the Crescent.
To the Editor of the Era :
A correspondent of the Crescent
writing from High Point, says 1
repeated in a speech at that place;
the rumor concerning the establish--ment
of the Crescent, and insisted
that it was run by a ring. The
Crescent says this "was simply in
famous." I merely read my card
as published in the Era some weeks
ago, and said the seal of secrecy had
not been removed. Col. Henderson
and I both informed the proprietor
of the Crescent of tho falsehood told
by the correspondent, but no cor
rection has' been made. Remove.
the bar to the proof. Mr. Proprietor.
and let thej public judge whether
there was truth in the rumor or not.
Are you afraid to untie the tongues
of the witnesses ? If you are afraid
of the truth!, do not let lying cor
respondent lead you into the error
of making unkind remarks;

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