North Carolina Newspapers

Official Otxan of the irHilrd Slates
. . ii
Alter Withholding for three
Years the School Money duo
tho JPoor Children of
Wake, the Sheriff
After Promising toSettlo on the
the People' Money hy
TAGL of , the i .... , . ,
"flaw's De
lay !
XV. M. BROWN, Manager.
j THURSDAY, JULY 9, 1874.
Republican Nominees.
For Superintendent 6J Public Instruction:
An attempt made to llcmove
the County Treasurer, that
Officer being too Honest
to. Surrender Vouch
ers that the Ring
Slight Defraud
the County !
was dead? Was it not in Hillsboro, David Schenck, I.sq.
the home of Strudwick, that thel Inasmuch as a letter written hy
Jail doors were opened and defence- David Schenck, Esq.,. in 1871, has
less prisoners taken out and scourged been the subject of much comment
without process and in defianceof and dispute' in the 9th District,
law? 'Did Judge Kerr or Strud- where Mr. Schenck is now a candi-
wick use . their influence to put ;a date for Judged we have been per-
stop to these things? - mitted by Gov. Caldwell, in justice
Then there's David Schenck, the to all concerned, to publish the letter
Democratic candidate in the 9th in full.
District. He was not only a sym- The letter was written on the. 25th
pathirer but a'rocmber, yeau chief of April,; l$7i, two months and a
of the bloody brotherhood. There half after the appearance of Gov.
Uno "doubt of I r'TIe hi mself acr Cafd well's ni essage 'declining to or-
knowledges it yea he even swears der the election on the Convention
he was, but the Democracy don't question, and was understood as an
object to him on that account. It 1 endorsement of Gov. Caldwell's ac-
isonly an argument in his favor.
and they propose to elevate and
honor him bv placing on him the
m a -
judicial robe, it may be for the
assistance he gave tho Democratic
nartv in the establishment and
management of these den? of m-
Sheriff Huglies, of Orange couu- famy in that District. .(
conukhssionak, ticket.
ur C-vjres-i ith District :
ty, was in the city, on the Cth icst.,
for the purpose of selling certain
property levied on by him by virtue
of an Execution in favor of A.
So we 3ee that 1 t is partizan uages
that the Democracy want Judges
tion on that subject.
Here is the letter :
LiycoLKTox, N. C,
April 25, 1871.
To His Excellency T. 22. Caldwell
My Dear Sih : I hope you wilt
not think it an intrusion Tor a per
sonal friend, and member of the
bar. to make a suggestion to . you
with regard to the vacancy on the
Supreme Court Dench.
I desire to suggest to your Excel
who will not scruple to pervert jus- Jency the name of Col. W. P. By-
tico and use their influence for the
Magnln, County Treasurer, against 1 building up of the Democratic party.
T. T. Tne. Sh ?r Iff. bfdner the Dortion
r a unci rr rm a tnttixt I .
d -3l1YLCjO jcl. n rirtiACji , 0f the school tax due the county for col. McKay.
tncyear ioi,. out ne laueu iouo CJ, A. A. McKay, of Sampson,
Deingserveu wiin aninjuucuou is thc Democratic candidate for
issued by Judge Watts, at the In- j d . the 4th Distrtct. He was
stance of Sheriff Ie. July 18th a bCcesiSionist and great war man,
is the day set for the hearing or the bufc ho fought the yankees from afar.
injuncuon. we unuenuuiu mau H soueht and accepted the safe
theinjunction was issued upon mere .finnnf n-,, of the .ninth,.
and fought it out on that line du-
riner the whole war Wiiile the
.i i: ijicjI'VL. ticki:t.
Fir ,Slicitor-4Uk District:
.mux O . L . II A it n is,
Fur Senate Iblh District
For of Itejrcsentatircs :
technical grounds, of which Sheriff
Lee took advantage for the purpose
of delay.
Sui'irior nurt Clerk ujhI Jiulgc of
For Tiffpxter of Deals:
For lYca-iiim- :
For Coroner :
Knr .Surveyor :
Read the following communi
cation :
How about it, Timothy?
To the Editor of (he Era :
Some weeks since, when the State
Executive Committee of the Re
publican party was in session, it is
rumored that Srferiff Lee gave a
written obligation, that if he did
not pay up his State and County
indebtedness by the 15th of July, he
would retire from the canvass, and
no longer remain a candidate for
Within tho past week, I learn
that Sheriff Lee has declared that
no such promise is contained in his
-! A.I 1 4. A I 4. I C .1
wniien ouiiguuun, uub nutt ue stuu
Confederate soldiers were suffering
and ftehtincr and dying for the
J o w
cause which he declared was'right,
he was at home quietly enjoying
the huckleberries of his native coun
But we learn that Col. McK. was
not entirely satisfied to devote his
wholetimeto mustering the cripples
and the diseased ot which the militia
was composed, and so hesoughtand
obtained the position of Confiscation
Agent of the Confederate Govern
ment. He probably got this office
through the assistance of Mr. Geo.
Davis, then Attorney General to
the Confederacy, and who is now
num. who. I thinlr, possesses high
legal attainments, a cool and delib
erate judgment, and as a North Car
olinian, has at heart the purity- of
the Bench and the consistency and
dignity of the law.
In addition to this, your Jxcei-
lencv, to whom Western : North
Carolina has been ever very dear, is
aware that this portion of the State,
representing more than one-thiruof
the whole State, has no representa
tive on the Bench, though she has
furnished many men who would
honor the position and whose ap;
pointmeiit would be a source of
pride to our people.
l desire also to say mat joi. ny-
num has no intimation of this let
ter. I write it of my own accord,
and without consulting him. I
write ii .-Imply as one honest North
Carolinian to another, tor it is a l
pleasure to me to say that your Ex
cellency lias shown a determination
to do right" in your administra
tion of the State government, which
challenges the respect of every good
man, and has thu; far met general
approval. No one will be found
more ready than myself to sustain
you in all just rule.
Very truly your friend.
Beaufort County Nominating
We learn from theTVVfr Berne
Tunes i that the Republican Conven
tion of Beaufort county met in the
Tho Democratic candidates for
Judgt-s will not stump their Dis
tricts, but thpy will 44 bush it."
In other words they will visit all
their old friends and make as many
town of Washington, on Saturday I new ones as possible.
Mr. Schenck, the K. K. kamli-
date in the Charlotte District, and
Cot. Hoke, the independent candi
date, are exceptions to the above
last, and was called to , ortler by J.
B. Respess, Chairman of tho Coun
ty Executive Committee, who was
made permauent chairman of the
Convention, and made the speech rule, and will stump it.
of the season. The following ticket
was nominated : I The Daily News sadly announces
For House Of Representatives; I that " Independent candidates are
a m
Jesse Scott; Superior Court Clerk, said to be more numerous in Ashe
George L. Windley ; Register; of yille than either lightning-rod
Deeds, Geo. E. Buckman; Sheriff, men, insurance or sewing machine
Samuel Corson ; Surveyor, George agents.". '
C. Respess ; Coroner, William B. Our information is that they are
Camnbell : Countv Commissioners. I not onlv more numerous in all that
r ' 9 f I
J. B. Respess, Henry Hodges, Ed
ward Warren, Samuel T. Carrow
and Samuel Windley. :
Thefollowing named gentlemen
were appointed as members of the
County Executive Committee: S JV
B. Respess, William M. Cherry,
Jordan Wilkinson, William Stllley,
T. E. Taylor and James Webster.
, The proceedings were harmonious
throughout, which is another indi
cation that the Republicans of the
East will be on hand on the first
Thursday of August next.
section, but are succeeding better
in their business.
We hear the most cheering ac
counts from the Third District. Col.
McKay, our gallant Congressional
standard-bearer, gains friends wher
ever he speaks. Numbers of Con
servatives openly refuse to support
Waddell and the election of McKay
is generally conceded.
It must not be understood tliatTnicERA
endorses the sentiments or its correspond
ents in every instance. Its columns are
open to the friends of the party, and their
communications will be given to the public
as containing the views and sentiments of
the writers.
It is reported in Washington ti-d
some of the depositors in the I Vc ,
man's Bank are selling their .
hooks ior icss man the r va!,
either from necessity or iirnoran
of the fact that the Bank Examine
Meigs, after a thorough cxumii;,, !
tionof affairs of the bank, has plac
the assets, deducting the bad an i
doubtful dcf)ts at ift cents on ij.,.
uuiuu . i Mill t i iik; liMlljia
say mat with proper rare on
part of the management, the b !:
will be worth more than that jip,,
and that a large dividend will ,
made at as early a day as practi;
ble. The circular letter of thf s.
retary of the Treasury to the jr .n,
inent bankers, inviting theni :
make proposals for the. remain ,
of the new five per cent, loan, w ,
not officially promulgated until ti..
ikl inst. The proposals previmK,
oti"rel were therefore eo:
This Is what the Charlotte'.
server calls 44 somnambulism ' :
have a somnambulist in o'ur ;s ,
Yesterday morning Mr. J. W.I y
Craney, a compositor on the .
vei't son after lalljng asleeji, -out
of btxl and began knoekingpar,.,-,
of glass out of the windows w ith (. ,
fist. Som e o f t h e fa m i I y h ea r.I him
fmd running up, found him j.ou:
ingaway at the window gla
was seized and dragged off,
was found that his arm w i
ing profusely. T!ic
and had
the arm.
Democratic Virtue in Davidson.
To the Editor of the Era :
Pardon me for a slight trespass on
vour columns, but an instance of
Democratic virtue has come to our
notice which ought to be 44set up in
type" for the benefit and comfort of
clear to the bone
the largest artery in
it was some time before the t!
could be stopped. 31 r. 3LCra::
is given to these lUs of sonmahi!
iism. One of his recent
j j t
was going to me siuenoani,
dressing himself, taking out : 1
the cups, saucers, plates, A-c, a
piling them up in the middle
the floor.
A number of colored men
recent! v elected Trustees of New-
Berne Academy. Upon objection
being raised to their color, they
have promptly tendered their resig
Their letter, which we clip from
fhf 77m? as follows r
I vuiuvi". ' . I A,. 1"r TT..,1Af.....l l
t ti xt "i t at -i oi-r i I niilit tn hex "cot nr. in willHyiniui 11.
ii;w-xJKurj!:, i. j. , iune LOi-t. uuuw :wmtn uugm w wo ow t
To the Trustees of the New-Berne me penenti anu com.ort oi me uiea ot mixea scnoo.v ,
me gooapeopte, especially txo mat- its repugnant to me coioreo penp,,
cademy : ter of record a.s to how the party of aa it is to the whites. Neither i
We,-the undersigned. Trustees of honesty propose to carry the county jn North Carolin desire or adv.
the New-Berne Academy, recently of Daviuson in the present contest. 0ate it. Tho Civil Bights ilill. i
elected, hereby severally tender our On Saturday evening, the 20th in- we-nnderstand it, dors not
resignation as such officers, for the stant. Rev. Greene Lambeth, a col- forced mixed schools. If it di!l v..
ease of perturbed souls and for the ored minister from Thomasville, would oppose it as earnestly afm
purpose oi exniuuing, as nereio-1 was in me town w- iexingion,wncu man.
i a a i i ii
lntercepteu ny xx. ii. rm
We are permitted to publish the
followinar-extracts from a letter of
Judge Buxton to a gentleman in
Anson county :
" As a judicial officer, I have al-
wavs hppri relnetant to obtrude DO-
last, to have the County Treasurer debts to people residing North, and Jitieal views upon any one. I have,
if his "financial difficulties were not stumping the Wilmington District
arranged," he would do so. Will for Waddell and McKay. Through
"S?.?1! LnJfl eans of his profession as a lawyer,
Was the eftort, made on Friday he know w,,at i'itixens were owing
Fr Comity Comyn'-s.ioners :
lClection: Tliurdy, AugUHt Oth.
l,ln order to secure tltc Cra It Is
necewfeary tlint the price of sob
.Crlptioii hhall accompany all or
tiers for tlic paper. Our terms are
removed, a part of that " arrange-
ment" ? Was the effort, made by a
portion of his sureties, to induce the
now in his possession, and thereby
defraud the county out of thirteen
thousand dollars, a part of the V ar
rajigement"? Was the sudden in
solvency of a. portion of the Treas
urer's sureties a- part of the ar
rangement " If none of these were,
will the Sheriir inform tho public
what the arrangement" is?
P. s. Mr. Editor, if the above is
not such an article as you are wil
his business as confiscation agent
.was to go around and collect these
debts for the Confederate Govern
How extensively he engaged in
this business, how long he held the
office, or how much he collected,
we have no means of knowing.
But we learn that he collected from
one estate quite a large amount,
and gave receipts in full for the
moneys collected. W further
learn that he collected the same debt
ling to publish as a communication, again for the yankee creditor after
Tickets! Tickets!!
We arc prepared to print Congress
ional, Judicial, legislative and coun
ty tickets, at the following prices :
Congressional and Judicial Tickets
Single thousand, $1.00; ten thou
sand, or more, of ono sort, 50 cents
per thousand.
legislative Tickets Same prices as
County Tickets Single thousand
$2.n0; over one, and less than three
thousand, $1.50 per thousapd ; over
five thousand, $1.00 per thousand.
lt- Cash must accom pany orders.
Parties ordering arc requested to
write names of candidates plainly.
please insert it as an advertisement,
and send your bill to me, for I am
very anxious to know what the
Sheriff means by his "arrangement."
Partisan Judiciary.
The Democracy have been loud'
in their denunciation of 41partizan (and we are
the war ended, though in so doing
the land of the debtor had to
be sold to raise the money. We
learn further that he knew of the
existence of the debt originally by
being counsel for the debtor.
So if our information be correct,
assured that the par-
' Hon. Ralph P. Buxton is a can
didate for re-election to the office of
Judge in the Fayetteville District.
Six vears ago he was the candidate
of both political parties, and receiv
cd the largest vote ever cast for any
man in North Carolina. A learned
jurist and a high toned : christian
ircntleman. ho has given entire
satisfaction to the people of his Dis
trict and deserves to be re-elected
a lanro, maloritv. The people
-r r s
themselves by honoring such
udgoRuxton.7 '
11 not turn out to
Ab xaiiisuoru,
zen neonle from
Vhlm. At Lock-
about forty,
Kvho turned
furiosi ty.
jd a very
fhad suffl
Ihe ' Davis
ir, and do not
j-vrl amv fnvIhA lAoIInM
with them.
Mr. Headen will poll a heavy
voto in his native county.
We learn, from the New Berne
Times that the Republicans of Jones
county held their nominating Con
vention in Trenton, recently, and
nominated the following ticket:
For Senate, G. W. Barker; For
House of Representatives, J. S.
Scott ; for Sheriff, Thos. E. Pritch
ett ; for Superior Court Clerk, J. H.
C. Bryan ; for Treasurer, E. S.
Franks ; for Register of Deeds, J.
T. Wilson ; for Coroner, J. S. An
drews ; for Surveyor, Thomas Wor
ley; for Commissioners, Sanders
Kincey, A. McDaniel, E. M. Jar
men, Dennis Jones and S. D. Stray-tiorn.
Judges" ever since the adoption of
the present Constitution of North
Carolina. They have denounced
so long and &o bitterly, that some
persons who are unacquainted with
ties are living and though they be
long to the Democratic party are
ready to testify to the trnth of the
statement,) we have these facts :
Col. McKay is a lawyer, as a law-
their tricks supposed that they ycr he is employed as counsel by a
were really in earnest and that a
partizan judiciary was very obnox
ious to them. But as the; time ap
proaches for tho first election of
Judges since 1SGS, this pretentious
opposition vanishes. They keep
up the howL, it is true, but look at
their acts. Are these in keeping
with their professions? Do we not
neighbor who informs him that he
is owing debts North ; that to as
sist in keeping out of the army Col.
McK. accepts ; the office of confisca
tion agent, and as such agent confis
cates tne aeots oi ms client and re
quires him to pay in full to the
Confederate Government; that the
war being over, Col. McK. engages
fore, our uniform kindness to the
white people of the community,
and more particularly to remove
every suspicion from the minds of
those who think that we, as colored
people, have a determined animus
against our fair skinned brethren
and their institution, by our contin
uing to hold an office which may be
more appropriately filled by white
brethren. JNO. R. GOOD,
The following named gentlemen
were, upon motion, elected to fill
the vacancies thus created: Messrs.
VV. Neal, I. E.
however, never concealed them,
when they were inquired for, as by E. R. Stanly, G. VV. Ne;
you, from proper motives. West and F. D. Shlachter.
I have no hesitation, therefore, in
replying to your inquiry.
- That I am opposed to the civil
rights bill, which was lately defeat
ed in Congress, also to mixed
schools, and to every species of leg
islation, which attempts to control
social atfairs. I believe social rela
tions must regulate themselves, and
are not legitimate subjects of legisla
tion. Can I add any thing more to
be understood ?
My dear young friend, you have
known me, since you tottered about
your dear father's house, a little
boy of two or three years old take
me as you have known me Irom that
he was
nix, Esq., a Democratic-Conserva-tive-Bridle-Tail
candidate for the
House of Representatives, and re
quested to walk around behind Mr.
Rhyne's grocery store for the pur
pose of speaking a few words pri
As a matter of courtesy Mr. Lam
beth went, only to listen to a long
and insulting harangue on politics,
the substance of which was, that if
the colored people would vote for the
said icould-be legislator, he icouhl
place in some store in the town of
Thomasvule one nimurea ana jijty
bushels corn, and five hundred powids
bacon : and also in the town of Lex
ington five hundred bushels com and
Nor does it mean social o;nu',' :
This is something that cannot ;
regulated by Congressional ena ;
ments or public laws. And 4
as the Republican party eonem;
ed it is on record against any ;
tempt of this sort. But it is i:.
favor of and advocates equality l
fore the law for -alt citizens f i,v
United States without regard '
race, color or previous condition.
Elizabeth City North Carolinian.
" A cannon shot recently depo-i
ed in the Boston Museum is mar!
with the following inscription:' i ii
twelve-pound conical shot fired !', i
We learn that Col. George N.
Folk has announced himself as an
independent candidate for the Sen
ate in the District composed of
Caldwell, Burke, McDowell, Mitch
ell and Yancey. Col. Folk has ap
plied himself closely to the practice I ing to the facts
of his profession since the war, and The proposition, however, has led
if we are to have a Democratic Sen- BOu iuqiurn w now una
. " " .1!. t . ' . , liberal gentleman proposed to carry
ator from that District .we know of it out First, let us make an esti-
no one whom we would prefer to mate as to the probable cost:
CoL Folk. Ho is a frpntleman of 1.000 lbs bacon at 15c, $ 150 00
a Confederate batterv at the km
five hundred pounds bacon, to be is- Qf New Berne, March 1 1, ISiL'. It
suea ana given out co uie eveortu ptu- passed sideways through the
pie in consideration of their votes. of Samuel Lines of company F, l' a h
This proposition was treated with Massachusetts Regiment, killi c
the scorn and contempt it deserved, him instantly, and thence into
not only by the colored man to tree,, from which it was afterwa i
whom it was made, but by every cutby his comrade, II. N. Cimi
decent citizen ot the county know- miners, bv whom it is presented.'
see them gerrymandering Judicial with the yaikee creditor to collect
Districts in order to secure the elec
tion of Democratic Judges ? Do we
not see them nominating Judges in
regularly constituted Democratic
Conventions? Do 'we not see the
names of these nominees raised to
the masthead of Democratic- news
papers, and do wo not hear partt
zan appeals each day from Demo
cratic papers and orators to vote for
the regular Democratic candidates
Look at their candidates. Col.
McKay, of Sampson, in the Wil
mingtou uistrict,-1 was an open
syrapathzier If not a member of the
lawless and bloody Ku KIux or
ganizatlon, which by secret oath-
bound members, and by disguises,
and by scourgings,and by burnings,
aye, by assassination and murder,
strove to subvert all law and order
and establish in its stead tho crack
of the cruel whip, the assassin's
murderous pistol, and the unpro
voked stab from the murderer's
dagger. Is this man, fresh from
these scenes of lawlessness and
bloodshed, a fit man to sit in judg
ment on the lives and property of
his associates, or on those of his
late victims who barely escaped
with life from the partizan violence
of the murderous and murdering
klan? ..
Then there's John Kerr, the Dem
ocratic candidate in the 7th Dis
trict. Did he too not sympathize
with the hellish klan in their efforts
to destroy law and life? Was it
not in his town that Stephens was
murdered in the temple of justice?
Was it not in tho adjoining county
of Alamance that Outlaw was
brought into the Court House square
and there hung by the nock till he
the same debt a second time from
his home client,, and collects by dis
tress, even selling house and land
to make the money for the yankee
But was not Col. McK. submit
ting to the results of the war? Was
he not "shaking hands ' ovor the
time up ; do not take me for what
my enemies now say of me.
The Raleigh Sentinel of the 1st
inst. publishes a tissue of false
hoods in regard to me. It charges
that.I sought troops to be sent to
Harnett county, an utter and entire
: It charges that I merely sentenc
ed Andrew J. Jones to one year's
imprisonment in the Penitentiary
for embezzlement. The truth is, I
also fined him $10,000 ; the impris
onment was not longer because of
the state of his health he died du
ring the pendency of the appeal,
&c., &C-
rNMr.I'urner was mad with me be-
cause l would not arrest uov. xioi
den, at his instance, on a bench
warrant, after the Justices of
the Supremo -Court had decided
that the Governor of the State
could, not be proceeded against in
that way, but only by impeach
I onlv mention these things to
you, to put you on
against believing false reports,
which are got up and circulated on
the eve of an election."
liberal views and his legal knowl
edge and financial ability will be
of great benefit to the State in the
next General Assembly. But we
would much prefer to see a sound
Republican elected from that District.
650 bush, corn at $1.10c 715 00
Commissions for iss. 5 perc,
8G5 00
43 25
The Hillsboro Recorder says : '
regret to learn that the mill of Mr.
VV. W. Guess, in the eastern par t f
thecounty, was recently burnt, to
gether with a large quantity of giuh;.
The mill had recently been repaired,
and the dam, which was earri i
away by a freshet in the wint' i.
just reconstructed. The loss is a
serious one both to the propiyet .i
and the neighborhood.
T. B. Purnell, Esq.
Advices from the Western por
tion of the State are quite favorable,
to the Republicans. Good crowds
have turned out at almost every
place to hear Mr. Purnell, and he is
making a fine impression wherever
he goes, independent Democratic
candidates are springing up in every
county. The general impression is
that we will hold our own on the
vote of 1872 in the Wesfc and will
make gains in certain localities,
while the divisions in the Demo-
your guard cratic ranks will prevent a full vote.
District Court of tho Unitel
tho Eastern District of
Hon. James H. Headen.
We learn by letter, published
elsewhere in this issue, from Selma,
where. Mr. Headen sooke on Wed-
Dioouycnasm'wnenneaDanooned nesdav. that the crowd was trood
i. : i n a. x I " ' CT
ma uuur I1UIIIO vilUUt MJ engage in vmafrWino- fhr Ktiv snoerm with
I 2 f a l i -r i I o
me serviro oi ine ncn lanKee
We have . purposely refrained
from noticing the attempt to break
down the Era because it will not
support one man in Wajse county. Mileage,
We have disregarded niany things
which have been said and done in
this connection. We refused to
support Sheriff Lee and gave our
$908 25
Thus we-perceive he offers $908.25
for four hundred and fifty colored
votes, a litte the rise of $2 per head
and yet all this coming from, a
man whose only cry on the stump atoticc is ici.iti irv
is Radicals, thieves and corruption. that a petition has been til.
If there was a Jiepublican in David
son who was willing to pay even
the one-fourth of that amount for a
seat in the General Assembly, the
mass of the people would regard him
as a fit candidate for the Lunatic
Asylumand send him there, too.
The second inquiry is, where is
JViarsh. going to get the money?
Some say, he will get it where Rob
bins got that $100 for the barbecue
at Shel ton's two years ago. Others
say, that thing's played out since
Tweed has been put in the Peniten
tiary, while others, the more know
ing and wisest, say he intends to
borrow the money and refund from
his per diem in the Legislature.
Let us see how that will work.
Of course the session will not last
more than sixty days. Then
60 days' per diem at $5 00 $300 00
40 00
340 00
Less 60 days' board at $1 50, 90 00
creditor ? Was he not showing
that he was. true .to the United
States government when he refused
to recognize his own receipts for the
money he had collected for the
"rebel Confederacy?"
But Col. McK. is the Democratic
candidate for Judge, and his Samp
son client, if he has not been forced
to move out of the District by rea
son of having his home sold by Col.
m ar a Am w .
aiciv. to pay tne xanicee debt a
second time, must submit to vote
for him or bo denounced for being
untrue to the Democratic party.
reasons for such refusal.
1 il.i e.' i - ii I
xiuriiiers, uuu uim our irienus mere Jf the tn E j k t
-ll?lAJ ll 11.. fl . i I X
were ueiignteo wim uie-nrsc ap- weshall not remain quiet much
pearanceofourstandard-bearer,and ionger. We give fair notice to all
concerned that we will not longer
submit to injustice.
We publish the proceed I figs of a
people's meeting in Swannanoa
Township, Buncombe county,' in
which prominent Democrats make
an open declaration of independ
ence of said party and denounce
his speech was received with great
enthusiasm by our friends, and much
chagrin and disepmfiture by our
political enemies.
Let our friends at Mr. Headen's
various appointments turn out and
hear him. He will confirm the
wavering, delight the "fire tried,"
and convince any fair minded Denv
ocrat who will listen. His clear
and forcible explanation of his op
position to: civil rights, so satisfac
tory in itself to both races, is suffi
cient to denominate him as a logi
cal and clear headed debater, pos
sessing excellent qualities of both
heart and mind.
The following is the Republican
ticket nominated in Montgomery
the Conventions which nominated countv ;
Gen. Vance for Congress, and the For Senate, Col. Allen Jordan :
one which nominated candidatesfor for House of Representatives. J.
the Legislature and county officers.
This action of Democrats in Gen.
Vance's own county looks like the
."Merrimon Senatorial . bolt is pro
ducing tares" in tho Democratic
fields of the West. Well, let 'em
tear it's none of our party, and we
had as lief have tares as the miser
able chaffy stuff called Democratic
WV Beeves; for Sheriff, WVL. Au
man; for Clerk of the Superior
Court, N. M. Thayer ; for Register
of Deeds, P. PL. Morris; for Treas
urer, A, L,. Henderson ; for Sur
veyor, W. G. Deberry ; for Coroner,
J. M. Robinson ; for Commission
ers, W. G. Chandler, Daniel McAu-
lay, P. Callicott, L. Dennis and D
L. Parsons.
Capt. J. J. Davis has been to
Chatham, and while there he un
dertook to inform thepeopleof that
county that Mr. James II. Headen,
our candidate for Congress, was a
k Secessionist. Now the people of
Chatham know Mr. Headen much
250 00
Then $250 00 from $908 25 would
leave an amount of $655 25 that he
would be in arrears. How is he to
raise that? Simple enough. He
has harped and blowed so much
over that "Fraud Commission Re
port." that it is quite plain. Sell
his vote. There is no other alterna
tive, for everybody knows Marsh
cannot boast of being a man of sur
plus means. Especially since he
compelled Uncle Phil Clinard and
other creditors to make comprom ises
that not much more than canceled
the interest.
It will be remembered that this
same Marshall ll. Pinnix, Jq.,
who now proposes to buy his election
was a candidate in 1872, and was
better than Mr. Davis does, and
they are not disposed to put much defeated by a gentleman much his
faith in anvthiner he savs after at- superior, not enly in character and
tempting to gull them with such
stories as the above.
We learn that the Democratic
Executive Committee of the Sev
enth Judicial District met in
Greensboro, last week, for the pur
pose of requesting Mr. F. N. Strud
wick to retire from the canvass, to
the end that a lawyer might be
nominated for the office of Solicitor.
Mr. Strudwick declined to give way
for any gentleman of that profes
sion, and so the Democracy are in
a fix.
morality, but in legal capacity,
namely, the Hon. Jacob T. Brown.
Mr. Brown will defeat him again
on the next election day by an
increased majority, after which it is
to be hoped if he concludes to take
a trip to the Jfiedmont Springs
again, that he will have better suc
cess in returning. Poor Pinnix!
We can already see the epitaph that
will be vritten on his tombstone on
the evening of the first Thursday in
August :
Died of a chronic attack of the Leg
June 30th. 1874.
Netv North State copy.
i v i:
in t
North ( ';in.'lifi i
by Jos. W. Kimbell, of Nash cuiniv,
in said District, duly declared a IJank
rupt under the act of Congress of M;ii' ii
2d, 1867, for a discharge and cerlili'M!''
tuereor irom all his debts ami ,t - r
claims provable under said act, and ti.a'
tho 29th day of Juno, 1S74, at lOo'elork.
A. M., at tho o!Dce of A. W . fSliail r,
Register in Bankruptcy, inltalcigh, V
C, is assigned for the -hearing of tii
same, when and .whoro all creditoi-.
who have proved their debt, and oih; r
persons in interest, may attend an i
show cause, jf any thoy have, why the
prayer of the said petitioner shouldn't
be granted. And that the socond a.i I
third meetings will be held at tho sain
time and place.
' New-Berne, N. C, June 11, 1K71
CHAS. E. TINKER., Clerk.
Bunn tfc Williams, Attorneys.
51 law3w
on the 9th day of June, A. I.
1874, a warrant in Bankruptcy was is
sued out of the District Court of the
United States for the Eastern Distu. :
of North Carolina, against theestaN-t
Ilarvit Harris, of Henderson, in V.
county of Granvillo, and State ol' Noi tii
Carolina, who has been adjud .;d
Bankrupt on his own Petition:
That the payment of any deb!-,
and the deliver' of any propertv be
longing to such bankrupt, to him "i
for his use, and the transfer of any
property, by him, are forbidden I
law; That a meeting of tho creditor
of said bankrupt, to prove their debt-,
and to choose one or more asigiit r-.
his estate, will be held at a Court f
Bankruptcy, to bo holden at Ralei::;i,
N. C, before A. W. Nhaller, Rctii-t. ..
on the 29th day of June, A. i
171, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Deputy Marshal as Messcnvr'-r
Ciias. M. Cooke, Attorne-. "!
We learn that Hon. Thomas Ruf-
fin of Orange has announced him
self an indenendent candidate for
j Judge in the Seventh District.
Col. Humphrey, Presdentof the
A. &:,N. C. Railroad, it is thought,
will succeed in meeting the July
interest on the mortgage bonds of
the company, j
general meeting of the credit. r-
Thomas P. Devereux,will beheld at t
Register's office in Raleigh. N. '..'.
fore A. W. Shaffer, Esq., r-ui -! '' ' :
tho 2d day of Julj 1874, at lo : '
a.m.. lor tho DurDoses nau: in;
27th and 28th sections of the Bauki i.j
Act of March 2, 1807. .s 1
Raleigh, N. C, June 22, 1874. 2
J have been appointed Assignee
the estato and etrects of Tlmmas I'
Blacknall, of Kittrells, t ranville coin,
ty, N. C, who was adjudged a bankrupt
by the District Court of the tinit- 1
States for the Eastern District of Norin
Carolina upon the petition of ono of lit
er editors.
Ij. D. HEARTT, Assignee
Raleigh, June 5, 1874. 51 -t
have been appointed the -Assign'-of
the estate and elfects of Tin una
Edgerton, of Johnston county, N.
bytheUnitel States District Court for
tho Eastern District of North Carolina.
JOSHUA B. HILL, Assignee.
Raloigh, June 8, 1874. .l-2t

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