North Carolina Newspapers

    9 .
XV. 31. HUOWN, Manager.
Officio in the old "Standard" Build-
intr. one Hanaro South of tho Court
I'nciso, Fayotu-ville Street.
Wkkklv-One year, - - - 2 oo
Sir months, - - 1 00
Three months, - - ,r0
Tri-Wekkly One year, - - 4 00
Six months, - 2 00
Three months, 1 00
One month, - 50
f-tJ" Invariably in Advance. f
Public Meeting.
A meeting was held in the Court
House in Charlotte, on the evening
of the L'Oth inst. Mr. Burt Schenck
presided ami V. It. Myers acted as
Secretary. After prayer by Rev.
Iaac Stevenson, Rev. Mr. Pearsall
addressed the meeting in an elo
quent ami comprehensive speech, in
eulogy of the late Governor Tod It.
vol. rv.
NO. 6.
Ono square, one time, - - $10O
" " two times, - - l 50
' " three times, - 2 00
Contract advertisements taken nt
proportionately low rates.
Job Work executod at short no.
tico and in a stylo unsurpassed by 3113'
similar establishment In the State. Spe
cial attention paid to tho printing of
Blanks of every description.
ino news irom the Ffth District Tickets,
... wiwurasmg wianw. Tickets for Superintendent of
ier. lienuerson is evervwherfl nnf-I xr.Ki: t 1 1
" 1 j. uuni iiiauucuuu nave ueen lor-
ine aeiensive. We warded tr nrnminnnt in oil
ting Scales on
hear that in Rockingham (Scales'
county) our nominee will make
large gains on the "Shoot
ing Bricradier ." The nonnlo
tho Congressional Districts. Our
friends receiving them will please
see to their distribution throughout
their respective districts. There
(aid wen. a cominuiee was ap
pointed to draft resolutions, during by the orders of Scales.
the retirement 01 which, Mr. R. E
McDonald, iy request, addressed
the meeting in a feeling and appro
priate seeth, impressing upon the
convention the great loss which tho
country had sustained. The com-
of the District are becoming dis- being but one name, tickets can be
gusted at the lew personal attacks written, and we trust that some
on Col. Henderson, and will by Republican at each precinct will at-
their votes prove that they have tend to this, should printed tickets
not forgotten the horrors inflicted foil to come to hand. Orders for
upon them and their friends during pUmell tickets sent to us will bo
the dark days of Jeff. Davis' reign turned over to oroner nersons.
It must not be understood that The Era
endorses the sentiments of its correspond
ents in every instance. Its columns are
open to the friends of the party, and their
communications will be given to the public
as containing the views and sentiments of
the writers.
Cobb's Election Sure.
To lie Editor of the Era:
The First District All Right.
To the Editor of the Era :
The Democratic papers of the
First Congressional District have
been whistling to keep their cour
age up by telling the people that
Hon. C. Li. Cobb (tho standard
bearer of the Republican party in
this district) was afraid to face the
The Sheriffalty.'
Jo the Editor of the Era :
We are confident that we aresus
taincd by the sentiments of a large
number of the qualified Republican
ests of tho colored man were as
firmly secured as it is in that of
Squire Wynne's. Hi speech at
Apex, advising them to vote for
Dunn, the Conservative candidate,
in the event of a choice betwnen
electors of-Wake in denoufcinzithe I hiin. and the Km lire.; pprtn!nl i;.l
.., K f.? -r:. " 11... I . . . - '
Lee,-as violation of U principles?
of honesty and good faitii ; as det
rimental to he causand the honor
of oar party, an w n insult to the
peopje or-: tncj-nnty. All good
Repriblican&'bterlv execrato the
Republicans of the Second Dis
trict : vote for Hyman.
Hon. C. L. Cobb is milking a most
successful canvass in the Frst Dis
trict. The Republicans of every
county have become thoroughly
aroused and will turn out and vote
mittee having reported, Mr. Myers port of Thomas Ruffin forjudge.
poke on tho resolutions, which I Hundreds of gentlemen of tho
were unanimously adopted. Democratic party refuse to be
A poem was read by Rev. Z. T. whipped into party traces in this
Pearsall. District, and will sunnort Col. Rnf-
I. X "
fin for Judge.
other paiers, to publish the pro- Calm, cool, clear-headed, and
feedings, the meeting adjourned. well versed in the law, he will be
an honor to the bench in the State,
and recognizing his peculiar fitness
for the place, the people without
The Republicans of the 7th Judi-
"1" ftlZ yiD5 iltS!- tho entire ticket. Although Mr.
uodd's neaiin nas been lor some
hope I will be allowed space in anil ho vcnnUi tnmiv- r.
VOIir eollimna frr fpVU (loanltnnr . i -r-kT .1
" , , . . . -" v..ju..j. i iint me Doo-tan uemocraiic nag,
remarks, which in my opinion, may Mai. Yeates, to quietly trot over
fn,o itJ OI AWPU 1 amsm- the'eourse, attended by the pseudo corrupt practices of Gov. Moses, of ddo bv diert
fufoTr SouthP0plina, and deeply sympa- &nd
tha Triii Hiin VvriTroTAr. w' uii uut uic uuuuuuue- mize witn tnat untortunate state
tne ItepUbllCan Convention, held I m on f a fPW rlava sineA that nnr .,t. s
in this place on the 28th ult., there champion had appeared in the dis- vulture that is previn upon her
torIrftdoSSd trict Ld wouldTe . heard, caused vind yet, what Kls
in ?n in rhin? whin f10"01"' consternation and dismay to to South Carolina, Timothy Lee is,
Mrv '.ni th Y2, bc dePictc uPn the elongated faces in a measure, to AVake county. Wo
thf'tri ?rS rnh Va?n of the Democrats and the renegades, do not in this comparison include
Ms rf VifnS?in n?i n la3t Saturday,; the 18th inst., Mr; Lee's personal1 character, but
HIS Dea in Washington, and COUld thorn u- rmhlin r iapninn t i -:-!
YVWLh ?PJ?e ymoSth, anra after" 5SSo HtUe knd poTitS conffl. ho
'iauuifei, i vaacu una snarrinp' nv tne. rsenatorin rvirun
not the people's choice for the Sher-
iiot strengthen our assurance of his
devotion to the welfare of tho col-'
o rod people. It shows the utterly
selfish nature of theman,who, rath
er than to bear tho mortification of
his antagonist's triumph, would
1 1 .
nave me coioreti man commit sui-
oi li
To the Republicans of Wake
county we say, in conclusion: If
you would rebuke the evil doer and
show him that the servant is not
greater than his lord, voto'forMr.
Wynne. If you would see tho taxes
faithfully collected and legitimately
expended, vote for Mr. Wynne. If
you would maintain the glorious
principles of your party and pre
serve it from every blot of foul dis
time feeble, yet he is meeting all
his appointments and rapidly gain
ing accessions.
i circumstance rr inmre i r iTnhtvs i ,i is- t-. s n . i : . . . . . t . . . r .- i
v .T, . , - uaies, ivduauiu,: tuu unsexvit- ittaltvisafact wliicnthe wicle-snronil I hr.i. frMr U',-1,,...
prospects wun nis inenos: ana it tive-Renuhlican-Democratie asni- .1 " ,isoefeJr , ' ' ' rV: '
of if rant for Congressional honors, drew ducTv T.,;,b .t,v ilVlUA
- IZnt iSS .",0 purpoS OI himsel.f UP, th5 P?ni,Q? A a strated beyond all cavil or refuta- ZIZJZL.
Sheriff Lee's paper makes faces
and calls ugly names, because the
Ei-a says that the Sheriff hassquan-1 regard to party are determined to
dered sixtv-six thousjmd dollars of I elect him.
public money. Now, neighbor, as
you are in the "sere and yellow
Iejf " (though your heart is young),
you doubtless recollect Dabol's
arithmetic. Well, it appears from
the statement of Wake finances
Those Democrats of tho 7th Ju
dicial District who have been de
claiming so loudly against partizan
Judges, and who never tire of
boasting of the good old times when
(official) that $.5G,250."j(5 is charged Judge Ruffin graced tho bench in
against the Sheriff, with the credit
i ti i . i ? i r 1 1 . i m
mic oianK : wnne ratate ireasurer
Jenkins has a bill for $10,530.54.
Adding, after Dahol, we make the
HL'L'regate indebtedness of Sheriff
Loo t;r;,7S1.10. As to the participle
u-ed in speaking of parting with
tlii- sum, it matters but little with
( 'apt Lee, for he says we can call
it -tealliur, defaulting, or anything
el.e we like; so, having hi permis
sion to cluxMO language, it does not
In-come his paper, in taking up the
endgel, to lose sight of that courtesy
due from one journal to another.
Our gallant young standard bear
er, Thos. R. Purnell, is wrakingup
thesturdy mountaineers, and every
where the people are flocking to
hear him. The "living and dead
man" will soon be tho dead politi
cian. Tho West is all right. The
people want active, energetic men.
They are tired of old political hacks.
,umius i-ioj. icaiw. rustv iacK-Kniie ana statea to tne I tin npimf h wnniri nf ho
A I 1 M 1 a mM. Wll m -A- A a lm J A A vy V V J LA A. lll mJ AA L A w a j mm
to J lY'S v thatheintended to handlo ceiVed the nomination even at the Henderson's Platform.
mr. uodd wun ungioiveu nanus ana hands of the packed Convention, Col. W. F. Henderson, tho Re
would preach his funeral discourse, had.he not pledged himself on the publican candidate for Congress
but he failed to discuss any political honor of a gentleman and a faithful in the Fifth District, stands upon tho
principle, his only j theme being servant to liquidate his entire in- following platform: i -.
Cobb, Cobb, Cobb, ad after having debtedness before entering tho cam- 1. He opposes tho Civil Rights
ranted and raved and beat the air, Daicrn. is a truth which Mr. Leo bill, and mixed schools, holdinir
jl m
Col. Young has accepted an invi
tation from the Republicans of Fay
etteville to address them on the po
litical issues of the campaign, on
the State, now have an opportunity
of proving their faith bv their
works. Col. Thomas Ruffin is a
candidate for Judge at the solicita
tion of the people without regard to
party, and it will really remind U3
of "old times" when he hear the
people everywhere praising Judge
this ungenerous inuendo had no ef
fect on any truo Republican; for
the people of the First District had
not yet forgotten that two years
ago, Mr. Cobb not only met that old
Democratic war-horse, D. M. Car
ter, at every appointment to speak
in the District, but rolled up a ma
jority over Col. Carter of 1452 votes;
more than his mostsanguine friends
had dared to hope for. I simply
make this statement of a fact be
yond doubt in order to discredit any
assertion or insinuation that Mr.
Cobb was not in the field when he
might have been.
Now, however, Mr. Cobb is here,
he invites discussion with the gen
tiemen oi the other
two telling speeches
and howled worse than a " whang
doodle mourning for his first-born,"
he brought his speech to a close,
like the expiring strains of a far-off
jackass gently wafted through a
Mr. Cobb then arose and enter
tained the people with clear and
himself will not dare to call in nues-1 that no legislation is necessary to
tion. At a period later on, when secure to the colored people their
he saw the opposition against him full rights under the law.
daily increasing, ho renewed his 2. lie favors repeal a of tho Intern
pledge, and assured tho public that al Revenue Laws, and will intro
the fifteenth of July should see every duco a bill into Congress for; the ro
dollarofhis obligation discharged, peal of tho same,
and the monev entrusted to his care 3. Ho opposes back nav and salarv
unmistakable language told us that satisfactorily accounted for. In case I grabs. j
he was opposed to the civil rights I of a failure to settle by the above I 4. Ho pledges himself to intro-
bill in its present shape, but that he j mentioned time ho promised to re- duce and advocate in Congress, a
Tuesday, the 4th of August.
We bespeak for the Colonel a good I and has also spoken in Pitt and
crowd, as he is one
speakers in the State.
I riiri rloaira a. ri7ii riorhta hill jt.rmt. I eicrn hi ri 1 n rf rn t h r tinrn nnrl I hill fnr o Inw rati rf inturnct twit (it
Ild.3 JllctUU I ...1,1 i.,1 ; I 1 : r i-.. c x l 'i I 1 i .... n.i
in this COUntv I tuiwcu xjjcih m neve iiie piucy ui me emDarniSS-j u-cevu si.v pei -eeiii., ui.iL oooi
i uuumiii, ivtJULucis. v auu itjuucssw i lueut in wmcn no wouiu necessarnv i men. larmers. laoorersanti mecnau-
7 Beaufort met Jarvis Latham and the rae rihts before the law as involve it by attempting to secure ics may not be cruslu.H, the .......
of tho best stump Smi toriwsSStaln enjoyed by those in North Carolina, are-election. But W stand the ey kings.
ite. this Z'ntv aeain when ho will and that an enforcement act was facts? The fifteenth of July has . 5. Ho Will advocate the bill nov
meet the rednnhtohlp Phnmninnl nf necessary to secure them this right, long since passed ; tho campaign is pending in Congress, I makin;
v v v - v v rr www a w usm m mm A m.-f x A I A. A . A. A A. ; AT M I 1 - . . 1 - 1 t-
.position at this nlace. Latham a au ejcpiaineu lo ui saiisjaciioii ui iar aavancea, ana yet Mr. Lee has ireignis
Republicans of the Fifth
trict : vote for Henderson.
Dis- e opposition at this place, Latham
aiUUMJU I 1 1 L! I 1 j. iU 1 I . i f "ii i " . ., , . . I t -r 1 i ri i i
and Ransom. Whenever and wher- ailills u"u 1U. w y not oniy ianea to settle nis account, umiwi ounes.
othor 1 lttL' auu 1113 viewo upuu ujc umcx i uuu remains on me ticket, ana witn I o. xxe is in iuv
ever he speaks he invites the
side to a discussion of the issues of
Col. Thomas B. Long delivered a the day, showing that he not only
issues before the public thereby unblushing effrontery goes before tho children
or of educating all
of the State, and to
Republicans of the First District:
vote for Com:.
Mr. Koss, a Democrat who had
never voted tho Republican ticket,
was recently nominated by the Re
publicans of Pitt as a candidate for
the 1 Iou- of Representatives. He
made many professions of allegiance
to the principles of the Republican
party, but being a very illiterate
man, and withal a very weak ves
sel, Ids Republican professions soon
hoiked out, and he returned to his
wallow in the Democratic stye.
The Republicans of Pitt heartily
thank Mr. Ross for leaving so soon,
us he would have lost us votes if he
had continued in tho field. As it
is we lose only tho promise of one
vote, tho Republican party is
Shall white children and negro
children bo forced into association
in the same schools? Daily News.
Well, if Republicans are elected
to office, separato schools will be
provided, but if the Greeley De
mocracy aro olectod, it is probable exceedingly close.
uiat me wnuo cnuuren anu negro
children will be " forced into asso
ciation in the same schools."
A vote for Republicans is a vote
for separate schools a vote for the
Greeley Democracy is a vote for
rvi ivinrr ' '
does not wish to avoid them but is
anxious to meet them.
Under his powerful reasoning and
candid and unvarnished statements
of facts and figures the disaffec
tion has been dispelled and discord
has melted like ice in the sun, and
rl vOrl lfcolf Infn fhr nnva anrl
do not carry Davie tho vote will be refreshing streams of peace and
harmony. All is now calm and
quiet as the bosom of a summer
speech at Smith's Grove, Davie
county, on Monday, the 20th inst.
It was on the occasion of the meet
ing of the county candidates, and
we understand that tho Colonel
mado a fine impression. If we
healing dissensions! in our own the honest and intelligent nennlonf this end. will favor the passairo of a
ranks and enlisting! recruits from Wake and solicits their suffrages, bill in Congress, to devoto tho pro-
the ranks of the enemy.
Maj. Latham then ventilated him
self in behalf of eates said he
could not reply to Mr. Cobb's speech
any better than a schoolboy that
his throat was sore we rather think
it was his heart, yet he felt called
When two parties mutually aerree
to a contract and the one violates his
part of the agreement, the other is
absolved from further obligation.
The nomination of Mr. Lee was of
the nature of a bargain. The sup
port given him by many up to the
sea, and the result will be that on
r3 , the 6th of August, the pent-up wa
distinct understanding that he ters will rush out with an irresisti
would settle in full with the County ble force and carry everything be-
and State or withdraw. Having
broken his pledge he is no longer
tho nominee of even a packed con-
upon to say something ; so he pro- day fixed for settlement was not
ceededtojerkouta little chin-music unqualified, but conditional. Mr.
for the amusement of the boys. He Lee, however, has failed to stand
took his text on Cobb imagined bv his liarmin. anrl refuswl t,n mm-
cecds of tho sales of tho public
lands to educational purposes, and
no other; each State to share pro
portionately, North Carolina to
nave her part.
7. Ho will favor tho restoration of
tho direct land tax collected, in
1807, in tho; counties of Rocking--ham,
(iuilford, Alamance and Da
vidson, amounting to$Jio,ooo, which
money was taken troni the nam
himself to be a new-fangled patent ply with the condition expressly earnings of the people.
Republicans of the Third
trict : vote for McKay.
fore them for the Hon. C. L. Cobb.
His popularity is greater now
than at any time since he first came
before the neonle : the falsft and un
charitable statements regarding tacking Mr. Cobb, . or to ransom
him have created a stronsr svmpa- meuiswYes nom ponnuai uauum
cob-crusher, and ground out a little stated by himself, and clearly un
cob-meal to teea bis frienas upon. derstood by his friends. We sub
While Mr. Cobb is winning gold- mit it,ifi his action has notcancelled
en opinions of all sorts of people, all claims on his part for Republican
the Democrats and renegades hope allegiance and justified the with
to alienate the Republicans by at- drawal of the support that any may
Sj lie pledges himself to use his
influence to get pay, (20,000,) for
the Court House at Lexington, de
stroyed by fire in 180."i, while occu
pied by federal troops.
Our Chatham friends will please
notice tho appointments of Col.
Young, at Merry Oaks, July 31st ;
Pittsboro, August 1st, and Egypt,
August 3d, and get him out good
Col. Young is one of our most ef
fective speakers, and all should hear
him. Let our friends go to work.
' From a friend we learn that Col.
Ruffin will make tremendous galas
in Orange and Alamance. It is be
lieved that ho will carry the latter
county by a handsome majority
and that the vote will bo close in
thy even in the breasts of the more
honest and upright portion of the
Democrats, and to-day he stands
before the people of the First Dis
trict the injured but honored cham
pion of Republican principles, the
only representative we have ever
tion by creating division in our
ranks and encouraging tho rene
gades. Ransom had nothing to say against
Yeates, and Yeates' friend, Maj. L.,
had no fault to find with Ransom,
nave exienaea mm. xno course
of this j gentleman in taking the
field as candidate for Sheriff merits
the severest condemnation at the
hands of every worthy citizen. It
cannot be characterized otherwise
than as dishonorable and impudent;
evincing as it does, an utter disre-
behalf of
The Colonel will be met at each ap-
Pirengu.encii ny tne nomination oi DOintment doubtless by some of
Calvin Cox, llsq., an "original true- Cant. Davis' friends, as he has
blue," and there is no longer any
ever made any effort in
lilastern North Carolina.
I assert without the fear of con
tradiction that he has had more
money appropriated and expended
in developing the resources of this
Tho back-bono of Democracy is I section than all his predecessors for
being broken in Orange. Headen the past eighty years.
had in the U. S. Congress who hass attacks on Cobb, and were like tales
but the speeches of both wore only I gard for plighted honor, for truth
Gov. lirogdcn.
This gentleman has entered fully
upon tho discharge of tho duties of
the high office to which ho has been
called by the sudden and unexpect
ed death of his predecessor, and a
great portion of the people and the
press of the State are anxiously
-told by an idiot,
Republicans of the Sixth District:
vote for McLean.
Full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."
All of which helps elect Mr. Cobb.
July 21, 1874.
wx , iui uuui I ?x; i . . . i
and for party welfare. The Repub- "waun.g ms ursi imiipriant .pui
licans of Wake county owe it to r, ,. V1UV Ui uuwmu""'
themselves who have been deceived poucy.
and imposed upon; to their chil- Y ro. pleased to note that a
dren who are daily wronged by the J Pint, of forbearance and a dtspusi-
unjust withholding of the school J.
fund, and above all to tho purity """V" '"'K " "il1;
a-nd safety of the Republican or- actenzes the opposition press a fact
m)ni7ofmn fn n,i!of A ,i,a remarkable only because of their
is making rapid inroads on the op-
doubt about our success in Pitt.
openly invited them to a division of position Ruffin and Headen
Horace Greeley was notoriously in
favor of civil rights, social equality
of the races and mixed schools.
The Democrats nominated him as
their candidate for President. He
never retracted a word he said on
the above subject, and tho Demo
crats voted for him almost to a man.
Mr. Sumner, a renegade Repub
lican, co-operated with the Demo
cratic party, and heartily assisted
in the effort to elect Mr. Greeley
President, and introduced the civil
rights bill, which no Republican
member from North Carolina voted
for, and which is opposed by every
prominent Republican in the State.
And yet tho Democrats charge
that the civil rights measure is a
part of the Republican platform.
Tim Leo has squandered sixty
six thousand dollars of the people's
money in six years. This is only elev
en thousand dollars per year besides
h is regular commissions. This being
the case, if he should be elected again
for the next two years his defalcation
in the same proportion will reach
the enormous sum of eighty-eight
thousand dollars. He has not a
cent's worth of property upon which
an execution can bc levied. Papers
are said to be returned and marked
no property found. Think of it,
Republicans of Wake.
Hon. Oliver H. Dockery is doing
valuable service in tho Third Dis
trict. On Monday, the 20th inst.,
he spoke at Magnolia to a crowd of
over four hundred persons. Such
was the desire to hear him that the
merchants closed their pkices of bus
iness and listened attentively. The
people of Duplin are tired of being
humbugged by the Ku Klux De
mocracy, and now declare they in
tend in tho future to hear both sides
and vote dispassionately.
Tho news from the Third District
is of the most cheering character.
We learn from an intelligent gen-
the rallying cry of the patriots of
the old classic county.
Hon. C. L. Cobb is making a gal
lant canvass in the First District.
In view of these undeniable facts
it is a task rather beyond the pow
ers of Maj. Yeates or any other man
to persuade the people of the First
District not to vote for him. In
the two speeches made here by Mr.
Cobb, the Democrats have, if I may
be allowed the expression, double
Seventh Judicial District.
To tlie Editor of the Era :
Will you allow me space in your on a triumphant election by his su-
ganization, to repudiate a man who
has proved so derelict in the dis
charge of his functions, and who,
in anticipation, felicitates himself
form erj plan of attacking untried
and unheard, every Republican of
ficial. Many of them go so far as
to express the belief that ho will
make a good Governor, an admis
sion at this early day important! in
th IXlxllx 111 I -if m. ii . " a . ' .
didate for Judge in this District? I the full knowledge of his damaging Hlwn anu lo 1,10 IP10
caascarcely pick up a Democratic record, would be an endorsement of ?l XV- 'i r ooa -rl
columns to say a few words in be- perior knack in falsifying and man
nan oi uoi. xnomasixumn, our can- aging. o vote lor sucn a man in
normr hnf I coo onmoth n(r coirl I hid o-llilf. anti a hirl fni- fiitiim uhucoci tu.
I teamed him? Mn . Lnthnm nnrl l.r I ... - .V . I . . T. . . I T1 Itrnrw nn will moL-o rv.,1
ihe people TTmVX etrue Republics are rallying Bansorc both took the standgain?t Tmm SSLm Oof "o
McKay has turned the tables com- asonemanto his support, and his him .and used every effort in their Tb editor of tho Mecorder, pub- conscience oppoted to Mr.Lee.but pub c good, if mature ago ami lnri;o
pleWnpon his opponent on the elation is predicted by an increased Stta Stfe 5& iXXt S?ifS
civil rights question. The opinion majority. pre-eminently gifted with the fac- ifohod at Durham, seem to be the regular and onlv rnirJl ence to tho cause of right, are deem-
among all Republicans is that we
will carry the District by a hand
Mr. Business Manager Uzzell, of
ulty of vituperation and abuse) to wofoH thon oil v, ntt,or nxWr? mv ovinn ed necessary to a good Governor.
1 1.1 nr l.V, 1, - 1, : I "'" luivivanu vxxcxxx un vxxv I vx . v. vu. vtiUKUw vyx x. I iir irx 11.1 l- x
ger uzzeii, ui uw u iur.uu up uwuro iiia uuu-1 combined. They speak like votion to party rule borderinff on 1 unuer uio new
onmo maioritv and even a irood the Republican, says tho insertion " " a s . .au x1DJU"Q;ucf they are really alarmed at the situ- abject servility. Such a spirit is aamimsirauon no interest oi jvprui
some majority, ana even a gooa I ' TT . light, but happily without success. nnA irirtrii ri r f;OOMn ' I Carolina will suffer: no class of her
manv Democrats have been heard OI we name oi 01. xiarna, xur To th ch - f M inf f I rii 51 -l" I neoplo discriminated airainst : no
i yi j i . i ii a. at i.- - "-r . ... - . 1,1 i v 1 1 it, lid w i l iniriiriiiir:i i m. v it i ivr muiat it vr i iirri s niiiiiiin.1 w .
the civil rights bill, he replied that wouid say to these editors they have ofright higher than mere civil or measure left untried to insure hcrX
he was opposed to that bill known d gr0unds to be alarmed at the political regulations. To that welfare ; and tho 1j&CXS
as the Sumner bil , but that he was ituation. our people are becom- standard all men should seek to buj hcgy
m favor of a civil rights bill that m bolder am moro indepen- conform their actions and unheal- People hiseffortj
would insure to every citizen of the ,7, f Qr1 Q-0 ;n(r fW tho V htincrw rpf..r tn mnmmA f Carolina whero sir
States of Georgia, Tennessee and : ' x f lutu nrinn.-ni k,t oosJ r longs in the front
Kentucky, the enjoyment of all j instead of being used alto- the bidding of ami power, whether w-JJeme Timef
--p, t'- - o
x i.f iL.i.fir.
to declare that McKay is every- """"aiwiiuaMMuw wlftkUl'
where getting the best of the fight. Rhodes, was an error.
Republicans of the Fourth Dis
trict : vote for Headen.
Appleton Oaksmith, a carpet
bagger from Europe, Asia and the
northern portion of North America,
is tho Democratic Independent can
didate for the House of Representa
tives from Carteret. Republicans of
Carteret, you would now be in a
majority but for men like Oak
smith. Let him severely alone.
He has no claim on the Republi
cans for support, and we call on you
to see that not a single Republican
vote is given him.
Vote for competent men for Coun
ty Commissioners. This Board is
your County Legislature. Bear this
in mind.
Republicans ! the registration
books are open. See to it, that your
name is on them and the correct
teed by the 14th amendment to the
In regard to the " salary grab,"
every conceivable statement had
been made but the true one ; false
impressions had been made and the
minds of the people prepared to
consider any man who had dared
.1 f 1 r- j f IX V. iL I !l xl Xi
getner ior personal preierment oi a i it uu me civu arm or ine party i -i
few self stvlecl leaders. whin. Far be it from U3 to coun- PERSONAL. .v
It is high time that the honest tenance the total abandonment and day, a very plc.f
yeomanry of the country were as- rejection of party discipline. This T. B. Long, ail
serting their inalienable rights of i3 absolutely necessary for its sue- Office Departing
free thought and free action. And cess and perpetuity. The point that ularly connecU-L
I believe the time has come when we wish to enforce is that the Re- tho money ordts.
our people will learn a lesson that publican party,with all its excellen- Long is a native ofX-
. j m A - fl!Ll t a t a i Am a a t .
T?onnMiMna nf thn Rnvfnth "ni- I xi i Z liDerty witnout inuepenaence is a cies, is iauiDie, ana tnat wnen error i was irom ino start, anu'
r - - V" , a uiuusr ivu stab at tne ri htg of ey Araeri. creeps in it can and should bo recti- has been, a staunch Union
trict : vote ior cooiv. mean iu.uuk an nonest man ui tne citizen "And we veal to fied Within thepale of the organiza- prominen
face. Despite all this, he explained
mu , . , n ,a , his vote on that subject to the satis-
The campaign in Orange is being faction ofevery fair JunbiaSed mind.
pushed forward vigorously by and received his acquittal in the
Messrs. Iko Strayhorn and H. B. cheers and plaudits of his audience.
Hon. W. A. Smith will accompa
ny Col. I. J Young to Pittsboro,
and will address the people on Sat
urday, the first day of August.
The Democrats expect to get a
bill through the next Congress giv
ing them continual and exclusive
authority to favor social equality.
Their only regret seems to be that
Greeley and Sumner are both dead,
and they will therefore have some
difficulty in getting a candidate for
President in 1876.
On the morning of the 21st inst,
Maj. W. A. Smith, the Republi- when the compositors of the Cin-
It was a triumph.
By the advice of his friends Mr.
Cobb will remain on this side the
sound until the election, despite the
advice of Mr. Latham and 2r. Han
som that he had better go over on
the other side. It is a rather sin
gular thing that neither Dr. Ransom
m m x x r x x
every voter in tne district betore tion. v ltn regara to tne case in
they cast their votes on the Gth day hand, there is no necessity for leav
of August, to make diligent inqui- ing the ranks to rid ourselves of the
ry as to the merits and fitness of disagreeable burden inflicted upon
the candidates that they are to cast us in tne person of Mr. Lee. We
organiza-1 prominent in local and general pol
itics, an ablo stumn sneaker, and
withal an officer In a difficult de
partment of the government ser
vice. The quietude and reticence
of Col. Long, and his agreeablo and
their suffrages for. It is conceded have sinnply to unload him where I courteous bearing as an official of
by the better thinking Democrats westana and select in his stead one the government, have left a pleasant
xl T-"x?x XI X xl I Z LI. , xl I - - 11 1 x t
oi me xiistrict, mat tne noraina- i every way capauie. anu iu ine i liupressiuu uu uu who met mm
j i x l xi i l I, Z V. uxj ,1 xl e I iiru I, 1 . n
lions maue at uraiiiuu, on ine ou oi uigiiwsii uegreu wuruiy ui uur con
June, aremen totally unfit to fill the fidence and support,
important positions of Judge and It is needless to stato that we re
Solicitor, and call loudly for re- fer to R. W. Wynne, Fxsq., a gen
dress. The voters Of both political tleman whose nrivata nharapfr la
Wherever ho goes he proves that
bluster and loud talk are not neces
sary qualifications for a vigilant
and efficient officer. Georgia paper.
Col. Long is certainly a good pos-
Republicans of thev Eighth Dis- J Yeates have any cause of disagree-
trict: vote against Vance. ment, although one is a soi desant
.Republican, the other two wool
dyed Democrats. Fortunately the
iepuDiicans ao not believe Dr. Ran
som's statements, and I can assure
him that he will not get a sinsrle
andMaj.Latham nor Dr.R. and Maj. "f" r vipwin thP k an u k? mu r 13 , J1 "nly a Sooa ios.
Yeateshaveanv cause of diaaCTee- i?"11 vie wing the situation unimpeachable; whoso Republican- tal agent, and wo arc glad to see
thought it was a duty demanded of ism is sound to tho core, and whoso that several mail robbers and nost-
them to heal tho damage that was efficiency as a servant of the people office thieves have been brought to
done, urged upon Col. Thos. Ruffin, is acknowledged alike by friend and account recently through his efforts,
of Orange, to be a candidate for foe. The charges by which Mr. Wo hopo ho will continuo the gOod
Judge, and GeorgefF. Bason, of Ala
mance, to, run for solicitor, and af-
Lee is endeavoring to prejudice the
mmdsof the colored voters
lice the work until they have all been captUr
a gainst eda nd thepeople can entrust their
... .. . n nnnn i isivotti i7 ri f 1 nnn r ltmii i n i uxuv iv t xxx uuv a. aiii"i i x x-i i:xx: x- .
can Representative of the jNletropol- , 7 CT j irT f vote that Mr Cobb would have or ier rep1 auuaiauuns irom doiq Mr. vvynne are not only a tissue of money to the mails without tno tear how aft5iSS?tS?5SMr asassM'SSfi: ss?njs ui,.
uuovuuiouvu uy iiitucu, Tin,..h "m n T.iiio Tqti Now it remains wun tne nonest tion by serious-thinking men. The Tho safe and office furnlturo of
nn mpmhpr from the .Southern maae against mem uurintr ine uay. i uu" A1 "" vnfnN nf this rlirrirf, fr u-hn ,i.if r ft 4i. x. , - , . --u r .
i i r . i wiiuuvk vrx Himtcunciiiau siiiuu iuu i iiiu iucui umiiuii ui mu r icvuiunu a
t , - i
States is more popular in Congress -Ater the regular midnight lunch
or with the President. Vote tho
Republican ticket.
several compositors were seized J. S. Jones has been appointed eight years.
wiiii siciiiiuse uuu uiey ivru suppus- i u miu oiuies iuarsnai ior tno oOUln
ed to have been poisoned. I era District of Florida.
shall reign over them for the next rebellion has. been in utter antago
nism to these slanderous flccusa-
SSLLi Usri!xUAINlJUAL. tions. Wo would that our faith in
Hillsboro, July 19th, 1874. 'Mr, Lee's attachment to the inter-
Dank of New York, was seized on
tho 21st inst., by a city marshal un-.
der a judgment in tho casoof Ara
bella R. Mappin.

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