North Carolina Newspapers

"W. 31. HKOWX, Manager.
offick in the old "Standard" Jluilri
jng. one s'jwarc South of the Court
I'ocise, Fayettt villo Street.
Wkkki.v Ono rear, - f2
Six months, -Thne
month. -Tri-Wkkkly
Oneycar, -
Six months.
Throe months,
4 00
2 00
1 00
One month.
W. A. Smith on Oaksniitlu
Dr. L. W. Martin, of Carteret,
hiving addressed Hon. W. A.
Smith a letter iu regard to one Ap
plcton Oaksmith, Maj. 8. replied as
Pkinc'kton, July 2, 187 1.
Hon. A. H". Martin, Beaufort ', N. C:
DKAit Sik: Yours of tho 27th
.June, making inqu tries about Ap-
tleton akmitn, came to hand to-
i iv I was first introduced to the
individual at Morehead City several
years ag. jus name was men
MrDonald. After a short conversa
tion with him I was satisfied that
hi was a mere adventurer and a
humbug. The next I heard of him
was during the tir-t session of the
Ia-t legislature. Col. Humphrey
in.iosed to introduce him to mo as
ppIcton Oaksmith. I declined
hi" introduction telling tho Colonel
that he was a humbug. I have been
thoroughly convinced since that I
was right. He is a humbug, a mere
roiilidenee man. His whole stock
in trade consists in a brassy face, a
promising tongue, deceit, impu
d niv, a slick liar, ram goats and
-beep, and two jackasses.
And according to my belief, from
the lHt inforiiMtion 1 can get, he is
i big rucal as ever scuttled a ship,
inliabiu-d a Slate's prison, or es
iqed hanging by having the virtue
of acting a .spy upon a people he
now desin-s-to misrepresent. It is
Ik lievetl in Uailroad circles that he
is the tool and pimp of certain Rail
road corjKjrations which are trying
to defeat consolidation. I have
In-en led to bWieve this by his fre
quent consultations with the heads
of certain opining corporations
during the sitting of the last Legis
lature, and by articles written by
him in NiwhiV, and other papers
of the State; and also by his fre
quent visits to New York, where
he was closeted with the opponents
of consolidation, and men who were
trving to collect the Special Tax
jlomls. The men who got out the
injunction in the Federal Court
against consolidation are the iden
tical men who brought thebelf suit.
It is the same "ring," and 1 believe
oak one of them. His idiotic, or
dtveptivc Ian, to build a road from
IJcaufort Harbor through the moun
tains to the Mississippi valley, to be
called the "Midland' was simply
a deception or a "tub to the whale"
to divert the attention of the people
vhlle he would destroy the State
with Self suits, and also their Ilaii
road enterprise.
He well knows, as little as he
knows about Jtailroads, that he
could not build this great road,
wlwVh would cost at least twenty
million dollars, when he and his
-tiK'khoIders did not put a cent into
it. Thvy were without credit, and
Oak, the leader, to say the least of
him, was a man of doubtful charac
ter. Appleton Oaksmith is put
down in the Great Midland charter
us hailing from Great Britain,
France and Frankfort-on-the-Main,
and it is thought that the charter is
in his own hand writing. This in
itself is enough to convict him of
intended fraud, and should have
warned sensible men to beware of
him. It he was then a citizen of
eithwr Great Britain, France, Ire
land or Frankfort-on-the-Main, he
is not now a citizen of North Caro
lina. If he was not a citizen of
either of these places then he lied to
the member who ofiered the Mid
land hill.
1 am informed that he was used
as a spy during the war, to give in
formation about the condition and
movements of the Confederate
troops; that he filled this position
no wnl that he was afterwards par
doned for stealing negroes or piracy
on the high seas, after being cou
detnni'd to be hung by the courts of
He lied and deceived Col.
Humphrey about the Midland
xheme. As soon as the Colonel
found out that he was hoaxed and
that Oaksmith, or McDonald, was a
humbug the Colonel quit him.
This fellow, Oaksmith, deceived
many others about the same matter
and would deceive even the elect if
i hey were fools enough to listen to
his oily tongue. O, what an oily
gammon he is !
During the Legislature he visited
the Republican caucuses professing
to te an Ultra Republican, when he
would divulge every secret he got,
and vice versa with the Democrats,
showing that he was not only a
hypocrite, but a traitor. The truth
U he deceived both, and if Little
field had not arrived here before he
undertook this big job (?) and took
everything, I think Oak would
have even taken the hinges off the
Capitol gates.
I understand he says that if
consolidation is a success, the road
will be taken up from Morehead
City. If he &ys thi3 he lies. The
only hope for Morehead and Beau
fort Harbor is to consolidate our
roads and finish them to the Western
termini, when the great Mississippi
Valley will be opened up to your
jort. And the best thing to pro
mote this great enterprise is to elect
known citizens of our own State,
who are in favor of the enterprise.
And to mako the thing perfectly
safe, they would do great service,
and advance the cause greatly by
drowning Oaksmith, JIcDonaId,or
whatever his name is, as ho will
do all he can against it if allowed to
live in this country. As he is be
lieved by some to be a wizard, or a
humbug, or both, drown him on
either charge and consolidation is
liut to Ik; serious. The great
Ixirds he speaks of in Kngland as
his partners, are known there as
guinea pigs. They have the titles
of lords, but money they have none,
f hey act for and allow their names
" ttt . : . 1 - ' ' ' . :..'.!.'.': 1 .' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' " ' . ' " ' rTr"" ''v : 1 -j f't ; 1 ' ' " 1 ". ; '
to be used by humbugs like Oak
smith for a guinea a day hence
me name.
Oaksmith, alias McDonald, told
members of the Legislature that he
would bring over gold to build the
Midland, and that four of his direc
tors would accompany him, to take
care of the gold, and to see what a
great railroad the Midland was. A
part of this turned out to be true.
Four of his great lords and direc
tors did start, on the voyage with
mm; two uieu on the ocean, and
the two that lived to land had more
ears than gold.
If any of the rood dcodIg of Car
teret should vote for Oaksmith,
tney win nave no more sense than
Oaksmith's long ear directors of the
.Midland. Republicans here and in
the West who have consolidation
at heart, would much prefer you.
who we know to be a true friend of
the State, to a humbug like Oak
I understand that Oak has prom
ised Dr. Arendell one half of the
Atlantic Ocean to plant oysters in,
besides having his (the Doctors)
old claim reinstated, if he will help
him to be elected.
Now, your people should watch
uaKsmitn ana ur. ivrenueii. as
Oaksmith will promise more than
Satan did, when he promised Christ
the world if he would fall-down
and worshio him. when the old
rascal, like Oaksmith, did not own
an acre. Tne uoctor ean sing a goou
song, tell a good joke, and eat more
soft crabs than any other man in
America, "if you will fix 'em for
him." Therefore it will be necessa
rv to watcn tnem, ana iniorm tne
people of their strong points.
1 am in hopes that no Republican
or Democrat will vote for Little-
field, Jr., McDonald, Oaksmith, or
whatever the rascal's name is. I
wish you mucn success in opposi-
ion to the vagabond, and am in
tiopes you win oe crownea witn
complete victory, as I believe ho is
nothing but a bluebellied, down-
Easter civil rights yankee, pretend-
ing to come from Frankfort-on-the-
Main, France and Great Britain.
Yours truly,
The Result.
Returns thusj far received indi-
eate the defeat of our candidate for
Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion, the loss of two members of
Concrress and several members of
the General Assembly.
For some weeks we had enter
tained doubts of the result. The
Republicans of North Carolina,
lulled by repeated victories,had be
come careless and underestimated
the strength of their adversaries.
The agitation of what is known as
the civil rights bill, also had much
to do in settling the contest. Al-
though the number of Republicans
ir. the State advocating the passage
of such a bill was insignificant, yet,
Democratic speakers throughout
the State by the most unreasonable
assertions prejudiced the minds of
the people and led them without
due reflection to temporarily desert
the only party that can proveof any
lasting good
1 .Li 1 l il 1 r l. I
iu in ptrupiu lu me
It is no time to despond. We
must gird up and reorganize for the
great contest of 1876. Thia tempo
rary defeat will doubtless prove a
great blessing if its lessons are prop
erly studied. The principles of
the Republican party can never
perish. They will live as long as
the Republic itself exists, and when
they fail to predominate, the rights
of humanity will be seriously en
dangered if not effectually eradica
ted. Let us not despair. Tlie Re
publican party must at once reorgan
ize. In doing this, wo must put
honest men at the helm of party.
If there be any who, for the sake of
self aggrandizement, attempt to
force themselves upon us to the in-
nrv n our cause. let sucn men do
. , , .1
rt nsidp or at once crushed under
tho wheels
popular and
all things let us adhere to the max-
im that the Republican party was
created for no one man or set of
men, but that it can exist only as
an onranization devoted to the best
nterosts of the whole neonle of
i . . .lit: I
Wake County.
The battle is over, the smoke and
dust have cleared away, and tee are
beaten ! The Clerk of the Court, the
Register of Deeds, ana one
4uu uui. vvri-u I
missioner, are the only Republicans
elected. Of our local troubles we
shall not speak here. We bow to
the decision of the people, in whose
capacity for self-government we
! have confidence. Republicanism, as
intended by the founders, is like an
arch it gathers strength from su
perincumbent pressure.. Entering
the field reorganized and having for
its leaders and officers men who will
carry out the great principles which
we hold dear, the Republican party
will again commend itself to the
pgpple and sweep not only this
county but the entire State. We
should profit from the past. While
regretting this more than Waterloo
defeat, let us not repine. The future
is ours, we trust that tne Jjemo-
, u0-:f tne prouuexs oi wmcn, aioug wiiu, saw a man snuuguu aiawcuseaiui
of our great cnanot oi f. ilk f e 0ita he obtains reetlv behind him. who was rubbing
equal rights. Above ha verv Robinson Crusoe-like subsis- his hands and alternately holding
cratic county government wilTkeep
in view that wrhich was; before the
Era in the late campaign the jwel
fare of the people and the credit of
The following is the vote of
Wake county :
Purnell, 3,640 1 Pool, 3,640
Harris, 3,582 1 Basbee, 3,824
Klli son,
Year by, 3,590 Brown, 93 I Lewis, 3.S33
3.S62 Goodwin,
Ailams, 3,637 Atkinson,
Lashley, 3,573 Jones,
Lec, 3,570 Wynne, 134 Dunn, 3,612
3,812 J Williams,
3,6S5' Davis,
3,660 I Williams,
No well,
Klection Returns.
The following are the reported
results of the election as far as we
have heard.
Johnston gives
812 Democratic
Orange C00 Democratic majority.
Chatham makes Democratic
rrn l n
Cumberland countv reports larare
Democratic gains.
elects entire Democratic
Lenoir and
Green elect Senator,
county gone Dem-
Wilson reported Democratic.
Granville Republican by about
Lenoir county gone Republican.
Franklin county Democratic by
small majority.
Pitt county reported Democratic,
Appleton Oaksmith has been
elected independent from Carteret.
Dr. W. H. Wheeler has been
elected to the House of Representa
tives from Forsythe by 117 majori
ty. A Republican gain of 61.
Davis has a majority of only o00 in
Indications are favorable to the
election of Hon. Thomas Ruffin as
judge of the oth Judicial District,
rrhe following letters from a friend
afcHillsboro, have been received:
: IIlLLSBORO. Aug. G, 12 P. M.
The vote as far as counted stands
Headen, 290; Davis, 268; Ruffin,
319 ; Kerr, 210 ; Bason, 304 ; Strud-
wielr. 243. Senate.
Brown, yu4
Bumpass, 289 ; Parrish, 245 ; Wil-
i cer TT . C Dnn.nnnn I
namsou, zoo. xiuu&e ui lieuiwcu-
I At' r-ii i or . 1.
rauves, irayiiuriij, ooo j uuuujc,
twater. 2o9 ; latta, zo'J.
Purnell's vote is larger than Head-
-wwa m t VI A 1
en's, win sena you iuu returns
to-morrow. If Ruffin has not car-
nea the county, it is close.
HiirLSBORO, Aug. 7, 1874.
" All the boxes not heard from.
Our vote is not so large as Cald
well's, nor is Pool's so large as Mer
rimon's. Davis will beat Headen
ahout 500 votes in the county. He
is now ahead (with Durhams and
Gunters to hear from) about 275.
Brown and Strayhorn run consid
erably ahead of the Republican
ticket. Strayhorn win De Deaten
about 200. The county is close be
tween Kerr and Ruffin." b.
A Massachusetts Hermit.
Worcester. Mass.. seems to have
lust discovered that it has a necu
iiariv eccentric hermit living on its
i mi 1 I I
western poraers. xnerecmse nas
I ..... m ,
a little iarm oi some ten acres, irom
stone house, ana beguiles nis lone-
v.. . , a ; f,fQ,-r.i
the casual visitors who come to him
from the city. It is only on reli-
gious topics that this singular man
I it ml--4 11 TT T nfmn VTrTn I
is uiucivcvi. -liu xixiatLkLiKxs ihuj- i
teii lu ue itf &uit ui iiii:a uuca iu
the Almighty, and every Sunday
he holds services in a rude stone
buildinsr. which he calls his temple.
In buvinsrhisten acre patch of rocks
thehermit displayed his eccentricity
by insisting that the deed should be
maue in uenan 01 uih ieny aa a siwj
r . l 1 4-4.. , y-v
lor a leiiipie , a ii li nut uusviug iaj uiu
perishable registry at the Court
House, he is recording it at his leis
ure upon the solid face of a rock in
bold letters. The queer occupant
of this domain is a man somewhere
in the forties, of pleasant address,
considerable intelligence, unscrupu-
lousiy neat in nis esiauiisumeiu,
and correct in the habits of life. He
was formerly a teacher of music
and a citizen of Cambridge. A se
rious lllnesai - resulted in a partial
paralysis, and also affected nis brain
He has chosen his present mode of
life voluntarily, and
thoroughly enjoy it
appears to
Steamboat Supervisor Smith has
been removed. His successor is
not named. Ex-Assistant Secreta
ry Treasury Sawyer has resigned
his nlaee a3 representative, of the
Treasury Department among the
centennial vxnuiijisoiuiici;?.
tence. He lives in a substantial
The Girl to .Find.
The true girl has to bo sought af
ter. She doesTiot parade herself in
show goods. , She is not fashiona
ble. Generally she is not rich.
But, oh ! what a heart she has when
you find her! so large and pure, and
womanly. WThen you see it you
wonuer it those showy things ou;
side were women. If you gain her
love, your two thousands are mil
lions. She'll not ask you Jbr a car
nage or a first-class house. She'll
wear simple dresses, ami turn them
when necessary, with no vulgar
magmheate to frown upon her econ
omy. She'll keep everything neat
anu nice in your hkv panor, ana
give you such a welcome when you
come home that you'll think your
power higher than ever. She'll en
tertain true friends on a dollar, and
astonish you with the new thought
how little haDDiness depends on
money. She'll make you love
home, (if you don't, you're a brute,)
and teach you how to pity, while
you scorn a poor fashionable society
mat thinks itself rich, ana vainly
tries to think itself happy. Now,
do not, I pray you, say any more,
"I can't afford to marry." Go find
the true woman, and you can.
Throw away that cigar, burn up
that switch cane, be sensible your
self, and seek your wife in a sensi
ble way.
Long Lost lirotlier.
Robert M. Greene has been knock
ing around the terrestrial ball since
he was eighteen. Under the same
roof-tree in London, where Robert
howled his first infant squall, an
elder brother was born; About fif
teen years ago this elder brother,
too, began playing the roleofjhe
rolling stone. He has, however,
been a resident of St. Louis nearly
three years, and for nine months
past the brothers have been living
within a half dozen squares of each
other, wTalkmg the same street dat
ly, and yet never met. The elder
i , . , - . , ,
orotnera lew evenings ago cnancea
in a hotel to hear a gentleman say,
4 T ctorf frsf T.rnrlri- f rs-rvi nrmwr "
He. addressed this gentleman and
asked him if he would deliver a
letter to a certain number in Ter
race Garden. London. "With
pleasure," responded the gentle-
man, " and, by the way, there is
another man here who gave me a
letter to deliver at the same place
and to the same person. Are you
relatives?" A reunion was the
consequence, and the brothers, who
had neither seen nor heard of each
other for fifteen years, met
From Ocean to Ocean.
The commencement and comple
tion of a ship canal between the
Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, un
der the auspices of tho American
Government, is only a matter of
time. The heavy and
inter-ocean commerce demands this
accommodation,and no unnecessary
delay will be allowed in securing
its accomplishment.
Intelligence has been received oi
the successful completion of the
m a -T- .J .1
survey oi tne jNicaragua rouie, aim
of the arrival of the United States
commissioners at Panama, on the
14th of April. Thence they pro
ceeded in the United States steam
ship Saranac to Chiri-Chiri bay, to
determine the relative features of
the route iust surveyed and that
. t i i f , 1 , ,
previously surveyeu uy winuiiauufi
n il. . i -i xi at .: ,1
jsennuge, Dy way t)i ui j-mijujii aim
Atrato rivers.
The commissioners are understood
. j 1 At
to be favorably impressea witn tne
Nicaragua route, but decline to
make any report until a personal
examination of the Atrato route has
been made. Republic.
A Ludicrous Scene.
The venerable Father Willis, in
his interesting reminiscences of a half
century, in the Universalisl, says of
Thomas F. King, the lather of Star
King, that on a very cold Sunday
in winter, he was preaching in Con
necticut in an old church that had
no means of warming it ; for, fifty
years ago, few churches, especially
in the country, had the appliances
for making them comfortable by
artificial warmth. He said he was
in the midst of his sermon, when
he cast his eyes to the gallery and
I At 4-
saw a man shuuk mine uuui sea
n 1 , r 1 1 .1 1
witn a Dusny, nery reu neau, anu
them over
tnougn lie coutaaerivesomepenent
m-imcfannoa fhf ho
found it difficult to suppress a loud
laugh in church, while some others
who saw it dm actually laugh so
1 y-v i wl r 4-n nffwinf off onfinn
iuuu a iaj aiti tkvu uuiunun .
Living Testimonies.
No religious experience is worth
anything that does not blossom out
into the beauty of a holy life. Men
and women need to be taught this
iuoib auu iuuic, uy pictcpv,
lustration, by practical rebuke. The
sermon on tho mount and the trag
edy at Calvary do not constitute
the whole of the New Testament.
In the Acts of the Apostles we are
called to behold Christianity in mo
tion : we see the benevolence, ten-
derness, fearlessness, , death-defying
neroisiu, ui patucuiai mcu auu yu-
men. uorcas manes garments ior
the poor, the Bereans search the
W-S. A. AW
Scriptures. Cornelius is remembered
for his alms-deeas, aui declares
that neither bonds nor death shall
hinder him from finishing his
course with joy. Stephen seals his
testimony to tne trutn witn nis
blood, and goes to that glory wThose
reflected vision has made his face
like that of an angel.
The Charlotte Oberver relates how
a negro was nearly, and a horse and
mule were killed by lightning a day
or two since.
The i Corn- antl j Tobacco Crops.
rne recent , gentle and copious
rains have very materially im
proved the prospects of the growing
crops in this section of the country.
The early planted corn has been se
riously damaged by the drought.
But the later planted, where it has
been well worked, will make an
average crop: tne improvement is
marked. But'weare compelled to
saw that owing to the hardness of
the ground, the backwardness of the
seasons and other causes, a great
many crops have not been worked
as they should have been, and it is
a matter of doubt whether too late
working is any advantage to the
corn crop. On the whole, however,
we incline to theopinion, that with
out freshets, the corn crop in this
section will prove to be a larger one
than was gathered last year, of
sound corn.
The improvement in the tobacco
found standing by the late rains is
marvellous. We never recollect to
have seen such a transformation in
the fields. But there is no disguis
ing the fact that there is a small
crop standing on the hill. Few
place it as high as two-thirds of an
average crop. The better opinion
as we can gather it, is that under no
circumstances can more than half a
crop be standing on the hill, and we
do not think that twenty thousand
additional hills were planted during
the late season, in this county, for
the reason, that the plant beds have
been literally burnt up during the
Our advice to our planter friends
would be to cultivate well, the hills
you have standing. Keep off the
worms, cure well and handle neat
ly, and though you market a small
crop next year, you will market one
that will bring you lots of money.
Tobacco will be tobacco next year.
MiUon Chronicle.
The Receiver of the lMamoiids.
The Philadelphia Bulletin gives
the following particulars of the
American " Miss Fenix," w ho was
the cause of the theft of diamonds
by the Grand Duke Nicolas of Rus
sia :
" The young woman who figures
before tho world in this disgraceful
affair as Mrs.' and 'Miss Feenix '
is a Philadelphian, well known to a
very large circle, especially to the
opposite sex, in this city. Her ca
reer has been one of continual pro
fligacy for a dozen or more years
past, during which time she has
been twice married, her first hus
band dying suddenly in West Vir
ginia, and her second, a young New7
Yorker, whose name, it appears, she
still wears, having married her in
Paris, and afterwards separated
from her.
"'Mrs. Fenix' is the daughter of
a former most eminent clergyman
of this city, now deceased, and so
spared the bitter humiliation of the
notoriety which this Russian scan
dal has given to a life which, in its
comparative privacy, must have
inflicted untold sorrows upon those
connected with a fair woman gone
so hopelessly astray."
As a crowded train left Boston for
New York recently, a gentleman
approached a handsomely-dressed
lady who occupied half of a seat
with numerous bundles, and asked,
'I Tj tint unnt. tnnii rIrvl iri'iflti rvi
" Yes, it is," was the snapping re
ply. The man walked on. In half
an "hour the door opened and in
walked a tall, rough fellow, coarse
as a Polar bear, with huge beard
uncombed and stained with tobacco
clothes badly fitting and
smelling of the stable. Spying the
lady's seat, with great deliberation
he seized bundle, bandbox and bag,
put them into the lady's lap, and
sat down in the vacant spot. Her
defiant looks produced no impres
sion. He whistled ; he stroked his
beard ; he threw round his huge
arms, and chuckled inwardly at her
evident rage. She left the cars at
New Haven, when the gentleman
who was refused the seat reappear
ed. To some gentlemen who seem
ed to take a great interest in the
proceedings he said, " Did you see
how that woman treated me?"
" Yes." " Well, that man is a horse
doctor that sat down beside her. He
belongs to Bull's Head. I gave him
a dollar to ride with that woman as
far as she went." We do not know
which less to approve, the incivility
of the "lady" or that of the "gen
tleman." A correspondent of the JYewa says :
" The Orphan Home is progressing.
A noble work is being done and
every generous heart snouia neip.
The funds are judiciously and eco
nomically expended by the able and
indefatigable Superintendent, John
H. Mills, Esq., who makes a full
report to the Grand Lodge, furnish
ing an itemized account. The Lodge
appoints a committee to examine
the report and vouchers, and then
report to the Grand Lodge, which
report is embodied in the minutes.
In addition, the books are open to
the examination of all, and may be
seen at any time. The institution
is capitally officered and the corps
of teachers is excellent because of
the nigh reputation of the ladies for
intelligence, education, experience
and many feminine graces."
If the Democracy would only stop
fanning the flames of discontent,
we would have peace. They only
have entered the graves of our sleep
ing dead and resurrected the evil
days of the past, for which they
alone are responsible. They only
in advance have endorsed extreme
Radical measures, which they
charge on Republicans. They would
have the mantle of charity thrown
overall their sins, while they de
nounce Republicans a3 thieves and
scoundrels, having as many or more
rascals in their own ranks, vThen
brought to light. StatesviUe A met:
state Items.
' A colored man nnlmcd Voods, of
Lincoln county, is It ! years old.
A handsome brick church is to 1)0
erected in Lumlverton.
Ileal (state
in Charlotte.
is advancing rapidly
A' Baptist revivaf is in progress
at Durham.
The wheat crop in. Orange county
proved a failure. !
Orange comity made nearly 4,000
bales of cotton lastypar.
Work is to be resumed on the
Cape Fear bar.
About Apex the corn is smartly
cut up by tho drill worm. -
Tlje crops throughout the State
are Excellent.
It is probable that a tobacco fac
tory will be established at Warren
ton next fall.
Tliere has been no rain in the
Caswell section to do anygood since
tho first of June.
Ground lias been ' broken for the
proposed Cotton Factory at Wil
mington. ' .
The Greensboro Female, College
has opened the Fall session with a
large number of students.
A large bed of kaoline clay has
been discovered within a few miles
of Greensboro.
A.ipostoflico has been lately estab
lished at Melville, Alamance coun;
ty, N. C.
North Carolina pays $1,402,546.96
Internal Revenue tax. Fourteen
States nay" more than North Caro
Tho tobacco crop in Person, Or
ange, uranvine ana uasweu win
m . - a 1 a
not be over two-fifths of what it
was last year.
D. O. II. W. Gillespie, Republi
can candidate lor huperior Court
Clerk of McDowell county, was
lately stricken with paralysis and
rendered unable to walk.
is to have a new
The Wilmington Star has found
the wickedest man in that town,
He is a young man twenty years of
age, and has never read a page of
the Bible.
When the Carolina Central Road
is completed to Charlotte, and the
Raleigh and Augusta Road taps it,
a new route will be opened irom
Charlotte to Raleigh, seventeen
miles shorter than the present route
by the North Carolina Railroad.
Mr. J.T. Barrom, of Edgecombe,
was the orator at the recent com
mencemcnt exercises of the Vir
ginia Military institute, it gives
us pleasure to see North Carolina
boys doing themselves such credit
Mr. A. W. Segraves has brought
to our office a cucumber of the
snake species, which measures for
ty-two inches in length, and about
the size of a large, snake, which it
very much resembles, except the
color is green. It lsquitc a curiosi
ty. It is said this fruit will make
excellent pickles. StatesviUe Amer
Tarboro TJnquirer Southerner
MrJ Louis Pender has given us the
particulars of an outrage perpetrat-
ed upon his brother, who is a weak-
. . I
minded but perfectly harmless per-
son. it seems tnat 'lie was anurea
out in the woods not far from his
. i
home and entirely stripped of every
article of clothing and left in that
condition. There is evidence too
that he was whipped upon his nak-
ed body by the persons who com
JL a A I
mitted the outrage.
Truly remarks the Charlotte Ob
server: "A newspaper, that has no
enemies is a newspaper that has no
characf er no courage no boldness
no backbone, "spinality," as ele
gant writers say now-a-days. And
its influence is not a feather's
weight. "Woe unto you when all
men shall speak well of you !" Is a
warning that we pay heed to. There
is more good sense in the Scripture
than in all the other books of the
world combined."
wju 4- ciu t t i r ,i
y iiuii ui oii.uc xxcci, u iw uuy
ago, we saw wnau purports to pe a
photograph of Flora McDonald,
the illustrious heroine. The histo
ry of it is as follows : A Miss Fer-
guson, oi uuraoenanu county, in
this State, had a portrait of this
honored Scotch lady, and Mr. Dan
iel McQueen of this county had a
daguerreotype taken from it, and
Mr. David Banks had Photographs
taken from it. This is said to be
the only picture oft lora McDonald
nowtooc nau, anainat ivir.i5anKS
is gone to ocouana ior me purpose
oi selling tnem. w netner mepno-
tograpn is a true copy or not we are
... . oaJ'' n
mncent ngure. iwoesonvan.
A site county cx)pper Mixes,
iuite a large iortune nas oeen re-
alized out of this property. It was
originally owned by parties in Ashe
county and was sold to parties in
Lsanimore ior ten tnousana aoi-
lars. These parties sold it to an-
nthpr comnanvfor seventvthnnsnnrl
dollars. The present owners have
organizea a stocK -company with
shares to the amount of three mil-
lions and the stock is at par. This
company is about to build a ran-
road from somewhere about Wythe-
vil!e,on the Tennessee and Virgin-
people to pay
development of the mineral inter
ests of Western North Carolina. As
soon as the election Ispver we have
a suggestion to make to the Caroli
na Central Railroad in regard to
Cranberry Iron Works Piedmont
. 4. i . II.. ,i ii. r : 1 i
lercial Reporter. INIessrs. Rob- TZ ..rr4V" ... Vm? )L "Vr. J 4".
ivennedyano 1. h. warrock arc i 4i ' ri v o i
be the proprietors.. r. w ..i. i' '
ia Rail Road, to their mine in Ashe An insane student, wnom msnop
county. This should encourage our Whipple, of St. Paul, Minnesota,
more, attention to the reiusea to oruam as i-nesi on ac-
jOno stjiiarr, quo time,,
t ' two times
. , , tlirnn imi
2, Off
Contract adverusementH taken at
proportionately low rales. . , ,
grS- Jon Wouk execute at short no
tice and In a stylo nnsurpaascd by any
similar tibllslunent in tho State. Spe
cial attention . paid to tho printing of
Blanks of every description.
The nillsboro ifrcorcfrr. In speak
ing of Mr. Duncan Cameron, who
was recently woundcdinMississippi,
fays : Wo are glad to say that sub
sequent, though not very full Infor
mation, has relieve! the anxieties
felt; for this young gentleman's
safety, -4IIis wounds are not of a
serious character, and it is hoped he
will soon return here tally restored;
Ilillshoro Recorder: On Sunday
week a gentleman was crossing a
bridge across New Hope creek, in
hio earriago draw n by a pai r of
mules. In the , earriago were" his
wife and two daughters. , Upon
rising the abutment, the mules be
came alarmed at the ricketty con
dition of the bridge, and began to
back, bearing tho (farriagOf aalust
the railing. The railing gave way,
and carriage, ridersL mules and all
went over, fortunately catching in
tho tops of some low trees close by
the bridge, which prevented mate
rial damage to person, mules, or
carriage. The young ladies escape I
with some slight contusions and
much fright. . Xheii: mother leajHxl
from the carriage- and alighted
safely on the bridge. ,
The Polkton Ansonian&xysii We
learn (but not officially) that the
warehouse of tho Carolina Central,
now being built in Wilmington, is
328 feet long and 128 feet wide, anil
will bo the largest 'in tho Southern
States. The roclc:for tho founda-
tionji is taken from
RogganTs cut,
whieh is a most
gray uur county nasan inexhaus
tible supply of stone of ,vnrlous col
ors and textures, admirably adapt
ed to building purposes. We have
in the Geological Museum at Ra
leigh a specimen of
red sandstone,
found near Wad(
oro, which is
equalled by that fd
und in'but one
other State in thc
learn from a rockt
rnion. And we
nason, who has
sent a block to ' Professor Kerr, to
be classified, that ho has found an
immense bed'of stojnojn the vicini
ty of Wadesboro which is whiter
than Parian feaarblo, ;
Atlaxtio,!.Tennessi:k & Omo
R. R. The order for the sale of the
A., T. A O. RiRii under the Child
suit on the first 'mortgage bonds
tluir claim and transfer tho judg-
mentfor the benehtof the gold bond-
holders, Mr. R.Y. McAden, of this
city, one of the, trustees under the
gold mortgage, at tne request of the
Roard of Directors through his At
torney, Col. II. C. Jones, of the
firm of Messrs. Jones & j Johnston,
of this city, obtained a restraining
order preventing tho sale of the
road. The injunction wa?, issued
upon the complaint of Mr.. McAden
in the interest of the gold bondhol
ders and tho stockholders of the
road. We are pleased to know that
there is every effort being made by
the Board of Directors, the large
stockholders and the trustees under
the gold mortgage to save tho road
from sale. Charlotte Observer.
Additional information regarding
the alleged forging of cotton ware
house receipts in St. Louis by Al
exander Dorman & Co., is that 'the
younger members of the firm, viz:
Willie Dorman, JohnT. Butler and
Henry S. Ogden, had nothing what
ever to do with any knowledge of
the matter. They were released
from custody on the Cth inst. Bethel
C. Alexander, senior, ! Is still in
prison, iv statement says the for-
geries began about six months ago,
i ; i -i at a
anu cunsisieu in lorgmg signatures
m A w. xvouuisuu, vvient olefins
. v. ... . .
an i-eppers warehouse. This he
alleges was done by C. H. Shepperd,
la conucientiai clerk, who, however,
indignantly denies he did It. Al
exanaer says tne lorgenes were
a . '
committed for temporary relief and
not lor the purpose of fraud, and if
they had not been detected he would
have been in a position in fifteen
days to take them all up, and should
nave done so. How many of these
forged receipts have been issued is
not known, but it is believed that
over $100,000 worth havo been hy
pothecated at dinerent banks. The
bank officers are reticent, but it is
tolerably well known that tho Ger
man Savings Institution held 21.-
uuu on tne fourth National
about $20,000 on thoThird National
Ranlr. nhnnr 40 OOO Ttnnlr nf Wt
: , i ' '
ana perhaps one or two others, and
two or three business firms and in
dividuals are involved in small
amounts. A package of five thou
sand and a check for eight thousand
dollars were found at Alexander's
residence after his arrest. The
money was identified by the cashier.
of the Bank of St. Louis, and re
turned to him. Attachments were
pressed on the Gth inst., and the
sheriff took possession of the store
anu effects of the firm, and also
levied on 210 bales of cotton in
Pepper's warehouse. Between two
and three weeks ago Phleps Bros.
&Co., of this city, bought 2oO,000
bales of cotton of Alexander Dor-
man&Co.,and paid $100,000 thereon
and received genuine warehouse re-
ceipts. mis nrm nas been gar-
msheed for any amount over the
sum that may be due Alexander
Dorman & Co., but it Is thought that
tms action win not stand in court.
Alexander states that the firm has
nsLSLs sufficient in mvpr nil Ioqqoq If V
left to their management. The
nrm began business here about one
year ago, the members coming from
Louisiana and Texas, and has done
quite an extensive trade as cotton
count of hi3 unsound mind, at
tempted to shoot the Bishop 'during
service on the 4th inst.
A half million of bank notes were
exchanged in Washington on tho
Oth inst.
I a m a, m ' ar 1
. I . A m Z .. & .mm. Am.

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