North Carolina Newspapers

    ..rented at the commencement oftne
1 ' ushm oftho Forty Third Cu-
.j'iiid that
thc sum of twonty hve
ri....,and dollars, or tj much thereof as
in;,,v be necessary. H hereby appro-
mitnf anv funds In tho Treas
ntlmrwim unnropristed. to de
fray the crtof said survey.
I Approve!, June 23, 1S7.
rr.E.VKKAI. XATUUE-Xo. 02.
v A err reorganizing the sovcral bUff
.Hrn if the Amir.
Iln it cnacicd by the Senate and House
. ..r K.niwenlHtiveH of the United States
..r Ameri.u in Congress assembled.
' riiat the Inspector General's Depart
nrnt Khali ynUt of'ono colonel, two
i,..titenant ilonei, and two majors.
v, iih the rank. iy, and emoluments of
..iiK-or j( aid grades ; and the Sccre-
i.rv of War may. in addition, detail
,.t!i"cen of tho line, not to exceed four.
art as assistant inspector general:
provided. IhatolUcers of the Jineae-
uiled an acting inspectors general shall
Lwc all tno allowances or cavairr oju
cor of their respective grades; and 10
intiiient shall bo made in the
...cniwinr tiener&l'a Denartment until
the number of iiwperton "general is re
1,-,-a.I to live.
That the Bureau of Military
i.,.tir nhall hereafter consist of one
Judge Advocate (ieneral, with the rank,
luV and emoluments of a brigadier
.,.,..rl : and the said Judge Advocate
r.,rsl shall receive, revise, and have
r-,,rtl.Ml the proceedings of all courts
martial, courts or Inquiry ami military
f!nmiH.sioiis, and shall perform such
.r.iiw.r duties as have been heretofore
mTforrnwl by the J udge Advocate Gen-
ml of the Army. In the corps of judge
a Ivocates no appointment shall be raado
as vacancies w-cur until the number
IiaM be reduced to four, which shall
thereafter be the permanent number of
the oflk-er of that corps.
e That hereafter there shall be
three assistant commissaries general of
j.iib.'-istence, with the rank, pay, and
emoluments of lieutenant colonel, in
stead of the two now allowed by law of
ail grado iu the Subaistedce Depart
ment ; that the number of commissaries
r.f subsistence with the rank, pay, and
f iiiohnnenta of a captain of cavalry, is
hereby reduced to twelve, and no ap
irf.intmeut to till a vacancy in said grade
!i.tll Ik made until the number thereof
..hull l reduced to twelve, and the
nu nter thereafter shall remain fixed
at twelve.
Sec. 1. That the Medical Department
of the Army shall hereafter consist of
one Surgeon General, with the rank,
j,:iv, mid emoluineuts of a brigadier
jr"iieral ; one assistant surgeon general,
ami one chief medical purveyor, each
with the rank, pay, and emoluments of
a colonel ; and two assistant medical
purveyors, with the rank, pay, and
emoluments of lieutenant colonels, who
shall give the same bonds which are or
may be required of assistant paymas
ters general of like grade, and shall,
w hen not acting as purveyors, bo as
signable to duty as surgeons by the
President; fifty surgeons, with the
rank, pay, ami emoluments of majors; huinlred and riftv assistant sur-
minis, with the rank, pay, and emolu
ments C lieutenants ol calalry for the
tirt live vears service, anu witu me
rank, jayanJ emoluments of captains
of cavalry after rive years' service; and
f.ur medical htre-kcepers, with the
same com onsation as is now provided
I. v law ; and all the original vacancies
tii the kth.1.1 of assistant surgeon shall
Ik? tilled ly selection by competitive ex
amination; and the Secretary of War is
hereby authorized to appoint, from the
i-ulilcd iimmi of tho Army, or cause to
I.- enlisNM, as many hospital stewards
us the mtvico may require, to be per
inniH iitly attacheti to the Medical De
..rtin4 iit, under such regulations as
ihe Secretary of War may prescribe.
And tlte number of contract surgeons
ahull bo limited to seventy-live, on or
U lore the first day of January in the eighteen huinlred and seventy
live; aud thereafter no more than that
number shall be employed.
Set. .r. That tiie Ordnance Department
..halfeconshts of one Chief of Ordi a ice,
w ith the rank, pay, and emoluments of
a brigadier general ; three colonels, four
lieutenant colonels, ten majors, twenty
captain., sixteen first lieutenants; and
ail vacancies which may hereafter exist
in the grade of first lieutenant in said
department shall be tilled by transfer
from the line of the Army: Provided,
That no apioiutmcut or promotion in
aid Department shall hereafter be
inado until tho otfieer or person so ap
m tinted or promoted shall have passed
a satisfactory examination befbro a
lxmrd of ordnance olllcers senior to
Sec. f. That no llicer now in service
hall e reduced in rank or mustered
out by reason of any provision of law
herein made, reducing the number of
otliccrs iu any department or corps of
the staff.
Sec. 7 That as vacancies shall occur
in any of the grades of the Ordnance
and Medical Departments, no appoint
ments shall be made to till the same un
til tho numbers in such grade shall be
reduced to the numbers which are fixed
lor permanent appointments by the
provisions of this act; and thereafter
the number of permanent officers iu
aid grades shall continue to conform to
:od reduced numbers, and all other
grade in said Ordnance and Medical
Depaitments than those authorized by
the provisions of this act shall cease to
exit as soon as the same shall become
vscant by death, resignation or other
wise: and no appointment or promo
tion shall hereafter be made to rill any
vacancy which may occur therein.
Sec. t. That so much of section six of
an act entitled "An act making appro
priations for the support of the Army
fir the year ending June thirtieth, eigh
teen hundred and seventy, and forother
purposes," approved March thlrd.eigh
teen hundred and sixty-nine, as applies
to the Ordnance, Subsistence, and Med
ical Departments of the Army bOj and
the same is hereby, repealed : Provided,
That this section repealing said section
"hall not apply to any of tho grades of
the Medical or Ordnance Departments
which are omitted or abolished by the
provisions of this act.
Approved, June 23,
AX ACT to authorize the use of gilt let
letters for the names of vessels.
He it enacted l3' the Senate and House
of Keprcsentatives of the United States
of America in Congress assembled,
That ection three of the act entitled
"An act concerning the registering and
revo ruing or ships and vessels," ap-
roved December thirtv first, seventeen
lundrcd and ninetv-two. is hereby so
amended as to allow the name of any
vessel to be painted upon her stern in
yellow or gilt letters.
Approved, June2J, 1874.
AN ACT to amend the act entitled "An
act to amend an act entitled 'An act to
establish a court for the investigation
of claims against the United States,"
approved August Cth, 1S56.
e it enactea by tno senate ana liouse
of Representatives of the United States
of America in Congress assembled.
That any three judges of the Court of
Claims shall constitute a quorum ; Pro
vided, That the concurrence of three
judges shall be necessary to the decision
of any case.
Approved, June 23, 1S74.
An occupation as teacher, bearing at
least a second grade certificate. If in
formation be required address Wilson
. i' Jobn Watts, D. W. Bagley
and John Watts (whites) residing at
v illiamston, where I have been labor
ing as teacher for the last 15 months,
r.i o l' KEGUSTERS. (colored,)
feb3-tf Williamston, N C.
THURSDAY, AUG UST . 13, 1874." "
Cijrar Stand and Bath Itoonis.
iiUUWN K UUXSTON Have a Cigar
ana tobacco stana ana Data rooms
connected with their Barber and
Hair Dressing establishment, on
the west side of Fay ettevillo street,
in Higs & HiggV old stand, next
door to Pink Hardie's former cigar
A jvkn r. Mayor II olden is ab-
sent Irom the citv. Iiavlncr jrone to
aw York on private business.
(Joinnii.-sioner Gorman is act in
lxvEXTios. A new attachment
to Kerosene Lamp burners has
been invented by D. W. Whltaker,
Esq., by which lamps can be light-
Arl without removincr thechimnevs.
Mr.W. has applied for a patent,
and we hope it may prove to
him a
source of remuneration.
Wkldon Fair. We are author
ized to state that the Ffth Annual
Fair of the Boanoke and Tar Blver
Agricultural Societv will be held
on the IMth, 2ist, 22d and 23d of Oc
tober. The premium list and pro-
pwrnraft. win De issued in snort
a . f 1 A-
Geo logical. Map. We arc
debted to Prof. Kerr, State Geolo
gist, for a Geological Map of the
State of North Carolina, giving a
complete description of the miner
al formations indifferent parts of
the State. This map will doubtless
nrove of erreat service to those
versed in Geology, and we especi
ally advise every student to pro
cure one.
At thiry-five the average Amer
ican discovers that he has an "In
fernal Stomach," and goes into the
hands ol the doctors for the remnant
. A t
of his life. Prevention is oetter
than cure, but Du. Walker's Vin
egar Bitters will both cure and
prevent dyspepsia, diseases of the
skin, kidneys, and bladder, and all
disorders arising from an "infernal
stomach." G 4v
Oak City Mills. The grain
mills which have for the past
month or so been in course of erec
tion by Messrs. Williamson, Up
church & Thomas, near tho North
Carolina Railroad depot, are now
finished and in a few days will
commence operations. The ma
chinery is of first class order and
all of the arrangements are most
complete. We have no doubt the
enterprise will prove a success, and
we hope many others will follow
the example of these enterprising
Amusements. Now that the
political excitement has ended and
the people have relaxed into their
wonted quiet it would be a good
time for a circus, menagerie or
something else in the show line to
come along. Nothing operates so
well to unite a crowd as a good
hearty laugh at the clown. We
boldly assert that at the close of a
performance the clown could get
more votes in Raleigh than all the
late candidates put together. Peo
ple may talk about massing the
votes of different parties but the
clown can beat them all at consol
idation. Wo notice that Carrington's Cir
cus is heading this way. We hope
it may come quickly.
Decision. Justice Reade,
the Supreme Court, has filed
opinion in the case of Perry vs.
Whitaker, et al., which, it will be
remembered, involved the right to
sell liquor in this township. It is
held by the Court, that inasmuch as
the books were not opened for reg
istering the names of voters as re
quired in section 12, chapter 52 of
Battle's Revisal, the election held
in May last on the Prohibition
question was null and void. The
decision of the Court is not based
upon the unconstitutionality of the
act, but only upon tho irregularity
of the election, and therefore, if the
question should hereafter be sub
mitted in proper form the decision
of the people of the Township will
become the law.
A Good Chance. The old say
ing that "I'ts an ill wind that blows
no body any good," is now being
verified in our midst We have
had, thus far, an unusually healthy
summer. Our doctors have not
done as well lately as they general
ly do in the hot months of July and
August, and our apothecaries have
not compounded the usual number
of summer prescriptions. But, gen
tlemen, cheer upt mix up your
alum, honey, and other gargling
stuffs. One-half of the Democratic
party in Raleigh have the sore
throat, while one-half of the re
maining half have so stretched
their lungs as to require cough med
icine for months to come. When
we take into consideration the fur
ther fact that an enormous quanti
ty of blue mass will be required to
put into proper action the torpid
livers of some of our Republican
friends whose bile was a little stirred
up during the late- unpleasantness,
we can safely predict a more active
tate of the, medicine market for at
least the balance of this year.
;TnE Old Club House. Bev.
Mr. Tlffhinf fh flinrfhftf fhofJftno
Tio w r ur t
has moved into the house, at the
corner of Hlllsboro and McDowell
streets, formerly occupied by.OoI.-S.
T. Carrow, U. 8. Marshal, and Col.
A. W. Shaffer. Itesister in Bank
ruptcy, The old house will remain,
we understand, until the, comple
tion of the new church which is to
be erected on the same lot, when It
will be pulled down. This house
was at one time the residence of W.
M. Boy lan, Esq., but at the close of
the war it was vacated by that gen
tleman and was leased by the pres
ent Sheriff of Wake, T. F. Lee,
Esq., who converted It into a Club
The old mansion lias been the
f many a Jolly reunion, and
i 113 IIU"3 nve ruujr wii.ii uie strains
of good old songs. There are many
old and young who can look back
to pleasant hours spent in the "old
Club House." Memory calls back
the gigantic frame of Tim Lee, with
his polished head and white shirt
front, reaching for the black bottle
of one of his many customers in its
numbered Case. Tim was then in
the prime of life and had never
dreamed of " wotiner the ticket."
Later still we recall the jolly face of
Sam Carrow, as he extended to
some poor unfortunate tne rignt
of fellowship, accompanied
perhaps with a stray dollar. But
the old 'Club House," like all earth
ly things, has had its day, and ere
long it will exist only in the mind's
eye. We bid it farewell.
Lone relic of the past,
Old mouldering pile."
The State Fair. Wc give the
following correspondence for the in
formation of our readers. It will
prove or peculiar interest to tnose
who contemplate having articles on
T , .
Office Is. C. Agricultural So.,
Raleigh, N. C, July 20, 1874.
Capt. A. B. Andrews, Superinten-
dent of the Jialeiah and uaston
andHaleiohandAuQUSta Air Line
Railroad Companies:
Dear Sir: In behalf of the
committee on transportation, ar
rangements, &c, for the approach
ing State Fair, I desire to ascertain
upon what terms your companies
will transport articles, for exhibi
tion. Also special rates for visitors.
The Fair commences on Saturday,
vci-ufcci. a v 1.11, emu Tr tuuuuuc
until October 17th inclusive. From
present indications our next Expo
sition will be the largest ever held
in North Carolina, and equal to
any ever held in the South. The
committee appeal to you to offer
every inducement in your power to
aid in building up this great State
institution. Low rates for visitors,
with the attractions we expect to
offer, must bring thousands to the
State Fair.
I will thank you to give me the
desired information at your earliest
convenience, as it is important that
our premium list should contain the
railroad arrangements, &c.
I am, sir,
Very respectfully.
R.&G. & R. &A. A.L. R.R. Cos.,
Superintendent's Office,
Raleigh, N. C, July 25, 1874.
Capt. li. T. Fid g hum, Secretary
Dear Sir: Yours of the 20th
inst. received. Appreciating the
great importance of the annual
State Fairs of North Carolina, and
being desirous ot making the 14th
annual Exposition surpass that of
X'JUtf " r
IlUUUr lO rtrprtSSeUfc Will tltWIOUll;
articles and stock for exhibition
upon the following terms :
At point of shipment freight to
be paid to Raleigh. After the Fair,
if the articles or stock be returned
to the original point of shipment
and to the same owner, the amount
of freight will be refunded. This
is equivalent to free transportation.
Passengers will be transported upon
the same terms as last year, i. e., 1J
cents per mile each way.
All those visiting the Fair can
Purchase tickets at the rates named,
will hand you at an early day a
schedule of prices for tickets from
the different stations, which will
include the coupon entitling the
holder to admission to the Fair
I am, sir,
The fare from New-Berne to New
York via the Old Dominion Steam
ship Line is only $17.75.
Thirteen lodges of Good Tem
plars have been organized in North
Carolina during the last two weeks.
A man in Catawba became so en-
raered at a ladv who discarded him
lately that he bit her ear off.
Prof. C. Fetter has rented the
Horner school property in Oxford
and will open school there.
A religious doctrinal controversy
is to be commenced soon in Cataw
ba county between Revs. John M.
Smith and D. May.
The town of Newton has just vo
ted a tax of $10,000 to buna ner
Lenoir and Narrow Gauge Rail
road. The Kinston Gazette says: Old
innt Judv Setzer. once the slave of
H. H. Helper's father who lived in
Davie county, died in Mocksville
recently at the advanced age of 110
years. She was quite lively up to
within a few minutes of her death,
which occurred suddenly while en
gaged in her household duties.
; Twenty-one : couples were . mar
ried in Mecklenburg last month.
ThotMilton "Clirbnxcle says: In
tho Oli ve Hill ; township, .Person
county, reside two Stephens, two
Samuels and one Elijah, all born
the same day and same hour in
1795. They were rocked in the
I cradle of novertv Anil rniral nn onrn
bread. They are now active and
industrious men, all erect and
straight as an arrow. ; '
The Goldsboro Messenger says:
Mr. Thomas W. Dawson, a highly
esteemed citizen, residing near Le
noir Institute, was found dead near
LaGrange on Wednesday morning.
Mr. Dawson had left in a buggy for
Uoidsboro. but seems to have been
1 seized with heart disease, which, it
is supposed, caused his death.
The Newton Vindicator says : A
youth of seventeen summers woood
and won a lassie of thirteen years iu
Cleaveland county, last week, but
the parents opposed the match. An
elopement was agreed upon for
Thursday, but the young lady was
struck by lightning on Wednesday
evening, and the marriage was
postponed until the following Sun-
" 4ui" r, i. muD
one. Thev deserve happiness, and
if he don't treat her well he ought
to be struck by lightnin
The Charlotte Observer says : Our
townsman, Col. H. C. Jones, on re-
I turning from Elizabeth City, the
home of Judare Brooks, of the Fed
era I Court, who granted the re
straining order in the case of the
A., T. & O. R. R.,made a most fort
unate escape from drowning by
reason of a collision of steamers,
near Norfolk, Va. The steamer
upon which Col. Jones was, was
sunk by a New York steamer. The
Colonel escaped by jumping from
one steamer to the other. He was
badlybut not seriously bruised, at
The Salisbury Watchman says:
The farm on which Mr. David
Sheets has such a fine crop this
year, was sold a few years ago by a
Mr. Elliott, who moved to the
West, because, as he alleged, it was
too poor to support his family on.
Under the superior management of
Mr. Sheets, this same land has been
made to yield from 20 to 30 bushels
oi wneai to me acre, aim iu uruuuw
other crops accordingly. Mr. El
liott, no doubt, imagined that he
could make a living easier in the
rWest, made no effort to improve
I n13 mna ere, anu ne was growing
poor. Mr. Sheets, no doubt, be-
f,vin. in NTnrVh rmUna. and
feeling satisfied that it is the best
for ner people to remain wunin ner
Doraers, went iu wont in pioviug
1 his lands and he is growing rich.
This is the difference. Let North
Carolinians remain at home and
improve their lands. They can find
no better homes in the West, or
The Hobesonian says : Mr. P. G.
Kinlaw, of this county, assisted by
his brother, Joseph Kinlaw, Jr.,
and W. F. Brisson, killed the largest
aniiraior in lvuut'suu jukc hi uic
Big Swamp, on the 25th ult., that
has ever been seen or heard of in
this county. He was fifteen feet
and one inch in length, and was
supposed to weigh about 600 pounds.
On Tuesday afternoon previous, he
caught Mr. Joseph Kinlaw's dog,
being the fourth one of Mr. K.'s
dns he had killed. The fisrht be-
tween the monster and these gentle-
men was very nerce; ne was snot
through the head three times, but
without any good results, nor did
he cease resistance till Mr. P. G.
Kinlaw cut his throat. He first
seized him by the tail, and, having
dispatched him, rolled him upon
the back. On Sunday, the monster
was dissected, and the dog which
he had swallowed on Tuesday be-
f0re was still whole and no signs of
decomposition were to be seen. Ihe
dog was cut in two about middle
way his body, the head and shoul
ders being swallowed whole, but
the other half was quartered, it is
said that the dog could be sworn to.
About 500 of the citizens, for a dis
tance of over ten miles, went to see
this monster.
Latest News.
A fire has occurred at Montreal,
Canada, causing the loss of one life
.... "f AWar-a
and a million of dollars,
It is reported that the Russian
Czar has consented to the recogni-
tion of the Spanish Republic,
Tnroh has been annointed
The trial of speed against
smith's Maid will
take place at an
early day at Rochester, New York.
It is now conceded that Germany
intends to recognize the Spanish
Reports from the Northwest say
that the grasshoppers have destroy
ed large quantities of corn, oats, po
tatoes, &JC.
When Woodhull and Claflin ap
peared in Court on Saturday, the
8th, their counsel pledged his word
that they would appear when called,
whereupon the bail was accepted as
professional courtesy. The women
then proceeded to Europe.
It is stated on the au thority of a
prominent official of the Post Office
Department that the contractors for
furnishing postal cards have never
furnished a card equal in quality of
paper to the requirements of the
. a. a. mi . i
original wuinwt. xno w
for four years ana nas inree years,
yet. to run.
A special dispatch from Benning
ton, yt., announces the arrest of a
woman named Flynn who has a
child answering the description of
Charlie Ross, the kidnapped boy.
The child on being questioned said
his name was Charlie Ross but that
he had been told not to say so. The
husband of the woman is an em
ployee of Barnum's Circus. The
New York officers are awaiting
further description of the child.
Cabarrus and McDowell Streets,
X kinds of work in his line with neat
ness and dispatch.
Raleigh, Sept. 18th, 1873. 1
BUTTER Best conn try,
Good "
0 30
V 25
O U)
0 00
0 00
0 Ol)
25. 30
. U 00
it 15
O 00
0 00
0 00
1 15
1 15
1 15
BACON N. Chides.
- Sh'uldrs.
FLOUR N. C. Family,
" " Extra.
FODDER Per 100 fcs.,
HAY Per lt B.S.,
OATS Bailed luo .,
- Seed f bushel,
8 00
4 -
& 1
ti 1
to 1
0 00
BACON-Rib Bulk Side,
" 8mok'd
Best Sugar
cured Hams,
COFFEE Old gov'ment.
0 00
0 00
0 00
U 00
0 uu
0 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
o ou
0 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
11 00
8 25
10 00
Rio Prime,
FIS II Mackerel. No. 3.
" N. C. HePngs.cut
' " Roe '
- t orn Shad, bbl
Va. Family.
" Sapernne,
MOLASSES Cuba, new
crop, ft bbl
S UG A R Stand "d A f. tl
Extra C,
4 10 00
M 12 00
11 00
8 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
0 00
J V fellow, !
YRUP Bbl., j
STONE for the United States Court
House and Post Office. Raleigh, N. C.
Officr of Supbbintendknt,
U. S. Court Housk and Post Office,
Jtaleigh, N. C, April 6, 1874.
Sealed proposals will be received at
this office until 12 M. of the 6th day of
May, 1874, for furnishing and deliver
ing at the site of the United States Court
House and Post Office at Raleigh, North
Carolina, all of the dimension stone re
quired for the exterior of that bnilding.
The species of stone from which a se
lection will be made will be confined to
granites, marbles and sand stones, and
the qualities especially insisted upon
will be uniformity of color and texture,
durability, and the capacity for working
under the chisel or hammer.
A sample block 12x12x12 inches must
be submitted with each bid, showing
on one lace the natural fracture of the
stone, and on the others different grades
of cutting. The stone must have a good
grain and be free from all discoloring
substances, and the quarry from which
it is procured must be fully opened and
capable of furnishing the quality and
quantity desired within one year.
About 30,000 cubic feetmore or less
will be required. The actual average
of the stones cannot now be given, but
will approximate 10 cubic feet, the
largest stones containing about 75 cubic
feet. The stone will be ordered on a
schedule of net sizes, and allowance of
one inch to each cut face will be made
for quarry dimensions, according to the
rules made by this Department in order
that the contractor may make proper
allowance for cutting, in the quarrying,
and on this schedule payment will be
Bidders will state how soon they can
commence delivering the stone and the
amount per week they can deliver.
They will also state the average and
maximum size of the stones that can be
obtained from their quarry.
No bids will be received except from
the owners or lessees of the quarry
from which the stone is proposed to be
lurnisned, anu a certincate from the Ke
corder of the county in which th quarry
is situated that the bidder is the owner
or lessee of the quarry must accompany
each Did.
All proposals must be made on printed
forms to be obtained on application to
this office, and must be accompanied by
a penal bona in the sum of live thousand
dollars (85,000) that the bidder will ac
ceptand perform the contract if awarded
him, and give bond therefor in the pe
nal sum of ten thousand dollars, (10,000.)
and execute a valid and binding lease
ot the quarry to the ixovernmentas so
curity for the faithful performance of
the contract: the lease to take effect
upon the failure of the contractor to
comply with the terms of the contract,
said lease to authorize the Government
to take full possession of the quarry and
work it at the expense of the contractor
in case of default.
The Department reserves the right to
reject any or all bids, or to divide the
contract and use two or more kinds of
Proposals must be enclosed in a sealed
envelope and endorsed "Proposals for
Dimension Stone for the United States
Court House and Post Office, Raleigh,
North Carolina," and addressed to
7 12t. Superintendent.
it i: w a it D
State of North Carolina,
Raleigh, May 7th, 1874.
In reply to numerous enquirers I have
to state there is an outstanding reward
offered by the State of North Carolina
for the delivery of MILTON S. LITTLE
FIELD to the Sheriff of Buncombe
county. North Carolina, at the jail in the
town of Asheville.
Said Littlefield is indicted in the Su
perior Court of Buncombe for conspi
racy and embezzlement, and has ab
sconded to evade prosecution. He for
merly lived in North Carolina, but now
resides at Jacksonville, Florida.
The reward will be promptly paid in
United States currency by the Public
Treasurer of North Carolina upon
presentation of a receipt from the Sher
iff certifying that said fugitive has been
delivered to him.
The Floridian, at Tallahassee, Flor
ida, will publish once a week for six
weeks, and the Savannah News, at Sa
vannah, Georgia, once a week for four
weeks, and send bill to Executive office
at Raleigh, N. C. 21-lin.
y y are the most beautiful in style and
perfect In tone ever made. The Con
certo stop is the best ever placed iiany
Organ. It is produced by an extra set
of reeds, peculiarly voiced, the effect of
which is most charming and soul-stirring,
while its imitation of the human
voice is superb. Terms liberal.
Waters Philharmonic, Vesper and
Orchestral Organs in unique French
cases, are among the best made, and
combine purity of voicing with great
volume of tone. Suitable for Parlor,
Church, or Music Hall.
Waters new Scale Pianos have great
power and a fine singing tone, with all
modern improvements, and are the best
Pianos made. These organs and Pianos
are warranted for 6 years. Prices ex
tremely low for cash or part cash, and
balance in monthly or quarterly pay
ments. Second-hand Instruments taken
In exchange. Agents wanted in every
county in the U. S. and Canada. A lib
eral discount to Teachers, Ministers,
Churches, Schools, Lodges, etc. Illus
trated catalogues mailed.
481 Broadway, New York.
Box 3567. 49 4t
Piedmont Air-Line ICiillway.
Rich mond i5 & Dan v llle, Richmond v
j Danville R. W., N. C. Divislon, and f
North Western N. C. R. W. , -,
In effect on and after Sunday, July
26th, 1874. 5 f 5
Motions. MaiL
Leave Charlotte, 7.45 p. in,
f Air Line Ju. J ;
JS.!i5a. m.
10.54 "
naiisuury, 10.44 p. in.
Greensboro, 2.15 a. m.
Danville, 5.13 f
' , Dundee, s.25
Burkville, 11.30
Ar. at Richmond, 2.3C5 p. in. 11.04?
Stations. Mail.
Leavo Richmond, 1.3S p. in.
11.45) m
2.52 a. in;
4.41 "
9.25 "
9.29 " . . -
12.20 a. m. 11.15
1.35 p. in.
3.55 "
Air-Line Ju. 6.15
Ar. at Charlotte. C.22
Station. MaiL MaiL
Head Down. Kul Up.
Leave Greensboro 2.15 a. in. 11.15 ni.
Co. Shops, 4.00 Lvel0.00p. m.
Raleigh, 8.10 " 5.41 p. m.
Ar. at Goldsboro, 10.50 a.m Lv 2.30 p. m
(Salem Branch.)
Stations Mail
II. It,
3.00 p.m.
4.50 44
8.00 a. m.
Leave Greensboro, 2.00 a. m.
Arrive at Salem, 3.30
Leave Salem, 10.00 p. m.
Ar. at Greensboro. 11.30
Passenger trains leaving llaleian at
4.51 P. M. connects at Greensboro' with
the Northern bound train; making the
quickest time to all Northern cities.
Price of Tickets same as via other
Trains to and from points East of
Greensboro connect at Greensboro with
the Mail Trains to or from points north
or south.
Trains daily, both ways.
Cn Sundays Lynchburg Accommoda
tion leave Richmond at 9.42 a. m., arrive
at Burkeville 12.35 p. m., loavo Burke-
ville 4.35 a. in., arrive at Richmond 7.58
a. m.
Pullman Palace Cars on all night
trains between Charlotte and Richmond
(without change.)
Papers that have arrangements to ad
vertise the schedule of this company
will please print as above.
For further information address
Gen'l Ticket Agent,
Greensboro, N. C.
T. M. R. Talcott,
Engineer & Gen'l Superintendent.
Office Petersburg R. R. Co.,
March 27th, 1872.
fN AND AFTER MARCH 31st, the
KJ trains will run as follows :
Express Train,
Mail Train,
7:40 a m
3:25 p in
10:50 a in
7:00 p ni
Mail, 6:40 a m
Express, 3:50 p ni
Mail, 9:45 a m
Express, 6:50 p m
Leave Petersburg, 8:00 a m
Leave Weldon, 5:00 a m
Arrive at Weldon, 4:00 p m
Arrive at Petersburg, 12:20 p m
Leave Petersburg. 0:15 a m
Leave G aston , 1:15 pm
Arrive at Gaston, 12:50 p in
Arrive at Petersburg. 8:10 p m
Freights for Gaston Branch will be
received at the Petersburg depot only
The depot will be closed at 5:00 p m
No goods will bo received after that
hour. J. C. SPRiGG,
53 tf. Eng. and Gen. Manager.
Raleigh & Augusta Air Line,
SuperintendenV s Office,
Raleigh, N. C, Nov. 2U, 1872. 4
On and alter Saturday, Nov. 30th,
1872, trains on the R. & A. A. L. Road
will run daily, (Sunday excepted,)
follows :
Mail train loaves Raleigli,
Arrives at Sanford,
Mail train leaves Sanford,
Arrives at Raleigh,
3.35 P. M.
6.15 "
6.30 A. M.
9.20 ' 44
Mail train makes close connection at
Raleigh with the Raleigh and Gaston
Railroad, to and from all points North.
And at Sanford with the Western
Railroad, to and from Fayetteville and
points on Western Kan road.
doc 4 tf. Superintendent.
Uillboro, C-
A Classical, Mathematical. Scientific
and Military Academy.
Fall session begins the 2d Monday
in July.
Roard and tuition, including fuel.
washing, lights and furnished rooms,
f 157.50 per session of twenty weeks. H
J, IT. Horner, A. M. ' V -
R. H. Graves, A. M.
Hugh Morson, J r., Uiii. of Virginia.
Major D. H. Hamilton.
A. W. Venable, Jr., Poughkeepsie
Cora. College.
Circulars sent on application.
XTORTH Carolina, 1 Probate
JlN Wake County, j Court.
April 18th. 1874.
Geo. P. Thomas & Co., vs. A. N. Up-
church, adm'r of Parker Overby, de
ceased. In the above entitled cause, proceed
ings have been instituted by the plain
tiff in behalf of himself and all other
creditors of Parker Overby, deceased,
against A. N. Upchurch, administrator.
All creditors or Parker Overby. de
ceased, are hereby notified to file their
claims with me on or before the 3d day
of June, 1874. J. N. HUNTING,
D. G. Fowle, Plaintiffs Attorney.
April 18th, 1874.
44 w6t
Delightfully situate J, next to Capitol
Fine Rooms, well Furnished and fitted
up in the best style.
The table daily supplied with the best
this and other markets afford.
C. 8. BROWN, Proprietor.
Late of the Boyden House, Salisbury.
annual meeting of the Stockholders
of the North Carolina Railroad Compa
ny, will be held at Hillsboro. N. C. on
Thursday, J uly 9th, 1874, and the trans
fer book or stocks will bo closed from
this date until after the meetinsr.
50-nt Secretary N. C. R. IL Co.
Company Shops, N.C., June 1, P374.
low, at
hand pi anon, very
urateful Thousands proclaim Vnr;
eg ar uitters ine mosu wonaenui in
vigorant that ever suttaincd th sicking
6jstexn. , i
No Person can take these Bitters
according to directions, and remain long
unwell, provided their boucs are not de
stroyed by: mineral poison or other,
means, and vital organs wasted beyond
Bilious. Boin ittent And Inter
mittent. Fevers, which aro so preva
lent in tho valleys of oar groat rivers
throughout the United States, especially
those of tho Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri,
Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan
sas, lied, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ko
anoke, James, and many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country during tho Summer and
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea
sons7 of unusual heat and dryness, aro
Invariably accompanied by extensive do
raugemcnts of tho stomach and liver,
and othcr abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful influence upon theso various or
gans, is essentially necessary. There
is no cathartic for the purposo equal to
Dit. J. Walkek's Vinegar Ritters,
as they will speedily remove tho dark
colored viscid natter with which tho
bowels are loaded, at tbo samo time
stimulating tho secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring tho healthy
functions of the digestive organ.
Fortify tho body against disease
by purifying all its liuidswith Vinegar
1 Utters. No epidemic can tako hold
of a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache, Pain in tho Shoulders, .Coughs,
Tightness of tho Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of tho Stomach, IJad Taste
in tho Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Pal pita -tation
of the Heart, Inflammation of tho
Lungs, Pain in tho region of tho Kid
neys, and a hundred other painful symp
toms, aro the offsprings of Dyspepsia.
One bottle will provo a better guarantco
of its merits than a lengthy advertise
ment. Scrofula, or King's Evil, Whifo
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck,
Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent
Inflammations, Mercurial Affections, Old
Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Soro Eyes, etc.
In these, as in all other constitutional Dis
eases, AValkkr's Vinegar Bitters have,
shown their great curativo powers iu tho
most obstinate and intractable cases. i
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious. Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of
the Mood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitters liavo no eoual. Such Diseases
are caused by Vitiated Blood. I '
Mechanical Diseases. Persons en
gaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
riumbtr. Type-setters, Gold-beaters, and
Miners, as they advance in life, are subject
to paralysis of tho Bowels. To guard
agaiutt this, tako a doso of Walker's Vii
fgar Bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tet
ter, Salt-Klieum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples,
Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, , Kin g-worms.
Scald-head, Soro Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch,
Scurfs, Decolorations of the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name
or nature, aro literally dug up and carried
out of the system in a short tiaio by the uso
of these Bitters. ,
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking in the nystem of so many thousands,
are effectually destroyed and removed. No
system of medicine, no, vermifuges, no an
thelminitlcs willfroo tutf system from worms
like these Bitters. I .
For Female Complaints, In young
or old, married or single, at tho dawn of wo
manhood, or the turn of life, theso Tonio
Bitters display so deoided an influence that
improvement is soon perceptible. -
Cleanse tho Vitiated Blood when
ever you find its impurities bursting through
the 6kin in Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores;
cleanse it when you find it obstructed and
sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it when it is
foul; your feelings will tell you when. Keep
the blood pure, and the health of the system
will follow. I
it. ii.: Mcdonald a co.,
Drnggista and Gen. AgU., San Franeiaco, California,
and cor. of Washington and Charlton KU., N.
Sold by all Drugg lata DaUr.
''U ! AND - (.:
Five Ilcautifnl MxlS in Knsrrav'g-
. Read the Splendid Family Paper,
A sixteen column paper dovoted to
The Family Circle. ' :
S3rSubcribe 1 for it I You will get
our' five beau tl fid premiums. Head
their description below. Remember you
can get live engravings that retails for
f 1 in the art stores, and a semi-monthly
faperfor one year, giving valuable re
igious sketches, temperance stories, re
ceipts, wit, humor, fcc, Ac.,
ayIf you are' not satisfied Jwitb the
pictures return them and we will re
turn the money. , No paper inAhe coun
try gives such premiums; no paper has
so valuable reading matter. i -
SrGeneral Leo Lying in State !-j-A
fine engraving of a beautiful young
lady decorating: the casket Of tno old
warrior. f I
TDeath orGeneralT. J. (.Stonewall)
Jackson ! Thfo Is one of most touching
engravings ever offered to tho public.
flTwo Good Little Sisters ! They
are ministering to the grief of their un
happy brother, who, while running in
tho woods barefoot, has got a thorn in
his foot and a mote in one of his eyes.
3&-Look at Papa ! A young mother
is holding up a photograph of her hus
band for their baby girl, who is looking
at it with enthusiastic delight. j
isyMothers Joy ! Plain oval picture
ofa pretty young mother with ber baby
boy in her arms. J
Read thfs all again and then send $1
4-tf "7' j Wade bo ro, N. C.
RING'S Patent Fire and Burglar
Proof Safe cost in New York $875.00,
and has all the latest improvement?
Will bo sold cheap for cash the owner
having no use for it. Can be seen at the
Commission House of W. H. Joned A
Co., Raleigh, Ni C. J
7tf .. A. W. SHAFFER, m
bargains. Prices suitable to the
times. NAT. I. BROWN,
Raleigh. NJC.
Raleigh, April 7, 1874.
0 lm

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