North Carolina Newspapers

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(Qlh Uhntnam CCOrfi
THURSDAY,.. May 15 1870.
H. A. LONDON, Jr., Editor.
A negro was hung in Fayette-,
ville on the lUh inst, having been!
1 1 . , .n..;.,f -.I r,( i,,wt ilii'in" ;
duly convicted ot a most u.uin.
and outrageous burglary, llieexu-;
cutkm was public, and was witness-1
r.,1 l... ,nv hundreds of persons. '
. i (. . o..w.;
uraw n logeiuei nw . -
(Treat snow. Aim iomo..w.v, .i.iv.m-
er execution will take place at Hills-
boro' Two white men and a nc-'t
. . ..t..i .
gro,knownastlieUliapelliui i.ur
irlars. will then and mere no uung.
This evecuMon also is to bo public,
ii e .i ,,. 1w.
nnuuuaust. ' ... ..
iiuiiir, aim iv; w
to their crimes, there will belotibt-
less VI immense crowd in fttteti-
, ' i n i,mf ever
dance, prohabh t lO largest tvu
coittA i nneient borough,
"Vc cannot understand or appro -
ciatc this stroll" and almost uni-
verstl desire on tho part of our
...I., f.i ii'ihm tlui 1 1 viii r nannies
lwl"1, ,u " .-r,
or a iellow-man. ue cannot neipifoj-e
rcffiirditii: it as morbid and deprav -
! tbi.indi manv of our best citi -
our best citi -
zens vield to it. The attraction j at a n p. ice vu.e.v a genera, he pf ()nr .fi.jjni,
toa"ha.."in surely cannot be the C;V,1?'K' 1 M '" s lu tl"k the "no-fence"
to ii .,.:-,:. a'n 'y d the army or i;lw will stop imniig.ation to the oi l
pleasure der.ved from seetng a in.,- ,,.,vy ot thl, nhctl Sf;lttS unless. N(,lth St,t,! I contend that it is one
erable wretch launched into etorn-.sueh force he neeess.irv to repel theatt.p towards promoting the immigra
ity? The extinguishtnent in the ; armed enemies of the I 'nited States, i timi of good people to the glorious
breast of the vilest criminal, of the : to enforce section 4, article 4. of) old Btai..-.
, . , e , ve tbe Constitution d the I luted What sen lo nitn is jjomg t ) a
God-given spark of human life. s;t:lU,s ami tl,e laws made in pur-. conn try wh iv be has to put more
n.m.l.- ...iniL.t 1 o noi-t ii'le to be . .1 e ... .. . . i ' 1 .. i! I l .1 .i :.. :.. o
mnw; wuiivi Uv ,rv.v...w
. . . .
Tlio most liardeneil ncart is some
iched with pitv and K,f.! Jh ad w iniieli of nil laws as h
it , ., e 'inconsistent herewith is hereby rc
the death sulientigs of a ; ULnv
ist, and yet menot humane
instincts of generous impulses, and
w.thkmd hearts, w,U thick ut crowds
to enjoy the death agonies and dy
ing gasps of a fellow mortal, to
. . v. ...ii. i i.v I'll. !.'. Inis Riven an ''' !lw;litstll0si;,11;ltmVl,n,e p,,,;,,,,,,
bouI! es they w.ll laugh, and .( , wU1 , .
nest, and voke, wlule the poor wretch i ., t . , ,.
. . . if ;COlliielled to sign it, or place bl.ii-,
with tottering steps and tremblim;1 , ' '
, , , . , , '. sell in sucn a po.-itioii as to morit
innos ascenus tno iaiai scauoiu, ami
, ...
then en tov as rare sport and relish
, ,' ,, , ,
no .. ..I,.!, tl' 'ill tin. 1-..V, . It'll. r 1IU
, , . ... 2s
eidents of the horrible scene. Sure-
ly this does not speak well for our:' ' "u ,' ' ' ,
J 1 Wo congratulate the democr.-;!ic
liOW, nv aiv .t
of :1,
,. t; . .! . ... . 1 . .
oeuuiuciiiaiisis, no in e opiioseo
ii i i .
to an capital puuisumenr, ior on
the contrary human and divine
law has for all ages sanctioned it.
W'e do not, however, approve of
public executions, but think that
they bhotild Le private. The main
nnmmenr fnr mthlin evi'i'iir!, ii w
i.'..t. ti. ,.i.i:..:t.. f .t : t. '
ment will strike" terror into th, ' l1;.""' "Hhe denocratic and re
minds of the spectators, and tin,, '. V"" V ''" '-"gird to it.
leter others from committing capM:'nd,to t!us ,veonl vt tl,vm 1,0
tal crimes. Ihtt we do not believe tie ,,L'xt lH,,itil'al ""lt' M
that experience has prove, the force ; ''"f C!,t -"H' hetween these p:n
of thisargmnent ; hi fact we think hv V'"1 and fHy to
ti,f ;f i." , t.,.i ; :,i.the eople, who are the suvrci--n
the opposite result.
Frequently the criminal, eneoiir
nged by the presence of so large an
assemblage, desires to make a hero1
of himself, and makes a longharan-j
gue to the assembled multitude. -:
jirotesting his innocence, creating!
the impression that he is a martyr
to the persecutions of cruel laws,
and causing many to doubt hU
guilt; and then when the fatal noose
is applied he boldly and ttntl
ingly jiresents his neck to its dead
ly embrace, and "dies gainc" ! We I
think that these public executions
have a bad effect 111 corrujiiing the
puu.ic morals, in uea.lenmg the l.ct-
, , . , , . , . :
tor impulses of the hcait, and
eultivatin" a denraved t i-fe Tl. uq i.i ui ta. ft. Ihc
jnore we sec of death tho less tern-
Me it seems, and the more fro-
niPi.tlv u-n veitm. tl... ,L ;.,.. ..(
hn.iiat, life the less sacred we hold
, . .
it. 1 his the experience
oi ail ol us viu p-crvcU 111 the ate i
war. when the deaths of even friends
"u wmi. luvowouiu
.,...,... 11 1 , . 1 ,.
impressions on our minds
SO eaU..
louslind wo become by their fro-1
Wo JiLdilv approve of tlm Aet
in- t"i. l..m-.i..t,.w. ..t
4 . .v ,,,.,, .... ,..,,0
and 1S(!1, that directs all executions
to he held w. inn the jailor ,fs
dosure, and limits the of
spectators to be admitted, and
gret that it has been thought ne-
...,1,a.n1. , , n. ,, .
eesiry to make any chan-csjn th::t
i . . . . ... .
ja, ,
o have said this lunch upon i n ...,t; . ti t:.,i . ."-i r .. . 1 , 1 imuosca ur every mau to t iy at home, or if he kuo.v it does ilo good. Of course
thisBubicct even at the rid-,,f .iv re ,.. Pa.,nZ it n S 7 , P1 rPose; o :.WJ acres, and lay is deter.niued to ran about io com- there are some people it will not Til A
1..0 subject ou. at the 1 sk of gn- u fio.u thi? auty it w. 1 not be ail w 11 utt- nded to, that come to pet him to wado or swim, aecordimr- help, such as are proclaimed drunk-1 1110
:..g mence to some iriem.s, oec.mse -k,-. - a e , r uas c.,,,-,- n;-tU.mT. in less than 3 years. This, iy, as the energency demands. But urds, eat, and will havo, strong drink,
vie ueem ii tne uuty oi tne l jvss ro t n ,., ,.i ,, . f . .- i i- '-' oi'it o; ur, it wo must a.ivu a bridge ftcrosi but there are certa n poop o who S. J. STltKKl
.. s - ... . .... . !lL ''le olio farm wi'iiai a mile his naiiir niakes ns nmeli n.l.w.v. .. it i? i..i ;..... i. . ..- n .i t. . 1 .... uu , ' ain.i.j
timtv.v.r io create a iictiniv rnu- or two uf this p'-icc bfo-o the 11111.f,o.,,i'i, . ,. V- , ""'"""'i' . ;. "iu never lums oi uriuKingu tuey k. h. stukkt, sa.
. . ornoui iwi i .ut, ..... tue on. foiubt a. il he kucw nothing of or Moore V, vht:c tho livei is sous'- did not have it right uudjr their Wa 1 if
t 4
lie seiiliiuent, an 1 not to pander to,"n.
,a morbid ono.. Many newspapers,!
especially tlio Croat Now York. pap- ,!.
especially tlio groat .Now lortipap
ers. are constantly tilled with revolt-
in wennnrs and dis.msti'i" nar" i '
tlVOS Ot SoII.e great Hanging, Will I
. 1 I
encouraging and stimulating tins
unnatiiiMl desire to attend public
'executions: and thereby we
I they commit a wrong inoii the pub-
f'AN'i'lf IXViiiiV tl ''I ITTI'JtvS
t ilU. AL .,lAllMtJ.
The two main ubjeetioin urged
hv the veto of Haves to the sect ion ;
:,. i. , ....... p;n ;.. ,...,..,..i
.n .... ....m """" " j'"
n. v,i n,....-, m. mv un.-, ..n.., w...i
it was contrary to the spirit of the to attach a legislative
i. .. .. . . ..' .in
-n.ier to an .vppropnanou i.ih.
;mu niar me proposed icgi.-iainui
would abridge the rights and author -
'. it.. ..( tl, . .i. iv. .11 ,u
i : . .1,. ti
- ,
to obviate these objections, and te.-t I
the sincerity of Haves in making
tl...... '...',,. ,- Vi r i s,,l m i
tl.tin, I oleics I.. i, a.- .n
separate measure the tollowmg: ,
j "Wliereas the presence of iroojw'
at uiu pons is contrary to inc spiru
l . 1,1 "immuuuus ;inu uauiuoiis
lot our people, and tends to destroy
i , .. 1 . . . . .
tjie livedotn ot elections: T here -
1 "JV it enacted, A-c. That it shall
; not he lawful to bring to. or em
; "n "e iav, nil ro ornig ro. or tn -
suance uiereor. on apiie:itn.iini tne
(Legislature or l-;xeeiitive ot tlie" aw is in wp, bh.i
I . ...I I. .. 1 ...A- l...... tilOV 11-.. It 0 T .....rroiit Villi
oiato micro micu jorec is ro ne
j , .,, nn. ,t,
, )y
I iIemwrats . :f
- ot
republicans again.-t it. except
tm ,.t t i i St it,. ., .
. . -
. the scorn and cotitempt i
: . 1 , .
;ent men. As soon as tin
! dec-dgm-d
e tin
.Congress will at t
' . ..
arm v.
I .
party ana tue eoumry a: large u.-r
!ll" - Hiliu-fl HI ynn 1, n
I ot
, ,
' the otl
her) upon the wi.-d
. .. . i .... i , ,
i moucraiiou uispiavcd iv t otires. the h
i.-lati hi of the eoiintrv lias beet! en
trusted to safe hands, honest hearts,
'and wi.-e heads. Whether Have.-
signs this bill or Hot. the vote upon
lts l:'age has placed n cord t!
j r.i.ers id this country, am
(decide at the ballot box
let thorn
... .
Wllh'Il .s
IT'UfU, .11: i'i. to i:i:i iavK
ox a hksi-onsihi.e namk .misii'Avi.Mi
VSi .v
oik tiik papeii. thh i-niinit is Nl)1'
ios tiv i'oaii.'.si.iiv'iii.---i-
liKSPONSIlll.K t'Olt THE V1KW AXII lil'IX.
l'Olt tiik m:( oi;i.
Rock ill. S. C. May 10th 1ST'.).,
i'.IUT0ir, in tWO recent COD-
"" ,"' uiuo. paper, 1 nave
f . . 111 t,
m 1, . 1 . n . ,
very mm h opposed to the , uo fence' :
or stock law. If you will lw so kmd
',s tG"e mea small space 111 your 1
Ij;,,unins.'. 1 W1". u.fedeavor to show Mr
know alTt E aaSt1! 1 ,.o1 "
, . , ... , r , .
know what.t do, but personal'
3 . . . : '
n in n inn in una nriptmn Ho ;.,-.
.l Vh " ", 1.".:, V.
. ii , . , , .
. uu uiuuuu iuo county to unikt
ou. we cost oi rails
1 f i, - coluPil"-
son to tue cost Ol keeplliff up ail the
!;n.let9..,n Very maas falm in the!' P icU bus been confined to
compare tho value of
thn rn-intv t ti n
.nous expense of keeping no all these i
"j'fS J'
nS renmn,Sh h!
timber is being destroyed by n. 1
i.,,rr..iU It winieH a , I
; '7" ' , 1, , ? f V ' l"
. -v -
tui vv ion' u 1 u m u Uiiv ir tmt
r ... ... . ;
"' law oa-un in(o effect
uld have b&eii bought for oho do'-
and a hV.i'iiir acre, and since, tho ,
Why was this change brought about? I
owner refusoi J hvo dollar per acre. 1
ee l(lse '", ha I no timber to fence
HIM 11 III 11 In Illitt IO II I "O It HUH
, . , . ,, ,. . , , , r - ;,.
laVl) ,10 doubt tli i-t I could mention
many similar cases but will let this
do. You seem to forgot that the
l.iii.l liiill v.t.. f.tirt.. It3 ...l...i. t-,ri
js ll0 " wjj yji uioro to the
iUintity than any land you have,
. and will make enough to "feed sev-
eral lie.iu oi cattle. Again, look at-tne
.. of u,r
the want of a fence, and' if you fence .
it, it will consume the protits for sev ; years, and if you had th advan-
i tage of the "Stock" law vou could
till it. regardless of fence, and just in
, tuls Vi.H.. tiure lias been (it is estnna-
ted) live thousand acres of land tak-
" ''. , ' " lllls nv
.14 this did I suvr1 lkeansj wo en-
j ,v t',e bc.elits of the 'no fence" law.
h0w do you call this ruiiumg tho
; poor widows and poor men away for
tl.c want of work ? If I see it in a
Pr"lM'r hilht, it is giving them more
lanor man ever, ami it tnev leave
at .all. th v .v. ' bo happy riddances,
f"r ""J' ive to "shirk work,
u,,r L,Ul1 ' " s( s "lll;lt y,lkh
Wfi mw we ;.ail renp." and if we ex -
pend our tituo sowing grain, shall we
aot rwip grain ? And on thn other
."! e sjteun our nine nuiioing
-v....... u
- out .u mo i. nee corners,
.if.,., . . i. . , .
1 l . "lau ":,lf l "u uoiug some-
: lui"n aeu it is mo wtt to p.ow wny
!101 ,a? t;, "t,l, making manures :
id of ib stroi iiiur that whicl
' . 7. . .
; ilIoiiun a iii-ei ui.iii mere, is iu n : r
ahnost entiitly an atarm ttivc nns.ver.
As for this com ty (York) nil those
who vo'ed for tho "no fe'.ice" law
Would do it again with twice the
willingness; and over one-half who
were bitterly oppov.j to it have
bifre they would adaiit what a great
work had been done f jr them. Some
..t i.. i i ...l.
11, UWI II1II1II9 11. II IJ llll KHU MllVk to a ntak'." Tins is really
. lat.rhal.le, for I would be very pivud
to know tout my native comity could
l.oast of as fat end 'oo.l stoek ns 1
, dohm. oi as nu i no ooa suu i. as i
see hero where tins law is enforced.
('hath im has too many c-ittlc; give
oi:e cow what yon give two now, and
yon will make t .ice tho amount of
n. ilk :iinl three times tho amount of
butter f:ina the otic c.uv. It is reas
o'lable, ycoi know the richer the
e t ti... ... ... ,.r ;i n.., ,.: a.,...
i ' ..iii aim iii- iti'jii.. .ii iu, niw i u'lin
the mill; and the moro of it.
Kod incinl miglit ask wnat makes
I mo so busy lo iiii. if. io UU the r
V-odUv tdiahs? Li r.piy l wo;iM
' say bi-eause I have the ho ,or to hail
:- from Caaiham. and I like to see mv
Chatham trit.ii Is prosper.
I could give you an idea of a great
many more a Ivantagts to be derived
com tins glorious law. out don l like
to impose on the good nature of oar
i. iiior all I ms rc:ni-rs.
In conchuiou I will say, ''Iguor
im1 ," "come let us reason togctucr.'
Very respectfully,
1'EIKll llllilE.
run the rtneortn.
Oaklxno Township.
Jbiv Sth, IST'.l.
Drn TIec or.i: Looking over vour
co'.umiis is a matter of much interest
i ... i . .
iu mi', kthiwo eierv coirespoilO' Iit
cm f;ive his views aud express his
opinion upon the various tieiics and
subjects up..n whi.-h thev are dis-
posed to write, in a fif-ndly and
c luricous manner, nml diffeveuce of
.1 n ..... ..., .1. .....n.
oninioii should ei ito 0t, ;f.. ...
hatred " another U tter. I made
Home 1 - :. , Mr. "Ktcelsiors" com-
munica -.' the 17th inst. but on'v
jve ijm . feW
" bev. Mr. ' Ig.
. 1.:..... ... 1 , .
' ijiins, Mini u.i'i in me
1111011 from the jic n
;noramus. Althouch
he says he don't Oronoso to trv to
lveach a sermon, but he will quote a j
passage from Lis school book, upon
which to base Lis remarks for urn,
loin, and Col. Itives, and hopes
wo nra nil
Belmnl T enti mile unnuL- f.. ..,
iiifiuoera 01 a AaObatli
.Air. -Ignoramus;' I have been a
-' . .'r "iv ,.m itiat;ii,
was a siuoent at the haiihath
School at the Kpiscpal Church in
I',ttsbio', ut least 4o years ago, and
there lirst learned the Lord's I'raver,
aud havo never for.'otten it since
ll:!!!' fe ya-
......r. v..... ... n.e ., n.uHiii ociiooi.
Xow, Mr. Ihlit.r. in reply to Mr.
jumiiiuua, wikliut mose views 1
,v' 1 'I'Io"n to tt.e 1.0-
..l .. .1
- v. ....... ..iLi..i 11, mo
lieve with all my heart. I supuoso
' ,.,
lias reference to pasturing sheep.
when b mivii lm Lmiira nl fl.h ..t
iuur,p, 1W mo t.r six years,
lliil t liT trill A t-..M .1 -
11 7 n I. 7 i . V
il, ,t ,.,.b ot "
v.i,,...... 1
hT mM tUev Wl,ilU llot
ouk well l,ug, unless Le has some
'J V:
Sim ' he ha we w mid
11 u( H'' 1 1 '.'f l:W- W(
"ko to know what it is. I know a
- ... . aw ui a. x . 11 11
boi. .x..i i . i i
: ' I' ui w
ttradilionally or otherwise. T ntill l.JuLt i-i tl...u.....l ..i..'i .,('
such thing. Why, bir, just miiw
down here, an 1 wo can titke you
through forests a day a journey, overj
swamps, tiirongli nieauow-iamn. ii
cleared up, until yon would say that!
IX was in opposing ma no-ionce
.:, ,l llMi.; a,,,!! VV.i .rr.t
VIU BIUVA nittllii itu im lum:
plenty milk and butter, and some to
give to the hogs. The March winds
have not blown anv of them aw i.v,
vnf. tllll Ira llvrt llnf. AT1V t.O 111. It)
iip when they would lay dowu; but
if wo had to keep thcni up from now,!
I guess we would have it to do; if
not, n:m enipi..ynieni tor me launers,
for fl.VlH uivg Bl.ttri-e-wo could
not feed much longer. j
I have not room to follow him 1
through the whole senium, but turn:
him over to Mr. "lorn ami Col
1 Hives, for the present. j
o.v, air. J-Mitor, I saw in in
Reoouw of the 10th inst.. in the M.g-
. "' '
a bridge across Haw lover, at lv-
', nmn's IVfory. which 1 th nk, a nn
m too right directim. Winioi am
opposed to taxing the people to build
'bridges for the convenience of every
man's mill, I think that bridge a
piumc necessii v, as wen as 10 uie in-
tcivst of the factory company, and I
think nil such oompanies should be
eiuveirigcd, and every l.ieaus thrown
' in their way to encourage and aid
them. We want mere such men and
companies in l.'liaUum. That is the
ursr, nun oniy lanory m iuj couuiv
. i... ..,.. ........ . ...... .....
ouiai in nei suiiavp muneieui
. ;.. .i i . . ..
.uer-poer m me eu i:n, into
ry oi it. .uore unon. .
l'ltoo I.i:vi:i.. N. C,
M.vSlh 1S71).
t,. F..i r,M..i. l
issue of vour ' most valuable ivm.r.
with increasing interest, especially iil' "antl.v. and every body was rr
, the correspondence of Scipio" aud J-ing over the hue fruit crops they
' Tax I'avt r of Cane Creek.
ham. because of their m ialv
.to the "liar
. (Jhnthani
;ti t t, j, f brilTgU;,
. 1 . . ' O O
tlio whole comity.
V!i ,t emil.l li,.rn I,. 1., 1 tl,
jragistrates of to appro-1 ?,ves of tbfi equator, or within 10 de
priate, so wantonly, the vast aud in-1 8lves ,,f the Tropic of Cancer,
conceivable sum ot $o,t)()l), to build : Thls southorn climate is a fine one,
p!a(e w, m) ,.vm. got.8
a oruU'O at "livnuuis lactorv,
mill bovs and tm t.l,. hunters, in thni
mvsterv of the ng". Tho reason
for this action tin. do to bn .I.irsp.1
as the eighth wonder of the world.
When we beard of this action we
w. uld have been deli-hted to have!
been perched up ni the pinacle of the
court house and to have exclaimed
to the world around with David Croc-
kett of old, -Mirabile diefu."
We have no theory, that will ac-
count for tiiis action only that each
miigislrate rect-ived or soon
will re-
ceivo a bribe that has ui:i t'
ll kJ- lll.ll. IJll.l Ul.l : 1)1 flHIII
vi 1 make them richer than Vuudei-
'. 1 1 1. u' r tauuti-
milt ever was or ever will be.
The very idea of a:i Lorn st and iu-'
t ,j . ,;, , f ...
, ' ;.uu ll , "el app.o ,
pr.-iting the U.U.m.etl taxes of the;
!!1;U1' tu l,Ul1.11 1 " J".v where !
l't across ma... street ,., Pittsboro,
without first obtaining tlm o.-.tiuuni
t e very man, woman aud child, with-
" . T.. . . : '
out anv retrain io race. cni..r or urn
gara io race, eo.,r r pre-:
vious condiliou of servitude, is as- 1,1 lu"uuH village oi nesicr.
toiindiiig in the extreme. We think Aether these p ipers will both be j
it great extravugauco ami false ecou- "tamed to tho extent that will en-j
omy to build bridges at all. Gov. al'le the publishers, who are also the
Vuuce made the greatest mistake 0f editors, to couimue them, is as yet,!
his life when be said to the legi-la- a matter of .xpentneip ; though they
turo of blesH-d memory in his mess- i l,11"k t,u'J' l';,u a!'',, Ul11 sustained,
age; that for a people to become1' lfc Said that "co-npe'-in i; is the j
great aud prosperous thev must have! hi'' trade. I think it may bo the :
good highways to ni..rket. We as-: lifl! ,of "papers too. Indeed I
. . . - i
sert without fear of sucecs ful com u"llK 1 ca" 'iseern a uegree ot nn
tradietion that the reve.-e is true P'ovement m the old ouo since the
because, the.-e is uo necovMtv of ever appearance of the new, though the
,.,;.!! t. in u L. t If .1 f, r,'.,.i. i,..'
n. ...k: i. i ... i i . i ' '
ail Vtu lii " unci " ii nee I, lei HUH
give it t J the Sheriff, to defray tilu
exp - mso of extracting jail bir Is teeth
Look at Home ! she was the proud
mistress of tho world until she e.mi-
nieuced building bridges and i.rov-
: . 1... 1.:..: 1 .. .1.
in.T i,oi- lil.r'nwiivH li,,i.- ,.t ' v
York. Illinois, Iudiana and and many
other like States. Thev appropriate-
annnallv vast sums of money in LmlJ
. . '
.ling unages, 1111 aovjiig uignwavs
and in supporting a useless aud costly
system ol comuion sclmols. lbiin 1
mIII kai-iii bn finer nrirti.iti if tl,..,-
dont hastily learn It s 011s of wisdom I
from Chatham and other prosperous !
sections. Come nearer borne Look at!
Randolph. It Las been a part of her-
.l:i ,.f . ..4... i..i...:ii.... . . .
mistaken policy tor more than a
ticed bridges over nil her .ri..ciual
niiriiui 11, iu iniini oo-J lat-
streams. Toey will stand for more '
than half a century to come, an a'co,uul118 eVur Bmt'e A rea-l the j
fit mockery of he former i ttra-a- rst number, but have heretofore al-
gance and false ecouomv. Wo ad- ays hesitated, feeling that I was4
mit she is entirely out of debt but 1 u1 couipoteut. I ussure vou, Mr. I
that is no'.hiii!? tlieso hurd ii-,. Tf . Editor, tne onlv tlmii thk iimii
she had just saved half what she has
-o lavisulV LltroWu away lli)U usel hs
bridges, she would have today been !
able to imrcuiiso tho entire ijlohe. i
' '
Chatham Las pursued a much wis-,
er poney ami neuco, sue is to tiav. at i
1. 1. . . . . 1
Raudoloh ami such comities i
.,v.. .u. '..?..' uuciiu i.ii ;
In the name of "Bill Arp" what
',.,.: : .1 ...
the poor man to keep up bridges'! !
ior tiie ricli aloue to enjoy ? We.lle is a tuorongu rascal, and I am
1 . . 1 I it i, -
1 oruloes. us w stay at ,
1:1 11 t .1 ...11 1.
VT bU" uu 1 '; r
us pay our ctravsgunt taxes. Why
not eCery b,,ly styat Lome and at-
H i T ? U' "a 1 "1
tly in favor of tearing down all bnd-
ges we 1. ow have, and never bu Id
11 . 11 ii h mitri 11 iH.rrif h nuidi rn mn ira
uny new Ulies, ;um COIlllX'i 1
- : . . . .
row nmi tho cost will ha bo much,
camparatively, uu3 which will com -
pel sucti as go to market, to go at
teas, a nan a mile out oi mo way
and to travel over an impassable road,
: tuu tot u oh unut at iieiueys: oe
' miv vhmn in fli. mnnlt nn.1 wi. will
t.v,ni:i 10 " iJ ni1
bo compelled to spend twine as much, to build a
.similar bruise. Also because the
l'0:Llt llV t..H millH 14 IlllMllllltf.K' kit-
ut-rb and inviting nnd is the near -
est and oitlv possible route o all poinU
in the land, except to a still house
or -jencno. nut, sir, wo oemaim, iii;tUata coloful man Had given tue
the name of the tax payers of Chat-1 colored temperance society a very
ham three things; tirst, tint we valuable lecture. I am so glad to
haven bridges; sec mdly that we have see that tho colored people Lave at
no bridges; third y that we have no hst opened theireves; I havo seen
bri lges.
Not A Biupce Max.
1'Oa TIIK llll'OIIO.
C'oi:swkm.'s T ()., S. C.
May 7, IST'J.
Ms. Eiuroit. The farmers of this
county are so.newlnt this spring
-.1. .1. : , . .. '
with thmr work thin thpy usually
are. Tiny are jst done planting
imir corn una cotton, iuo corn J
however, on upper lands, has been
pUuted some time. A largo per cent
; of it was planted early enough to be
bitten by the frosts of last month.
Just think of it a frost in this far
southern clime on the '2nd of May!
; ji was not a heavy one, but was con-
mn-.. vl. me luius. t pon me
wiioie, tins uas oeen a verv tardv
, i , , . .
spring; uio weainer nas oeen changi-
ible to an extreme! iirst warm and
i pleasant, then cold and frosty. Uu-.
i til within tho last day or two we:
t have had no weather much warmer
j tliau som- d ivs of February. It was
i then thaf the buds beiran to swell
llld iii M ireh thev, together with the
i l,.loo,,'a fr',m tb? fruit 'rees, put forth !
. '"JlV i m ie
i,,e t"1"00 f,ths of an inch thick,
and runnintr the iiiereurv in thermo.
meters down into the twenties. Just
t lllll K Of It, and here Within 3-4 (le-
a1""1' " iann-y m uie
; weather-this very changeable
nature of it is one draw-back.
j To-day the thermometer indicates
r temiieraturo of about 70 decrees.
Now to 'lustrato tho high dogreej
of ""certainty that attaches to it,
Iuanv of tUo l'hinters aro very much!
;luout tlltir crops afraid they
i wlU be mined by another cold snap
perhaps a fr st. It is to bo hoped
.though, that their cotton will not
UR,,'t ,bo ""hieky fate of their peaeh-
es and nearly all tlieir apples.
Those who know that larco nor
ti ons of this state do not riillivnto
""'harda very exlensively, may think
, . .. .J .
t'l;lt t,ie ,,m 1,1 fn ,l " 't im'h.
"lit. ,ll('.v '"n8t r tul.ect that to lose
all is tlw samo :
1 11 11
iu one scuss wheth-
much or little. The man
can usually better af-
thail ho who has but
ti.:., ....... t.. C'l.i..,! i ...
t'" ' " ' "uw, V.""1'1?
r i'"i" "" puuiiauci
- . ii. .i.. -ii.. . . ii .
new is still in the leail so far as mer
it is concerned. This n-emu tn Lo
the l'evaleiit opmion among those
it is concerned, mis seems to be
w re:l'1 0,1 P,ll,L'rs -ow does it)
" s,!,e,'i ,hut 11 thls. 1:tll. coull,J :
xwL,(l1 ll,l 8 Uot contain much more I
400 s,lu"re, "J'1) C;tQ ?F?
two i.aners. that Chatham, with its
wo papers, tUut CUatUam, with its
l00t) or, l,uorB ouht .
8UPPrl .1,c.! ntl fhen aside from I
fue superiority iu size (1 times as;
ar.-el its tiODii .it on does e,.ii.
. , 1 , . . " I
liuu b uc a 1,ir : yvr 1 01 Ueo'rot;a
wu" v'
T) koii tub kbcohd.
Kalkioh, X. C, May 4th, 1879.
Mu. Eonoa: I have read with the
greatest interest tue Uilterent com
....,i....t;...,o .,...,..
j..i-"'" i.i..v-i.i
PV of your paper. I have
w wntmg a letter for your valuable
me now to lake P my Pou is to say
cw worus aoout me CU-cllori WUICU
is to take place in June. We (or at
leuat tue I'lttsuoro peoble) will aain
people) will aain
vote w bisk- iv nn!
7. , . ,
nopert iiowell
Have Uie cUance to
... . o
U4 mir wu. kjuo
..1 .1...:-
uu il,,.,.,.! nf ll,.,,.l,..i :...i '
the last time. He exerted lm,i,.lf ,.
,w ....w v. ..Vi.uai.ii,iiuuiicii
the uttermost, and even went so far
!.... i... t.:.....i 1:. 1.1 ... i. i- . .
giving away whiskey to procure votes! ;
nappy to kuow tne people of 1'itU
i...;.:i i:..,i, .: .ii-..
" , ".""1 "a V4 . nce
tain parties would do e enthi g
they could to csrry license' nexl
lttW ' V'r TV WlU be prf
eeuied. I have heard BOtue people i
argue that prohibition did 110 o-ood. '
n:irnn m im w iiiivh ui it -a t in. t m.v
KJ . . . - i
UVtl leilVu U Ullier Willi liiniii. i ,
till the time. Let the ladies of
; l'iltsboro' call a meeting, and let j
each and even one or them use heri
influence, (and all OI tuemuave plen-
l ty) to got the young and old men to
tote lor prohibition. ome may ask
, WNV 1 UlftU lut lUWCPb 111 IUUMU
uU.. f.. .... ..v nntiv.i t.i.i T.J
the first place, I iove rittsboro", and
her people as much as I ever did,
t and vet hone to make it inv home
: oimin. c.w...ti.ll T liuvn Conn 4lm Avil
: influence of strotijr drink ever since
I an rec. 1 ect anything. In reading
j your paper a few days fciuce, I learned
; one of them
work a whole week, aud
, ,
then spend his whole week's wages!
r. ...i.:..i ..,i 4i.: r....:i;
! home suffering for tho necessaries
'of life All I have said Mr Editor
' comes from inv heart and I hope no
llii nunno aim nil
one will tako otl'ence at anything I
have said as I have certainly intend -
; e,l none.
-r i i i ht
I I am very glad to learn that Messrs
j Hynum and Headon have bought the
old corner store ami made it much.
I larger and almost entirely new. I
; think Pittsboro will be a city yet, of
course it will take time, all it needs
! is a railroad and of curse it will
i havo that in due time. This being
mv first attempt at writing anything
for a paper I hope I will not be cnt-
. eiseu too mucu. Again uepging me
rittsboro people to vote whiskey out
' . ... J
oi their town au l wisliing you sue
ces with vour valuable paper the
Chatham UtroiiD.
I remain 11 'suoctfullv.
A Chathamite.
a - T 3 P. C .
"vinjr done a largely increased and ex
'"' uun.iK mS j.-ni kiwid, we
will offer lor the
Spring and Summer Trade
So lavoralilr knmm as a practiril li.n)lni'is
man ami ju lii-ioui tm.Ti-r. Iihs lii-en for
I ih time mul will be aevera) days vet iu
V'k '""'"-'""r pnrrl.aa.
j Vo have alremlr received a splendid i
j s(M,rtme.,t. ami l.ave on tl.- wv and to'
arrive, many additions, including a hand-,
snuic line -jf
Trifflfflel and ReMaie Suits !
' '
Wo Imv ilirirt Irim the Manufacturers.
Importers aud Ag-nt?, aud are prepared lo
ai!17-tf PETTY i JO.NKS.
biMsJUs and Jewelry,
Silver nutl lIafeil lVnrn.
- - .....v.
iee,,g m tu line of all articles fmiud in
first-class Jewelry store.
A T ami 17 3"" "T
- - ,
M'(Cd ,c'r I'" "nt I InX T
itua ior 1 aieni long oi.e.j
Ituii Jewelry, College Ridges
Medals ami Seals,
a o,, rjvN a tt.
wiraiujAU tt u
n,ar. tr,., . di.tno iirii.i n.wwi.
LHBt a,iprvai to any pari-of iLe Stnte
00 ratisfactory refereuces.
II. szaizlsh,
N. I'.
IFinSjWfisals and Retail Druggists,
O.oaile Post Olllce,
it.vii:ioir, iv. c.
Now Store I
New Goods !
For the better accommodation of our Pna.
tl " w. LT S 11, ft
fi"re. uimur .uarun ana rayeiievuie
' Stret"- "n,) "6 P"lrd to fuml.l. F.m.. ,
'era, Physicians, t'ountry Merchants, aud
tlie pubic g(,U(.rai!, win, a diioce and
?lor' corner larun ana fayenvuie
r. T.r"".,' T
Stulla. Fanrv Ooods. (larden and tlra
i rnii rn'ira oi i7niiifi. v ueiu icais. live
Tobacco. Separa.Mineral-Water, etc.
Oive uh a oa'l we can ulease vou iu
UooU' Bd
Street's Mm Iii
Ilulelgh, X. C.
OWNKHS AND I'ltoriK'l'Olla.
ui.rnRL s na.T.inna.1 nnr.s
"" !
Itillelgh, N. C. j
BSt Sai,,p,C Ko0m Ul th 1
Tne Nadou.l overlooks Union or Capitol
square, the U,at P.rk in tt.e state. '.nd
w uuroii ui mc uvuw,
Gaston House.
w uw'
UeW-bcmO, IJ. C. '
I' V- VIIV lennr'u rel,,rn" '"anaa ana soiioim a conilnu
i oo.i, a nipi UCe ot tlie same. nroiniMnir to itItb aatic-
J- sTiiERT. i
i T ,
I f - I 1 i V ll.-kl I I I I J I I'j I I.
andTuaiomerf tun" theyavVjutuecetved
i a full stock of
Spring and Summer Goods,'
wliicli ihiy otter to tlio trade at urices tuit-
able for all.
2,000 Minis Plain and Fancy Vrena Qooda,
at H 1-a, 10. i 12 anil 15 cent,..
Prenfl jfooils at 17 12, 20,'2., 'M and 85
Pacific Lawns, 10 and 13 1-3 cins.
t'ninn LnwnR, lat culorx, 8 l a cents.
5.000 yards Urans Cloths, 7 1-2 aud 8 1-3
'.j'iur, ?.
j ( lim k Munlin. 10 cents.
".."" T""". '" r
Ul...l,u,l nml n.n. ..1.
Alnmanee plaldn, Bed Tlckiug, Ul.kory
Domestic Ginghams !
H8 1110 CUfapval.
; .5,000 yard I'rinta, 5, 14 and 7 cer.ta.
1 ,lH,,l,,lirs' Kbrlnir Irom 2 12 cents wr
I . y'4.1" fi i o 0 , o ,n .
L-iulies Handkercuk'ts, , 7 1-2, 8 1-3. 10 to
-, ,.,.,,
U.iie' Oo'llars and Guffs, Embroidered, 20
tallies Liuen Collars and Cuffs, 15 runts a
Hueliinirs, 10, la. 00 and 25 cents per yard.
Kutl'-. 211 2 ami .50 cents T tloxrii.
5 toira uf Ladies' IIiwm 25 cants.
Ladies' I'olored Hnge, 10 centa jer pair.
Table Damasks, Napkins,
Tarasols n h d I'liibrellus, .
OloTes Il.wlery. Ladies' 8 Button Kid
UlnveB. 5P cents per pn r, I.aill'-s' Mlast-s
and Cliilitn-nV Sliiies. Oailcra imd Slipien.
(Jotti iiHilea, TwpimI, Linen, Drills, Casai
nieres, for Men and Buys' Wear.
Four imir Half I !(?', 25 cents.
Trunks and Valises.
Mattings, Uurjit'tlnjis Cecoa Maiiinp, Oil
C. tilths, Sits.
ty We solicit particular attention to the
above us specialties aud bargain.
If. & It. S. TUCKER,
apl21 tf ltab igh, N. C.
Wholesale an.l Retail
c j Grocers & Commission Merctats,
No. 15 Hargett Street,
A cur load of New Crop CUBA MOLAS-SI-:S
iuxt received.
Highest market price paidjfor BKKVKA
Sole Agents for Ual.-ljrli No. t Plow.
ScIk1 lndiiceuieiifsntf.-red tiM-ri lianis.
('imciuuiftilB ol C'ltton and Produca
I Solicited.
mar lv
Raleigh, W. C.
Patnjisco Umino mid (I range Mixture,
Stem wall (,'otlou Plow,
I Alias Plow,
I Planet, Jr., Horse Hoe and Iron age Cul
' tivutor.
"o liave lu tnre and to arrive
! liM) lin.lils Wliile United Mt-at.
.)0(K) Lbi. Hulk J1.-Hr Hib Sides.
I 1.000 BuhIu'N White and Mixed Coro,
! SIN) HiinlieU IWt aeed Oata.
"ilHI Sucks and llarrels Kaiiiily and Extra
I 40 Barrels Snjrar Wliile and Yellow,
::" Hairs (leir-ea.
j 3 liar Ijoaris Molawes New Crop Cuba,
I New Orleans and Suirar II. man Syrun,
1 f
Hi'i.vitKH .tiarHUallM l.tvernii. f iueult,
1 MiirrelH l.rtrlv Kee r.itntoes.
IlIlM) ltavs Pataiwco Uuano,
oil H'lxes S.wp,
KM) lii-n Nails,
And other (roods uecesary to umke np a
full siock.
All of the above (Trior's we will sell eheau
lr cali, or on lime, wilh satislactory ar
lanueiueniH. rsouriiiii); oraers,
We are KeiM'Ctlullr,
xti. t. rfoums tsc co.
Kast end Citizens National Bank,
: Consignment s of all kinds of Mer
chandise and Troduce solicited. Sat
isfactory sales guaranteed aud prompt
re'iurns invariably made, for moder
ate commisbiona.
ta- Cotton KereivtMl also on
Storage at Moderate Hates. -fea
Raleigh Daily Cotton Market Re
ports and the latest changes in New
York and Liverpool Markets forward-
, , . .
ed every day to patrons.
Refers to Raleigh Nl
and the business public
National Bank
business public of the city.
A larcre invoice of MILBURM
WAGONS for sale at $75 each; bub
I stantial work and warranted.
.r i.
530 to $100 each; workmaushiu and
Ptow S S FdW Hw
Ur"' f,
in f:ict r11 of Produce always
in store aertll W
Dr. West flarr-ii
iiAvisupKAtiTisED .dkntistht
II in tl iatliain and unrrr.,...,!...,. ,, i-
fr ."0 years, and received a liberal patrou-
lattion in werk ntid pricr. apl 10-0m
l'lttshoro, X. C.

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