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    S!;hq dJhalham Record.
H. A. LONDON, Jr.,
f'tte Jpiaf. ! t(" itn'fi
IMlUHILblH, tV I'.'cIII'-liS
jrief-qtmr t'i
f i rnj.j ,.-Ik i ill
One copy, tiuuf inuiiiii ,
- VOL. V.
Jf'T l:ilfl T mlVI rllSi lll'IlH lll"'lnl rilitr:l'-ts Will
NO. 2.
Serenade. '
Reareiit, Eden's bower of lilian
NV-r uv lovelier sight than Una
Yet no scene can perfect be
To thy lover, lacking (hue.
Come, and with thy goldt n hair
Warm tliiii moonlight cold though fair !
8'ara am ahiniiig iu the skits,
Cobih ard sbamo them with thine eyes.
Night with nature In ber amis
Kings hir sweetest, tiiidcrent psalms.
All the iiuionli;;ht fnrnifl thrill,
Willi the smith-wind 'a gentle trills
And weird music, zrplier-hnrn,
Weals up from the hlalt'd rum.
Itie, my love, as I i harm the air
With a melody mure rare.
Sweeten', from tho casement l"n
I've a cliapht fruin my quoi n I
Tulerio, ( id, micn'ou'lic,
Id bnlrnpe and i inlet.
Mingled iu tlio wreath,
Hcnse-entrancing ndnrfl In ' alii"
Yet tlnmf rnsc-lud lips of time:
Yield a hagr-arce mure divine.
Come, an 1 kiK'i liiii; at Ihy feel,
An old story, I'll ripeit.
'Fold to Jive dy Kdt n's prim e,
Tdd to all her daughter sjm o ;
Clinic, and in my cliii ined oar
Wliiipir I Imig (o Inar ;
To my love with love respond,
And nidi kisses seal the lion 1.
Mrs. Hopgood prided herself on be
ing ono of tlio bout housekeepers. H .i
was ono cf those rapid housewives ',vl;o
pnrsnes nu atom of dust ns u hunter
might pursue a Hlag. No hlond-naturcd
fly ever dared to buzz within hor dainty
walls. No cat purred on ln-r lieutlh
ntone. Plants wero tulmool because
tlieir leaflets would fill. Canary birds
were m'blossly excluded hst they
should scatter seed. Sunshine was ex
cluded cs au arch-enemy. ' It, brings
flies sud fades tlio carpets," sail Mrs.
Hopot d. As for Mr. Iiopg..ol tit d
tlio children, thoy lived mostly iu tbn
''I can't havo I lie toys' muddy boots
trHmpioR over the ourpets, and the girls
sowing in tho parlor," said .Mrs. II. ip
good. "As for Iloi'good, I don't eire
where he sits. Ono place is as good hh
another where ho is concerned."
The Ilopgood family also took their
meals in the kitchen.
"I've got a dining r om as nioo nn
anybody '," said Mrs. Ilopgood; "wi'h
a real curved oak sideboard, with n mar
bin top, and silver polished" till it's Lot
ter thun a lookiug-gluf h. Ibit vvhero'ii
tho nao turning things all upsido down,
jdst for ono's own family? Cjiumou
crt cfcery ware and good bone handled
knives are just as good fortveryday ut-e."
"Mamma," said Elbie ilopgood, a
cheery-oheeked girl of sixteen, "I
should like to sit in tho parlor some
times. Mrs. Mow fort and daughter
ute theirs every evening, and it looks
so pretty and pleasant iu thoro."
"Stuff and nonsense!" said Mrs. Hop
good, sharply. "I keep house myself,
after my own fashion, and I give other
leave to do the name."
"Bat, mamma," replied Elsie, "I was
thinking how I should like to invite all
Ihe girls hero some evening, n'ld have
tea, and afterward some little games.
I've been Hiked out so many times with
out ever respondiug, and really I am
gnttiLg ashamed to go."
"Then von bad better stay at homo,"
said Mrs. Ilopgood, polishing vigorous
ly away at the fcteru of her silver curd
leceircr. "I think I see myself with
all the young folks in town capering on
my biUBhela carpet, aud cakeorumbs and
melted cream d iulied over everyihing."
Elsio made no iniwer, but her coun
tenance quickly fell.
"1 wish mamma was like any one
else," she said to herself, tho tears tb
sonring her eyes. "I wish sho was like
Kate Triokett's mother, who lets her
have oompany every Thursday evening.
John Elton wants mo to marry him. If
I married him I could huve u lumo of
my own, aud do just as I pleased."
"Mother," said Mr. Ilopgood, it week
or two afterward, vitlt a doubled fuoe;
"is it true that ur Elsie is out walking
evenings with John EUol? IIo in a
worthless, d stipated fellow, an I no lit
aseooiato for any girl."
"Mercy on nnl I don't know," t-aid
Mis. Hopgood, with a pertutbed faoo.
"I supposed fcbe wan with KutelVickeU
or Clara Moinfort. I'm a great dual too
busy with picking and housekeeping to
run at a giddy girl's heels the whole
time. But I am going to commence
cleaning to morrow, and then I'll war
rant I'll give ber enough to do to keep
hor oat of mischief."
"Mother," said Isaao Hopgood, grave
ly," sometimes I thind that if wo made
bom a little more attractive to our
"Oh, nonsense! ' quickly interrupted
his wife. "I suppose you'd like us to
have tabli six, like Mrs. Mom fort; or a
magio lantern like tbs Miokiords. Oar
children have not been brought up in
that way."
Mr. Hopgood said no more. Mrs.
Hopgood, to nse her own expression,
waa "in the thijk of bouse cleaning,"
the next day, with the carpets rolled
into heaps, the floors spattered with
soap and, and her head tied up in a
pocket bandkerohief when the door
suddenly opened.
"Take care of my nn of sonp sads
and soda! ' k1i" cried shrilly. ' Ob, it iu
yon, is it, Ally?"
"Yos, mother, it's me," faid Alexan
der, her eldest sen, who bad just gone
into business as junior partner to bis
father. "I say, do leave off washing a
minute and attend to me! Ryerson's
in town my old chum, you know- only
for cno d iy, aud I have a-ked him to
' To dinned" almost scrnmed Mri.
Hopgood. dropping ber brush in con
slcriiutiuii; "Alexmper Ifrpgood, ate
ynu cr- y.'! Oi cotiihH 1 can't have him
to dinnoi ; look at tho confusion this
house h in."
"Oh, bo won't mind that, mother;
Kyerson in a tlionnighly good follow,
f net lei him sit down to anything will
I he lest of us. '
"I hIihII ib iioiliin. oltlioH'irt, Alex
nn?"'r," hid I Mr:. ilopgood, rather no
ii; vcrelv, her lipn. "You
mo iiwuro ilmt I do not approve of your
inviting couijiiitiy at tiny time, still less
ut eucli a peril d a this. If you have
been fool eijouli to itk him, you may
get out of the kcupo tho best way you
"But rmillior "
"I don't want any morn discussion on
the sitl j ct," Miid Mr. Ilopgood, duub
itig uway itli the brush.
Alexander wont out nlittumini; tho
" Yell,"tipio!h Aleiitudor, tc himself.
" If 1 cuii't link u friend to dinner at
home, thcro is at least tbo alternative
of inviting hiiu t'i tbo hotel. I U"ver
dnl r-u i' u u thing ln'iore, but I don't koo
how ebo J ch'i niitnage."
S Altxittiiltr U'ljigond t-utertuined
Mr. ltyeihou nt the hotel, and guvo an
uuliiiiitul oidi-r for iced cbuuipagno
and lie-tit. .iid the upshot of it all
was that Ah iuuikr Ilopgod wuHbi'Oiieht
in ut c'ovvn o'clock ut night by two
Waiters, hnpelesbiy intoxicate d.
"Jou't be f -Irai'l, mother," stuttered
he, bi-amiihliing un eippty bottle, as he
httuuio dimly conso ioua of ber white,
scared f co bcndiag ovor him. "Go
i n with your wanning ! it's a heap jollier
ut tho hotel tliuu it is ut homo. Freedom
forever. Hooray ! '
"Oh, what shall 1 do?' sobbed Mrs.
Ilopgood, when tlio waiters were once
out of tbo hou-e, uud tho roll of the
cub wheols bad died any. To think
only think that u sou of mino should
ever stoop to disgruco himself thus."
"It's your own fault," said Kenny the
second sou. "You'd not let Ally bring
bis frieud hero to dinner."
"Hold your tonguo 1 'sharply retorted
Mrs. ilopgood, wincing beneath the
prick of bou.c truth. "Call Elsie; I
need help."
"Oh, mother," piped i'duny, tho
younger girl, running down htairs iu
baste; "Elsie uiu't here."
"Not hero? "
"No mother, sbo hasn't boon to bed
at all -and there's u note on the table
diroetod to you,"
"Open it mother," said Isauo Hop
good. "This is a sid night for our house
hold. My God, has our home beoomo
so distasteful to our children that they
rly from it, like rats from a falling
house ?"
The note was short enough as it lead :
"Dear mother: I am tired of living iu
the kitchen. I huve tun away with
John Elton, aud before you see me
agniu I shall havo entered upon a uew
Mrs. Hopgood broke' iuto hysterioal
sobbings. Mr. Ilopgood hurriedly read
tho hurriedly soruwled paper with a
face cold and sot like steel.
"lluu away with John Elton," bo re-
eat til slowly; "then God help her; for
he is as great a villain iud scoundrel as
ever lived, and she has sealed her own
doom. Mother, mot hor, this comes of
your housekeeping,"
"It wasu't my fault, IsRai'," sobbed
Mrs. Ilopgood, rocking herself back
ward and forward iu a chair iuto which
sho bad dropped.
"It was your fault,' retorted the hus
band, almost savagely. "You made the
very name of home a mockery to your
children, and set your soul inside a
Eotubbing pail, and now you are reap
ing the bitter harvost, my dear."
Of course poor Alexander Hopgood
was unable to lift his throbbing head
off his pillow next day, and bis mother
never left him until afternoon.
When at last she came down stairs
the parlor bliuds were thrown wide
open, a .flood ol sunshine streaming in,
the tablo neatly set in the dining room,
and flowers on the table and new books,
games and puzsles aoattered aronnd.
Mrs. Hopgood gaze! around her with
a bewildered air. She hardly knew her
own home.
"This is the way in whioh we must
live henceforth," said her husband,
cheerily. "Let-in the light and son
shine; teach Bon and Fanny that homo
is something more than an empty name,
and try. in so far as we can, to retrieve
the errors of our past life."
Mrs. Hopgood mutely bowed her
"I will try, husband," she answered.
The undressed Hwedo ii Iho Jatei-t
novelty in gloves.
Lace jackets arn lii.ed v.ith light bilk
in the colors of the lace.
The seaside parasol is Tin key l o l,
trimmed with oriental lucn.
Black stockings are clocked wi'h
colors when worn with light dres.-ei.
Ihe minuet is tho fashionable ihineo
at tho Eastern watering places.
Au cnumeled gold bow is tlio n nv or
nameut for fastening bunm-t
French muslins are tii'tiincd wiV.t
feathery white ruchos and frilling of
The wiapa worn by Arairiein puis
abroad ale of niaHculiuo cut ;ui.i UiiT
Velvet zouave j icki ts bordered villi
rich bead bauds Hceonipany cot-tly
Thocrir.nletli' cool iinie- tnfu:'i favor
and fall ninntb s will lie, cle.iii. ned to 'ivo
room to it,
Broad ribbon suhlios w worn I y th-:
million, from the child one y ur lo tin
matron of sixty.
Heliotrope silk iluidiiift lo n l'uM
combined with a bl o-k velvit makes ii
beautiful evening toilet.
Hilid colors in nuu-lin iIhwoh dis
pute tho majority with Fpugged and
poka-dotted patlei n.
Jackets have from ten to Ci'leeti
wooden buttons tluely cut in pus
beads down tho fron's.
Huge cubhttgn roses urn worn upon
tho bonnet, at the top of tin. puruMil
aud as corsugn llnu eiv.
White pompons and rii-li li.-r.s
form tho trimming of tbo Luteal nuni
ber of black dress hats.
Hllk flouucos, veiled by those oi'
either black or white luce, compose
very elegaut trimmings for dress hkuts.
The full ruche fastened with a bar
pin has taken the plntM of the lice
tlcbu which has been so lontj iu favor.
Half-high bodices aro iu favor for
evening wear. They are worn with lace
sleeves reaching to tho glovo'i.
Jasmine, punnies, carnations aud half
blown whito roi-es mingled with nnihi
are the favorite llori.l garnitures.
Elbow eleevos of evening drosses aro
made very close Uttiog, so that tho long
gloves may bo drawn up over them.
A new stylo if-kirt trimming con
sists of bunches r.f side plaits ulti r
nating with lateral loops. Tbero is n
knife-blade quilling both ubovo ua 1
below this.
Imparted traveling skirts aro plaited
from belt to too. They aro worn with
tne Newmarket jackets, with full hihIi
drupcry, or with the panier pol maise.
Little musio-boxes playing very
faintly one tune, are now worn at the
waist belt, dangling from a bit cf rib
bon. They are of tiwins make, and
hold hair pins and glove buttoncr.
Barques are oat in every shiipo mid
style imaginable round, pointed, long
or short, with square tabs all uround
the edges, in postillioi fu-hiou, or with
full puffs lined with a contrasting color
and issuing from beneath a sharp,
pointed cuirass oorsage a la Marie
Upon some of the most fahhionaldo
costumes are used ribbons by tlio docu
yards upon the skirt alono ; and
corsages and wraps are covered with
loops of ribbon, mingled with waves of
laoe, bo important a part do ribbons of
every shade form tho costumes of tho
Hattlers all Around.
Mr. Walter Gwin, living about four
miles south of Highland, Georgia, went
ono day last week to salt, bis cattle in
the mountains beyond Houudiug Knob.
To save distance ho took it "near ci''
around the base cf the Knob, 1, living
the pathway. Ho soon eaieeiutu a wild
romantic glen, prjbably never before
trodden by human feet. It is it rocky
place, whose deep gloom is seldom
penetrated by stracglint; sunbeams, ho
thick is the foliage overhead. Advanc
ing a few steps Mr. Gwin was confronted
by aa enormous rattlesrako tvi tobed
out upon a rock jnst before hint, 'tinn
ing to the right to get Komethiiij; with
which to kill his snakotdiip, bo rw
seveial of the deadly fangod reptiles in
close proximity. Then to tho left be
directed his steps, determined not to bo
outdone; bat imagine his consternation
when he came npon a heap of rattle
snakes, knotted and woven into ono
ominous mass of venom.
Becoming now thoroughly alarmed
for his porsonal safety, Mr. Gwin
started in the direction of a small tree,
only to be encountered by rattlesnakes.
He wasanrronnded. They were darting
from their huge coils ia every direction,
buzzing like bees, while the poisonous
odor emitted from them filled tho air.
Mr. Gwin made a bold dash for life,
and finally succeeded in getting ont of
the den without being bitten; but he
became quite sick from the venomous
fumes inhaled. There are probably fivo
hundred or more rattlesuakes in the
den, Highland (Ga.,) Recorder.
'I li" Woman Ken hi iller.
Au a lvorlisciuent to tho elTi ct that
lade a eoiill bo beautified, if not for
ever, for a lilisnful kcufou, at least, and
that its trout wont was "delightful,
balmy un I," prompted a re
porter to c til on tho advertiser at one of
tho principal hotels, with a view of
learning, if possible, how naturo can bo
aided by tbo npplianci s of nit. His answeied with, "I'll hp. him
in just u minute," Tho reporb r was
f (1 1 1 in i. n ut.t room where several
woiioTi were impatiently waiting f or au
nndioiien with tl o ilo -peimi r of youthti.;
etiaruis. 'tlio i alleis were all beyond
the l'i ddiur; peiiod. Ono of them was
oi l eiioiifib to bn slud . iug decorative
art t a tho ii" t world. She was an
iliiintratiou ol tbo cynical rem nk that
"tlio lis i ;h of tho d.vinjj woman is
hot mi nu e'i for tho los of lib) ns the
loss of hr b'U'ily." Another woman
who k. eo'e.1 ovo,j:iiiluut. wl tho promi o
nf fill', i. youthful Hppoatan' and
li' ii'itv, weni ont, i f the room, mung :
' i ll ret ui n to t iorrow, rain or shine,
M I .1 i; livini' womun to-morrow I'll
eoruo bank." A- tbo wialbtr indiea
l.ioi:s won- fair, and she seemed in good
hedth, it is p.obiblo that slio made
I'.l'Olher cull.
The leporter was ushered into tbo
pro.sei c i of the emliuliui r. tSho was
pi duly u-i 1 sini i'y drcss-' l in wbito
which itl'lci to tbo bounty of her
smooth, luirble iiKo complexion. Tito
repoiter Htated his business, and slm
began with :
"I havo a gnat ninny callers; the
lnajoiity i.iv 1-oiis .vt r thirty yearn of
aire, but u rent many old I a 'helors ntiil
voting genlloiii"ii ubo come. The
young iiieu geiiiMlly give a fictitious
Mime ; tlio old b.icliclois do not seem
to bo ii frai l of anything, givo their
rigtit nuiiies, ii v liberally and recom
mend tlo-ir acquaintances to come. A
bachelor iu Boston RllV0 n"5 ,r'" t0 ,u'lt,
tlio wrin'- les out. of his fane, when my
ehu'Re is i u!y ?'l a treatment."
"Hotv i.i this t ll'ectrd. uad dues your
tieit'luiut cone nl ago V"
"Yes ; I em take a haoholor of illty
yfar.s, with 'crow's bet' under Iuh eyes,
and in three or four mouths tho crow's
feet will be pone and ho will not look
to bo over thirty. I treat tho face once
a week ; Ibis lino white powder is
rubbed into the wrinkles, aud tho ngree
ul ilt change is elleeted."
"Of cotirKO tho samo trtutmont is
applied to ladii hV"
"Oh, yen ; tho majorily of the ladies
come hero to have 'IhoFO lion id crow's
feet' removed. Nothing worries a lady
H'i much hs increasing signs of aging.
But a great many, who aro really pretty,
wiiili to be mado even more so. The
improvement of beauty is a laudable,
desire, tbo sumo as tlno dressing,
and ladien should not bn ceusured for
endeavoring to make themselves more
attractive. One lady curuo in ycHterd ly
sbo was as pretty as sho could bo. j
frankly told her that she was pretty
enough, and Unit 1 could not improve
her. Sho went away smiling and seemed
just as delighted as if I had improved
her complexion."
"Do the ladies esprets any fenr when
being treated ?"
"Homo wish to know whether tho im
provement will be la-ting, und ask a
thousand and one questions as to the
ultimiilo ell'ec:. of tbo treatmout, I
OMsnro them that I use no cosmetics ;
nothing that will injure the skiu or tbe
health ; uud so eager aro thsy lo have
their complexions improved thut I bo
lievo they would run Ihe link of losing
what beauty they possessed, hud my
preparations such effect. But such is
not tho case."
"Do 1 use my own treatment ' Yes ;
I oneo" had freckles on my forehead.
P j you see any thcro now ? I put oil a
prrpaintion tin1 took tho outer skiu off,
and when it grew ovor tbe freckles wore
gone, 1 liml to remain in tho bonne
three or four il.iys. und did uotbing bnt
walk, wiingini; my haeds in agony.
What wi'l a woman not suffer for her
bounty " There being no answer she
conl inned : "There, is nothing of any
value guined in this world without la
boring and autleting, and as tieauty is
woman's chief distinction, she values it
above other gifts of nature, and will uso
all possible arts to enhance or make it
durable. Po you know more than half
of our physicians owe their success to
some cosmetic or wash for the com
plexion morn than to their skill or
medicine ? I do not say that cosmetics
are in every ca o injuriotu to tbe com
plexion, yt I feel positive that there
are applications tased on scientific)
principles that might be used benefici
ally, thus discarding all artificial
means." .
At this moment a card was handed to
M'lle Mirie, and sho smiled patroniz
iuB,'T as she said : "In a moment." The
reporter took iu the sitna'ion and
smile at a glance, and, with thanks for
the interview, bowed himself from her
presence. N. Y. Tribnne
An Advent congregation at rhilips
hmg, Tenn., has voted unanimously
that the world will come to an end next
A Si a Captain IJeveiur.'.
It bus often been said that there is no
tit Hpotism in tbo world -qunl to
i xorcined by the captain of a veou l when
at sea. This, of course, does not upply
to yuchts, for those are not registered
vessels, but sail under a license, und
the captain of sncli a craft could be dis
charged by tho owner when iu mi I
oceun if for any reason tho owner found
futilt with his nianagemont. Bit wi'n
merchant vosstls when one out of port
the authority of the captiin i -, by tht
laws of every iistion, stipri lao. It is
noceKuiy tl.a' this ihtiuld bo mi. A
ship win n a' sea represents a number
of d liferent i'ltennts; tlioso wlr "vii the
vessels, those who own the cargo, those
thut insult) the bull and its contents,
and then lust, but not least, uro the
lives of crew und pos-ibly of pa-iM'!iy,ers.
There must l.o a responsible directing
bead, armed with tbo legul power to en
force any order be may think lit t'esi-aiy
for tbo protection f tlietio difb-reiil iu
(crests, ami (bis utithoriiy ronbl be
lodged noivbere but wi'h tlio captain.
His j idgnient liiay be at. fault, but H a!
tho end of a voja,7, hociin inako euili
that he considored what be did to be
necessary for the protection the in
terests intrusted to his keeping, it, is
almost irujosHiblo to punish biiu for his
mistaken. An example of this nibitiaiy
power was given some years ao by the
eupliiiii of ii meichuiis vshi-1 sailnif;
from one of our A!lautic ioit-. 'the
ship was bound on u voyage to tbo west
coast of Houth America, uud ber owner
invited one or two of bis friends to go
down tbo b-.y in her and return on the
pilot boat. When outside, the weather
became somewhat threatening, ami the
pilot boat was not immediately on band.
Tbo captain bud lonf; elu rishe I u grudge
igiiiust the owner and saw iu tins situa
tion nn opportunity of revenging bita
self. In i pitu of commands and then of
appeals rondo for tho owner, bis friends
and tho pilot, bo put. his vessel npon
ber c xirso und vailed out to s:i. His
involuntary passengers were, of course,
in a wretched state of mind, coming, as
they did, wholly unprepared for a voy
agj around Cape Horn, and wc-U aware
that their relatives and friends, would
I ao doubts as to tlieir existence. This
led the owner to resort to nji'thodn
which led tho cipbiin to eon -true to be
mutinous, and hence he bad the former
placed in confinement, while the entire
party, with the exception of the pilot,
wore treated very muo.t us if they had
been common sailors, so f ir as their
food suppl was concerned. When the
ship arrived at lor port of destination,
tho captain was instan ly dismisso 1; but
that was nil the punishment that could
bo visited upon him
A Woman With a Whim.
In hunting np the battle field of
Jonesboro I came u iross the usual score
of blind roads leading no one knew
wdiere, and in following one through the
woods I came lo a point where a fence
blocked further progress. On tbe tit her
side of the fence was a farmer hoeing
corn, n nd after the nsual talk about the
weather I asked :
"Hav, colonel, in this tho end of Hmh
"This is tho end "
"Don't go any further ?"
"Not a rod."
"And 1'vo got to ride buck ?"
"I reckon so, but you'd better come
over to tbo house and have u b te first."
"Won't it put you to any trouble V"
"Not a bit. Bidodown into the scrub
and you'll find a low spot where you can
jump tho horse.''
When I hud foil wod directions aud
reached bin side ho continued
"Stranger, I want to post you in
advance. When the Yank-cm came
down I ere they lipped open our feather
beds, broke open our chcts, smashed
out crockery and stolo our cbict ens. I
never laid it, up agin 'eiu, bnt my wife
can't forget it. When wo roach the
house she'll take a squint at ye and ask
if you are from tho North. You'll say
yes, and then she'll ask if yon was in
the Yankee army. You'll say yt s, mid
then she'll open on you and cull yen idl
sorts of hard names. Yon wou't pretend
to hear a word, au.l she'll heave chairs
aud boot jaci8 and flat-irons at ye and
yell at our four dogs to chaw ye np.
That's a whim of hers, you see, but, she
can't hit ye if yon are good at dodiring,
and the dogs dasn'tbito anyhedv."
"But I don't want to be grot ted that
"Yon never mind. It's only a whim,
and after sho hai tired herself ont jaw
ing and throwing snd tearing around
she'll set to and cook the best dinner in
tho State of Georgia. There was a chap
here from Chicago only lust week, and
after ho had dodged three chairr, a
dozen sticks of wood and six milk-pans
the old woman pulled him off the boss
and ma le him feel so much at home
that I reckon ho may marry our oldest
gal this fall."
1 positively declined to take dinner
with him, and I think I hear him call
ing yet as I galloped away :
"Stranger, if ye can't fae ono old
woman with a whim now, I don't reckon
yon bothered onr folks very much dui
iog the war." Free Tress.
Wonderful ilihiirsiu Horblu.
A It tlr to the nah Morning
News fro :n Ii:v Oak, Florida, says:
Florida is not only destined to beoomo
f imoas for her tnauge gr)vo--, cotton
fields and delightful clnnito, Irit natural
developments beiieath tho euitii now
lend a rare nttr ictimi und afford an
tiiiUHti'il interest hitherto unknown.
A most wonderful di-eovory has just
been made by I). plain fj.-uipe R I'ahni
and Major John T. lloiimi'lul, which is
no les-, t!,:,n a re'i'iii l.itlet) ca,-e, located
at 1 t-tbli'u Hoo, twelity-two miles aonlh
of hor.', on the I, ivo Oth und Kowbimi's
Iiiiill' milr, ad For tiit following do
seiiptioii yoiirinrre.-i orient is indebted
to Mr .1. M. II t'lowf t, tho inbuilt- iiLtl
gt lift mi'ily cashier of tlio Point fnvesl
ineiil (!'iinpitv, also to kindness of Mr.
K. Ii Drann , in the i iiipl iy of tbe same
eonip my.
The inoii'li of ili cafi i., ii small
opening in ti t o.ti I h's surfiee, widening
us it do-vends und eiteiids I'd- some
torty f et upon nn ang'i of : ix'y degrees
beVir-ro:icliiri Ii o 'h l 'vtd. The
five 's a broad tpeli eljanibin- j'l it af'or
eliti riiic, und t ioi Is in width until
lo; t lo v:ew. The lo 'i;hl t)f Iho a't
eplor, il v.oi'e.s fr iu .e'-enfn tv.'i nly
tlvo fctd, and tlio fie-rv adspti ittelf
toaiiuo'-t every i iiai i:t!i!o sl.upn and
form, ninny of which nre ttremtly
picluresip'e mid mtere-'tiiig. TIomo
gelitlt'ineii pioi-etd in a straight course
for H.'Vt r il him. ire 1 feet, when wonder
fill to relate, theV fame iipon I be lui,k
of ll liver and bulled, 'ib" e lileiit of
this; river was rapid ai d its width ct n
fiiilerable. They report that Ib-lneenit d
plentiful, judging from the iit'ltutioii of
the wa'eis. Beyond the river whs beard
:-ome tlreadf il noises, which, c oubined
with Ihe lonolirios of tho sitmi'ioii,
mado them f t-l very uncomfortable.
They are both of the opinion that they
saw upon tbo hank a r 'ptilo of
proportions, put taking of a serpentine
form and moviii , in all tbo horrid con
tortii ns peculiar to a serpent. The
opinion is expressed that the c b-brated
sea serpent which has In on lost, all this
year bus just, put, in an appearand) in
one of Florida's submarine rivers. Just
after seeing tho serpent they reheated
to the op-.-n a r, not wishing to risk
tin iJiHolvoi h ii y further.
So far in their siht would reach the
eaveexleiiitod in it 1 1 ofilsgrim grandeur,
and they are of tbo opinion thut it may
extend for some miles further. Many
bones were found in the cave and ar
ticuhitly on the hunk of the river, all of
which, with one exception, appeared to
htlong to animals. They also found
a stf no of cubical form, upon .he t.'p of
which were tract s of lire, the t-harcr :il
cjvt-rcd wiih a gn eu substance from the
lapse of time. Thia may probubly be an
aliiir of tbo ancient li e worshipers.
Tiiices also of fossils wero plentiful.
The I'l'Csitlciil's bir Ills Wife
Tbe room in which Mrs. Arthur, the
President'.-: wife, died, at ber bouse in
New York, ban never bten disturbed,
lb r needlo is t.till threaded in a bit, of
delicate embroidery in her work basket,
undisruilicd; nor will her hnsbiml udow
any one to change ti':) room in any i f
i(m furnitiiie iirranyeinenls There iN
the little rocker beside tbe stiridard
work bus!,! I, uud tho little inejigo
crocheted slipper. Tlicro s'lind.-i her
t!ok, wilh tho ink dried on ber pearl
haiidled pen, which she hud bust ly put
aside from stone iiilciruptiou, never t
use again on earth. Her faxored books
are placed in a tiny ca-e, with a marker
in one of them, jut t us she li ft il. O.i
tho table nre place I eiieli tooiiiiiig, by
orders from the President, u buucli i f
her favori:e (lowers. u ber favorite
perfumes are in tho toilet bottles at ber
dressing-case, und in tbo wardrobe bun.
her dresses The room is bright and
sunny, her former maid keeping it neal
and iirianging tbe Howes Hi the vases
and attending the canaries in lh win
dow, but never altering the places of
tbo furniture, tbo bonks, .V '. This
nv ni is a place win m tbo l evident
takes; much comfort, in rcabng and
meditation, mid tber w ho know say that
tho hi', of nielh'A'ork bis bet n many
tunes w-t with tears by the husband.
lite 'lexas Cattle I'lcnirne.
According to tbe reports pivn on I
frun the iigrieulturiil bureau at Wash
ington, the Texas cattb fever is q'lite
widely spreading this your and Rooms to
be more destructive than it biiR been
herofofori. The sincnlnHtv of this
fever is that, while the esttlo do ntd
tbemstdvt-s show any evidence of dis
ease astbevare driven north, tbe native
local cattle passing over tbo roads bv
which the Texas catMo ato driven be
come in fee' od pud death follows very
rapidly. Equally Strang- is tho fact
that the disease runs out after ono in
fection, and that it, can only pfs from
Southern to Northern cattlo. The nt
tnrp of tbe disease 1ms not yet been de
termined by (he experts of tho Agricul
tural Department, bnt it is supposed to
be splenic favcr. If this supposition
should prove to bo correct, tho applica
tion of the patern system of inoculation
will ii: most rases, and perhaps all,
effect a cure.
lift III tlimlreiir IS-ei-uilii r,
When miiiiiie r's far nay,
ll.iioid He- vein 's last ilyint,'
We driHin nr that p.iMl day,
Th" full hloiiim of Si pit nihi l,
Tlio opfiiuig Midi of Hay.
till, tlin wide wealth of roses,
Tlieir ileeji hearts oM iiiiig sweet,
Th" ll'iw'ry Imwi r cIohcm,
Tlio yrt i n turf lit our feel,
Th" r.ll'llllll thai o'l'llhiwe l HB
111 tide HH full s el.
'ill" priniriiN" od.iis Id-'Wiu;
in ' v'ry April air,
Th" ttlnlful vinlel- .loiiR
Their nii i-k ryi'i i v'i ywhi r".
Tie- Li ".I h (' -dvi ; llo'Mii,
'I lie l, in- i f hi uv Ii I. .Hi '
And 'I '.uxt Hi" i-h ely sic w I i
C If 1 1-111 1 -1 low 1 111
f 'm- u a nn lu'ry of the llnn'r.-",
til' tli" hmhI'ii V mi ihe ini;
And iu 'l.o k Is t'i inhi r hnuii-,
W' lip it in all "il Un- piiiin;.
v a it 1 1: i ics.
The best wa:vn inu'sir pi Walton
fin ii I v, (in., is a man totally blind.
I'be pa: b of glory in V. M'pt at tho
present titoi' ".'i,ms to be tho low-puth.
Atlanta Iris n pretty female hhoi
inil.i i; but such un ins'.ititiioii cannot
" 1 iioi coietanily golhng into hot
na'er," mi'd the stiiip. "Oh, dry up,"
siid the towel.
s pteinbor I f II very iippioprinlcly
ibis year for I'm oie)iiin t,f ill oy-it ir
season, if. w.ts Fry tiny.
In C a' On i k, Fh inoiit county, ( ui ,
a solid lump of tv ul vus initied thut
weighed IS (ion pi loubi
Nail'iin Briscoe, no Oolario futuicr,
died iu fiiKeii il innles 11 . in t bo elTt cts
of a bee sting n (ho f ro' cad.
A iliuiikon leii' ei- linrghir blundered
into his own house, :tti l robbed himself
of a watch and .7'l.
The sp aker of the house is generally
known in tho cliuir, so called becauso
bo is i at down on so often.
The life ot a locomotive is only thirty
years. This is another warning to in
veterate smokers. D irrick.
Two styles cf consul .iHon : A man's
"Just w at I expected." A won uu's
"1 told you how it. would bn."
Boiirdiug-honso logic : Whom tbo
gods low die young. The gods do not
lovo spring chickens. Fuck.
lieforo tho weddiug day sho was dear
and he was ber treasure; bat afterward
she bccaiiiO dearer mid ho treasurer.
The average hotel waiter is u perfect
prodigy at ciiihi -- be takos everything
with his tray.- Xcv J.t cy Enterprise.
A petr-dcum well h is been discovered
thi'ty yards below tho surface of fiio
water in tin; middb) of Like Cbapala,
"The Natal Tivin Association" t
Sa hvillo, Tenn , pays '2.(IIMI to each
member roducing u certilicain of tho
pa'trni'y of a pair of twin babies.
A book that was it oepy of tln report,
of t'.ie Socii ty for Iho Prevention of
Cruelty lo Children poisoned a child iu
Troy. It had put the colored covets in
it'i inoiit b.
Mish Btr.'.er, td Portland, Oro
gen. on n turning iroin a picnic, foun I
tbo timb rs of the E'k Creek bridge on
lire. Mm disrobed, dipped her clothes
in'o the cioek, wrapped them about tho
burning timbers, and thus kept the tiro
in check until help arrived.
In Hiivon Chicot, a full grown wild
cit leaped upon Mrs. Grillitii Thomp
son, fastening his toitti in ber left arm.
ttbo grasped It. vavago beaut by flio
throat, nn I lull it until 'i was i boked
to death, ub hough H wan lotion and
tciab'biiig her all the time.
Itepulsctl by I ileloi ) tin Is.
At Kirby A Brot hers' canning factory,
li'iiliUKton, N- . there is employed it
young gu l niuned Mallie Cook, who re
sides w itb her giiariliuii, 1' ivid Hughs,
in that city, Khe bad previously mailt'
her homo with Airs, Giil, who keeps it
saloon iu Philadelphia, until ordeied t
go behind the bar and wait upon cus
tomer , when she left, (lie bouse outl
morning and ll.:d to her lawful protec
tor. A few days ugo u sirnugo man up
peared ut the canning factory tnakinpf
iutpiirit'N for MissCuik. Tho othetf
employees in tbe factory to"k it into
their lieads that tbo nnwelcomo visitor
was an emissary of Mrs. Gill, who had
come to carry iho pirl off, and they de
termined upon a repnlso. Forming
themselves into it solid phalanx, tbo
ftctoiy luinds begati the assulr, by bom
barding the intruder with decayed to
matoes aud Mich other ammunition us
waa at convenient disposul. It took but
it few minutes to convinco tbe visitor
itlnit tbo "Skinners," us they are termed
n Burlington, wero in earnest, ard
would probably knock him out before
tiny finished their fusillale. When ho
retreated out of the factory yard loud
and triumphant shouts rent the air, and
a motley collection of old tin cans,
worn out pliocs, aud various odds snd
ends were hurled at the retreating
stranger, who, as scon as be gained tbo
street, ran down the railroad track in
the direction of Beverly.

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