nwt: LUD OF FLOWERS. Intrremlnc Iaformniloii for Poor Mm Al Hlcird Willi itae Florida Fever. A letter to the New York Sun from Florida eays : At tbis etason tho Florida fever usually .begins. Persons who can af ford to jay $4 a day, and who fear a Northern winter, ruigrato to Jackson ville, wlioro, with lle tytonA St. John's before them, 'they can lodge as in Northern hotelfl, and tuke meaU at a ta' le f-upi'lied from the New York rnnrket-t. They etcuvt tho winter season Noith, ard are daly grateful. But tiiero aie others who go to Florida to improve their lot in life. It prom ines them all that the most eieting tiui(r,r:int can desire a clitU'ite thu most heultliful, soil the most fertile, peoplo tho most oordiiil and kind, and every thing lint is neodod to muko life happy. But notwithstanding glowing accounts, tr.d tho farther fact that Florida in the oldest st't tied portion of the Union, the population is only a Iittlcowr u quarter of u million, ami of Iho-e uearly 12M 000 aie M.iekrV Tl.o txplunu'iou ii siiuido. Although ciuny l ersi ns go to FloiiJu, niauy leave it, tiud they do not leave it Livituso it ii th paradise which ageu'H, speculators, and iutorested writers 10 pn'Nout it to he. Jf they tiiko money witli thciu to lmy i.ml ciil'iv:ito laud tliey u l.lom br'ng any buck. Tli.m satuU if "faiinlie) luivu bmi nearly init'id by uttractivo stories about Floiulu. 'flu re) 11 nothiug in llio Stat o which will justify a wor.Hiug'i.'un or a sumll ciipituiist in pivin.T np ! hoiri-i :vu utiv iiii uns of livelihood in the Nor'h to go there. Moons ol iujHjiyrul'oii societies iiave told a ilifljrcat .story, but the facts veuuiiia tho saiiio. liwry ascci4tion of sp"i uhrort piiids (.lit : paivphlet. The lali.st is it Ii-il "Florida; its Climate, Soil, rrod:tetii'!-s, and Agricultural ( :ipal:litioK." It ii pnlili-hed by the U.'paitDiint of .Vn'ciUnn. If tlirrebo any jn .'.iticuliuu wlmtcver for the G iv- iiitii"i't in devoting the public moiiev to mi iiijvtrti i meut of any purtienhr Stale, it could i nly bo feund iu a des-ir t publish the truth uud to correct, pnvious mit-stutenients, But there is nothing cf the trt here. This pami h let b -us evidcuco of having been writ ten in the interests of un iuimigrntion con.piuy. It repents many of tho mis n uest ntatious made by the companies. It eoutains settlements iu ilirie; opiiosi tion to tho UHdiut reports published imuuilly by the depiirtmeut. from which it is ism. d It is iii..t oi.lv u false guide to the intending settlir, but a ilatrant mistiso of pnblic nioley, :.cd a jioks pios'itu'ica of th duties of a depart un nt i i tin (ii;veinr.;i nt. V!:u: the .'t liabi ua!-i if an enlire vil;;l-.(. !,-.nv tl .rida ia a body, di bia;.rid. ,li- usli-.l, jin.1 reduced to I) .v; iv, as was th c:lie not loug ago a? Ai' l.i r, ard wl: u families are coming biiek iv.'rv vour broken down in health liiid iinpowrMM d iu pi cket it is time to H;it;e t!n inirh nuro pl.iiuly known. i"; ri.ia, in not healthy. No part of it is free in m usalana. Two thirds cf ihe t.' ii iKubr v.-iter, by artiial survey. Yi t Wi! mv teld that the air is dry. Th,. S ate is e .rercd with swamps. The laii.l is Hat uud d'lli -ult to drain. The behest p,.im of the peiiinsnhi, etVlit? ni'lc.i from iho coast, is not more than ii) Let above sea level. Physicians, h 'Wt;er, siro frequently employed by 1 ;i d agents to write up reports of the extreme heaitLfulnei-s of the country. A m.ia in .laikiouvilio has attained great notoriety for hi3 ability in tin's line. Vhi re arc to c. rrect bills of mortality. Deaths constantly occur without "a record. The natives and long-time lesidentB. exhibit few signs of health, and old people are few. fn the I'nniphlefc recently published by tho Arii iiiuiul D paruinut we are t; Id thai "the tradj wiuds of the Atlan tic sweep over tip) lainli t'n.ia east to west by .lay," (!, . ,pi , ; v d-h-iiig ta'enieiit hi a-ld. d tii.it tljev lttutu fr im the Gulf by nibt. I' i. intimated thiit l he cfim ite is tropir d, .m. :i st 0f tropical fruits is ?ivvu as th - ordinary products of the country. Florida is not tropicul, a was lightly explained in the t)!liciul Keport for IsT'.i. If any tropic it frtiit., can by diut of care lv( grown time, it does not pay to grow them. N ipari. of the State is exempt from fio-f. Tu 1S7'. the t hernionieter fell to thirty-1 wo d-gtccs at Key West, uud s: nth of H Augustii.e it reached sixteen drgrces. Ic w.s ibree inc!ies thic!. In a previous winter icicles a foot long were seen. I'vept in tint ex treme south, where (overs are more acute, and insects till the uir uud soil, even th. b...niu::i exceptionally remains Hrcnu through tho winter. Oranges cau-x t, mifely lie left on the trees, as they are iilong tht Mediterranean or iu New Soutl -Wales and many other lo c aiitic, but should be gathered as soon as lii.e to eneape the efl .'cts of cold. A night's frost does not affect their ap pearaucc, but it prev. uta tLcir keeping, ami ruiilers them unfit for shipment Yet nowhere may Iho orange be grown to greater perfection if a suitable local ity be chosen, and a good orauge is cer tainly n desirable property. Herein lie" tho real attraction of Florida. Any one who thinks that the orange can be crown without much trouble and in any part i f tlnH ate is much mistaken, The nwrcrs of one of the finest groyea on 1 1.i' Sr. Jyhn'n river spent 830,000 before ho 1 i-gan to suicoed. It is, however, true that a healthy tree in full bearing ought to b worth $30 a year, to iU owner. . ft , Fur tne possession of two or thrnA lr.ni.lred sch tree in a conntry where land can be bought for 91 25 an acre, though "fear .it the price, it may b. thought worth while to wait a few years and to incur some discomfort, possibly much ill health. Bat is this within the reach of a small capitalist? Specula tors say that it is. The Agricultural Department, in the new pamphlet, says that it is, but the c flicial reports, an 1 the bard experience i f thousands, warn us that it is not. Truck farming will not afford a liv ing. Florida cannot supply itself with vegetables. The large ho! els depend upon Northern markets, and importa tions from New York or Philadelphia are to be fuunJ in almost every town. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelons are tho chief local products, and of these tho first two are uncertain. Cli mate and soil are nnfavotable. The ir regularity of the one and the poverty of the other are serious obstacles. Tho Florida New Yorker once published the assertion that two persons can clear five acres in February, which in the fall would bo worth from 8500 to 1,100, after havicg yielded $150 profit. Pro bably no more disgraceful bait to catch settlers was ever laid. Another ugcut to being twisted they shonld be bound says that laud can be cleared for from so that they can bo conveniently $12 to ?15 per ucre. Tho Florida Iiu- handled. A machine that would ac migration Department es the cost at i eomplish these results would bo of very from $l) to $50, and tho truth lies great vulno in mauy portions of the somewhere between 8"0 and $100. But I West, and especially so ia tho trecit-ss. the clesring is tho quickest part of the work. Major Elton, Picsideut of the Farmers' C lub iu th-.' State, has declared that the soil cannot be g..t into fair condition fer a crop iu bs tl.an three years, and by steady cultivation. V.x pcrioucc has proved the trnth of that statement. Tho soil is very poor. Seven analy is of samples taken from ditl'eroLt Ice -titties yielded tho writer :n average of 00 per ct ut. cf pnro Mini, and onlv about 7j percent, of organic maitir. I An i ill -mi analysis tmule :u Waslnngtou by the Government eheii.ist gave nearly the same results; that is, f.i,;i5 per cent of white sand, uud 7 per cent, of organic matter. This telh its own btoiy. No farmer or lieiMiculturist would exoeet laro crops from such soil until at b ast a considerable amount of ruouy and labor had been expended. No man can go on to now laud in Florida and earn a living from it at the outset, llo must work hard, spend money, and wait. If ho cannot do this hi must starve or leave, and there are always at hand laud speculators ready to take udv4.itagn of hts distress sndjuit I the value of his improvements into their pockets. The letter contains other im- j porUtt information, but enough is given ' to warn people abamst the H. rida fever infatuatu u. Hon't lictray Coiillilence. ! Treachery is a detestable fault; there- j fore Jet nothing tempt, yon to betray a : secret coi tided to your honor. hat i if the friend who once trns'ed you. uud j told you ull tho secrets of his heart, b is become jour i-ueiiiy? You are still bound to keep your word inviolate, a id J preserve loeke.l iu your heart the secrets confidentially mule known to you. A man cf t-rinciple wili never be' ray an enemy. He holds it a Christian duty never to reveal what in good faith was placed in his keeping While the Al banians were ut war with Philip, King of Macedon, they intercepted a letter that the king hud written to his wife Olyrupia. It was returned unuieaed, that it might not, bo read in public their laws forbidding ttiem to reveal a secret Among the Egyp'ians it was a criminal offence to divulge a secret. A priest, who had been found guilty of this offence, was ordered to leave tho cunntry. Have you another's secret in your keeping? Then reveal it not for the world. A confiding friend may tell you a hundred things, which, if whisper ed abroad, would bring liim into cnu tempt and ridicule, and injuro his character through life. NJ one is so nprigUt that he may not have commit ted tome ungentlemanly act, or some impure offence, which n ay havo been done years ago, before the individual's character was formed, and before he had a w ife and children. Yonld it not bo a profana'ion of the most social duties, in a fit of auv'er, or out of malice or re venge, to divulge a secret iikc this? A man's enemies would not c-tro whether it was tho fault of his thoughtless yt.nth or his muturer years, s long us they could make a handle of it to his injury, nnd thus effect their purpose. Bo care ful, then, never, nnder any considera tion wha'ever, to repeat what has been whispered to you in the confidence of friendsnip. A betrayer of secrets is fit only for the society of the low and vih A OimiiI Story. It is related that a bear and its leader lately arrived towards night ut a villaqe near the city cf Lyons, France, BDd the latter sought admission at the only inn of the place. The host at first declined to admit the strange pair, not knowing where to place the animal, but finally ho consented to receive them. The bear was placed in tne pig-sty, and its occupant, a fat pig, which was to be killed on tho morrow, was let loose in the court-yard. In the middle of the night cries for help, proceeding from the pig-sty, aroused the house, and tho host, his wife, and the servants at once ran to the spot. It was then ascertained that a thief, excited by the splendid condition of 'be pig, had determined on eloping with it, and had entered the pig-sty with that laudable intention. The bear, displeased at being suddenly awakened by this enterprising individ ual, rewarded him with a fraternal hag, which caused the would be thief to cry out so lustily. The man was delivered from the paws of the bear, but only to be handed over into the hands of jl'ls'u'e' ' At three vegetarian restaurants in the ' city of Lnd .n tho dinners daily served 1 average 1,530. A tliauce for Inveutor. A machine is greatly needed in many parts of the country for twisting together swamp hay, the straw of grain, bushes ami the smaller branches removed from trees in the operation of trimming them, for tho purpose of utilizing them for fuel. Such materials are extensively employed in many parts of Europe for heating houses and for cooking food. They aro twisted together or tied ty hand. Althoneh this country is well supplied with wood and coal, and the faciliiies for transporting them aro tx. ci'llent in most sections, still there are places where the inhabitants uro obliged to rely entirely on the materials at hand fur fuel for warming uud cooking. They have au abundance of buy and straw, and sometimes bashes and tho brunches of trees that have een planted. If they are twisted together and bound, they form very gotd and convenient fuel for domestic purposes. The mate rials uh prepared shonld bo nearly iu the form of etovo wood. In udditiou coalless sections of tho great-growing I region. It should bo of ample con struction, not bablo to get out of order, and cheap. Lugo machines might be construed d that conld 1)3 moved from one hoaso to another, as threshing machines now are, lnt small machines uro moio de irable, so that every settlor eon!1, have one. Tho maehiucs would be valuable, iu places where thero is a supply of coal out no wood that can be employed for kindling purposes or for Mim-orling bri.-k tires that are often re- ipiired for c oo!ing meals With a suita ble Mitcliiti", a substitute for wood conld be obtained from ma'eriuls now wasted, at th-. expense of little labor. Tin' "Hi ic-;i Itrac" .Mania. A stovy is going of a fabulous price which au Irish houoiab'.o uud a 111 lent memb r of Pailiameut has p; id for a pit c of Sevres porcelaiu. The chateau of tho Mar.piis Dupont, ac Ferte Saint Crr, has had amongst its crnnments for over h ilf a century, a couple of small v.ini's in old red uorceluin. Oun dar a fouml Emission to tho hall, and i,ru ol. 0f the little vases, which was, howevi r, carefully patched together agaiu. 1 The accident attracted tho attention ; of a gentleman who was visiting at the j chateau, una a few days uftt-r his dei ur . tare atl unknown person, assume 1 to be I a deiier in old curiosities, presented j himself, saying he came expressly from j Tarix t see the red vasei. Tho mar- i'iis pel nunc t uim to examine tuem. "Would yoii sell them?" asked the stranger. "No," replied the niarqnin. "Even if! offered you a big price for them V" "Let mc assure you, once for all, that I aro not a dealer in porcelain; I have nothing to sell." The Tarisiau went away; and a few days after the mar.piis had u telegram iu these words : "Put any price you liko cn the vast-s, if you will consent to dispose of them."' The noblo owner, tired of impor tunity, thought he would end the affair by demanding an incredible sum, and telegraphed that he would take sixty thousand francs. An immedinto message of acceptance was returned and tho man curse for his vu.-es. The marquis did not wish to go back on his word, and the cash was counted down. "Now," said the veuder, "may I aik yjn why yon lire giving so absurd a sum ? " Oj, ir, .Sir lehard Wallace's cor lectiou of old Stvres china was incom plete in wanting tho peculiar red color which your vases have, and I have re sold tin m to him for eighty thousand francs." Our Hoys, With tho entrance of girls into all houh of business, tho chances of boys must neecssirily lessen. A real cry of woo comes from "it middle-class nnt" i i England whoissadly "fashed'" over tho way things ure getting mixed and out of joint generally iu her own family. Hear what she says : "While my niecos c&n without any difficulty get ccennation and salaries varying from seven hnudred and fifty dollars to fifteen hnudred dollars a year, my nephews, tine young fellows, six foet high, in telligent and well educated, can, with th.- greatest d.fficnlty, obtain employ ment a all. Take tho case of the girls first. Number one, a gifted Qirtonian, gets, without any difficulty, a handsome Hillary with residence in a high school for girls, uud three months' holiday in the year. Number two, who has passed hi r junior aud senior local examinations with honors, has a colonial appoint ment, salary seven hundred and fifty dollars a year. Number three but no more wearisome particulars. It is quite evident that in the present day the paternal query will rather be, 'What shall I do with my boys 7 than 'What shall I do with my girls ?' It is de lightful to have the girls so well pro vided for; but it is no les) melancholy to find their brothers lounging at home, depressed with notbirg to do." TI.e Coming .Han. The coming man will have micro scopes over h's eyes, telephones on his ears, speaking tubes in front of his r.onth, a porous plaster on his back, nd a liver pad on his stomach, which means he will be thoroughly informed and Well healed. Anecdote of Menilelssohu. Frederick II. of Prussia was very fond of having artists, literary men, and singers of talent at his small suppers, and he enjoyed free humor and en couraged gayety with nil Lii pewer. Personally fond of mnsio and literature, he had a special liking for the philos opher Mendelssohn, who was very witty, as hunchbacks nsually are, and he often, relutcs a writer in "Temple Bar," gave h'ra a sea st snpper by his side. It so happened that some small ambassador - Gomanv w in then divided ic to a number of miero--"cp:e countries with pigmy sovereigns tried to chuff Mendelssohn, who, with bis quick re partee, turned the tables at onoe on his adversary. Furious, his dwarfish ex cellence ran to the king and complained of the plebeian being admitted into circles above bis reach, etc. Tha king said to him : ''Mendelssohn was my guest, as you were, and you should not have joked him, or you shonld take the conse quences." "Ah," said tho ambassador, "he is a man who would consider nobody, aud would effond your aujesty if it sj hap pened that tor some imaginary reason he thought hiaisilf hurt.'' "We'l,"said the kii:g, "but I si all pivo him no reason for feeling hurt; and, my way, he would not oft"- nd mi'." ' It it a wager?' asked tho ambas sador. "Certainly," replied tho kirg. "Well, if your majesty will do what my, wo win Mvn see wnet.'or 1 am right or wrong." "And what do oil wuut nio to do?" "Will your lut'jesty, at tho next sup per party, write on a piece of paper, 'ileudelssohu ii mi ass,' and put that, paper, signed by j.nr owu hand, on his plate ? ' "I will not ; that would bo a gratuit ous rudeness." "It is only t ) sec what lot wonld do, whither his prc-.e:.ce of mind is so gr'at, aud in what way hu wonld reply to jour majesty." "Well, if it is just for au operimt tit, and I am at libeity '.o afterward tell him that I by no means intended to offend him, I do not mind c.'mpluug with your wish." "Agreed; only the paper mu-t be signed under the words, 'Mendelsschn is au uss,' so that thcrocati be : o doubt iu his mind that it conies fr-iui your majesty." It' In-'lantly, but with a feeling of curiosi y us to bow it would end, tho king wrote and sigued the paper an re quired. TI.e evening came ; the table was laid for twelvo ; Iho fatal paper was on .Mendi lssuLn's j late, and the guests, several of wiiom bed been informed of what was going on. aRembiod. At the given moment all went to tho ominous table and sat around it. The moment Mendelssohn sat down, being rathei short sighted, and observing some pa per, be took it. very tear Lis eye, and, having read it, gave u start. "What is the matter?" said the king. "No unpleasant news, I hope, Men delssohn ? ' "Oh, no," said Mendelssohn ; "it is nothing t ' "Nothiug? Nothing wonld not have made you start. 1 demand to know what it is." "Oh, it is not wortn while" "But I tell ycu that it is. I com mand yon to tell me." "Oh, someone has taken tho liberty to joke iu very bad taste with your majesty I" "With me? Tray do not keep me waiting any longer. What is it?'' "Why, somebody wrote uere, 'Men delssohn is one ass, Frederick the Second-' " Work. We are all of us workers iu one way orauotber, but bow mauy of us are possessed with an carue-t liJBire that tho work we put from cur hands sha'l be a thorough, honest, faithful perform ance that shall fulfil its purpose aud withstand the ravage of time? The great difference iu labor is, no', ia what is done not in the kind of work we perform, but in the spirit wo put into il. Frcm the cleansing of a room to the purification of a governnidnt, from the clearing of a forest to t hi chiseling of a statue, from the humblest work of the bauds to the noblest work of heart and brain, it is tho determination to make it of tho best possible quality that places it in tho front rank. The work that is performed only for tho sake of what it will bring, nut for what it will j carry forth, is like cloth of shoddy, which may p1ea-o the eye, but will not wear. It is cheap, Hi may stuff, woven with no nobler purpose than to hold to gether long enough to be bought and paid for. Help VoiirseIf. Learn to help yourself, and yon will enjoy perfect independence. Men who can defy adverse circumstances, and can earn a living iu any quarter of the world in which they aro dropped down; who can roll up their sleeves, and set to work at almost anything that offers; and who can even sew on their own buttons, and make themselves a cup of tea when deprived of the help of womankind, are the ones who are really independent. The most helpful woman are kindest and truest; and as for a man, never trust him iu any capacity if he has not within him the true spirit of independence, without which neither strength nor sweetness may bo hoped for. In the battle of life there is but ' one way to succor d fight it out your- . self. Muscatine, Iowa, has a oornet band , composed of young ladies of good social standing. Are Von a Slant One day a young man was teasing a little, girl, when she, boooming tired of him, exclaimed impatiently, "If I wore as big clothes as you do, I'd be a man." Iler mother overhearing her remark, called her away, and ohided her for be ing so saucy, but soou the tears caused by the rebuke were brushed away, and the cause forgotten by tho little girl. A few years later tho tame girl, then a young lady, was returning homo frnn school, and in making soiuo changes of tho traiu was obliged to stop at a hotel over night. A rising and popular law yer of the place chanced ta See 'her name upon the register, nd at once called upon her. As soon as he greeted her he said, ' "I" called to thank yoa for what yon have done for me." She replied, "You must be mistaken about my help, for although I do remember you as a clerk in my father's otore, when I was a child, I cannot recall one single favor I ever did you, or in faot remem ber that I had seen you since then." He theu referred to the impatient re mark before quoted, and said that day he resolved to be a man, and from that time had honestly tried to make some thing of his life. He also said he had never been tempted to do a mean thing without hearing tho warning, "I'd bo a firnsxlinppcr Jruel. Tn the Siorra Martis valleys the Indians pat her together on ptrticnlar occasions to gather grasshopp. rs. The squaws carry cone-sbaped baskets of great capacity, and scoop the grass hoppers with a fan-shaped implement iuto their baskets, and when loaded parry the wriggling muss of insects to j camp, and then prepare them for food. Tho grasshoppers, killed nnd sub- j seqtiently driel, aro mixed with mashed j pine uutr, or cracked wheat, and male! iuto a kind of llonr, which is afterwards j made into a bread, most delicious to j the pil i'o of the Indian. Whito visitors i to the c imp arc always invit(-d, in ue- 1 eonlaucH with Indian hospitality, to ptrtuk'o of the compound, and great is tho astonishment of Poor Li ut ths disgnst expressed by the white man for this kind of food. The St. lonis i tl Democrat savs: Mr. Charles lleis. No. Kill Second Car otid let avenue, this citv, was cured by I St. Jacobs Oil after sixteen years snf fering with rheumatism. The mainspring of a man's actions is j hiddeu froai view, us is the mainspring ; of it watch. i i The Hrxton flinhn brings this item : i Chas. S. Strickland, Esq., this city, was , cured of rheumatism by St. Jacobs Oil, '. Spi m-;tti 1.1 las a nniHu-st trc&ni iliou j ftt'l. il the "14.111-111.1 Tuelve C'llb.'' Itu . ri.irati(ui in slnmst one. A..IKI. Ill lilV-l lll'TIHX I On ti.e a pi ar.tic'c ol ihe first s.viupt.uiii. at g. lli-t.ll di-liiiitv, l"-8 el appeiite. pillor, ; chilly s. tisaiions, followed by niglit-sweaM aud ciiuc.li, pioiniit measnresof relief should . be tali. n. Consumption is scroluhms dim-aso j ot the lungs; thciefoir, use the great anti- ' scrofulous or blnnd-pui iti.-r nnd s'niiutli-! restonr. It. I'iirci-'s "(iol.lm Medici Dm-! covery." Supi lior to cod liver oil as a until- , live, and unsurpassed at u pietor..l. for i -iik lungs, sprtmg of blood, and kindred ' aff. cti.ins. ii Iihh nocpial. S .I.I by druggist-i. j For l'r. l'liii'i's it. ..n-o- in t'on-inupiM'i, si lid two Sollllp-". W. Ull. lis l's-.SUiY Mkii- I Ii ai. Assei I vt l.iN, r.uliil i, N. V. j "Win re ill the lut-t go?" an cM-hange asks, j Some of them go to (he tin aire uud obstruct ; the view of the audii pee. "h;ii !o uk, i.a:m: ! for Dr. Pierce's "Favorite Prescription,' is a prompt aud ctriain remedy for the paiulul disorders peculiar to your sex. Uy all druggists. The h.Trie-irottnig cultural fair. 1 rave ileserves the agri- WOMAN AMI II Kit ll-F.AWK is the title of a laruo illustrated treatise, by Dr. It. V. Pierce, UulTalo, N. Y., scut to any address for tlire stampj. It teaches success lill telf-tri iillnetit. A St. Louis liotse cheivs tobacco. Wo have often seen a f.it driven horso smoke. S3 f. .a Will liny a Treatise npon tho Horse anil his Diseases, liook of I ut) pages. Valuable to every ownei o! horses. Postage stamps taken. Kerit post paid by Dallimore Newspaper Uuiou,2!j to Sii ,N. Ilolliday St., Iialtimore, Md. U:: buys a pair of Lyon's Patent Hoel St. IP lier.t ; makes a boot or shoo last twice a long- People who do not object to fa'-printers nil. I legatees. RHEUMATISM, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago, Backache, Soreness of the Chest, Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swell' ings and Sprains, Burns and Scalds, General Bodily Pains, Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted Feet and Ears, and all other Pains and Aches. No Preparation un earth euil St. Jurat Oil a a afet surr, tiniptc autl cheap Eitsrntl rt-mftly A trial retails but th" ct-mparmtlvsty trilling outlay of oO t'snla. anil st sry ons iiflsrlnn villi wn can bar cheap autl puaiUTt pruo of Ita birpctiooa in Klvsn iAnirna-ai. 1 E0LD BT ALL DBUQGI8T8 AND DEALEH8 IN MEDICINE. A. VOGELER 6c CO., Baltitnvr, Md., V. 0. M pass go, EBWEMEDi. Farrmalllnc Dlaraan. When n hi e Unit tleslli is so ofti-n tho pen alty pHi.l fur a fnttious disregard of the syiup tnniHof R.proachin disease, elionlit wo not bo warned ttiii(il tlis folly of UPKlei'iiiu' defen sive measures when called for in our owu cam? Assuredly we should, and upon the fiixt inani tostation 'of ill health or decay of physical VBir, sock the aid of medicine. The fortify ink inrtiiciire npou tho nyatem of IloHtetter'e H'umiio i Hitters entitles that medicine of ninny virtues tn the hiKhcet cunsideratinu as a pro. Tentivo, and it cannot ho ton stronKlyrie.ini uicniled as a meaiiH of am sting the pi-nitrces ol malarious Invent, dyspepsia, constipation, liver complaint, kidney and blatl.ler troubles, gout, rlii'iima'ism and other disorders which in ll.eir iiicifinicy are far more ea ily over come than in their iiu.liiritv-iillH.it, the grout alli-iativH I.U9 n pesti-.lly lUnions ratt-d its putter to vaii. iish tin ni iu their worst phases... "A Mrd in hand is worth two in Iho biuh," and one ou a b-iiitict is TtOli'n RcmTaVly about vViViliiircil times as many. The frnrrr Ax'e fJrcnae Ia the best in the iimiki't. It is iho niot economical ami el. np-st, ime box lasting & long as two of ai.T other. One gnasing will last two weeks. It received lirM premium at the Ceutcii'ii.d and Turin l'Aposili.ms, also medals at various tiiatc Pairs. Buy no other. nuchupnlba." Quick, complete cure, all annoying Eidnev, Bladder auiU'rinaryUiscaseii. ti. Druggist. Sen.l fur pamphlet to Ii. 8. Wells, Jersey City, N. J. Mill Anoibrr. Ol'KLIKA, Ala., Nny. 1, ISftO- II. H. Wabnkii A Co. : .Son I have lpi cured of an affectum of tho kidneys by the uso ol your Sale Ki.ln. y and Liver Ciiro. J. C.Cosnos. Solid men admire the beautiful, and this accounts in soma measure lor thu thousands upon thousands ol b.illlcii of I'arb.ilino, tho deodorized pt'tn.li.iim liitirroiiuwor and dress ing, which have been sold yearly. rent ood-livkr on, from selec'ed livers, on the si ashore, by Caswell, Hazard A Co., N. Y. Absolutely pin o and sweet. 1'atli'litn whw huvo once taken it prefer it to all others, l'hysi ciaus declare it superior to all other oils. "CiiM'iT.n hands, face, pimples and rough el in cured by using Juniper Tar .S.,up, made by Caswell. Hazard A Cu., New York. iii: t i:i i'ikih i)i:.Tii. Wilham J. I'oii.'lilm. of s..in.-ri ill.-. M iss., nam: In tl.. -i.ill nf IsTil, I ww taken with iii.rr.iusu r rut li s, is. f.ilt,.r.., brawn-re rough. 1 .t mv UT. -ite an 1 flt-h, ami wa-iC-.nSnc.l le mv lie.!. 1 1 Is" I was a li-.iiil.-.l to llu llesjuial. Tim iI h-i.ti hh.I I h i I a Ii ..i- iu my luntas l.if as a half il.'Ilar. At ..ii. tiii,. a r -i- .rt w.-nt armin-1 that I w i .! 1 1. ! niv.-up h-ie. but a tri..n. lol.l mo of UK. .. I.UM HAI.I.S l)I.sM .-,.n T1E . S.;s. i 'l al "tt!i when t im nurprise, I i-nmm 'ii. i 1 tn I -' I.. tt. r. and t.i-.lay 1 dol Ixntnr than lor thr- ran past. I'.MiKK'S l'AIN PAS-EArnrva pain in Man o P-Mst, K,,r in.- r-u.Tii.iHy or internally. I 1. 1. !:' ItIC l I IMIII. -M .M is liable ton'. . ...1- 'lti-l. tl-i riill tli-Uii'iH . it ; -in 'ii'.-N. t I' I.iii. v aud r'!-r.-s ..st i.r.l- -. sell., .irni-.-is's. . ft i ,r i. I.. I i; ..ii re -1. t ..I in.--'. JOHN II 1 1.- l.r.N l.i iul-1. .I A til-si Av.-uiii-. New York i i'ri rru. r;ver I d s .. ..r nr. ui.ir. N. Y r la-lie Trnsi I'o.. r.-inovt-.l to'it . He-a.l . . N . , 'fcTTTr.iO1 1'or Internal and External t'ftr. CURES ltlltlMATI.'-'M, Ilurn. Seal.N. rliil..iln. I io-t Hu. 1. 1 li .j-j i .1 Itiui.N. I'lcsll Woilti.:-. spi'.ilu. Itrulc. KM'Tllill l oiMillS, I ilked 111 CHSts, Sore Nipple-.. Tooil. ii ,.-. Crump or .,imi;. ol Plonineh. Cuiic, Asi Ihiiii. or Intern:'! I'.iin. Inline Hut k. li.l' S of AliitiuiN, Guilt of nil ktit'ls. Mtlii-t. Klt'-ls'tnu. I l.lel.eil Tents. Pull I. vil, tiargei in own. Spnvin. Sweeney, SiTiltche-8 or lilvape, Puot Hot in Sheep. Striinhiilt. iintg.ilK Utui. in 1'ouili y, ruuiitl'-rt-ii li't't. Pi-tuln. 1 rucked Heels Mange in Port. A-k your lo ured Ilt nler or Druggist for one of our Attiiunuii. tor l-v-.'l. f-Vt.in thr (7in.tli.iu .r.ni r.V. Y.,0?l.S, Tl. Mkiuiiant's r.Aiu.i.iso tin..-Wo have nia.le stet-utl H'i-oitiii iiniuiiy in royai'd lo tlii' iiiei-ilsot this eelebiiiied reini-tty, mid liii'l it a Kciiuire urti.-le ol rare value. Ills by no niiiuH ti new remedy. The 'stitblih nii'iit wliieh products it ihilea its iniitHiliie luro n tar l. iek us ls:i. siuee vvhleh linieit bus been stetitlil iiit.iiiiig in fiiililie laior. 'I ac p.lteulet llll t illlll llk- l III ! Ill lllo-t l.ui- n.-s uieii o I tin-1 it) ..! I.'.ii.puit. Theyuio every way iili.il.le. i-Yoin the 7'olnlo (Ol,i,. i:.i,h Julu n, 1S7I. Ml-.ltfll.lNT'S liAIIIII.IM! Oil.. This Hill stan.lai.l m Hele, under the n. Inula'. le iiiiin nk'eiueut ol 'John llo.h:e. lC-tp, luis reuelieil an I'tiortnoiis Kilt'. Il is un lii.iuMI i nni p.Miii.leil in lit le; II has luei it, utiil now n.al Ihe best business talent of Ihe e.niiili v In I, ,iti.lliiitf it, there i- no reason why il should. II. lt tlollble its iri-Mnt UM-flllness. No lilliuly t an iilioul to be u il ii. i. il it. l'..r family lee. us m il us for aiiiinuls, it is bini.ly iudia pelisuhle. SPECIAL KOTICR. All we ask is a fair trial, but be sure and fo.low directions. The (iatvling Oil nnd Merchant's Worm Tablets are for sale b ail ilrUKtfistsiiii. I deal ers Iu gi-iicnil UK-i'cuuudisv throughout the worltt. Large Sire ! On; Medium 50 c; Fmall I."ic.j Small Si.e for fnuiily uw 'i'le. Maniifactiireil ul IK-kiHirt, N. T., by Mcr eliiiiii s Ijargliurf Oil Company. l.ornilili-. Alan -AW .III I.I. I Vl.lVf S. H.uil ly III MS HI, I. A CO., Uif-llloH, Ohio. Send rl.'llt l-tr I .ilnltue and Pri.-e List. Oiims ItiiB pnwtr. ) HEALTH IS WEALTH! In i: W-tV Nfuvk and Rntw TnetTvrT -.Tir Inr Hunter . Urz lift, i onvulhKiiid. Nt voiip Ilea i -rli.', Mont-tl l ,ir.--i''D, L vf M- ia- or. lt Rtur old Aflf, miiMCil bv nvtT-i'XPrlioii. which -(. t't nntci, ifrrav ai.d tlmth. no b x will cur nTi'iit c Vhch 1mx r-ytMiun n m ,ili trt'.iim-nt. Oiip dollar lox or i x bX' r fivi iti.l m. "ntl v mail r'iatd no rtfeu't of j'rii'H. W- truar-iut'4 hj hull- t cuif any -a-". A I'h a h .r.tT r,,iMv-.Uy un f-r Kix boxes, ar r.'ini auit d with five doila'-n, w will -Dd tlu pur i h.(t-r nir riiln K;rauti'' la rr urn thr nmiiov it tlii tn-atiyeiit d'H'H not flcrt a t-wro Ouarmutrra ioKiia md v 1-v I. .1 1. 1 II . I tint IrMwn, C Orders b. mail proiui'tly at lentil j u. - KOCH'SrCONSOMPTION mure uui-uitaut f Ull X aiatiunulmcansot CORE'SSFREE TRIAL j offered to all afflicted with nymptom of lung dtanaae. AddrtaM, box '.w, H. X, CiLjr. knckftnd M A, Vital IIM, U' Ar ft. L. MirtliMt w FU.Btm, turn IHMa-M .BTii-a rai kuxir . m ii ....o-f..aja i jiumh .ii.i I .i..hiiiin .mi- ''ioi"!i"- I"k IJ I costal card to Clabti Bnos.. Iithla J I lr I II. .ins. N.-w York, tie- .New -iil.l'-ti'-r of Kin-. h ai H l.t ri ti.'ti Hook, fur tie-ir "Irirtit i f lt 'l.ir le J.e.b." I pilf.l' a.l l AtoM-H "" it.mhI-. to r ,y r.t ..f f..i-wnr.1iiia sAiii.lHft. ?MMi.t Niitint4. ! in ni... rt-iii-n M l V. .. 61.1 An h St.. I'll i la . . Pa. V T tl'V IMC OR ( KRTOl'H DKBII IT V V 11j 1 1 ..MO ran find m Ml a a Cheap Itrrurtfr by -ilr.na . Km :iO. II an far. 1'aaa. ENGINES. NI W A Nil sfl OV I II A No A l ' IMHHl - Inim IVtlltHs, luu-Till... Vx tJ Ohromo Cards, with rams and rw lOsenta. V. O. ttlBLK V V Cm., Uerldeb CL THE mSSgLLQfj i . A NO'i'KO hi t uvriTM:i WOMAN t'rum the Boston Utobe. ' yewtt, fttftort . TIu- nlk.vo la a nio3 Ml;onm of ?Tr. tydla E. flnlr hain.of Lyrn. Mnsa.,wh..abovi-oMi.(l.cr Iiuniati belnp may ln truthfully call, d the ' Ju-ar Friend of Woman," as Mime of hrr com ntH.nlenU lretocall bcr. Bha U zealously dcrotcd to her work, which a the outoomo i-f a lifpntufly, and Is rMi-cd to keep tlx lad iv-Jtaiits, to help her answrrthc larjrf rorrrspemdonev Inch daily pour In u.Hm her. each bearlnfr lUnpeclal hunhnof mnv.lnjr, or Jny at relcawfrora It, Her Vi'irt'tahloCtiuijiuund Is a medicine for pood and not evil purpnitca, I havo pcrsunallj inrestigated It tad m satisfied of the truth of this. On account of it proven mniitR, It Is rerommrnded and prescribed by theboKt phyMlciatu in the country. One eaynt "It work like m charm and aarr much nuln. It will cure entirely tho wont form of falling of tho uUm Lcucnrrhopa, frrcpulnr and painful Mcnstnmtlon.all Orarinn TrouMcs lmlnmmatton and L'lceratinn, KiMrditi(?fl( all PiHplivenunM andthecn w-lUi nt spinal oak lies.-, and Is esiwctally adapted to tlieCliHii-eof Life," It iKTmiit-K every portion of the Rytttcm, and (rlref r- lit-u.ti vip.tr. It removes faint ne, flatulency, Jc.-tri'ysnn - mvinff for ktlmulantH, and nlieves wnaJk ncs df tliCFUmuwb. It cun-s Bloat in (r. Headaches. NVrvoiU) lYoetr.ition, (leneral TVliUlty, SlreplcHnnexn, PcpreRhion and Indirection, That feeling of beaiinff down.enuMiifriinin, weight and backache. Is always tenn.'inently eun-d by Its uw. It will at all tlmt s. and undr ull circiunManeeact in harmony with the law tJiOt governs tho fcinah njntoio. It cms only $l per lotllo or al x for $.V, and Is sold hr Ji iiKk'ta. Any adrleo required as to rim lal canes, and tin- names of many who have been restored to perfect hcnlthhy the uwof tho Vegetal lo Compound, can he ehtained byadilreasiufrMrar., with stamp for reply, at her homo in Lynn, Mass. Fur Kidney Complaint of cither sex this compound ta aiMur)acd as abundant tcstlraonUlu show. "Mrs, Hnkham'B Liver I'lllii'ftays ouo writer, "are thfbmt in the worM fur tho cure of Com-tlpiitl m, Hiiiou.-:iens nnd Torpidity of tho llrer. Her Blood Put itit r ork won tie In Ha special line and bids fair ti -,tuI the Compound in IU jHiputarlly. All muxt re.spet t her as an Angel of Mercy whose sole ainMtlon in to dotrood toothers. I'hiladelphia. l a, (2) Mrs. A. M. p. UN V 41 : HAS DEEN PROVED The SUREST CURE for KIDN E YD I SEA S E S . Dora a Limo backer fttltsordcredurlnotrdi. cit( that von aro n victim T:i::N DO NOT lI.iillTATi:; U33 KIDN E Y- WO UT at once, (tirii.i-lfT rtMot;imend It) mi l it will rpctlily ovcr.-'iuo tiiuiliflcaecaiid rttorv heaH;.y acUuu. It Is ii SURE CURK for nil DISEASES of tho LIVER. It has epoeiflo action on thfs most Important oryan, o al ill ntr it t throw off torpidity and ln-a-'iiou, stimulating the healthy scor tiun of tlin l'.ih't and by kepinir t!io bowels lnfrccoou4i tiou, cSootxiis Its regular discharge. P ft fkrli f you aro sufPrlnjj from IViCllCll Ids malaria, hnxe the chills. areblHous, dyspeptic, or eonatlpntcd, Kidney VTt will tnirvly relievo and quickly cure. In the Hprtnft. to cleanse the System, every 0110 aiiould toko a thorough, course of it yourtox, such an pain and weaknesses, KIDNEY-WORT is uasurpaascd, as it will act promptly and safely. Either Sox. Incontinence, retention of urine, brick dust or ropy deposits, and dull dragging pains, all speedily yield to IU curative power. I fit Acts at tho same tinio on the KIDNEYS, LIVEU AND B0WEL3.XI For Constipation, Pilos, or tthomnatlam it ts a permanent cure. SOLD BY DRUGGISTS. Price $ I . riMI.KI-'t-Vtl;iiTl T H ff 'p ntifml.nK sud infill!) OUKCI AND pi.. tin. t. Vit ni Dance, Ah . !i-.e.m.p:iim Kat. " :. f i-.i snd sll 1. n .i mi.1 MltMNl Iik. kr r..K it. 'I" ;t'iint-n, l.uw.r- l.itfroi Mm. w.-Ti ii..n(-. runkfin, I. !..ti.t f i.d a i ton f-li'i;t'y en-pi jmriit t m Nt-rvoi I'r.rhtia ti n, IrriKuJ-rit'es of II. t M.h il. it-nisrh, l . wi'Id i.r Kiiliit'ys, or who ii'ijmia a nrvs ti uu", sppHner or ft ii.u'ant. SAMAIII TAN M iiVIM! is in luil.lf. Th-. annuls pu t I . in it tlii ni"t vt- tuli-rlul lung- rant t I.M evir fttifln iit ti t l.n k lining f-ii in. r'ur M4.lv I nil lmBiats. Till. lilt. . A. II.MONO II IM( ALI O.. Sole I'i npi lrtiit-t SI. JuM'ph 'rt.titily bt, having tiein nn l .1 I l I'll V I. II K AT tl illM ll'S I Mil I'll I AI. UMII'i. I I Tll. Itir ITI-.K i:.IIMt no tht-r i n- nun' r. ht i.ir I.immi It.untl t.Ul nl any. AI. III: tl'liVr. Sl.:.' I.. Il ii.tvt; auRicirnt ..'tii..Nn n i. 1 ..A.-i. wll.i I ;t .i.nlily. fr p .pulir hi. r-.t mvI I .r in in . .. .-! ..r I .ni.!i..it .1 only dm: ikmi'i: otiii it 'rI,i:s.t 5:ui. s. -.-Miii. n:s. k'.i.i, ns, am. I.. N..IH) mi.1 .i..irl. in- . t,:-. u" u. . .1 .1.... A. r . -!.. ,. . Al'. I..r n.ty pujrninnto. m:v ii.i.i ntk v i i i -at.i.m;i k kki k. PIAKOSaww Iisvb r.mimnfil . ni I run-in' I M". iiilr.luiin .a I-. i.'.ut r nii't lituty t.l I. ii" Ti.l .Ii.i-.ImI.K. II in "H-V"'" Jr.. .. .. ll.l.l'oTIIATEU eiK. .1 i v id lull l..rl'. i! Mil K. Till: tl. H M l clllliAN AMI I'l tso i I).. I l I n in i., Itu-l.Ti: 411 1- I lili i.. N. t.i l: I I I ti IhikIi Ai'.,( hit ugo. Payne's Automatic Engines Krli.l.lf Dnral.la and Kf.nnii.ifiil. ,. a ii., I nltrrlolih " Aiil..liill.''"l fl. K.-I..J r lll ..lr.l-.l r.l..'ii- ".I." I r Jul ;rin.l...n .nd mc. u. . i-.iii. o.. - - fs This N.Y. Singer, $20 tot?"-'! Willi - l ..f AM.iiTTintnlii Kiw. -r . ' .ti i an'. . i i-fi-fti-i. l.ik-iii riiiiniiiir. ljp' ra fVJCj .. ii. t .!..,t..!-..ini' alitl.liimlilf. "h 1.6 t.u it- 1 Itiii! i.liui wliin di'iifil. I.l l. ar(aMi 4 Mil I....I-. V.' lit.; M11 l.nnif.il Si.l tili'S i-tH.lttti i tl H.M.k -nlt tiV i i . tr on lot Irial plan if le- I I. u-fitic caw, ttintmtiitTnt di" -t'le insnleanti out. t il . Mtlh lt'Mimntitul!..l'e. A-k n A t'o. IThlMlav I'hh sre Id - M IHraon' Pui anti Pill nik Now Rich Ul -r-1, ami w 11 o. in.:-i I r-yttnin iu Hfn in -n in.; u II t. h rn.;t.t fn n h !!.: tlvt l-l kmI in ths an. A -.y r n who rill take I t 1 t;iy l r.W..r... I . -'UU i ii.--h!i if t m i iP .u!,L I. Ua.r..f. doi j cverf- I. N. 4 iill.NStl.N tV l O., Uetoil, aitUM for GOHSUfilPTION. 1 tiavo a iKinitlvt rcuivdj t"r tho n tn mi iharass; bv !( Osothouiianii nf raftft tif (hn nut ft kind uu ftf l,r,IK stnndinK havo b'n riin-d. Int1i'ri,t.a-tmnls my faliS Iu luttllVaa-r, tl.nl 1 will Fen. I TWO KOITI.KH PHRK, to-s-'ther with a V AU Alii. K TltKATlHUoii this dututM.te aujsufferur. Oivn Kxjir CUIUS WHERE 'I CUe FAILS. fin ll't( ouk'hi" nip. " iuttesotd. gj l in iiiiin. .-...11 'iruiTtfiMS. n Hi An not .TrH 1J K.lt OI T. 111.. I:.'n . I vinail.'irlM. OlrcuUril :i -v i t.. ;ii ih-v Nt.. t. " J I ill Tldl... l. r Mttlhrr." wh.i wtmldl t I 1 '. Ihv 1. till. an. I tl.niritm ,.( rli.l.l' riirlli. Sftil fitM., lr. M.i.nlKit It Uilit., n, Atla.iU, li.i. t iim w TKii rr inn B"t ann rantmi- :U, YflllMf! MTN Ifyonwnul.l Irarn Tilwrai lir in . w , .....- four nit i Sw NtVEKriUL SrVK f II iSBa?3

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