North Carolina Newspapers

    Chatham Record.
H. A. LONDON, Jr.,
EtiiTon and rnornirroB.
On qure, one Insertion,
OiMaqnaro.twoluscrtlunm '
One square, em-ini'iilli,
. t.r
4)n coiy .six iiiouttia
One cow, tUiue lugiitUi, 1
- VOL. V.
NO. 11.
ror larger dvcrllscmcut liberal contract' w IU
The 'oiintcrxign.
Ainu ! tho weary hmu-s pass slow,
The nijdit is very flnrl; a id still,
And in the mnrslu-3 far be'ow
I hear the benrded whip-poor-will;
I senrco can see n ynrJ Rhcml,
My enrs nre strained to witch each sound:
I lienr the leaves about me shed,
And the springs bubbling, through the
Aloi'B the beaten path I puce,
Where white rays nuirk iiij sentry's tr ick;
In funniest glirnbs I Foem to trnco
The foeinun form with bending buck.
1 think I ituw him croueliiiig low;
I stop nnd list. I stoop nnd peer,
Until the neighboring hillocks prow
To groups of xvnrriois and near.
With ready pace I wait and watch,
Until my eyes, familiar grown.
Detect each hnrmlcss earthen notch,
And turn gucrriki into stone;
And then, ninong tliu lonely kjiii,
Tlenenth thf weird old tntip trees,
My silent marches, I resume.
And think on other times thuji these.
Hweet visions through the silent lmli.
The deep bay wiudow fringe I wiih vine:
The room within in soften: d ligli'.,
'J he tender milk w hite hand in" niina.
The tender prcsmire nnd the p.-iuo
Tint ofttime overcame our s wh
That time when, by inyterioti". lnw,
We each felt all in nil t each.
And then that bitter, bitter day
When came the final hour In par!,
When, clad in soldier's honest i;ray.
I prewcl her wrcpinu to my he nl,
Too proud of me to bid me stay,
Too fond of me t i let mo gn,
I had to tear iiiyscl f away.
And left her stdtied in her won.
Ho rose the dream. piiMied the !.t:'M.
When, distant in lie- d.nk-ome yh-a,
Approaching up tho awful height,
I hen id the solid inarch of men,
Till ovei Mubblc. over xiani,
And fields where law the iroldcti shcif,
I wvw the lantern of the yuard
Advancing with the iii,-ht relief.
"Halt! Who goes there?'" my c'in!!e:ii.'i
I rings nlong the v.ntcJiful Iir..
" Relief!" 1 hear n voice reply.
' Advance, nnd give the miuiler.-ogn !"
With baoiie: at the charge, I wait;
The corporil fives the mystic spell;
With arms at port I chargomy mate,
And onward pass, and nil is well.
But in the tent that night, awake.
I think, if in the fray I fall.
'in I tl mystic answer makii
Wl eri- the angelic sentries ca'l ?
And pray thai Heaven may so ord lin
That when I near the catnp divine.
Whether in travail or in pain,
1 too may have the countersign.
Vi'f-.iiiiH . i' Iii it a.
'Vcm have a sal and strange ex
pression to-day, Edgar, which troubles
me," said Clara ISeiiton, addressing her .
allianccd lover. "In fact, you have j
not seemed like votmelf. since t In i
death of vor father, four mouths j "' I""'"' "" , : " . " ' ,
t,,i vwith a pile of books and papers with me it be had il"ii- anything oT
. , I before him. which he xva.s endeavoring ! that sort," said Clara, with anarch
The voiing man s oiilv answer xxas a ,'" 1 '" ..
. . .," ' .. ' i i ,. to brine in'" some order, a visitor was look,
sigh, the meaning ot which, however. I - ,.
his fair companion understood. ,,. announecl. and the next moment b- " ,.h yon i repeated Edgar, w ith
though the subject had never ,,een i '''asping the hand of Mr. Hlane!.- j an expression ol su.-h , bcwilder
referredt;. between them. Thev had ! well-known fried of ment that his young w ife ,,.M m-t
been engaged about a year, and their j
wedding day, although not definitely
decided upon, was looked upon as mt j
far distant. In the meantime, how-!
ever, Mr. Alison, Edgar's father, had i
become seriously embarrassed in his I
business affairs ; and matters had
grown continually worse, unlil the
climax was reached, rendered still
IV.- re severe, as well as unavoidable, by
the general prevalence, at the time, i f
business failures. While still working
with every nerve of brain and body,
in one of those desperate struggles
which so often end in either success or
death, a fever, induced by the iiitense
excitement, had terminated his life,
Irn'inirhis affairs in almost hornless
confusion, while his wife's health was
so shattered bv the terrible shock that
she was reduced to the condition of a
confirmed invalid.
Edgar, xx ho had graduated a year
before, and was then at a law school,
dropped his books and came home at
ouee, to see what he could do in the
way of saving something from the
wreck of his father's estate.
Clara Denton, his allianccd, was an
orphan, ami jHissessed of n fortune
amounting to about seventy thousand
dollars, w hich xx as under the charge of
a prudent nml careful lawyer, her
guardian, while she was not to be per
mitted to have control of it until she
would be twenty-three years of age.
Well, Clara," said Edgar, breaking
it painful silence, "at our engagement,
I supposed my fortune would be alaiut
equal to yours. Noxv, I scarcely dare
to feel certain of being able to sax e
anytning. I he only part of my father's
once large fortune which is in any
measure available is his factor, still
at work, earning a little money. It
mav possihlv be saved from the wreck,
1 ut it will doubtless recpiiro some
yorm to bring out that result. There
are many largo claims against the
ostat ; and, working as I must single
handed nnd alone, the out-look seems
almost desperate."
"Do not let these troubles make you
despondent, Edgar,' said Clara, affec
tionately. "At the time of oiirengage
iruiit we were expecting to be married
j within h year Ol' course I do nut !-' dollars, by which his alfairs wore
sire to hasten that event in any way ' brought into working older, had been
I that does not seem to you best. Hut paid in. And w ith the view of supply
' my life is shut up in yours. If you . ing the large nnd rapidly increasing
i xvere absolutely penniless, it would nt ; demand lor those patented articles,
' make a shadow of difference with inc. further sunn wi re added, until by the
I have enough for both of us." end of a year, the whole sum thus ad-
I "I know that is what your generous vaneed had amounted to twenty thoii
j heart would suggest, my darling !" re- sand dollars, and the business vv as no -
plied her lover, with deep emotion, ing on prosperously.
"lint the prevailing sentiment of this! s(i kited and sustained by the as-
world is of a very differenl character. sjsfanoo thus opportunely alTordc.l. ami
Already sly intimations have conn; to ,i(.Vl,t jnff ,,u energies to swell Hu
me to the effect that the loss of my tide id' returning fortune Edgar found
fortune would not be a very 4.rius tj1(. tj,SM. passing j;viltly. (Hi several
tiffair to me, since 1 have a rich wife ' ll(.,.!lsj,,ns . r,.,Mi,,,.,i hj-s ( artnor thai
in prospect, which I wasshrcwd enough . j,,. wu. itt iji.,tv to draw out a few
to secure in time." ' thousand dollars of Ids part of the pro
' "Let these ungenerous insinuations ,,f the business if he desired (
pass for nothing, Edgar," said Clara. ,)( Mr. n, i,aid always re
vvith i'iiet dignity. "Von know they j,,,, th.t he had no present need for
have no power to tomb my mind for anything except what was m ssary to
an instant. ;
I '1 have been thinking this matter
J over a great ileal lately, ( l ira," said ;
Edgar, pressing the little hand he :n wedding at length arrived there was no
holding. "And while 1 have not the u,(,(, f)1. ,.. And as Edgar
remotest th--light of ever disregarding ., jn v-n the hand of t!ie fair
my engagement, 1 believe it is better gir ,.,. ,is i.ri,i...
for us t,i w ait a few years ami let me 'j( w tlli, p.., 01.t iK,ppy eoii
eiideaxor to repair my fortune, with- .j,,,,,,. ,, ,,., v j.-at -t his
out anticipating any portion of yours. ))lll0 .m, ,, . harge
V ire now only nineteen and I ! ,i, wjth hax ingseied tlu'opportnnity
twenty-three ; we will be young yet for j t SV(1 from pecuniary ruin by
some vears. 1 w ill direct my energi-s i .. v;, ,,r ., i.eiress
to this work. I will take hold of the
manufacturing business my father h it,
adapt myself to it and make that the
use of my life instead of the profession
to which I had been expecting to de
vote it. I must be a business man, and
I will try to be a ireful ;.nd sip ssful
More conversation followed, which
we have not space to detail here, dur
ing which, however, Clara ipicst ioncd
her lover with much interest in regard
to the condition and character of the
j pr.'perl y he wa endeavoring to save;
j ami they parted at last, mote firmly
bound, mi far a i related to their future . (),,. paper and looked inquiringly at his
hopes and expectations, than ever. It vis-a-vis. -'I'll'- purchase of Mr. Ulan
had been agreed that their marriage ,.,ard's interest in the business must
. i i.i ....i i . i r. . 1 i.. I Clu-.'j I
Slllltll', HIM I,. 1.. .T I I' , I l "'I'
txveiitv-third hirthdav, uul-ss by h
lara s !
own desire, which she felt certain J
would not be entertained or expressed, i
She stood looking after her lover until J
he had passed from view, then wafted j
a kiss after him from the tips of her
pretty lingers, and returning to her j
room opelpil her writing-desk an I be-
gan to indite a letter, xvith an ex pros-
sion upon her bright fiv e of mingled i
archness and resolution. I
Two days later, while Edgar was j
. . ii it... r....
i his father.
Alter a f"v preliminary remarks, "Pray tell me, my dear." he cotil in
expressive of his deep regret at the ued, "how much this assignment has
sudden death of Mr. Alison, the visitor ; y.mV"
said : i "Twenty thousand dollars, with a
"I have been talking a little in re-j little nmre," was the reply. "I loaned
gard to your affairs, Edgar, xvith the . Mr. Hlam hard that sum through my
lawyers who have the management of j guardian."
your business, not. of course, learning j "And that xxas the money I received
anything from them except what I felt . from him!" exclaimed Edgar, whilxa
certain you would be perfectly willing light broke over his fa- e. "I now set
to have me know. They tell me that , why he xxas willing to accept enough
the business is by no means in a hope- j from the business to pay the interest
less condition. There i- a considerable ; on the borrowed money, but had no
amount of real estate that can be saved, 1 occasion to draxv anything more. And
1 understand, by paying off encuin-! now tell me the w hole story my dear."
brances on it, and I believe you also , "Well, Edgar," said his young bride,
hold some two or three patents, su- turning her radiant face upon him.
. P"s('" nxauaoie ami ... .
1 1,10 """'uifaet.rTC of articles to which
I tht' fi','t,,r-v is '"'"I'""1' fwr w,"rh'
xvith a little capital to unng mem oui. ;,iways been deeply interested in my
there would probably be an extensive i welfare. On that day when you so
demand." ' perversely refused to anticipate any of
"All that is so!" said the young man, my fortune, and 1 made myself so in
who had been listening to his visitor : ipiisitive, ;is you doubtless remember.
xvith peculiar interest. "Hut. single-
handed, I am virtually powerless; and j
the wide prevalence of business failures j
has rendered it impossible for me to j
procure aid that I might otherwise have j
'1 have no capital," continued Mr.
Hlanehard, "that it would be right for I
me to put in jeopardy. The most of
my property is in real estate, on which,
however, I could borrow, I suppose,
for a term of years, and at a moderate j invest it in the business. After look
interest, so much as you would be likely i ing into the matter carefully, he
to need. The iiioKtioit simply is this, decided that an investment of ten
can I put the money thus liorrowetl i thousand dollars in the way it xxas
I into this business in a perfectly safe made, ' and afterxvard ten thousand
wav" 'more, would be entirely safe; as per-
The suggestion thus made xxas like
a godsend to the struggling and em-
barrasscd young man, and he at once
applied himself to the task of making
it available. The result was that xvith-
in a few days an arrangement xxiis
nuule, by which Mr. ltfanchard became
I a silent partner in the business, with a
I half interest in everything.
What a noble old man Hlam hard
is!" said Edgar to himself, after the ar
rangeiiient had Kten completed, and
the first installment of ten thousand
pay the interest on the money he had
W hen the dav aarccd upon for the
About a week alter the return of the
young couple from their w eddiug tour
as they were at tea one evening. Clara
said, looking up at tie- same time, xvith
a bright and happy smile;
"I had a call to-day, Edgar, from
your obi friend and silent partner, and
here is a littl" document In- left xvith
me, which may perhaps interest you."
Taking tin- paper, Edgar read an as
signment, for value received, conx eying
his partner's half interest in the fact.. rv
to his young xv ifo.
"This, my dear, is a very cxtra-'fdi-mirv
all'air!" be said, as he laid dow n
taken a large part of your for-
r i tune."
-Perbapi not ipiite so niieh ;n you
imagine," replied Clara, gayly. "What
,,, you consider the vah f the infer-
est he has now assigned to nu'V"
- kmixv." said Edgar, "that it was
Worih forty thousand dollars to him
from the fad that he has been offered
that sum for it within the last two
mnnths by a wealthy business man.
vv, urged me to use my inlliicnee with
him to part with it."
i.n.. .. i..., ., i,.. i ., i . ii ; ,, ,r ,.i
refrain I rom a merry peal oi laugnier.
..tlle conspiracy was simply this. .Mr.
Hlam hard has been an old friend of
ur family as well as of yours, and has
in regard t the exact state of your
business affairs, a blight thought came
into my mind. As soon as you were
gone 1 sent for Mr. Hlatu liard. and
after telling him the whole story.
requested him to find some way by
which my money could aid you. The
only way, he said, would be to have
j my money loaned to him through my
' guardian, and he would then, if the
! securities could be made satisfactory.
j feet in every way as the security he
had given me for the momcy, ami for
the payment of which, to my estate,
: he was making himself responsible,
j even in the event of his investment in
your business proving unfortunate."
i "A noble an generous course on ins
I part, certainly !" said Edgar, warmly.
"Hut had you any security that
! would have been binding on his heirs
: in the event of his death?"
j "Yes; although, of course, I had
determined that any possible loss that
' might result from the investment
should be mine, not his. I had his
written obligation to transfer his
w hole interest in the business to me
on the cancellation of the mortgage;
he, at the same time, leaving it entirely
to me to give him whatever 1 thought
best for his services. lie was not
disposed to take anything, saying that
he would rather think of what he had
' done as being prompted by a regard for
our unit ual welfare, and without any
hope of reward. lint I thrust, a
thousand dollar check into his hand,
and placed a ring on bis finger, which
he will wear. I am sure, as long as he
lives. And noxv, my dear," she added.
xvith a gay laugh, -alter this display of
my coiiM-rsitiotial powers you will no
longer regard me as a silent partner."
"Perhaps not." said Edgar, rising
from his .-eat. and bending oxer Clara's
chair, while at th" same time he took .
her face between his hands and im
printed a fond kiss upon the upturned
lips. "Hut a most a-ceptaMe one in
either rcsp'-ct, since I shall have hel
for life, And how can I thank you.
my darling. f-r having so nicely and
generously given me the benefit of a
pari of the fortune I was not xvilling
to share, unlil I could bring to it. as I
can now, a full equivalent; while, at
! the same time, I have the delightful
1 realisation that your ad of kindness
! has not only been the means of ensur
ing my fortune, hut has largely added
' to voiir ow n."
I Tail Lincoln's Fast-Dny Picnic,
! If there xx a ever a boy in danger of
I being --.spoiled," it was the youngest
son ..f President Lincoln. Much of the
time it was impossible that he should
! not be let! to run at large. lie was
: foolishly caressed and petted by people
I win. wauled favors of his father, and
who fook this way of making a friend
I in the family, as (hey thought; ami he
' was living in the midst of a most ex
, citing epoch in the country's histoiy,
! when a box in lb" White House was
in a strange and somewha' unnatural
'atmosphere!-. P.ul I am bound to say
jthat 'fad. although he doubtless had
I his w its sharp, ii'-d by being in such
jst range .surroundings, was m-ver any
thing else, while I knew him, but a
! boisterous, rollicking, and absolutely
real boy.
(ireat xxas Tad's ciinoMty, in Hiil,
to know w hat was meant, by the
President's proclamation lor a day of
I fast ing and praxer. His inquiries were
not satisfactorily answered, but from
the servants he learned, to his great
dismay, that there would be nothing
eaten in the White II"iise from siiii
rise to sunset on East ay. The boy,
j who was blessed with a vigorous appe
tite, took measures to escape from the
' rigors of the day. It happened that,
just before East Day came, the family
carriage was brought out of its house
' to be cleaned and put in order. Tad classified by visiting scientists. Thoinp-
stood by, xvith feelings of alarm, while I son has a garden in which he is now
i a general overhauling of the vehicle cultivating coffee plants covering three
xvcntoii.theeoaoliuiaii'lusting, rubbing, acres of ground, and the whole of this
j and pulling things about, ipiite uneon- j js surrounded by a single banian tree.
; scions of Tad's anxious watch on the j The wonders of this strange land have
i proceedings. Pretty soon, draxving out j recently been so impressed upon the
a queer-looking bundle from one of the ' (ioveriimenl of New South Wa es that
i boxes under the seat, the man brought ! orders have been issued interdicting
, to light a part of a loaf of bread, some ' the destruction or removal of plants,
' bits of cold meat, and various other 1 t rees or seeds, ami the tenure of the
fragments of food from the larder, residents limited to yearly leases at the
' Tad, now ready t" burst xvith anger pleasure of the executive of this
1 ami disappointment, cried, "Oh! oh! colony.
1 give that up. I say ! That's my East ' "' " "
i I lay picnic!" The poor lad, from A Conjuror Astonished.
! dread of going hungry, had Hermann, the conjuror, is a pradi-
cautiously hidden, from day to day. a cal joker and likes to play (ricks on
portion of food against the day of fasi- people, and being verx skillful xvith
ing. and had stood by while his hoard his lingers and hands he succeeds in
was in danger, hoping that it might astonishing a good many. Hut he xxas
escape the eyes of the servants. astonished himself not long since in
He was consoled by a promise from South America. The Pall Mall (lazette
his niotlier, to w hoiii he ran with his relates that during a performance at
. tale of xv oe, t ha' he should nt suffer the house of the governor of Monti
hunger on East Day, even though his video he undertook to mvstifv three
father, the President, had proclaimed a
, day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer
for all the people.
West I nil la Superset Inns.
It is considered very unlucky to tell seemed overpowered with terror as he
the name of a boat before it is launched, extracted from his nose a living rat.
A calabash turned upside down in a I'ttering a cry of fright the Patagon-
; boat is a sure forerunner of ill-luck, ; iau withdrew, and the company coti-
either in weather or tishing. The oil gratulated Hermann upon his success,
obtained from a shark's liver rubbed While receiving their congratulations
over the skin is a protection against he suddenly discovered that his watch
the attack of a shark. Fish brought was gone, and that his chain bad gone
into a place where arrowroot or other with it. His purse, too, had tlisa-
starch is being prepared prevents a peared, and bis eyeglass and poekct-
' separation of tho starch sediment from handkerchief. Half an hour afterward
the impurities suspended in the water the chief of the Patagonians returned,
used. To turn your lsNits upside down bringing the missing articles. The
brings loss of money, and to open an savage from whose nose Hermann had
j umbrella in a house prevents your ever . extracted the rat had emptied the eon
marrying. Never wash your hands in juror's pockets i the moment when
. water which another person has used, he was pretending to be overcome w ith
1 unless you first make the sign of the terror at the unexpected apparition of
cross over it. When a glass cracks the rat from the tip of his nose.
' suddenly in a bouse it foretells a death.
and a horse stopping before a house
and neighing is also a sign of death.
If acock crows in a house a stranger
may be expected.
Mi-nune Oiwnvrrit-n In II"- Woiilli I'licIHe A
cliiny or Ainrricmi XX Inileri am a l.nnu
A letter from Sidney, New South
Wales, says ; Some years ago, the New
Hi -i I fori I xvhalers who visited the South
1'aoiiic- and doubtless one or two of
them are still living--found an island
nearly inidxvay bet ween what was then
known as New Holland and New Zea
land. In climate, in Mora and in fauna
it differed from both, and presented
many of the paradoxes not uncommon
"t "ie antipodes. Ilearinglhat the (iov
eminent of New South Wales had de
cided that it was the best possible
position for observing the next transit
of Venus, your correspondent visited
the place last month. Nearly an hour
before the (iovernuielit ollieials put in
an appearance, onr vessel was boarded
by a whale-boat's crew, steered over
the reef by an an ancient mariner,
whose dialect xvas so familiar that I at
once asked him what part of the Stales
he bailed from.
"New liodford, sir," xxas the re
sponse. "IJoxv long have you been here?"
was my next query, and tin- reply xvas,
"Wall, nigh on forty years, I guess."
During a stay of ten days on what
is the nearest, approach to a press
man's idea of the land of the lotus
eaters, I learned of the man who for
well nigh half a century has not beard
from his friends at hom Nathan
Chase Thompson is a native of Somer
set, Mass., ami virtually does all the
work of this island. Henry Wilson, a
native of New burg. N. V .. was put
ashore there from a whaler twelve j
years ago to die, but still lives and is
bale. P. Johnson (colored ). a native ;
of Pennsylvania, is also located there,
as w;h also a !i'st"iiian, named Leon
ard, whose relatives may not yd know
that he xvas killed two years since in a
brawl by the fath-r of a h-usekceper
of his who w as left on lie- island by ;
the whaler Alabama of New Hedlord.
There are n if i ion- than half a dozen
adultson the island oiitsidethefaiiiilies
of those I hav ment ioue.l, and those
look upon Thompson as a sort !' Smta
The w hole plac, is only six miles in
length by about one and a half wide,
and of this fully two miles is taken up
by Mount liowar, which rises sheer
from tin-sea on the southern side to an
altitude of 2X' feet, and Mount
Lidgbird to a height of 2,.".nii feet. For
about four miles north of the latter
the soil and foliage are something ap
proaching the miraculous, the former
consisting of decomposed Vegetable
matter, intermingled xv ith guano par
tially denuded of its strength by tropi
cal rains ; palms and ferns such as no
portion of Australia can boast of. and
banian trees only equaled in India
together with eighteen other species
of shrubs and trees which have been
half-savage Patogonians who were
present. He stupefied the tirst by tak
ing an orange from his nose; he aston
ished the second by producing a series
of piastres from his hair, but the third
William lilood, of Council Bluffs,
Iowa, has had bard lin k as a married
man, having bad seven wives and
buried six. Jtlood will tell.
(inns were used at th" siege of anh
gosa in 1 1 1.
The artichoke xva-s brought to Eng
land, from Hraz'I. in I1"'-".
An aitcsian well of Lilh-rs has been
in lonstaut flow ever since y.
The horse is ; native of Africa,
whence he was first int rodm-cd into
Egypt, and thence into other countries
II. Pcreiv al says that if population
goes on at its present rate, in 211 years
the world will have reached the fright
ful average of 7mi inhabi'ants to th
square mile,
HulTaloes in Dakota snatch their
ponderous fun-heads against the tele
graph poles so vigorously that mm-h
damage and inconvenience are caused
to telegraph op.-ra'ovs.
The machine-made nail may be said
to be of comparatively recent dat"
when the antiquity of the handicraft
art of nail-making is considered. 1'nti!
ninety years agonal! nails were forg'-d.
Some idea of the minihiT of people
once engaged in the trade may be
gained previous f
the era "f the nail-making machine.
f.o,"in) nailers wen- cmplox-d at "lie
time in (he city of Itiriuiugham, each
family forging its own nails at wind
might be termed dome: tic forger .
This is still d"iie in seme sections in
The rapid increase of populat imi in
Manitoba has stimulated tie- inventive
geniuses of the Dominion to contrive
houses that may be portable and
quickly put up. A man in Hdlev ill.-.
Ont., has planned one that is in three
foot section, and dovetails together.
A house, for ,i h"lel or boarding estab
lishment, has been put up a' Winnipeg,
over 1 i.m.i feet long, two stori'-:; big!:
and div ided into apartments sullieieiit
to accommodiitt- 2"''1 po-sts Th
foundation was laid on Tuesday, :ni
the bouse was completed -n t hi- Thin ;
day following.
A eorrespun 'it '.f liv J.iM'Vil,
f.'o'e says that il is the cnstovi of the
fishermen of (Yvlon iowhistie fortln ir
bait. Oiiareeint isit t" that island,
he saw the v. ,iy ii: which it was done.
The fisherman ran il-ovn some yards to
meet an advancing v. avc. agitated the
water, and probably th'-sand also, with
the lingers of one hand, and then r.i.s
backward, whistling all the time: when
the wave retired he followed it s re
treat, and seemed almost invariably to
find a long worm left on the sah l : '
the point where he had agitated t!:"
water. On being questioned relative
to this singular procedure, one native
replied that his whistling acted as a
charm to the worms, .vol caused thep;
to rise t, the surface.
'Ai."ii.--For warts Dr. Foot.-'s
Health M'liiHihi advises sufferers to
try the appliea ion of kerosene tw ice a
day after scraping tin- surface a little.
It will cause 1 1. em to depart.
Cum ll'l-; IN Vol i; PllVsii i ..
When you take counsel of a doctor giv e
him your explicit confidence. Do tint
permit any friend even though the
fr'eiid be an experienced old mother
and nurse--to diMurb the coniide'i. c
in the doctor. Follow-no adx ice that
is against w hat In- has said. 11 you
lose confidence in him get another phy
sician. 'I'O PlIOIM i I A SXV P. A T. liell-f ' 'p
clover blossoms, steeped and drank
freely; can be found in the hay-m.vv
if not previously secured. Take car.
not to expose one after this .sweat.
Penny-royal is an old-time cure, ami
can be drank w ith less danger if one
has to go out the next day.
To Ct hi:;si:m:ss... W hen the
voice is lost, as is sometimes the ca-e
from the effects of a cold, a simple,
pleasant remedy is furnished by beat
ing up the white of an egg, adding the
juice of one h-inon. and sweetening
with white sugar to the taste, 'fake a
teaspoonful from time to lime. It has
been known to effectually cure the
In the French journals a discussion
has again cropped up as to the value
of snails as fond. It appears that the
species of snail which is eaten in
France possesses very nourishing
qualities. The analysis of the well
known chemist, Payen, shows that the
snail contains seventy per cent, water
sixteen per cent, nitrogen, eight per
cent, fat, two per cent, animal salt and
four per cent, of other constituent
parts, The ancient Itoiiians were well
aware of these good qualities, and used
the snail as a stimulating remedy for a
bad appetite, just as nowadays wc use
caviare or oysters, and had a particular
way of preparing it. From Italy they
were transported to France. They are
still a favorite dish in Hohemia, and
are dclieiously dressed in the best res
taurants of Prague.
Jtise ! for the diiy i- pnssing.
And you lie dreaming on:
The others hnve buckled their armor,
And forth to the light have e,,iU.:
A place in the ranks nvvaits you.
Knell mini Iws some purl to play;
The 1'nst nnd the Future hit nolliing,
n the- face of the stem To d;;y
Kiso from your dreams ol" the Fidine--
If ginning some hmd-fought field;
I If storming sonic airy fortress,
r bidding some giant yield;
Your future has deeds of glory,
(If honor (Hod grant it mav '.
Hut your arm will never be -'.roiiger
Or the need so great as today.
I!ie ! if the pa-t detail's j'1'1-
Her suuliiie nnd r!-'"io- for
Mo chains so c.iivvo' lliy to I "Id you
As thrive of i vain 'vga-l;
Sad or bright, -lie I- llf'-le evir;
Cnl In c plnnt 'in .-.nil- awav.
Noi look bad;, t P-ar-i lie- ! -or
I if a nobler strife to day,
Hic ! for i tie day i passu-g;
Tlic sound tlmt you s'-n.c !,v ' ear
the enemy marching to but lie;
Arise ! for the foe i- here '
Stay not In ahnrpen yo'ir vu.'po"1,
( ir the hotu will .-trikc ;-l last,
When from dieauis "f a eotnin r b 'U!
Von Piny wake lu find ii y i-l.
.1 .'- '-'.'
NOT Too r Vl'i.
Ho dropped my fair in'.o ti e box
Willi gcmlc mien aed vviniNoe.e :,i-.
ltlack wen- hi- socks with pie pie c "1...
J eoled I e v.a- pa--ing f'-r :
Th'- ni" h vii pie" i. u cm i
The best Hlillg t- -:!-'' ''ofoK ":'.e
ing - bl'c;p 11.
There's very bttle or r. ' opp-v-i' 1
a red-hot
The right kind of .1 dog In a a-' :
i terrier to c il do. r.;.
If a d"ir loses bis paw rel a p.o ' -i
loses his ii.iivv, does 11 make orphan-. .,
When a man get. iul- s". i-.. o i
days he is vcr;. Ii!..- Ib" culprit id . '!
times, ami sutlers in a convspondb. ;
"Yes." .- ,ii tin- fit In. f -l..l'i"'l vo
fence is expensive, I il tl"- hired hi
doesn't Stop t" led :''. iov time !.-
climbs it ."
An exchange contains an ,oii. f on
Women vvl... Die Earh." Tho-'- w)e
light the lire with k i"-'-,,,. jM f...
morning ave np t- die early.
Cla'-a looking at the bonnets, etc. , ;
-Don't think Hu-y are very h uel
M.uie?" Amy twli'.-.e tbollgbls a' -
oti the other sideof -4 i; -Very,
' .peeia'.lv the ope v it II t he black HI":- -t.l-he."
'I'll" man who vx III invent sum
prnelica! snbst it ut. for Cue ordinary
wooden knob I'"! drawer-., desk door,,
and the like, or some v. ay of kieping
l! nliii.irv knob on. v. ill m ike a
! IIIP- and die rc.-pocl ed.
Perhaps the casual reader has u. .-r
sm' down o:i a bnz saw and felt him
self gradually fading a-vay. If so, h
I'.oc-n't know v. hai it is t" form the
acquaintance ..( a somnambulist '" boll
dog in t he prim,- of life.
"What arc the nine i: i:.e-. pa :'"
asked a little boy xv ho v as i-ead'ii.;
mtll"l"gie.-d lore in the lo'VI' cl.i-..
"It is w Io n tl. home -toiie' is bcie:.
in a game of ha ;.-ball, 1 1 !l Ci- pill"
muses over it," v., is th" reply.
A le-fiircr v..,iii- o I-now "'vba'
shall we .1" with our girNy" 1 1
would it do t .. giv e tin 1 1 1 t hive n e
meals a day and try t raise them an
to help their mothers until tlnv .n..
called upon t" help their !i.i.. bands','
A new imram.ii,! has 'n.-i-n engaged
for the family of .In iin !.--- T i . On In r
appearing in the niirsi-rv tlnu
: by Master Lech: --.Ner-e.
papa says I am oil" of those -hil'lr- a
that can only be manage 1 l y kimiites .
and I'll trouble v., is to ! -I -h .-..-me
spongecake ami oranges at n-
In dangerous proximity to mean
ni'.si ; "Y.-;." r aid I'.u rl. . n f . in. "I
came p". ttv ii' iir lining a thing
: to-day. 1 had a ciiiniei teit half and I
'was about to give it to a po,.;- blind
: beggar who asked for a'ms, but I n
sist.-d the f.-iiiptatioTi ami got an old
apple woman to change it iy buying
. live cents' worth of fruit.
When a California panther see; a
poodle and ;. young woman lie eats tho
poodle and b-aves the yn iag -.vomaii.
He probably reason in I bis vviy ; If
i I eat the girl and lb" poodle, that vvili
be oniy o:n- mcil ; if 1 always eat tim
poodle the girl v. ill always gel atiotk.r,
and I can always be sure of another
; A scholar in a public school whobad
been over th- m:'t of Ada, was re
viewed by the teacher, with the follow -ing
result: "Wha' is geography V
-A big be.-k." "What, is the earth
'Composed of?" "Mud." "No; land
: and water." "Well, that makes mud,
! don't it "What is the shape of the
! earth V "Flat." "You know better,
if I should dig a hole through the earth
i where would 1 cniiv out at?" "Oat
! of the hole,"

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