North Carolina Newspapers

    dhatham Record.
H. A. LONDON, Jr.,
One w-naiv, on? inwrtl'.n.
Piiapquaro.lwn InwrtlnnS"
. fi.
fnf ro r, fn r. -fiiiroer
,.t iii'iiiiim
OmnHi three montti.,
- VOL. V.
For largir akfi '.llif-nts lltrl contract trill
I'll lion ,
I like llifwp plum tlmt j nn i-nll weeds
Seilo, luirdhiM-k. mullein, arrow
1 hut knit thrir routr mid sift their s"'ii
Where mi) yriissy whet ! track leads
Through po'irtry Iiv-w.ij? narrow.
They fringe th- nc'tri-d hill-idii fietc.s,
( old with cultivation,
With Kuril wilil wealth of rustic i-h.-iriin
As bloomed in Nature's mati'in linns
Tlii- lin.1 liny -, of i-ivat.oti.
J hey show how Mother Earth ioivs lot
To derk her tired out places ;
Hy flowery lips, in hour -. of rc-f.
Atfiiinst hind work she will pro'.-it
With hoiiii'ly nir-i ami grit-en.
Vou plow the nrbiit-is from her hill.
Hew down lu i in miitiiin laurel ;
Their plaro, ns beft she ran. ho fflU
With humbler blotwoms ; so ?he n-ilW
To rlo-H' with you her .ii,ini h
rili- yielded to your t-.t wi'li pio-l
Hit free, primeval ch.ri ;
Blip brought yni dr"n of l l"ii gr 'i
You Miy : "How dull ;;ro.v-.
1-1. ic
"I ft h
Her ui'dwood i-oil joi env m'-J :
Tormred b;. Ilt and !i i:r r. ;
I'll' leave tier for a year or IT".
Ami see ! she "tands and l ui.-h- at j 1 1
A il Ii linrdb'e'k. in'ill' i.1. jari ' V '
Pear K'irth, ll'f world ir- hird I !'! '
Vet lb aenV lu- alh cpiiiI-. i -
Into the life of flow, r" lik- the
And I a' b'.
Anions v " I- '"i l ,;ra-- - :.
There .'re f'-w IM"ie -tiil". i
I iri-lsiape.; in tli- whole of a.
though there trial be tinny liaiel' 'iiier,
than the pat), rani i I i aii". v lt- ii an-'i.-nt
an-l modern M . 0 1 tt i i lr t -stind
rrpre---iite'l -'-I- by i I - -. A a
ni-re picture, th--I raveh-r nm pi-rhr-ips
give his preference tothe t-ovtting f'-d
- lilTs and (cna-ed . ti'.-t .. of (, the
lliagllilicent eie-cen' ct while iimis. ,
K'liue-unting tie- gieiti l-.piitg bill
oi-l sparkling water ol A'gi- is bay.
i the Mrmige htile i.i:;h's ncM ol
t ' 'iislantnie peielod -'I the Minimi' o
p. t pi-ndii ul. ir i ra-r. ami cm ii- l' -l -n
all siibfs but one b a hideous 1 1 1 .- s 1 1
.".'Ml feet in depth. Till iu lb.- piiim
CMpie Jiiiinghiig ol Ihi pat Mli-I the
present, of ipiiin lia-tein l-ail
and jaunty Western ii-.ili-.-li .it, C.i-.
M aiidx al-'ii'-.
Jt nin-t 1m n tied. Iio'.t 'M l , 1 h a' tin
lat" Khedive's elforts o make his capi
tal a cheap edition of Paris have had
anything but a s.tti-fa 'oiy ie:-uli.
Moslem cities are a cuiiM-rv ative its
tlu ir inhal.ifaii'.s, ntel do not take kind
ly to the btii-tliiig ti- w l.iti'.lcil notions
of the West. The Miitrhi.i liai'dens,
indeerl ( w hich form tin- pa'i nft airot.
are a charming foil to tin- hot, dusty
p'ain all armi'id; and too, is the long
avenue of date palms extending from
fie Nile .-illiiosl to where t ho mi;'i!v
t reats of the pyramids are o n l.toiiiiug
against tin- rich tropical sky on the
li -rder of the everlasting desert, lint
there is a garish, oflciisiu- smart ness
a'ont every street of the new 'Isiiiatl
iych (Juartcr," with its tall, while
hotels and bride-cake like villas, and
inclosed gia-spl.-ts sorely in need of
watering; and it is iptite a relief to
turn from this "niiule lo-oidei'" town
into the mae of dark, narrow, Oriental
f-treets around the ba-e of the eitadel
hill, yvhere one may st ill see w hat tin
great city yvas in the days when she
first received her Arabic title of "A!
Here, indeed, y.-u may take your fill
of Kastern associations. You seem to
he looking up from the bottom of a
well at tin-bright .summer sky, which
is only visible as a little ribbon of burn
ing light far overhead, between the
flat, heavy-bat demented roofs of tin
Mrange old houses, with their blank,
massive walls and deep t tiltnel-likc
doorways. All aroiin you tin- 'plaint,
f Id-world life of the '-Arabian Nights"
is in full sw ing. The gray bearded bar
ber i- chattingto his Arab customer a
he shaves his crow n. The la-lcti camel,
striding tip the narrow, nibl.ish-iieaped
street, almost tramples upon a tur
bancd loafer who is too lay to get out
of the way. The "kabubki" (st-lh-r of
cookod meats') sets out upon the narrow
board before him his little scpiares of
smoking mutton, each impaled upon its
own tiny t.pit. The deformed beggar
f ft cuds the sthapeless mass of wires
which srrvrs him as a hand, with a
sKrill petition for charity. The bare
lintbed water-carrier waddles past un
der his dripping bagof kin, eyed envi
ously by the t uttered, dusty pilgrim
from Mecca, who is looking around in
eeareh of n bath-house. The veiled
woman glides noiselessly past in her
f-hroud-liko robe, lik.) a risen corpse,
while the gaunt, half-clad, wlid-eyed
dervish (religious devotee) stalks
through the crowd yelling like a mad
nianrnd tossing his bare arms franli
i ,Uly in the air.
Amid hitch a scene our would hardly
be surprised to coii.e upon Khojah Hit -Kin,
or Sinbad, the sailor, snugly seated
in a shady corner and recounting to a
circle t-f admiring listeners cue of thvse ,
interminable stories which delighted ;
the. Caliph Hanum Al-liasohid. Be-
)rc you reach the foot of tin- winding
path loading upward toth" citadel yon '
u ill be quite ready to assent to tin- old
saying that "lie who hath nut wen ,
Viiio halli iit seen the world." ;
lint the gem of the whole panorama i
is the citadel itself, which stands iiion 1
a steep rocky Mull' overlooking the J
town. True, the massive walls are fast I
crumbling tu decay, and it military i
engineer would be anything but satis. !
li"d either w ith the condition of the
defences or with that of this gun I
m-uinted upon them, lint the most ;
ivsoluto fault-lindereould hardly object
to the stately white front and tapering ;
iiilpan ts of the great mostie, or to tho
wealth of coloring lavish'-d tipon the
graceful columns and fretted cornices
,nd deep, -hi-lowy anhways of its
beaut iful interior-a lit nioiiiiiiient of
'!l- gle.l'tlf.s of its founder, Mehe t
Ali Pa ha. the 'apoiMn of Kgypt.
-.l.. ruled tin- count ry wi'ha rod of
;-" ! iii Hi" earlier p u t of the pre-ini
. II' III v.
Il'-yond Mo- luos.pie, in the oii'i-r
aiighi of lite i-'itre-is, ini'l ju-tattlic
p ant where the rocky la- .- of the hill
upon wlii. b il f-taml. falls away into a
r h'-.-r pn cipje.., i;. ... ;i 'pacinii.s ipiadrau
gnlar i "urt a aid, .a'. '-d w ith broad flat
t'-ius an I encircled by a quiet, shady
. .I--HU.I I.-, the back "I w hi. h is formed
!;. the iaii-a-i s tlienisi lve.i. As you
s 1 1 f thi- pia If.itiglc, a gi.iv-liair. .1
i i". who sc'-iir; ( h iu'-t it. t II; vou
in ,i tone ..if i-oiiibre lui.oiiiig that it, i..
(be t'.-iirt of Hi" Maim In1.".-.
TIk- ".line r-' t'l at on. e Ut.-b ilf-'i-igottin
detail.-, ol one of the grand"-!
and gloomiesl tia;;edie.; of mn. rn
limes, and fi r any (Ml" whowi-li'-:; to
know what Kg pt r.-ill I--, it is wor'h
v. l-i look I-,.' k and see what deed.;
win rioiie in this ipiid ;iot on a ct-
tain In..- .sumin.-r ev-i.i.n; within the!
ll'Olli-U i f ll. f W II"
Mill ah
I lie evening sun is ;ii .( b.-giniiing
to i-'dd-ll th" bold lidg.-.s of the M"ka'
t mi hills t ivhicli II, ink Cairo on flu
a t . a a I -p i I lci!..einei, mollliled
on sup-ib Arab eoiirs-r: and anaud
in all lln l-.ii I-iri spli -nd-.r of ll i-'erii
warriors, i -1 - gallant ly up the path
l-.i'hng to th.- i-ita-h-l. All an- Mont
and stalwart iii--ii, ai uu-d to th" t' elh
.mo seemingly ijuue iv
to it s- their
w ea pons a! a moment's notice, against ;
either friend or foe.
These are tie- I'mnou.-' Ilgyptian i
Mamelukes, the hen dilaiy arisloera'-y J
of Hie land, who once faced th'- best ;
soldiers of Ilouapaite himself beneath
the sh i. iow of the Pyramid-;, and from 1
w hose ranks came the renowned Mil-;
talis thsl foriuciiy ruled all Mgypt from ;
the sea to th- cataracts of th- Nile,
Proudly do they lile in through the;
gloomy old gateway, rejoicing to think
thaleien Meh'-ni'-t Ali P.nha himself,
the dreaded iol elllor of I.-ill'-r Mgypt. I
thinks it pru-l.-pt to stand well with
the .Mamelukes and bid them to a 'Va t
in his ow n citadel at Cairo.
Little do t hey dr-a n what manner
of a feast it i i to h". M.-heiuet is .
not the man to lei auv one stand in his
m.-iv : Il-,e ehi-fs. w i I h
their tierce curag" and 'urn ..infor.abl" nmrket-pla-e. The live lingers of he,
notionsof independ -ncc. have long been Wl'r" ,,,rn "" w,,h, M'
, . . , i.i i , . ninccr-i. Il.-r arms m ere ih-eplv scared
a burden to him. 1 1 In- intends to ( as I 1 - ,
. . , , ii, r with Blowing irons, rurally shy ivat
he does becollli.' absolute master of ... ,. r , ,
,. , . . burned to death slowly. 1 rom firs! to
al l-.gvpt, he or th v must go; and he ;
7 ' , ' . . ... ast h-r luatlirdoiii lasted for nearly
has aln-ad--m.ele up his mind which'"
of the two' ,t shall be. ,",,,r-
Iu all their pride and sple .dor the Hi er since that time a s-M-allcd -von-
doomed inc.. march int.. t he fatal , rt- ' '" '''""" preached
vard. whciice thev ar- never to return. Miccessive fourteenth Sunday
The gate shuts unperceivi.i behind '"'"' 'l'"'.v tl, l'"'''l" Til"?"r-
tliein as they i-ntr, while a crowd of
obse.piioiis servants jn-ess around them
to aid in dismounting, li- up their
horses and niarshiil th- "noble ihiefs"
to their appointed places.
In the lad glow nf .sunset ( for this
Strang" banquet hall has n- roof but :
the open skv) tho well-spr.-a-l tables,1
and colored the crimson hang- ,
ngs of the encircling ,ade, the;
dark haiidsoine faces and rich dresses
of the Mamelukes, made a goodly show .
But. although most of the guests
seemed in high good humor with every
thing, one scarred veteran, with a
long gray board hanging ou r lus : '"' ul l J
brawny chest, liniked ominously grave ; '"urder.
and gloomy. j He lost no time in communicating
"What ails thee. Father Hassan?" his discovery to the Taiigeriiiuende au
asked a tall, haiidsoine lad beside him. thoritics, and on Sunday, the lMh of
" I hy face is as dark .-is the peaks of September, when 'i clergyman on
the .Mokattam before a storm." i1'"'' ascended his pulpit to preach the
"1 am but ill at ease, friend Said.'' : iMlth " coiillagration sermon," he pre
answered the old warrior. "Last night faced his discourse by announcing to
I dreamed that a wild hare ran past! the congregation that recent inquiry
me, and thou knowest what that fine- j ''t' the origin of the great Tangerinu
lHl,.,s." ende lire had completely exonerated
Evidently Sai.l did know, by the rete Minden from any complicity with
sudden clouding of his bright young, the authors of that catastrophe. For
fa,.,.. j many days before and after the lire slut
"Well said the wise man, that an en- had been lying on a bed of sickness
eniy's gifts bring evil," pursued lias- many miles from Tangcrinucndc. Sulh
san. 'Mehciiict Ali l'asha loves us soqucntly she had been w rongfully ac
tio!, and here, in his own stronghold, ! ensed, sentenced, tortured, and done tn
who knows what he may do?" j dea'h itli the utmost barbarity, an
"Ha! think'bt thou that the l'asha absolutely iunovint yvi'iuau.
means treachery?" cried ho young
chief, with u fierce gleam in his largi
black ryes ;nnl a significant clutch of
his jeweled sword hilt. "If it be so let
him beware, for he who beats the thicket
for an antelope may chawo to rouse u
lion ! But all this is idle talk -he dares
no! !"
-He dares not," echoed three, or four
nf the others, with a disdainful laugh ;
ami the 1' began,
Lung and merry did they revel ; but
jn :ls their mirth was at its height a
.shrill w istle, sharp and ominous as the
sen-am a uliun, pierced tin still
night air. Instantly the hangings of
thr ciilonnadH fell, and from behind the
pillars, w ith a flash and roar liko tin1
oittbuis' ..I' a thunder-storm, a dcn-lly
voll.-y of musketry came crashing
j among the revelers.
i In a moment all was confu.doti. Th"
jbdraud Mameluke sprang to tlu-ii
f.-it and gta-ped th- ir swords and dag
gers; but what coiild these avail against
: the merciliss bull--Is that hail-d iip'-n
t!icin without ceasinirV lovvn th'-v
: went, in, 'ii on mm. and aui.-ng tin1
first that Icll vu p'-"' old lla;.s,i'i,
whose gloomy prophicy i a but ' t'-i
. truly fullilled.
i 'l t even in this d a-Hy p'.ril. "k
brave V'-uii;; Mid 'lid not lose hi: pres
j en- o mii. I. At Hi" livst al inn hf
; had ' pi ung to hi - lo-ra- and nrtied i'
I but the oul.r gate was Mm'. Theiv
: w.i only on ehflnc lett. s th howl-
I ing linil'lelel's closed ill t-i lillish theil
: work. Said . pin red his horse iiud dart' -!
j liK" an arrow throuuh the d-iorwa;--'
l .eLng fu'tn the cl auiaiteto tin- rain
' par' (hat overhung the j.i-ecipi'P.
j An exulLing yell broke from hi-Mii.-ini-.s
a-, tli.y ru-lied alt.-r him,
thinking that now they had him fast,
I hemmed in as he was between theii
lli-iel--d weapons and the fearful gull
'"yn-l. but im.v "t-w
Hi- Maincl'ike. One delimit .slioiit.oni
j lie elloiig bound forward into t he empty
I air. and th'- lcr.-" and man vanished
into the fa'h.-ntl- : d-j 'bs ..f blackness
i Ivbiiv.
Hi en ih" ..a- a;,'" soldiers turned
away in hoir-n I 'in the sight of that
i desperate h ap. lit'le dteaiiiiiig that
! th'-ir picv had e-i api d lii-m after all
, Yet soil was The horse was killed,
; but the daring rider escaped with a
i i.i-oi.eti limb to die lon-f i cars after in
it distant land, upon a far nobler battle
liehl! Our I'liiilim i'.
Tardy Iti-pa ration.
Tardy reparation has nt length been
mad" to he memory ol a mortally
wrongciMieruian woman, whose name
has been unjustly held up to public
scorn and contumely in the place of
lu-r birth for more than two centuri'-
and half. Intlu'iiar l'-lT, says 77
.',u-hu Till -jr ',', the l ily of Tangcr
iiineiide was destroic. I by lire, and two
i ears later scc'al p-rsotis wer- tried,
condemned, and cccutcd at Branden
burg for a-ls of incendiarism, alleged
In ban- caused Ih' calamity in ques
lion. Among 'ho-'.- who suffered wa;
(ircte Miiidcn. the daughter of a Tait
gcrmuend" patrician. Mi" was strip-
' "'d and chained to a I:
post in tho
lililemle cliiircn. Jills uiscoinse m-
scribes Crete Minden as an aboininab.
monster, th" refuse of mankind, whn
burned down her natiie town to re
venge herself upon the municipality
for, as she believed, withholding hoi
mutiwii innciuamc. ., w..s.,
t,,M ,",,,i"",,t ,,v,",l!'t' '""''"
'""'. " v''h M""'""
'Kr as a nermne. ma, suggest, an
investigation of Ihe documentary evi
dence connected w ith lu-r case to Ludolf
Parisius, a member of the reiehstag,
ami this gentleman found out that tho
unfortunate woman had most undoubt-
I bfihlnn Null ..
I'eathcr fans are fashionable.
Brasses are again revived in bric-a-brac
and objects of ait.
Black dresses an- in lavor and are
often made of two materials.
Nonpareil velveteen is a desirable
material for ladies' and chililrens' j
Plaids are fashionable made up w ith
plain goods matching or harmonizing ,
j ,;idv.
Itonian gold is fashionable in jewelry :
and the demand is f--r light, graceful
patterns. !
Cashmere is worn in all plain shades
of color, and also brocadi-d in small de-i
signs. i
flocks introducf-d in pottery pla-pn-s
and hung upon the wall are counted
with passing fancies. 1
Thorn are revolving lire-screens
which produce line efforts of eol. r in (
stained and decorated glas.
Wry pretty frames for photographs i
...... .. ... i ,,.i .... i. ; ,.,.in,,,, tin,. I, i
fruit and flower desirms bi-incr Erencrallv :
n '
liscl. !
Velvi-t, Olt'-itian repped silks, bro
caded satins and silks, with large ;
figures, and sometimes brightened w iih
gold t hreads and plain sa' ins and plain j , jim ( . ,.' ,
Mlksarethe Mutts used for lb- rieh-t , ,, , ,
evening dre-scs. 'money, whi.ll she minted uiwly.
The fashion of framing the front . she built auotliei i..m ,ou and rfi-d
breadth of a skirt gives gn at scope to Tn, ,., , Mi, i , j i i,,,.,,
the emi'loynu nt of an uhidi wa -1 . n ( . .1 1 '' .r-il wa lini
quantity of handsome material, and ! Aiioui this lini.- somo of the--in.i-ninny
'-.short h ngihs" of rich brocade, grabbers'" disputed her tub to tl,,- land
velvet or satin may be most advan
, tag'-oiisly used in this manner. Th'-
bodice is often of ihe sain- mad-rial as
: the panel; but where this citiiio' be
.'iccoinplisliMl, a portion can be in'ro
I flui -ed as trimmings, such ir revers.
plastrons, or pelerine and -n fl s.
For dancing toilet' are imported i e ry
beautiful transparent silk inn litis .-I
1 exipiiite texfun-and linisli, w i'h sinch
largo flowers, su-h a- r"-e and
carnations, dropped upon palctuiied
j grounds, ( n- pattern in these fabrics
shows a pah- tea-rose, yellow ground
brocaded with pah- pink aalea. and
foliage, and a second pattern, already
made up in Watt. an style, ha-; a
ground-work on pah- blue, scitiered
over w ith blush r
and swe.-t pea
. . .
"nl li t'in.
Middv Morgan, tin-woman stock-re-
porter of a New York paper, taught an
insolent policeman a valuable lesson
the other day. This fellow mistook
her for a wanderer from the back woods '
as she was walking on a wharf near
the Battery r tit ly . ami loudly ad
vised her to "walk overboard.'' Mie
quietly took his number, reported him
at his station, identified him when he
appeared at the end of his watch, and
had him suspended for t w o weeks with
out pay. Th" astounded rough tried
to beg off, and his fellow -ollicer shut
him up w ith the remard, "Served ye
V-tv f.rk'M llnimlilljl .-hnnl ;m.
I id ymi ever see siu-h pretty things
as the boarding-school girls of New
York? says a writer in a city paper.
They sally out to walk every after
noon, rosy w ith th" strong airs of this
low gneiss island; demure as nuns and
representative of all places, hut th"
native New York type prevails with its '
brunette skin, gray eyes, height of
figure, almost manly countenance and
carriage, and well-iurned feet. The
Philadelphia girls have gentler, more
submissive faces, the Boston girls have
more beans in their skin and cult lire in
their serawn, the Baltimore girls have
lost their old reputation and prettier
faces are now seen in Washington,
beauty in th" West is very poorly or
ganized, and too corn-fed, but there is
a thing called "style" about these
Manhattan belles which makes every
one of them th" model (or n carved
(ioddess of I.ib.-riy,
A MoiiKin Kr.riif-. n Rot In .lllit-ftrf-nn.
A Sydney i Australia paper says:
A short time ago, Mrs. (, A. p. Me
Arthur Campbell, formerly a resident
of Cnonatnhle, di-d inguished herself by
a deed of admirable bravery. Mrs.
Campbell was a passenger in a steamer
from Hong Kong to one of thenorthern
pons ot tiucciisiaiui. ami one day a hie in glass houses should not throw
little boy about four years of age, to .st.mes," originated at th" I nion of th-i
whom the lady was much attailn-d. Crowns, when London was. f,.r tho
fell overboard, the accident occurring first time, inundated with Scotchmen,
through a sudden lurch of the vessel. Jealous of their invasion, the Puke ot
AY ith the exception tf Mrs. Campbell - Buckingham organized a movement,
and the man at the wheel all the pas- against them, and parties were formed
sengers and crew were at dinner. for the purpose of breaking th- win
Without wailing for a life buoy or dows of their abodes. By way of re
divesting herself of any clothing, and taliatioti, a number of Scotchmen
simply say ing to the man at the w heel: smashed the windows of the Puke's
"Pon't tell the child's mother." Mrs. mansion, known as the "Class Hons. ,"
Campbell plunged into the water, swam in Martin's Fields, and. on his coin
to the boy, and held him up till li'th plaining to the KiiiK his Majesty re
were rescued, t lie steamer having been plied : "Sti-iiii". Steeuie, those who
promptly Mopped awl li boai lowered, 'live in glass houses should be lareful
Xcither the lady nor the boy were much how tiny fling stones," -- .1. wir
the worse for the immersion. AUxamlu htntva.
A Smiill 111'innlnir.
Alt Irish washerwoman who wat
among the earliest settlers in l.eadville,
Colorado, has succeeded in amassing
a large fortune by her own industry.
J Ic r slock in trade sin cam- con
wisted of a pair of tubs and a Wilsh-
hoard. Hie began bu-im ss under an
"''' P'ne tree on the hillside. ha ing n i
means of hiring a house .-he so-.n,
however, got togeiher w ith her own
Imnds a rude slab cabin, and a business
WiS g""d at two dollars and a half per
d-..'-n for wa-hing. shegi a-itia!ly b-gaii
" lfovide for her wants. he got a
camp stove, and after furnishing her
, comfortably, began loaccimmlate
"""" '''"' l"'.'-' "' P''"'v i:l
Hie iliicetion fd lu-r liibm, and alt.-r
a w hi.- sh- cin. loved 1 1'l-'t.-t - to jii't up
a log hot) so. As tliei w -i - a i!'-.
man. I for mint-is' boarding '; n -,(., lliis
enterpri.siiig woman c"Ui!iei.. i.
abandon the w asl-l ub and -t aid ao-...i.'..
in-hoiise in In r ii-'V clili'-e. Inth-i
idea sin- received gnat ineoura'n in. tit,
and the h"iie wa ; opened with flatter.
l,r"l1,','l ;-
In this yontiiiv s!ci
prnveil to be ', i r n.-.-es . nl. i-el ma-l-j
uiom-y and san-. it. )', tie- gr -i-.t'i
..I th" city her hou ..- ijn.iiiv got lil-i
in the vcrv eeiii re, .ml a- tin- -! r. el
were laid mil. il nrov ed In o ciiov :i le.
and tried to ui-possess h-r. but the "l-l
lady had so nviny d-t. rn i i 1 Iriendi
among the inin. r that tin- n . -it was
given up. Sei-i-al months ,yr,, re
used an ol'l-i-o t-li th-'il.ind
lo-r pr-perii, and since thai tun-)
has built a two-.t-.rv block' f rout ing on
,1 llesjl,.e ,lelli. -sie ;.lil lives in
her log house, but intend ; to .-,n- it,
down and creel a i-.vo .toii block in in
place. W hen her jinproi .-in. nt ; ai l
i ouijileted she -.u'l ban-an i'n oiii--"i
more t ban a t leu a'ld doll 'i s p. r inoi'l h
a pretty g 1 i.-.oiil of business sin.
ss for an
admitt. d.
I wa h' 1" "in-oi. t : i m -1
Life's Mnrkcry,
,-( i i l ' tC .!i-.liie- doUgllllUt ."
l!'-i:i" b t l.. Ivy's loic- i; h-i-ky
w ilh gri-f a ; s!i" sp ak.- tin-: .- v. ..pis,
' and over the dimpled check that looks
r . . , . , , .
so fair and nliil" in the inooiihght th"
, . . . ,. . .
blushe,, an-ch.isiiiir each oth.-r in laotd
essioti. To her right are the Cat-
skills, their summits bathed in a 11 I
of silvery light, while at their ba"
lies the pki'-id llu..s-u. its shimmering
surface reflect ing Hie tw-iikling .-tars
that are looking dmi u in all the .silent,
splendor fr-iii the azure zcuiih. Ii
rectly in Inuit ol the girl, and lending
toth-tout ensemble ,i soft warmth of
coloring n.-t otherw ise obtainable, is a
large jar. luiineilin'eh h hind it standi
Hercules IVrkin ;.
"I am going away,'' he sa-. ,
Tie-girl docs not n li. Th" .-ha-loiv
of the doiighliiil-jar conceal; the look
of haunting fear thai passes a -r-'ss her
face, and the whit- lines around th
drooping mouth are not seen by ihe
oil" whose wolds ha-, e i aiiscd I heir
"Shall you miss me.'" h- said."
The litt!" white hau d that rests tpmi
the back of a chair is trembling now,
and in the deep blown eyes there .ue
hot tears of sorrow and pain. Sndde.iy
Heine speaks.
"(i- away." she s.iys in agi-ni.'-l
tones, "(io aw ay before I tell you that,
which had best remain unsaid " and
sobs choke lu-r utterance.
A great light breaks upon Hercules,
stepping quickly to the girl's side he
places his arm around h-r. --Tell m-
truly, sweetheart," h" says, -do y..u
love liu-V"
For answer she places a soil while
arm around his neck, ami as he bends
over to kiss lu-r the other hand reaches
forward, feels cautiously around tor au
iistant, and then, with a, wild , cry ol
tagony. Ih-in" M.t'leskcy falls forward
in a sw o iti.
The doughnut jar is empty. -' .'-o,..
Tn'iii n'.
Origin of r Familiar Phrase.
Th" ol'l-ipiotcd saving. Those who
Where lie Kept His Revolver.
A traveling man writing to th
I nin mi i i-iiil I'l'in Ii is Jntirii'if gives
nil account of how two men sought t-i
cub a drummer out W est. Thev didn't
rob hint quit'-as much as tiny thought
Hiev would. His na was FiMi-r. and
he na, inakini; a trip through th"
Western country, wli-re if reckless
men ever caught a drummer ina'f -place
ami could g.-t tin- droii on him.
th-i- were pretty certain of a good haul,
as the victim always had lii"ln i .
I i.-h-r had h-ft th" hotel Mill had
wand' red down a lit'!'- creek to enj
tin-fresh air, and had wand a little
clump of I lees.
T-vo ni'-ii w.-re sitting nn-i.-r tie
tree watching his h Il.--s appro.), h
As h- got within a few paces . I lln ,.i
they --iiilileiily jumped up a. id oin- :'
tli.-ln b-lf ."l a long i a ' i icy .'i.-i :-' d
told tin- uuiortuna'e , ,. I
Irav.-l' r to h-ld no his l and--. C; ! n
w ,e; ..l-!v I in nio,t a -' to.di -i :i.;.n
in the Mai" at thai In His
km-i s sidle ..g. t in r Iii. i be .. . inc.: i i
grow shol'ii r sink it:'-, i.'m ' If. a ; :!
w I e I he i 'i i ' j i. '..I.- of I ii-d.'.
Hi; h.lii-ls. I. -cm y.-r, well a- ...,' ,!.;
slriiy plug hat ui-.tat'.' iv. Ib-n.i:
I.-., badly ...-ar.. I I" h l.-'i '-. r-ua ;- ':.
but tin -" (!' v I l-i i 1 I 1 i-d wa-. d
a-vl '!-.' t bk- a sy :ine.- ! .-it' ! ; a g i'.
"f l l a i ...,i, a! -i-.-'-' to
I 'li to. i'l-ip .c:o - ii ' ,i, I- ,!.p-o..;"
ai-oimd ( !.i.ii,mi a ( :. i ' -. . 7 1 a .. a
or I'l-.l-o The ,e ! H ..,.-,! ...i.....
III-! . l!' 'I'.l le 'p l.i. ;- hi ' I 'I' - '
hi - pi .i-d Io .. .1. al ''.. in I-'i !- i.
thr--n ;U I..-. I .;;'., . ... !., .,
I h" .lo . Ill' .t ' :e I ! i i i - e . .-. a-i I
'h'-'l 1 1 , i I ; 1 1 ; r lian-l i" d '
lla di i..,ui l-hind th-. tall '!.,. . l,.;-
l-a.-k ae.l',i, W ' 1 1 .1 cti..l . (r ir' .. -lie ' ii'll
ill i' . Th- r- w i-i- I - o r--p i t . a ' :.
hand . anie d'-vn I-, 'or. , io-1. ,, .,:
bcliiud l!i" plug. I li" bo;lri,!,i n a:i
thr-w up hi - h Old . .-.ud, ba-kwi-'i
I bull'! bob- l.'-t hi . .. whil
he t.ii ..hining p 1 1 1 : i'.ii-l ..ii tl- be '.
I l'e ! f i h. ad wi' h a h an n' a. i .. ;
the ' !''--.' W t..' tl" i nt;, I I r !'..
',-iV ii,- - i 'r-1 ;-''-i!;:i" 'I . w .; .
dl.e ,.'i ; r l.b-r .-b. ; , d a g.i..
or.lel ' hoi 1 up hi ha-eU w :' h el.
ala lily ""in -t . . If nt jiiilgiii'-lii.
for I t : -' i a" had I...-' that w ild !....! . and
had draw 'i a b.-a-l on that chap that
ant l-u-.'ii":-s. T!i- ( ,r.ii' ! trcinl-liuu
".a-, but a i !ei cr in---, and when lin
higiiw ay man t' k I,:.-1 ye iioin Ii.-ln-i '.
to watch that treiiibliug. while hand,
his si;ri ii ing p, littler Ii . inn d why tl
coi I i.i- eli-r wore coats iiiau-
of stilf goods, ell' so a- to inak" t'e
collar Maud -i:' !'r f-.-t-.t H e b.e I- . !
the neck.
tjneeil Victoria's (odd Plate.
No liiin 1,1-siai'h. I-l-.r q -in -u-Asiatic,
not even the ( V ar of all If--,
llussias, can ! a-t - sii'-h a s.-i -. f
plate a- tl-.a' ow n.-d 1 y (,"ci !i Victor:, i.
tiiwhos" guests il i. oll.-n xhi!-itci
en hllL'" biiflets at cither end of tin
..inqii-ting table in st. ; -ir-e's Hall
vases. lab aiix. ' :i . and i l.ilo a."
all w r -uglit in tin- pr- i--;is mi ta'. H.
Ilct value of w hjcli i.. .-a d Io e. i d
two million-, si-.-ii-'i-. ("oiispii i,.ii .
Iiniong the tioph-i s are tin- mimic h i.
bird and tiger'.; !n ad. tak. n from Tip
poo Sail- eighly i-dd year-, ,'g--. at-.d pis -H-nt-'l
t" In r Majesty's gi audfat her.
King tieorge III. '1 he !y n- hi,-.'s b",!,.
and tail an- i .imposed . f sohd g"!d.
richly st udilcd witli bt's. ruble-,
rineiel Is, and pe.u'.s. The tiger'.- le ad
i-nce served llyi'.er Aii's m i-ti i l l! s-
- S a footstool. I js ,1 t "d mode',
fashioned in solid sjhi ri.-hly g'.'.t, ' -tusks
of pick-crystal, ami i' totigu- . -f
pure gold. Like l!i- b -i-b-r.!, it f- !!
int.. the hands of the l'.,'i-!- a- th-M.-rming
of Si -ring.ipatani, i-.i-.-r. 'I';p
poo. its i.i!o..-,is owner. m hi.. 'ha''i.
Bees llriieti Out of their Business.
Among the lat.-t i i.-tin-, ,.j fore-g-.i
ronipctition are th- 1 sit K t i .
1'llibT the baii-ful i'H'.Ui U. e i t th- I'd
impoi tai ion ol a sp-,.i i, ,i . l.i; d f w,.
lalh-d ccri-sina. inai-ul.t- nred in An
I riii. the na'ive indn-t i-y j, liwindlni:;
it a rate which threatens it withcv
l.;i. tio:i. (if c. P-.!ia. wlii'-h l -ais
'aim' I'd i'i"ti to !! iii'ine w ,i that o!-o-i-.iargari:;"
doc- to .hi.iy i u'ti r, li" li s .
ban 1 ,1100.1 'i i" p .ni"! a: - .iniiu iliy
unpolled, eh a i'.y b v u' ::i I In- i t , 1 1 -fie
t ure ol la-,-, i -. -i h" ii ppo, -
incut ly in a'! Km -in ' hur.-hi -s Th"
pri.-e ol wa h i- fa"- ' n-idcr In-s. ot
'oinpcliuou with ccn ,':n lr, ;n th;i'v
!i sclelliecn rouble- ("I- po'llel. AT
this price l-c.s ;.'-e r...a"i.,l a- hardly
:' li t hi ir keep, a-.'l ;n I," did fl' t
!':- le-n-.i i r-ip !..l- '.ii:.-i Iroin l.i""l
(o li.iMil pounds per a 1 - to 1 1 a. I'.ytli"
tiew la,-.ll an import .I 'll' ol a roiibhi
a p -end I a bei-r iiuposed on ceres.ia;
!. -,..-.. Ijvg io lln- .V-.'. '.,
it w ill have to b- rai-e.l to (en ri"il-i-
' i r 1 a ch.o" . . V"
A a' u i'-o.i . i ' t"-1,' "ii i.i "ii ' it; -.o-ind
.':! l- i .-..-1 i . t j.ri.pi ity m
'l I ..- Ihir- 11 ,1-..
The Climax.
If III- tea wa- too hot. tho rofft-o ton cold,
'I his ihin:; was to" new, or the other too old,
The (.nimbler would e it. no doubt.
He'd .1 -Vll II- he tl jht of tin- faults of hi
frii li-1.
T"s:i at the b'lll "f tl,"-.- wh-i pr.-teml
That Ih' ir fi ii-n-l- I'-im- no fault.i to Cn!
Ilia H." nor t of his fin-ows was rcarliod
u hdi. ."a. Jay.
S' - wi:!; that a neighbor took j-iiilo to
V, .-- bl-ollgh!. tor the !hl lime, to li,'llt.
Mi;ii ii look of di--! "ii'- t; i o J sh-"k his
v ; is ,d :
I i. "...i-.- la-n I tho;!,-!:'. -v-iy m-n-l'
-, -'." he - - I.
!,,. . th.. tl.i:..: I- .l-iia.- pei feet I. v rihl t "
- , .I s .
)'l (.I1M PAI! Uih'APHS.
T.::,'- i- :t g-'od 'i-a! i-h-- a tiitile. P
j, i.. a-, r t-i I - a'.- ad -f lini" th 11
bl 1 ;. ! !: a-.
A .! .i I- - !. Th-- f i i.i:'-: "f i'
I "Me 'cry
A us , -ii ;,'. -i I- ' Tl M'.u-iit'g
( ..I in,. ..:' .'!,- ;...s chugiogthi,
...i 1 if ;.rl - w'.il ..tick.
. n c- n w ''.' 1-' know .
i ;; i' areo'-r;. - ;,;r ':i' c -I'ling I " ?"
I " ; " -i j.- i-N. of course.
F.ith-i . !':!' '. y--u ougal to !
a .b.n:f.5 ' w hip -e h a ..mall l-'-y ."
l-'iitz. --Win- s..,- A"-ion ii hain-.d
to whip on .-"
I io y i i . -I ::.) "" .--1 p,g ;" a -k- d
a iniiii ' r .a' a 1 -i' m i. iau. ' ' ' rtainli .
siv. t'li.-a '.ir, pi-:.i-; ui.---iiiig and
fall I a e' ing.'-
Y ; W ii h iv -y. u m 'i --' HI" bii 'ii
,1 iy .. ..! ,'. y.-n- I -: nd ; i-i y '';'
aim. ma- .-" )'. . .c; '- i- noi' v Io it
i..t to . a'l on then."
1 1 ( -i 1 o " p. !iier say - th" Ani-ric-ei
people if. not rrruiiible cuoii'di. Bn
th, -n ,e ha, l ot ue I th- meric-m
pcpc ,it bi -al, l.i -I t illlc.
'cl-...1 lean w ho ba . b'en t h"rr
(.-illlee-.i 'lii.. ..II. th' liiciilied thin"
ai""it ii in i- ti i- with, i poh'tat l-tin-
diii'u 'ii'y "f K.' iing it sei i'e ,
t'liail- . dear," sin- murmured, as
-o- sir. i.e.! ai- ug th" other evHling.
and "a -"I up ;0 1 1," -w 1. I firtva
in-iii. "w ho h is "eiitis and w hich i
Ad :.! -'"
Caution in Hi" pn misi - : 'Hadn't I
bitter prav for rain to-day. deaeoiiV''
s:iid :t iiii'ii-ti-r. "N-.t to-day, doinini-.
I think," waslh" nid.',t reply; "th"
wind i-u't li;.'!it.''
"What a:c i gg, hi . inorniug .'"
"l.ggs, of ...ure," .-,-r,.. the deal-t.,dy. We'd." a. '..Is th- ciisto.
in. r. "1 am g'ad ol :t. for line lad I
I onghl of ioi: w. re chi-kcti-i."
y.-uug loan ivhil" out -earching
..r h: I'a'li.-:'- pig. ; ted all Irish
man a - oi!o- , ; ,' ,-. e y oi; seen :S
stray .;g ai ".nl In -i '; " Pal responded .
"Faix. h.ei i-e-'d i-l! ii stray pig from
any .-th. r'-"
''l ln a , n-i r uu-.d." s.rd tin d-nt i.-t,
h - Ihie'dy, a, li" tw isle, the tooth
.it oiiii'l . i: v t w i' " to loosen it up,
in-. r mind. ! won't hur'." "No."
g.-i-.p- d the i ic -ni. I know it won't,
but it does now. and that's what inter-
I s ., me."
A i cr. old lii-ly on h. r dcath-hi d. in
pemti n! sil mood, said : -T have been
:i great sinner for more than eighty
fill's, and didn't know it." An old
colored u ownn. who had lived with
her l"i ii longtime, i-M-laimed, "Law?,
1 know i-d :l .'ill tin- time."
A lady had in h"l- employ .ill ey
rcll. a' girl w ho had one tan!'. Her
I'.iei v. a -alw ays m a smudge. Mrs. -
t rid Io tell In r l,i wash her lace w ith
i iit offending her. and at last resorted
lost "Ii,. ion know, Bridget,"
sin- vi ma; ke.i in a comidential manner,
"it i.. siiid j ion wash the !,i'-e every
diiy in h"t soMji" water it will make
mi l ean-:l'ii! i" "Willil?" answered
then i'.i Bridget. -Mire it's a w -tid-i
i i- ii-, a-r t '-ied it, ma'am !"
Waiitcil, a Husband.
lithe a pcrs recent iy appeared an
a. ei -nil ot ii young woman in Dakota,
n ho ad', en :s-d bo- a husband in tlu
. !i n, i.-lc: i-l!c slang of the Far YVcst.
Alio' her story of a simihir character
collies Iroin this villi, tint raillluclled
him I Au oli'e . r of th- Seventh Cav.
airy Kc-.-Mi i nl at Fort Lincoln, l,i
kola, is - -. id a let i-r from a woman
who owned a ranch near Miindau.
wlii.ii in substance lead a; follow-:
"Ih ir -1 : My, pel haps, you
kin ii . i dead. I biiri. ,1 him Thurs
day. I' ; c.-iniug on spring wiw, and
I :ii" ii Iota-w i-inan w ith a big rauelic
at-d tl." Indian-, .iK-iit. 1 don't inilid
the hid, an-. H.e fed devils, bill I have
I"" ic itch w "i k ..f any w "man to do.
If ; i ' "" - iiny ;.-rgi ant iibmit ,o bn
i!ia-'"ii d out. or ;i private, if be Is a
go m! lean. I v. onl-' lik- to h:i f loll ji
bs-ni in- ii-..-i' huii. I ;' h- is ii steady
iii. i. bl.e ,- ..rk and w ant.- a good home,
I w i many him, if v. c think we tan
g -t ;i!oiiu togetlu-r. II'. a good (haiicc
b-r.iiiy man. Plea '. iiu-mr,"

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