North Carolina Newspapers

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THURSDAY , SJft'T. 11, is
"H.aTLONDON, Editor.
VOLl'MK VII. In'' l"rtioiM Ol M:"1' al' H'fClVTil
fflt-h this iHe tl,e-R.-H-ouD begin,, ! Uieiuo-teiicounigiugrcpo. --;;
volume VII, and enters upon the hcv- ; preparation and co 1 W. n ot . , . u
enthyearof its existence. Six year- to be cNdu.nlcd a. ,1 .
in thereof a nower is a long ! talking attending- ho W o -time,
especially iu Noilh Carolina. ItCT ;,tt" WM" " 'Z
Kotoue-U of the m,VHra,r tlrat'-e,y r,,pcf ban .1- ' ; '
,i : m.y,-venn 'promoters mil imputi d at Us mcep-
woio published in this State suveais . J ,
. i(ia. T n:;v ure mimai-oii-J-.-uuinis
go (when tbo Bix-oui. was establish-1 .... ,
? . .i ,. i , ,, i ... I.v exhibitors tor additional p.e . c.
ed), are now m existence and under ; 1 1 '
the same management as then. This n,r Ih, mar now ,s. ... mil -State
has been said to be a grave-, "ill no- U-a .. cmm-.i d .0.
Ll for newspapers, and the saying . but that there wid md be snt nut
Lmstobotrue. The Ukcokp there- room to display .ill the arl.cic, ,n
fore feels that, it has mud. cause Tor , U'.idctt for .avuio.tum.
thankfulness in having avoided thus " tbo 4lh th ; ;
far the fate of so ,auy of its extern-j the Ivvo,,,. ;o . ho.d the 1
porarieH, and in having ut.uU.ed a mouthy pnor o lae
I somewhat re.mul, in j
JforthCruliMu jourmibsm. t Lh. m . A f (,
prospered more and more eaeb sue- u l " -l v ,
Li r. . T4,.u -- ;.-;-:;:;.
year after year, aud is now m a " i . ., . , ,
i-i- .i ..... l... emu oi( s. Lvervtiony t'ioiu
prosperous eombtioii than ever Ie emo.. .i . r.
L,thereeeiptsfor the pus, y.,r ,f?r.he l.n,eetMm ami e; mo t .,
having been larger than daring any , v,, s. 1 ue railroads w.ll . x
previous year of its existence. Ibis f,r4ou t.ani, at great ,y reduced
Umattiof oomcnupiiscaswell rates. A "bureau o. u
Bs gratiticatioi. to us, because ,be ha. been est a by '-1'
stringency in money matters and and CMufortalno board am. .od.-g
other circumstances might be ,uV- l-Mdcd for all v,s,!;., s. And
to have ope.ided unfavo.abiy. for the inlo: nut ,on o, v.Mtor, ue
"U'e have also ea.e to be pumd ,f avouM l.e.v ,tae tba. uben a u.;.
!.. nre.m-s success, because ,.f the urriv-s ,m any Irani i.e can nde .n a
-jusuccesful attempts lo pnb.i.di
other papers iu this county, a l of its
predecessors having disastrously la:.
cd after a very brief cxi-teiu'i.
The Ib-ieoim was estabiis'md six
years ago at Ihe urgent re,nd ot
the lead.iig citizens of Chatham, in
order to till a want long felt. It w as
such ft hazardous umh linking that
even its well-wishers predicted its
failure, and they kindly pitied tin-
rash individual who would vtntme
w such an enterprise. Hut the in
telligent citizens of Chatham at onct
rallied to its support. They we'd
knew that, a propel ly conducted news
paper would be a great advantage to
them ami their county, and in the
most substantial manner have they
expressed their appreciation of that
faet, until now the llr.. o:.; is re-ai ded
as an "institution' in the county.
Ve are pleased to know that ii
weekiy visits to huiidteds of happy
homes are welcomed with plea.-iHe,
find it columns t ageriy lead by the
old and young alike.
We have no new promises to mak,
for the future. We proudly refer to
our past, ami will say that v.e will
continue to give the people of Chat
ham county a paper, ot which they
shall not be ashamed: and thai we
will in the future. 11s in the do
our utmost to proinoie in i-v-iy way
the prosperity of our ci-intynien. to
build up and stimulate their in bis
trial enterprises, to aid thcfi in ihe
development of our county's resour
ces, and in every way to continue t
deseivc their encouragement and
We showed last week how; the re
publican party in this Stale i ruled ,
bv a few leaders. The ions
are dictated by the "bosses." and t!..
voters of that partv are allowed no
choice in the nomination of their can-
, . , ,-
didates. Auother instance of this ,
occurred last wek when the repub-'
lican convention of this district met
ktllalei"h for the p'.ui.osv of muni-
. t.
stead of the convention nominating
,r candidate, the whole matter was
referred to the district executive
committee, and that body will say
who tho republicans of this distiic
must rote bus And just hire we
cannot refrain from eontra.-tiu- this
republicau couventiou with the item
i- l- ; .i ...... ,.f ;.. i!...
UVlttllti lUKUllt It'll" nil"" i""i """" .e 1 ' -'-ii- I I
... . , . a.le:..hi.g st !i,.,;, was
natcd Geu. Cox. We happened to; VVht.M 1)f vil.K, .Mt. v.mU.M.,x
be in Raleigh on the day (the Urd ( (). state the va n- ui' public .sclioei
iust.) when the republican convention , pi oji. rty xvas reduced to nothing. In
was held, and it was compoed of j iK-:-k the value of school houses put
. , , , i i i ., ! ifo '.nidi r P. luo.'i at ic rtite b.r tiie a.'
seventeen delegates, of bom e.eveu ; ' f ... ,
, , . , coaiiiio,a, urn ol the poor nuin s
were negroes and six were wn;te : w;ls .-:;-...( ii i. .,,:).
men, three of the latter being reve-; ii( ),.. York's pm ty xvas in poxx -liue
officers. It was a-rrprcscn.utive s er notliliig xx.ts epemied lor sciiooi
bodyof the republican partv ii:N.. nh i1' '"''' ,bre being no nte,l for
.. i i " i i a n cases xxtii-n ihcie tx. re no scim,,;.-,
Carolmm winch v composed eh.ehy ; . , nu st.h(H,u (r!1.s!,
of negroesandievt'iiueofliceis. flu-ie, ,,. yik's ptiriiy in the l.e--si;.;;, re
wore two delegates from this (C hat- useil ihe pooreltiidrei.'.-.-ehooli.ioiiey
bum) county, and both were uegioes.i to p.-ty for board and iotlgtug. Iu
What a between this con-! l.TltT were u-ed ly U.e
, , ,, J Vm.jt'iai it' administration lo bumi
wntwu of negroes and revenue oth- j s(,, , llo(lsrs fo;. th(. .... 1;lall s
cers, and that, couventiou of white , i.iUl,h" imd tiuring the seven years of
men that nominated Cox for Con- ( Democratic rule ?s!'.lUoo.,"l have
cress! The latter was the largest been used for that purpose.
, . .iii- In the three years ot misrule, bv
and most respectable dis net ;'HDl, Yulk-., tho tol;tl !llilnili;t
rention ever held in llaleigh, and the; ai,0,.,( to lj;.v; '0(,(.n 0XI..i, , foi.
delegates from Chatham wine not t-dueatiug "the poo; man's child " was
two negioes, Wt forty-one of our $;Kl' Pr. York's party colh ci-
W. wl.Sk citieits. Ami vet these
two conventions fitly represented the
two ptu tics !
Tj it Ii'in,. flint Ihe fexv resnee-
.ti - ...... - t - 1
. i , . ...I.,. 1....... !...,.. i
table wniie men, uu uuic
voting the republican ticket in North
" . ,, , , i
i?afli,ia. kIiouIJ abandon such a
party unl sueu as.sociatcs r ..nti
Hurely no democrat can now be think
ing of mixing in with such a set !
w0 nre pi.ed . tnow ut amid
11 . 1 ll I ,.f .. .. .,,.1 i M ..1, it-'l t
illMPt'MlUWIIHM II'IIK ill' J "-
I Campaign tliOI-fc Irt still UHtoU inter, a.i
; manifested ihrougluud. tiu State hi
; 'om approaching fclxposition. From
liai'X " ine oiliev i I u:e ruin '. 11.-
biireaii (who i Mr. A. M M i'he.'
It .-., . and he v.ill hand you a end
: stating 'a:h :v you can bioM
and a' what price, and tbe ti:fl:.i-t,;
v.!l drive you there, and is a'!".v!
o eii.t'i.e in!v -" efitts for Iu- i s.tne
' rid-. I;' our iea.l-i reim nsber
tiiis u 'u, n 1 1 : i y a;tend iiie Iv:p' I
il will wive 1 hem some troubh arid
expense. It' any do not care to go
into tile ei!y of Maie'U tbey can .l- i
oiV !be -a:s at the ;.';-o.;ud.-. j,l-t as
heleUifii.e al ll.eSl.iie i";,;r.
Wilileutteudil - liiedi-e.-to: .:,(.:
in-- !at v.i.k x veiled ti.- !'. .j- ; grounds am! w-.-re : much
p'eas-1 a-s-.u p: t-ed to the . on
dili.'U of all'airs t j:.-;e. T'i the area
si,iTiii,;,di--i by the n'e i i a-k i-. a
mo.h-1 fa: 111 : - or li ;i.-;v-. on ,hieli
u.e plan!.-,! more tl an twenty ! . '!' r
-ni ciops. iuc'u Ih';' e-t: n. cottoti.
tobacco, lie-. pi't.O;i-s. 'liri'los. f.
I 'oi, sidel ing a wry ban. 11 s.-il
ii vsa- the-,' cro; s were rciitarkab'.e.
rtml a!.! lul'od the N vi-i-r
a I id. a of he. 11 crop-,. 'I ue
iiiNin buiidiiig va- . ntii - y iiiit-li,' i
and ready for the ivrepti'f; of r
lubils Ami il is an iuinii n -str.i' t
lire. In eiilei ing it on.- ,.-.n liard'y
rcaii.-" that he i- in North Carolina,
il being on a -o much -. an h-r s--a-than
any cv; r b. i'm-e '. 1 riclcd iu
this St-.!.'. We i nl'ire '.in- ple.lic
iiou that every Norlh ('aii'lim-ili.
who visit ., it m si mouth, will i.-aw
it with a prouder feeling of ids Stat
than ever In foi e.
The 1'iior .Man's ( hi;,!."
Kr--ai in,' l:nii'ir'li Hi t-'i-a r.
Opening the eamjiai-n al N'
Ir. Vori; said it iiad been and i. llu
lixed p" i of t'ue Jlentoi'iata' arty
"Iu kerf llif foor man in i aiiame.
b keep linn at the foot ..f ihe ladder,
''j"' l';"lii;h. uriMociiiey proposed t,.
ducat e their of. u children, but tin v
,,n,,,(Wll t(( ...j,,,..,,,. ,llt. ,;,.
U);l. S ,.iiid. No, the pi .or man must
be kept at the foot of the ad h r.
hewer of wood and drawer of water
for the licit im ii of t h- i ount ! '. ." In
every speech sine.- n; N, wloit sp-ei n.
r. Vol 1 has n ji-ab dlbis siitu t;.eli-.,
oidy imil'e otVeltsiveiy.
Vhat are the fuels .'
Wh-ii the i loiiioeial ic party -'m e
into power in North C.iro.tim in 1 s,'T
th- r.unioef of chiidielt of school a .,.
iv., ttlS.'iilli. and ihe li on. bet- eiii-i.'
ed as Htieud-ng the public sen .-.
that is ai lendi-g them now and then.
xvas '.is.n.P In I:?, tue iiumoi r
- 'd an nuiiiense amoiiut . ol laws and
i lent matt v millions of doiiai s. but
Sllt.Onil a year, three cents a t.. .:d
was all that could be "pilled lo "ihe
I'oor until s chltd. Ill l.S"S.. tlllti
1 - - -
l ).,.,, .1..I-.1 li.. i-.iIa tilt llHIlll'V lull, I fill
i . . '
j 'W- wua g '.J- i tm tmee
;yeai of l,sl, I1'--. l;"SI, the aino'iiit
. . - , . ,., i -..
v us I, ! o.tieti. ,? ; uim in me sc,.-i.
years of Democratic, admiuisualiun
8:2.8::.lli.2S have been collected.
almost iiiui-'ethcr from Umucrals. ,
and expended for the idiuatiou of j
the poor man's eld.d."
The l'iib'ie school are pecu''v
, 1 . . . , ., ;
the poof man - 'i t Itisvtiuiii-
tcie i and the duiy of lie Soue to
eslaiuisii tlui'i. and il . I-e poor,
man's light to have tiieni. it is also .
die Suite's duly and the poor man's
ri"hl liiat tli- teacluis of these
se!,.,,.;., shall be cmpetcni teacher.,
ttiielters ,is w.-i!'dtied as the .eaeh-'
eis who woulil iu-.tuiei ih-rtelt man s
child if there were no public sclmols ;
l'.,i- ti... 11-I1 111. m e.iilld -i-t liloli!'
'et along
wil'ioi'.t lite I'lil ic
iiools. con o
seinl lil-t cli!iwreil -iotoan 10 oe ena-
... I.
ealed. or hive them ta.t-itl at l.onu-.
Tito )t mix-ratie party iiiorongiily
rc.'.gries ilii.-. light oi le.e potir man.
mid as tboreiiiuy tuid.-t stands tlmt
it is not only the poor man's light
ami the Stale's duly, but a! to the
Scale's interest and to iiie advantage
of the eiti.en wlio o.vus the propciiy
that is taxed to enable the Sm.e to
tu.lultls.luly. lotnisem.inetvm
ocral i- pal t v has esi.-to.isiie.l ten .vor-
mat Schools, live for each raie.coii-
Vi-ui-m'v located i'ol teach: r -iu t v. .y
scciionof the Stale, at wii'.ell i.M-li
er-t and tli.-se iiiiemluig to teach a.v
titoiougii'y latt.:.t tiieir bu-lm.-.s.
sJ-.'"'.! a' ea. issjnn; in teaci.t r-
tiai.iitig. ami :!. t.aitiing is g.--..d.
and lb- schoolsuii -lapid.y improx m-
ill lie,-. Pi . :rk's parly
de-litivid i.e.- schools when il ruled
ttml 1 im.: 1 .'voriit t'a. ' in. 1 iu In:.
IN'.'.I. l7(': and !'r. Voik sougi,! to
kecp "ihe poor man'.- liiid ' fro. a
bi tie' bill 'hi bv a f-lul' -bin t, aeu.-r
ifiet' tin iiem.v.ats eame Into p...
' :' '-'-t-i'd she M-li, ...s ,h,-
-! ;-v.. cot course :...ess
ml t, aelu ' '. and l.-.i.-he,'s -i.l.'l oi'i
. proMd.l Us N-inm-s. al w..c't.
-acln 1- ate l.iu.M i:" I
lr. Vo.k. t':om ties: t !,tl. .y, ..-.
il.e N'-ro a.s. f.obab.y it-
iei:- I" oiiVeiit liie rie-.ab : - : 1 1 i :
of i he ,' n.a- - s.-:,....i-. which h iv had
I. ila.., ;
t I:!' d.
lf. V :!, vw.l
e.eci.ou ,lay 1-al
m: ,i.i h;i-M.i:.i
:r.u" is
ti..- s,;.' -s l:.:n .. be.
U. Ate :Ve I'oui-f
1 1 ai Ok- ..
I IU' I I 0
f-er an t t:
a North l ool:..!.
p.vl'.y - r.
ih !:,,'. h.f.t
i - - -. l' alter p O ! -.:.' :!. Ir 11; oh. ... . I
, la .-' I r- - ' !;:. .me iep::e f.ey
;..l . ,.' ;.o a.lV t .e- to j ;
;lu- 'i i; it;,:- - i'-:, l.e. n
I e ', i.-fal l.r.e-. The -- 1 1 i
I--. er y ear Ti - 1 .!,. n
'n 1 i - b - ind : fay u. ii
, 1 1 .11 '.!) I. I ; I - I ol -,1 nl:
nl- ll-'f. i- It p.. I I ' W h 1 p "
e :...'.;.-. ' The l..i!,..'( .1,;,:, :
e .-'t oe . :-. a p-ii I 1. 1 II - a i;
!., . a I p-.i i t-f l is i a: i i,.
i- pe..p;- ,.' .Soilh C.ii-...!.i: pay
.i;l' :; i0.n-o.i:;hl ,,(' j 1 im
I ! rile -- 'l-lli- i.-l i-ii ,
:: a':. Wi'tu-ili a. id eu-l-l i: i'.e t-ott-.i
Sal.--. iiialt i ius ::.... f. a
il'e. -t slsl.-l ;; I -i .'hi', lfel! W.l!id
-ay STll I a.v to le. ie s am t! lie- 1..'.
v.a.- t-ona'iy ,!; ! . i-.uie.i. ih.t wi-
know tmit ntanv of tin- darkie.- J-:tv
b'i" !;:!- .. I tills !::. collie bod..,
l.e: heav ar , . l.i vv !..! .icm
The t.l.e las ah-uil .-'...'-.oo.i- ...p-
put "' t i:-.i ' I.'- i-, : i, ml
ript.o-lil.iu. a. -vh !M,-aiy
m 'I- ('-.- 'I- !.V f . . ol . . - 1 . i ; -g 1 h ,s
..iv-.Sto!, : the !'. ;-, i. say : s-s
1 h i'" I: i 1 1 -I b' t:tft ! tetioti. Whie'i
Is I he ft c nd of the j i ); '! .'
In. in. r f-i-'-n wl.y our ;-.,::,. ar- j r !-- Ih I the t n.l! Msl-.a
e..p.t -::-i,-s -a. I I'e t t.
His ..y :u is ;.. p-i-h ..n iaa:,;::'i-
Ini-i- at (he . spettse ,.f a..i.-.:';;,ii..
I Ue pti-i.-.-li
I'actui el s."
s ;c
tsO r
I'C II',
farmers ,av two prices lor v. hat t hex
buy. Now is thai In, rrU thai ju-t '
I- it h..i.e t .' I- u r,,od ...hex r It
is ..,.-of ih.s-things. he ia.v does
m .t m.-d. e any oue jar ixxo f.,,-
the pi-,.,! I.-uf ..- farnuri it ongiii
not t" In th- tin- latna-is j. ,y i.i
pra i s t .r :i-,t iia'v liaxe to t. iy.
xviai; i,:i- o-.-ii -'"a;u .x-:i-
c'l:'ife luugui-he--. I I..- lal iu. !'- al
io pt hard at x.uii; I u; p-io'-i;. n r.
luiritej; tin years of :s i..w t ,i t i '";' i'.'o.u
l-.i'l t.. 1--I.U fi- value ol tl. - l. '.mis
in all th" Stubs eominuaiix iMse--
vcar iii'ier x cur. lint -ii.
IsTo th
XM.i f the farm lai'l.rlX his ,1,-
e.t a.-, d in ail th- old P
Sol x il h-talidili-' i
-r-at lli.-iea-. Hi
i.i.inaf i t.iit-: i,..t xx tl hst.iii li..- the
xa-' IM of M-h.-s la. I .e-t,
h. ape 1 ti.-m l!a--itl.-s ot li.e Ni'.l'i.
tbe larni-. Ui Ih- out s, tile.l '-laics at
tile .Nol'tll'e 'ie. :.'isl i III x,i..le.
The i ppi. s-jv.i tarn':' fl ilue I il-a. . ;
llu- inieies! ol a-ri. ultur, iais h, .:!, h
a!na:l the it-suit. The I Vine, a al - a-.
that th tarhi'shoitid be ci.ali-ed ; tiie
lit i ubiicaus oj-poe any it form.
r'iolii'jj art !ii,ts.
Tho abihlv of n human b.-iu r to
exi-t lor a Ion.; period without n.i!
licit food ha-, 1. . li -i l ,'i : ti in iiioi,.-:ra
. ted ill a lecejit iiL-iance, x.hich let
bi en ilivc-l i-ited .villi much illle; est
bv the Au-tii.-.n doctors. A neasant
her way i:, a l!.,ii, mi,,t,
tolest. and XXUs llllallh I'i leillilt t,
hirholue. Miewm.d-letlm.iiiv nule.
and al length sank down , xlia.isi, ;.
ami xxas liiiCntiM-ioiis and unabie i..
ivspond when her neigh!-,,-, w.-nt
through Mie for, -t looking atal euii
in-for her. J'arlii s of villa-ers e.,n
tu n, d to t. arcti lor Iter in xam. and
a. the, ml of (i month all Imp- i:' (.
Iimhiig t.-r ti.tve was idniiidoiieil.
Mil l lie to. t V-siXtU .lav Ititer site Im, 1
1 ,. ., . l... .1.,.,., l t...
accident. The inter wuitiim xx.ts stu!
a-i.e. but was in a pii .able coml.i ii.n.
l.e had subsisted entirely by su, .
111-' deXV ficm '. he It ,-n l s and lV eat-
ing glass. When found, she was
surr..i.iuied by a ii.imber , f ha.i-
iiiiuu-.ien exta -i.i.v uxvsuui'g
Lcr ,eatu.
Oi'.r V'ashi;iattni IvtifV.
, , ,,
;vr..m -in' lii-truiurt-ri't'Ki'. n .li-n'.',
, . , . ,
V. "'i'"X D. ('.. Sepi. (. ''. ,
rinding the t'.ipi! d very dull, il' '
the government ,i-.trilatled aruis '
aiuott;;Ht ihe various watering place.
vour eoirtspoinj,.,t too': a (lying v t '
eaiiou la-! v.vk and s-i- more sight-
H,,,., are to b;. w,. ie asbin-to..
jiit ,auv. l. ervliody has late of W.-.tLisia tiieii. i'lil everybody
!ia :iut V t S! ;u i . ! bolih n:-liiilu; ,
lias ;inl v i
ti-.iiit ti-enuau,
travel 111 turn H- j
. ..iV; .......
11 i- -u i.un si mi in 1 .a-, 1 in . 1 , 1
.body Hi iiavo seen il some of I bese ; j., ,1, .iu.i I hat lie does not regard
days. Having had inv ii-tef-.-l ird or prineipie in the U-asi. 1ml
.-onsed by the 1 11 1 J n is-i;..-: t ic accounts! Wmll support any leilow who di's-rls
oi' ft ! n.'s v. ho h ue b. 11 ' here, i eon , . thiongh wliom a posib.e victory
chi . ,1 J cm: 1 f !; j tst iime eitoi:-h j llVly b- sec-ind over the Democialtc
to make asttp tu the ne.v wond. r. am. p.i,i.
1 lia nc -r taken a similar journey !. York was elected to t'oitgre.-s
vhi.-b prov-d imuv otijoutble of M'Te iv Wo yt-av ago as a (lemocral.
n-pl- tc wit b interest ing failures -Ml ! defeated the abl- and gallant
,v,-:i . v r....g ui i..M...ri.. -
;-ai.u i
W-ilkim K d -a is one of ! be gi eatest ; j, vw-i-i a tegiim u! -if Vorks.
naiura! v.,.,ui. s on ties eoni inent . - j i, ihis .y ma ! adrng as a
1 ,a e sookcli il a -in '. " iMiialer 1 ,.,,,. .,;,(. Uc !iad a wide aiipi-o.i-
lue.t'isetls i' 1,,,- but 1 c, u I,, go.t- j j,; his I h., riet. had son,, ;:a.:a
',.,!h, lull iii:-: al en v :-.e la Sli.Jse'i,,., p, ,J. I.i-gisi.oure. uud being a
sl ie.ig of; will: tis w.'-m. ,i( X l v.-iii.o;ii any po'iticui
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how m.i: ; e-,it !! i. o! 1 1 at the- -'- ,, ;l e-rtain e .a.-..- of i,i;t'i ihui :i.
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on: she ; -m-i !-ie-:ati !t of wot. j,,!,. u- to b.-a! io- ab.- opp-.i-
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I. 'it., y e:M s ,e 1. mil, o. .11-
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.;..:, be .,i,. , ... ,. 1 1-tov - . I-
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l ii nne i;o.mi i.t
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aiv. ton-: ln t;e .owi,
1 1 1 '.-.11:,.. : ... a-t l-i-on .
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, 1 te.- the liiell in -n .0 uii:.;e
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tin 't "on ; ;i. wet--.
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cut... - I d Site vnvi s or naiUd
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v.hit- . M :y j-.l. 'in::-' pou.l. tth.-re
he lllim! d'tr Mol. to il'-
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linn-: ' - or :iy v.itu ihe
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ili.-'.pae. ,,: ;:,i-: Mi..;- 1- U.siil
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eai. iit.'i'. '.-,- in t-i.iy a V-w g. ran
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oa bo: .'. 1 r.iii.- vai.'.m- :ii
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lino :
I- lie-:
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v. alt : -. h. ' -..'.. ii.;;
i'-ei,- in I. 'amity
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and it Myug
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u, m::!-
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;.,,;;., i,,.,-, I.:,!,.,,..; .net 1 liis.r
p,.-,. h (V. -. a!- I . ihe iia.:.
,,.; ;, d int., ;..ii;;s. . .;. I: ,.;
v. !.!.!. i givcll a '. ..tCite ll.l.!..- Ill
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!, ,,;j:,ii ,,. f - a:.. I u . l.di I nil
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; e Is 11," 1 ( Ih e .'v . j : ..I. and ihe
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.,.,-,,., (,', i, i .,,. Near
i-,e l.ut, r ja.ii.i nie i i i- t;o-,.d
,,. ,i,,se, ,:,,.;:e;;, .-. f..ruirg
jj .,,!,..;,'..'.,. , ,!',.., I., idle at a
, ,(. 'r, 1 . !,
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(,..u,...t.'; .vity I'leiei. by pl.,1
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...lM. 'ot l-i.:e -j.-ro' s einslii, I'll':-;
u ,.v., ,., . ;. ,, ,,j i:,a, hah.;
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ill I it- l i,' U
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tI1,.J .,, pmt. ih,. .:..., ,. i IU---, i
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.,1'the j.-cks Ih-iIV bail u,l
,i-t" a e ivenaui- . --et o. i.-iv.
. ! ihe least oi il'.. all. actions ef
.- j'.ull lure, i- :he , le--.ill ttieu
M.uai'.un if.ti . p:-: 'O -;';;. s-.tu
.1 on th. .iii'I'.il I II I 'O U' d -nr
v . , ... ; - llW, action
h-d bv Ite.ei
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a.,,1 i -r," ',..1 ,.-.-i f.ciiln I..,-
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an, ie- mi i.t.
ii :v;! I ;. a; -!.- ;.a e i-i'-'I
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j.,.,, .,.;.. ,' js a
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fur- io N , o u In- S: l.:-x r.-n. . .
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a:.-,,;;:!;- lite S. ,, c.
I do
i- a i e
f ii,,- t:.p ;
Isil't !".tv mil'- be-
l .,- ii I t-.a vi
, i:ia r tva-, .
I -- ;;o!e-
t is is- g-m ot
ri. ii. I I it i s -ii..- i ola-i 'i 'in' com
try and .h. -.- -u.-iy r...:.g li
:. d ! t-iii- :ii;, chn's is im,-.. .m! d.
! he .. J.t'. S;.aio Nax :-;,; j. .n
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sie.ti'.e.s.;.- sis inps ,la. y.
1 ! i' 0':ili!' ; rot!'.il lil'oul I ins eutii'e
I e-i Ut !- s'l.'h as "lie U.'-Vil liaxel
ilaXs lose,.. I h- leaulv ..fits sitil'!-
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i train -i n-
all llt.,te U, , -.eke a.lm' .on.
1 '"""-
" " ,
A ,b.iuctiv- ine al ?-xx birne hi -t
"UJ''- ''1' p.-p'ity to iii"
amount of .;.i.;m.i.
ii...,. chi.-h-s j r!g.,., the see,--
buy "I Ih- I i ca-lii V. died very Mttl
d. mv a fexv days ago.
Mr. Adam eltU,"'. t- VeiWlbl
-Mr. .I.t:ii ieat!;,"'. the veuejabi..
P! ' '!'' " " "i' the Smin Hotel, died
i;i the f iih year of his ago
Usltp (. V Piece, st uior bUhnp
nfliteM I' ( On,-, It Sotilh. li,.,l i,t
l,js hoi,,,. j ,HoiWia ia..t vreck. tl.
,1, a: 1. is a grt at ioss md oiey to his
,4v.n -leitoti.iualluli but IO L itl is:.ii-
i doIU-
Voik as a CiUKlblattt.
"'" wll"" !
Ju a political observation offoitv-
1 ,
lour M-irs, we n.iie nev-r kik-au
e:'iMdila- for Coventor to tr i-
Vei-e tlie Mt.-ite whose record was so
vuiin'ralde and ohjeette-nabTe as thai ;
f the Kcj-.iluii :et eaudid.ite. Wi'
!litvc read the va'ioits accounts of
U. canvass, and we fail to liml anv-
,,i,.g in his claims to , him
i(, ,,,,v oidii. iriiv sensible negro in
;;i!e. much less to nny st;;!' res-
i,...-: im- Willi t 111.111. Anv while man
votes for him does t. in tlm fuee
.. - 1 11. 11. ...1 I
oi a-ni KiniMen-e. ami snov.s
M,!,au. .u. n.H-aic, u
re-t- u ot character, aoritv annex-
,. ,j ,,,1..,,,,. , s,. Ii..n.,o lie a-nio-.t
.,, ,., slllrtl.t ,,. ,,.. ,-hu.a.-, -r.
.hoppi-.l 1 1 :o ins si,.,:,,,, rs his
' vent mto .lie
:, ,,; ,n hi o( e. Now in is a
r.'o'l dedg.s! Scdictl. lb- la oul i.e.,
.,,., m 1,1. ,. 11, n.,
,, ,, , . .,,,.1 i, A ., ,, .. iieiss,,
I , .
eiioi-t ihat h.-tvi'i a -ails tn- al t war lii-o -i la - -.'..i.Mui oj -ji,-'t.i-!.!.
t.nd. lit::: v Iteji iie c a.- a
.;1:t.(,' 1 1. i- i.nn-e.i 1.1 t.ii' war
(. , ( ...... .-.innin- " -. . 1 1 1 1
;1:S;.t,, .,--e hi pei i .
.,.,,( . , .l-u.i: a:
1 ,,,
I hi"- is
te i.iai, 'a no I- 11, 'A l'.-t. ;
, i- ;al- im-r.-, r : . ;.!:..,
,. ,, t .,- n; o wmeii he p,.-.,- -.i 10
y -'. ,, ,.. .. ,,,, ; ;,'
j. ,. t ,, . ,,, , . , ... ; . , 1 ,. ,, e,- 1 ; ,,i:;
-, . . i . 1 1
f.ui. ;;at
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,t a-n!
the v, lil t -: t-.a . '-.-.! ..:i-.n,
,v . ,,' oul
-tea.lti;:' tin- l.o 1
;! . .'. :!-, le i
. .: u tin ..ii t i.ei 11 uait,. .1 ;u i ;
img irtdi r :'. ot the l i-'i.-. :.iii n,. ei
ileoi ' v :; 4 a i.t. oroiii'i 1 i.-ii oj ;,:t-
Will. 1 - ol 1 !
s;,,,,.! h. ll.e ,
Ui oi ol,
',:. 1. i ..
ii. -y ri il
ti: it
! :. -d
le : ol i.l'.v. i ,l. o.
i.l-iioe. hi ia.-c c.
o! i..
I , o!
I of
ive!'ei:-'li ( 'oui'.a - in a , a ! U.e oi I I .
. ! n a... it e' ! i ; -a 1 1 y to stand ;ii i-.--
.,,. ;..; ; 1,.,:1'. ,..h.., ,;!. ,,
al-i ii 1 a.-:-, j il :. si: .. : ..,. a. -a he is
,,,: ,,j ., , ; , ., .... j .,
i uim I Ne; ,i. I . ,ro. in.. :.. Ihe .a-1.
I; e.u le - ei: i ..
. .h!a- -ii,, u s
t .
1 1 c
in- :.-t-. a. id .-c - -,e.'t n, .... ; j,. .;
I, ieii i" te-j.ei'l Uln: ai d l u-.i, ,, o
him xx. ih , .c .-: ,e
Pr. ,k is ic, n jJeu.ocra.. in
tle -lali i t ...i! in- I- JU-l a- in' leu ..'.' i .'. nh li.e l.a I e.l! pari y as
Pr. .'dot t or ii. 'it. mi-' I-., lie is
i l.t -ir . .. mil t.o -' lie i.j'lis.ius a:i
lln'.i i. bad '.i in- p u iy. il- has
j-oi.' ire ', Ills .eco.a ;u : . u...
t .eiy .-.a ;:i'.l.,:r---per .'.i-ia. ctuiuiy
- i. . '..ii;. ,.i. pilil.ip.e-. ;ta.i .-.1. if
i e xx. ie ;o iie i e . !. d ii '.' e ; 1 . i ! e
s..u,ey aa tl 1 1 1 1 . i ". s - i .'oil .V- .-ii.;,e
,-a:.dpio-per -i.e.. a.: a i ..; i-i-i'.:i'i"U.
ii:;r.hi M.i.:.l -o..'i.-,
lit - v.liee:. oi iudli-l.; mm .1 is, ill
:.. o;' .r and sio.xei ht can.-. ia,..vh
xxii.i.d hi ie i; "Cil. iu' n ., ut lla.ei.o
eol'ihl' no lula, li-Uteo! i in-Si a; e.
and the n.i.dew of deu'h x.oiint
S.-lth. .i.ilX.I Ul'.U: tht 'bi.'-,' i.'ilil".
:Vi,l beiitxoanl I '.: 1 e. f.-l - of Nhuiu
I'ar.ui.ta. Wt.h s oi h ami hi .- -it in
pnvi i- it:cl X'. i:h a lay.,-. a' a-. t
a; ! y o.:i ut - et it an -1 :,
t.r: - ihe yea: - v. ..u-i i i':h; e!
ea'.i:;ui:v :u. l -i.ri..w ami h-ttst.
X i
ii' ala:
j., j ,. ,;;,,.,, ',, , ,..s:,..i-a.i . rl -d
ji(. s,;..,,. j, "i ... 11 I tu.ij. i, i : c.
jhts is' i'.,a;.,e'.- State it v. as
t,.,u.;,i i,,e iej.,.'i...c..n liiaj-.iix
.v.i.lhi l- ' .1" ) .a- -a 'i.lli.
M.-.-. It.- va.V r.'.ekw..-.-J. lb-nolo-
... ,,. .. , .
, I l! y . Ills ,, eil )e..,IU::!-. I . ! r. -1-
fill, li! guts
-i ti . t.lal Ita- ill
.1 a .t ier
am.i.iV ,;,"! : i !0- til. ii'i!.t:;a.i...'i.
;! !it;. i;.-.-t i hit .er . ii'e'hl ioiualo
a j' '11. : eaiix :ts a
II. lit,,.. A."
a v
i : .- i
i many
l . th.
ir lia'.'t
inc. i i
l. i
XX 1. !.a.
,' .r,.,,-s :.:ai"' o-.-.e. .-:
e ,' "; ,' ; : ", M I;,
. sn,. . i x, 1
oj , .l( a. -il
: 1!-!.- llu oa '!. and I V
I x V lech t iieh
.'I i.n.i hd.
eo.uphii: l - -ie .
El'rlil Willi iiii iiljuU
Lvj., )N ... ,. ,,, .....K i.,.; a
i: ri'" !.' I V '
! i M-.-. tl-ovl, .-n '-"II. n
ii:1 r- :i. tl-..- i.'.l'i M It ui.i. 'i t- I- i i T..-a
; ,
...,. i.u .-.-.rlv iiitti l.-.l. K.M. :". I-l- t. i.-u--
-a, in. :.. wiivi- .. i.. ; -
I.rV;. '",V VX T X V"-',o ,t
!''1k!v'v !',lV.l--a.',T.,i.i...i'N"1,Vi''.s'.M
:,,';,1.;-;"","-r ' .v
,..,..,,.,:.,. m, in-- Mr I. u.
.., , ,illU.., i.. so-: -i i. r -i
i-ei- I r.'i.. r-u. a' I an I- ..- ;Ii--m.-.
Vr'rZ- X'l'r'ir'ujlo 'i'lVi-an
mi.:Kri:-s-r.'M' . - is - . - ..K..v.,. -
'. t -. A- ....ll- e. ,.i,al..- I. ll..-. -'.! I.
i;i I : 1,1 l: S l"Ni
tt.-.. i ie-
m'.i, 'i,.Vmv, '-e
. .- a-1 i... I-. .-.ei...-:
I--. S. in . !",..i.v I.e. . I
t-l .llv ntsl "il-- ' Kii- tn.-if" Mi" i.i. -u
i: s I- i il .. a-'ii '-i Ui.-
)i '-'i.V, Vs-iiiVt'ii'-'itn V i ,''.' ' V V, i'.' i',' ' -
n : t. ,w.- i.-r r.ty i.e .. runt In-' . !
i7iV,T.r'';V,'. 'n.."Vs 'i'.
;;;;;; .;,"i,V1, .u'il'i'-'Cih i-je' u--1""
I i"-in.tiii'.i a.- m. eiv,k...,.ec . - im an..'- ml tiif
. i-t-.. 1 1 . .-f -. .. -I" i."i - 'ai- lik.-r, k. Iu. ), ut.-l ; ' - iitn'. a e . a. i.xv.o.,iut
till (U-.-.1-,, , ji Ui i i.'l s-1. 1 1 "!'". ut la-t.uitt. u iin.
I. K. 3IcLEAN & CO.,
Mrd:i; station', c. f. .v y. v. . it.,
... , , ,
),,,".TV !" """t !,f ''!',
'A '" ' ' l'r"xV'il U' ih" ,v,'U
S 9 V 6 P OtMfS
Gil l '7 J"il UHFQ IT "V
UllLii:J Aii -.11. ItIt.! Ill
- 1 ' A ti 1 V A 15 10, v Uv ' 'iv 1 11! , 1' I N W A t li, JHiLUf?, tvC,
, ) KVIli.Y I KX b'i i'TfOM.
v Jl:,vo no old slock on hand. i. ; over irom last season ; everything in
new. We -,av( en J... :J;iv, atnl ini-nd ! sell ( ervlhiug at the lowest
livi-i- riles. Mi kin. Is , i.'u ie: lal.,-!. in exchange for goods,
! V.'e are id a-ems lor llto best l 'erii!ieis on lite market.
j.m,-h. iwi. it.'
For red stiekv s.,!l ; irashv eovere.1 ami he:, w m-d land there IS nothing
, Mil:.l to t n l,.',,.;, So-u !, lie. ,
A tii'in'ral
Willi t mnler ( iiii ii-u ami ecefc I' ; lii'ranli e-i to -j ve s n i duel ! U' tm sale.
',- 1 ,.: re a l.-o a h.r.esio.-l; 1 1 louhl-Slmvel and Planter's l'ride Plows.
Wiil , T. .-Imv, I ,ml Hull l'!o,is.
H 2 : V Y MltU'
I.. 1.. :
j.. ,., 1
Ill l i - . . 1,11!,
1 ll - i. 1
t.Vily liulsii-a
fe; " ifev' l,y I ,l.e.i;,.Mio., 1
vJT ? M,!it.n-;, t ol!vri
vritcjs. ....ii tir.i.i.i.i.'.i,
or :e I,..1 ta-iaa i.-eii-at.
rf la.' l.tvei' nml l-';..'livo isyacill.
S-.iiiVr, rs I'uil rli.-t ly llio tue oi
to staaiil.f.,' t!i.' .-f 'inn,-.-T, : 1 1-. itt
a r.-tii-
!:r li-tiiy tmiv n; nl -i t'..- I.. Ii; t!.. 'r
n.ti'-i. oil ti. vi- m-j.'.ii", VI It's I'll 1 s iliv.-rt
la-. I-1- -a l-iMii i!i.' l:;ii i, it.i'l r. i i,u.l
"ir. :ili I '. ti' ,'f i'.injv vl ivr :n I li rv.nn
lii'ii.i.'.'iii., nniiian 11. .iila.-lii', :ti"t si,-k
1I : i;.,-','.-: .tii'l ! K- il:. i w. I.-tn h,
at.-! ye: r it.s tl.,' t,-:n in a li-a'.tttlal
c.-a-',.;-,. a, i.n-y ii'iiic 1. jia nr.urj
ttti.i.Us. try
Ayetfs Pills,
riii:i'AM !i i;v
rri Q-JY V'i'j
'cyyVr '
iin--' i... .... .
p..,,-,. y,p.,;., j,.,.,, , .; . ; f.s
rliei' l l.l - s, ( 1 ,i, i, ed.
V :,! . I'-HI -. ibl-. .ve.
Ii - '
., i a i '.
I . t.-.l -1 1, .-r 'i.-l'..
a. .;. i. ,i
,. II
nvin i :: h i.::, n. r..
V. a . s , , .: . ,
VJiC. i "rut , .;;;:: O
A i-l (I !. I" t. I-
a a '' ii a ,v a j
li UjiU..:0 '..Ai .1 llu', ilLjf,-;aJl.
?, rt'i? Pt cr.t.
l:";.r.,'aVI'A... fj..
rxiKPi-. inv.s. i !.; rs .-i:i ;s.
tfil.i. (.;..-:. !;his;ii;.
iVM ' i'. s
and top -ir "',i;';' :i t.:'.s at
i.iiw i ;.! i .i:.
S ! t i-.?"-tt lion ;. ii o ai.u e i e any who
I, inv tax ei' hint i- h .I- ii i i -.
' I
a, 'in in d a I' i prices
i , '
. .,;y t.. .Iv, :.,
OwtlH !o, kii'.'iif :iVl
. ,. v s . . v.. s..vV-
PCMT M. N. ('..
.1- X. Tl-rs a- 'I-. s:
.I.iit.:.c .1. l!-l. I'-.
Jfu" -i-t. s
S'.-TS.t.-DI ' ,7 ,j -Ti ,. -..-..;. K tArT
MbiiiiiviAiii i.l.AlCill Ctf&UlM.
.. v ..
Ytf - 'i.i
t Ji!. .kJV ..- V?A'
' A-!?TE,
' i
- , a
;jv I'.-4. -U-
-11 ; "
' ' 'i ', ' ".'I
I.. ..,, n .- I
X'...,iut'i, u, U 1.
- 'tu Hl"1 ,u'w '
now selling at tho very
M l4)( 18 15 Hm
JH I' HnrTllMV I l.llTH I Mli
.1 UBI I. . I, U J 1U 11 U. U JJU A 11111 U a
, - , ,
Ti ill I '!ws.
Bend Chilled Plow!
i iin.i-M'.tw.i-lioi.v'i.lnw.liotli lli'.lit ami It'fH,
lion It, iim.itlii-vi!l!iiiilVht'i',
-1 'Mul Sii.aid. Hie bvl l'low m Aiaeftcu.
,:..i ...:..,..;.. ... .i... wi...t i.. n 1..
.. -11 ;.i . 11 1 11,- ,i iio.t-.-.iit- 1 rune.
Oli:iJ. liAKlnVAUK CO.,
C.r.i i:nsi:oi:o', N. C.
V. i.Vo!:l !-. I W. f. MlKltlS.
!. a. . : . - l. V;;iti I..1K. m N irn. llurcio
l-.;l T. I le tirlilin.
M. T. Morris & Bro.
h. . .-.1 N..nis, WyHit .v Tijii.r at their old
N'o. it', r. veliangc and No. 15 Hast
Mar! in Streets,
K&tXLzan, sr. o.
Vtll l UlilY A LAK( ill STOCK
viliieli we i-Ver lo tiie trade at
very low pric-s.
r.-w.-j.-u, si t:."l. aiti:tiun i. tin- snlo !
" r'i'tr,
'.'it .iii. s.-e lii'w-t .r .'- Hit.l r.'turns i nui,
I i io';. la : . .:n i.l. l..ii ic sii'.Hll I'limcwi.
1 i , '.-iv.ii- .- ia-i.:, ' n .' ii.i',., wnii tia.
1 1 : t I a.,,-.. I'm.,.
1 ' I ' f. .' ..' Si...'- l'l..s.llll.l.
, - r.- !- I'i a. u.iw n i ia in.-,
.. '... . i ! -. i-i r.i-.c I sa.n,'ffiillc..lUiu Mow,
ill' ha . .a. .a !l,.-..
I. a..!. us t., 1--I.
,Loi-g-:33 Goodwin,
j su. ..! :, . XV. l'lirliim.
' ?1T 1'ixetb'xille S.., HALtmii, N. C.
r i: i.iiv i)i;s -kii'tion.
PilsKiN.-i si-XT nil-IE UY HAIL.
t il I-.', IV'l. It'll,.
J-i i'. wwrr. 1'iui.ii' tayuk.
& Taylor,
b'AI.l'Kilf. X. C.
Wholesale Grocers
teHira Merchants.
('t-m-i-ntueiits of Cut ton and Produce
We ca' l'v a heav stock of
:.M'A '. .j. sl (iAliS. C01-TEK.
! u;r.iNii. Tii-.s. l'Loi'it,
:..r. c.!;n. jiitAX. vc. &c,
xxhich xve t iler io the trade at lowest
!".'"' s-
X'.i" -ii' eoi.s -nmeiils of C-ottou
in .i 1 i .ah'.er' our personal iittentiou .
hi d make sales ill highest prices and
foi v. ai ti i 1 1 urns ut mice.
i -: Nil lJ l.HHt Mnrllu Sireet,
? MM Time Tails Bo. 8.
G. F. & Y. y. STY CO.
' To h,! eilVct Thursday, July 10, 1884.
Triilit tl.'ll'K Si'Ulh
N" I.
Mull. l-as-. 1'r'i.
N". a.
Mnll, litBH. It Fr"t.
i in in ,-t. in I iiy.-itcvill.., .Xi iivi', ruilp. m.
I i.i i. in. .1. -1 ,"s . I., inc. 4.0J p.m.
-. i i -..ill' .'I. " i
t 1-j on- mil, ; " i.w
:. in S'ltl'-v, l-i.ifi
' ' la-.-1'iy, " 11 v. a. m.
Arm,-. 7 : i.i ii...r,,, lo.oo
ea i i" - TI.i.i .-.!ii nml SniiirilyK No, 1
.'!' ...;....-i .vIUi 'I liI'Mlilll A. 11.
: u-.l . I.- 1.:,., a-h.
! :t -. i - I- ii- i:l' I. li. .-"niliic tiiFa.v.'ttPVlllo,
it a I".-,.' ,.i '.-Hi iw in , i.i. In Frttluht, In
i-eli't- ... liiiiiv. ti'i.'.'i i-l. Hi Snitfi.r.l.
.IAS. S. MOI.IU-ON, lli'll'l Supt.
JNo. M. Host:, Ui'.i I I'aHH. Aispiti.
Ealslgi & Aannsta A-L.E. I
coiiiircTiT) tiim; table.
N.i, 1 l.i in.' I Ni. 2 iMVf
llanil"! I tu a m
ii Tiiiuu a at am
3,.H, jSijS S:
-a',-,", ',ks H . 'Si I MnVl? 4 .is
!i':,1'1' I V. !l III j ZZZ T iSt
iw v m I
n ii: V.,n.-n - ma
n m
H m
i m
a m
a m
ni o-u-,,,,.1 6 3iim
t i i..-r, ii 11 ii: . ip I M-iii. nrp :
v-iiiiv II . . it, Mi'i-ry.nka 71
Via s l-.'S . n I New lltll 7 'J
ll ii: e ip I M-iii. itrf (t.vtam
I.' -.','. e in I .-X ,-x 7 Ml a m
Ai-:-,..-I'ntiil. U 1 t:-t ni I Arrlv,. liniMKh. f ana m
I 'I'll ma. I I-I i','lill'''l ic. Itiimli'l Willi I'.e.
leeln.-.v f..i er nl.."'' mi-.I fill ..t,i h'.ittb. Train
r-aiitiv 'i .-i fin- ii, iii Cnli-iali unit tin, IKlrl;b h
ti.-i.t Umir. n.l a.f nil i..lii'i. north.
Ii i. I...iil ri-.-l.'lit u-.-t ti, ti h imsornitpr rmwh
' ' li'"' Laifluli at S.jtt a. nt. anil rrlTt
.H J.l.l i . 111.
John c. xvixiiLU, Sui'iTiuteudeLk
ui. win j 'jjj. j, gjti '

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