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Hickory Mt. Notes.
Siler City, Rt. 5. Apr. 9.--Here I
come after so long with a short let-
Farmers are doing fine in our sec
tion, getting lots of land plowea, some t
are putting in guano and getting
reuu. for cotton. Wheat ana out
ciops are looking fine, some say tne
ii mt crop is completely destroyed.
The good ladies are doing fine with
their gardens and raising cmckens.
Mrs. J. C. Bovvers takes the lead with
chickens, having the yard most full
with 11 more hens sitting. She will
have lots of company about fried
chicken time. .....
Mrs. C. W. Burke visited m the
home of Mrs. D. H. Johnson last
Iviss Nellie Bovvers visited Miss'
Kate M; Tver Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Will Burke, of Goldston, pass
ed ; trough our sect on yesteraay. ■
Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Mclver accom
pa bed by their grandson, J. E.| Coop
e . visited Mrs, Melver’s mother, Mrs.
Frances ’Oldham, near Goldston, last'
S: iday. Other vl itors in the same j
hon e were Mr. J D. Oldham, of Elon,
q 1 Mr. Clyde Oldham, of Graham.. .
' Master Bill Bond is spending this:
wi with hi ;r, Mrs. C. 1.;
B he. . , .
Mr. end Mrs. doe Willett visited in
the home of Mr. Ben Dowd Saturday.
Carthage, A nil 6. —Spencer Black,
a 122 years acc ie tally 1
cm v falling from an automobile
(■ ' Pet ' 1 oung - -
y ding -le >ack o
t . nd in ta a si rp
ti e ov.d he was la some manner
e ■ fall, ;tril his i and
cm the hard siu.d-Uay read, causi g
i si fc deadth. 'he< •' her oee ipai .
of i\\c car, Pet Cadde’l, driver, and
B h ~ did ' Black unt
the had gone several hunt red yards
The came bask and found his H fa
ir . body in the road. r ihe coroner’s
ji found that his death was 'accid
ental and there were, therefore, no
arrests made.
I Spasmodic Croup is frequently
' relieved by one application of —
Qotr 17 Mii’.fon furs U*eJ Yearly
_ !X—
i 4 iK i
! | f;' |
K j
1 Dr -T. C. Mann, the well known l
| eyesight Specialists and Opticians
| will be at Dr. Farrell’s office, Pitts-S
I boro, N. C,, every fourth Tuesday |
|in each month. Headache relieved j
I when caused by eye strain. When«
Ihe fit 6? you with glasses you have |
I the satisfaction of knowng that j<
| they are correct. Make a note of®
I the date and see him if your eyes?
8 are weak. I
| His next visit will be Tuesday, l
l.Aoril 24th. *
V „ r „ T - n , „ ,r «-.*♦
' ‘ *
J <c
In® JS .F" ?! f £ *1 I
I ; wmi*T rmriffi a? pFifil |
| 1/lIIlilH lilt; itiMlul US nUIII ?
I *> * |
We will offer the people of Chatham county our entire j
stock of Merchandise at cut prices—percales, shirtings, |
ginghams, suitings, sheeting, shoes, hats, etc. Yard wide |
% percales, 18c.; Ginghams, 15c. up; Father George sheet- X
f ing, 16c. and many other bargains. " 4 j
Each lady making ass cash purchase on any Saturday |
in Aoril I will give free enough goods for an apron. Each |
man buying a pair of Allen’s Special Overalls at $1.69 will |
recieve free a linen handkerchief.
£ Highest cash price paid for county produce. k
I . j
% p w ur-avT i? «
i ii. ■ V? . <?
! • __ i
i*r. S-. fr *5; '3-sis -S •£ ■■SOIL'S -*§ HSSHSsSHSjS -SHBrSfe
4ft tt/
il; * . 5 Ji
i|) is more than a private business enterprise. Its relations
with its customers and, indeed, with the community in »|\
iL which it operates, makes it essentially a servant of the /J\
i|/ public. It is judged, as it should be judged, by the qual- f|\
ity of the service it renders.
\i/ We desire to be judged by this standard, by the quality l fa
it) of our contribution to the upbuilding* of the community— ib
\b a conservative institution, but awake always to the ne- ist
W cessities of its customers and the development of indus- it)
it, try. - \b
its 111,1 ' .'’ m \*/
* iKf B e __ \s?
% P «iilnn«/w I - fi « f
£ BWif LOdll H IHEi UP., *
tl/ 4J > ' w
Vi/ r. e. Carrington. W. W. Robards, J. W. Cunningham, w
jj? President Viee-Pres. Cashier.
£ ■ $
njf I. P. Lasater, Cashier " J. K. Barnes.
* "
Bear Creek, Rt. 3, Apr. 9.—Rev.
Mr. and Mrs. Crumpler and Miss Ju- >
lia Phillips, of Glendon were visitors
at Mr. B. F. Scott’s Tuesday.
* Mrs. Nannie Brooks spent Thursday •
afternoon with Mrs. Yallie Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maness, of Mc-
Connell, were visitors in the home of
Mr. J. W. Brewer Saturday night and
Sunday. _ .
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Bray and son, ■
of Rocky River, were visitors in the
home of Mr. E. C. Brewer Sunday.|
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Spoon spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Hill.
Mr. Ira Brewer and family, of Ram
seur, spent Sunday with Mrs. Ada,
j Several people were here to at end
the exercises at Maple Springs. Sat
urday and enjoyed the day, and also
the nlav at High Faßs Saturday night,
i The play was very good. Blue Beils.
been used successfully in the treatment
: of Catarrh.
; Pitts of an Ointment which Quickly
Reliever- by local application, and the
Ipm-ri i Medicine, a Tonic, which acts
throw.a the Riocu on the Mucous Sur
feces tin s reducing the inflammation.
Sold by all druggists.
F. j, Cheney i~ Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Profit by reading the ads in this
North Carolina, Chatham county:
Francis M. Alexander
W. Iv. Alexander.
The de;e.idant above named will j
take notice that an action entitled as I
above has been commenced in the j
Superior Court of Chatham County j
by the plaintiff for the purpose of,
obtaining from the defendant mt a
- divorce from the bonds of ma
trimony; and the said defendant will
take notice that he is required to ap
pear at the office of the Clerk o
Superior Court ct said Count' on the
27th day of April, 1923, and answer
i or demur to the complaint *in said ac
! tion, which is now on file in saul of
fice, or the pi intiff will apply to the
Court for relief demanded in sa.d
complaint. i
Tills the 22nd dav of March. 192 b.
SILER & BARBER Clk. Superioi Ct.
Attornevs Apr. 19-R-p
Notice is hereby given that the firm
of Bland & Connell, owned by T. M.
Bland and R. M. Connell, doing a mer
cantile business in Pittsboro, is this
day dissolved by mutual consent, and
the same has been purchas'd by T.
M. Bland, J. T. Bland, and W. F.
Bland, trading as T. M. Bland and
Sens, who will continue the same bus
iness as heretofore, and assume the
payment of all debts due by said firm
! of Bland and Connell, and will collect
all accounts, notes and bills due said
: firm.
! We desire to thank our customers
for past patronage and bespeak the
same liberal consideration for the
ro— firm of T. M. Bland and Sons.
This March 31, 1923.
;.j Apr. 26-R-C.
Cumnock, Rt. 1, Apr. 9.—Carolina
school is planning for a big commence
ment about April 21.
There was preaching by regular ap
pointment at AiitiocM, April 8.
Mr. Grover Johnson and little
daughter spent the week-end in l the
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
E. Johnson.
Miss Hallie Dowdy is improving af
ter a period of sickness.
Miss Birdie Dixon spent one night
last week in the home of Mis. Hugh
Mr. Clyde Johnson, who has been
at work in Sanford, has come home
for a while.
Mr. Grady Richardson, of Jones
boro, spent the week-end on Cumnock,
route 1, with his mother, Mrs. C. C.
Mrs. Charlie Dowdy, Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Dowdy and three children,
Misses Frances, Daisy and June
Dowdy spent last Sunday in the home
of Mr. Jim Johnso n
Miss Lizzie and Irma Elkins, of
Burlington, spent the week-end in the
home of their grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Dowdy.
A Former Chath&nnte Dies.
The funeral of J. M. Bv»wn, who
died in Albemarle last Yyednesday
morning was from' the home and in
terment was made in the okl Albe
marle cemetery.
Mr. Brown mas born in Chatham
county 71 years :i >. He grs ! . ited
from Trinity col d law and
began to practice in Troy and in 3.SBG
came to Albemarle where he has since
gov. morrison” names
Chief Executive Appeals To North
Carolinians To Send Discarded
Winter Clothing to Near Ea-u Re
lief, in Official Proclamation.
May Ist has been declared <lT> un
die Day” in North Carolina, aim the
people of the Tarheel asked
to send all their cast-off winter cloth
ing to the Near East Relief, in a proc
lamation issued Monday by Gover
nor Cameron Morrison.
Dr. E. C. Brooks, State Superin
tendent of Public Instruction. ; s Sffite
* &
| chairman fEs year for the clothing
campaign oi this great humanitarian [|
organization. Most counties of the '*
State have completed tiieir fimincinl |
Campaigns tc feed the unfortunates 1
in the oldest Christian liaiam in ihe z
world, and i.ho xupie are now asked i f
to send in winter clothing which
they are casting oft. |
Dr. Brooks points out that every '(
complete suit of warm clot lung in <
which there is still some wear, will J
save a human life. Straw hats and *;
j cotton goods dr summer clothing *
I cannot be used. Last winter. in s
spite of the generosity of American !
people, many froze to death or sui- \
sered from acute pneumonia and "
rheumatism. . ;
Clothing should be sent to the local
Near East Relief chairman, or to the
Near East Relief Clothing Ware- ;
house in Raleigh. Parcel post shty, ■
nit ts in sacks is preferred, but
clothing can be shipped by freight ;
if most convenient to tlie shipper.
Governor Morrison’s proclamation
reads f
“Whereas, it has been established |l
j that the suffering of the .Armenians
! and other Christian peoples of the
: Near Earn. is from reasons beyond t
1 their control, and that they are ua
; able to rehabilitate themselves for
1 this same reason; and <
l “Whereas, it is reported by reli- j
i able Americans that, aside from the [
old clothing which America sends ;
: them, tliese people have nothing but j
: burlap hags and flour sacks to keep *
out the cold of winter, their climate
1 being similar to that of our New
England States; and
j. “Whereas, unless sufficient cloth- I
1 blng is sent from America this sum
: rer, many thousands will freeze to
I death next winter; and
> i “Whereas, the North Carolina Di
vision, Near East Relief, has set
i 15u,000 pounds of warm, usable,
i cast-off clothing, which, it is esti
; mated, will save 30,000 humans from
\ clealh by freezing next winter, as its
\ t goal:
j “Therefore, I, Cameron Morrison.
Govs.- -7 of North Carolina, do here
s by declare May 1, 1023, “Bundle
f Day,’’ and request the people of our
y State to gather all of their discarded
: winter clothing and either turn it
f -over to their Near East Relief county
/ chairman or other agency which is
j collecting clothing for the Near East
Relief, or send it to the Near East
i Relief Clothing Warehouse in Ral
) leigh, where it will be sent with all
1/ possible dispatch to the suffering
peoples across the seas.
Donations Asked by Chairman of
Chatham County.
I wish to call attention to the good
people of Chatham county to the fact
that again we are asked'to contribute
our old winter clothing for the relief
of the suffering Armenia’.s. You will
no doubt be called upon to contribute
to this cause between now and the
first of May. Please collect all of
your old clothing such as coats, dress
es, wraps, gloves, shoes, sheets, hose,
etc., and turn them over to your school
i teacher or Woman's Club, Betterment
j Association or church organization so
| that it can be shipped to Raleigh.
lam going to request all the
! churches and the superintendents of
j Sunday schools that have not already
i done so, to take a collection for cash
! or pledges on the third Sunday, April
| 15th, and send this contribution to W.
L. Farrell who is treasurer for Chat
ham county or direct to Mr. Rcbt. A.
Brown, Ooi Commercial National
Bank Building, Raleigh, N. C., and let
me know the amount that was sent
; and the name of the Sunday school
• that sent it. Pittsboro alone has
| raised more than $440 in cash a d
j cash pledges within the past month,
I and I am sure she will do her full
! share in the contribution of old cloth
j ing.
You people*know too well what the
Near East Relief is for me to try to
give any explanation, as I am going
to leave the matter with you to set
tle. No one is going to be urged to
contribute for the relief of these starv
ing children, but if you want to do
I so willingly and gladly it will he the
means of saving the lives of these
Very truly yours,
| Chairman for Chatham county.
Contest at Pittsboro High School.
I A declamation and recitation con
test was held Monday night in the au
ditorium of the PittAoro High school.
Moyle Johnson won the prize in
the declamation content. The. t’fo of
j his deal'nation was “The Confederate
Dead.” Tn the recitation content M’ss
Annie Mann was the winner. Her
selection was “Trouble in the Amen
Com ew” Both of these vonng reo 4e
did splendidly and show great promise
< •• future development into real ora
■ The judges were Princinnl and Mrs.
H G. Self of Moncure High school,
His* Po'qdexier, of Bynum, Mr. W.
A. Hea.den, of Siler City, and Mr. E.
J. Braxton, of Bynum.
There are 14,000.000 foreig::-born
! new living in the United Scales, half
of whom are not citizens.
The saw-horse has contributed more
to the good of mania u than the race
horse.—Detroit News.
Dentist. Siler City, N. C.
Office over Siler Drug Store.
Hours 8 a. m., to 5 p. m.
i — 1
s$ * • If
[j* • . T* P »d7? * i-v
r«|: f 1 w *»'>’~ t” '**’& TW stM*®
V J? /fA'&’&w /&¥ ■'?& &§/ &/? JrJr ' ip
I»V> <§F 4* / “ ‘f 1 £ && if Is B& &■ Jm <k ; ’
i- V /• & £JZ A *>?:.£*&’ sr*Mi*M%'. a&&»**»*»*,» M ifo
| ~>W . |
Vv> ' . <«•**•■
I .trrp?GT ta t itivfi qiippart I
nJr ja.kl.O' l Ji v> juJoJL i U oUi A ’LrJfl. J.
K| |;2i
ki> When farsighted or helpful projects are suggested which in the end will help to en- ‘
M rich the community, the bank is generally the first to lend it's support.
vJJ ' i t‘'
When an individual makes a claim to greater success, nine times out of ten the bank ;?%';
S*:| was the first to support him and to help him. i| i
1 To Make More Wealth I
#4\ : y
a if-i
Pf from the land, the store, the factory of industry and commerce, such a bank as this is £7
|j| in a position to help in order that all may gain thereby. |p
M The business of this bank is to help everyone get ahead. Ipj
I We Hope Every Reader |
[lraj of this statement who is not being thus helped will come in, get acquainted and begin to
PI use our service, not only to make your money Safe, but to make it more productive. ~
j|H| 7 ilVi
| _ -Capital, $75,999 |
|jj Stockholders’ Liability, $159,909 |j
r.') fjrt
0) ' iki
ts 4 Per Cent Paid on Savings With Absolute Safety |f
|| J fi
I iiiTiiriftO p i5in# inn TfliHiT nminiftii/ I
p 11 11 py LyppMV. II
Wendell in Wake County Has a Bad
Wendell, April 5.—A score or more
persons were reported injured and:
property damage estimated at SIOO,- j
000 was caused by a tornado that ori
ginated on the edge of Johnston coun
ty late Wednesdayand zigzagged its
way for some seven to 10 miles thru
the western portion of Wake county, j
The chief damage was' caused by j
destruction or . damage to buildings
east of Wendell and one house was f
reported blown down at Zebulon,'
which was cut off from wire commimi- '
cation as a result of the storm. Phy
sicians from Wendell and adjace t
settlements were working in the stric
ken district tonight and 4 negro wo
man and child were sent to a Raleigh
hospital in a serious condition.
J. P. Richardson was the heaviest
hit. Five tenant houses and 12 to
bacco barns, pack houses and stables
were destroyed and eight negroes
hurt. Hollybrook farm, owned by J.
C. Collins, had several buildings bad
ly damaged with three completely
L. W. Watkins and family, white,
report no personal injuries but were
badly scared. The wind blew a door
down, broke lock and scattered fire
from the fireplace over the house set
ting it on fire. The fire was extin
guished before any damage was done.
Stables were blown from over four
mules and hogs which were not hurt
ai cl sou id grazing near by after the
storm abated. Norman Dean was a
heavy loser, ah out buildings being
blown down.
At Zebulon just in front of the pas
senger train from Norfolk to Raleigh
after leaving the yard before getting
up much speed the train ran into the
top oi a house on the track, removed
the obstruction and proceeded with-.
out damage. Two miles further it.
ran into a pine tree blown across V. 9;
track breaking the cowcatcher. Tie!
engineer says on account of : n&k-ng
good speed sufficient to break the tree
and knocking it clear or the tram
saved He tram from serious wreck.
Half Million Dollar Less.
As relief work for He k’’rken 'fa
milies in tl path o nesdaj
night’s tornado got under way and
d light f ■ i hed me ti 5 of a more
accurate check or the damage, the fig
ure of i■ e os ?es ioi ited up be
yond the fi i t estimate o SIOO,OOO.
toward the half million mark. !
One hummed and fifty farm build
ings, including dwellings, barns and :
outbuildings, were destroyed, 300 per
rons were made homeless and 50 were
injured some of them more ©r less
B ‘ought His Meat Buck.
John Bennett Pone, Harnett coun
ty firmer, who lives near Dunn, pass
ed through an unusual experience last
work. Robbers broke into his smoke
house at night and took every piece
of his home-raised meat, a~d he had
quite a supply. The following day j
Mr. Pope put out the word that he:
had secured sufficient evidence to con- 1
vict and the word was narrated around j
that the men wbo took the meat had i
best return it. The next morning Mr. 1
Pone was very much surprised and
more greatly pleased when he found,
that every piece of his meat had been j
been returned and left on his porch.
Burlington, Apr. 6.—The board
aldermen of the city of Burlim,* 1
have had published in a local ne\vsn° n
per four ordinances passed by yh'
meeting of the board on March 10
1923, providing for the issuance 0?
municipal bonds for a total of 5240
000. With the interest added to h
principal the bid bond issue will
gregate a quarter of a million ( ]J
lars. l '
According to the published ordir
ances, over the signature of M w'
McPherson, city clerk, the bonds are
to be issued pursuant to the mumY
pal financial act of 1921, for the pc'
pose of constructing or reconstiW'
ing the surface of streets, includf *
contmporaneous constructing aul i*"
constructing of gutters or chaUa-t
and including grading;
sewer and water service connects,'-
extending the existing water supr’y
system, extending of the existing . : ju_
tary sewer system.
There are four different ordinances
adopted by the municipal directors <-r
financial affairs in the amounts * ( }
$21(5,000, SIO,OOO, $9,000 and §5,000.
The various amounts of muni cm H
bonds were deemed and declared to
be necessary expenses of the cit
One sectiion of the ordinance provtks
“that a tax sufficient to pay the ■
cipal and interest of the bonds . p
be annually levied and collected.”
Two of the ordinances authoriz‘d g
the issuance of bonds for a total <k
$220,000 0 obtain «■» nvo vis‘on thud '
least one-fourth of the cost of the lo
cal improvements or widen .. [
bonds are authorized is to be spec -
ly assessed, and that ordinance ,9.] 1
take effect upon their passage, ;nd
shall not be submitted to the voters of
the municipality.”
O. I. Hinson, Pastor.
We are now already in the second
quaiter, and we should be planning
for larger and better work. The
weather is fine now and the children
cart go barefooted and the men can
soon leave their coats at home. Or
shall it be said, “It is too hot to go
to church?” If anyone needs h p
in concocting an ereuse the clevi! is
always ready as a volunteer to heU
form some excuse. It is not safe to
hobnob with the devil either in win
ter or summer. Jesus said he was
a liar from the beginning and is
the father of lies.
Suppose we institute a new pro
gram, something like this. Let eaci
ore take a pencil and paper and write
down the different ways it is possible
to help the Sunday school and church.
Throw oc ass spiritual laziness a d
do valiant service for our great cap
Hickory Mt. stood at the bead agai.i
April first. Those people over on
the mountain go to church with bright
faces. It would not be nice to tell on
Mt. Vernon, Providence and West Ere.
The pastor preaches Sunday at Pro
vidence, at 11 a. m., and Silefi City at
8 in the evening. Epworth League at
7:15 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at 8 o’clock. A cordial welcome is
extended to all these services.

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