0 . a m i '"',--".:.'!' :.' .. .-.':' ; ;: . '. t ; . I f . . . . .. v j ? . . - f u I- l".l 1 "V. it t - ' !' .- "'. . x WtT--Onts. srfe'j'tjie plans tleCMitful peace, ' ge to live' like brothers. it , - :fV" f "1 : : v;- , JOSEPII GALES, &.gUJNil f $ j At Five Dollars, per annum hh in advancea ' Not exceinpl ines4 rneatlyjinserte5e times for;;i Dollar, -and 5 cesttij for every suc ceecli.iiff publicatidn fJ jRose of ji-eater lengtli jn tne same proportions. ..oow'nuiAi thankfully received! . ..LivTTtits Ito the Editoi-s . must Be pbst-paid. j : i -; 1 FOR THE nEGISTEK. TO PIIII.O WHJTK, : f ' p i JStUtor of tke: JVesterri Caifuitrian. SIWjn your paper oftlie 30$h Septemberi we find this sentence ushered! into ilew : - Gabriel Moore, John M'Kee, and George are elected as Reprieseiitativs in W. Owen, the next Congress from Alabama. ; An three of those g-entlemenas well as tioveriipr Ppb ens ire opposed to the pretisnsioiis of jMr, Crawford to the ttrjesidencyv - ; z - Cliv What an important discovery tlusrf All opposed to the pretensions of Mk Crawford inr the I'resulencv.t - Awl wnat js raore un thev are to represent : hut in the ! villacre of ! Salisbury, equidistant five hundred miles from either their scene of action, - or their place of retreat. The disccver-;his escaped the penetration of the New-York Patriot," the Washington nepublican;',ailtlie.great i- 4 American Minor," and been Renounced to the worlil ..by that dear littlpj creature the ' "Western Carolinian.". This,- though some-' what unusual, may be perfectly scriptural ; for we find it upon an authentic record, that ' things l:avc been concealed from the wise and prudent, and -revealed unto bahes. - Hut I xim afraid that "mil discovery will not obtain : fiillfalthmid'creditin Alabama:" As it respects the election eff Govcnior Pickens,' r the question of party had nothing to do. I doubt, whether th i e are fifty men in thej Stte, that know tlje opinion oftlie Governor respecting the Presidency.? " Governor ' vplcVens was supported by intelligent men ef all parties, and ly none yrith rnore alacrity! ! than the iriends of Crawforp. As it,re-j spectiJ lpresentatives in (Corifress, on$ of ' theTa hdi been, arijj remains m"2ic ipp.iriion. of the people ofi Alabama," the open, candid, and liberal friend of Mr. Crawfonir In ano ther district two candidates' came forward, ' one declaring himself in favor of Mr. '"Clay, antl the other opposed to Mr. Crawford, but in favor of no particular persoii. For, vour : . eratification ii can assure you,' that one of them bus been elected: In tlie .other district you .. have already furnished pretty good evi dence yourself. In your paper : of the 9th September, ypu state by way of a letter from a gentleman ; in Tuscaloosa to bis fricnd' in Hiintsville, that the support of Mr. Crawford for the Presidency, has been a (picstion in the Congressional election in this district. A f candidate) who is aentleniaii of reat worth, Irom the circumstaiic-e of his having iield oni ces, the recommendation to which belonged to Mr. Crjivvford's ' Jdepai-tment, will lose his election ; so exaspdrated are , the electors a gauist Cllvwfodr,, Now, sir, I can inform lyoti or' rather your ifellow-citizeps 1 (for J pre jsume you know it Already) that this " gen t?eman of real wortlp,". is no other person than the Ifon. "John MKee "And. like wise that he has held the ofiice. of Register of : public lind inhe land ' district of Tuscaloosa, fot Iseyeraleiars, and is one of those '.unpopu- ph ;Sttey to hose advancement Mr. Craw lord h3.f jbe'eri, Jt" is supposed, instrumental, iliat inuires him more than every other ol- . feitive friends t-'IIAsyoa appear to have madelwour discove v try by the depth of your peietr:itioninassist ; ed by. advices, from AJabama,j I shall not c; . attempt to dispute! yourclaira to a ! pre-emption' right for your labors. , Vhat, then, is the inference which you wish to be; drawn front this discovery ? It is this thatja majority: of the people of Alabama are opposed to ilf, Crawford's election to the Presidency ; con-" sequently he cannot receive the vetes of that te. Is; not this your inference ? Most cer-in-v if isl 'The clectidn of i:presentativcs , to Congress has shewn the public sentiment the State, j and it is ' opposed to the pre-t- nsions of Mr. Crawford to tliej Prcsideiicv," wv, sir jlet us wall pn with you a little fur :--er, till ire: aiiive at yoitr bwii country. In . y&rr paper of tjicOtli September it is stated u.aL " it is bevbnd cbspute, that a maiontv of the representatives to Comrress from thU ,later ( Nohli-C aioli na) are personally friend- V5 ilr-f Crawford."- From this I presume V e are to infer, that the public sentiment f1 onh-Carolina is Jn favpr of v" Mr. Craw XoKl s pretensions-to the .Presitencv.M . Con , : Jf-fi"9ly he will receive the ivotes of that 1tute T x io not at all, ays:Mr. White !l suc'l inference must be drawn from -tliis ct wiuch is beyond dispute", ' AVhy sir ? i;sc of a pfeopie flve hunared iriilesorT: The v tuuii ui representatives to Concrress, is no .rcpre3woR of the sentiments of the people of K'Vm- " Not more than one third VI. lu ypteii for electors of President and V icc-Presidei have as yet heard and thought enough on; the subiect, of the Presidency UvX - l, cboice." Not thought Alie State, of NH.rio.t:o ( U v Oldest States Of fVe TTnirm m bblv . .i4-uu UllJiO)! vilt Ji portant,-me discovqry was not made at Vasn ington OitVj the great focus of poEttcal infor mation, nor in the State' of AUbama; which jsecnon w'lucnnas pt?en raiseci." wis opinion 1hei-eforet'j respecting the Presidency," 1 fCave yoU at liberty to form fj-om, the clue Vhicli vou have already furnished ty our inq ui- jr. . - -i aiust nox vour own ruie. oe armn- !i r 7?lP oWn State ? No, it vas not intend- k ' ii if n iifriT ivnc iiinnt hit Tnr pccted m the confederacy,! diie of the re- first :tmeclareCfbr " mdeperrdemceyarift4eTeT tlitto i tWesfirstiiBncicm "Vrliosef ci 5 and litefilils'li&vjrli penedint6Lmaturityhoseitin$H raiseducateddvvi togbeijnfe free - intercbange' l of poliUcl entiments' and opinions ; X with. ev"eryurce ofirifblTStiloft which the nature of our go vernmenti' -and the archives bf thecountiy ;? ttnMitohlanualb open to; tnen-rf -jfaz nioiliaii one third of the votefs haveiyt; heard andtiiougbjtrenough on" the subject 4to determine'their choice. I' But' in - Alaljama. which has jist emerged frm a wilderness, tlie, footsteps of the' savage not yet ( obliterated, the; civil , and literary institu tions of the State :ye inerflbiryo Restitute: of many: i soMrces; ijof-Z irnrmation, Swhioh fexist in the older States," the citizens unacquainted with each other, and with tlie leading policy of :the General Governmertt ; and many of them of that class of mankind, whose retiring stations have always kept pace with the remot est advance of civilization, many of whom ne ver heard of fohn C. Calhoun, by name, am prepared iiran instant to decide their choice of a , candidate for the Presidency, and have already expressed that opinion. , ,.' 5 Alter having discovered, sir, tliatithq poli tical sentiment of Alabama, ; isop;osed; fs to tliepretenstons of 'Ir. pCrawfbrdt ,toJ the Presidency," I presirme'that little amore is necessary for you, than j barely to make know:n yoiu1 candidates name and principles, to at least one class of citizens, to secure theiri support. A very brief outline of his princi pies : will answer your purpose. It will be amply sufficient to inform theni that he will support them in their paltry excursions, not only "to Boon's Lick, .and Council BlufTs, but will also ' protect" them by a standing larmy at tlie Mandan Village, to enable them to, penetrate the sources of .the' Yellow Stone ri ver, ' t ej hmit Heavers, Racottn&and Opossums. ' These ifacts sir, are worth a volume of argu ment to you, tliey - will; wveigh more . in favor of vour candidate, than J any Jiip JRap Rock wrhich he has ever hahdle'd. After this achieve ment, it will only remain for you to procure an electoral vote, 'for the North West and Ar- kansas territories. To tlie accomplishment of Jthese objects peimit me to recommend the next exertion ot your mventiye genius. "V'V ;b".-."-;. . '- - .". , - CAIINOT. Alabama, Nov, 1, 1823. FOB THE HAUTfiU REGISTER. The people of the State are deeply in debt lands, negroes, and produce and property o every description, of every sort, are lower than they 4iave been in tliirty jears; the necessaries of life, the luxuries, - and. labour can be pro cured as-low as at any time since the ratifica tion of Jay's Treaty. :.f Under these circum stances what is- the course tliat prudent per sons and their representative should pursue ? AVork- hard, take carev" retrench and keep as- much as .possible, from making contracts which they cannot comply with. , j f The Assembly is now in session, and is be lieved to Possess Ian unusiial! share oPint'elli- gehcei Tliby know aiid feel the pressure of the "times. ! " " . j - . , '" "... ' . If they; embark in no new projects and; run wild after, no new visionary sqhemes, their ses sion -will r be a short one jLet them set an example ; of retrenchment: and economy in their own persons. t.et tfiera begin with then own pay and reduce it to two dollars and a half per day, this aml'a propoJtioimte reduc tion of tlie salaries of other ofneers, will ena ble them to do sometliing by diminishing the labours and increasing.the number of Judges, to remove the grievances under which the public labour for the Want of a sufficient Ju diciary. - The low "wages; of" labourers,' the cheap price of provisions, : arid a rigid econo my, will do away tlie necessity of abandoning' our public works already begun, tpr more Work will -be done fb less -money.V j 1 It is hopedthat tie time of ostentation" & parade is gone by , withlhe gambling andspec ulatiori which gave rise to them. Butit is ; a sobopeil that the public faith, & tlie Static's ho noiu cn be -preserved, by: acting as a great and goojd man struggling in adversity witliout repining. . " ; ,.; : ; . i;3j ""; . f '''j ." & Party spirit is in a srreat measure gone;-- Ij.et a spirit of harmonj of r general industry and mutual forbearance pe mcuicaicci,-Dy uie precept and .the practice of the ssembly anil these "generotis-sentiments yill be recip ocated by the whole body ot people, mcoT- 4 orated and itidividual; ' ;Mtf FOR the very extensive . patronage with which this School has been favored, the Subscriber's si ncjerely gratefulhe will still continue to labor faiihfully jn the" instruction of those who may be committed to his care Thellixercises will be resumed on the 1st Monday -iiv January. V V 7 JOHN ROGERS Prine'l. : HiHsboro' Dec. 8. . :.-V'!:' 8 2awt4 1' LEASE for five years will .be given for l Efeven Hundred Acres of Larid; adjoin ing the residence ofthe Subscriber, n This Ind lies on the banks of the Neuse, and on ly ten miles from Raleigh. I Tlie soil is: well adapted to tlie growth of Corn and Cotton. It. .will be under an excellent fence. -A)A. ; Still house. an Overseer's house, nd Negro, hou ses, Will be offered with theland. An Ap ple and Peach Orchard, in fine order fof mak ing Brandy and Cider; with all tUe rights and privileges ofthe Subscriber x-At ;.t-t!'-Vs;XRAH stone: Rest Dale, Nov. 17. ' r ' ' 1 'z (Jj1 A Lease' will also be given for a Planta tion known by the name of : CONlOTi on the Roanoke, in the county4 of Bertie. .v This land is too well known to require any parti- cular description. Persons wishing to see it. in j may apply to the Rev. M OSES GILLIAM, near v indsor. - S. a. Blanks of all kinds for sale here. fj. JUTUB ijsnj;A:-li - M:'') :i , tNORTH -. ' OVtNA X'i:- V'- v: ,--,- & L " -..- - ' - ;''li- t) Orders for which vfitl be proinptly attend ed to, and ilispatched a aftpart'pf the State r FHHE "inibscriber rlspectf illji InTorrnsf ihe Mi Public that, ' beipg lagent fOT supplying Vaccine Matler to thfe lUnitedJstates Army, he is compelled, to keep constantly on hand - J.:t.j Lei.-. -Li ' J2' -:'L- v-.L..i a supply of recent, genuine,! Vaccine Matter, Ife pledges himself jtb send t any p'arfof the ITnited States by ; mail, kt supply f fresh matter, pkd up ?i iejcri,,-with printed di rections for its use .Such arrangements have b e e n m ad e ; tli 3 1 n nn e jfmt c h oi re. crusts pro e ztr ed from the .most .trv(u8tionablei specimens of ihe disease -will be sent, jl ; ' . The fee! will be $.f for eachii sunolv. but I shpuld it Hy any acjdent fail,!,on the. sub scriber being notmed ot this any time within one month after the first cjiihntity has received,' a fresh supply will be sent yi ithout any additional charge. f! . y Jj : i 1 i The subscriber will be ur der the necessi ty iof not'takinir letters from "the Tost Office unless the postage be paid j i JOHN REVTOB, M. D Sec. 'i Agent for siip ply in j vaccine Matter ; 4 . to tnei unitea bme$Tiny Baltimore, North Charles St; i l-9t. rr in niHEI SubsCrllfers-Teirjh':: their sin fcj cere thanks to the citizens of Ra leigh arid the, adjacent colinties, for the liberal encouragement Uiey jiiave receiv ed since ,thec opening of tlieir New Es tablishment, anil. be"r leafe to inform them that, they have this an additional supply? of day received Men's Beaver Hats, fashionab shapes' Youths i i do Servants Wool do Gehtlenieri's Wellirrgtort Boot i do L fine Calfskin Bootees 'do'r' do 1 '.i.Sbces Coarse hpes, Bootbes ad Brogties Ladies Morocco Shoes, thick sdals do i Calfskin " Uo if do ; Prunella Shoes Aybnien's common feather ScotchCarpetlng,- different db qualities BHie and Olive Plusliing Mix ture Broad Cloth for Servants wear. Double-milled Drati do Idse'and Point Hlaflkets. at Pfduced prices. , White, Red and Spotted Fa imeU Plain and Figured Bombazetls Caroline arid Circassian Plaids i Cassimere Showls, assorted colors Black and White and Plaid Calicoes', new patterns 1 Swiss and Book Muslin 4-4 and 6-4 Cambrics " - Ladie-ancV'Gentleipen'3 Worsted Hose 30 Bags Coffee 4 IlhdsJ Sugar. : -V- t HAZLETT & KGBT. KYLE. Raleigh,! Nov. ISf 3 if FAYETTE VI LLE ACADEMY. lf1HlS Institutioij now affords advantages - equaftp any ia the Southern States, be. in conducted up oh the most approved prin ciples, and providckl with superior Teachers in i every branch of Useful indl . Ornamental Education--Thi4 with its.healihy situation and moderate charges for B odland Tuition, mtist i risufe it a t Hib era! natronagre, I j The strictest attentni'jy-ill be paid iter the conduct ana morais jqi iiiose;ii.cfKiiiif jit Female Bepartmenfi ictniduciedJfy jMraBa. .'ii" mlton-'-mih' lssit'tkht'ahhers.' ' I-' , nufi;mntLr ner aiiarterSS 1 1 ; " $ SO I'M :...! 52. Heading ana 4mmg Erifflish Granimar. I Ancient; 1 ! -.4 . j 3 L.vv. ana r 310- fi'V:','U' 5.'j5-..i.-!f --fiern irfncrraTlhv? vvitli the Use of . !VV .""Tiro J.. j:lT I iH'i the :Maps "and- Globes i History, - r ChronologJ-f Mythology Rlietoc,J if Belief Letf ersi dotnposirioni latu- - ; " r rai fuiiosoniiv. iJoiany. wiur riwn 1' and Ornamental -Needle Work. ; ' 6 the: best Per ann; taught inthe Acadeplyl: 560, or 520 ?, ; per 4uaxvui t . s a.;. Per ann.! taught ou t of the A demy, $100' ner auarter l jTry ; tht '- FVnrh T,finfnia!re t(imrhtby JKi';Ejrf ance. DniAVing and Painting, -per; quarter $6 - Fj-ench.:;T::Cj:. Classical I)epdrthi&t,iiinterv t)t i- 6 .50 Davis's G. T Thej Latin and Greek Languages, Natural and Motal Philosophy! Lb- VicrAstronnhiv.aiathematit, Geo inetrv andfAlffefara,, " . I th $8 'rf.V ;t ; j English Male pepartment Rudiments l-V j -XS.. l'J 1 1 '"..'-' ReaditVritingj Arithmetic Eng B lishferatnraar An?ent nd (Modern Gebgraphy- with tnefyse Mans and .Globus. iii r'J f f the 6 v Pens and Ink; provided the tudents with- out cnarge. A tax of 25 cents each Studeut orlwood, ; .Water,- Stc. i ? Board, "including all the above Branches except. Music, advance. : i . 1. : 05 per quarterp-payable in ;:'- -. WM. HAMILTON For the satisfaction of Parents & Guardians the folio win cr Gentlemen may b referred to , o I ti I t. . , . ... - 1 J. A. Camercht, Esq. rret. oi tae acuoo- .s Committee. , j ile vd , K. H J Mo urns o jr . April 30, 'e'Jr 4- TIKHis Jnstitntion which dnnng the piresent j' -year1 has been locatedi in" 'JliUktrtf- rftw?,,.. will; open in OXFORD; on the'firstl Monday m Febrpaty next.; Ill e principals have been induced to a chnjre; of residence, with, a view to a permanent establishment where tlie premises will comfortably accom modate their ptipils ; and tliey have altered ?he time of conieticing; 'ttin scholastic year fiir the convenience; and ftt ihe -'general re quest of thcin patrons. -"'-.--' The pupils are i nsmictel in j J(ce d!e-sm l lieadirig, Writing Arithmetic, ; Grammar and Parsing, Geographi.fi 1tnho?oy ITisiojy, Bells lettres, JVyiural Philosophy; Chymisiry Botany and Astronomy. - .j -' ' ; The terms for board,-washing and tuition in all the above branches, Are Sixty Dollars per session payahlein advance, , j Miisic, vocal and instrumentah Thirty Dollars-per session. Drawing; and Painting, Twenty Dollars per session. Dancing is also taught'by a com. petent master. , ,' ; ' . ;" .-i : r .V- " ' V The first, session -will end early in July, the second December, whjenf the onH vacat- tion . in the year takes plaee.Jw sghohirs pay ; from the time of their arrival on! v. , , The system of education is in all "the de partments radicaL? bv the-aidS' of an excel lent apparatus, the truths jaf Natural PIhTo sophy, Chymistry and Astronomv. are Vxpe- rimentally; illustrated, and are thus rendeied objects . of, sense. There are j six teachers constantly!' engagred : three excellent Piano .Fortes, are employed in;tlje musical depart ment, and the models for lira wirig a::d Paint ing, are numerous and goold. !-V . ;.' ; 'v ; No expenditures are allowed, but. such as are authorized by parents or 'guardians and the. principals 7are determined (strictly tajn force the; rule prohibiting finery in tlress ; Hn summer, coloured cotton dresses, and in win ter, worked stuffs, will be wbrn by. all the young ladies. - ' . j q AH the pupils will boardj with the princi pals, who pay strict attention to their health, their riiannersj and their morals. The pub lic and private offices of devotion .are regu larly observed, whilst every thing -sectarian is carefully avoided. I ' ;U - v Each pupil is expected jto bring a cover: lid.' a pair of sheets, blankefls aid towels, for her own use, otherwise .an extra charge "of $2 SO per session will be rnaclei ., i,. j CjWiien' payment in advance cannot be made, approved bonds will in all instances be exacted. J . . . ' . ", . '. ' ';' JOSEPH ANDREWS? Princi v. THOMAS P. JONES. pals. Oxford, Granville ca. Dec. 1823. 8-tlF. The Editors of the Newbenx' Sentinel and Western". Carolinian, will plublisb the above until the 1st of February. 1 : RUTHETiFORD CpUNTY. . : Court of EquityFall Term, 1823. Walter B. Rutherford " J. .J , , rT ' . v , C Original bill of In ugustus Sacket. junction. : . T appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Augustus Sacket is) not an inhabitant of this . State ; it -is therefore, ordered that publication be made for three months succes sively in the Raleierh Register, that Unless the said. Auerustus Sacket anriears at the next Court of Equity to be held for the county of Rutherford, at the Court-house, in Rutherford-, ton, on the third' Moridayj.after the fourth Monday in March nextandl plead,' answer or demur, the-bill will r be; taken j pro confess, and heard ex-parte. ; '.- ' 5 : t .i' Test, ' T. F. BIRCHE1TT, G. 8c M. r ,Pr."'adv;t'5-2'5,;. "iv b j -2-25w MX Person Cou n tyf November Term, 182, 4f Jesse ens Adm'r. of Frances his vrife Thos; 'Snip'es Ex'r. of Ricliard Stanford dee'd Pontius Moore and Siidrley lodrej- ( Philin Moore find BoberlMoore. Ex'ra. ot Ste- ! phen MjOore,! Ann Moore! of the State of "a Perstn,; Mary 'Stanford and-Samiiel -Moore. l."B"T appearingtb the satisfaction of the Court Jii: thatvAnn ; Mocre, -ot the State 6t New- York, is not an inhabitant of this State, it is ordered that publication be made in the Ral ieigh Registerj'three weeks, that the said Ann Moore come forward at the next Court to held for said County," on the second Monday in February next, and plead, answer or de. tnur, or judgment jWill be -taken "pro-confesso against lie r. - I r , - JESSE DICKlKS, C. C. C. V; DecTO. ; SWlawot State Js ox t-C air oliua F v' ! CAMDEN COUNTY. Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1 " November Term. 1 1823. ';-f;: '' George Ferebee :. . i.i::X'-'K'. StsV-X. ;.' ''''..- " " Abner Williams & wife Courtney, Wilson Abbott, Alfred Abbott, Joseph Abbott, - Henry Atbbtt Henderson Abbott, EdwinSibbott and Riland Abbottheirs at iavr.cf Joseph Abbott, decd. . , ) . . TT appearing to the satisfaction of this Court 0 ; that Alfred Abbott, one of the defendants in this case, ii not an inhabiUnt oftliis State On the motion of the PlaintifjTbv his Counsel it is ordered that the said defendant do ap pear here on the first MontLyj in February next, and plead, answer or demur to this pe tition, or judgment pro confesso will be' ta Ken against mm ; ana umi uimw un der be inserted in the State Gaxette publish ed in Raleigh for two months successively.! Teste, M. S LEWIS Clk. ' Dec. 9. r lawtlst 51 Feb. i t An actiTeNEGl?0 MAN. V: i:M mfy to Uii. oftc2. Deeember-lu l - - - . r " f glH F ibscriber 1 . 1 r JL4. IlilUborbugli, oHc: improveol lot in that town jviary n. Amierson at. present Tl..,k,s.s. i. buildings .ai;e-"all nearly , ne finished in the vbe't!yle. r-The. DweJh'ng-housef cjii tiins sbc Jarge rooins, i th fire-placeianex-cel?entcellaT a garreUrooni rntd; six closets. make the terms of puiTch?ise lib end., -j : WALKEB ANllEHSON I Hillsboro', Nov. 24, 1823. , .f . 4 fit VjR, ' V , c- tr53.T-"i THE Subscriber, Cuntracf or for ; carry' if g , the United States', M,.i between Raleigh and Newbem, respectfuPv rt.ibfms the Pub lifc, that he has commenced rifniiing. a' Stage for the accommodation of .travellers, under" the following regulations c . :. f.'f- i -' Leave Raleigh every Friday at 6 p; m. ,. . Arrive at Newbern on-Mtnulayijat 2 p. m. Leave Newbern on T-uesdaV-at 6 a. m. , i Arrive at Raleiglioii ' Thursday at 6 p.'m Price of Passage thnnjh igSO t0 ; tVora Raleiffh to Smtthfield. f -: ar0-' JVom SmithfieW tNewhiehi!, j:; 50 And in : proportion for any 1 ess tli stance.' lEach Passensrer wit! be allowed the ririt vilege of taking baag:igtweigMng20. Ibsv v m w.- .1 ------ yvnen a greater ve-igiu is ?ajcen tlie excesa will be subject; to a reasonable charge. when it does -not interfere wjth the com-,- fort of Passengers, the Stage will receive for conveyance,! Trunk's, r. Package &c.) to "be left for this purpose at the' fost Office.in Raleigh, ' and -at ' tlie AVashington Hotel in Newbern.. .--1, Applications ; for conveyance td' be made at Ilaleigh to Mr: JosiahvDilliaif(l, thesigii 7. ofethe Cross Keys, .and jitNewlern, toJo. "e seph Bell, Esq! proprietor of;tlie -Washing. ton-Hotel; to wliom tasscngers anrt those sentimg aiiicies 111 me oiugt, ;vui iuhk.c pv- , ment. : y- r ; P' I The Proprietor efjthi lme eiitertains the hppe. that Ins endeavors to. facilitate, the means of travelling from the Western tathe ttastern part of theState, ! will be fcompensat efi by the 'encouragement he jslijan receive from the PublicV ' No exertionV'-shall be Ranting, on his part to render the line wol thy of such support. : . .'4 ': "' ' ' ; . M F.RR1T DILLIARD. Raleigh, October 1U, 1823 ; 59-tf. f nTr" This line intersects af Waynesboro' tlie Stage line:tr6rTarborough to Fayette- vine, tnus anorciing to jiercnams anu otners ajmore expeditious-con veyavure! to the North- nd South, than has heretofore' offered. ' ' ' : ' : , ' ' -!',. 1 : s - State of xtL-CtooiYia; , Randolph Count..;- . ; '; ' . ' -Colni: of Picas and Quarter Sessions; s JamesWiIson,sen," Original attachmert. Mtv'vV" " r. fyBenjMarmrimmcn- Jimes Wilson, iun i N ed as garnK . e . : ; ' IiT appearing to' 'theX3ottrt that' tlie t .Defendant in this case ", is not an' "in habitant of this SlateV it -is ordered that, ; ptiblication be: made fpr six weeks in theRa legh .Register,- giving notice to) the said De- , feridarit toppcr. at the next .Court of Pleas and Quarter -Sessions: to, be Held for said County oil the first Monday of February next, 1 &ivJ - repTeyyi plead to issue, or ifemur, other wise judgment final will be entered against -him. Lcdpy,; JESSE HARPER, c. c. c. Pr.adv. -; -fSA. ': j-'5-6t w ..'r, State of XoxtVi-CaroVma, . Randolph County j Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, -'. November Term. 1823. I Petition to sell Real Estate. -ti- t 1 --" :- beyy' '"Eleazer Fentress. 1 i V. appearing to the; satisfaction -of the Court,' that the Defendant -In this case Is not an inhabitant of this? State ; l is ordered thit publication be made for six .weeks inhe Raleigh Register, giving jiotice to the said Defendant to appear; at the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to J be held . for said county . on the first Monday; of February next, and plead to issue, or demur,' others wise judgment will be entered against himV ; 1, A copy, JESSE II AUPEW, c. c. c. -L Pr. adv. 52, 7 j 5-tw" : . State ol XoYtVCtootiiaa. , . Randolph County.- . . ' . Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, ' November Term, 123. j t : t i ' Clement Wood I e sci. Y:-- '"""': .-ir- SC1. la. The heirs at law)f Robt Field.idec. Tffr appearing t the Cotirt'that part of the" Jlj-Defendants in this case are ribt inhabitants of this State j it is ordered that publication be made for six weeksln the Raleigh Register; giving notice tV the, Defendants to appear at the next Court tif Fleas and Quarter Sessions f ol be held for said county on he first Mon day of February next," anil plead' to issue or demur, otherwise judgment will be entered against them.' A cop v, - " ,! "., JESSE HAKPEB. C. Cv;C. Pr. adv. $2. A ' ' There is besides eveiy nect-sss ry tai -ho use . 1 1 Persons Milling to purchase, are invjjed to call on the . Subscriber, who. is tlisposed i r v.- ii i JJ

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