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pabitshed Sii»uday« and Thursday* at
^ Vj^grttt WiBwsboro. N. G '
. ' -^.»v Pnbiisherg .
|1.0d Year in the State; |T.50'Out ot the- State.
Entere) at the poet office at North Wilkesboro,
N. C., as second class matte;- under Act of March
4,’ 1879.
While‘it pays to be honest you
are a long- time collecting.
The man who makes a fool out of him-
' self always claim.s someone else did it.
s# DcaA.jOn Wheels
, Th?ee haiidffed and twenty-five thous
and have been killed in «ihotor
car. accidents ;i» th4 past fifteen * yeirs,
^Thar Is^pore 'than-the t^l ~ number Jof
American soldiers,who were killed in the
Great War. Last year, according to-care
fully compiled statistic.^
Travelers Insurance Company,, there '■were
twenty-nine thousand’ m O t o r vehicle
deaths, this is a redaction from the thir
ty-three thousand five hundred .d^tha
from this 'cause in 1931. but it must be-re
membered that there were, n great many
fewer cars on the road last year than there
were the year before. Every death of this
kind is a senseless, useless waste of life
fei* no good purpose.
It is not enough to s.ay that fatal acci
dents are the fault of careless drivers;
the situation calls for some way of insur
ing against carelessnes.s in driving. The
best insurance of this i.s requiring 'every
one who drives a car to be licensed, after
a rigid examination into his or her ability
jto drive carefully, and then to enforce
*V '
The Cabinet -
Early announcement of the cabinet of Mr-Utrictly the laws forbidding any unlicen.s-
Roosevelt, necessitated by the exigencies of g^j driver to sit behind a steering wheel
copy of this ol^ whose author is unknown, was
,,, fufiiished by Mr. Dudley^ Hill, assistant cashier of the DepoiUt
& Bavings Bank. It was written about ttie tiaiie of the “panic”
‘'"■’of 1907)f;_^; ■
'-M: Did you tackle the trouble that^&^' irour way ■
, With a restdute. heart and oheerfal? -- ^
' Or hide your f “ '
’^>%With. a craven
Ojlatroubla’s a tdiior a, trouble’s an'ounce,
V But a trouble is-just what you make it ■ " : '
' And it isn’tthe-factdhat you’re hurt thab counts , '' ‘i
But only how did youtalteit? “ : -
You are beaten to earth—well, well, what’s that?
Come up with a emiling face, t,-
It's nntiifag against you,to fall down flat,"--
Tltif Up fIiAi*p n iUaoT*nj>A .. 'r- •
: m
, But to lie thei*e-—'Riat’s a^disgrace.
Be proudThe harder you’re thrown, why, the harder •
you’ll bounce,
Be proud" of your blackened eye, /
It isn’t’ the fact that you're licked that counts,
But how did you fight, and why ?
11$ your car for spring
the times, gives the'country the assurance
that the President after March 4 will be
ably advised in matters of state. Mr. Roose
velt has surrounded himself with a cabinet
which compares favorably v\dth the best in
recent times.
Mr. Roosevelt has chosen men who will
work with and co-operate with him and
whose views are closely in line with those he
It is interesting to note that at least two
members of the cabinet have long been af
filiated with the Republican party. Both are
of the liberal tjT)e who supported Mr. Roose
velt in his campaign for the Pi’esidency.
Pi-esident Hoover had one Democrat in
his cabinet—Attorney General Mitchell.
What The Church Expects Of
Its Pastor
Twenty-six suggestion? were offered
when the congregation of the First Bap
tist church here was asked to mention
some of the things which a church ex
pects of its pastoi The list is interesting.
It furnishes a basis upon which a minister
might well conduct his activities.
None of the suggestions was more wise
ly made than, “One who practices what
he preaches.” A minister should always
hold up the Great Teacher of Gallilee as
an example. It then becomes his duty to
live as closely as possible to the Master
and emulate His teachings in every walk
of life.
The church expects its members to life
what they profess. That is the need of the
church today. Members of th(- church pro
fess a faith in Christ, a hope of Life Etern
al. To be a good member, it is thus neces
sary to reflect in one’s conduct the
teachings of the Messiah.
We are always walking on firm ground
when we follow in the footsteps of the
Man of Gallilee. The pastor and the con
gregation of any church will develop
spiritually when the love of the Master
is paramount in their hearts and when
they resolve to practice the Golden Rule.
and punishing the licensed driver for any
accident which causes injury to persons
or property. In the half dozen states in
which such laws and regulations exist the
proportion of automobile accidents is low
er than anywhere else.
Automobile drivers are not always at
fault. While 44 percent of the persons
killed by automobiles last year were pe
destrians who were struck by car.s. nearly
half of those were killed by their own
carelessness, either in crossing. streets
against signals, crossing diagonally be
tween street intersections, or stepping out
into traffic from behind parked cars.
No sane person would thi’ik of letting
a boy or a girl handle firearms without
making sure that they thoroughly under
stood the danger inherent in their use and
knew perfectly wmll how to handle them.
But people who shudder at the idea of
giving children firearms to play with
them run automobiles without any evi
dence that they have the necessary skill
and presence of mind and intelligence to
handle them safely. Ten times as many
people are killed every year by automo
bile accidents as are killed by the acci
dental discharge of firearms. We have
not yet learned how to control the motor
And though you be done to the death, what then?
If you battled the best you could, " '
And played your part in the world of men,
Why the critic will call it good. » •
Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce,
But whether he’s slow or spry.
It isn’t the fact that you’re dead that counts,
But only—how did you die?
In the offices of the Radio City i
Music Hall are included the llv- ]
ing quarters of its director. They
represent a n expenditure o f
$250,000. Among the furnish
ings are three solid silver table
services. Each service is for the
different meal — breakfast,
The 37th annual 'convention of
the North Carolina Bankers’ as
sociation will be held at the
h o t el at Pinehurst
Information to tnls effect has
been received nere from Balelgb,
Headquarters of the state associ
The dates were ai)proved by
Inncheon, dinner. The kitchen ’ members of the executive corn-
pots and pans cost $2,200.
New Judge Flay* Liquor
In his charge to the jury at Asheville last
week, Judge Felix K Alley, recently ^point
ed to the Superior court bench, took no cog
nizance of the rising tide of -eentiment to
ward repeal of the prohibition laws. Instead
he uttered a severe castigation of the evil*
of liquor and denounced it in no uncertatin
Said he:
“Liquor is the great withering curse of
the human race. It is an everpresent evil and
is perhaps more far reaching in its conse
quences, to those v.’ho become its slaves, than
.any other evil.
Boxing bouts with women as
contestants may be seen in
New York in certain dance halls.
The life of a dollar bill in
most cities is about nine months.
In New York It Is said to be
about seven months.
If the elevators in the Empire
State Building here could he put
end to end they would reach
seven miles into the air.
If you look long
New York you will
wearing spats.
ehough in
see women
Doctors as Advertisers
An editorial taken from the Illinois State
Journal, which offers an interesting argu
ment in favor of advertising by profes
sional men, is worthy of the thoughtful con
sideration of professional men. It is logical
that the policy adopted by the Hudson coun
ty physicians offers a protection to the pub
The editorial follows:
“As a means of combatting irregular prac
titioners, the Hudson County Medical So
ciety of New Jersey is conducting a news
paper advertising campaign* It has an en
rollment of 450 physicians of good reputa
tion who are fully qualified to practice, all
of whom are listed in the advertisement.
“The organization has adopted a sensible'
method of protecting the profession and the
public from quacks and imposters. Persons
in need of a physician'know through this
advertising who, in Hudson county, are
qualified, recognized doctors. As readers
of the newspapers become familiar with the
list, fewer costly and disastrous errors in the
selection of medical advisors will be made.
“No ethical objection to this character of
advertising can be made. It follows the rule
which the Illinois Supreme court outlined
for the legal profession of tnis state. The
Evidently in tinea of depres
sion New Yorkers go to the zoo.
More than three million persons
visited the New.Yirk Zoological
Park last year, the largest num
ber since the opening of the park
in 1S99.
raittee, a refeieudum having
been emploved in order to ascer
tain their sentiment as to the
time for the annual assemblage.
Definite arrangements for the
convention program have not
yet been made.
Robert N. Page, of Aberdeen,
president of the Page Trust com
pany, is president of the North
Carolina Bankers’ association.
Paul P. Brown, of Raleigh, is
Ernest C. Mcliean, vice presi
dent of the North Carolina Bank
and Trust company, in 'charge of
the Greensboro unit of the Insti
tution, is a member of the execu
tive committee of the state asso
Murray Tires
Wiley Brook* and Jeter Crysel
The Motor Service Co.
North Wflkeeboro, N; C.
New York Feb. 22.—^Norman
H. Davis, head of the American
arms delehation. tonight ex
pressed- himself as "gratified’’ at
the assertion of Adolf Hitler that
Germany is willing to scrap all
■arms If other nations do like
Mr." Davis commented on Hit
ler’s statement nnufflcially soon
after bis confeVeiue with Presi
dent-elect ^-anklin D. Roosevelt,
who asked Mr. Devis to continue
as acting chairman of the Ameri
can delegation in Geneva.
Mr. Davis said he was of the
opinion much progress had been
made toward achieving the ideal
of dLsarmaiment, and that the
time had come for concrete meas
ures to be evolved.
“The more I study disarma
ment. ■ he said, ‘ihe more con
vinced I become that the size of
armies is not the. moat important
factor to be considered, rather
we must look to the kinds of
Taylorsville, Feb. 22.—A true
bill of Indictment against Elisha
Chapman, I’’, was returned here
this afternoon by the Alexander
county grand Jury for the burn
ing of Willis Childers’ store in
which Childers lived, on Decem
ber 1. Chapman wa? arraigned in
Superior court upon the return
of the indictment and pleaded
not guilty. A special venire of 50
men was ordered summoned for
selecting jurv tomorrow.
Investigations are still being
made by the grand jury in the al
leged slaying of Isaac Welborn,
70, and his son, Thomas, 11, on
February 3 in wli^ch case Chap
man is being held as suspect.
Popular MoratoMum
We were only mildly interest
ed in reading that Prussia has
abolished billboards. The kind
of enlightened statesmanship 0
we’d get a kick Qut of would be
armaments to be permitted to the J one that abolished boardibills.
powers.” * Boston Herald.
New York harbor has again
been visited 1)y its friendly whale,
a familiar figure known to pilots
through the ragged white scar on
his back and affectionately call
ed “Spud.”
Seven hundred black ducks
from Canada have decided to
make the New York Zoological
park their home where there is
plenty to eat. It c.osts $90. a
month to feed them.
• • •
It takes 67 feet of space to
list the Browns in the New York
City Directory.
Liquor is a vice that casts its shadow holds that advertising is not only ethi
i XL o/Ytilc Vilastc tViA fairest , , ... .... . • ..
athwart the sunniest souls, blasts the fairest
youths in our land, fills homes once happy
with broken hearts, turns large estates into of waste which ripple for a time in
merry glee, but turn to shoals and cataracts
ending at last in swamps of misery.
"Those who embark on its swiftly flowing
- tide are charmed at first by banks of violets,
whose odors, mixed with music, fill the air.
Swiftly they glide, ever downward, until at
> l^t too near the rapids they find that their
\ dwtiny is ruin and despair.”
■ ’ Such declarations as that will have a teir-
‘ dOTCy to call the attentimi of the people to
the necessity for the control of the liquor
r tzafSc. While the quotatiim is a bit of flowery
* oratory. R brings to mind the fact that liquor
. Jias seldom made a bettm* citizen of anybody,
that it'has sddom inR^e'a home happier, has
protaMy never made*: a better'diTirch mem
ber, but on the'coi^
cal, but that it is desirable.
“Old files of the State Journal sihow that.
• guests and patrons not to tip the
in an earlier period, professional men adver-^ hat room girls, “it’s not the
Fourth street is about half a
mile south of Thirteenth street
and those two croestown thoro-
oughfares, of course, run parallel
to each other when they cross
Broadway. Yet in the Greenwich
Village section you can stand at
the comer of Fourth and Thir
teenth streets. And if you want
to walk from Thirteenth to
Twelfth street along Fourth
street yon will walk four blocks
before you get there.
Unemployed architects are
serving as sight-seeing guides In
New York.
There is a taxi-cab driver in
New York with diamonds in his
One New York hotel asks its
tised regularly. The greatest lawyers and
doctors among the pioneers had their cards
in every issue of the paper, with special no
tices when they changed their offices or
their hours.”
gands of
(Cleveland Star)
Crawford’s Weekly, published at Norton, Va-, by
Biuce Crawford, wonders in an editorial if tobacco
advertisements placed in North Carolina weeklies
do not keep the North Carolina editors fron4 saying
things about the big tobacco companies. In his tar
die’meni he points out two exceptioiv—^The Chapel
Hill Weekly and The E’izabHh City, Independent-
They are not scared of the big 'baccer eonapanies.
says iklitor Norton. Nosiree, .ta;.y diidn’t hesiteje
to flay Polit^an Bob Reynolds,* ttaaeeo inagni^
elected to the senate.” ~ That's ho;w^|aiu^ Xr. io>
ton 1(11^ jabovt. ■whaf h« j^e^ toj;
; is pnp of J. R*’s me snppw*
original cost but the upkeep,
will no longer apply to hats and
coats it all hotels here adopt the
same rule.
Window: washers never get
through washing'the. 6,000 win
dows in the Empire. State Build
ing here. They work from the top
down. When they get to the bot
tom they return- tp tlje top.
One' large Tork
picture' theatre.Has as'’Inany' ai
twenty counterfeit bDls offere^o
{/its cashiers every day. Not yue
has ever been accepted. ,
Although women are
to be natural kitchen ’expert^rgnajj
one large i»tel ta N^.
.4 . chef aaii wwnRS eoelffl*
provtag Wlrfdy’huccesB-^
'fui. ^
Southern Public Utilities Co.
At Home
Tuesday Afternoon
Feb: 28, 2:00 taSKIO
All Housekeepers Are
Cordially Invited

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