Address GBzens NRA Tonight R. R. Lawroice, Winston-Sal em, To Speak At School Auditorium Here SPEAKS AT 7:30 O’CLOCK His Address Is Chief Activ ity Of Local NRA Qub For This Week The address of R. R. Law rence, of Winston-Salem, presi dent of the State Federation of Labor and labor’s NRA represen- tatlre in North Carolina, at the school auditorium tonl?ht will feature the activities of the North Wilkesboro NRA Club this ireek. Mr. Lawrence will speak at o’clock and is expected to be heard by an overflow audi ence. In order that the purposes and program of NRA may be fully understood, officials of the local club hope that as many as pos sible will attend the meeting to night. A cordial invitation is extend ed everybody to attend. It is es pecially requested that merch ants, manufacturers and busi ness men be present. The Winston-Salem man will discuss the program of NR.\ in detail. ^ 'ars and Jadge^^For the ^Election to Vote On Repeal of Eighteenth Amendment j^med Forces For And Helen JacobsJletaim National Tennis Crown^* Greenes Sought At Spruce Pine Against Repeal Get Judge Each . UiicllCU iUUUUajr iuuiuiu5t Same Registrars Who Served hundreds of boys and girls back In Last Election Asked To Serve Again BOARD MET SATURDAY Complete L^st Released To Journal-Patriot For Pub lication Yesterday Miss Helen Jacobs, of California retains championship for another year She won over Mrs Hden^”» Mwdy In a dramtic finish of the national championship play at Neu Yor^ when Mrs Moodv was forced to default during the third se^ an making it impo.ssible for her to finish. Miss *-®’ ?-6 and 3-0 ^oto shows Miss Jacobs bring prMcnted with the cup. Two Named. In Taylorsville Slaying Thought to Have Robbed Two Men Spruce Pina. Sept. 12.—Two filling station operators were bound and robbed early today and their station and home ran sacked by three bandits, two of H ^jB»ihom police” believed were Im plicated in a Taylorsville bank hoMup in July when the cash ier was fatally shot and assistant cashier wounded. The station proprietors are Tom Huskies and Hunter Hud son. Hudson was bound when he answered the men's call for gas oline and immediately after Hus kies was tied up as he lay in bed. The bandits look a new auto mobile owned by Hudson, cisar- ettes, canned goods. $2.50 'and two slot machines from the sta tion and then took Hpskins’ ra- State Official | Great Interest Approves Budget In Tax Program, Of Health DeptJ Leonard States Wilkes Health Department to Executive Secretary M’p Vis Operate On Greatly Re duced Budget itor In City Short While Tuesday THE CUT IS $1,39.5.12 ' PURPOSES SET FORTH Interest in the North Carolina Fair Tax As.;ociation’s program I is growing daily, according to in the county last week and ap-1 p^ui Leonard of Statesville, proved the budget of the Wilkes l executive secretary of the or ganization, who was in North Dr. M. B. Ziegler, head of the department of county health work, state board of health, wa.s other dio. his clothing and tides from the home. Officers believed two of the three men were B. G. Greene and his son, Lester, who were im plicated in the attempted rob bery of the Merchants and Farm ers bank at Taylorsville by R. E. Black and Mike Stefa'noff, who were sentenced to dbath last week for their part in the hold up. T. C. Barnes, cashier of the hank, was fatally wounded and Solon Little, assistant, was county health departmeni. The budget for l!).'i:i-34 calls for an expenditure of $4,869.20 compared with $6,264.32 during the past year. The reduction is $1,395.12. The three-piece unit, con.-ist- ine '-f I'T. A. J. Eller, county health officer, Mrs. Bertha Bell, county health nurse, and Miss Beatrice Guthrie, secretary, will 1 e n...-itained despite the re.luc- tion in the budget allowance. Health work will be continued on the same scale as in the past gp. insofar as possible, it is learned. Grangers To Hold Picnic On Friday Wilkesboro Tuesday en route to Mount Airy and other points. Mr. Leonard was in the south eastern section of the State last week, and organized a county unit of the Association at Fay- Registrars and judges for the election November 7 to vote on the question of repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment were ap pointed Saturday at a meeting of the county board of elections. All members of the board, Joe Pearson, chairman, E. B. Bark ley, secretary, and Walter Jones, j were present. Although t h e appointments were authorized at the meeting Saturday, the list was not releas ed tor publication until yester day afternoon. All registrars, with one excep tion, who served at the general election last year, were asked to serve in the repeal election. B. F. Welch was named in Elk No. 2, instead of the regular registr ar who was unable to serve. The following judges were ap pointed, those listed as “for” be ing the judges for those favoring repeal of the amendment and those designated as “against” being the judges for the forces- against repeal: Antioch—Arthur Sales, for; L. M. Jarvis, against. Brushy Mountain—Clifton Ad ams, for; Edgar Hendren, against. Boomer—Arthur Caudill, for; J. M. German, against. Beaver Creek—G. C. Hayes, for; Vance McGhinnis, against. Edwards No. 1—Carl Hen drix, for: A. C. tVall, against. Edwards No. 2—W. A. Dur- etteville. “I find," he said, "that: ham, for; W. E. Parks, against the people are not only heartily | Edwards No. 3—J. B. Rose, in favor of our fight against'tor; Rev. L. B. Murray, against, sales taxes, but are equally in- j Elk No. 1—E. 'Williams, for, terested in our efforts to create i R. L. Wooten, against sentiment which will force great- j Elk No. 2—Will Dula, for; W. er economy in government in (Continued on back page) Armbrust Heard At Union Grove Will Gather At Smithey Hotel Spoke To Approximately 1,- In Wilkesboro For De- | 200 People Tuesday Eve* lightful Affair ning There i^ounded. Several hours after midnight, bandits came to the filling •tation near here and roused the owners,, saying they wanted gas oline. Hudson and Huskins were asleep in Huskies’ home nearby. Hudson left the house, servic ed the auto and then started to get the cigarettes the three asked for when he, was covered with pistols, seized and hound. The bandits robbed the sta tion, then ’went Into the home, tied Huskins In bed and robbed, him. They drove off In both auto mobiles. Authorities immediately began a widespread search for the men after -being notified by Hudson and Huskins who managed to free themselves in a short while. Flower Show,And Dinner Tomorrow Ladles of the Methodist .church auxiliary will stage a flower ^%how and serve a chicken dinner tomorrow evening at the Call Ho tel. The fltiS’hrs will be on dis play between the hours of 6: SO and 7 rSO p. m. During the tjme of the show, a tempting dinner will be served. Awards will be made for the displays o f several different kinds of,flowers. Members of the Grange organ ization in Wilkes county will be entertained at a picnic at the Smithey Hotel in Wilkesboro to morrow evening, starting at 7:30 o’clock. The Invitation Is extended not only tg present members of the Grange, but to former members and those who think they would be interested In becoming affili ated with the organization. A delightful program has been arranged by Mrs. C. F. Bretholl and T. W. Ferguson and those who attend are requested to take a basket filled with eat ables for the picnic supper. Rev. J. H. Armbrust, pastor of North Wilkesboro Methodist church and chairman of the Wilkes Citizens Association, ad dressed approximately . 1,200 Wilkes and Iredell citizens In de fense of the Eighteenth Amend ment at Union Grove arbor Tues day evening. Citing his experience with Bryant Stone, whom he accom panied to the electric chair, Rev. Mr. Armbrust appealed to the people to vote against the return of legalized liquor. The local minister was accom panied there by Dr. Sam Cassel, Mr. W. R. Absher and Mr. Dewey Minton. Welfare Office Gets 100 Fruit Jars As Result of Liquor Haul Saturday Some unknown person or per-1 a useful purpose, sons unknowingly contributed The contributors, however, more than 100 fruit jars* to the | are unknown. 'The dilapidated old county welfare department Sat-' ear was -wrecked by the driver uKday when they abandoneS an | and the occupants made their es- old Model-T Ford and 60 gallons j cape, leaving behind them their of llqnor on the Boone Trail cargo. Some of the frOlt Jarc and highway at the Wilkesboro city the liquor were lost In the wreck limits. I when the jars were broken. Sheriff W. B. Somers, who! Sheriff Somers, however, pour- made the haul, decided that the I ed out the remaining jars fruit Jars had been "In the serv-j liquor and “pulled In” the Ice of the devil long enough” j Ford which awaits the ’ and decided to donate them for | the owner. ■ i." • . ■ ' .*"■ ‘' ■, ’^4", \ A. Proffit, against. Jobs Cabin No. 1—H. H. Be- sbears, for; David Baker, aainst. Jobs Cabin No. 2—Hill Ham by, for; A. J. Taylor, against. Lewis Fork—Bob Walsh, for; U. G. Foster, against. (Continued on bacx page) Boxing Tonight Several Bouts Scheduled At C. C. Camp At 8:30 Several bouts are on the’ box ing card at the Civilian Conser vation camp at Purlear tonight. The boys, as It is customary each Thursday evening, will box for the entertainment of visitors, be ginning at 8:30 o’clock. Wilkes To Meet W&tauga Here This Afternoon The best the Wilkes County Baseball League has to offer in the way of players will meet the best of Watanga at the fairgrounds here this after noon at 4 o'clock- "nils will be the third and final game of the series and will determine the champion ship between the two leagues. ■Hie game will get under way on time. The largest baseball audi ence of the season is expected to be on hand to witness the clash. Only a small admission will be charged. JHie first game here two weeks ago resnited In a 6 to 0 victory for Watang^ while Wilkes triumphed last week by >re of 9 to 4. ^ ,jje Rhoades, one of the clnM coun- tjj^j\bo sent to the hill In -^hia c^ture the two- Hte Of City Schotds NowUnMWay Formal Opening Of Elemen tary School Hold Yester. ‘ ■ day Momipg CLASSROOMS ARE FULL Will Hold Formal Opening Of High School Tomor row Morning at 8:45 Schools In the North Wilkes boro city administrative unit opened Monday morning, calling vacation «yen’i Itle trdta tbe'Watan- from the summer their books. Practically every classroom is filled to capacity. It was learned yesterday. Classes were organiz ed promptly and regular work began Tuesday. The formal opening of the elementary schools was held yes terday morning and a splendid talk was made by Mrs. Wade JlpdOf •* ToFqrnUhMaM Genenl Manns McOoskey To "DeMver Address On The i Offenini Dtiy NEW FREE ACT ADDED 1 National Guard Company To Follow Band In Panide;’^ Everything Ready ’The 1933 edition of the Great Wilkes Fair will be opened Tuesday morning with a parade which will -begin near the Goode will Store about 10 o’clock an^ end at the fairgrounds. Contract for the Regimental Band of 105th Engineers, North -CaroHna National Guard, to come here from Charlotte and furnish music on the opening day, was made yesterday. This famous 26- uw.....o - -r John C. Dameron, of Weston, 111, -iiiiluc jcaicuaj-. xmo,uua „v- talk was made by Mrs. M ade winning the national (piece band will head the parade H. Clark, representing the Par- went to the Chicago world fair with I ent-Teacher Association. Rev. J. H. Armbrust conducted the de votional exercise and spoke brief ly- Addressing the boys and girls on "Citizenship,” Prof. W. D. Halfacre, superintendent of the city school system, urged that every effort be made to keep a clean slate as to accidents the coming term. Roller skating to and from school will not be al- lowed. Mr. Halfacre said. Proper went to the Chicago world fair with hog-calling contest- He yelled so long, and so loud and so clear that the judges gave him the champion ship cup. Dry Delegate To Be Named Monday N^ht At Meeting regard for the property rights of others was also emphasized. The formal opening of the high school will be held at 8:45 o’clock tomorrow morning. The public is cordially Invited to at tend the exercise which will in clude brief talks by members of the school board, local ministers and other patrons. Campaign of Drys Is In Full Swing Mass Meeting of Drys To Be Held At Courthouse Monday Evening ond later at the fairgrounds will give a concert for the entertain ment of fair visitors. Li uie parade will he Company, “A”, local National Goari -unit. Arrangements for the appearance of the local goard company In the parade were completed yes terday with Captain R. R. Reins. In the procession will be two cars carrying General Manus Mc- Closkey, commander of Fort Bragg, Congressman R. L. Doughton, W. A. McNeill, W. A. Robsseau, possibly Congressman Walter Lambeth and others. TO NAME ONE DELEGATE! General McCJloskey, who was ' secured to deliver the address Number of Speakers To Be Heard Sunday At Central Points In County The dry forces of Wilkes coun ty are continuing their campaign in behalf of the retention of the Eighteenth Amendment without abatement and the coming week will see some of the ablest dry leaders of the county in action. Addresses will be delivered at mass meetings at various points in the county. Following Is a list of appointments announced yes terday: Friday, September 15, Millers Creek schoolhouse, 8 p. m., Bu ford T. Henderson, speaker. Sunday, September 17, Mt. Pleasant schoolhouse, 8 p. 'm., W. K. Sturdivant, speaker. Sunday, September 17, Trap- hill schoolhouse. 3 p. m.. Prof. C. M. Dickson, speaker. Sunday, September 17, Roar ing River schoolhouse, 3 p. m.. Prof. W. D. Halfacre, speaker. Sunday, September 17, Moun tain View schoolhouse, 8 p. m.. A delegate to oppose repeal If a constitutional convention is called will be named by the Wilkes county forces of the Unit ed Dry Forces of North Carolina at a mass meeting at the court house in Wilkesboro Monday evening, September 18, at 8 o’clock. A call for the meeting of pre cinct committeemen and other dry sympathizers was issued yes terday. Wilkes county is entitled to one vote in the convention, if It Is called. The drys will nominate their candidate Monday night and the repealers are expected to take action in naming their can didate within the near future. Every township is expected to sei*-d representatives to the meet ing of the dry forces Monday eve ning. 29 States Vote Dry Law Repeal No State Has Yet Voted To Retain 18th Amendment To Constitution Colorado, Maryland and Minnes- sota on Tuesday joined the proces sion of states voting for repeal of opening ‘'She fair, will be intro duced by Congressman Dough- ton. His address will begin shortly after the procession ar rives at the fairgrounds. W. A. Rousseau, secretary of the fair association, annonneed this morning that a contract with Merrill Bros, and Sister, trapeze artists and famous perforqiers, was signed last night. This Wtil be an additional free act, proA. cured at considerable expense, for the entertainment of those who attend the fair. The Wagoner band from Mt. Airy will furnish music through out the week. Everything is now in readi ness for the opening. The Joura- al-Patrlot today carries a num ber of articles reviewing the many attractions that have beea arranged for the fair. Never la the history of fairs In Wllkea has a more elaborate program been arranged and indications are that the attendance will break all previous records. Marriage License tain view scnooinouse, a p. m., , ~ , ..a Attorney P. J. McDuffie, speaker. ^ E>^tee"th Am®ntoent bn y Sunday, September 17, at Som ers schoolhouse, 3 p. m.. Attor ney A. H. Casey, speaker. Quarterly Conference The fourth quarterly confer ence for the Moravian Falls charge will be held at Maria s Chapel Sunday afternoon at 2:30 I’clock. Rev. Seymour Taylor, sub-presIdlng elder since the death of Rev. W. E. Poovey, will deliver the sermon and preside at the business session of the con ference. ing the total ti 29 sattes voting to get rid of the national dry laws. No state has voted to retain the amendment. Seven more states are needed to ratify the 21st Amendment which repeals the 18th Amend ment. Pores Knob-Vashtl Game Pores Knob will play the Vashtl baseball team at Moravian Falla field Saturday. Batteries: Pores Knob, Brtfck and Laws; Vashtl, Thomas and Burgess. Twenty-Nine New Motor Vehicles, Registered At L(^ License Office License plates for twenty-nine new automobiles and^ trucks were secured at the North Wilkesboro office of the Carolina Motor Club during the first thirteen days of September, It was learned last night from J. C. -McDiarnsld, branch office manager* The Increased sales of plates •for new motor vehicles indlrates a decided trend upward in de^- eral business conditions. New car registrations in North Carolina are^ several hundred head of registrations at this time last year. The recent spurt In autoq^pbil* licenses sales Is a healthy sign, according to experienced observ ers. In addition to the sale, of lic enses for new cars, many cars which have been parked are com ing out of the garages and' are appearing for the first time with 1933 plates. Mr. McDlarmld said he ex3(»ected a big Increase In the sale of licenses for cars now off the highways the first of Oc tober when the quarter-year plates may be puroftased. O, as-' Register of Deeds T. H. Settle issued marriage licenses to the following couples during the past week: Robert Brooks and Kath erine White, both of North 'Wil kesboro; Carmel Steelman, of North Wilkesboro, and Zena Cockerbam, of Wllbar; Frank Gilreath, of Wilkesboro, and Florence Marsh, of Wilkesboro, Route 1; Derlce Spicer and Btter Sexton, both of 'TraphllL ChurdiAtPiirleu Dedicated Sunday Rev. G. W. Sebastian Preach es Sermon;. Building' Erect ed Ten Ye$trs Agio Purlear Baptist church, locat ed at Purlear, was dedicated Sun day •with appropriate exercisea. The dedication sermon was de livered by the pastor. Rev. O. W. Sebastian, who used as his sub ject, "Temple and Church.” The church building there was erected about ten years ago by citizens of that commudty. Ma terials and money to puroJmse materials and labor were donated by people In that neighborhood. The chnrch building was used for occasional meetings, funerals and public gatherings until No vember of last year ■»fhen a church was organlMd and a pa»- tor called. ’The membership at the beginning was small, but has Increased steadily. The church Is now frea firom debt, all building materials and equipment having been paid for prior to the dedication. • I J

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