Class (ktaaliad Hfasday Eve ning; 1^. Daendiager To ^ fe . the Iittdnictor ^ y«*«»-n" , {jpwpl®. “When -p«o^e under- Dr; Tjerendlnger^was oora In'ataad Ju«t how^the Twc AmocI^ .. * Swltieriaikl and w«t , edHoeted VA AvI bdtb fa Iwope ud^Ameripa. fie ,_tC/Ml VUiHWJ,1im «ftttB»d tUooloKT ia Berttn and is tM best colleges ot Amer ica. Be' has made a specialty of *El for many kllht At in 'iBr. Kmest Dereadlnger Ph.- D.' ^ «f - Catawba College, began a ^Ciifinw in "Art “Appmiation” : Voniday erenlnc at the Wilke^ 'l^ro school. ^2 tlUe class will meet each Mon day^ at 7:00 p. m. and last for j two‘ hoars. The’ course will in- tinde a study of art in America— architecture, scuipture, and pointing. The lires and ■works of the best ^pwn artists will be Andled.- "AT eieh 'class one 'or two subjects of the Eluropean painters will also be studied. These may be.suggested by the inembers of the class. Slides will he used to illustrate the lectures throughout the course. An eight point course’ will be offered and both certificate and college credit will be given for it. The cost will be 25 per cent less than the price of former ■ MUIU will function for th# gen-| eiisl good of the a^e, they are nody to Join the movement,” he' said. ''The most ^gratifying turn of last‘d week's aetWtlsa,'’ years'^ and has | be added] "was’the fact Ittnt Catawha^' College | farmers and professional man 6f McrciiwtirReady To,£^perate fai *9 Movft' °*****" ^°^^'*****” ** an Invi^tlon to the people ot 'Wilkes and adjoining eountlM to attend the fair and stop off while In the city to make their needed fnrchases. since 1PI6. V |Onmheriniid eonnty were among Any one from the puhUc'wleh-jthe first to eiOTll as members ing to attend the lecturee with- , when 'volunteers were called for — In the meeting at FayettevUle. Newest Fall Styles Are To Be Di^layed Here During oat credit may do,,so at a min imum charge. ' ' , of PiUr (G»t AT INTEREST C PROGl lONARD STATES IN TAX PROGRAM LEO (Continued from page one)_ North Carolina.” Later in the month Mr- Leon ard expects to call a meeting of Wilkes citlsens for the purpose of forming a county unit of the Association here. Meetings are to be held in a number of counties this and next week. The state sec retary said the Journal-Patriot was right when it stated editor ially recently that support of the Tax Association is going to be guaged largely by the under standing of its purposes by the rrhe same was true .at the recent meeting held In Boone.” Objects'of the Fair'Tax Asso ciation set forth In the certifi cate of Incorporation Include the following: "To foster,, promote, encourage and otherwise a'waken an Inter est In, governmental affairs and. functions, i' directing^ particular attention to matters of taxation and economy In government; “To educate, instruct, advise and inform the citizenship of this State on matters of govern ment, public policy and particul arly taxation; "To discourage excessive tax ation, waste and extravagance in Government, and to engage in any and all lawful activities hav- ■ The “Buy ^ Now” movement, which the. National Recovery Ad ministration’^ is endeavoring to set in motion, has not caught North Wilkesboro merchants un- prepared. - A survey of their stocks re veals that during the week... of the Ousat Wilkes Fair, starting _ T^day and continuing thrpug^. r iSiturday, they-wUl,^have bh'dis play the largest oraortmnt of the newest styles ever ,«bffered the buying public in this section. The very latest fashions will be displayed daring this period and the merchanto are, extending opportunity! to kHI" two birds with one stone. During the rest periods'vray ; frpm‘' the falr- yroande, vlalt the stores of the elty and took over the ftdendid stoeka-that wJU be dteplayed for ytfUr idd^ Rirer-rJ(b{iS for; oho*. Ofyseli Against. ^ Rock Greek-^Ordver F^ry. for: T, 3. McNeill, against. f» Somen—Press Inscore, for; 3r P. McCarter, against. Btanton Branson Benton, for; W> B. Fletcher, agginrt' Traphlll No. 1—OUver Brew er, for; Fhermsn Bryan, against. Bvery merchantman cbaslness firm whoee hdyprtiMmmithP^ pears in The Jonmal-Piatriot this week extends" an invitation tor yon to visit their place of busi ness during the fair. ‘ TrayhlU No. 2—B. Johnson, telrgronnds Sa^rday for: C. C. Bidden, against. piooB. '** ^on — Ambrose Sheidierd, iorf Bran Goltatd, against. ^ i Walnut Owtw Ko. 1—John AleSiittder, for; Oilty Johnson, against..- BSCHla!II^ A30 ;i FOB InlFB^ Al^ivX^ — - - M., . (Gofttinned from page one) . ing for their purpose. the' repeal of the General Sales Tax in North Carolina, and the preven tion of its enactment in the fu ture.” V ^ Loymoee—John Anderson, ‘'for; S. C. Stewart, against. Moravian PallOT-T. J. Brock, for; W. R. Hubbard, against. Mulberry — Charlie Shatley, tor; D. C. Sebastian, agdinst.' Newcastle — Durant Pardue, for; Worth Sale, against. North Wilkeabore-^eorge 8. Forester,- for; A. A. Finley, against. ' - Wolnnt Grove No. 'f 2—Jesee iohooon, f 0 r;’ Troy Btevlns, against.'^-' .j; WflkMboro—T.^ S. Mfller, for; f*. O. Holman, against.^ P.rT. A. Local AssociatJon-sJN-ilfeet At ' S:4B o'CSodc .i!.-A meeting of thfjwml J&flpint- TeocJ^ Aes6clapBm»pMt:hia'held In the school ;iwH||DKS^ this afternoon at A splendid program ar ranged and every ;and friend of the school Jp .eof^ally ipvlted to attend. . s-i?-- st HoU At Fairtpteinds'On . day At 1 M. wm^Ur Grier MlUs and win elosh l^a donbleheod^ ■'•The flzM gnmie. which jpisd ht 1 o’clock,^! he a { Ihiitteii ot the contest for j the s«H storting soon after the end ?bf' the finL win be i regu^ sec- ond-baU schednled conteef. ? Aa 'Anusnally large crowd isj •llpeeua to see the m^mee, ecr. trwrt is the interest In the pnitlue ' sie On iend. f-'Doinr at ihe Batter^j^t Cl lower end ot Manhafts^-Islaa yon can pay a nickellook; throngh a4oleeeepcvat the ttrihte] of Idberty. . * ' Alexander Woollcott, " reporter? extraordinary, has dlscovere^^.-a* drttgstQni slgfc- In' New Wfilc#reads: "LltUe Bibs Little Spinach pplllers." ...t )L TAKE A FRIEND TO THE Liberty Theatre -X As the GUEST of Any Firm Represented On This Page Read the Simple Rules: ANY “AD” ON THIS PAGE AND PLUS Ic TAX WILL ADMIT 2 PERSONS TO THE LIBERTY THEATRE THURSDAY OR FRIDAY, SEPT. 21-22 What a Show! Grab the Scissors Quick—Clip Any Coupon Here ... Have It Signed By the Firm Represented and Take a Friend To See This Great Show. HER MAN.. HIS WOMAN Was She Truly a Beauty For Sale With Madge Evans Alice Brady Otto Krueger Una Merkel Mae Roeson Phillips Holmes THURSDAY - FRIDAY-SEPT. 21 AND 22 _ DON’T MISS THIS GREAT SHOW To*3f« A Good Show Use This Coupon For Good Shoe Repair Work . . . Quality Material . .. Expert Workman SEE See The Fall Merchandise At Gilreath’s Electric Shoe Repair Spainhour-Sydnor Dry Goods Co. 620 “B” STREET This “Ad” and 2Gc will admit 2 persona to The Liberty Theatre Thursday or Friday, Sept. 21 or 22. _. And A Good Show As Our Guest Thia “Ad” and 26c will admit 2 peraons to The Liberty Theatre Thursday or Friday, Sept. 21 or 22. Bring Us This “A*d’ To See a,Good Show As Our Guest BlueRi^eStu^ Our $1.00 Offer Extended Until Oct 1st 1—8x10 Photograph For $1.00) This “Ad” and 26c will, admit 2,pers(ma to The liberty Tlwatre Thursday' or Friday, Sept. 21 or 22. Bring This Oupon Here and Enjoy A Good Sandwich or Cold Drink Mrs. Eller’s Cafe You’D Enjoy A Good Show Visit Our Shop WhUe Visiting The Fair See A Good iShow As Onr Guest Wisteria Beauty Salon This “Ad” and 26c will admit 2 persona to The Liberty Theatre Thursday or Friday, Sept. 21 or 22. Thia “Ad” and 26e will admit 2 persons to The Libmrty Theatre Thursday or Friday, Sept. 21 or 22... '^Drop lin To See Us While At The Fair Joumal-Patmt Your Newsqwpiw ; Thia "Ad” and 26e will admit i perMiia to^be libo^ tiootM ■i VThmsday or Friday, Sept. 21 or 24. ‘ ' - -fclttf ■pnobd'.r fg r ^ rjgj m

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