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!e Jotffiuil-Patriot blazed the tralP'of^
' J* ^
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(M Sta4 Grange
Sought For City
Kllppuais Chib Directors Go On
1 As Favoring Move
ment For Meet
.Jtoeal Civic Organization In
Readiness To Help At*
Postmasters Meet
With the Idea of further ad-
Tertteing North Wllkesboro as
the eonTention olty/'dir^tors of
the North Wilkeshoro Kiwanis
Club at their monthly meeting
Thursday eve^ng voted to urge
that the Influence of their or
ganization and other people of
the city be used to bring the
1935 state convention of the
Grange to North Wllkesboro.
^ Wilkes Pomona Grange lead-
-ers are of the opinion that the
city has an excellent chance of
securing phe« convention. 11
would bring a,pproximately 500
of the best farmers of North
Carolina here.
The club directors also voted
to offer the services of kiwan-
ians in arranging for the enter
tainment of postmasters at their
state convtntion which will be
held here in June or .Inly,
A. resolution asking that the
good roads committee petition
the state highway commi-ssion
to include some of the needed
Wilkes highway projects in the
next letting was also pa.ssed by
the directors.
The directors were guests of
W. E. Jones. Tlie meeting was
held at Hotel Wilkes.
Secretary to Moule
Negro Youth Is
Slain By Daise
I Money In F^ht
M.ii Roi^ ch«g. I iPreadent Lauded
'By Senator Gark
At Jackson I%ier
Slayer Surrenders To Officers
and Says He Shot In De-
fetnse of Himself
LOS ANGELES . . . When Miss
Carolyn Shafer (above). Is not
rushed to death answering movie
fan mail for her boss, she is ra
ther prideful that she is the only
secretary in the world to a
mouse. His name Is Mickey
House . . . and w'hat a boss.
Wilkes Students
At Wake Forest
Are Making Good
Five of Them Representing
Wilkes At Famous Old
Baptist Irestitul|!on
Legion Post To
Meet On Friday
Membership Drive Here Is
Very Successful; Urge
l.arge Attendance
• Wilkes County Post No. 125.
American Legion, will hold its
regular monthly meeting on Fri
day. April 6. at 7Hit) p. m,. at
the American Legion-Auxiliary
Club House.
In the recent membership
drive, the local post is in the
lead over other po.sts of this dis-
. trict.
There will be automobiles leav
ing the Wilkes Hotel at 7:15 on
-the uight of the meeting, tor the
benefit of members who do not
have transportation facilities
This will no doubt be the best
attended meeting this year, due
to the important matters to be
brought before the membership.
J. M. Quinn, post commander,
said this morning.
'CWA Work Ended
In Short Order
Expected To End .Saturday, But
Orders Came To Stop On
Thursday Evening
Wake Forest, March 31.—-Five
men from Wilkes county are
I among the 900 students enrolled
this session at Wake Forest Col
Two are from I’urlear: and
one each is troni North Wilkes-
horo. Wjlke.sboro and Honda.
Two of The group are .second-
year law students: and one is a
senior and three are sophomores
in the academic school.
They are: From Nprtjj^JVil^kes-
boro-J. J. Anderson, son of
.Mrs. Annie .Anderson.
From Purlear—C. C. Hayes,
Jr., son of -Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
Hayes: and J. A. Hayes.
From Wilkesboro—E. S. Lowe,
son of Mr. and Mrs, (’. .A. l>owe.
From Honda- H. O- Poplin.
Jr., son of Mr. and -Mrs. R. 0.
This delegation from Wilkes
county is making a significant
ct>ntribiition to the campus life
at the century-old institution.
Mr. Anderson is photography edi
tor of The Howler, college an
nual. and a member of the Bap
tist Student Union Council, the
Dramatics club and the college
band, C. C. Hayes and J. A.
Hayes, both second year law
students, belong to the Barris
ter’s Club, an organization of
select law students. R. O. Pop
lin. Jr., is on the debating squad
and is a prominent figure in the
Statesman's Club.
During the last week in May
In connection with the com
mencement program. Wake For
est will observe her 100th birth
day. The occasion will be marked
by the dedication of a handsome
n e w administration building.
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Negro Was Attacking Mon
ey's Brother At Time of
Fatal Shooting
1,000 or More Young Demo
crats In Raleigli For Big
Get-’^ogether . i.
n.' ' ' '
Ernest Martin, 19-year-old col
ored boy of the Honda commun
ity, was shot to death by Daise
•Money, white raan.of New Castle
Eh'ringhaus Defends " Admin-
istration; Dooghton Hits
At Republicans
township, Thursdt^
about 7 o’clock.
Immediately after the fatal
shooting. Money came to Wilkes-
Memorial Stadium, Raleigh,
—-—, March 31.—With more than 1,-
Mae Blalock, (above), an cx-Iq^o representatives of every sec-
pectant mother and. reputed ; (,( North Carolina present,
Raaii Rans-hart. Heella’s young Democratic
evening sweetheart of Basil Banghart,
' Toughey gangster who was sen
tenced to 99 years for kidnaping,
is charged with having some con-
oxivxv/i.ziie>» vw , |g w*v»» -
boro and surrendered to Sheriff j nection with the |105,000 mall-
W. B. Somers and is being held! truck robbery at Charlotte. She
in the county jail pending a pre- j was recently brought to this
liminary hearing. I state for trial, but was released
The killing took place just | under bond.
above the Money home in New
Castle township. Two of iMoney's
brothers were witnesses to the
According to the statement of
the slayer, the negro boy had
been loafing around his home all
the afternoon and was drunk at
legions tonight held their bien
nial Jackson Day dinner here.
Principal speaker for the oc
casion was young Senator Ben
nett Champ Clark of Missouri,
and Democratic messages were
brought by Governor Ehriaghaus
and members of .the state’s con-
Nineteen Wilkes
Boys Get Places
With C.C. Camps
the time. The colored lad was
carrying a .45 pistol and had | (Carried To Asheville
drawn the gun on Money and his j Morning By Mrs. G. G.
Foster, F.E.R.A. Head
brothers several times in a!
threatening manner. .Money shot |
him in the alidopien with a pis-j ALTERNATES ALSO GO
tol when he picked up an axe | ,,-ti
, , ,, ,u Nineteen Wilkes boys will be
and struck Harvey Money on the
I gressional delegation.
I Senator Clark in his address,
coupled praise for the Roosevelt
! administration with a defense of
members of congress who have
not “bUndly” followed the Presi
dent in all his policies.
Describing President Roose-
, velt as the most “invincible and
This] triumphant foe of entrenched ACTIVE DEMOCRAT
special privilege since Andrew
Delegatkm Is,
In^'cted Ta
Lar^e Wilkea DHassHott U
Given To Present Head of
State RepuMiauis
H» C, IQIby Replaces L T.
"■ Prevette As Mauibdr «f
State CoJutfattWr^'".^
J. M. Brown, North;'‘Wllkee-
WASHINGTON . . . Walter j,
Cummings (above), C,hIcago
broker, is the new treasurer of
the National Democratic Com
mittee. Mr. Cummings is the man
who put into operation the Fed
eral Deposit Insurance Corpor
Ralph R. Reins
Amounces For
Sheik’s Post
Prominent World-War Vet
eran and Legionnaire Is
Out For Nomination
ana struck i-iaivey .uonev on replacements
hack with n twice m rapid sue-, ^ Conservation
cession, officers said he told
them. His brothers corroborated' taken
his statements. . | ,„ Asheville Recruiting elation
■Money is a married man and is, . ^
, I this morning and from this nuni-
about .3,-) years of age. I
The victim of the shooting was
the son of Jim Martin, of Honda.
Funeral services were conduct
ed Sunday from .Mountain Valley
church at 11 a. ni.
Expected to die a natural
death Saturday at noon, the
dril works administration was
not granted this privilege, but In
stead had its head chopped off
aaexipectedly Thursday evening
when instructions were received
trom the state administrator to
nd no men eul 0*) projects Fri
day morning.
The telegram was not received
until late in the day and there
waa a rush to scene of projects
to prevent workers from starting
to work Friday morning.
Mount Pleasant
Wins In Debates
Mrs, Tilley Is
Free Under Bond
Obtains Liberty By Furnish
ing $2,500 Bond; Was
Released Saturday
.Mrs. Luther Tilley, one of the
five members of the Tilley fam
ily under indictment in connec
tion with the death of Miss Le-
oda Childress on December 30
last year, was released under
bond Saturday.
She furnished a $2,500 bond
which was accepted by the state.
Privilege of bond was granted
her by Judge Wilson Warlick at
Bakersville last Wednesday fol
lowing a hearing on a writ of
habeas corpus.
Other members of the Tilley
family are still in jail.
ber, 1!) will be chosen for places
with the civilian camps. Mrs. G.
G, Poster, director of federal
emergency relief, accompanied
the boys to Asheville.
The boys going to Asheville
were: Ernest Lawrence Johnson,
, Roartng River; Carl Brown,
! Halls Mills; Clyde Eugene Smith.
State Road; John Laws. North
Wilkesboro; Herbert * Durham,
i Honda; Ruel E. Norman, Thur
mond; R. C. Vannoy, Reddies
River; Lee D. Ross, Benham;
William Stalth Hester, Boomer;
John Charliq Teague, Radical;
Sherman Bryant Kilby. Boomer;
Leander David ' Cothran, Roaring
River; Edward Jordan Hayes,
North Wilkesboro: Charles H.
Dula, Moravian Falls. Fred Rob
erta, North Wilkesboro, Route 1;
Barney Johnson, North Wilkes
boro; James Wilson McNeill,
Beaver Creek; Claud Parsons,
Parsonsville: Herman Bauguess,
fiterl Blackburn, Harrison Vestal
and Dennis Willard Woodie.
Jackson,” the Missouri senator
declared some of the President’s
measures were temporary and
“frankly experiments’’ and he,
along with others, could not fol
low them.
“Some of them to my mind
have lieen extremely dangerous
experiments and I have not al
ways followed the President,’’
Clank asserted. “Such I conceive
to have been the theory of the
fathers of the republic and such
will be my course as long as I re
main in a position of responsi
bility under the constitution.”
He said he had not patience
with those who “blindly” follow
a leader. He pointed to Senator
Bailey of North Carolina as one
who had not always followed the
Defending the President, Sen
Ralph R. Reins, prominent
World War veteran and a mem
ber of the firm of Reins Bros.
Monument company, announced
this morning that he will file as
a candidate for the Democratic
nomination for sheriff in the
June primary.
Mr. Reins’ entry into the race
for the sheriff's office is the
second, James M. Anderson hav
ing announced several days ago.
Friends ofdhe Wllkesboro man
have been urging him to make
the race for sometime.*'hut'’*'fie
had withheld a decision until to
He is the son of the late Mr
boro attorney, was
man of the Wilkes county Repnb-
lican executive committee, H. C.
Kilby and Mrs. F. M. Jfennlnga
were named members of
state executive commitee fiMK
Wilkes county, the Wilkes dele
gation was Instructed to caSf
vote as a unit at the- state con
vention for James S. Duncan, and
John R. Jones was endorsed‘for
re-election as solicitor at the
county convention held atf
courthouse in Wilkesboro today.
A convention which opened
harmoniously, ended late this aft
ernoon after the resolution to In
struct for James S. Duncan bad
been hotly contested. The con
vention was called to order at
11:20 this morning and adjourn
ed shortly before 5 o’clock this
Mr. Brown was elected to suc
ceed -A. H. Casey as chairman
without opposilion, no other can
didate being placed in nomina
The vote to instruct the Wilkes
delegation for Chairman Duncan
was 88 1-2 to 32 1-2. The oppo
sition to instructions had been
defeated a few moments earlier
when an amendment to allow
pro rata representation for those
not in favor of instructing the
delegation was defeated 114 1-2
to 25 1-2.
H. C. Kllbjr. was elected a mem
ber of the state executive com
mittee over J. T. Prevette. a
member of the present commft-
and Mrs. W. F. Reins, of Wilkes- ,
boro, and is a member of one of ■ j>y a vote of 84 1-2 to 35 1-2
the county’s best known fam-^ Immediately after the conven-
ueienaing me rreaiuem, ocu- j - ,
ator Clark said Roosevelt has; spent one year overseas. Mr. |Kyle Hayes as secretary, succeed-
Profes.sor Is Suicide
John T. Nelson, 28-year-old
North Carolina State .College his
tory professor, was found d'ead
yesterday of asphyxiation from
carbon monoxide gas in his auto
mobile parked in a wood near
Needham Broughton high school.
The death was pronounced a sul-
effie. -A rubber tube ran from the
exhaust pipe to the inside of the
New Ford V-Eight
Trucks Are Received
Two convoys of Ford V-Eight — .
trucks and cars arrived this agreements, declaring the world
favmAra hoa hppfl
convinced the people that he
stands tor government for the
masses instead of for special
privilege and also has convinced
the people that he is carrying out
his pledge “to drive the money
changers from the temple.’’
The Missouri senator declared
the nation was emerging from a
crisis more serious than any the
natron "has faced with ,the pos
sible exception of the Revolution
and the War Between the States.
Favors Trade Pacts
Ultimate recovery, however, he
asserted, will depend upon con-
gres.s giving President Roosevelt
the power of reciprocal trade
morning at the Yadkin Valley
Motor company and the new
units are now on display in the
! showrooms. TTiis was the first
arrival of truck units and pros
pective purchasers of trucks are
invited to call in and see the
latest Ford product.
Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Pugh,
Gastonia, spent a few hours
Wilkesboro Friday.
market of the farmers has been
destroyed by high tariffs.
From the mountains to the sea
the legions of young Democracy
were represented by young men
and young women and the Easter
season was reflected in the
gowns afld corsages. Formal wear
was intermingled with informal
both at the speakers table and in
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Both Teams Defeat Mountain;
View Teams To Win Tri
angular Honors
Reins has been an active mem-j jng j. M. Brown, the new chair
ber of the Wilkes County Poet of man
the American Legion since its or
.ganization and has twice been
commander of the post.
Captain Reins, as he is gener
ally known, is commander of
Company “A”, 105th Engineers
of the North Carolina National
Guard, and is widely known
throughout the county.
Since early manhood, Mr. Reins
has been an actly^ Democrat and
his friends assert that he would
make a good race if he is nomi
nated for the office.
At present, he is a member of
the Wilkesboro board of aider-
men, this being the only public
office he has ever held. He has
never been a candidate for office
McElwee Named
Bank Attorney
Approved For Pr«j»aration Of
Abstracts By Federal Land
Bank Of Cidumbia
.Tar Heel Revenue
Shows An Increase
Is Seven Million Dollars
Ahead Of Same Periol Ijist
Year; Good Record
Mount Pleasant high school
■ debating teams won victories
over teams representing Moun
tain View high school Fri. ay and
earned th^ right to represent
their triangle in the finals at
Chapel Hill two weeks from now.
Millers Creek, which was in
cluded in the triangle, withdrew
and left Mountain View and
Mount Pleasant to debate each
other. Both of Mount Pleasant’s
teams won, thus siicceisfully
passing the first obstacle to a de
bating championship.
Raleigh. March 31—Revenue
olleetions of the .state of North
arollna were more than $7,000,-
m more the current fiscal year
fcroogh today than they were
>r the same period last year, A.
Maxwell, commissioner of
avenue, revealed tonight.
Highway revenues increased
2,407,783.^4 over last year’s
tgures for the nine months of
lie fiscal year and general fund
g^pts were up $4,722,829.40,
4h Um I per cent general sales
IX bringiag In $4,248,435.09';of
amount. f '
Mail Contracts Asketl
Contracts for carrying air mall
were asked by the post office de
partment at Washington last
week. Former contract holders
besigned the department, asking
for information regarding any re
organization that might be de
Hunt For Money
Having voted bigger payments
to veterans and postal employees,
Otto Kahn Dies
Otto Kahn, one cf the world’s
outstanding financial leaders,
died suddenly at his New York
home Thursday.
Business Is Good
Business completed the most
active first quarter since 1931
last week, with a tew lines, not-
a b 1 y automobile production,
making the best showing since
The Roosevelt Easter
President Roosevelt observed
Easter yesterday In a unique
service aboard his yacht on the
high sea off the coast of Miami,
Fla. The President himself con
ducted the service.
1930. This information Is based
Congress is now concerned with on a careful study of the busi-
Boomer Grange To Meet
a hunt for money with which to
make the payments. Just where
the money is coming from has
not been made clear.
ness situation by experts.
The Boomer Subordinate
Orange will meet at Boomer
schoolhouse on Friday evening
at 7:30 o’clock. All members and
prospective members are urged
to be present.
Banks Closed Today
The Bank of North Wilkesboro
and the Deposit & Savings Bank
are closed today in observance
of the Easter holidays. They
will re-open tomorrow- ^morning
af the usual hour.
Son Vlsite Mother
Earl Wynekoop. son of Dr.
Alice Wynekoop, who was con
victed of murdering his wife,
reached the door of the Illinois
.vomen’s reformatory Just in
time Thursday to bid his mother
an affectionate farewell as she
entered upon a 25-year prison
term. They fell into a close em
brace and clang to each other in
silence before ithe 6S-yearTOld
woman physician was taken into
the prison. - •
' RMcer Is KUlrU
W. B. Folk, of Charleston, S.
C., was Ifliled at Jacksonville,
Fla. yesterday as his racing anto-
moblle crashed into a tree while
he was warming up for a JOO-
mlle race. Folk crashed his car tp
avoid a midget automobile which
had come on the course in front
of him.
Samuel Insult Again ^
Samuel Insull, former utility
magnate, will he turned over to
American anthorltlen by the
Turkish government today... In-
snll is wanted for embezslemeuL
40,000 At Salem
Forty thousand people attend
ed the beautiful Easter sunrise
service of the Moravian church
in Winston - Salem yesterday
morning. Bishop Pfohl led the
Congressman Deaxl
Edward W. Pou. dean of the
house of representatives, who
represented the fourth North
Carolina district for 34 year®,
died Sunday at his home in
Fears World Suicide
Expressing alarm at war talk
and war clouds, ^Dr. Nlcholna
MuiWf Butler, president of Co-
lumlhia*^ .ITnlverslty, prophesied
yesterday that the world will ei ‘
H#ln economic snlclde «un|(
:the nations chang^e their present
W. H. McElwee, promising
young attorney of this city, was
approved last week by the Fed
eral Land Bank of Columbia, Co
lumbia, S. C„ In connection with
the preparation and examina
tion of abstracts for loans in this
The appointment of Mr. Me-;
Blwee is considered quite an hon
or for him.
NotiflcaUon of his approval
was made by S. B. Rogers, as
sistant counsel for the bank.
Local Baseball
Lndm Ippt M^l
Local Team Mag Yie Orgaiihm«-’
At Meeting A* CNjr Hill to
morrow Eventagi at 7:80
A meeting for ihd .purpose of
org'anizing a- local baoehall elnb
has been announced for tomor
row evening at 7:30 o’clock at
the city hall. This .meeting ha*
no connection with the organisa
tion of a team to enter the pro
posed slx-connty 'league,
it . is
the field an aggreefive organlm-
ton this seuon.
Duffle. T. S. Bryar
(Continued on page four)
^1 leader, iplan to.,pat on ond"of the largest in the eountry
and Its store# bnjey i wide pit-
rtmaae. B
ilioB. He served In the American | uon. the county executive com-
army in the World War and [ mittee met and elected .Attorney
Complete harmony marked the
early proceedings of the conven
tion. Called to order by A. H.
Casey, chairman of the Republi
can executive committee for the
past eight years, all credentials
of the township delegations were
found to be satisfactory exc^
those from Moravian Falls town
ship where a contest was an
Chairman Casey appointed P.
W. Eshelman. J. C. Wallace and
D. C. Sebastian as members of
the credentials committee, which
heard arguments in the matter
and decided to give both factions
to the controversy equal repre
sentation in voting.
White the committee was out,
speeches were made by a num
ber of prominent Republican
leaders. All of these wefh main
ly a plea for harmony and unity.
Among those who spoke .were
Representative Charles H.
Cowles. ex-Senator Linville Bum
garner. Vance McChlnnls, Solici
tor John R. Jones, H^pry , Rey
nolds. ex-Sherlff P;_|l.^wn, J.
T. Prevette. Attorney,,.
_ ... _ „ R.
C. Jennings, and other
With the report in, the mat
ter of organization was taken up.
In calling Charles H. Cowles to
the chair as temporary chatymna.
Mr, Casey expressed apprecfsrtfc
to the Republicans of Wilkes for
their co-opei^ion^ during
services as chairman and de
clared that he would always pe
found battling for the principle
of the Republican party. Mr.
Casey was given a rising vot»*Bf
Haaager JL G, Penney GsHgnnp
Store WW Spend PMr ’Imys
At A»l»»flc
W. H. Clark, manager of the
loosl store of the J. Penney
company, will leave Thnred^ to
attend the annual convciuiott of
the Penney store mana^fs in
AtlanUc City. He wUl be away
for several days. ^
Thp Penney company chain W

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