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    ;])i8lift«tors and Dealers lo
Tlifc Territory To Discuss
(Ml (3ode
Executive Secretary of Dis-
Itrict To Explain Provis
ions of Petroleum Code
All distributors of petroleum
products and all their dealers in
Wilkes are asked to attend the
code meeting to be held at the
courthouse in Wilkesboro on
Tuesday, May S, at S p. m. Deal-
Bj^ers in parts of Alexander, Alle-
Ashe and Surry counties,
^ served by distributors here, are
' also asked to attend.
In the meeting to be held
'Tuesday C. A. Brown, executive
secretary of the petroleum com-
' taiUtee of this division, 'will ex-
pteio farther details in regard to
the Vrorklng of the petroleum.
oo4le*.ior oil; and gasoline
baton and dealers.
The iapert^SM of attending
; this meeting is W forth becavse
of the fact that an effort is be
ing made to educate the service
station operators and dealers
with reference to the code before
any prosecutions are made for
violations. The code is a federal
law and will be enforced, it is
pointed out.
Announcement of the meeting
Tuesday is made by F. C. For
ester, member of the state com
mittee and chairman of the sub- [
committee for this district. Oth-1
er members on the sub-commit
tee include Spencer Richardson
, for the Texas Oil Company, Mar-!
tin Reeves for the Standard Oil
Company. Carl Colvard for the
Shell Company. Hilton Johnson
for the Gulf distributors. Walter
Myers for the Independent Oil
Company, and R. L. Church for
the Snrry county distributors do-
a-ing busuieas in jyilkes county.
Candidates Must
File Before Six
o’clock Saturday
Washington—^Above is pictured the scene in the jwstofflce depart
ment as bids on temporary arirmail contracts for 17 major routes
were open=»d by Comptroller William Slattery In the presence of Second
Assistant Harley Branch and Postmaster General James A. Farley-
The low bid of 24 cents per airplane mile was 20 cents below the
Riaximum specifications asked by the department. The reorgan!ied
major air lines were the tow bidders.
Six o’clock Satui^ay. Is the
closing time for candidates In
the June primary to file with
the" county board of elections.
Candidates for all county and
township offices in both politi
cal parties must file with the
board and pay the required
fees. A filing fee is required
of candidates for magistrates,
Justices of the peace and con
stables as well as county of
Candidates must file per
sonally or must at least sign
the pledge to support the
ticket of the party with which
they are affiliated. For this
reason it is betUV that they
file in [terson with some mem
ber of the county board.
Postmasters of Tol,
Gather In North r I
boro This Year -
Banquet Meetii^ Will Be
Held On Last Evening
of Omvention
Bus Station In
City Is Changed
Greyhound Lines Stalion Here
Vow Lo-atel At Green Ia«n-
tem Cafe
Whereas, the increasing loss of life and limb upon
the public streets and highways of our state have reach
ed enormous proportions, and.
Whereas, there is a great need for every citizen,
man, woman and child to appreciate and assume their
own individual responsibility in preventing street and
highway accidents, and.
Whereas,-the week of May 7th to 12th has been
designated as “Safety Week” in our state,
I, J. A. Rousseau, mayor of the town of North
Wilkesboro, N. C„ do hereby proclaim the week of May
7th to 12th to be “Safety Week” in North Wilkesboro,
and I hereby call upon all good citizens of every race,
in the interest of humanity, to lend their co-operation
in the efforts now being made to bring about a reduc
tion in highway accidents, not only during the week of
May 7t,h, but throughout the year. This co-operation
can be given by simply taking time to drive carefully,
to obsei-ve all rules of the road, to obey all traffic sig-
ano mgnwaj* ^ ^ ROUSSSAU. Mayor.
Program City
School Rknday
Congressman Walter Lambeth
has accepted an Invitation to ad
dress the North Carolina Post-
i masters’ Convention to be held
I in this city on July 6 and 7.
I News that Congressman Lam-
i beth will address the convention
is announced by J. C. Reins,
postmaster here, who is arrang
ing a program of entertainment
for the convention.
Although plans for the pro
gram are only tentative It is ex
pected that the solon will . ad
dress the postmasters in the ban
quet session, which will be on
the evening of July 7.
North Wilkesboro is making
adequate plans to entertain the
postmasters In their convention
here and various features of the
program will be made known at
a later date.
Motorists May Drive AO Hi*
Way To Top Of Histor
ic Rendezvous
Paridng Space For.--Ftf|y
C^ire Is Provided Near Top
^ Of Mountain
Dr. A. T. Allen Will ‘DeUver
Corirnencement Address
To Gr^uates
The Greyhound Bus station;
•was moved this week from Lan-1
don Super Service to the | Each
Lantern Cafe on Tenth Street.
Various changes have been made
at the new location to a.ssnre
comfort and convenience for bus
travelers. ^
The Green Lantern will be
ticket office for the Greyhound
'Lines and any information in re
gard to bus travel will be glad
ly given by those in charge.
Group Commencements Now Beii^
Held In Schools of the County
Central School Has
Commencement Exercises
For District
Group commencements which
have been held for elementary
schools in the central districts
have been very satisfactory, it
Nominations For
Cotton Queen And
King Made Here
Queen And King Will Be Select
ed By Voting At Theatres
This Week
Home Chair Company To
, ... , , Ten nominations for Cotton
‘^ rcirc'ennaT sSot Thting ; King and ten nominations for
its own commencement under Cotton Quean for the big Cotton
11^ 1 ^ I (iip new .set up and the students i Carnival Week here May 14 to
Play Lenoir Team Here^.^^ schools have shown
Home Chair Company's base- remarkable interest in corn-
ball team will meet the strong, mencement activity. ,
aggre-^ation of Lenoir Furniture | In the greater part of the dis-
Rev. Engene OKve To Preach
Baccalaureate Sermon Sun
day Morning
Sterne Mountam
S. S. Convention
Two-Dal^' Prognun Aniuiged
For Conv^ttion To Be
Held At Maple Grove
North Wilkesboro schools will
close another successful year on
Monday night when Dr. A. T.
Allen, state superintendent of
public instruction, will deliver
the annual literary address to a
graduating class of 42 seniors.
The school commencement
program w4Il get under way on
the class night'eieTcises'w nr’
given. The program, which has
been arranged in. a very unique
and interesting manner, will be
gin at eight o’clock.
Rev. Eugene Olive will deliver
the commencement sermon to
the graduating class at the First
baptist church Sunday morning
at 11 o'clock. This will be
union service of all three lead-
field here Saturday at three
o'clock. One of the best games
of the season is anticipated.
19 were made by theatre goers
here this week.
Each theatre admission at
on the —I ■
elementary grades have consist
ed mainly of class day exercises,
academic contests and athletic
The comnu-ncemeiit for Wil-
' kesboro district was held on
Saturday with the seventh grade
graduates of the various schools
I in the district taking part. The
group commencement at Mount
Pleasant was held on Friday.
Millers Creek and Traphill group
_ rminfipti commencements were held Tues-
Flles From />t*ier Counties Mountain View on Tues-
Are Plac^ In District 1^^-^
Office Here | Roaring River class night
R L Wooten, wh^ was recently exercises tor seventh gr^ grad-
made hSrof a five-county re-1 nates wus held on Tliujsd^
r«Jroyment -office with head- night of last week. The Ronda
5 - County Office
Of Reemployment
Now Established
'^quarters here, has been busy
during the past few days collect
ing the fflea f’’"'”
■flcea In the district and placing
them in his office here.
-Under the cW set-up each coun
ty was given a national re-em-
Mojment office. Since the dis-
j^ng of the eWA and curtail-
Bent of jobs on federal projecte
the re-employment organization m
North Carolina was changed,
nothing the counties of the state
into districts and establi^ng one
nffice for each district instead of
enek county.
the North Wilkeaboro
ondsr ttie direction of
will serve five counties; AUeghai^
Arias. Watauga, Atexsoder and
Wilkes. ... . ..
AC applications on fue m ^
^five counties are now in 1 Mr.
Wooten’s charge and all men a
women in the counties comprising
the district who desire their ap-
rikations to be kept on ffle must
do so through the office here.
group commencement
held Saturday, May 5.
will be
panied by a ticket, on which the
holder is requested to vote for
ORfi man from the list of ten
nominations and one lady for
Cotton King and Cotton Queen.
The nominations for Cotton
King are Bid Williams, Watson
Brani’, J. D. Moore, Frank Al
len, Henry Moore, Ivey Moore,
Dr. J. H. McNeill, Kenith Chil
ton. Bill Absher and Charlie
The nominations for Cotton
Queen, ten highest in the voting
this week, are Virginia Tomlin
son, Lina Forester, Frances O’
Daniels, Grace Dean Forester,
Ruth Brame, Eleanor Smoak.
Marjorie Deans, Lib ^rester
and Treva Spalnhower.
ing churches in the city with Dr.
W. A. Jenkins and Rev. C. W.
Robinson participating.
The class night program to be
given Friday night has been ar
ranged as follows:
Processional and fealty song
hy class; welcome, Henry Bau-
guess: History, Elizabeth John
son: will and testament. .Mar
garet Paw; class gift to school,
James Caudill; school song by
Election of May Queen
Arabelle Dunn. Rebecca
Brame; Jock O'Green, Allen
Ward; Fairy. Mable Kilby.
th-owning May Queen
I Attendants, senior boys and
Sunday School Convention of
the Stone Mountain Baptist As
sociation will be held at Maple
Grove Baptist church on Satur
day and Sunday, May 26 and 27,
it was announced today.
The first program of the con
vention will be held on Saturday
morning at 10 o’clock. There
will be a Saturday afternoon,
itnrday night , and all-d&:
irogram wHi h
iter date.
Top of the- historic Rendes-
vous Mountain, located near
Purlear, is now acMsible to
motorists, it was made known to
day following completion of a
road to the summit.
Rev. W. E. Linney, who today
announced himself as a candi
date for register of deeds with
the following statement:
“I am, after careful consider
ation, announcing myself a can
didate for the office of Register
of Deeds of Wilkes county for
the term beginning Dec. 1, 1934,
subject to the will of the Re
publican voters of the county at
the primaries In June. I respect
fully solicit the support of all
my Republican friends in the
The top of the historic shrine;
which was a training ground for
' Col. Benjamin Cleveland’s troops
in the American
four miles
Reece Billiiq[s
Taken At Still
Revolution, In
north of, Pdrlenr
postoffice and rises like a senti
nel among the foothiHs of tke
Blue Ridge.
The road from the oona^
road near Purlear to the top ot
the mountain was constructed bjr
members of the James C. C.
Camp, which is located nearby.
The road to the top is an exeel-
lent condition for fair weeth^
travel and will be an ali-weet1»-
er road as soon as graveling in
It is possible for a motorist to
drive to the summit, althongh
adequate parking space for at
^ least fifty cars Is provided wlth-
j in fifty yards of the top.
The road makes accessible ona
Interesting historical
Federal Agents Fmd_ Lomax
Resident At IWeit DistO-
lery Outfit
be announce
IT nrn-
!(l at a
Reece Billings was arrested
by federal agent.s at a distillery
in the Lomax section of the coun
ty Monday. The arrest was made
by federal agents workfng In
this territory.
Billings -was arraigned before
U. S. Commissioner J. W. Dula
in Wilkesboro and released und-
May 21.
spots In North Carolina and one
In which great interest has beeli
taken in the last few years, es-
pecially by the Daughters of the
American Revolution, the local
chapter of which is named Ren
To reach the mouQtain the
motorists will go by way of the
Boone Trail Highway to the In
tersection of the road leading
north to J’urlear, nine miles west
of this city. At Intfinmctian-.
vous"'State Park. ;
Truck And Fire Trails Now Being
Constructed By C. C. Camp Boys
All-Day Program
Mt. Pisgah Church
On Sunday, May 6
Fire Fighting Will Be
Effective When Trails
! Are Completed
j Members of the James Civilian
Solicitor .John R. Jones j Conservation Camp at Purlear
Speak; Mountain Quartet i jj^ve constructed around 75
To Sing I ,„iies of fire trail and 15 miles
t of truck trails in the mountain
An all-day program of ®°ter-, ^ gO
tainment and Inspiration will be j camp.
held at Mt. Pisgah Church near, ong of the most important
I Dockery on Sunday, May
j ginning at 10:30 o’clock.
One of the features of
program will be an nddress
Solicitor John R. Jones.
Also on the program will
6, be-
projects now being constructed
is the four mile truck trail lead
ing from the road at the top of
the Rendezvous along the divid
ing ridge between Reddies River
! and Lewis Fork Creek toward
- be j the Blue Ridge. From the end
singing by the Mountain Quartet | of the truck trail a fire trail will
and a number of nearby singing; be cleared on the ridge to the
Inadvertently. Mrs. N. O.
! Smoak. well known Wilkesboro
i lady, and one of the list of ellgi-
bles for the Wilkesboro postof-
More listed in Monday’s is-
™ * sue of The Journal-Patriot as a
Republican. Mrs. Smoak stated
Tuesday that she is a Democrat,
and that she had been voting
the Democratic ticket.
In fairness to Mrs. Smoak,
who stands second on the eligi
ble list announced this week. The
Journal-Patriot is pleased to
make the correction re.quested
by Mrs. Smoak in order that the
public may be correctly informed
as to her political affiliation.
the j
by I
MiM Zelle Harris, of Roaring
Rtvsr, and Miss Mae Shumate,
were week-end guests
Stefanoff and Black Are Denied
Appeal By State’s H^h Court
Raleigh. April 8.—Mike Stef-
anoff and R. E. Black must do
death sentences tor the murder
of T. C. Barnes. Taylorsville
banker, in July of 1933 unless
the executive power saves the.
two whites whose appeals were
lost this afternoon in the Su
preme court opinions.
Their associates are seeking
through certiorari to got a new
hearing, the defense having a
somewhat different state of facts
on which it relies for help In dis
proving the conspiracy to kill
Mr. Barnes. The bandits who
confessed their part In the rob
bery and killing confessed also
th© conspiracy, but Stefanoff set
up insanity as a defense. The
jury did not believe him.
The opinion written by Chief
Justice Stacy holds that,U^ait,a
ndants senior ooys ana ; aim a numuc* | -
flower’ girls, Edna Bullis, ‘ classes. The public has a cordial | Big Lump at the Blue Ridge.
. _ . . _ _v I I okfArtrl I 'PV»4c* ffllplf Hflfl flTC tFSil
Hilda Meade, Marianna Cassel,! invitation to attend.
Vernice Owens, O'Lena Sprinkle •
(Continued on page eight)
I W.
Jimmie Anderson
Files For Sheriff
M. Osborne Not
Candidate For Sheriff
This truck and fire trail will
prove invaluable in fighting fires
in the Rendezvous and adjacent
mountains. As an added aid to
fire fighting a truck trail is be-
M. Osborne, who, for nl ing constructed up Jones’ creek
number of years has been an ac- r and will connect with the
tive leader of the Republican j „„ the dividing ridge,
party, today announced that he | Other projects now
would not be a candidate for j worked out by the C. C.
- wouia IIOI. uc a ; nu, ncu
Police Thief Here Filed With! sheriff, thus putting to an endjniembera include improvement of
Rnord and Paid Reauired reports and rumors that he j the road leading to the forest
pt wS would make the race. observance tower on top of Pores
Fee Last week
did not think this the time
versible error and that the con
fession made by them was volun
tary as the state contended. The
men went to the bank, entered
it in single file, one of them
asked th© cashier to change a
quarter, he was ordered to throw'
Up his hands, the firing ensued
and the cashier was killed.
’The defense is seeking to beat
down the state's theory that
a conspiracy were formed to rob
the bank, and a murder com
mitted by any one or m'ore of
the conspirators In the attempt
ed perpetration of the robbery,
each and all of them would be
guilty of the murder.’’ The two
Greens, father and son, under
death sentence, seek to get a
new trial through certerlori and
review of the case. But Chief
Justice Stacy in today’s case
(Continn^ on page eight)
James M. Anderson, chief of
the North Wilkesboro police
force, .filed last, week with the
county board of elections for the
office of Sheriff of Wilkes coun
ty and will he a candidate for
the Democratic nomination.
Chief Anderson announced
several weeks ago that he would
be a candidate and the fact that
he filed last week assures the
people that his name will appear
on the primary ticket.
Supporters who asked Mr. An
derson to make the race point
out that be is fitted by natural
aWlHy and experience to carry
H« the of the sheriff’s of
fice In an admirable mwmier.
They point tt> hi* roeopd as 4»w-
lice cMri hqre during the'
tew years,;, as being one of nut-
standing merit. They predict
that he will be a strong candi
date tor the Democratic ticket if
he is nominated.
Mr. Anderson is a native of
Statesville but. for the past ten
years has ma;de his home here
and is' widely know through^t
this section. He was employed
a salesman for the W•' D. Tx^
eater Company before he
named as police chief here, r
enter the race, and that he felt
like business matters should be
given his attention at this time
even though he would he suc
cessful In obtaining the nomina
Currituck farmers who are
signing corn^o» ©I adjustment
contracts wig' receive about
1200 each ac^rdlng those
contracts which have been ap
proved. ’
Pbos Goii^ Forward For Cotton
Carnival Week In City May 14-19
Ruby Travis, a 4-H club girl
of Catawba county raised 102
turkeys from six hens last year
0. F. Eller Is
Candidate For
Register Deeds
Prominent Merchant Here
Enters Race For Republi
can Nomination
Plans are going forward here
for the Cotton Carnival Week to
he staged in this city on May 14
to L9. Every phase of the ewnt
Is being w idanned as to mhke
.It the greatest trade carnival
eyor planned fhr this part of the
state.' . , V
Cotton Cdmtval Week Is be
ing sponsored by the North 'Wil
kesboro Lions Club In cooper
ation with the mefehants and
maimfacturers of the city and
surrounding communities.
-BJvery day of Cotton Carnival
Week will he filled with attrac
tions that should ’ draw large
crowds from all sections of
Wllkds and adjoining counties,
event falls on the date, of
-Sit.' ■. ■' V.O
National Cotton Week and will
be the local observance of a na-
tlon-irWe niovWhrifti
Monday ot CoIOkM^ Carnival
Week will b« ttik 4i4F ft»r
parade, la whH!lF''1l)|f
tions, local a*l ttWBtgnRf Pd***
of the state.
nt tiaa xjioKs ula
O. F. Eller, prominent mer
chant here, today announced
that he had tiled with the coun
ty board of elections and would
be a candidate for the Republi
can nomination tor register of
Mr. Eller was born and reared
in Reddles River township and
has been an active worker In the
Republican party since early
manhood. He was elected as
county treasurer six years ago
and . during the time ho served 5
as county official the manner in
which he performed his dotted;
was highly complimented,-* his
friends point out.
At present Mr. Eller resided'tt"
Wilkesboro. where he Is a mem
ber of the board of town com-
mlsstoiieVs. The state Steftt of
Committees of - _
«re working oot* for SWWf
day of the trad© carnival and as
the program is ^veloppd it will
be' announced toi^hi people of
thla jpart of t^^ilSate thronih
the columns of''The Journal-Pa
triot. J* " X. A 1 A
Some of tk# events scheduled
for th© week Include a baby
ahnw. beauty contest, street
Mr. Biter’s
eft todcr.
’’rt’o t»
many trtoh
dMoe and cotton ball.
.-.Sf ■■■■ " ■ ■
eaeotflpM..' bjr
'and affoFohe eon-
Mdo^en, I annwoWW flnrt I au^
« candidate for the nomlnatkm
for the office of register ®f
deeds, subject to the acUon of
the voters at the primwy Juae
2nd. If yon see fit'to throw your
utiiiness to me U will be great
ly appreciated. Assuring yon. If
nominated'and elected, that 1
wlU endeavor to handle the olr
flee to the best of my ahUIty."

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