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Federal Court
Begins Monday
In Wilkesboro
Gordon Forester, Jr, Winner
of Baby Contest Monday
Twenty-seven Girls Represent}
Various Firms In Beauty
C-otton Bargain Carnival Week
opened Monnay evening: with the i
coronation of J. B. Williams and !
Miss Virginia Tomlinson as Cot- \
ton King and Queen. The coro
nation ceremonies were spoken
by A. S. Cassel, who placed the
crowns on their heads Just be
fore the parade started from the
Intersection of Ninth and D
The King and Queen rode in
the Lions Club’s float and were
attended by Misses Margaret
Faw, Mar.v Gwyn Williams, I^ois
Term Is For Trial of Cases
Origrinating In Four
Several Cases Calendered For
I Violation of Old Reve-
; nue Laws
New York . . . H. 0. Wells
(above), English historian of abil
ity. upon arrival in the U. S.,
was of the opinion that the
world faces another war. “maybe
bv 1340”. “it’s not the newspap
Wiles and Annie Ruth Tomlin-1 husiness behind the 7"'
ers mu mg mis ness oemna tne this section of the state
May terra of federal court for
trial of cases originating in
Wilkes, Alleghany, Ashe and
Watauga counties will begin in
Wilkesboro Monday morning at
10 o’clock.
Jndge Johnson J. Ha.ves. of
the Middle North Carolina dis
trict. will preside. The term will
probably run into the second
The docket for the term to
begin on Monday will be com
paratively light, due to the ab
sence of many cases for violation
of the national prohibition laws.
However, federal agents ope-
*on. I Pause,
Leading the parade was thei
band of 105th Engineers, Char-:
lotte, followed by Company A of
105th Engineers stationed in
this city. In the wake of the Na
tional Guard were the full corps '■
of *he James C. C. Camp at Pur-
lear. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts |
and school children of the town :
and county. The floats entered
in the parade by local business ,
firms were very attractive and j
unique. More than a score of
floats were in the parade. j
The band gave a concert at the j
fairground from 7: SO to 8:30
Monday evening.
Baby Show Winner
The baby show exceeded all
expectations. Twent.v-one babies
between the ages of six months
and two years greeted the judges
at Hotel Wilkes on Monday aft
The decision of the
says Wells.
Street Through
Wilkesboro To
Be Constructed
have arrested many allaged
bootleggers tor violation of the
old revenue law, which makes it
a crime to manufacture, possess
or sell liquor on which tax has
The week beginning May 21 has Jjeen designated
as “Clean-up Week” in Noi*th Wilkesboro and we earn
estly hope that every citizen of our city will take an
active part and co-operate to the fullest extent to the
end that we will have one of the cleanest and most at
tractive towns in the state and one that will showv^i-
tors and tourists this summer that we have a beautiful
city as well as one of the best for business interests.
There can be no better recommendation for a town
than clean streets, clean vacant lots, clean places of
business and clean residences. If every one will take
the proper civic pride in our city it will soon be un
necessary to designate “Clean-up Week” and every
week in the year will be clean-up week.
During “Clean-up Week” city authorities will co
operate fully by providing free transportation of rub
bish, regardless of quantity. All rubbish should be
placed at convenient places for the truck operated by
the sanitary department.
J. A. ROUSSEAU, Mayor.
Dr. Jones Pulls
Trout’s Teeth
not been paid and for operation
of a distHlery without licenses.
The outstanding cases for the
Mav term, according to informa-
Half Mile oF^et Throughn'nnm"
^ r.- 1- L- i office, will be the trial of a mim-
Town To Get Bitulithic j youths for violation of
Pavement Soon | the motor theft act. TIuee or
more of these cases are on the
WILL COST $8,764. 30
Stale Highway and Public
Works Commission has let con
tract for paving number'16 high
way through WilkealiTOi was
announced from Raleigh Tues
The low bidder on the project
is the .Vllantic Bithilutic Com-
docket. it is learned.
pany, which proposed to pave the
judges Ijjalf mile of street for $8,764.30. |
placed Gordon Forester. Jr., ffrst | .\ccording to reports here the}
place: Doris Wiles, daughter of ^ pavement will iie of asphalt
Large Class Graduated In
Final Program At School
Tuesday Night
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil WTles. second
place: Nell Gwyn Brame. daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Brame,
Jr., third place: Edward Pardue.
son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Par-
due. fourth place.
The judging committee was
will extend
construction and
from curb to curb.
The present narrow pavement
on the street is badly worn and
citizens of Wilkesboro and adja
cent vicinities have been work-
I ing for a long time to get the
composed of Dr. A. J. Eller, j street improved,
county health officer. Mrs. Ber-1 Bridge Still Pending
■tha Bell, county nurse. Lieut, j Contract for a bridge over Red-
Wolfe, physician at the James C.! djpg River just west of this city
C. Camp, and Mrs. E. G. Finley, number 60 was not included
The judging was done without; of letting so far this
the names of the babies being
disclosed, each baby having been
given a number.
Dr. J. S. Deans was head of |
the Lions Club committee in
charge of the baby show.
The winners were announced ^
t the Armory Monday night I
d a silve’’ trophy was awarded |
winner by B. T. Henderson.
! Diplomas were presented to 44
'graduates in the final program of
Wilkesboro high school commence
ment Tuesday night, at which time
Rev. C- E. Rozelle, pastor of the
First Methodist church of Lenoir,
delivered the annual literary ad
The class day ex"'rcises were pre
sented on Tuesday night before
a large audience. On Sunday night
the baccalaureate sermon was de
livered by Rev. Eugene Olive, of
this city.
The program opened Tuesday
night with the “Stein Song” by
the junior choirs with a response in
song by the seniors. Rev. W. E.
Linney spoke the invocation.
The class president’s address
_ was given by Arthur Pharr and
Plsiy lOinorrOW!the next number on the program
month. The project was sche
duled to be let on May 8.
Baptists And
Methodists Will
First game of the
school baseball league will
, 'was a piano ensemble. “Hungary,”
Sunday: „ ...
I by Myrtle Yates, Mildred Smithey
and Eva Lee Guthrie.
played at the fairgrounds here j .j> g Story, principal, presented
representing the Lions Club. ,
Crowd Is Entertained j Friday afternoon at four o clock I j^edals to five students for seven
Prior to the beauty contest at; between the old rivals. Baptist j yg^^g* perfect attendance and five
the Armory Monday night a pro-• and Methodists Bible classes of | for eleven years’ perfect atten-
gram of entertainment, featuring this city. dance. The students were: Seven
tricks of magic by Ivey Moore.} Both teams have been doing a
was carried out to the delight of I lot of practicing aiid talking in
the large crowd present. Mr.! preparation for this game and a
Moore displayed remarkable tal-1 tight contest is anticipated,
ent and held the rapt attention } The small admission charge to
of the crowd.
Beauty Contest
Miss Mildred Holbrook, of
Traphill, entered in the beauty
contest by the Forester Ice
Cream Company, was given Jhe
title of "Miss Western North
(Continued on page eight)
be made, should net quite a siz
able sum. which will be turned
over for use by the welfare de
Friendly rivalry between the
two teams is keen and tor this
reason a record attendance at
the first game is expected.
years — Hazel Minton, Edward
Triplett, David Wright, Ada Ted-
t^«r and Estelle Sloop: eleven
years—Evan Souther, Bertie Lowe,
Eva Lee Guthrie, Milford Tedder,
and Myrtle Yates. There were 125
students in the school who receiv
ed awards for perfect attendance
during the term which has just
just, closed.
Athletic awards in the form of
certificates for letters and stars
were made by Benny Troutman to
25 boys and 8 girls-
(Continued on page eight)
Wilkesboro P.-T. A.
Officers Elected
North Wilkesboro Council
No. 51, Jr. O. r. A. M.. and
oltfier Juniors in Wilkes and
ndjoining counties, will meet
ii’M-^nson at eleven o clock,
teMriU)'. May aoth, for the pur-
pnne of presetting a flag and
jmie to sdiool trustees
of the Ferguson setiool. A plc-
ide dinner will be provided
uad prominent speakers will
be heard.
Hip meeting will be held at
the new school at I'>egiison.
Hon, B. O. Slake, state epnncll-
ornf the Jni^^ Order for the
of North CaroHna. and
of his deputies, vttl be
W^eaent. The county hoard of
. odneatioB composed of
MeXeill, D. F. Shf|>herd and
Roby Church, with C. B. El-
I e r, county superintendent,
will participate in tills
Members of the Jnnior Ord
er from Ronda. CUngman and
Purlear will also take a part
in this program. Every one
attendinif is requested to bring
a basket of foot! for the picnic
dinner, and bring their fami
lies or sweethearts. Tfie people
of the Ferguson conuimnity
.ore locating forwanl to this
event and expect It to he one
of tluv big days of the year in
that vicinity. All Juniors are
earnestly requested to be pres
ent anld to bring their friends
4faal neighbors.
Last .Meeting Of Year Held
Thursday Afternoon; Tea
Is Given
Officers tor the coming year
Dr. W. F. Jones can’t stop
pulling tieth even when he
goes on a fishing trip, is tlie
opinion of iiiemhers of a fish
ing party who went into the
mountains west of here to
catch trout the latter jiart of
last week.
The local dentist was cast
ing for trout with a bass hook
and one of the largest trout
lie (Ver saw (it got away)
struck with vim. When the
third strike failed to hold the
trout he says he decided to
jerk on the next cast and dill
so with the result that he pull
ed all the trout’s teeth, along
with a large portion of Its jaw
hone. Needless to say that Dr.
.Tones took little pride in get
ting the fish’s teeth on his
hook for he considers that the
job was by no means a pain-
legs extraction.
The other members of the
fishing party were W. D. Half-
acre, W. E. Jones and R. E.
Asks That Citizens Qear Rub
bish From Vacant Lots
During Cuming Week
The North
Wilkesboro Wo
man’s Club is sponsoring Clean-
Up Week, beginning Monday, in
cooperation with the officials of
the fity-
An effort is being made this
year to make Clean-Up Week a
much greater success than any
ever attempted before in North
Attention is called particularly
to the fact that many vacant
lots in North Wilkesboro present
a very unfavorable appearance
and the Woman's Club Is asking
that all citizens cooperate to the
extent that the City will show
the effects of Clean-Up Week a
week hence.
Public CordiaUy
Attend AU Sessions of
Tent Revival To
Commence In City
Sunday Afternoon
Friends Mission To Start Se
ries of Services On Sixth
Rev. Paul B. Lindley, widely'
known evangelist • o f Huron,
Meeting Will Be Followed By
Old-Time Square Dance
At Oubhouse
Little Hope For Men
Killed Taylorsville Bank
Cashier Last Year
Black’s Wife Pleads Pitifully
For Commutation of
Death Sentence
were elected in the last meeting
of the present school year of the
Mike Stefanoff, of Wilkes
county, and R. E. Black, of High
Point, will died in the electric
chair Friday for their part in the
killing of Cashier T. C. Barnes
in an attempted bank robbery at
Taylorsville unless the sentence
is commuted. 1
Despite the desperate pleading
of Mr.s. Black to the parole com-1
missioner Monday and presenta-}
tion of a petition bearing 4,000 j
names, including the 12 jurors
who returned a verdict of guilty,
little hope Is held for commuta
Attorney Eugene Trlvette and
J. F. Jordan, of this city and L.
J. Fisher, Jr„ of High Point,
presented the commutation pe
tition and asked that the parole
commissioner and the governor
study the mentality of Mike
Stefanoff, whom they described
as not being “quite right mental
Mrs. Mary E. Black, mother of
one of the doomed men, aifd two
of his brothers wfere present for
the hearing. Governor Ibra C.
Blackwood, of .South Carolina,
telephoned Governor Ehrlng-
Wilkes Post of the American
Legion will hold the May meet
ing at the Legion and Auxiliary
club house tomorrow night, be
ginning at eight o’clock.
! Officials of the Legion call the
Who I attention of every member to
the fact that important matters
will be up for consideration and
that a large attendance of mem
bers is essential.
Square Dance
Following the Legion meeting
there will be another of those
old-time square dances which
have become very popular dur
ing the past tew months. The
public has a cordial invitation
to attend. Admission for the
square dance will be fifty cents
with the ladles admitted free.
Home Chair Team
To Play Saturday
Will Play Caldwell Pnmltnre
Company Team In Wilkes-
bord Saturday
Wilkesboro Parent-Teacher As-
haus that he was recomnmnding
soclaticn hold on Tburoday aft
ernoon. Now officers areJ'Mrs;
Julius C. Hubbard, president:
Mrs. A. R. Ogilvle, first vice
president; Mrs. Mayberry, sec
ond vice president,*' Miss Ghita
Tuttle, secretary-treasurer; Mrs.
William Barber, corresponding
Following the meeting tea
was served by the home econom
ics class under the direction of
Miss Tattle. The aHendance
prise was awarded to the third
grade. ■ :
. -..-.••Ah--
-Big Liquor -Haul -Made
Federal agents working in
Wilkes made one of the biggest
liquor hauls of the year Monday
when they captured a car and
120 gallons of whisky on the
Russel Gap road between Boom
er and Taylorsville Monday eve
ning. A man by the name of
Sheppard, said to be from Obgr*
lotte, was .driving the car. He
was Uken| to . TaylorsvlMe for
pralintiatfg](^ hearing.tfe ~
The local Home Chair Com
pany baseball team will play the
strong team from Caldwell Fur
niture Company Saturday after
noon, three o’clock on the Wil
kesboro high school diamond.
So far the local team has not
been defeated and followers of
the team expect It to retain the
perfect record in the game Sat
urday, although the visitors are
reported to have a formidable
nine on the field this year.
Baptist Pastor
jAt Cmiventioii
W. .D, Hnlfacre To Cowdaet Serv
ice At . Plwt .Baptist Sun- '
day Hondiqi
Rev. Eugene Olive, pastor of
the iFlrst Bajrtlst^churoh hare. Is
attending the annual convention
of Southern Baptiste In Fort
Worth, Texas. *
W, D. Halfacre, siiperinten-
conduct the service Sunday
morning at 11 o’clock. On^ Wed
nesday evening of next week T.
E. Story, principal ^ of Wllkes-
boro school, will ^^ondnet
prayer aervlce.
Ohio, will conduct a tent revival
in this city, beginiun|: Sunday
afternoon. ’
The revival is being promoted
by the Friends Mission here und
er the direction of Rev. Gurney
P. Laws, pastor. The tent will be
located on Sixth Street near the
Wilkes Hosiery Mills.
Services will be held each eve
ning at 7:30 and Sunday after
noon at two o’clock. The series
of services will continue indefi
nitely. it is announced.
Former Resident
Of This City Died
In Hickory Tuesday
(^lande .Iordan Made His Home
In North Wlltawboro About
Twenty Years Ago
Claude Jordan, a former resi
dent of North Wilkesboro who is
remembered here by many of the
older residents, died Tuesday
night at his home in Hickory.
Mr. Jordan made his home
here about 16 years ago, being
tor several years an employee of
the Wilson Lumber Company. He
was a brother of Rev. T. C. Jor
dan, fonmer pastor of Wilkes
boro Methodist church.
The funeral service was held
at Catawba Station yesterday
Local Girl .Is
Class President
Miss Elizabeth Dnncan Senior
Class Head At Peace Junior
Miss Elizabeth Dnncan. daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dnn
can, of this city, was elected
uresldent of the senior class at
Peace Junior College in Raleigh
for next year. Miss Duncan has
made a splendid record at the
college and her many friends
here are glad to learn of the
honor bestowed on her by the
Eighte-eight 4-H club boys of
Orange''County _ are planting yel
low com this 'season. ,
Annual convention of
ness Men's Evangelistic Clubs of
North Carolina will be heW in
North Wilkesboro Saturday and
Sunday, May 26 and 27, accord
ing to an announcement by R. C.
Bunob, of Statesville, state pres
The highlight of the conven
tion will be an address on Sun
day afternoon by Boyd W. Har
graves, of Chattanooga, nation
al president of Business Men’s
Evangelistic Clubs. Mr. Har
graves is one of the leading lay
men speakers of the nation and
his coming Is looked forward to
with anticipation b y church
workers of the state.
The program of the conven
tion, as announced by the state
president and W. G. Gabriel,
president of the North Wilkes
boro Club, is as follows:
Saturday, May 28
3:00—Assembly and registra
tion at First Methodist church;
invocation. Rev. C. W. Robinson,
pastor of the North Wilkesboro
Presbyterian church; song serv
ice, led by Eugene Vogler, of
Winston-Salem; devotional, W.
G. Gabriel, North Wilkesboro:
address of welcome, A. S. Cassel,
North Wilkesboro: response, Ir*
T. Johnston, West Jefferson;
greetings, Clyde Bather, • Wins- ■
ton-Salem; secretary’s report of
club activities: president’s re
port on appointments of commit
tees: address by R. E. Price, of
Rutherfordton, state vice presi
dent; duet. Rev. and Mrs^ Eu
gene Olive, North Wilkesboro;
6:00, dutch supper at American
Legion and Auxiliary clubhouse;
7:30, assembly at Presbyterian
church; special music led by
Eugene Vogler; business meet
ing, including reports and elec
tion of officer?: address, W. G.
Haymaker, of the Lenoir Club.
Sunday, May 27
7:00 a. m., sunrise prayer
service led by W. T. Davis, of
Winston-Salem; 9:45 a. m., Bi
ble classes; 11:00 a. m., dele
gates free to attend Churches of
the city.
Sunday .Afternoon
Sunday afternoon a testimon
ial meeting will be held at the
First Baptist church at two
o’clock. Special music will be
rendered under the direction of
Eugene Vogler, of Winston-Sal
em. !
The address of the national
president will take place at three
o’clock Sunday afternoon at the
First Baptist church. The last
number on the program will be
a duet by Rev. and Mrs. Eugene
Olive, of this city.
Preparations Under AVay
The Wilkes Evangelistic Club
is making adequate preparations
tor entertainment of the dele
gates, which are expected from
every evangelistic club in the
The local club wishes to call
particular attention to the-, fact
that all sessions of the conven
tion are open to the public and
everybody Is not only invited, but
are urged to be present, especial
ly for the address of Mr. Har
graves on Sunday afternoon'.
Surry county peach growers*
report an excellent outlook for a
good fruit crop this season de
spite the freezing weather of late
Tbe primary leer dwH no);
provide for any official mart;-
ers for the primary te be held
A JnSie 2, states Robert
Bnune, Jr., chalmian of. the
dent of the city schools here, wlll^ Wllkee Connlr Board of El«^
This dow mot
mean thet vol4s wBl not base
assbrtancH in nnuricte their
ballots but It nieafU^that no
Epaid Inarfcm will be affotet*
ed -aa is the proeeednrej||kr the^
general election.
It is pennissaMe, under the
law, for any voter to get m ”
member of Ids famUy to mark
hJs ballot in the prtanary. n
Registrars will bo at tbe
regular polling places Satur
day for the parpoae tS reds-
tmbtg atm voters. Sabuiajr,
Mar ^ win be chidlengB ^
la all ^ predaots.

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