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— I ,i. .;iiy,.,^’!,r-="_^^.:j^.!^'• "' ;,.i.aj'e)|. '' t'Wwr
State Boaid Wffl
Visit Alexander,
Wilkes This Week
Will Probe Vote in Alexander
County In Hearing On
State Board of Elections May
Reach Some Settlement of
The state board of elections will
sit at Taylorsville Wednesday to
hear charges that' the primary for
the selection of a Democratic can
didate for judge in the seventeenth
judicial district was not conducted
according to law. On Thursday the
state board will meet at
boro to hear charges or irregu
larities in Wilkes.
In the primary June 2, J. Hayden
Burke, of Taylorsville, received 4.-
841; J. A. Rousseau, of North
Wilkesboro, 4,746. and John W.
Ragland, of Spruce Pine, 1,024, ac
cording to the returns certified by
the county boards of elections in
the six couties in the district.
Mr. Rousseau has demanded an
investigation be made of the vote
in Alexander county, charging that
members of both political parties
voted both tickets and that the
practice was county-wide in the
June primary.
Buike supporters have alleged
irregularities in North Wilkesboro
township in Wilkes county, charg
ing that some citizens voted as
much as four times.
The charges brought by the two
factions caused the state board of
elections to withhold certification
of the returns until a full and
cmplete investigation of ci irges
can be made. The state boara has
announced its intention to settle
the matter in the two hearings to
be held Wednesday and Thursday.
Jobs Available
In Vets’ Camps
Welfare Officer Has Applica
tion Blanks For Veterans
In County
Openings are now available for
a number of World War veterans
in veterans’ conservation camps,
according to a statement issued by
Charles McNeill, county welfare
Mr. McNeill has a number of ap
plication blanks for unemployed
veterams in Wilkes county who
would consider enlisting in the
camps for a period of six months.
The veterans’ conservation camps
were formed by the government
for the purpose of giving jobs to
any veterans who are in need of
G.O.P. Chairman
WASHINGTON . . . Henry P.
Fletcher of Pennsylvania (above),
is the new chairman of the Repub
lican National Committee. Mr.
Fletcher was a Teddy Roosevelt
rough rider in Cuba, former am
bassador to Italy and a Hoover
Penalties To Be
Added To Unpaid
State Sales Tax
Penalty of Ten Per Cent To Be
Added When Sales Tax
Is Past Due
Revenue Collector Calls At-
! tention To Unpaid State
Privilege Taxes
A penalty of ten per cent will
be added to unpaid state sales tax
if not paid wdthin IB days after the
tax is due from merchants and
business firms, states J. R. Rous
seau, deputy revenue collector for
Wilkes and Yadkin counties.
This means that if a merchant
is paying the sales taix on a
monthly basis tlj^t the penalty will
be added if the tax is not paid by
the 15th of the following month.
If a merchant is paying the sales
tax quarterly the penalty will be
added after the 15th of the month
following the end of the quarter
if it is still unpaid.
Mr. Rousseau also calls attention
to the fact that all state privilege
taxes became due on June 1st, but
that no penalty will be added until
July 1. On and aCer that date a
penalty will be added to all unpaid
state privilege taxes.
Mr. Rousseau maintains an of
fice in the Deposit & Savings Bank
building. For the benefit of state
tax payers in Wilkes he is staying
in his office each Saturday. _ He
will gladly assist anyone desiring
Carlisle Higgins
To Take Office as
District Attorney
Nominatipn .pf Sparta Attor
ney Confli:med By Senate
Last Week
Will Resign As Solicitor of
Eleventh District; To Ap
point Successor
Carlisle W. Higgins, of Sparta;
will begin his duties on or about
July 1 as district attorney of the
middle North Carolina district, at
which time he will tender his resig
nation as solicitor of the eleventh
judicial district.
His nomination for district at
torney was confirmed by the senate
Tuesday without opposition.
Mr. Higgins has served as solici
tor of the eleventh judicial district
since 1930. He was elected to the
state house of representatives from
Alleghany county in 1925 and was
state senator from the twenty
ninth district in 1929.
The new di.strict attorney receiv
ed his undergraduate training at
Bridle Creek academy, Indepen
dence, Va., from which • he was
graduated in 1908. He received
his A. B. degree from the Universi
ty of North Carolina in 1912 and
two years later earned his LL B.
Leaving the university, Mr.^Hig-
gins formed a law partnership
with Governor R. A. Doughton, of
Sparta, in 1914. The partner.ship
I was dissolved in 1928 after Gover
nor Doughton became revenue com
missioner. Mr. Higgins continued
his ppractice until his election as
Mr. Higgins is 43 years old. He
was bom at Ennice, N- C., October
17. 1889, and has been a life-long
Democrat, and served as chairman
of the Alleghany county Democrat
ic executive committee from 1914
to 1918.
He is a reserve officer in the
United States army, a memlSSir of
the American Legion, a member of
the Tau Kappa Alpha fraternity
and a Mason.
It is believed that Allen H,
Gwyn, of Reidsville, Democratic
nominee for solicitor of the eleven
th judicial district, will be named
to fill the unexpired term of Mr.
Higgins. Mr. Gwyn, senator from
Rockingham during the past leg
islature, is unopposed by Republi
cans for the position.
Three Men Taken
At Still Monday
Fann Scenes from dhe West
T. B. Clinic Is
employment. The number of va-| further information in regard to
cancies. however, is limited and i the state taxes,
all veterans interested should get,
in touch with Mr. McNeill as early
as possible. The application blanks
must be sent to the veterans’ ad
ministrator not later than June 20.
Veterans are started in the
camps with a salary of $30 per
month. Board and clothing are fur
nished by the government.
Washington . • . From out of the mid-west comes photographs of
desolate wastes in the drought areas to supplement reports of the
dire need for relief and hurry the Federal Government in administer
ing that relief. Upper photo shows half starved cattle vainly seeking
grazing ground qn a drought-stricken farm near Dallas, S. Da. Center
photo shows a concessional delegation from drought states leaving
the White House after conferring with President Roosevelt. Left to
right. Sen. Arthur Capper and Rep. Kathryn McCarthy, Kansas, Sen.
Joseph T. Robinson. Ark., Sen. Lynn J. Frazier, N. Da-, and Sen. John
E. Erickkson. of Mont- Bottom, a partly dust-buried farm house m
South Dakota as a result of choking dust storms during recent weeks.
Misses Heart and Fails In Attempt
To Commit Suicide; Recovery Ukely
son of
Federal Investigators Get Il
licit Outfin In Dellaplano
Clifford C^inrch,
Fletcher Church, of
R, F. D., failed in an attempt
to commit suicide at his home
Thursday afternoon.
The young man was in a
despondent condition, but ap
parently in a normal state of
healtli, it is learned here, and
no reason is known why he at-
frmptel t!»e act.
Church shot himself with a
pistol, the bullet entering the
chest about one Inch above his
heart and leaving his body at
the bock, ynaking w|iat is
termed a clcian wound.
Dr. W. R. Triplett was call
ed to give him medical atten
tion and to dress his wounds.
He Is being treated at the
liome of his father.
It is reported this morning
tliat lie is doing as well as can
bf! expected and tliat recovery
Ls highly probable.
Relief Directors To Meet Wednesday
George R. Ross, of
by prohibition agents Monday net-
Starting Today
^ I The three men arrested at the
Sanitorium Specialist I Will'still by the federa] officers
director of rural rehabilitation
work in North Carolina, will pre
side over a conference of relief
adminisirators, farm and .garden
A raid in the DeUaplane section I Program supervisors and other
A raia in tne Lfeuap.a workers of ten northwest
ern counties in Wilkesboro Wed
nesday morning at 10 o’clock.
Raleigh, I The conference will be held at
the courthouse.
The state supervisor will dis
cuss plans for the continuation
of . the rural rehabilitation pro
gram and the duties of the relief
administrators in carrying out
the program as outlined by the
Examine Suspects In Coun
ty For Two Weeks
A tuberculosis clinic for tuber
cular suspects in Wilkes county be.
County Board Education
Selecting Bus Routes
The county board of^ education, Wilkesboro this morning,
composed of C. 0. McNeill, chai^ip^ Easom, specialist from
man, D. F. Shepherd and R. gtate sanitorium, is making the
Church, met with County Supenn-,
tendent C. B. Eller today for the i clinic, which is being con-
purpose of establishing school bus through the co-operation of
routes in the county. county and state health de-
_ _ _ I ipartments, will continue through
Ixi’Axr MAAI*A this week and next The examina-
IVCJ IflWl V a*^**%**» complete diagnosis of all r,MDV rwMFVT nFFICF
Local lions Club ‘“*“**'^
Jim Byrd, Enoch Staley and Reu
ben Redmon, who were hailed be
fore John W. Dula, United States
commissioner, in Wilkesboro, for
preliminary trial.
After hearing the evidence, (Com
missioner Dula fixed bond at $500,
which they were able to fill for
their appearance at the next term
of federal court in Wilkesboro.
The raid was made by Federal
Investigators J. F. Ratledge, J. B.
Banks, R. S. Bolt and W. R. Fu-
Officers For _
Installed In Meeting Thurs
day Evening
Ivey Moore was installed as
president of the North W ilkes-
boro Lions Club in the meeting
held at Hotel Wilkes Thursday
evening. Mr. Moore has been a
very active member of the club
for several years and has taken
a great Interest in the various
activities sponsored by the or
Other officers installed Thurs
day eveniiig were E. A. Shook-,
secretary ikW. H. Clark, tail
twister, V B. Richardson. Lion
B. T..Henderson was formerly
elected president of the club but
declined because of the fact that
he is a past president.
The installation of the officers
and the presentation, of the past
president’s button to the outgo
ing president. Dr. H. B. Smith,
occupied the greater part of the
time In the meeting. The club
was delightfully entertained by
musical selections given by Miss
es Bert and Ila Holman.
they have contracted the disease,
will be free of charge, the state
^suing Year and county health departments fur-
— nishing all coats
the office of Dr. A. J. Eller, coun
ty health officer, for an examina
tion during the two-weeks’ clinis.
By making an appointment the pa
tient can be adfeured of sin exami
nation on the date and hour set.
Mrs.J.L Pearson
Claimed By Death
Wife of Noted Poet Answers
Summons At Boomer Home
Sunday Night
Asking World War
Vets To Register
In Present Survey
Miss Lillian Stafford,
ser for Wilkes County
Public Welfare Child
P Lambeth Stati
Veterans Pe^ion
Checks Received
Checks totaling $7,735 for pen
sions for Confederate veterans
and widows of Confederate, sol
diers have been received by Wm.
A. Stroud, clerk of superior
The pension checks cover a
period of six months afid are
made payable to eighteen vet-
eransi 45 widows and one calor-
ed bodyguard.
Some of the checks have been
delivered. Those who have not
received. their checks are asked
to call for them at the clerk’s
To Erect BoildiDg:
On Original Ph
Congressman Lambeth
Original Plans Can Be
Ffdlowed Now
Charlie Brown Is
Seriously Hurt
Sustains Severe Injury While
Working At Factory Here
Charlie Brown, resident of the
Pairplains community near this
city, was seriously injured while
working at the Home Chair Com
pany factory Friday.
According to reports of the
accident Mr. Bfown was sanding
a bench when it c%ught in the
machine, hitting Mr. Brown and
knocking him to the flfoor.
He was carried to the hospital
bore for examination, which dis
closed that he had sustained a
severe fracture at the base of
the skull. He Is reported to be
In critical condition.
Additional Fund Appropriat*i
ed For Public Wmks Ad
On Friday the senate pasaed,
the deficiency appropriation bilL
which assures the the additioa
of $5,000 to the appropriatiim
for a postoffice building in North j
Dr. F. C. Hubbard
Has Returned From
Kiwanis Convention
Dr. F. C. Hubbard returned
Sunday night from a week’s vis
it to Toronto, Canada, where he
attended the 1934 convention of
Kiwanis International. Dr. Hub
bard represented the North Wil
kesboro Kiwanis Club in the con
vention, which was attended by
memibers of Kiwanis Clubs from
all parts of the United States
and Canada.
He was accompanied on the
trip by Mrs. Hubbar^ and chil
dren, Fred and Gwyndolen.
Dr. Hubbard will he In charge
the Kiwanis Club luncheon
program Friday noon. Members
of the local club are anticipating
report of the convention.
Junius R. ADen
Dies At Mebane
; — _ I erected within the limit oi me ai-
Was a Brother of W. J. Alien, [ot„jents; while the posteffice de-
Tkin Pitv? VSineml Vn.. 1tT\/\n A/Ia*
In reply to a request by the dt-^
rectors of the North Wilkesboitt--;
Kiwanis Club that he use his every
influence to get the treasury de-
partment to build the North ^0*^
kesboro postoffice building on ori-'*
ginal plans, Congressman Walter;
Lambeth has written T. E. Story.
Kiwanis secretary, a letter, in
which he states that the house of
representatives has passed the de
ficiency appropriation bill, setting
aside $2,500,000 for supplementing
PWA funds already allocated op'
to ten per cent.
TTie bUl, if passed by the sen
ate, will provide an additional $5-
000 for the North Wilkesboro post-
office, which amount will enable
the treasury department to autho
rize the receiving of bids on the
original plans instead of changing
the plans to conform with the re
duced allotment.
Bids on the local postoffice buildr-
ing were to have been received on •
June 7, but the advertisements for
bids werq v^ithdrawn when it was
learned that the bids would exceed
the allocation. The supervising
architect was then ordered _ to
change the plans of the building
in order that it could be erected
with the allocation of $50,500.
Following is the letter from Rep
resentative Lambeth to Mr. Storyj
“I have your letter of the 1st re
garding the North Wilkesboro
postoffice building.
“As you know, the public works
administration allotted $50,600 for
the construction of the building.
The plans and specifications were
drawn and construction bids re
quested. About thSrt time due to
increased building cost, it was
found that the building could not
be erected with the funds avail
able; so the advertisement for bids
was withdrawn. The public works
'administration has consistently re
fused to increase the allocation and
has demanded that the building be
erected within the limit of the al-
of This City; Funeral
Junius R. Allen, a leading
partment has insisted upon ade
quate space for their activities,
thus creating a deadlock-
“On Monday the house passed
junius x\. Monday the house passea
Public Child Welfarf Progress- farmer of Orange county ana a deficiency appropriation bill
ing Splendidly, Says Iiocal prominent business man of Me- $2,500,000 for the
bane, died at his home at Me
bane Saturday morning at four
convas- o’clock. He had been 111 for sev-
in theUral days but was stricken ser-
Survey I iously on Friday, at which time
V. al TXr T Allavi Af thift
The second death within ai ruoiic .w' ' IT’u w t Allen of this
week occured in the home of | now being conducted by the, his brother, W. J. Allen of this
James Larkin Pearson, North I American Legion and Auxiliary, J city, was called to his bedside.
poet. .“"'.JS! *"
Sunday night at
Boomer Sunday night at 10:50
when his wife, Mrs. Cora Wal
lace Pearson, passed into the
great beyond.
Mrs. Pearson was born on Jan-
R. L. Wooten, director of thCj
national re-employment office nerej ^ daughter of Mr.
nismng an costs. f^r five counties, motored to Spar-i / ’ Wallace of Mo
lt will be necessary that any u Jefferson Friday to p.,,'- on May 1 1907
wishing to take advantage of the projects now’s Tames’Larkin
clinic make an appointoent with;™i„^ ^^rried out in those two
■ • I A^0&uSOIi.
Vac' Shortly after her marriage she
chS’e'’of all em-j'^as stricken ill and for the ^st
ployeyn road -n^ion work | 28^,,,, ,e-
workf adSnSSn. " ‘ (Continued on page eight) 1 (Continued on page eight)
M. S. Phillips Improves
Some improvement is noted in
the condition of M. S. Phillips,
Ferguson citizen who was se
verely burned when he was
thrown into a vat of boiling
mash at a still several weeks
ago. !
Although somewhat improved
he is not yet out_ of danger but
prospects for his ultimate recov
ery are much better, it Is learn
ed here.
today Issued a siaiemeni asmus | ■
all World War veterans to fill of the late Monroe and Elizabeth
out a card to be filed in the of
fice of the child welfare survey.
The statement issued by Miss
Stafford follows:
‘A large number of cards
have been distributed among
the World War Veterans of
Wilkes county, many of which
have been filled out and placed
In our files In the Public Child
Welfare Survey office. On the
other hand, a number of the
One Marriage License
During the past half week only
one marriage license was issued by
Register of Deeds T^. H- Settle, that
being to Raymond Absher, of Mc-
Grady, and Nora Felts, of Radical.
Allen, of Mebane. He spent the
greater part of his life at Me
bane, where he operated a tobac
co warehouse In the fall and
winter months and was engaged
In farming during the spring
and' summer. He had many
friends and was well and favor-
aibly known throughout Orange
county and that section of the
Of his immediate family there
is one brother, W. J. Allen, of
this city, was three sisters: Mrs.
J. R. Aldridge, Haw River; Mrs.
T. G. Phelps, Cedar Grove; and
'Mrs. R. L. Newton, Prospect
t Hlll. Also surviving ‘are his wife,
liiiio before her rimrrlage was
setting aside $2,500,000 for ths
purpose of supplementing the PWA
funds already allocated up to ten’
per cent. This means that when
the bill passes the senate and be-,
comes a law, $5,000 more will be ■
available for the^orth Wilke*"?
boro building, and the supeiTOimf •
architect advises me that this wffl i
enable them to go ahead yrith
original plans. Until this l^isl*”^
tion passes nothing can be accom- 3
plished. The architect's office i»r
bolding the project in abeyanc*|
until this legislation is passed.
“I have,been working to get this]
building since 1932 and yon may!
be assured that I shall not relK*^
my efforts to secure an adeqnaten^
and suitable building for North
Thirty-five pilots have signed
entry blanss 10 enter the 1934
Carolina Bdneatlonal Air Tour,
which will visit North Wilkes-
boro on Friday, June 29. Spon
sors of the sky caravan expect
that several others will join be
fore the tour leaves Charlotte on
Thursday, June 28.
Call Coffey Joins
Carl Coffey, local aviator, has
signed up to enter the tour with
his Stinson cabin plane. Includ
ed in the entourage will be
planes'of all: types. Including a
trl-inotored Ford.i
Army Planes Coming
Commanding officers at Fort^
filfagg have stated their willing-"
ness to allow a number of army,
plhnes to visit this section 6n
the date of the tour’s visit to
N o f t h Wllkeeboro. However,
they will not be Tegular mem
bers of the tour for. the visit to
all of the cities scheduled.
Get Big Send-Off
On the opening of the lonr In
Charlotte on Wednesday of next
week Governor J. C. B. Bhrlng-
haus and''Col. A. Sneed? com-
' maudteS^ officer ^ f
Field, Va., have been Invited for 'ifts Ruth ForsK^ bt Roxboro,
. /"vAIsm ktld foilf
the opening ceremonies. Other aau r
notables In aviation are also ex
pected to be present.
Pilots’ Ball Ptnnned
At each city visited plans are
under way for the entertainment
of the pilots after the air show.
On the night of the touf here,
June 29, a pilots’ ball will be
given at the armory.
Big Air Show Planned
On the tour Johnny Crowell
the south's premier exhibition
flyer, and “Red” Harmon
Langley I _ (Continued on page eight)
Hdhroe, Jnle and Ida Kate.
The funeral service was held
at his residence Sunday after
noon at three o'clock. The Jun
ior Order fraternity 'was In
charge of the grave service.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Allen and
family, of this city, attended the
last rites.
Mr. J. H. Shumate and sen, Vir
gil, of Yards, Va., spent the Smok-
"oliend at Dehart with Mr.. Shumate’s
mother, Mrs. S- C. Staaa«te
Will Receive Bidg|
School Bus Roirt
An Contract lince
1 Let To LoweBi I
This Week.
Bids will be received
remainder of this week on„
tract school bus routes in 
ty- ; .
, The board;i of education
session today, for the,.
^Wishing the county
and the contract liner> .
ready to receive aoBlad 'bldte , j
C. B. Eller, couidr
ent of sdiools, has
tion necessary for
place bids on the 1

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