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    NORTH WILKERBORO, N. C„ THURSDAY, JULY 26, 7.;.^... ; v'
Npver rf Death
Car Jailed On
National Marble Champ.
Murder Charge
R. W. Lee Placed In JaU Afon-
Fmr Death M Mr& J.
G. Teacve •
Bond of $5,000 Asked By So-
HoMw Jeoes; To Seek
R. W. Lee, driver of the car
la ^hlch his mother-in-law, Mrs.
J. Teagae. was killed Thurs-
day afternoon, has been placed
In Jail at Wilkesboro on a charge
of murder.
Warrant for his arrest was
owQjn out by members of the de-
ce^^Q's family before Magis
trate A. E, Spainhower and he
was Incarcerated Monday.
The wreck occured four miles
east of Wilkesboro on the Boone
Trail highway near the Brook
shire farm when the car driven
by Lee, containing Mrs. Lee and
Mrs. Teague, left the road on the
left side and overturned In a
Mrs. TeagUe suffered'internal
Injuries which resulted in her
death early Friday morning. Mrs.
Lee Is recovering from serious
Injuries. Lee, himself, suffered
severe lacerations and bruises. |
He protests his innocence on
a^the grounds that the wreck was ;
» purely an accident. He stated on
Tuesday afternoon that the snn
blinded him as he was passing
another car and that the car he
was driving swerved as one
wheel hit the dirt alongside the
. pavement. He said that in the
excitement Mrs. Lee placed her
foot on the accelerator, causing
the car to gain greater speed.
Lee has stated his intention to
seek a preliminary hearing to
gain his freedom from Jail.
Ocean City, N. J. '. . . Clifton
H. Seaver, 13, (above), of,
Springfield, Mass., is the nation- ■
al marble champion of the U. S. |
for 1934. He won over a big;
field from all parts of the coun-1
try. I
County Agent Will |
Attend Convention !
Carolina Farmers!
Green Gilreath, local color
ed man, can’t pull himself to
gether as to how come he was
seriously wounded on Monday
night. ,
Sheriff Bill Somers was call
ed .to investigate a shooting
in the woods just south of the
county seat, where'he found
Gilreath plugged in the left
chest hy a 32-callbre bullet.
• Gilreath was in a pretty bad
way and is reported to have
.old that he shot twice toward
his girl, whom he was accom
panying home. Her screams
were such as to make him
quake and tremble tor fear he
had fatally wounded her and
he shot himself, is one current
On Tuesday Gilreath had a
revised version of the myster
ious affair and his last story
was more puzzling than his
first. He said that a mhn
jumped from behind p tree,
shot him and ran.
In giving the attempted
murder account of his beln.g
wounded, he Is reported to
have stated that he told on,
Monday night that he shot
himself in order to throw su-
,spicion fr:m his girl friend.
He said he thought he was
going to die and was afraid
that the shooting would be fas
tened bn her.
The attempt at suicide or
murder came very near being
successful. The bullet entered
right over his heart but rang
ed outward, missing the vital
spot, and going out through
his hack. Sheriff Somers car
ried the wounded man to the
hospital here where his wound
was given attention. Recovery
is likely if complications do
not arise.
.i'Frmht Trtick
state Farmers Convention To
Be Held In Raleigh Next
County Agent A. G. Hendren
will leave Tuesday to attend the
annual State Farmers Conven
The convention will convene
in Raleigh Tuesday and will con
tinue through Thursday.
Mountain View Institute Property
Is Purchased By County For School
Use; Buildings Will Be Repaired
- m
Transaction Made With Mrs.!
J. S. Kilby By Commis- |
Wreck Claims
Its Second
Will Be Used By High School;
[ and Elementary Gi’ades |
Next Term !
l^ipns To Hav«
Picnic Meeting
-a. ,
will Meet .\t Izaak Walton Rec
reation Ground This Kve-
Wilkesboro Lions Club
will i^anish routine proceedure
this week and hold a picnic i
meeting at the izaak Walton
Recreation Grounds this evening |
Instead of the regular dinner j
meeting here. !
All Lions and their wives are
asked to assemble at Hotel'
Wilkes this evening at 6:30. A(
varied program will take place_^
at the picnic spot following the
picnic dinner.
Saturday Will Be
Last Date Signing
Tobacco Contracts
Two colored boy.s are dead
fro:n injuries received Sunday in
a 'vreck of their father's car 12
miles east of Wilkesboro on the
Boone Trail Highway.
The victims were Joshua Bur-
iv.'t. Jr., and Oti.s Burnett, sons
of Tosh ia Burr.ett. of th1.>t Mty.
P. rn''t; was dWving a mode! T
Fr»”d rntipe when it left the road
and overturned against a tree
as h» ::::d his only two sons were
returning from a visit to Wlns-
Joshua. Jr., age 11, was dead
from a broken neck when his
body was taken from between
the car and a tree. Otis died In
the ho.-^nital here yesterday from
a fractured skull.
The wreck reduced the family
to Burnett, his wife, and two
daughters, .Ann and Slattie Jean.
Funeral service for Otis will
he held today at the colored Bap
tist church here.
80 Year-Old Man Kills
Rival For Hand of Girl
County Agent Points Out .Ad
vantages Of Signing Reluc-
tion Contracts
jturday of this week will be
last day for tobacco- farmers
sign reduction contracts,
nty Agent A. G. Hendren has
he time for signing allotment
tracts, however, will be ex-
led for some time.
It Saturday is the last chance
farmers in Wilkes to sign
reduction contracts. Regard-
of whether or not a tobacco
ler approves of the workings
•he Agricultural adjustment
ilnUtration. it is to his bene-
o sign the reduction contract,
Hendren said yesterday In
interview with a representa-
of this newspaper,
obacco farmers who do not
the reduction or allotment
racts will be taxed for 25
cent of the tobacco they sell,
tment contracts are for the
)ose of giving the small to-
0 farmer a chance to grow
market his tobacco without
g taxed.
Florence, Ala.. July 23.—Riv
alry between 80-year-old O. B.
Hill Jr., and 55-year-old H. A.
Fuller for the attentions of 21-
year-old Dollie Perry came to a
head late today when Hill shot
Fuller and the girl’s brother to
Wilkes county has purchased
the property of Mountain View
Institute, which formerly operat
ed as a denominational .school.
The transaction, which is sub
ject to the approval of the local
government commission, was
made by the county commission
ers with Mrs. J. S. Kilby, owner
of the prop^^rty by virtue of a
court decision.
The property conai.sts of about
3" acres of land and three
buildings; t h e administration
building, the Pearl Kilby Home
for girls and the Boys Dormi
Since the discontinuation of
Mountain View Institute several
year.s ago Mountain View ^igh
school and the elementary grades
have been using the buildings
but It became necessary that
permanent arrangement he made
to accomodate the school, which
is one of the largest rural schools
in the county.
The buildings are of brick
construction and will serve the
purpose ol housing the district
central high and olementary
school after a number of alter
ations and repairs have been
made. All three of the buildings
are badly in nted of repair and
necessary furnishings for class
New York . . . When Miss Ann
Middleton (above) drove her
big White freighting truck out
onto the streets this week she
became New York’s first woman
truck driver . . . and the third
in the U. S. . . . The other two
are Emily Libe of Phillipsburg,
N. J. and Mrs. Y: Kemp of San
Singings Planned
For Fifth Sunday
Large (VowAs And Good Singing
Anticiimted At Singing
Sunday, July 29th, is a fifth
Sunday and singers will gather
at various points in the county
, for singing conventions, which
are eagerly anticipated by all
who are Interested in sacred
The Southside Singing will be
held at Moravian Falls Baptist
church, beginning at 10 o’clock.
Those in charge expect several
classes and quartets to take part.
The Blue Ridge Singing Asso
ciation will convene at Big Ivey
near Walsh postoffice. The pro
gram embraces both morning
and afternoon sessions.
Stone Mountain Singing will
be held Sunday at Chestnut
Grove, located north of this city
near highway number 18.
The Ronda singing convention
will be held at Bethel Church.
Those in charge of the singing
programs at the various
New York . . . Miss Mary
French (above), daughter of Mr.
and .Mrs. John F’rench of New
York and Greenwich, is to be
the Fail bride of Laurence S.
Rockefeller, grandson of John
D. Rockefeller.
all singers to take part.
Salvation Army
Services Bein^
Wilkesboro M. £.
Revival Is On
Tent Is Ijocatcd On Vacant Lot
On Ninth Street In This
)urv^w^WiIl;B^[in Stakiog
ai Sranic Parkwai
Archie F'lurchild .
It Bitted By Rat
'‘ 'nier {(dlowlng new* iten
alxmt Anitle Fairchild, fbFia-
er resident' of thl* citf. was
clipped from Frldair's Issue ot
the Hlg^ Point Enterprise:
“Bats,” said Ardile Fair-
child, a fixer at the Huntley-
Jackson Hosiery mill this
morning as he shoved a badly
injured digit up for first aid
treatment by tho plant doctor
It was a well-fed rodent,
some who saw it. said a squir
rel seldom is larger, to which
Archie gave chase The rat ran
under a box but left about
eight Inches of his tall ouG
side Archie seized It, and at
about the same moment Mr.
Rat seized Archie’s finger to
take oat a big hunk of the
flesh and thus obtain his im
mediate release from an em
barrassing situallon for him
Western North CaroUna
ed Over Selection of .
C. Route
People in 11118 Section
Route To Follow Blue
Ridge Crest
Committees in four school dis
tricts in the county have announc
ed their opening date as |Wednes-
day, August 1- according to infor
mation received from C. B. Eller,
county superintendent of schools-
The schools which will begin
on Wednesday of next week are
Hendrix, Big Ivy, Miller school in
Union township, and Shady Grove.
Some few other schools in the
county may open on the same date.
All state high schools in the
programs a. .... slnT eight central districts will open on
ings extend a cordial invitation Wednesday, August along with
for the public to attend and for the greater part of the elementery
Washington, July 24.—Sur
veyors soon will start stakiaff
out the Shenandoah-Great Smoky-
national parkway as far south
as Blowing Rock.
Representative Doughton was
assured of this by Associate Paitk
Director A. E. Deraaray and Di
rector of Public Roads Thomu
H. MacDonald today, following
confereneeb with them at which
he urged that construction begin
as soon as possible.
Doughton said he hopes the
work may be started from both
ends to assure early completion,
as well as to give employment to
as many men as possible.
The representative said he la
elated over location of the park
way so far, and intends to keep
up his efforts to have it con
tinue down through LlnvlUo
Gorge, Little Svx,ltzerland. Mount
Mitchell, the Asheville section,
Pisgah Forest and enter
park on the North Carolina side.
“The tact that the route hna
been located through my district,
the section in which I am pri
marily interested, will not cause
me to cease my efforts one lotn
to have it remain on the North
Carolina side ot the park, enter
ing through the Balsam moun
tain section,” the congressman
Today’s is Doughton’s third
trip to Washington lu the Inter
est of a North Carolina location
of the parkway.
“The roadway will be a won
derful thing tor North Carolina,”
he said today. “It is Impossible
to fully realize just what it will
mean in years to come.
“I am anxious for them to get
it located and get to work on it
'so that Jobs will be provided for
schools. No school having inter
locking transportation with another, tnat JODS will oe proviu.
school will be allowed to open jobless along its route,
until August 29. 'The schools to j surveyors who will go to
> . open next week-are in the outlying'
I-Iawo districts where circum-stanees per-
l^onductea nere ^
term b'.fore winter.
The county board of education
Presiding Elder A. C. Gibbs Is
Assisting the Pastor
This Week
Quarterly Conference
Subordinate Granges in Oran.gc
county have embarked upon a
program of rural electrification
with every grange having a com
mittee in charge of the work.
Sunday evening 6 o’clock, Ju
ly 29, at Millers Creek Metho
dist church, the third quarterly
conference of the Moravian Falls
circuit will convene. All officials
ot the different churches of the
circuit are urged to he present.
People Die At Rate of 15 Per
Hour As Sun Parches Country
A series of evangelistic servic
es which began at the Wilkes
boro Methodist church will con
tinue throughout this week.
Services are held each morning
at eight o’clock and each even
ing at the same hour.
Rev. A. C. Gibbs, presiding
elder of the Mt. Airy district, is
assisting the pastor. Rev. Sey
mour Tlpylor, in the meeting.
Powerful Gospel sermons are be
ing delivered each day and much
interest has been taken in the
meeting by the church.
The public has a most cordial
invitation to attend each service.
Siamese Twin and Lambert
To Wed In Pennsylvania
Evcingelistic services are being
cendneted in the tent on Ninth
str-et opposite the Yadkin Val
ley Motor Company each evening
by members of the Salvation
Evangelist J. F. Craig is in
charge of the meeting.
The services will continue In
definitely and the public has a
cordial invitation to attend.
lay out the route shortly will, of
course, stake only that section
approved by PWA Administrator
Ickes last week, which will fol
low the main ridge formation of
■' - iUW lUC iuaiJi Siw&x; iv/i
and Supt. Eller set two dates for James river, after leaving
, A i, ^ ^ tilt? Jsllllca
npeni-g of schools. Au-ist 1 for j,, Shenandoah na-
r ^ OUULll CUIA UJ. ^
any elementary schools w'here there Virginia, to Adney
is no interlocking trar.^portation gj, the
and wher- the people desire an pinnacles of Dan and close to
early opening date, and August 29 (jgp_ Virginia, entering
for all the high schools and the Garolina about 10 miles
schools which do not open on Au- . ^ ^iry. The park-
i X L i way then passes Laurel Springs,
The opening dates set by the i springs, and on to
county authorities does not affect gjp^ipg gpck.
B, E. Altman Will Have
Kiwanis Club Program
B. E. Altman will be in charge
of the program for the luncheon
meeting of the local Kiwanis
Club tomorrow at noon. An in
teresting program has been
planned ana a full attendance of
Kiwanians is expected.
North Wilk-'sboro city schools,
which operatp as a city adminis
trative unit.
Lions Select Nebraska ^
Man As President
Vincent C. Hascall, of Omaha,
Neb., yesterday was elected pres
ident of the International Asso
ciation of Lions Clubs during the
final session of the eighteenth
annual convention which closed
j at Grand Rapids, Mich.
Overcash Resigns
From City Faculty
Death Total and Temperature
i Mounts Throughout the
Member Of City School Faculty
Accepts Position With S.
P. r. Co.
.gent A. G. Hendren
rs of the tobacco re-
trol committee are
iveek measuring the
en from tobacco in
In order to receive
ct benefits.
H. V. Overcash, member of the
city school faculty here for the
past three years, has resigned to
accept a position with the South
ern Public Utilities Company.
Mr. Overcash has been athletic
director of the high school in ad
dition to regular classroom work.
He was a popular member of the
The resignation of Mr. Over
cash makes the second member
of the faculty leaving to accept
better positions. Miss Tlmoxena
Crawford having resigned as
music teacher several days ago.
evival In Progrew
At Maple Sprmg* Church
A splendid revival meeting is
progress at the Maple Springs
Iventlst chnrch. Rev. N. W.
irrtaon, of Durham, is doing
e preaching. Services are held
10:30 a. m. and 7;30 p. m.
le public is most cordially In-
;ed to attend.
Father Admits Killing One
Of Twin Girls to Get Cash
To Raise Surviving Sister
Houston, Tex., July 24.—E.
H. Stuart, 28, and unemployed,
confessed, police said, that he
killed one of his small twin
aughters for her insurance so
_'nat he would be able to support
the other.
Continued sizzling heat has
claimed an estimated 700 lives
throughout the nation during the
current seige. At 2 p. m. (central
standard time) Tuesday 688 fa
talities had been reported at the
rate of 15 an hour.
Virtually no deaths have been
reported from the Pacific coast
or the Rocky Mountain states
but in other parts of the nation
additional deaths occurred hour
The temperature in Chicago
jumped 30 degrees within five
hours to establish a new all time
record in the history of the city
with 103.2 degrees at noon. An
hour later it had climbed to 104
and A. C. Donnell, United States
weather bureau forecaster pre
dicted the mercury would hit
106 in the absence of the usual
lake breeze. The previous all
time high was 103, established
July 21, 1901.
Cattle and grains suffered se
verely. Thousands of head of cat
tle faced starvation and death
from thirst in the great central
plains. Stockmen sought t o
market' unusually large ship
ments to save them from ruin.
Geneva, O., July 22.—Violet
Hilton, one of the Siamese twins
who recently was denied a court
order forcing New York officials
to issue her marriage license,
will be married within the next
two weeks in Pennsylvania, she
said here today.
Statistical Reports of Schools In
County For 1933-34 Show Progress
Six millions of the $16,000,-
000 allocated by the PWA for
the parkway la now available for
Good Ball Games
Here This Week
Alexander Is Swept By
Wind And Hail Storm
Taylorsville, July 24.—A hea
vy rainstorm, almost reaching'
the proportions of a cloudburst
In some sections, swept Alexan
der county early today.
Officers Get Two
Men At Distillery
Ralph Bowman’s Home Chair
Company team has a tough card
•for the remainder of this week.
Today the local boys go to Elkin
In an effort to revenge a nose-
out defeat by the Elkin Blanket-
eers here Tuesday.
The White Oaks team from
Greensboro will play the local j
Folie Anthony and William
Dimmette (jet In Toils of
the Law
Folie Anthony and William
Dlmmette, of the Traphill Com
munity, were arrested at a still
Saturday b y Federal Agents
Leonard Roupe, J. T. Jones, J.
C. Fortner, assisted by Howard
and Carl Roland.
In a preliminary' hearing >e-
fore Commissioner J. W. *'Dula
bonds were fixed at $500 and
they were released - until the
next term of federal court at
Greensboro Team Coming Fri
day; Hanes Hosiery MlUs
Enrollment of Past Term was
9,969; Promotions Total
ed 6,353
Enrollment In the schools of
Wilkes County for the 1933-34
term reached a total of 9,969,
according to figures on the final
report of Prof. C. B. Eller, coun
ty superintendent of schools.
These figures do not include the
enrollment of the North Wilkes
boro city schools.
The 1933-34 school term In
the county is termed highly suc
cessful. despite the fact that the
schools were operating for the
Greensboro will play tne locai j under, the new set up
team here Friday afternoon at months’ term with
4:30. This is a good team ttot,
promises to give the home b ys , amount formerly used
I for a six months term,
School census, enrollment,
Since the announcement from
Washington that a part of the
route of the scenic parkway in
Northwestern North Carolina has
been selected citizens of this
Immediate part of the state, and
more especially in northeastern
Wilkes county, have become con
cerned over reports they have
heard to the effect that the crest
of the majestic Blue Hidge may
not be selected for the survey
of the proposed great boulevard-
News dispatches from Wash-
(Continued on page eight)
Cokesbury School
At Moravian Falls
Class Will* Begin bonday NighO
And Continue Throng
FViday *
Sheen growers of-Washington school colored 180; eleniOTtory
^d Tyrrellcounties pooled 1,- school white 8,011; elementary
658 pounds'of wool wiick ^ey school colored 886.
sold through the "-United Wool^ A total of 7,«7« average
nrowersv Association,- (Continued on page eight)
Beginning at 8 o’clock Sunday
night, July 29, and continuing
each night at samt, hour tbrqpgh
Friday night, August 3, a Cokee-
bury Sunday school trainii|g
class will be taught at the Meth
odist church of Moravian F’alls.
The subject to be discussed 1*
“Educational Work ot, the Small
Church.’’ The Instructor will be
Rev. P. E. Cook, student from
the School of Religion of Duke
University. There Is no cha
for admission. The public _
Roosevelt Fishin|;^
In Hawauan Wa^-
plenty of trouble In staying
‘°The week’s games will be cll-l SchooL census yUed to attend each'night
Tne weeas gauiea ” 'average daily attendance and
maxed here Saturday »“®riioon showed an In-
when Hanes Hosiery M il teana figures for the
from Winston-Salem previous term,
here Saturday for ® 8 ; iphe school census for the past
3:30. Hanes has a winning out- whites and
fit this year and Saturdy s tilt colored. The enrollment of
may he one of the hardest « - jjg divided as follows:
the year for the locals. | school white 1,093; high
Kaitaa, Hawaii, July ^
pearing tanned, fit, -and well*':-/
rested after his 5,000-mIle voy
age ihere from Panama, Presi
dent Roosevelt arrived today on
the historic coast—the tinri!
President' of the United States,,
ever to visit Hawaii—and then-
went fishing without coming
ashore. ' f

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