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    J6irhal-Patriot has blazed
of Wilkes*
Published Mondays and Thursdays NORTH WHJIESBORO, N. C., THURSDAY, NOV. 1£«4;
TV«T mu. I cm auMPtf tub bu* op tv« «cv.
Mule Attacks Men
Ferdinand Harman died in a
hospital in St. James, Mo., Mon-
.^j^trom injuries receired when
mule jumped into his car as he
'was driving along the road. The
r mule's shoe fractured his skull.
War Clouds Hover
Trouble between Austria and
Jugoslavia over trade and pass
port treaties threatened to break
open the war clouds which have
been hovering over Europe dur
ing the past few days and throw
the world into turmoil.
EvBP Guidimp Destiny
^ t Cotton Farmers Benefit
i” Cl^^^^shington. Xov. 27.—A to
or OR
• at of $75,969,192.40 has been
paId“'to producers co-operating in
the 1934 cotton adjustment pro
gram. the a.gricultural adjust
ment administration announced
Protest Freight
Strong protest against the
railroads’ proposed 10 per cent
increase in freight rates has
been filed with the Interstate
Commerce Commission at Wash
ington by Stanley Winbourne.
Xorth Carolina's utilities com-
.Alleged Kidnaper Held
[Mn Oscar H. Robson, 30-year-old
^fance hall operator in Tucson.
Ari., is being held on a charge
of kidnaping Little June Robles]
■- in Arizona last summer. Hand
writing e.xperts say he wrote the
ransom note received by • the
child's parents.
Waives Hearing
Lenoir. Xov. 27.— Re.x .Mar
shall. Burke county filling sta
tion operator, who is under in
dictment for murdering R. M.
Loyd, of Mocksville, this after
noon waived preliminary exami
nation when brought before
Judge W. F. Harding.
Solicitor Jones Strongly Opposed
To Clemency for Greens and Black
Favors Sound Curreney
Paris, Xov. 27.—Premier Pier-
-Etienne Flan-din declared pub-
y tonight in favor of sound
Jrarrency for France and ali.gned
anew with forces fight-
Ing'^evaluation of the franc or
departure from the gold stand
Cops .Are Kidiia|M‘d
Paris. Te.x.. -N'ov. 26. —Fear
for Uie safety of two Paris po-
jicemen who were kidnaped and
carried away in their patrol car
by two men believesl to be des
perate fugitives increased to
night, as searching parties fail
ed to find any trace of tlie miss-
g ptXicers or their abductors. 2 Miirdeis
Martinsville. Va.. Xov. 27.—.
Dewey .Manns Vernon, negro. I
self-confessed slayer of Curran
B. Fulp. Rockingham county
North Carolina farmer, today!
confessed to Sheriff J. M. Ilavis
and Sergeant .1. R. Hensley that
e was the slayer of Cora .-Vlcorn, j
artinsville uegress. I
Wants I,ess Spending
AVarm .Springs. Ga.. Xov. 27.—
The administration’s determina
tion to keep normal government
expenditures for 1935 within
the income, is the tonic that the
nation’s business has been wait
ing for. Secretary of Commerce
Daniel C. Roper told President
Roosevelt today.
Thanksgiving Proclamation
By Governor Ehrii^haus
“Once more the President of the United States has desig
nated a day of thanksgiving for the nation and has set apprt
for that purpose Thursday, November 29. Once more in obe
dience to a time-honored -American custom official action
strives to center the hearts and minds of the people upon
the duty and privilege of grateful praise for the great and
good that is our inheritance.
“For the inspiration that comes out of our past, for the
blessings and privileges of our present, for onr preservation
a.gainst the dangers and difficulties that beset us and the
long way we have come along the highway of hope, for the
ideals which we have preserved and the dreams which we
still cherish, for Uie and prospect which we still
cherish, for the promises and prospect which are ours for the
future and for the chance that we have to play our part in
our day and generation, for God, for country and for human
ity, let u.s each and all be thankful.
“in sincerity and truth and faith and trust and coutidence,
as well as gratitude, therefore, as Governor of North Caro
lina. I call upon our people to ob.serve this designated day as
one of thanksgiving and on this day to render at tlieir respec
tive places of worship or in the humbleness of their liomes,
or wheresoever they may be. their thanks to a Providence that
has protected and provided the great in onr past, the good in
our present, and tiio security and hope for our future."
Three Face Chair
On December 7th
Jones Says Evidence in Case
W. F. Gaddy Buysj Big Carnival
Chevrolet Agency Friday Night
Want ChartiTl Course
C. L. Bardo, president of the
National Manufacturers’ Associ-
atKp^cadled on President Roose-
day and informed the
president that industry must
know what the government is
planning to do before confidence
jding to expansion can be
^fought about. He reported,
-however, that business Is on the
Quintuplets Age 6 Months
Callander. Ont.. Xov. 27.—The
^Dionne Quintuplets will have a
^ -.six-month birthday anniversary
i.teast tomorrow'—of cow's milk
f-and cooked cereal.
Dr. R. A. Dafoe, physician in
’{■charge of the five babies, said
they were “quite satisfied” with
that fare.
Two Girls Kllletl
Covington. Va., Nov. 27.—An
.lleghany county grand jury to-
ly returned murder In-dictments
.Inst four negroes held in con-
;ion with the death of Alice
Hill, 13. and Ellen Hill, 6, on
ivember 18.
.The girls were found murder-
on the morning of November
on the farm of PhlHp Jones,
lar Forge.
Hafer Chevrolet Company
Sold To Thomasville Au
tomobile Man
Lions and Woman’s Club Join
in Sponsoring Thanksgiv
ing Gala Event
The Hafer Chevrolet Com
pany. owned by U. L, Hafer. hag
been purchased by IV. F. Gaddy,
formerly of Thomasville. The
trade. Involving a considerable
amount of money, was consum
mated on November 21st, follow
ing negotiations which had been
going on between Mr. Hafer and
Mr. Gaddy for only a few days.
The Hafer Chevrolet Company
was opened here by Mr. Hafer
sixteen months ago. and the
firm has enjoyed a splendid pat-
rtmage. Mr. Gaddy is an exper
ienced automobile man. having
during the past several years
served as Chevrolet's distributor
in both Kernersville and Thora-
asvllle. He comes to the city
with splendid recommendations,
and a well-established business
The new name of the Chevro
let agency here will be Gaddy
Motor Company and Mr. Gaddy
will give kis personal attention
to the business. The same sales
force, with the addition of Joe
D. Welborn and Robert Hill, of
Thomasville. will continue with
t’ae new company, it Is under
stood. and the same shop per
sonnel will continue to serve the
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Everything is being made rea
dy in the upper story of the
To.mlinson's Department Store
building to entertain a large
crowd at the Thanksgiving Car
nival to be held there Friday
night of this week.
This gala occasion of the hol
iday season Is being sponsored
jointly by the North Wilkesboro
WVinian’s Club and the North
■Wilkesboro Lions Club. two
wide-awake civic organizations
that are desiring to raise some
funds for worthy objectives and
at the same time be providing
amusement and grvTng away
valuable and attractive prizes.
The Woman’s Club will use its
part of the profits of the occas
ion to supplant their building
funds, with which |they exjiect
to erect a clubhouse in the very
near future. The Lions will con
tinue their compalgn tor better
sight for underprivileged school
The public Is asked to patron
ize the carnival for a good time
Friday night and to help the
worthy causes for which the oc
casion Is planned. A small ad
mission of 10 cents will be
charged at the door and after
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in Direct Contrast to
Claim of Greens
Solicitor John R. Jones of the
17th district made public in an
interview yesterday his unequi
vocal and unalterable opposition
to commutation of the death sen
tences imposed on Bascom and
Lester Green and R. E. Black,
who face death in the electric
chair on December 7 for the
killing of Cashier T. C. Barnes
in an attempteil robbery of the
Taylorsville bank in July, and
described the crime as one of the
most horrible ever committed in
North Carolina.
After reading Bascom Green’s
claims that Stefanoft forced him
and the others into the bank
raid Solicitor Jones reviewed the
evidence in the case, which he
said showed that all four men
were armed and that they came
to Stefanoff’s home near North
Wilkesboro with five pistols and
a shotgun, trading one luger gun
for gasoline in North Wilkesboro
and insisted that Assistant Cash
ier S. E. Little’s testimony as to
the men being armed and who
did the shooting should be be
lieved. He uointed out that
. ' '’■yS
Funds-Rroii Side'ttf Tiny
Stickers Do Great Work in
Fight On Tuberculosis
Woman’s Club of Two Wilkes-
boros to Promote Sale of
Seals Again
One of the first evidences of
the Christmas season will be the
sale of Christmas seals here next
week by the North Wilkesboro
and Wilkesboro Woman’s Club.
The little seals used on Christ
mas mail are just tiny stickers
but what has been accomplished
by the sale of the seals would be
astounding if all the results
could be tabulated. The sale of
the seals in Wilkes County is by
the Woman’s Clubs under the
direction of the State and Na
tional Tuberculosis Associations.
Just one cent each Is the
price for seals and yet funds
have been raised in previous
years that have gone a long way
in the fight against the white
plague. The two organizations of
the Wilkesboros will retain
three-fourths of the money gain
ed in the sale of seals and the
Other fourth will go to the state
association to fight tuberculosis
all over the state.
Mrs. R. T. McNeill Is sales
chairman for the North Wllkes-
boro Woman’s Club and Mrs. L.
B. Dula holds the same position
for the Wilkesboro organization.
The seals will be sold through
the schools, throufeh the mails
and by the Boy S-outs between
now and Yuletide.
During the past tew years the
Woman’s Clubs of the Wilkes
boros have raised enough
through the sale of seals to fur
nish the county tuberculosis hos
pital and purchase a radio for
the enjoyment of the shut-in in
mates. In addition to this they
have purchased equipment for
the North Wilkesboro high
school gymnasium and have car
ried out several objectives, all
of which liave been directly or
indirectly connected with the
great drive civilization is direct
ing against tuberculosis.
This year the funds will be
used in similar commendable
activities and the sponsors of the
sale of Christmas seals will ap
preciate the support of the pub
Shipping Corn
! To faitemational
Grain, Hay Show
Wilkes County White to Com
pete in Big Exposition
Starting Dec. 1
when the sheriff arrested Black
in Wilkes County on the day of
the robbery-killing that he was
armed with an automatic pistol
and that he was In the Taylors
ville bank, was armed, and had
in his possession paper bags in
which to place the loot.
The Solicitor insists, on the
testimony of Little, that Stefan-
off was on one side of the bank
enclosure, Lester Green was at
a window on the opposite side
and that Bascom Green was at
the center window. Stefanoff and
Lester Green both shot Barnes,
one from one side and the other
from the other and that both
bullets went entirely through
his body in opposite directions,
in direct contrast to the state
ment of the elder Green that his
son was not armed, and that
Bascom Green shot Little as his
hands were uplifted in surrend
In the interview today Solici
tor Jones said, "Stefanoff, an
uneducated alien who knew but
little of our laws, customs and
traditions, has been electrocuted.
Black and the Greens are Amer
ican citizens with reasonably
good education and intelligencr
and who knew bur laws am
customs. The -attempt of thesi
three men to place all the blam
on Stefanoft is repulsing.’’
After stating his belief tha
Black “furnished the brains fo
(ContlBUBd OB imge four)
After winning sweepstakes at
(he North Carolina State Fair a
group of Wilke.s farmers of the
Piirlear community are seeking
larger field.s to conquer and have
sent their specimens of Wilkes
County White Corn to the In
ternational Grain and Hay Show-
in Chicago.
The International is the larg
est exposition of farmers pro
ducts in the world and is open
to all nations. However, the Unit
ed States is divided into regions
according to climatic and soil
The farmers have shipped to
the exposition a number of ten
ear exhibits to compete in the
ten-ear single ear class, the ten-
ear prolific class and the 4-H
Club department. Quentin Nich
ols. who won sweepstakes at the
State Fair, made only a few sub
stitutes in his ten-ear exhibit
and will put North Carolina’s
best against the rest of the
During the past several years
that the Wilkes corn has been on
exhibit at the International show
it has not failed to win prem
iums and on three occasions has
won Blue ribbons.
The International show build
ing was destroyed in the disas
trous fire last year but has been
replaced much larger than be
North Carolina will send a
judging team from State College
to compete In the judging con
tests and W. H. Barst and Dr.
I. B. Cotner will look after the
ixhibits from the state at the
Reports from all parts of
astern North Carolina indicate
'lat a heavy acreage of oats,
arley and wheat is being .plant-
.lA^thU tall.
Trenton, N. J. . . . Betty Gow
(above), nursemaid to the Lind
bergh baby at the time of the
kidnapping, is returning from
Scotland to testify in the trial of
Bruno Hauptmann for the child’s
County Officers
Will Be S worn In
On First Monday
Sheriff and One Member of
Board of Commissioners
Will Remain in Office
December 3rd will be first
Monday and the day for the
newly elected county officers to
take office at the courthouse in
Wilkesboro. The officers will be
sworn in at that time.
Sheriff W. B. Somers and M.
F. Absher, member of the board
of county commissioners, are the
only incumbents to remain in
office, none of the other officers
having been seeking renomina
tion or reelection.
Following are the officers to
take the oath of office Monday:
W. B. Somers, sheriff; C. C.
Hayes, clerk of court; O. F. El
ler, register of deeds; Ralph
Duncan, M. F. Absher and D. W.
Swaringen. commissioners: Ire
dell -M. Myers, coroner; W. E.
Fletcher, surveyor.
The retiring officers are Wm.
A. Stroud, clerk of court; T. H.
Settle, register of deeds; X. B.
Smithey, commissioner. C. C.
Hayes, commissioner who is
elevated to clerk of court. All
county officers taking office
•Monday are Republicans, having
made a clean sweep in the elec
tion on November C.
Offic e F
^ct to Be bet
In This City
6 Counties Are'
Grouped In lAiit
With Office Here
Relief Offices in State Cat
From 104 to 33 for SaSie
of Economy
One Administrator WBI Senre
Entire District; 'Will
Save $180,000
Inspector Is At
Work In County
Making Survey of Sewer Sys
tems and Water Supplies
of Schools in County
Sanitary Inspector C. C.
Foard, formerly of Statesville,
has begun his work in the coun
ty in cooperation with the coun
ty health department and his
services are now available to the
At present Mr. Foard is mak
ing a survey of the sewer sys
tems and water supplies of the
schools of the county and will
make recommendation for any
changes that he deems necessary
to keep the best of sanitary con
ditions and to safeguard the
health of the children.
He urges the construction of
sanitary privies for private
homes and will gladly assist any
one in giving them plans approv
ed by the state board of health.
He calls attention to the fact
that the FERA will furnish labor
for the erection of a sanitary
privy and the only cost to the
owner is what expenditures may
be necessary for .materials.
Rev, E. V. Bumgarner
Is Zion Hill Pastor
Rev. E. V. Bumgarner, widely
and favorably known minister of
TayolrsvlUe, has accepted the
pastorial call of Zion Hill Bap
tist church at Boomer. The
church and community are de
lighted with his acceptance, he
being considered a most able
minister. . .
Services are held each fourth
Sunday afternoon and eveningy^
Effective December G The
North Carolina Emer.gency Re
lief Administration will work
through district Instead of coun
ty offices and a district office
for six counties will be located
in North Wilkesboro, according
to information given out from
Mrs. Thomas O’Berry, state re
lief administrator.
Wilkes has been selecteH*^ ae
the district office for Watauga,
Ashe, Alleghanyr s4Vry and
Yadkin counties and the office
will be located in the Bank of
North Wilkesboro building.
By reducing the number of of
fices and units from 104 to 33
in the state it is expected that
$180,000 can be sliced from the
cost of relief administration.
The consolidation move will
be the first important alteration
of the relief administrative set
up since its organization more
than a year ago. Virtually every
county in the state will be af
fected by the change. Mrs. O’
Berry said.
The consolidation plans pro
vide that the 33 districts will be
each under the supervision of a
district administrator. Each
county will continue to have a
branch office, but clerical assist
ance in these offices will be
District administrators have
not 'been announced, and those
not retained as administrators
may be employed in other relief
jobs, Mrs. O’Berry said.
“Increased efficiency with re
duced expense is onr aim,’’ Mrs.
O’Berry explained.
“Enough case workers will
be added to staffs of each dis
trict to provide one worker for
each 100 families on relief.
“More thoroiLgh investigation
is expected to reduce drastical
ly the number of persons on re
lief rolls and the savings can be
u.sed to provide adequately for
those qualified for relief.’’
I'ndcr the new set-np. each of
the 33 districts will be staffed
with the following key person
nel: district administrator, case
work supervisor, disbursing offi
cer, project supervisor, rural re
habilitation supervisor and sta
tistician. This staff will serve
also as a planning board
Only four counties wi’! be
maintained as relief units with
in themselves; Wake county
with headquarters in Ralejgfa.
Mecklenburg with headquarters
in Charlotte, Dare with head
quarters In Manteo. anti Carteret
with headquarters in Beaufort.
To Open Saturday
North Wilkesboro Grocery
Co. Will Be bocated in
Phillips Building
The North Wilkesboro Grocery
Company, owned by Rom H.
Pearson, will open for business
Saturday, December 1st. in the
Phillips building on Tenth street.
The firm will carry a complete
line of groceries, fiour, feeds-mnd
Mr. Pearson is well and faypr-
ably known by hundreds «CidilK>-
ple residing in Wllkqs and ad
joining counties. -He former
ly a member of the firjp of jR^ar-
son Bros., one of flio city’s best
known firms. ^ j*.
The new company will carry
on both a wholesale and retail
business, and merchants are in
vited to get wholesale prices as
all merchandise will be sold at
a very narrow margin of proit.
The grocery store owned ’ by
Mr. Pearson and located a short
distance west of the city on the
Boone Trail Highway will con-^^^
tlnue to be operated-under ’ tha
management of Mr. W. Mw OwbnL^

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