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    'iir. and. Mrs. N. a Smoak and ■ Mrs. A. G. Hendren has been
children, * Norma and Bobbie, | confined to her home by Illness
kora irMtors In Boone Sunday. : during the past two weeks, many
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brame and | are sorry to learn.
[r. Joe Brame visited relatives | Mr. Raeford Pierce, member
WInaton-Salem Thanksgiving I of the C. C. Camp near Topton,
jr. ! spent the Thanksgiving holidays
I '\'rr
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Absher,
r. and Mrs. Jim Hauser motor-
to Durham Thanksgiving
Attorney W. H. McElwee at
tended the wake Forest-David-
football game Thanksgiving
Born to^ Mr. and Mrs. James
Rite|k, of Pores Knob, a daugh
ter, at The Wilkes Hospital on
Miss Grace Bryant, who is
teaching at Andrews, spent the
holiday season with relatives at
.Mr. Owen E. Duncan arrived
Saturday from Memphis, Tenn.,
to visit his another, Mrs. J. E.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
Welch, of Warrensville, at The
Wilkes Hospital on Thursday, a
.M’jK-and Mrs. David Lowe and
small daughter, Ina Jean, were
visitors to Jiickory Tlianksgiv-
K Day.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry
and family, of Greensboro, spent
the Thanksgiving holiday season
in this city.
Mr. R. G. Myers, of Jones-
vllle, was in this city Friday
shopping and attending to busi
ness matters.
Mrs. A. S. Cooper, of Brown-
wood, has been spending a few
days in Wilkesboro as the guest
of Mrs. B. S. Call.
with relatives at Champion.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Holcomo
and two children, Hugh, Jr., and
Sarah, visited Mr. and Mrs. 0.
C. Holcomb Sunday afternoon.
.Mr. Edward Finley, Jr., stu
dent at Davidson College, visited
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. G.
Finley, here during the week
.Miss Serlina Gentry, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gentry,
was taken to Davis Hospital in
Statesville for treatment Satur
Mrs. Agnes Hart returned
home Wednesday night after a
visit of ten days with relatives
in Laurinbnrg and Orangeburg. | Hamby^^r’wiikeaboro
S. C.
Mr. and Mrs,’-. Thomas
jUughlfn ratttnad '.Jast wMk
from their ireddlng trit> to nortjti-
ern points and' are now making
their home with Dr. and Mrs.’Hi.-
B. Smith. , ■
Misses Mary_ Mitchell and Thel
ma Miley, oL Hartsvllle. S. C.,
were guests of Dr. and Mrs. H.
B. Smith during the holiday sea-
Bou. They returned to their
homes Sunday. , ^
Miss Ruby Tuttle, student of
♦ he Woman’s College of the
North Carolina University.
Greensboro, spent the Thanksgiv
ing holidays here with-her sister,
Mrs. C. O. McNeill.
Misses Nellie and Hazel Bil
lings. students of a Business
College in Roanoke. Va., spent
the Thanksgiving holidays at
Hays with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Billings.
Messrs. John Henry Johnson.
Phillip Brame, W. H. H. Waugh,
Jr., students at the University of
North Carolina in Chapel Hill,
visited their parents here during
the Thanksgiving holidays.
Mr. James Hamby left Friday
to return to his studies at Lees-
McRae College at Banner Elk
after spending Thanksgiving
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs
Mr. S. Kirk, relief adminis- c., Boone.
.Messrs. R. W. Gwyn and sons.
Dick and Blair, attended the
Wake football
game at Davidson Thanksgiving
Mr. and Mrs. dial McNeil had
as .guests for Thanksgiving, Mr.
and Mrs. H. C. Easley and little
daughter, Jo Anne, of Ruther-
.Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mc
Laughlin spent the week-end in
Charlotte with Mr. .McLaughlin’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Mc-
.Miss Lucy Pearson spent
Thanksgiving with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Rom Pearson. Miss
Pearson is a student at A. S. T.
trator of Davie county, was a
guest of friends in this city dur-
the week-end.
■Mr. Earl Huffman, member of
the C. C. Camp near Topton,
spent Thanksgiving with home
folks near Purlear.
Rev. and Mrs. Seymour Tay
lor spent a few hours Thursday
In Wadesboro with their daugh
ter, Mrs. B. D. Lewis.
Miss Pansy Smithey, student
burse at Davis Hospital in States
ville, spent the week-end at her
home at Oakwoods.
Mr. John Miller, of Hickory,
-visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
S. B. Miller, residents of route 2,
Wilkesboro, yesterday.
Miss Alma Shoaf, a student at
A. S. T. C.. Boone, spent the
Thanksgiving holidays with her
mother, -Mrs. R. S. Shoaf.
..Miss Marianna Cassel has re-
rned to Salem College after
the holiday season here ]
■ her father and mother, .Mr.
Mrs. A. S. Cas.scl.
iss Helen Uula. daughter of
and Mrs. L. B. Dula, of Wil-
boro, has returned home from
■itesvllle where she underwent
successful operation.
Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Nichols and
family, of Sanford, spent the
latter part of the week visiting
relatives at Purlear and in the
.Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Culler, of
Lenoir, accompanied by Mr. S.
A. Mila, of Washington. D. C..
were visitors in North Wilkes
boro Saturday.
.Miss Kathleen vientry return
ed to her home 'lere Saturday
from Davis Hospital in States
ville. where .she recently under
went an operation.
Miss Rebecca Brame has re
turned to .Salem College after
spending Thanksgiving here with ,
her father and mother, Mr. and |
Mrs. R. .M. Brame. i
Lieutenant and Mrs. Donald |
Holliday had as guests during |
the Thanksgiving season, Mrs. i
Holliday's parents, .Mr. and .Mrs.
Taylor, of Louisburg.
Miss Eloise Starr. who is
teaching at Lemon Springs, X.
('.. visited her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Starr, during the
Thanksgiving holidays.
Mr. and .VIrs. John E. Justice
and Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Carter,
of North fVilkesboro are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Orton Boren on
Nortliridge Street today. —
Greensboro Daily Ne-ws, Thurs
day 29.
Rev. William Boland, of Duke
University, and Sallie Hig
gins. of Greensboro, were guests
of Mr. and .Mrs. C. B. Higgins
here during the week-end. Miss
Higgins is a sister of Mr. C. B.
Students of Greensboro Col
lege spending Thanksgiving hol
idays here included Misses Eliza
beth and Margaret Faw, Mary
Hix, Adelene Jones. 'Virginia
Harris. Cynthia Prevette and
Mary Sink.
Misses Rose and Thelma Laws,
teachers in the Oxford high
school, spent the Thanksgiving
holidays with their parents, .Mr.
and Mrs. R. Don Laws, at Mo
ravian F.ills. They returned to
i Oxford Sunday.
Miss Jane Whicker, student of
Greensboro College, spent the
holiday season here with her fa
ther and mother, Attorney and
Mrs. J. H. Whicker. She was ac
companied by a schoolmate. Miss
Virginia Booze, of Winston-Sal
Mr. Ben Reeves and his si.s-
ter. Miss Irene Reeves, of Spar-
of West Jefferson,
and Miss Joyce Wellborn, of
Wilkesboro, were among
attending the Wake Forest-Dav-
idsnn football game at Davidson
Thanksgiving Day.
Mr. Richard Johnston, who is
in school at the University of
i North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
j accompanied by a schoolmate,
I Mr. Bob DuFour, of New York,
I spent the Thanksgiving holidays
Burlington, IffoT. 2T.—The. Ini.,
(ant daught^ of Mr>.;'itind Mrst.
Frank E. Geiitry died thla morn
ing at the home of Mra.;^ Gen
try's parentSi Dr. and Mrs. C. 11.
Walters, Union 'aivenne, Burling
ton, i Funeral serHce was con
ducted tktt afternoon at the
graToaMe. SdrvlTlng are the par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.
Gentry, and three grandparents.
Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Walters and
Mrs. -Willie Gentry, North. Wll-
Closed and heated CabsV
F-. m
i.m>H ■
Card Of Thanks
To all our neighbors and
friend^ we wish to express our
apprei^tion . (or the kindness
shown during the illness and at
the time of the death and burial
of our husband and father, and
(or the beautiful floral offering.
See our lovely selected
Samples and order now
Mezzanine of Rbodes-Day Co.
, ,1 here with his parents, .Mr. and
.Miss VVrenn Duncan, niomber j ^ g
of the high school faculty at
rs. A. B. Johnston.
„ , . . . I -"'J''- E- G. Finley and
Fairmont, spemt Thanksgiving
holidays with her parents,
and Mrs. W. M. Duncan.
Mr. and .Mrs. J. 1).
.Master Dickie Hix, and Mr. H. L.
Mr. I
. . . Real Throat relief!
Medicated with ingredi
ents of Vicks VapoRub
Houck spent Thanksgiving Julia Finley, and
_ .Miss Finley’s houseguest. Miss
I Bess Meade Friend, of Peters-
! hnrg, Va., and Miss Janie Mc-
Diarmid attended the Davidson-
with Mrs. Mary Moore Hix at i
Zephyr Hill in .■\sheville. I
i Wake Forest game at Davidson
Pride of North Wilkesboro
Comedy, Pictorial News
Fr*iyis X. Bush*Ai'>
and' Lightning, the Dofe
'‘Waen Lightning
Plus Bosco Cartoon
2nd Chapter of
^Lightning Warrior’
lursday-F riday-
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Corde’.l,
of j^sheville, spent Thanksgiving
in tViilkesboro with Mr. and Mrs.
J. R. Henderson. .Mr. Cordell is
a brother of Mrs. Henderson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. .M. McCiilley
and two .sons, Edward and Billy,
of Salisbury, .spent Thanksgiving
here with Mrs. McCuliey’s par-
eiU.s. .Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Eller.
.Mrs. B. S. Call had as guests
during the week-end Mrs. O. E,
Liipfcrt, Mrs. W. R. Hamilton
and daughter. Miss Dorothv
Hamilton, all from Winston-Sal
em. I
Mr.s. C. W. Biillis has reuirn-, , ,
ed to her home in Wilkesboro ’T." /ecovery
College Thank.sgiving Day.
A. C. Dennis, Jr., age 13
I years, fell and broke his left leg
I just above the ankle Sunday
I afternoon. He was treated at the
j Wilkes Hospital, but is now at
j the home of his parents, Mr. and
I Mrs. A. C. Dennis, where his
! leg will have to remain in a cast
; for six weeks.
I .Mr. Wayne Foster, student of
^ Mars Hill College who recently
I underwent an operation for ap-
I pendicitis in an Asheville hos-
I pital, has now returned to his
I studies. He is a son of Mr. and
! Mrs. A. G. Foster, of Congo.
.Many friends will be glad to
from Davis Hospital in States
ville, where she recently under
went an operation for appendici
-Mrs. R. S. Shoaf and .Miss Be
atrice Pearson accompanied Miss
Alma Shoaf and Miss Lucy Pear
son to Boone after they spent
Thanksgiving at their homes
Mr. LeRey Martin, executive
secretary of the North Carolina
School Commission, spent a few
hours Friday with Prof. C. B.
Eller, county superintendent of
Misses Frances McNeil, Eva
Lee Guthrie, Vivian Johnson and
Malvina Williams, students at
the Woman’s College of the Uni
versity of North Carolina in
Greensboro, were at home here
for the Thanksgiving season.
Positive Relief From
Itch In 30 Minutes
Bissett’s S-L solution will quick
ly relieve the most severe cases
of itch and similar skin trou
bles. S-L is very soothing to the
affected parts. This solution is
also highly recommended for poi
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bites, mange and other skin
I eruptions. Ge. a bottle today and
‘you’ll be convinced of its won-
1 ‘derfnl healing qualities. For sale
at Horton's Drug Store.
Mr. and .Mrs. W. H. Ferguson
and two sons, David and Rich
ard, of Richmond. Va., and
daughter, \Miss Dorqfthy Fergu
son. who is in school at Greens
boro College, visited Mr. and
-Mrs. J. R. Hix during the
Thanksgiving holidays. Mr. Fer
guson is a brother of Mrs. Hix.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Miller
and son, Haywood, of Louisburg,
Miss Evylin Stallings, of Spring
Hope, and Mr. William White,
of Norfolk. Va., spent Thanks
giving and the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. U. A. Miller, De
spite the rain, several .birds,
squirrels, and rabbits were bagg
James McDiarunid, III, small
son of Mr. and Mrs. James Mc-
Diarmid, Jrw, returned to bis
home in Winston-Salem Sunday
after spending ten days here
with his grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. McDiarmid. His fath
er and mother spent the week
end here and accompanied him
Mrs. J. C. McDiarmid is spend
ing a few days in Winston-Salem
as guests of Dr. and Mrs. S. D.
Gordon before proceeding to
Raleigh, where she 'will be a
guest of Mrs. John Huske Ander
son during the annual meeting
of the State Historical and Lit
er a r y Association Tnesday
through Thursday.
Plop right down in the mid
dle of a stirring football season
comes the giddy and scintillating
comedy ‘College Rhythm’ Thurs
day and Friday at the Liberty floppy hat, is supported
Theatre, to show just what can cast that includes Lanny
Paramount stars.
-Appearing in his first featur
ed picture Joe Penner, together
with Goo-Goo and his famous
by a j
Ross, I
To Those Who Have Not Paid
Their 1933 Town Taxes
be done with football, properly j Jack Oakie, Helen Mack, Lyda
mixed with girls, music, Joe ! Robert! and Mary Brian, and the
Penner and a w'hole bevy of; all-American girls.
Standard Oil Puts
New Fuel On Market
Embodies All .Adaptable (Tiarac-
teristics Of ‘Kiglifing Grade’
A new gasoline that embodies
all the characteristics of “Fight
ing Grade’’ aviation gasoline that
are usefully adaptable to auto
mobile motors is being announc
ed today by the Standard Oil
company of New Jersey, '.’his
new motor fuel, known as Aero-
type Esso, will be handled, effec
tive today, by every Esso station
from Maine to Louisiana.
"In the development of this
new fuel our pattern was ‘Fight-_
ing Grade’ aviation gasoline with That quantity of electrical
its slow starting features re
moved,’’ company officials said.
“Because it contains a scientifi
cally balanced proportion of each
of three major constituents of
gasoline—the light, intermediate
and heavy ends—it has many
distinctive features. In tests it
gave 20 per cent more power
than the best premium fuel on
the market to date, started cars
.‘>4 per cent more rapidly and
warmed up 11 per cent more
“Aerotype Esso, as this fuel is
known, is so refined that each
of these three most important
fractions of gasoline are permit
ted to reach maximum efficiency.
The light ends give quick start
ing. The intermediate ends pro
vide rapid warm up, instant ac
celeration and even distribution
of fuel to all cylinders. The
heavy ends, in the correct pro
portion, insure smooth perform
ance and add to the power of the
fuel. Heavy ends must be limit
ed, however, as if they are pres
ent in large amount, they will
cause dilution, knock, and poor
fuel distribution.
“The new Esso will continue
to contain our solvent oil which
is an exclusive patented product
which di.sBolve.s gum, resinous
and asphaltic (lepo.sits off rings,
pistons and valves, loosens car
bon and is not to be confused
with ordinary overhead lubri
can and the addition of the |
State.sville firm's stock makes
.his store here one of the most
completely stocked electric stores
in this section.
The work of moving the large
stock to his store here has been
in progress for several days and
more than a dozen truck loads
have already been moved with
more coming in daily. The stock
contains practically everything
carried by an electric company.
Mr. Duncan states that the
purchase of the Statesville firm
will enable him to pass on to his
customers at extremely low pric
es almost anything they need in
the electric line “Qd &sks any
body in need of electrical sup
plies to call at his store. He also
states that the addition of a
plies will enable him to give
even quicker service on contract
wiring and other electrical work.
I have been ordered by the Board of
Town Commissioners to advertise
and sell all real estate on which the
tax for the year 1933 has not been
paid. The sale has been postponed for
several months in o:^der to give tax
payers an opportura^ to settle, but
now the board has notified me to ad
vertise and sell. The delinquent list
will appear in the newspaper on
Come jin and pay your 1933 tax be
fore your property is advertised.
You will save extra costs. I will be
glad to serve you at any time.
P. L Lenderman
Tax Collector, Town of Wilkesboro
Ralph Duncan Buys
Elliot Electric Co.
Ralph Duncan, for over a
quarter of a century a leading
dealer in electrical supplies and
equipment in this part of the
state, added an enormous a-
mount of stock to his_ local elec
tric store last week when be pur
chased the complete stock of
Elliot Electric Company, con
tractors, located at 116 East
Broad Street In Statesville.
The deal involves-'the expendi
ture of several thousands of
dollars on the part of Mr. Diin-
Gi^n Lantcmi C«fe
We serve Seiitliem Dairies Ice
Cream. It’s the Beat
eeach Keller,
Williams Auto &
Radiator Shop
Phone 384-J — N. Wilkesboro
Route 60
Radiator Repairing, Body Re
building, Motor Blocks Rrimred,
Extensions Welded' in ’Truck
Frames. General Repair Work
a Specialty
Don’t Worry
About Snow, Mud and Ice!
If you want to find out all about the
GILLETTE Tire just ask one of the
many owners of cars and trucks that
are using them . . . your own neigh
bors ... people you know... and you
will find out that they would use no
other tire, especially at this time of
year when roads are muddy, when
they may be covered with snow or
ice most any day.
The GILLETTE has treiid found on no other
tire .. . it’s a nobby tread tire—one that pulls and
h^ RBder any driving cei^ition. With this tire
no need to have chains as this “super traction"
tire is there adding plenty of power to “go.”
Come in- l^e. very next tii^ you need tires and
let us tell you how low -GILLETTES are priced.
Is die Ideal Tirt For Car and Trndt Owners In

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