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wo Mondays And Thuradaya NORTH WILKESBORO, N. C., THURSDAY, DEC. 20, 1984-
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L Boasia Shoots Terrorists
K«ot. U. S. S. R., Bee. 17.—
Twenty-eight out ot 37 counter-
rer9t|tk>neriee - arrested in the
for plotting terrorist
were sentenced to death
and 'Jmraediately shot today.
I ^xinauvu
A «a^-* MM 4
530 Confedlerate Vets
’■^^Raleigh, Dec. 17.^^—Only 530
surviving veterans of the Con
federate War are now receiving
pension checks from the state of
North Carolina, Baxter Durham,
.state auditor, announced today.
Asheville Native Killed
Washington, Dec. 17—Charles
L. Pruett, 22. first class seaman
attached to the naval air sta-
tmi^was killed here late today
when his automobile overturned
after rounding a curve. Pruett
iwas a native of West Asheville.
Veggs Make Big Haul
Newton, Dec. 17.—Loot con
sisting of $200 in silver, approxi
mately $300 in checks and sev
eral thousand dollars in notes
and other valuable papers, was
taken by yeggs who blew the
safe at the Smyer Motor com
pany here last night.
Day’s Sales Ta.\ $175,500
Raleigh, Dec. 17.—Sales tax
collections at the state revenue
department today totalled more
than $175,500. or a record fi-
^re for a single day since the
law went into effect in July.
1933, Governor Ehringhaus an
nounced tonight.
Ci^&rhool itiiSt Give UpMemberslup
Inl^ybem Association of Accredited
High Schools or Have 175 Days’ Term
I Canning Cha^
Length of Term Is
Only Requirement
Not Being Filled
Chicago . . . Campus Idol, an
Aberdeen-Angus steer owned by
the Iowa State College, as shown
above by Alieda Nelson, was de
clared Grand Champion steer of
1934 at the International Live
stock Exposition here.
Only Seven Schools in State
Measuring Up To Asso
ciation Requirements ,
ll9^SNatiofial 4*H Club Achievement^
Christmas To Be
Observed By the
Churches in City
Week-End Patalitie.n I
Nine persons were killed in'
highway accidents in the Caro-j
linas over the week-end, another
was accidnetally electrocuted
and a drowning was reported.
Five highway fatalities were
reported in South Carolina and
. four from North Carolina.
Pageants at Baptist, Metho
dist and Presbyterian on
Sunday Evening
Churches in North Wilkesboro |
and vicinity will have pro-rams j
Wreck Injurie.s Fatal
Goldsboro, Dec. 17.—Samuel
D. Byrd, of Mount Olive, died in
the Goldsboro hospital Saturdav
afternoon from injuries receiv
ed in an automobile accident be-
‘•A^ween Mount Olive and Calypso
'Hqcember 7. He w'as brought to
^ theWospital here December 9
and it was found that his skull
was fractured.
Explosion Kills Two
' . Gras.s Valley, Calif.. Dec. IS.
f —^A powder magazine exploded
at the 3,000 foot level of the
f 'Nfiwot'oiit Company’s rich empire
^-^Ine, one mile from here today
killing two men and seriously
injuring another.
^ $1,000 .A.ssault. Damage
Los Angeles. Dec. 18.—Lew
Brice, brother of Fannie Brice,
was ordered late today to pay
$1,000 damages to Marcen Jor
genson, 21-year-old pianist, who
contended successfully that Brice
assaulted her last December 27.
Farm Income Higher
, Washington, Dec, 18.—I'ara-
Ooxical totals of the smallest
crop production in more than 30
years and the highest farm in
come in four years were report
ed today by the department of
Quintiii>lets Ktslueing ,
Callander. Out., Dec. IS.—The
Dionne babies are reducing. They
were getting fat and fussy, and
, somewhat lazy. Dr. A. R. Dafoe
said today, and henceforth they
ca^ take their food or leave it.
) Henjjl^rson. Ky., Dec. IS.—
■ -OliKiiner was killed, aiiother
crltwally injured and eight oth
ers reported buried tonight in an
explos^n of a coal mine owned
by the Green River Coal Com-
xny at Spottsville, east of here.
Stone Mountain
Singing On 30th
'Will Be Held At Rock Creek
Church; All Singing Classes
Are Invited
especially appropriate for the.
Christnia.s season Sunday. Suii-!
(lay evening and Monday. j
Outstanding among th' Christ-!
mas programs in the -chuFChesp
here will be Christmas pageants j
to be given at the Baptist. Pres-1
byterian and Methodist chuiLlies ^
Sunday evening at 7:30 o’clock.
At the Methodist church Sun
day morning at 10:45 will be aj
special Yuletlde service and!
Christmas music and a sermon I
by the pastor. Rev. H. K. King, |
on the subject, “The Birthday of j
a King.’’ On Sunday evening a 1
pageant entitled “The Christmas |
Bells’’ will be presented by the |
young people under the direc-|
tion of Misses Dare Eller and;
Beatrice Pearson.
At the First Baptist church
Sunday morning will be a service
appropriate to the occasion with
a sermon by Rev. Eugene Olive,
the pastor. On Sunday evening
the church choir will present a I
program of special Christmas
music and on .Monday night at
seven o’clock a Christmas Tree
will be at the church for the chil
dren of the Sunday school.
At the Presbyterian church
Sunday morning will be the usu
al worship service and sermon by
the pastor, Rev. C. W. Robinson.
There will also be special Christ
mas music. On Sunday night, be
ginning at 7:30, the young peo
ple will present a pageant for
the benefit of Christian Educa
tion and Ministerial Relief. On
Monday night at 7:30 there will 1
be a Christmas tree at the hut |
for the children of the Sunday j
school. i
Each church extends a cordial I
invitation for the public to at-1
tend services during the holiday
A school term of only 160
days instead of the required 175
may deprive North Wilkesboro
High School from being a mem
ber of the Southern Association
of Accredited High Schools next
year, it was learned here this
week from a communication
from Dr. J. H. Highsmlth to W.
D. Halfacre, city school superin- !
Sixty-one of the 67 public
high school association members
in North Carolina are being
warned this year that they will
be dropped from the list of mem
bers unless certain definite re
quirements are met. There are
only seven public schools now
measuring up to the require
ments. These are: Chapel Hill,
Durham, Curry Training School,
State School For the Blind, Roa
noke Rapids, Rocky Mount and
Southern Pines.
The requirements on which 61
schools are being warned are:
1. Length of term. Must be
175 days.
2. Salaries. Must be material
ly raised. •
3. Puiril-teacher ratio. Too
4. Pupil load per teacher. Too j
However, North Wilkesboro
school is warned only on one re
quirement--length of term. The
other three requirements are be
ing met in a manner satisfactory
to the association, it is learned
here, through the levy of a spe
cial tax to supplement state
The length of the present term
of North Wilkesboro school is
t h e regular state-wide eight
mouths or 160 days. By adding
at least 15 days to the school
term North Wilkesboro will be
able to retain membership in the
a.ssociation. which, according to
educational authorities, has its
many advantages. The local
school has maintained a mem
bership with good standing In
the association for the past eight
The state committee on mem
bership in the association, head
ed by Dr. J. H. Highsmlth, of the
state department of education,
may call a conference of the
superintendents of the 61 schools
that have been warned in order
to work out plans to raise the
standards of their schools.
Chicago . . . Miss Mary E. Wien, 17, of Lafayette, ind. and Wil
liam Klesel, Jr„ 20, Pryor, Okla., are the 1934 national 4-H Club
champions. Miss Wien in 8 years of projects in nearly all home eco
nomic subjects has 11 times been state and national delegate. Her
gross income was $2,100.95. Kiesel, with a gross Income of $5,-
984.52, has completed 9 years of projects which included purebred
herds of Herefords and Guernsey cattle. Hampshire hogs, chickens
and bees.
Much Progress Being Made on 4 PWA
Projects In Wilkes; About 185 Men
Are On Payrolls of the Contractors
Work Going Forward on Postoffice, Highway No. 16, Red
dies River Bridge and North Wilkesboro Water
Works; Will Start on Yadkin Bridge
Approaches At Early Date
J. R. Lewis, of West Jeffer
son, is a patient at the 'WHlkes
Hospital, where he is recovering
from painful injuries about his
face resulting from a head-on
automobile collision on highway
number 16 Wednesday after
Approximately 185 men are
being given employment on four
Public Works projects in Wilkes
County, it was learned here to
day from R. L. Wooten, director
of the National Re-employment
Office. These employes, on the
average, are getting 30 hours of
work per week and were selected
from the tiles of applications fo’’
work by unemployed in Wilkes
Much progress has been made
on the public works projects.
However, it is expected that em
ployment will be given quite a
number throughout the winter
months before the jobs are com
pleted. The four projects are:-
North Wilkesboro watet works,
grading and structures on five
miles of highway number 16 be
tween Millers Creek and Jeffer
son. construction of the North
Wilkesboro postoffice building,
and the Reddies River bridge on
the western boundary of this
Work On Highway
Nello Teer, contractor on high
way number 16, has graded a-
bout four miles of the five-mile
project and about one month
will be necessary to complete,
the grading, after which a grav-1
el surface will be laid. About 12
men are being used in this work.
E. W. Grannis. of Fayettville,
contractor on structures, is us
ing a number of men anci will
complete his part of the project
in about three weeks.
North Wilkesboro Postoffice
With the concrete foundation
completed. Lundberg - Richter,
contractors for the erection of
the postoffice building, are us
ing about -15 biiek wortters and
the building is rapidly taking
form. However, it will he late
spring or summer before it is
noddies River Bridge
Rapid progress is being made
on the Reddies River bridge by
Hobbs-Peabody, contractors. A-
rouiid 50 men are being used and
a great part of the concrete
structure has been poured. E. W.
Grannis. contractor for the fill at
the ends of the actual structure,
will be ready to pour concrete
surface as soon as the bridge is
Water Work.s Project
Contractors for the enlarge
ment and improvement of North
Wllkesboro’s water works sys
tem are rounding up the odd and
ends of the project and will fin
ish the work in a few weeks.
Around 40 men are being used
by Elliot Building Company, of
Hickory, and R. D. Cole Manu
facturing Company. Larger and
more substantial lines have been
placed at several points and new
lines have been laid. Three tanks
and towers are in process of
(Continued ou page eight)
A special Christmas service
will be held at the Wilkesboro
Methodist chiir(;h Sunday on the
theme of “National Heroes.”
There will be a sermon by the i
pastor. Rev. Seymore Taylor. aii$ j
special Christma.-i music.* The
public is cordially invited to at-:
tend. !
Beginning January 1 the North
Carolina, E^mergency Relief Ad
ministration will discontinue re
lief to unemployables and turn
these charges, heretofore provid
ed with food and clothing, over
to county, municipal and com
munities agencies.
This is termed as one of the
steus to be taken by the national
administration to reduce the bur
den of relief and let states, coun-
tie.s and munincipalities care for
their own unfortunate.
However, the ERA will con
tinue its activities in giving aid
to families in which there are
employable persons. It there is
one person in a family who is
able to work that family will
still be entitled to relief from
the ER.4 provided the case work
er who investigates the case
finds it to be a fact that that
person is able and willing to
work and canuifl'fia^^any em
This ruling will mean placing
a large number of cases in
Wilkes County on the county’s
B«i^ IQled Initandy In
Tuei^yjt Nooi^ F^ral
School Holid&ys
Begm oh Friday
' Sdiool’ of u WIBte#
will *«*••* Friday for ' the
htdlclai^ »ad r«rtU
reraino- woi* on December
31, tt-to mmomioed by Bopt.
O. B. Eller.
cmr .SCHOOLS ^
North Wilkesboro city
schools closed yesterday for
the holiday seteson and will
resume worii on Wednesday,
January 2.
Wa* Widely Knovrs'
County 20
I Was Engaged. in.CoPsthutfwi
Work in Nortk Cahttlh'
■ For Several Yeaik' *’
Alahmi of U. N. C.
To Have Meetiiig
Banquet Will Be At Hotel
Wilkes Monday Night; Uni
versity Men Coming
All University of North Caro
lina alumni in this section are
asked to assemble at Hotel
Wilkes In this city on Monday
evening, December 24, at which
time a delightful program will
be given.
Announcements of the gather
ing were sent out today by Pat
Williams, president, and T. E.
Story, secretary, of the alumni
association in Wilkes County.
They state In the announce
ment that Dean Bob House or,
perchance. President Frank Gra
ham. of the University, will be
on hand to address the gather
ing. Alumni have the privilege of |
taking guests to the meeting,
wife, sweetheart, friend or a
“likely” high school pupil whO|
would be a good prospect for U.
N. C. The cost of plate for each
attendant will be 85 cents. All
alumni are asked to notify Prof.
T. E. Story by Saturday morning
of the number of plates to have] in
• Donald T. Beish, 41, resldcut
of this city, was almost inatsMly
killed Tuesday at noon when-lie
fell a distance of 65 feet from •
water tank on which he was
working near the present stand
pipe in this city.
He was employed as a tank
erector on the erection of a wat
er tank and tower by the R. D.
Cole Manufacturing Company,
holders of the contract on the
project, when the tragedy oc-
cured. The superintendent bad
just called the men to stop work
for lunch when Mr. Beish, who
evidently lost his balance, fell
from where he was working and
landed into a pipe line ditch. An
ambulance was called but he was
found to be in a dying condition
and he died upon reaching the lo
cal hospdtal. It was stated that
his neck was broken and there
were several severe bruises on
his head and abdomen.
Mr. Beish was born in Phila
delphia. He came to this section
of North Carolina about 20 years
ago. For some time he was em
ployed as superintendent for the
Southern Construction Company,
with headquarters in Charlotte,
and for several years was an en
gineer for the state. He was ree-
ognized as an able construction
engineer and held responsible
positions with a number of con-
I trading firms in construction
And for several years he was
a bridge contractor, operating
his own business. Practically all
of the bridges in 'Wilkes county,
destroyed by the disastrous flood
1916, were replaced by Mr.
Beish. In addition to work . of
this type in Wilkes, he construct
ed a number of bridges in other
parts of North Carolina and
neighboring states and was well
and favorably known, not only
in his profession and business
association, but by a wide circle
of acquaintances tvbo are sad
dened at the news of his tragic
He was married twice and by
his first marriage there is one
surviving daughter, Miss Mary
— ] Beish, of Weston, W. Va. His
State Revenue Department ^ jjg later
The banquet meeting Monday
night Is expected to be one of
the highlights of the season for
University alumni i n Wilkes
County and adjacent communi
ties and a large attendance is
Must Have Tags i
By January Istj
Issues Usual Ultimatum
To All Motorists
care for there are many families
now on the relief list which do
not have employable persons.
According to a dispatch sent
out by Mrs. Thomas O’Berry,
state relief adminliitrator, local
goveru mental agencies may pro
vide funds for actual relief needs
to unemployable and deposit the
funds with the relief administra
tion, which will administer them
through the usual case worker
method. An unemployable per
son' is 5vne who is physically or
mentally uria’ole to work.
Next session of the Stone
Mountain Singing Association
will be held at Rock Creek
church, located on the road be
tween Hays and Roaring River,
on the fifth Sunday in this
mpnth, December 30.
Announcement of the singing
was made by J. A. Gilliam,
chairman of the organization. He
Invites all singing classes of the
usociation and any visiting sing
ers to be present and take part
In the program for the day.
Benefit Show To Be |
Given Here Saturday;
A show for tlje benefit of the i
underprivileged w ill be given at
the Liberty Theatre Saturday I
morning, 9:30, under the auspic-i
es of the Americdii Legion Auxil- j
iary. The admission price to any
body will be a quantity of un-
perishable foodstuff.
The Auxiliary wishes to pub
licly thank Harold Kay, manager
of the theatre, for providing the
show for this cause. The per
formance at the benefit show
Saturday will consist of a num
ber of comedy hits of interest to
''blldren and adults.
Christina.s Clieer Committee
for North Wilkesboro re
newed its apiienl to the |»eo-
plo of (he city for toys, nuts
and candles, in oixler tliat no
one of tlie more than 300 und-
erprivih'ged children in the
eit.v would find only empty
stockings on (’hristma,s morn
A clieck up of clUldren of
relief families who cannot
have the usnal Joys of Christ
mas unless the people lend a
hand revealed the number far
in c.\c:'.s.s of wliat was original
ly expected. For this reason
the more lu'gcni. appeal wa-s
intMlc today by tbe coiumitfee,
ctAnposod of repTX'S5nltiative«
of the thre;* leading churches
in the city.
CTiristmas Cheer headquart
ers arc being maintained in
the vacant store building next
door to Spalnhour’s Shoppe on
the comer of Main and Ninth
streets. Toys, fruits and can
dies for distribation to th^
need.\' children of file city will
be accepted there tiirough Fri
day cv('niiig.
Christnias tTieer activities
this year are confinetl to pro
viding Christmas confection-
nrhS, fruits and toys. There is
an urgent need for toys and
the children of the city who
have toys which they do not
care to ke^ are asked to take
them to headquarters In order
that Ouistnws joy. may be
extended into the homes of the
less fortunate.
From out of the state depart
ment of revenue at Raleigh
comes the usual December ulti
matum for all car and truck
owners to buy their 1935 li
censes plates before January 1,
at which time it will be unlawful
to use the 1934 plates.
The license bureau for this
section is located in North Wil
kesboro at the Yadkin Valley
Motor Company and is in charge
of J. C. McDiarmld. This bu
reau will serve Wilkes and ad
joining counties.
As has been the custom dur
ing the past two years, there
will be no extension of time for
using the 1934 tags and any mo
torist on the highways after De
cember will be subject to arrest.
Since Saturday, when owners
were allowed to start displaying
th'e new black and silver tags,
sales increased throughout
48 branch offices
North Carolina, the
partment reported.
Up until Saturday the tags
had been on sale since December
1 but could not he used until
the loth and only 23,397 sets
had been sold, as compared with
37,130 for the same dale last
Motorists are urged to buy
theii tags early in order to avoid
a rush in the latter, days of the
month and on January I. North
Wilkesboro city license tags are
on sale at the license bureau for
city resident motorists
revenue de-
’?■ me?
married to Miss Annie Jennings,
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. S. S.
ennings, of this city, who sur
vives. There are two children,
Donald and Lila Anne. Also sur
viving are two brothers, Lem
Beish, Nescopeck, Pennsylvania,
and C. J. Beich, Dublin, We«t
Virginia, and one sister, Mrs. H.
M. Drumm, of Philadelphia.
Funeral service will be held
today at 3 p. m. at the First Bap
tist church, where he was a
member. Rev. Eugene Oliv'e, the
pastor, will be assisted in the
service by Rev. W. F. Staley,
of Winston-Salem, and Rev. C.
W. Robinson, pastor of the
Presbyterian church here.
Jobs Available
In Veterans C.C.
Unemployed Veterans May
Get Blanks From County
Welfare Officer
Legion And Auxiliary ^
Will Sponsor Square
Dance Friday Night
World War veterans who are
now without jabs would do well
to investigate the possibilities of
enlisting in the Veterans Con
servation Camps, which pays a
substantial salary in addition to
board and clothes.
The bureau in charge of per
sonnel of this work has notified
Charles McNeill, county welfare
officer, that a nnmbei' of veler-
ant:s from Wilkes may enlist _to
fill the vacancies that are now
open. Mr. McNeill bat applica
tion blanks to furnish anyone i*--
terested in enlisting. Enlistments
; are confined to unemployed vet
erans who are able to do raaij- ‘
I ual labor. *
Wilkes post of the American
Legion and the American Legion
Auxiliary will have a square
dance at the Legion and Auxil
iary clubhouse on Friday night,
beginning at eight o’clock. Good
music and a good time are as
sured all who care to attend.
Mias Robinson’s Clsiss ^
In Music R^ital Here
Miss Ellen Robinson’s music
pupils apreared in a most enter
taining and !«lightful recital at
the school auditctrltim here dn -
Friday afternoon. -;
All the pupils On the proferihjj,
acquitted themselree well and'
gave evidence of ekrefol atudy
and diligent tralntof.

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