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Published Mondays {tnd Thursdays
, liiaclied
f ^tlss., March 12.—A
of alH>ut SO men late today
a. n»S1ro, Ah Young, ac-
fatally shooting Hardy
!4. Atate highway work
er, heia last Saturday night.
County Coart
> Morganton, March 12.—Estab-
Ilshment ol a county court to go
Into effect April 1 for the trial
of criminal cases was announced
by the Burke county board of
, commissioners today.
Bill Would Provide
4 More Weeks Court
BiU Introduced In Senate Would Provide Two Weeks Terns
For Wilkes In April and November; Placed
On Calendar and Passed
A bill introduced in the
»>tat« senate by Senator Joe
WUliams, of the a4th district,
provides for four additional
weeks of court for WUkes
The act is entitled “To
amend section 1448 of volume
3 of the con.solidated statutes
relating to terms of court in
tVilkes and Davl^ counUes."
Flood.s Strike South
New Orleans, La., March 12.—
Flood.s and windstorms spread
Injury and destruction over the
Mississippi Valley and the South
today. A new cold wave settled
over the area tonight as over
flowing waters engulfed the low
lands of half a dozen states.
Requirements Raised
College Station, Raleigh, Mar.
12.—A revised curriculum that
Increases the credit requirements
for graduation in each school at
North Carolina State College has
been adopted by the policies
committee and the faculty coun
cil and will go into effect next
River Yields Man’s Body
Kinston, March 12.—The body
of Jake Sutton, 47, missing four
weeks, was found in the Neuse
River near here, the Lenoir
county coroner reported late to
day. Jammed between two drift
logs the body apparently had
been in the river the entire four
The bill sets forth the dates
and lengths of the terms of
court in Wilkes and Davie '
According to information re
ceived here th© measure, if
iwssed by' both houses, will
provide for two weeks of court
during the month of April
and two weeks in November,
increasing the number of
weeks of court for the county
from the present eight to 12.
The terms would be mixed
terms and either criminal or
civil cases could be tried, to
be determined by the neees.slty
and the condition of the re-
•siiectlve dockets.
It was reported here yester-
lay that the measure had
luissed in the senate and is
now before- the house, where
its i>as.sage is anticiimled.
In view of the congested
condition of the court dockets
the Wilkes Bar A.s.sociation
this yettr recommended addi
tional weeks of court for the
county and :ts
were presented to tlie legisla
Training Course
For Girl Scout
Leaders Planned
£. C. Foster Is
Seriously Hurt
Will Be Held Sometime This
Month; Ten or More Will
Take Week’s Lessons
Dog I-Tods Home
,, Chicago. March 12.—Buddy, a
sled^k 'brown collie, was found to
day standing guard on the body
of his master, who died on the
street of a heart attack. Police
didn’t know who Buddy’s master
was hut the dog led then to the
home of Wilbur h’'engel. Kongel
Identified the dead man as his
brother, Michael.
Killed In Accident
Blowing Rock, March 12.—
Max Mansfield, 26, of Sanford,
was killed instantly, and a com
panion, Carl Richardson, wa.s
seriously injured in an automo
bile accident near here early this
afternoon. The accident occurred
on the plank road about seventy-
five yards off the Linville-Blow-
ing Rock highway midway be
tween Linville and Blowing
Plans calling for a week’s
training course for Girl Scout
leaders are now being formed
and it was learned today that
such a course may be held eith
er next week or the last week in
March, the exact date to be an
nounced later.
This move is in coordination
with other plan.s for greater Girl
Scout activity here during the
coming summer and it is expect
ed that aditiona! interest in the
organization will he afous«lr'An-
nouncements will he made soon
regarding a summer camp.
Mr.s. Long, of Greensboro, a
recognized Girl Scout leader of
this district, will conduct the
training course here. The course
will consist of S two-hour lessons
and are so de.signed to train Girl
Scout leaders in all phases of
the work.
At Moravian
Falls Friday Night
“See You Lottr” Will Be Pre-
■sented; Rehearsals Are Now
In I*rogres8
Rehearsals are in full swing'
J?hinny lines are being learned;
^umorous stage situations are
being perfected; dainty feet are
- tapping away at delightful danc
es; beautiful girls attired in at
tractive costumes are tripping
.. i)8ck and forth, and up and down
i,;the stage singing catchy tunes.
Again we say, rehearsals are in
full swing under the direction of
Catherine IVilllams, repiCsenting
the Triangle Producing Com
pany, of Greensboro, N. C., our
^ town’s most attractive young
young ladles, and little tots
s fast working Into shape the
T>ig hit musical comedy “See You
X*ter,’’ which will be staged at
the Moravian PTalls school audi-
% toriam on Friday, March 15th,
^under the auspices of the Mora-
/■ vlan Falls School.
Too much ■ can not be said
nbont the ridiculously tunny
laugh producing parts taken by
our own Kate Laws, Sadie
Smithey, Claude Laws. Tom
Davis, Homer Brookshire and
Lawrence Critcher. We have seen
these folks behind the footlights
Jpvefore. and their presence alone
Twlth any play would be enough
■ to make it successful. In saying
* this we are not discounting one
bit the wonderful dramatic abil
ity of the more serious parts
taken by such well-known local
ii artists as John Greer, Mattie Mae
Holder, Ed Jennings and Jim
mie Scroggs. Upholding a big
part of the show are the differ
ent groups of chorus girls,
g.'s Ticket committees are re-
porting very satisfactory sales,
jnd Indications are that "See
Fyou Later’’ will show to a packed
The North Wilkesboro Drug
Comi'any, better known as the
Rexall Store, has installed a Tut-
hill Ice Cream plant and Is now
.supplying its customers with
ice cream made in the store from
highest quality ingredients.
The store is now furnishing
this cream, which thpy declare
is superior to commercial pro
ducts, in all popular flavors and
in any quantities.
Truck Is Claimed
By Hickory Firm
Motor Company Held $600
Lien On Truck Captured
Bv Wilkes Sheriff
Hewitt Motor Company, of
Hickory, on Tuesday sent a rep
resentative to Wilkes to present
its lien claims on a Ford truck
confiscated several days ago
when Sheriff W. B. Somers and
a state highway pa'.rolman stopp
ed it on the Windy Gap road
and found more than a 1,000
gallons of whiskey as its cargo.
The appraised value of the
truck was $800 and It was
brought out that the Hickory
firm held a lien of |600. Judge
Harding ordered that the firm
may take the truck on payment
of $200 to the clerk of court,
said money to be deposited to
the credit of the county school
The truck was driven by a
man giving bis name as John
Smith, of Charlotte. He escaped
from the custody of the patrol
man while at the home of a
prospective bondsman.
Raleigh, March 13.—With a
20 per cent increase in all sal
aries for th© year July 1935-
1936 and 25 per cent for the
1936-1937 period, the joint ap^
propriations committee virtually
finished its work tonight and
made ready for the request for
a special order Thurfday night
in the senate to consider these
To Hold Singii^
At Shady Grove
Next Session of Ronda Sing
ing Association Will Be
Held March 31
Next convention of the Ronda
singing a.ssociation will be held
at Shady Grove church in Som
ers township on Sunday, March
31, it was announced this week.
All singing classes, quartets
and other singers are inviti'd to
be present and take part In the
program for the day, which will
begin at 10:30 a. m.
Miss Billie Spencer returned
Thursday from Wingate, where
she spent a week visiting her
sister, Mrs. Howard Worthy.
Authorities Investigate
Death of Heiress At
Merchant of Purlear R. F. D.
Community, Beaten By
Three Youths
Pinehurst, N. C. . . . Above is
a recent informal photo of Mrs.
H. Bradley Davidson, Jr., heir
ess to the Statler hotel fortune,
whose death from monoxide gas
in the garage of her home here
is being closely investigated.
E. C. Foster, well known mer
chant of the Purlear, R. F. D.,
community, was beaten into a
state of unconsciousness Sunday
afternoon by three young men
and Wheeler Ferguson, Quentin
Ferguson and Luther Billings
are in jail at Wilkesboro charged
with the assault.
The men went to Mr. Foster’s
store Sunday and called him
from his home nearby, asking
that he enter his store and sell
them something to eat. While he
was opening some canned goods
one of the men hit him on the
head with a monkey wrench,
producing unconsciousness.
When her>83 found a short time
later by bis wife there were sev
eral abrasions ■ and cuts on his
head and his condition was re
garded as critical, although it
was stated yesterday that he
will, in all probability, recover.
Enraged people of the com
munity began a search for the
three men Sunday afternoon that
lasted until one o’clock Monday
morning, when the two Fergu
sons and Billings were located in
Charlie McNeill’s barn by a
It was reported yesterday that
the three have confessed as the
guilty parties a.ssaulting Mr.
Foster Sunday and have also
admitted robbing the store sev
eral months ago.
List Takers
Are Appointed
For Townships
Will Meet With Tax Supervis
or Soon To Get Supplies
And InstructioRS
Names of tax listers appoint
ed by the county board of com
missioners were given out today
by T. R. Bryan, tax supervisor.
Mr. Bryan will call a meeting
of the lax listers soon in order
to lay plans for the work in
April and to give out supplies.
The tax listers for the various
townships are as follows;
Antioch, Simeon Curry;
Beaver Creek, Zachary Fergu
son; Brushy Mountain, Commie
Robertson; Boomer, Bob Phil
lips; Edwards 1. H. D. Eller,
Edwards 2, Jack Hoots: Ed
wards 3, l.uther Pettyjohn: Elk
1. Callon Foster; Elk 2. Emma
Dula; Joj)8 Cabin 1, W. A.
Payne: Jobs Cabin '• 2, Grady
Baker; Lewis Fork, Cicero Trip
lett; Lovelace, R. V. Wright;
Moravian Falls. Mrs. F. M. Jen
nings; Mulberry 1, F. C. Hall;
Mulberry 2, John A. Brown;
Newcastle, J. T. Redding; North
Wilkesboro 2, Mrs. Jim Brewer;
Reddies River, Q. O. Kilby; Rock
Creek, Ell Sebastian; Somers, H.
C. Somers; Stanton, R. D. Coop>-
er; TraphiH 1, Harrison Warren;
Traphill 2, C. C. Sldden; Union,
W. T. Wyatt; Walnnt Grove 1,
S. T. Alexander; Walnut Grove
2, Pedro Brooks; Wilkesboro 1,
Mrs. W. J. Johnson; Wilkesboro
2, C. G. Glass.
Marriage Licenses
Licenses to wed were issued
from the office of Wilkes’ reg
ister of deeds during the post
few days to four couples: De-
Wltt Hinson and Mattie Hol
brook, both of Traphill; Curtis
Posreh, Monroe, and Bulah Se
bastian, Hays: J. T. Royal, Mc-
Grady, and Mazye Mabe, Furr
ches; W. R. Ferguson, Boomer,
and A. Z. Church, Summit.
198 Bilk Are
Passed On By
The Grand Jury
ler Verdidl
Walker Case
147 Returned As True Bills
„ While 28 Are Classed As
Not True Bills
Comprehensive Repmi; Made
Of County Home and Oth
er County Property
Cleans Up Leaders Of
Dope Smuggling Rack
et In Country
Crand jury of the present
term of court completed its work
Tuesday and submitted a report
to Judge Harding showing that
the body had examined a total
of 198 bills. The report in full
North Carolina, Wilkes Coun
To the Honorable W. F.
Harding, Judge Presiding at;
March Term 1935 of Superior
Court for Wilkes county, beg to
submit the following report:
Number of bills examined,
198; true bills, 147; not true,
28; bills not acted on for lack of
witnesses, 23; number of pre
sentments, 9.
Visited County Home in a
body and found the following:
number of inmates in Home, 35;
number of Inmates in T. B. hos
pital. 5; number of inmate pris
oners, 12.
Stock of Farm: number of
mules, 12; number of horses, 1;
number of oxens, 4; number of
milk cows, 36; number of heif
ers. 14; number of bulls, 3;
number of beef cattle 1.
Plenty of food stuff on hand
for inmates and stock.
The Grand Jury recommends,
that inmates he moved from the
small building to the main build
ing, also recommend that they
be fed whole milk instead of
skim milk, and six rubber sheets
be purchased for their use.
The T. B. hospital was found
in first class condition and in
mates well cared for, also visit
ed the County Jail and found
same in good condition. There
were 42 prisoners well cared for.
Visited the various offices in
the Court House and found them
in first class condition. We
recommend that the toilet in the
basement of the court house be
remodeled and placed in a sani
tary condition.
We found the bonds filled by
the different county officers and
filed with the Register of Deeds
to be O. K. We also recommend
that the different guardians in
the county be requested by the
clerk to come and make settle
ment at once.
We wish to thank his Honor
for the very fine and instructive
charge to this body, and also
the Court and all attaches for
their kindness and consideration
to us. We wish to say, however,
that we have tried faithfully to
perform our several duties to
the very best of our quite limit
ed ability.
One In Hospital, One Is
Jailed Following Affray
Elkin, March 11.—A cutting
affray late Sunday afternoon at
Ronda sent Ollie Waddell to the
hospital and Gaither Cummings,
23. of Ronda, to jail.
Cummings, said to have been
under the influence of whiskey,
was said to have attacked Wad-/
dell with a jack knife, stabbing
him on the right arm. Charged
with assault with a deadly wea
pon, Cummings was given a
hearing this morning before
Magistrate S: P. Masten. at Ron
Basketball Tournament For High Schools of
County Will Get Under Way This Afternoon
For the purpose of cultivat
ing sportsmanship and good
will among the high schotds of
the county North Wilkesboro
high school will sponusor a bas
ketball toumamont at the
school gy'mnasium licre begin
ning today.
All of the county high
schools will take part in this
sports event, which is some
thing new for this immediate
section, although the practice
has met with approval in all
localities where it lias been
tried out.
Today and tomorrow will
witness the first eliminations
wUh boys and girls teams
from the eight hlgli schools
In the county taking part.
, Thursday and Friday of next
week will be the dates for the
semi-finals and finals. On Fri
day night of next week tro
phies will be presented by the
North Wilkesboro high school
to tho winning boys team and
to the giri champions.
'The aftenioon’s games, be
ginning at 3:80, will bo be
tween Millers Creek and Fer
guson tclams. Tonl^t at 7:80
Mountain View and Wilkes
boro teams will clash in what
promises to be some of the
fastest basketball In the en
tire tournament.
On FViday afternoon of this
,week, beginning at 8:80,
Roaring River will meet TVapt
hill and a* 7:80 Friday Bl^t
Mount Pleasant and Ronda
wlU clash in the continuation
of .the first elimination oon-
On Thursday, March 21, the
winners will be pitted in tlie
semi-finals and on Friday,
March 22 will be the finals
and the award of cups.
The local gymnasium has
been placed in excellent con
dition for the games and ail is
in readiness for the opener.
The oflcials for the tourna
ment will be Overcash, Church
and Blackburn.
This tournament should at
tract extra large crowds, ac-
carding to the opinion of sport
fans here, and should result
In an intensified interest in
basketball among the schools,
at the same time creating a
splendid feeling of sportsman
ship and goodwill. The regular
basketball game admission
prices will be charged through
out tbe.toumament.
Seattle . . . For two years the
life of Melvin L. Hanks (above),
wasn’t worth a plugged nickel.
He took the assigninent of un
covering the “higher ups’’ ol
opium smuggling into the U. S.
He gained the inner circle to
swear away his life it he “squeal
ed.” He landed his men.
Wilkes Solon
Introduces Bill
To Protect Game
Would Close Season For Deer,
Wild Turkey and Ring
necked Pheasants
T. S. Bryan. Wilkes county’s
representative in the 'general as
sembly. in coordination with
representatives from other moun
tain counties, introduced a bill
in the legislature last week pro
viding for closed seasons on cer
tain game in Wilkes, Surry, .Alle
ghany and Jackson counties.
The bill is entitled an act “To
close the season for deer, wild
turkey and ringnecked pheas
ants” and goes on to mention
the above named counties. After
it was introduced it was sent to
the committee on game.
The bill would create three
separate offenses and prescribe
the penalties for each: Killing
deer, wild turkey or pheasants—
Penalty, $100-$ 1,000 or 60 days
to 2 years. Permitting dogs to
chase deer or other game In the
Roaring Gap and Mitchell River
Reservations—Penalty, $5-$25 or
not exceeding 30 days. Fishing
with seines, nets, traps, or dyna
mite in any streams except Yad
kin River, or placing sawdust in
streams—Penalty: $100-$500 or
60 days-1 year.
School Lunch
For Needy Here
Social and General News of
Community Gleaned By
By special arrangement with
thp Feijeral Emergency ^Relief
Administration office here chil
dren of families on yeitef rolls
in this city are being furnished
lunch at the city schools.
Although similar proceednre
has been followed out in some
of the county schools this is the
first project of its kind ever
undertaken here. Around 65
children are now being fed hot
lunch at the school at the noon
Miss Evelyn Gentry was ap
pointed by the FERA to be in
charge of the lunch room and
she has a colored woman as her
helper. Facilities of the home
economics dei>artment are being
used in such a way as not to
interfere at all with the regular
school work.
The relief administration is
allowing 10 cents per day for
each child and those in charge
of preparing the noon day meal
for the underprivileged children
are placing special emphasis on
a diet of balanced nutrients that
will fit the child’s needs.
Three thousand black locust
seedlings have been distributed in
Lincoln county for the purpose of
demonstrating how to grow a local
supply of fence posts.
Was Charged With Harder (rf
Thomas Church, Age 75;
Sentence Not Pa^ed
Witness Testified Today That
Noah Bryant Died From
Strychnin Poisoning
After several hours deliber
ation a jury yesterday returned
a verdict of manslaughter a-
gainst Bertha Walker, who was
tried on a murder charge In con
nection with the death of Thom
as Church, age 76, in Elk town
ship In December, 1934.
The case was tried Tuesday
and was placed in the bands of
the jury in mid-afternoon, fol
lowing the charge of Judge
Harding. When court adjourned
Tuesday evening no verdict had
been reached and had not until
about ten o’clock yesterday.
Church was found dead with
in a tew steps of a house where
Bertha Walker was reported to
have lived at that time. Hla
body was not found until sever
al days after his death and there
were bruises about bis face and
It was brought out by state’s
witnesses that the aged man had
visited the woman on several oc
casions and that they had quar
relled several days before his
body was found. This, added to
the fact that she^went to Ashe
county soon after the affair came
out, was the principal evidence
on which the state asked for
conviction of murder in the sec
ond degree or manslaughter. No
sentence has been passed on the
convicted woman.
■This week the court is work
ing on the more Important cases,
■yeldon Bowers, who was indict
ed on a capital charge of burg
lar, alledging that he entered the
home of Willis Miles on March
4, submitted to a charge of lar
ceny and was sentenced to IS
months on the roads.
Murder Trial On
This morning testimony start
ed in perhaps the most sensa
tional case during the term. Ed
Courtney, colored, is on trial
for the murder of Noah Bryant,
also colored. The Indictment
charges that Courtney caused
Bryant’s death by selling him
poisoned liquor.
The state is asking for a ver
dict of first degree murder,
which carries the death penalty.
The jury was selected yesterday
afternoon from 36 men selected
from court attendants.
Attorneys J. M. Brown and
Eugene Trlvette are aiding So
licitor Jones in the prosecution.
The defendant is represented by
Attorneys J. H. Whicker and H.
A. Cranor.
The first witness against
Courtney this morning was the
widow of Noah Bryant. She told
of her husband’s short illness
and death.
Dr. G. T. Mitchell, who at
tended Bryant, testified that he
administered to his suffering
and diagnosed his case as strych
nine poisoning. The state will at
tempt to show, as the trial pro
gresses, that Courtney put
strychnine in liquor he sold to
Three divorce cases have been
tried: Walter Hauser versus
Mable Hauser; Pansy McNeill
verbus Percy McNeill; Leasle
Wade versus John Whde.
Elmer McBride was sentenced
to 12 months on the roads for
assault with a deadly wapon.
Richard Royal was found guilty
of assault on a three-year-old
child and Dave Stewart was
found guilty of larceny and re
C. C. Hayes is serving his
first term as clerk of court and,
according to court attendants. Is
getting along fine, notwithstand
ing the fact that he and his of
fice force are inexperienced.
Several other cases are cal
endared for trial this term but
it is doubtful that many can. ./be
reached. Solicitor Jones a n-
nounced in court early^t^Is^week
the cases to be tried,' white the
cases not specified will be con
The annual reception of the
juniors and seniors of the city
high school will take phtce to
morrow evening at eight o’clock
in the American Legion club

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