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Published Mondays and Thursdays NORTH VVILKESBORO, N. C., MOiNEi«?i APRIL 29, 1935
^ State and
Hogging Is> Violation
Athens, Ga., April 26.—“It is
\3disiinst the law in Georgia to put
yonr arm around a woman with
out legal reason • or excuse!”
That’s what Tom Green, profes
sor of law, told the niversity of
Georgia Forestry club members
in a recent talk.
Oonvicted For Slaying
Concord. April 26.—A Cabar
rus county jury late this after
noon found Louis Shinn, 29, tex
tile worker of Shelby and Kan
napolis, guilty of second degree
murder for the slaying of Bradv
and Albert (Babe) Medlin in
Kannapolis in March.
Killed In High Point
High- Point, April 26.—Mil
dred H. Burchfield, 12. daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Burch
field. was almost instantly killed
by a hit-and-run automobile to
night about 8 o’clock when she
was crossing North Main street
near her father’s market.
Killed WHiile Playing
Mount .\iry, .■\pril 26.— Leon
ard Hau.ser, nine-year-old fourth
grade pupil, who was injured
when he attempted to slide down
the banisters at the Rockford
street school .here and fell 1,6
feet to the first floor, died in
the hospital this afternoon.
Woman's Club In
Wilkesboro For
Better Housing
7,083 Gallons Liquor Seized
In Raid By Federal Officers
Committee Named To Make
Canvass of Town To Ascer
tain Housing Needs
Addresses Club
Representative Of F H A
Starts Housing Cam
Field Representative of Fed
eral Housing Administra
tion 1.1 Heard
Higher Inheritance Tax
Washington, April 2 6. — \
federal inheritance tax, with
rates similar to the income tax
levies, was suggested to Congress
today by Secretary Morgenthau
as “the best source of additional
revenue at this juncture. ’ cither
to pay the .soldiers bonus or meet
ther expenses.
.Wilkesboro Woman’s Club, set
ting a precedent for the state, has
started a better housing drive and
will make a canvass of the town
to ascertain the needs of improve
ment of homes and business hous-
This civic movement started Fri
day afternoon when Miss Cora
Harris, field representative of the
Federal Housing Administration,
addressed the club and Mrs. N. 0.
Smoak was named chairman of the
canvassing committee. Mrs. Smoak
will name the committee.
The results of the committee’s
canvass will be available to all
building tradesmen, including
building supply dealers and car
‘‘Join the Crusade.” i.s the ap
peal that Harris is making to
every woman in North Carolina.
Miss Harris is concentrating her
efforts in stimulating th^ interest
among women toward recapturing
the spirit of the traditional Amer
ican home t’r.rcugh the Federal
Housing Administration. Continu
ing, Mis.s Harris said, “This is a
woman's war.” She is in the Van
guard of the troops and her cour
age, determination and enthusiasm
will lead others on to victorv. We
must enlist the support of the
women in North Carolina, and of
this nation if we are to bring the
Better Housing Program to that
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Miss Cora Harris, field repre
sentative of the Federal Housing
Administration. She addressed
the Wilkesboro Woman’s Club
Friday afternoon, when a can
vass of housing needs in Wilkes
boro was Instituted.
Gravel Surface
Being Placed On
Highway No. 16
Says Kiilry Forcofl
Camden, April 26.—.Mrs. J. C.
Bell, of the Old Trap section of
lower Camden county, today
charged that three revenue
a.gents entered her home late
Friday^ight without a search
and forced themselves
e room which she, her 15-
ear-old daughter and 13-year-
old son were occupying.
Mother and Son Doomed
Georgetown, Del., April 26.—
For their crime more than seven
years ago. a 52-year-old mother
and her oldest son must pay with
their lives. Sentence of death on
the gallows was passed today
upon Mrs. .May H. Carey and
Howard Carey. 27, for slaying
her brother. Robert Hitchens.
55, in a plot to collect $2,000 in
i'e insurance.
Two Local Bills
Pass In House
(’rushed Slone and Gravel Will
Assure Smooth Surface
On New Highway
Workmen are engaged in laying
a gravel surface on the new fjvfid.., Mrs. Glenn, JLohaaphv
Measure Gives Power To Al
dermen To Name Solicitor
of Municipal Court
' Especially Interesting
Junior Order Meeting To
, / Be Held Tuesday Night
Every member is especially re
quested to be present at the
North Wilkesboro chapter Junior
order meeting on Tuesday night
at 7:30, at which time it will be
decided when the picnic to be
given by the “Stars,” losers in a
recent contest, will be held.
There will also be degree
work and plans will he discussed
for the district meeting here ou
Slay 7.
hill introduced in the house
of representatives Friday by T.
S. Bryan, of’Wilkes, empowering
the commissioners of the town
of North Wilkesboro to name a
solicitor for the mayor’s court
was pas.sed and will gain a place
on the calendar of the senate
this week.
Some people, it is understood,
had questioned the legality of
the office of solicitor for the
mayor’s court here and the mea
sure was introduced and passed
in order to remove all doubt and
10 have the office backed by a
separate statute.
-Another bill relating to the
town of North Wilkesboro was
also introduced by Representa
tive Bryan Friday. This bill,
validating sales of property for
ta.xation in North Wilkesboro,
was also passed without opposi
tion and xvill go before the sen
ate this week.
It will be recalled sale of
property for delinquent taxes
here was postponed later than
the date set by law in order to
give ample opportunity to those
who had been unable to pay up
to that time.
Grover Longbottom Hit On Head With
A^e; Condition Serious; One Jailed
'Rs^ing River Resider t Sus
tains Severe ^ull Frac
ture; Operation Made
Grover Longbottom. resident
of Roaring River, is in a serious
condition at The Wilkes Hospital
as the result of a, blow on his
head with an axe and Edgar
Taylor, who has admitted he
struck the blow, is in jail at
■Wilkesboro awaiting the out
come of Longbottom’s injuries.
The altercation occured Sun-
I day afternoon.
According to Taylor’s story
LLongbottom had followed him to
llfl home and was threatening to
9rc6 entrance into his home
'when he used the axe.
Taylor ran to the home of
Lloyd Smithey, magistrate, and
told him that he had killed a
man and wanted to be brought
to the sheriff.
Longbottom was rushed to the
hospital here in a serious con
dition and where examination
disclosed that he had suffered a
severe skull fracture. An oper
ation was immediately perform-
In an effort to save his life
*d the outcome Is regarded as
Luther Green, age IS, a resi
dent of Deep Gap, sustained ser
ious injury in a fight at Deep
Gap late Sunday night when he
was stabbed in the abdomen with
a knife.
He was brought to the hospit
al here in a serious condition
and operation was made immedi
ately and blood transfusion was
given. The wound was described
as a severe cut on the abdomen
with evisceration.
Delail.s of the altercation and
the name of Green’s assailant
could rot be learned here this
Young Green is a son of Clin-
ard Green.
Miss Robinson’s Class
In Musical RecHal
Miss Ellen Robinson’s music
class will render a recital in the
city school auditorium on Friday
night, beginning at eight o’clock.
The public has a cordial Invita
tion to be present.
The life of a good watch
said to be about 50 years.
mile grade on highway 16 from
Millers Creek toward Glendale
Spring.s and Jefferson.
Grading the first stretch of the
road was completed several weeks
ago but it was necessary to wait
for spring weather and until the
new- grade had thoroughly settled
before applying the gravel surface.
"nie gravel is being taken from
Reddies River and before it is
placed on the road it is crushed,
assuring a smooth surface when
the oil treatment is applied later.
Meanwhile traffic to the Jeffer-
sons and other points in Ashe
county is still being detoured by
way of Laurel Springs or Boone.
To Begin Paving
Bridge Approach
Fills At Reddies River Bridge
Shaped For Concrete Pave
ment; Begin Soon
Work has been going forward
during the past few days on shap
ing the approaches to Reddies Riv
er bridge on the western boundary
of this city and it is expected that
the road bed will be ready for con
crete pavement some time this
The actual bridge structure is
complete with the exception of
pouring part of the siderails.
It is estimated that about two
weeks will be consumed in finish
ing the bridge structure and the
concrete pavement on the ap
proaches. The bridge will be open
for travel early in June.
Meanwhile traffic is being de
toured two blocks and over the old
Reddies River bridge, which is
looked upon as a quaint landmark
because it is one of the few re
maining covered bridges in the
To Give Minstrel
Tuesday Night 2 College Gaines
At North Wilkesboro School
Auditorium; Is For Bene
fit of P.-T. A.
“Cotton Club Minstrel Show”
will be presented at the North
Wilkesboro school auditorium
Tuesday night, 7:45, under au
spices of the Wilkesboro Par
ent-Teacher Association. The
public has a most cordial invita
tion to attend and enjoy the
The minstrel is to he given in
the North Wilkesboro school au
ditorium because of the fact that
the Wilkesboro school auditor
ium has been condemned and no
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Large Quantity
Illicit Liquor Is
Found In Home
Home of Glenn Johnson
Proves To Be Cache For
Liqour and Sugar
A group of federal alcohol lax
investigators working in Wilkes
county Saturday raided the home
of Glenn Johnson, fifteen miles
east of Wilkesboro, and . seized
7.083 gallons of liquor on which
taxes had not been paid.
The raid was perhaps the most
successiul, from the standpoint
of liquor seized, ever made in
Wilkes county.
When the investigators Satur
day morning produced a search
warrant and entered Johnson’s
home they found five rooms
packed to capacity with liquor
in half gallon fruit jars. Johnson
was apprehended but escaped
from custody some time during
the day while the officers were
engaged in removing the x'ast
quantity of liquor from the
home, it was reported here.
Officers and helpers worked
until late in the afternoon Sat
urday carrying the more than
one thousand cases of liquor to
the country road in front of the
house, where the cans were
bursted and the distilled spirits
were drunk by the dirt of a dry
Approximately 10.000 pounds
of sugar were seized in an out
building on Johnson’s premises.
Officers estimated that the
revenue and penalties on the
liquor would exceed $25,000.
The federal tax on liquor is $2
per gallon, in addition to pen
alties and forfeitures.
.Mrs. .Johnson .An’Cstert
with violation of the ' revenue
act, was arrested today by Depu
ty Marshal W. A. Jones and
hailed before Commissioner J.
W. Diila, wliere she waived pre
liminary hearing and filled
bond of S2.000 for appearance at
the term of federal court begin
ning On May 20.
.Stills Are Destro.vecI
On Sunday a group of federal
officers destroyed five stills with
in a radius of two miles from
the home of Johnson. Vast quan
tities of materials for liquor
manufacture and .some liquor
were destroyed at the stills.
The raid Saturday was the
third in Wilkes county which has
resulted in the seizure of large
quantities of liquor. It is the
general oprinion here that the
Will Be First Woman
Electrocuted In Illi
Chicago . . . Mrs. Gertrude
Puhse, 44, (above), is the only
woman ever sentenced to die in
the electric chair in Illinois. To
gether with Thomas Lehne she
WM convicted of having murder
ed her husband in 1934. She is
to go to the chair this month.
McCoy Chairman
Of C. M. T. C. In
Wilkes County
Youths Between Ages of 17
and 24 Can Apply For Ad
mission To Camp
Joe B, McCoy, of North Wilkes
boro, has accepted appointment as
county representative for Wilkes
County to assist local youths to
qualify for this summer’s Citizens’
VTilitarv Camps. •
anhonnceo today.
Tne county representative also
made it known that public spirited
physicians of the county have
again volunteered their services to
the Government and will give free
physical examinations to candi
dates for the training camps.
Young men of this county should
apply for examinations to
Dr. H. B. Smith at North Wilkes
A recent increase in appropri
ations by Congress has more than
doubled the number of men who
may attend the camps this year,
and all youths between 17 and 24
years are eligible to apply. The
Government pays such necessary
expenses a s transportation t o
camp and return and furnishes
wholesome food, uniform, laundry
Closing program of the Wil
kesboro high school commence
ment will be held on Wednesday,
May 15. at which time Dr. Clyde
A. Milner, president of Guilford
College, will deliver the com
mencement address and diplomas
will be presented to a class of
about 40 graduates, it was an
nounced yesterday by Prof. T. E
Story, superintendent of Wilkes
boro district seho-ols.
The commencement will open
with the seventh grade district
exercises at the courthouse on
Saturday, May 4. The morning
program will be devoted to liter
ary subjects and there will be a
field day of athletics in the aft
ernoon. On Friday night, May
10, Mrs. R. E. Prevette’s music
class will render an invitation re
cital in the school auditorium.
On Sunday night. May 12, the
commencement sermon will be
preached by Rev. George 0. Hig
gins, Greensboro Moravian pas
tor, at the Wilkesboro Methodist
church. On Monday night. May
13, a second invitation music re
cital will be given by Mrs. Pre
vette’s music classes in the
school auditorium.
On Tuesday night. May 14,
class exercises will be held in the
auditorium and attendance will
be by invitation.
The address and graduation
exercises will be held in the
Methodist church. It will be not
ed that none of the public pro
grams are to be held in the
school auditorium. State insur
ance authorities have condemn
ed the auditorium because of
fire hazards and attendance must
be limited to invited guests for
all programs in the school build-
-SeMled progranf -for tli'e
various commencement exercis
es will be announced later.
manufacture of liquor on a
I service, and athletic equipment.
wholesale scale is due to the in
creased liquor traffic into neigh
boring states where the bootleg
liquor is sold at cut rate prices
in competition with legal liquor
on which taxes have been paid.
Court Begins
Work On Docket
Convened In Wilkesboro This
Morning; Judge Daniels
On Th« Bench
Wilkes superior court conven
ed this morning for a two-weeks’
term with Judge F. A. Daniels,
of Goldsboro, on the bench.
The criminal docket was taken
up and a number of minor cases
have already been disposed of.
Attendance at court today was
unusually large, due in part to
Solicitor Jones’ warning for all
defendants and witnesses to be
in court when their cases are
The criminal docket will be
taken up until all eases pending
are tried. Any remaining days
will be consumed by work on
civil actions.
Here This Week
Local Nine Will Play Appa
lachian On Friday and Sat
urday Afternoons
Two baseball games between the
Home Chair Company nine and
Appalachian State Teachers Col
lege will feature North Wilkes-
boro’s sport card at the fair
grounds this week on Friday and
Saturday afternoons. '
The home team, although still in
the process of formation, was able
to batter out a 9 to 7 victory over
Appalchian in the game played
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The camps run for thirty days
and attendance does not obligate
the candidates for future military
service of any kind.
Clean-up Week
In Wilkesboro
Mayor Asks Co-operation In
Carrying Out Program Out
lined For This Week
Your civic chairman urges
every club to launch a clean-up,
paint-up, and keep-up campaign
this spring and fall and offers
the following program|s;
Sunday—Church Cooperation
Day. Ask for appropriate sermon
theme and special announcement
of the following campaign.
“Cleanliness is next to Godli
Monday—Fire Prevention Day.
Clear basement and attics of
rubbish, greasy rags and waste
paper. All fires are the same
size at the start.
Tuesday — Front Yard Day.
Cut lawns, prepare gardens and
flower beds for planting; clean
walks and gutters.
Wednesday—Weed and Flow
er Bed Day. Dig weeds, exchange
plants, trim shrubbery and plant
Thursday—Paint Day. Paint
and brighten up, inside and out,
porches, fences, wood work,
screens and porch chairs. Busi
ness houses, clean windows and
replace awnings. A little paint
works wonders.
Please have all rubbish placed
where truck can get it Friday
morning May 3rd.
, Mayor.
Mrs. J. E. Spainhour, Mrs.
Lincoln Spainhour, Mrs. Hubert
Winkler and Miss Lizzie Hlsle
made up a party Thursday going
down to Greensboro to attend
the flower show.
Closes WeAie^y
Night, May ISOi
President of Guilford College
To JJeliver the Conmence-
ment Address
WiU Hold Tent
Revival In City
Rev, Sam S. Jennings An
nounces Meeting To Begin
Here Sunday, May 12
Rev. Sam S. Jennings, min
ister of this city who has met
with great success in the evange
listic field since he began revival
campaigns early this year, an
nounced today that he will bring
his large tent to his home town
to begin an evangelistic cam
paign on Sunday, May 12.
Rev. Mr. Jennings has just
closed a highly successful meet
ing in Spindale.
The tent will be located on
what is known as the Tomlinson
lot on B Street in North Wilkes
boro. Work of grading the lot
for the tent site will begin with
in a few days.
Rev. M r. Jennings invites
everybody to attend the opening
service at three o’clock in the
afternoon on May 12 and a spe
cial invitation is extended to all
ministers of Wilkes and adjoin
ing counties.
inunencement ‘
At MiUers Creek
Will Be May 11th
Will Onen At Mille'.-3 Creek
School Building On Satur
day, May 11,10 A. M.
Prizes Offered For Winner^’
In Each (Contest Planned
For the Day ^ -
Seventh grade commenceirt
for the schools of Millers CreA
central district will be held at
Millers Creek school building on
Saturday, May 11, according to
information received from school
The commencement will open at
ten a. m. and after devotional*
the literary contests will begin.
The contests will be in writing,
recitations and spelling and prise*
will be awarded to the winners.
Certificates of perfect attend
ance, medals for perfect attend
ance r nd dpilomas of seventh
grade graduation will be presented
by school officials and all who are
eligible to receive any of the
awards are asked to be presented.
Rules for the contests, literary
and athletic, are simple. Contest
ants in all events must be under
18 years of age, regular in attend
ance in the school they represent,
and must not have finished the
seventh grade in any school prev
ious to this year. .All schools are
urged to send representatives to
take part in all the contests.
Athletic contests include 100-
yard dash for boys, running high
jump for boys, running broad jump
for boys, 100-yard dash for giris,
60-yard sack race for girls, bas
ketball throw for girls.
Every teacher in all the schools
of the district and all interested
school patrons are urged to attend
the commencement.
Dr, Rondthaler
To Speak In City
President of Salem College Is
Secured For High School
Commencement Address
Dr. Howard E. Rondthaler,
president of Salem College, Win
ston-Salem, will deliver the com
mencement address at the North
Wilkesboro high school closing
on Tuesday night. May 7.
Dr. Julian Miller, associate
editor of the Charlotte Observer,
who was previously announced
as the commencement speaker,
informed Supt. W. D. Halfacre
that he must attend to business
matters in Washington. D. C., on
that date and will be unable to
deliver the address here.
Supt. Halfacre stated that the
school feels very fortunate in
being able to secure Dr. Rond
thaler. recognized as a leading
educator and a speaker of abil
ity, for the commencement ad
Decoration Day At
Union Baptist Church
Next Sunday will he decora
tion day at Union Baptist church
near Shepherd’s Cross Roads.
Rev, George Miles will preach
at eleven o’clock and everybody
is invited to attend the service.
Wilkes County Girl Wins First Place
In Keesler Memorial District Contest
Two Tickets In Field
Wilkesboro Election
Two Candidates For Ma.vor .And
Seven In Race For Com
"Pwo tickets will be before the
voters of the Town of Wilkes
boro on election day which has
been set as Tuesday, May 7th.
One of the tickets will be head
ed by W. E. Harris, incumbent,
who filed for re-election and the
new ticket will be headed by J.
h'. Jordon, well known attorney
of thp town.
The candidates running on
the “Harris ticket,” issued the
following statement last week to
the chairman ut the county
board of elections: “We, the
undersigned candidates who fil
ed with the Harris ticket for
election to offices of the Tewn
of Wilkesboro, N. C„ do hereby
request that our names be placed
on the ticket headed by W. E.
Harris, candidate for mayor, on
ly, and that this is due notice to
this effect, and notice not to
use our names on any other
ticket that may be placed on the
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Local Building and Loan Di
rectors Attend District
Meeting at Morganton
J. C. Reins, president, A. H.
Casey, attorney, J. B. Williams,
secretary-treasurer. J. B. Snyder
and J. H. Rector, directors, o!
the North Wilkesboro Building
and Loan Association, attended
the district Building and Loan
meeting held under the auspices
of the State Building and Loan
League in Morganton Friday
evening. April 26th. This district
meeting is known as Group 8 of
the State Building and Loan
League and is comprised of the
counties of WSlkes, Watauga,
Caldwell, Burke. Alexander, Av
ery, Mitchell and Ashe. The meet
ing was well attended and most
of the building and loan associ
ations located in the district
were represented. 0. K. LaRoque,
president of the Home Loan
Bank, of Winston-Salem, Paul
Kiker, president of the State
Building and Loan League,
George Groan, deputy insurance
commissioner, were the visiting
speakers. The address of ■wel
come was made by local repre
sentatives 0 f the Morganton
()qSie e»8d no penur|uoo)

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