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P V Tlfe Jourhal-i^triot hjia blazeditlii^ trail of prp^8%4n^e “State of Wilkes” for 29
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CCC Geta' liMife Sam
W^hington, April 39.—Pres-
Roosevelt turned over to
^.✓■the civilian conservation corps
3190.000,000 today to start men
moving into new camps and mills
to turning out material tor them.
Revenue Picking I’p
.Raleigh, April 30,—Revenue
receipts of the state of North
Carolina in .\pril aggregated $3,-
151.4B2.53. an increase of $425,-
963.55, or 15.63 per cent ever
April, 1934, collections. Revenue
Commissioner -A. J. Maxwell re
ported today.
Tonm EiecQon
WiU B; Held
 On Tuesday
Much Interest Centered on
Contest For Offices In
Seven Candidates Seeking
Places On Board Commis
sioners in Ronda
AVill Die In Chair
Raleigh, .April 30—Jack Hook
er, IVinston-Salem negro, faces
death in the electric chair here
Friday for the murder of Sallle
Anderson, negro w'oman, unless
Governor Ehringhaus grants him
■clemency.«*s Horrible .Act
New York. April 30.—Frank
Flynn. 39-year-old bachelor, was
arrested at the order of District
Attorney Charles Sullhan of
Queens Borough tonight after
allegedly admitting that he
drowned six-year-old Margaret
Parlatto in a bath tub and threw
her body down a dumb-waiter
Hit and Run Driver Held
High Point, April 30.—Bas-
com Lassiter, IS-year-old Thom-
asville high school youth and son
of B. F. Lassiter, of that city,
was tonight placed under two
bonds of $2,500 each for hit-and-
run driving and manslaughter as
a result of the fatal injury of
-Mildred H. Buivhfieid here last
Friday iiiglit.
Mother and Girl Killed
Winston-Salem. April 30. —
Doris Elleu Leonard, seven, who
was injured Sunday afternoon in
an auto eollison near the city,
!ied of h.r injuries this raorn-
iu.g. Her mother. Mrs. W. H.
Leonard, was killed i 1 the acci-
ilent. -A double funeril will be
held tomorrow.
Girl Hit By -Auto
Yadkinville. April 30.—Trig
Howell, 33, and Sant .McKinney.
21, were arrested Sunday night
by Sheriff A. L. Inscore and
Deputy Sheriff Jake Brown, on
a charge of hit-and-run driving
after Miss Sevada (Red) Ra-
cells, IS, had been found in a
ditch in the east end of A'adkin-
ville. with a broken leg and un
Relief Offices Hosed
Chicago. April 30.—The Illi
nois emergency relief commis
sion, impoverised by the suspen
sion of federal aid, closed the
doors of all its state stations to
1,200.000 clients tonight. The
unemployed in many sections
were forced to turn to their own
resources or private charity for
their^ustenance but the major
ity v^re assured essential pro
visions for the next few days.
Burglar Falls .Asleep
Somerville, N. J., April 30.—
Edward Peltel was in jail to
night because he couldn’t stay
awake long enough to finish
robbing Albert Alienee’s house.
Alienee returned home early Sun
day and found a‘ stranger snor
ing gently on the floor of his liv
ing room. It was Peltel. Beside
1 Mim lay his hat, his gun and a
-• ■•ag filled with jewelry,
•ware and other articles
at $250.
Head of NR-A In State
John Quince Kilkey. of Mar-
arrived in Greensboro Tues-
and today he will take up
his work as state NR.A compli
ance director in North Carolina,
with headquarters in the new
federal building, the position to
which he has been appointed in
succession to E. W. Wells, who
is being transferred to an im
portant post with the national
recovery administration in Wash
Will Extend N'RA
Washington, -April 30.--Eight
months, instead of two years
more life for a blue eagle wRli
shorter claws today became the
object of a powerful bi-parfisan
drive that developed out of a
discordant White House confer
ence. The proposal to make two
modifications of the NIRA and
extend it for eight months gained
swift headway at the capitol aft
er a complete collapse of nego
tiations between President
Roosevelt and congressional lead
ers" for a compromise.
Voters in the three municipali
ties in Wilkes county. North
Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro and Ron
da. will go to their respective
polling places tomorrow (Tues
day) to select town officers for
the next biennium.
In North Wilkesboro there is
only one ticket In the field.
Mayor R. T. McNeill, Commis
sioners S. V. Tomlinson, I. E.
Pearson, Hoyle M. Hutchens, R.
G, Finley and Dr. R. P. Casey
have no opposition. J. R. Ilix, E.
E. Eller and W. E. Jones have
no opposition as candidates for
places on the school board.
In Wilkesboro Mayor W. E.
Harris and Commissioners Ralph
R. Reins. Joe R. Barber, C. E.
Lenderman and L. B. Dula are
opposed by Attorney J. F. Jor
dan for mayor, J. R. Henderson,
C. T. Doughton and C. A. Lowe
for commissioners.
In Ronda Mayor S. F. Mastin
has no opposition but seven can
didates seek places as members
of the town board of commis
sioners: J. H. Billings. M. C.
Jones. E. C. Sparks, Keith Pre-
Key Men In Great Works Program
President Names Men to Handle Distribution of Four Bil
lion Dollars
Washington ,.. Above are
the three key men in President
Roosevelt’s four billion work re-
Jlef program. They are; Above,
left, Fnmk C. Walker; New York
and Montana, vtj^o heads the Divi
sion of Applications and Infonna-
tioh, the “clearing house’’ for all
applications for works funds. T(V.
right, Harry Hopkins, Adminis
trator of the Progress Division.
Lower, right. Secretary of the
Interior, Harold J. Ickes, Chair
man of the Allotment Board.
: vette, 0. D. Bentley. Banner Ed
wards and J. B. Bell.
Confederates’ I
Reunion Friday
For Wilkesboro
District Held
I'nited Daughters of Confed
eracy to be to Vet
erans in -Annual Meet
Students From Schools of Dis
trict Participate in Pro
gram at Wilke.^boro
Students from all the schools
j (if Wilkesl)oro central district
I gathered in Wilkesboro Saturday
Wilkes county’s thinning lino attend the district seventh
frad^ coninvSfcelBFhP' anW" tield
day exercises in the afternoon.
The morning session held in
of those who-wore th* grey - Jn.
llie War Between the States will
gather at the courthouse in Wil
kesboro Friday in the annual
Confederate veterans’
for the county.
VS'ilkes Valley Guards chapter
of the I'nited Daughters of the
Confederacy will be hostess to
the veterans and dinner will be
served at The Wonder Cafe. The
gathering will be informal and
especial attention will be given
to providing comfort and enter
tainment for the veterans.
-According to the most accur
ate report available this morning
eunion tiie courthouse was well attend
ed by students and pa'trons of
the individual schools of the
N. C-Students’
Volunteer Council
Meets on Brushies
Annual Meteir.g Held Friday
and Saturday to Lay Plans
For Coming Year
district. The athletic contests in
The members of the North
Carolina Student Volunteer
Council held their annual meet
ing Friday, Saturday and Sun
day to make plans for tlye com-
tng ..ear’s work." j~
their place of meeting this year
the Brushy Mountains and tvere
given the use of the Arthur Fin
ley and R. W. Gwyn cottages.
Those here for the meeting
the traveling secretary.
Miss Carrie
, - . ,„.r,o Lena McMullen,
parents are missionaries
the Wilkesboro school athletic
Twenty-one medals for seven
years p«rfect attendance and 237
certificates for perfect attend
ance during the past term were
given out.
Following is a list of the prize
there are 10 surviving veterans winners in the literary and ath
of the Confederacy in Wilkes at! letic contests:
this time and it i.s hoped that i Recitations — Paralee W’alsh,
every one of these who possibly | Ferguson school, “Our
ran will attend the reunion.
Each veteran who expects to
be present should notify the sec
retary. Mrs. Bess Gordon Greer,
I Girl.” 1st $5.00 donated by Bank
of North W’ilkesboro; Kathle(!n
Arrowood, Moravian Falls.
“Somebody’s Mother.’’ 2nd $3.00
-McMullen, from Davidson Col
lege; Frank Brown, also of Dav
idson College; Miss Mary Lou
Kincheloe. and Rufus Morrow,
from Duke tfniversity; Miss Mary
Wilson, from (Jueens-Cliicora
College; -Miss Joe Marie Thomp
son. of Greensboro .College, Bob
W’oodside, of Troutman, and Marie Haigwood, of
I city, who is in school at
1 Asheville Teachers College.
not later than Thursday morn- donated by J. C. Penney Co.;
ing, in order that due prepar
ations may be made for him.
Luncheon will be served also to
one- relative or friend who ac
companies or has the care of a
At Mtn. View
WQl Be Held at Baptist
Baptist Church Friday,
May 10, 8 o’Clock ‘
Mountain View high school
and district commencement will
be held at Mountain View Bap
tist church on Friday night. May
to, at eight o'clock, according
to an announcement by the dis
trict superintendent, Prof. E. R.
Due to the fact that the
school auditorium has been con
demned for public use by the
state department of education,
the commencement exercises will
be brief and will be held in the
Baptist church.
All seventh grade graduates
and those who are to receive
medal.s and awards in any
schools of Mountain View dis
trict are requested to be present
Friday night.
-Aralee .Mathis. Cranberry school
"Beautiful Hands,’’ 3rd $1.00
donated by Spainhour’s.
Declamations — Henry Lane,
Moravian Fails. “House by The
Side of The Road,” 1st $5.00 do
nated by Deposit and Savings
Rank; Sammy Davis, Ferguson,
“ by the Side of the Road.”
2nd, $3.00 donated by Prevette’s;
Edward Laws, Boomer, “Down
on the Farm.” 3rd, $1.00 donat
ed by Abshers.
Field Oa.v Program and AVinners
Boys 100-yard Dash—Claud
Staley, Osbornville school, first;
Robert Settle, Wilkesboro, sec
ond; Bobby Laws, Moravian
Falls, third.
Girls 50-yard Dash—Roena
Bullis, Wilkesboro, first; Mary-
(Continued on page eight)
Hopkins Relents;
State Gets Funds
Washington. May 3.-—Director
of Relief Harry Hopkins yester
day back-tracked on his demand
that North Carolina put up $3,-
000,000 for relief and announced
the state would be Included in
the May allotments. This state
ment was made by Hopkins at
his press conierence and last
night his office announced thac
North Carolina allotment for
May would be $1,382,825. The
April allotment was $1,340,000.
Hopkins gave no reason for.
changing this decision other than
“the cities and counties in North
Carolina are putting up quite a
sum for relief and we expect
this ta increase.’’
our OF THE sn
At Ronda A^y 13
Seventii Grsde J^erdsfs Will
Be Held On Saturday,
Il!a> Uth
Dr. B. B. Dougherty to Deliv
er Dress in Final Com-
mencemenit Program
Final program of Ronda high
school commencement •will be
held On Monday night, May 13,
at which time Dr. B. B. Dough
erty, president of Appalachian
State Teachers College, will de
liver the commencement address
and diplomas will be presented
to a class oi" 42 seniors.
Seventh grade commencement
exercises for all schools in the
Ronda district will be held at
Ronda on Saturday, May 11,
with the exercises beginning at
10 a. m. The program for the
morning session will be made up
of seventh grade graduation exer
cises, plays, songs, recitations
and readings with students from
all the schools in the district
Dinner will be served on the
grounds at noon and the after
noon will be devoted to a field
day of athletic events including
running broad jump, high jump,
relay and 100-yard dash for
boys, basketball relay, basket
ball throw, fifty-yard dash and
bottle relay for girls. District
school authorities are hoping that
every school will be represented
ill the athletic contests as well
as the literary program.
The high school commence
ment will begin on Saturday
night, .May 11. with the presen
tation of a play, "W’hen a Wo
man Decides.’’ A small anmis-
sion charge will be made.
The commencement sermon
will be delivered on Sunday, May
12, at three p. m. by Rev. W.
E. Linney, well known Baptist
minister of Wilkesboro.
The class-61 42 to graduate
on Monday night, May 13, is the
largest in the history of the
school and has made the highest
academic average of any class in
the last eight years. The school
ha.s enjoyed a most successful
year from every standpoint.
The public, and especially all
patrons of the school, are invit
ed to the commencement pro
grams. All n ght programs will
beging prompily at eight o'clock.
.minal Dojcketl
Movie Actress Denies
Any Matrimonial
Hollywood . . . Mae West (a-
bove), screen lady of many
curves, is still standing pat that
she has never been married and
denies Milwaukee reports that
she became the bride of a Frank
Wallace there years ago. Also, of
having taken out a wedding lic
ense at Houston, Tex.
Trying To Prevent
Pine Blister Rust
Dr. WrA. Jenkins
Preaches Sermon
To the Graduates
Final Program of City School
Commencement Will |Be
Held Ti?3sday Night
Crew Working in the County
is Eradicating Gooseber
ries and Currants
A. B. Smith, a representative
of the United States department
of agriculture, is working a
crew of five men In Wilkes coun
ty in an effort to ei'adicate cul
tivated gooseberry and currant
plants and to prevent the spread
of blister rust, a blight disease
that kills white pine trees.
The department of agriculture
points out that gooseberries and
currants are the medium by
which blister rust is contracted
in white pine areas and that the
disease can be prevenffed where
these plants do not exist.
Mr. Smith wants it known
that the work Is being done for
the protection of white pine tim
ber, which is very prolific in
this section, and hopes to have
the co-operation of all home
owners and tenants.
Mrs. Prevette’s Pupils
In Music Recital
The music pupils of Mrs. R. E.
Prevette will give two recitals in
the Wilkesboro high school au
ditorium as a contribution to
National Music Week.
On Friday evening. May 10th,
one group of pupils will appear
in Recital, and on Monday eve
ning, May 13th another group
will appear. Both programs will
begin at eight o’clock. All pa
trons and interested friends are
cordially invited.
The Go-To-Church organiza
tion, started recently in a meet
ing attended by laymen from the
three leading churches in the
city, has taken definite form and
in a union prayer service held
last week it was decided that a
canvass of the city would be
made inviting people to go to the
church of their choice.
The city was divided into eight
divisions and adequate workers
were named to canvass every
home. The movement is interde
nominational and the invitation
to go to church is extended in a
general manner to everybody.
Following are the names of
the workers and the descriptions
of the divlsons of the city to
which they are assigned:
First Division—East of Hin-
shaw Street and North of "K’’
Street. Andy Shook, captain.
Workers: D. E. Elledge, Mrs. D.
E. Elledge, J. B. Harris, M. P.
Hunt. Frank White, Mrs. Frank
White, Blair Gwyn, H. L. Meach-
am, D. C. Dettor, Claud Canter,
Miss Manie Brewer, Mrs. Monroe
Eller, Mrs. D. T. Beish.
Second Division—South of ‘K’
Street North of ”E” and East of
Branch. Hoyle Hutchens, captain.
Workers: Joe White, £Mrs. Joe
White, C. B. Lomax, Mrs. C. B.
Lomax, C. O. McNeil. Mrs. C. O.
McNeil, T. S. Barnes, Mrs. T. S.
Barnes, Mrs. W1. A. Bullis, T. A.
Finley, Mrs. T. A. Finley, H. V.
Overcash, Mrs. H. V. Overcash,
Jack Brame, Mrs. Jack Brame,
Mrs. A. L. Griffing.
Third Division—South of "E”
Street and East of Branch. A. H.
Andrews, captain. Workers: C.
C. Kilby, Mrs. C. C. Kilby, Ira D.
Payne, Mrs. Ira D. Payne, Mrs.
A. H. Andrews, Mrs. Eugene
Olive, Mrs. Everette Pearson, A.
K. Pearson, Mrs. Jim Crawford,
J. D. Moore, Mrs. J. D. Moore,
Richard Finley, Miss Julia Fin
ley, Mrs. Bryan Higgins, Miss
Janie McDiarmid.
Fourth Dl^lslon — South of
“D” Street and West of Branch.
A. F. Kilby, captain. Workers:
Mrs. D. J. Carter, Miss Ellen
Robinson, Mrs. L. M. Nelson,
Mrs. Don Coffey, J. R. Hix. Mrs.
J. R. Hix, Mrs. Ivey Moore, Rus
sell Hodges, Mrs. Russell Hodg
es, Sam Cassel, W. K. Sturdi
vant, R. T. McNeil, Mrs. R. T.
McNeil, J. Q. Adams, Mrs. J. Q.
Adams, Miss Lunda Hendren.
Fifth Division—North of "D”
Street to "G” Street, West of
Branch to Ninth Street. T. O.
Perry, captain. Workers: J. H.
■Whicker, A. L. Griffing, Mrs. W.
P. Jones, Mrs. Frank Tomlin
son, W. C. Moore, Mrs. W. ' C.
Moore, R. H. Pearson, Mrs. R. H.
Pearson, Zollie Eller, Mrs. Zollie
Eller, Mr. Morton. HowaM Ga-
I (Continued on page eight)
Dr. W. A. Jenkins, former pas
tor of the North Wilkesboro
-Methodist church and now locat
ed at Chapel Hill, delivered a
splendid commencement sermon
to the members of the graduat
ing class of the city schools and
a large audience Sunday morn
ing at the First Baptist church
Dr. Jenkins based his mes
sage on the subject of “A Well
' Rounded Life” and his text was
“Jesus increased in strength,
wisdom and favor with God and
He pointed out the four es
sentials of a well rounded life
as physical, mental, spiritual
and social development. The
message was well received.
Ministers of the three leading
churches of the city took part in
the service. Rev. C. W. Robinson
spoke the invocation. Rev. Eu
gene Olive read the scripture les
son and Rev. H. K. King led in
prayer. John Kermit Blackburn
rendered a solo, “He That Dwel-
leth In the Secret Place.” The
entire service was very impres
Class exercises will be given
tonight in the school auditorium
and following is the program for
the graduation Tuesday night,
beginning at eight o’clock:
Song—America, The Beauti
ful, led by Miss Elizabeth Zur-
Invocation, Rev. Eugene Olive,
pastor First Baptist church.
Awarding of Prizes and Med
als, Chairman and others.
Music—Salon Mazurka, Bohm.
Miss Mary Gwyn Williams.
Introduction of speaker, Mr.
A. H. Casey.
Commencement address. Dr.
Howard E. Rondthaler, presi
dent of Salem College.
Music—“Drink to Me Only
With Thine Eyes”, Johnson.
Girls’ Glee Club, Miss Elizabeth
Zurburg, director.
Announcements, Mr. W. D.
Halfacre. Superintendent City
Class Valedictory, Miss Nina
Presentation of 7 th Grade
Certificates, Mr. D. J. Carter.
Presentation of High School
Diplomas, Mr. W. H. H. Waugh,
chairman board of education.
Benediction, Rev. C. W. Rob
inson, p a s t 0 r Presbyterian
C. T. Doughton, N. S. Forester
and James Piperis have returned
from Churchill Downs, K y.,
where they witnessed the Ken
tucky Derby Saturday afternoon.
The Kentucky Derby is the out
standing bora* racing event in.
Gets 8-15 Years
Calendar of Criminal Cases
Will Be Cleared This Week,
Solicitor Says
"We are going to clear up the
criminal docket this term, so
licitor John R. Jones said Satur
day in discussing the progress
made in the term of court now
going on In Wilkesboro.
Until today noon approximate
ly 150 of the docket’s 200 cases
bad been disposed of and there
was every Indication that the
remainder of the cases will be
tried. The solicitor again warn
ed all defendauts and witnesses
to be in court when the cases
in which they are involved are
The longest term meted out se
far by Judge F. A. Daniels was
to Sucker Sales, negro who was
convicted last week of th» mur
der of Gilbert Parks on May 25,'
193.3. The bill of Indictment was
returned by the grand jury dur
ing the special term of court in
July, 1933.
Among other cases in which
judgement has been passed are
the following:
Beemer Redman, operating
motor vehicle while under influ
ence of liquor, six months on
Margaret Foster, keeping dis
orderly house, sentence of one
year suspended on condition that
she stay out of the town of
Coleman Wallace and Mrs.
Coleman Wallace, keeping disor
derly house and other charges;
Coleman Wbllace GO days on
roads: -Mrs. Coleman Wallace
sentence of one year suspended
on good behavior and on condi
tion that she slay out of Wil
. Earl Pruitt, assault with dead
ly weapon, 30 days at county
Dwight Waddell and Glenn
Bowers, larceny and receiving,
sentence suspended on payment
of costs.
Lawrence Call, operating mo
tor vehicle while under influ
ence of Piquor, four months on
Uless Brewer, nuisance, 30
days at county home.
Trial of Robert Lee, who ia
indicted for murder, has been set
for Thursday.
Foote Fletcher, Beatrice
Smoak, Annie .Mae Walker and
Dorothy Warner, F. and A. and
keeping disorderly house. Fletch
er, two years sentence suspended
on payment of cost and good be
havior; others, sentence suspend
ed on condition they leave coun
ty and not return tor period of
two years.
Arthur .Mack Wyatt, assault
with deadly weapon, six-montha
sentence .-.uspended on condition
that he be of good behavior and
stay sober
Conra^i Triplett, slander, eight
months on roads. Appeal notice
given and appeal bond filled.
Clyde Broadway, nonsupport,
12-months sentence on condition
that he pay $7.50 per month to
his wife.
Robert Garris, abandonment.
12 months sentence suspended
on condition he pay $5 per
month to his wife.
Bob Grinton, larceny, 30 days
at work at county home.
District Juniors’
Meetii^ Tuesday
Tomorrow Will Be Banner
Day For Junior Order in
Seventh District
The spring meeting of district
seven. Junior Order United
American Mechanics, will be held
with North Wilkesboro council
No. 51 as host on Tuesday,
May 7.
The district business meeting
will be held at 3:30 in the aft
ernoon, at which time the district
degree will be conferred and of
ficers >will be elected. A public
meeting will be held at 7:30 In
the evening.
E. A. Lewellyn, of Cincinnati,
past national councilor, and oth
er prominent Juniors are on the
program for the evening, It Is
announced by W. K. Stnrdlvant,
district deputy. District seven
Is composed of Surry, Wilkes
and Tadkin counties In which
are located 16 councils with a.
membership of 1^260. A large
attendance Is expected at tha
meeting here Tuesday.

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