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    isi-Patriot hai”
r ^--■'F. -, :J-4-;v ->>;....
PuldliM MoHdAjrg ud Thursday® h ;1 NOETH WU
. ^^rnt^MamU' I^MalitlM ' V.
FIftf-tiro persons were klUed
accidents In 18 states
[■^kad tog spread orer manjr
loni^ot the nation over the
rk-ead. Fifty were Injured,
reral erltlcally.
Rlchberg to Resign
itiWashlngton, May 17—NR A
airman Donald Richberg today
kflrmed his recent hints that
„ ,. expected to return to private
Business after July 1. He said he
''lioped to be relieved "of govern
ment obligations by that time.”
Count ToU of Storms
Bnrkburnett, Tex., May 19.—
Texas and Oklahoma counted a
toll of 20 persons dead or miss
ing in flood and windstorms to
day as rain-swollen streams con
tinued to pound the countryside.
, Try To Burn Prison
Raleigh, May 17.—L. G. Whit
ley, assistant director of the
penal division of the state high
way and public works commis
sion, said today two convicts
sought to set fire this morning to
the Greene county prison camp.
Held For Baby Murder
Gastonia, May 17.—Mrs. May-
belle Blackburn, 24, of Mount
Holly, was ordered held for grand
Jury Investigation by a coroner’s
Jury today following discovery of
the body of her newly-born baby
In a pit near the home of her'
ather, W. L. Barr.
Deof Mate Sentenced
Burlington, May 17—A ver
dict of guilty has been found in
•uperior court in the case of
p.'>Ch«8ter Rivers, deaf-mute, charg-
-«d .with manslaughter in the ac-
ntal death of Lonnie Moore,
died of injuries received
Ftdetal Court
GnVenes Today
b Wilk^boro
May Iterm For Cases Origi
natinK in WOkea, Ashe,
ADeghany and Watauga
Judge Hayes Delivers Inter
esting and Instructive
Charge to Body
Spring term of middle North
Garolina district court tor trial
of cases originating in Wilkes,
Alleghany, Ashe and Watauga
counties convened in Wllkesboro
this morning with Judge Johnson
J. Hayes presiding. Due to the
large number attending court on
opening day the county court
building is being used.
Judge Hayes delivered a most
interesting and instructive charge
to the grand jury this morning.
After reviewing their duties as
grand jurors he explained a
number of federal laws, especial-
'y the postal laws, the laws
against carrying stolen automo
biles from one state to another,
and the laws against the manu
facture, possession; transporta
tion and sale of liquor on which
taxes have not been paid. He al
so called attention to the nar
cotic act.
Then the jurist discussed some
of the late federal laws and es
pecially the national recovery
act and the Kerr-Smlth tobacco
act. He pointed out that it is as-
, serted that the laws are cpnstl-
j tutional because of the power
I vested in congress to regulate In-
I terstate commerce and on the
ther hand that it is contended
that the laws do, not deal en
tirely with interstate commerce.
In regard to the liquor ques
tion he referred to the fickle
ness of people and their Ilkeli-
^0R0.TS[. a, MONDAY, MAY 20, 1935
Chavez SScceeids * Senator
Cattinife New Mexico
short thne.
epochs In hlstoty
“I Is Drowned" | ed his opinion.
High Point, May 17.—‘T in In discussing the welfare of
this place is drowned.” That is the country and its possible fu-
tthe epitaph left today by Palmer ture he spoke of the tendency for
^ilsott,'^ middle-aged negro, on city life and city people to domi-
^banks of the city’s reservoir nate and said that he feared the
iftw he had split open his wife’s
with an axe and then drown-
' McLean Recovering
Washington, May 19.—Former
y ^Qovernor Angus W. McLean, of
EHorth Carolina, suffering from a !
blood clot in his rliht lung, to-j
mlffht was reported “improved’’|
^by his physician. Dr. Matthew W.
Prison Case Continued
^QJiarlotte, May 19.—Solicitor
John G. Carpenter today said the
cases of five former state prison
camp officials indicated on vari
ous counts as the result of two
jtegTO prisoners losing their feet
^would be continued until the
I July term of Superior court
No Liquor Commission
►«alelgh. May 19.—Governor
htingbaus when asked yester-
whether he has named or
given any thought to the selec
tion of a commission to study
te liquor question and report to
the next general assembly, de-
f clared that he is fagged out and
t Is i\pt Teady to make any such
Silled in Accident
Point, May 17.—^Aaron
wn, 4 6-year-o*d '/jaei^ro
was almost instantly klll-
and Sam Shavits, white busi-
man of this city, Was pain-
injured when the automo-
In which they were riding
i3 a transfer truck from Hick-
operated by Paul Whitener,
dliiM headon IS miles from
dty late last night.
U Ar^
'Udtover Lands
• . .A
Goveinment Field Asr^ts -1^-
couraged With Interest
Shown By CNmets
Quite Probable That Work
Project Will Be Secured
For Area In Wilkes
Government feld agents of the
land policy department of the
agricultural adjustment adminis
tration located here have made
negotiations to buy around 60
tracts of land in the suggested
development area between hlgh-
ways-AO and 16 in northwestern
The tracts on which proposals
by land owners have been sub
mitted range in size from five
acres to 800 acres and consists
principally of submarginal, cut
over and badly eroded areas.
Greater attention, however,
has been given to the work
among home owners In the terri
tory who are trying to gain t
living from land not suitable for
agricultural purposes. It is the
plan of the government, accord
ing to Information received here,
to buy up these submarginal
tracts ;from the home owners
and sell to them well developed
farms with 30 years in which to
pay the purchase price.
J. M. Pleasants, field agent In
charge of the office here, stated
Rapid progress is being made today that his office is receiving
on the fbur highway proJecU
Santa Fe, N. M. . . . Dennis
Chavez (above), former Demo
cratic representative, is the new
U. S. Senator from New Mexico
to succeed the late Senator Cut
ting, killed in a recent air crash.
Senator Chavez announces that
his suit for the Cutting seat
which was pending will now be
4 Public Works
Projecb To Be
Completed Soon
Graveling Ronda-EIkin and
Millers Creek-Jefferson
Highways Under Way
under way in Wilkes county at
this time, it was learned today
from R. L. WJ^oten, director of
the local re-employment office,
who furnishes labor on all public
works projects.
Contractors have finished
grading that ppr^t—^
Irth -’Wllkkrtwi^kln hfg
way between Ronda and Elkin
and work of placing gravel on
the road is making much head
way. Those who have Inspected
the new grade are of the opinion
that the road will be one of the
most satisfactory in this part of
the state when the oil treatment
surface Is apfUed. ..
Although tftisteihMIt weather
has retarded'the Work to some
extent contractors for the con
struction of five njiles of the
Millers Creek-Jefferson highway
has made considerable progress
in laying a crushed creek gravel
surface, which will be oil treat
ed some time this summer.
Wet weather has postponed
the paving of the approaches to
the new Reddies River bridge on
highways 60 and 16 at North
Wilkesboro. The bridge structure
day, if such a day should come,
when the people of the cities
will control the country. ^
He stated, in effect, that he
doubted the ability of man to
legislate prosperity and his be
lief that the religious funda
mentals of the people who settl
ed this country were responsible
for the nation’s growth and
The term of toprt which be
gan this morniag will continue
through this week and perhaps
into next week. District Attorney
Carlisle Higgins, of Sparta, will
prosecute the docket.
Cases from Alleghany, Ashe
and Watauga counties will be
tried first, it is understood, for
the convenience of court attend
Although the majority of the
cases on the docket are for vio
lation of the revenue laws, there
are some cases in which viola
tion of the auto theft laws, post
al laws, and narcotic act are
charged. '
Forty-Nine Die
In Plane Crash
World’s Largest Air Liner Is Re-Elect Officials
Wrecked by SmaU Plane in
Russia; Was Stunting
! has been completed, however,
and only a few days will be re
quired for concrete paving of the
approaches when the work Is
In Wilkesboro workmen have
finished making concrete curbs
in preparation for the laying of
an asphalt surface on the west
end of Main street, over which
highways 16 and 18 are routed.
That portion of the street from
th© Junction of highway 60 to preceding Friday night,
the federal court building was '
resurfaced several months ago.
Mr. Wooten stated further
that all of the projects now und-
qr way will be completed by Ju-
ily 1.
gny'sherUf Wa« Drunk
hford. May 19.—Judge Wal-
r L. Small has announced that
Tuesday afternoon in Lilllng-
nn he will hear the charges a-
jt G. Ernest White, sheritf
county. Sheriff White was
ily cited by Judge Clawson
rilllams to appear before
Mge Small and show cause
by he should not be suspended
a charge of intoxxicatlon.
Jr. O. U. A. M. Picnic
Memberti of North Wilkesboro
Inneil of Jr. O. U. A. M., their
_ and rweethearts will gath-
Kilby’s Gap on Friday eve-
hg for a picnic In celebration
ttbe closing of a contest be-
_ the “sUrs” and "stripus.”
^‘'ttars,'* losers In the con-
are to carry along baskete
fell flifod with good eats for tiie
rtalnment of those who at-
Moscow, May 18.—The Maxim
Gorky, largest land airplane in
the world, crashed after a col
lision with a small airplane to
day. killing 49 persons. Includ
ing eight women and six chil
dren, in the worst disaster evet
to befall a passenger plane.
An official report denied - the
Maxim Gorky exploded, although
the plane broke Into pieces In the
The mangled bodies of Its 48
occupants were scattered over
the village of Socol, three miles
from Moscow.
Pilot Blagln of a small es
corting plane, which rammed In
to the Gorky while stunting
against orders, was also killed.
Soviet officials confirmed the
death toll of 49.
Improvements Made
On D. A S. Bunlding
Workmen have been engaged
during the past few days In
cleaning and rerinishing the
front of the Deposit & Savings
Bank building. The work that
has been 4one has greatly added
to the attractiveness of the struc-
For Ensuing Term
Wilkesboro Commissioners I n
Special Meeting Friday Nigd>t;
Mayor Harris Prerides
At a special meeting of the
board of commissipners of the
Town of Wilkesboro held at the
mayor’s office Friday night, of
ficials of the town were re-elect
ed for a term of two years.
P. L. Lenderman, who has
been policeman and tax collector
for a number of years, was
unanimously re-elected to serve
in this capacity for the next two
years, and O. F. Blevins was re
elected secretery-treasurer for a
similar length of time. H. A.
Cranor was named attorney to
the board by the commissioners.
The entire hoard of commis
sioners composed of C. E. Len-
derman, Joe R. Barber, Ralph
R. Reins, and L. B. Dula, was
present for the meeting which
was presided over by Mayor W.
E. Harris.
Hood Is Re>appomted
interest shown by the landown
ers, who are becoming open-
minded and who are realizing
the vast possibilities afforded by
the government’s proposal to
buy up the i. hmarginal moun
tain lands in the sucgested
areas. It is quite probable. It
was learned from government
Irled On some of the land
being purchased within the next
few months.
The lands that are being pur
chased are to be reforested and
developed into game and forest
reserves. Much of the land on
which proposals to sell have
been offered to the government
lies in the vicinity of the great
scenic parkway survey wile some
is in th© neighborhood of Rendez
vous Mountain state park, which
lies in the area between high
ways 60 and 16.
12 Graduate At
Roaring River
Commencement Sermon De
livered By Rev. N. T. Jar
vis; Graduation Monday
Class night exercises were
rendered and diplomas of high
school graduation were present
ed to 12 seniors in the final pro
gram of Roaring River high
school commencement on Mon
day night. May 13.
The commencement season be
ga® with the presentation o
"One Minute of Twelve,” a de
lightful play, by the seniors on
On Monday f.fternoon the 7th
grade graduates* participated in
a brief, but interesting, gradua
tion program and various field
day activities and contests fol
The 8”*^" program on Monday
night consisted of the usual class
night exercises and Prof. C. M.
presented the
Pardue, Lucy Benton, Mabel
Benton, Eunice Holcomb, Inez
McNeill, Hazel Jordan, Esther
Ray, Hazel Ray, Dorothy War
ren, Norma Yates, Pauline Elmore
and Nadine Staley.
Children, Please Note
All school children who made
copy posters for American Le
gion Auxiliary please turn them
In at once to Mrs. W. D. Half-
acre or Mrs. Andrew Kilby.
Governor Ehringhaus Monday
announced the re-appolntmeht of
Gurney P. Hood as commlsalon-
er of banks for $ four-year term
J. M. Absher, keeper of the
county home, te looking for
homes - tor three children
which are now in. hto care.
They are; Ix^s 12 and seven
years of age, 18- .
The childrei iawttijwt
and have good
Anyone who wonld like to fUr-^
nteh either of them a home
te asked to get in touch with
Mr. Absher «» soon as pos
New Home
Prince, Count and American He^e^J^^'
‘ " —,‘I '.-J-ii-—.. ..
Heiress To Dime Store Millions Divorces Prince and Im
mediately Marries Count of D|nmark
19V^Po«nd Fi*h
Caught in Yadkin
Ed Dnll blade Prize Catch
day Afternoon;
Reno, Nev. . . . Above Is Bar
bara Hutton, heiress to WoOl-
worth Dime-Store MiniqDs, pho
tographed outside hqj^ quarters
Just before she was ■ granted di
vorce from Prince Mdivanl (be
low left). Above, left, is Count
Kurt von Haugwltz-Reventhlow
of Denmark, who arrived .in New
York the week prevloiu., .to
granting of 'the divorce*''here;
They were matrrled in. Reno May
Gfty Ofticiids
'The prize fteh story of the
season comes from Ed Dnll,
resident of this city, who cap-
turned a lOH-ponnd carp in
the Yadkin River Friday. The
catch was made with an old
fashioned fishing pole, hook,
line and sinker and several
people witn^es^ the large
carp weighed.
The Ug fish tneoanred 22
inches in clrcnmferance and
was 34 inches in length. Re
cently Mr. Dull captured, but
not without a straggle, an
18-ponnd carp and the one he
can^t Friday is thought to
be the largest fish ever taken
from a stream in this part of
the state.
Play Blaidieteers
Here Thursday
Home Chair and Chatham
Aggi^ations To Battle
In Rival Ctmtest
One of the major attractions
bf the baseball season here this
yedr will be the Home Chair
Company versus Chatham Blan-
keteers on Thursday after-
noon, beginning at tour o’clock.
So far the local team has
fallen a bit short of a victory
over the rivals from down the
Yadkin but the team Is being
given workouts eacl\ afternoon
this week in preparation for the
big game Thursday.
The game between Home
Mayor R.
dll and
city board of aldermen of North
Wilkesboro. who were re-elected
without opposition in the elec
tion May 7, have reorganized for
the next biennium.
No change was made in the
various committee appointments
and'all present employees of*the
town were reappointed at their
present salaries tor no stated
time, subject to action of the
S. V. Tomliup^a^ was re-elected
mayor pro tem*'Siid the commit
tee appointments . by Mayor Mc
Neill were as follows:
Finance — S. V. Tomlinson,
chairman, R. P. Casey and Hoyle
M. Hutchens.
WJater and lights—R. P. Casey,
chairman, R. G. Finley and I. E.
Street—R. G. Finley, chair
man, S. V. Tomlinson and I. E.
Pearson. ^
Fire—H. M. Hiftchens, chair
man, R. P. Casey and R. G. Fin
Sanitary—I. E. Pearson, chair
man, with all other members of
the board.
J. R. Hlx, E. E. Eller and W.
E. Jones, who were elected trus
tees of the city schools, were
given the oath of office.
Cook, principal,
diplomas. Chair and the blankets makers at
The graduates were Eugene aafiii>/)aty 'vrant tn t.TlfV Bl-
Elkin Saturday went to the El
kin outfit 6 to 4 because of a
hitting spree In the sixth Inning.
A record attendance is expected
for the game 'here Thursday.
Burlington, May 18.—WUliam
Long, 19-year-old negro vto. was
convicted here today for murder,
was sentenced by Judge Thomas J.
Shaw to die of lethal gas at cen
tral prison June 28.
ijhc new law relating>,td the
change of methods of elrotrocatio^
provides.. however, that asphyxia
tion'shaU not be a means of death
fecept for those prisoners convi^
«d on or after July 1. And pris-
.cmers convicted and sentenced be-
.Jtore July 1 shall die by electro-
eution under the act.
t. S. Kenerly.ErecJ^f
BoantijM Residence
i.qf, S. Kenerly, well known
business man »this city, Is
erecting a beai^al six-room res
idence on Tro|aon Street. Con
struction of tjie brick veneer
structure Is well under-way
The Stone Mountain Sunday
School Convention will meet at
Haymeadow church May 25th, at
10:30 a. m. The program fol
10:30—Devotional by Rev. Hu
bert Bullis.
11— Sermon by pastor.
12— Dinner on grounds.
1 p. m.—Reorganization.
Following the reorganization
pastors, Sunday school superin
tendents, and Sunday school
workers will discuss the benefits
derived from Sunday school re
2 p. m.—Disenssion of music
in churches and Sunday schools,
led by John McGrady.
Saturday evening .at eight o’
clock the young; people will
render s( program.
Sunday morniug at ten o’
clock C. C. Oambill will teach the
Sunday school lesson after
which Pyof. T. E. Story will de
liver an address. Special music
will be rendered >by a male quar
tet. * *
New BuUding
imwf; Is To Be V
By November 1608*
Foster & Alien H^i
Contract; OtherC
Alfe Let
Work began' today ,oi
cavation for a new, moder
proof building for the Wflkaia
hospital, which will be conokMe^
ed on the lot adjacapt*. jto' itM
present hospital building ow
Eighth street.
Contract for the strarinsaama*
let the latter part of tho
by Dr, Fred C. HnbbaH;*'(#*ill«^
and manager of the hoapitil.
The general contract was awnxtf-
ed to Foster & Allen, local earn-
traettng firm with a wide
enviable reputation; plumbfag
and heating contract to WHteM
Plumbing company and eleetxf-
cal contract to Ralph Duncan.
Benton & Benton, architaek
of Wilson, drew the plana fn^
the new building. The
will be constructed on the lanog
and most modern plana adapkdMte
for ho&pital bnildings.- Benton 41
Benton' is remembered hen na
the firm' which drew piano’ fbr
Hotel Wilkes, Bank of SatOt
Wilkesboro and the North'''^^B-
kesboro school building.
The new building will contain
approximately 80' rooms' aUA uriH
be arranged for the greota^k
convenience possible. FireprooC
materials will be used througte-
Ii -njiiimiiitr'Ti^ffi'tor egapBCijr.^
^ building by November lA' '
For Poppy Sal^
Leaders Appointed To S
vise Distribution of P
pies On May 25th
Complete plans for the observ
ance of Poppy Day here on ^at-
.urday. May 25th, were annoone-
ed by Mrs. Nonna Stevenson, pop
py 'committee chairman of tB«
Wilkes county , unit of the Amerii-
can Legion Auxiliary, following
a special meeting of the com
mittee. Organization of a corpa
of volunteer workers to carry
out the distribution of the memo
rial poppies throughout the dty
was completed and leaders ap
pointed to direct th© work In the
various areas.'
“The American Legion Anzilf-
ary popples will be dlstribnteH
entirely by volunteer workera,’*
said Mrs. Stevenson. "The i»-
sponse to our call for volunteers
has been very gratifying from
both our senior and Junior mmn-
bers, and we will be able to gl*w
everyone in the city an opportn-
nlty to wear a poppy on Poppy
Day. As the workers 'will serve
entirely without pay or commte-
sion, every penny contribnted Is
exchange for the flowers win go-
tor the welfare activities'' of gkv
Legion and Auxiliary.
“The enthusiasm of our 'wom
en for the Poppy Day project Is
due to the two great purpoass
which the little memorial flower
achieves. First, it pays tribntn
to the gallant young men wh»
sacrificed their lives Injilri
of American ideals on poi
studded battlefields of Tt
and Belgium. Second, „l| .f]riM|„
funds for the relief and rok3ff
tation of the living rictlms of
war, the disabled veterans, their
families and the families of tbs
dead. We, are hoping that the
people of North Wilkesboro win
understand the significance of
the poppy and give ns their sup
port on Poppy Day.”
Leaders appointed to dlzoct
thfi PQppx dlatrlbution in the va
rious parts of the city are: Ites^
W. D. Halfacre, Mrs. J. B. Jos:
tloe, Mrs. Andrew Kilby and
Bob Casey.
Twins Born At Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Richard
son, residents of Hays, are the
parents of twin sig^n>
Thorsdayt May^-i#. ^helr names
on Ruby and. Rath.
Revival At ML Cas'usel
Revival services will begin at
Mt. Carmel Btptist chardh m
the first Sunday in Jane. Serv
ices will be conducted by tike
pastor. Rev. H. A. Bullis. He -wfll
bb ably assisted by Rev. A. n.
Watts, of Tayloriivlne. ’Rte pnh-
lic is cordially invited jlo attend.
Mrs. Morris Eble. of LonMv
Ky., 1^ caast*'ln
lb. and

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