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    NOETH: WILKESBd^O, N. C., THflJR^AY, MAY 28, 196S
Cafe Sales Tax
Saturday Jme 1
Adm&l Byrd Mngs Emperor Penquins
Explorer Shows Unculual Type of Aatarctic Fowl (^ Re
turn F#om Stay In South Pole Region „
Bllili ^VmCOKD,^ >
Boowrelt i^tpcar-
»osrMB 'jresMrtay
dAticied his message re-
* toiag the MU prtrritSUiig fK.
lmmMU»te pejment of the sol>
«4iersf hsnas, chliig the dang-
'?«rs of luflatioii and pointing
that the works relief mea-
«tue can care for needy veteis
The hoMse-promptly OTcr>
^ ^ the Teto bat the smiate
•has ntt roted. The vote in the
senate will be close wrltb both
sMca claiming victory until the
Tax Oh Hotel and Citfe Sales
Are Included In Sched
ule “B” Levies
Deputy CoUector Calls At
tention To Number of
Changes in Taxes
'coll «dl is made.
Latheraus In Meeting
High Point, May 21.—The
The sales tax on cafes and
hotels will go Into effect on June
1 instead of July 1, when the
-general sales tax lery begins,
according to information gained
from J. R. Rousseau, deputy col
lector of revenue for Wilkes
This comes about because of
the fact that the sal®*
cafes and hotels are included in
laist convention of the N^fth the., schedule "B” taxes, which
Carolina Lutheran synod opened
at two-day session here tonight
with 200 delegates from through-
bont the state in attendance.
Bams Fatal To Child
'Beaufort, May 21—Clara Dud
ley, «, died early today of burns
'Buffered when gasoline l*®c fath-
' nr. Roy Dudley, a state highway
section foreman, poured on as
phalt to thin it exploded.
Famous Lady Dies
Chicago, May 21.—Jane Add-
ams, internationally known so
cial worker and champion of
world peace, died late today in
Passavant hospital, where she
bad undergone a major opera
Body of Child Found
New York, May 20.—The body
' of pretty .Ifttle Shirley Evans
” was found today buried under a
ton of earth in a cave 250 yards
from her^home apparently dug by
bsrself and her playmates. Death
by suffocation.
become due on June. 1.
Mr. Rousseau calls attention
to other changes in state taxes
under the new revenue act. Some
of the changes of Interest to
people here are:
Tax on athletic contests will
apply only to receipts from ad
missions in excess of 50 cents
instead of 25 cents.
Any organisation wishing to
put on an agricultural fair and
have Us amusement exempted
must file application with the
commissioner of revenue 60 days
before the fair, giving full de
tails of exhibits, amusements,
A sta^e-wide tax of $150 was
levied rfn real estate auction
sales. Additional tax on each
day’s sales was eliminated.
The state tax for selling elec
tric refrigerators, typewriters,
etc., will be $10 for each deal
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Date Tmitatbefy Set For Sepr
tember 2S,.26 iu»d^27i in
North WlBi^lmro
Made For Entertain
ment Of ' .400 To 600 Dele
gates To Big Meet
Boston—Rear Admiral Rkhard E. Byrd arrived officiaUy in Boston
to receive public acclaim for his expedition’s achievements in the Ant
arctic, after having been received by President Roosevelt at (Washing
ton. Admiral Byrd (above) brought back Emperor Penquins, as shtwro
above, the first of their type of Antarctic fowl ever brought to this
Prison Terms And Fines Imposed On
Bootleggers In Federal Court Term
Manufacturers Of Illicit Li'
quor Pay For Violation Of
Revenue Laws
Junction Wreck
Manufacturers of Illicit liquor
and bootleggers are paying for
violation of the United States
revenue laws as Judge Johnson
J. Hayes metes out prison terms
and fines in the term of federal
court now In progress in Wilkes-
Court began Monday morning
and many cases have been tried.
The term will continue through
this week and as much of next
we^ aa wUl be needed t^elear'
T^ril^^al l»rn-^
ed yesterday.
Nelson Money drew the long-
National Grange
Lecturer Coming
For An Address
“Sunny Jim’’ Farmer To De
liver Address at WUkes-
boro Night of June 11
Indicates Better Business
'WnMilugten, May 21. —»»Ar-
7,0,00,000 Increase in federal
government tax collections in I ^ i
lea, than U months of the cur- J. T.. Mil^ and„^n Slightly 1
Tent fiscal year was reported to
night by the Treasury Depart-
Injured In Collision Be
tween Wilkesboros
Jobtees Face Hunger
Springfield. 111., May 21.—The
Sopea of Illinois’ 1,200,000 job-
leaa for early resumption of re
lief were dashed late today and
' they faced the prospect of re-
' ceiving no federal or state aid
again until July 1.
Merchants To Convene
Raleigh, May 20.—Charlotte’s
stats convention of the North
Carolina MerchanU association
-^-June 3 and 4, will smash all
|3^**eords. Secretary Willlard Dow-
all believes, and the meeting will
.ahow the sales tax to be the
llvest sort of issue still.
State B. & L. To Meet
Winston-Salem, May 21. —
Representative Frank Hancock
1 announced today as one of
speakers to be heard by the
North Carolina Building and
Lean league which will hold its
annual meeting here May 28 and
Request lAquor Election
Greenville, May 21.—A peti
tion bearing approximately 2,-
000 names was presented today
to Roy T. Cox, chairman of the
PiU county board of commission- junction within the past
era, requesUng a special meeting weeks,
lor the purpose of calling an
Two persons received minor In
juries. a truck was badly dam
aged and a popular make auto
mobile demolished to a point al
most beyond recognition in a col
lision at the junction of high
ways 60, 16 and 18 between the
Wilkesboros early Wednesday
J. T. Milam and his son, Dean
Milam, who was driving the au
tomobile, were the injured. The
elder Mr. Milam received a pain
ful laceration of his scalp while
his son received a less severe in
jury to his left hand. However,
neither was badly Injured and
were released from the hospital
after examination and their
wounds were dressed.
The automobile was on high
way 16 and 18 traveling toward
North Wllkesboro and the truck,
driven by Guy Anderson, was
traveling "from North Wllkesboro
when it collided with the car at
the junction. After the Impact
both vehicles landed in the ditch
off the road and the occupants
of the car were thrown to the
roadside. The driver of the truck
and a companion were not hurt.
The collision yesterday morn
ing was the third accident at th®
first two days of court. He was
flnqd $100 on one count and
sentenced to two years In At
lanta. On another count he was
fined $100 and received another
sentence of two years, which will
begin at the expiration of the
former sentence. Dalse Money,
indicted in the same case, drew
a sentence of two years In At
lanta and was fined $100.
Other cases in which judgment
has been handed ddwn follow:
Lillard Lunsford, fine of $100
and year and a day in Chllll-
Emmett Holloway and Manley
Richardson; Holloway fine of
$100 and sentence of ye'ar and
a day In Chlllicothe; Richardson
fine of $100 and year and a
day in Atlanta.
Lloyd Blevins, fine of $100
and year and a day In Chllll-
Taft Higgins was placed under
probation with the special pro
vision that he refrain from the
use of intoxicating liquor.
John C. Mitchell, fined $200
and sentence of six months in
Wilkes jail.
Charlie L. Johnson, fined $100
and sentence of year and a day
in Chlllicothe.
J. M. Thompson, fined $200
and two years probation.
Floyd .Mullls, three years pro-
(Continued on page eight)
on the whisky question
•Hhe county.
* Robbed of Antomobile
3Mth Boaton, Va., May 20.—
Mn. Traoeee Perry, chief nnrse
_ ,the local health unit, was
ffotibed of her car about 10:30
' O'clock this morning when she
"atopped to offer assistance to
TlctlBis of a car-truck collision
•Ight miles from town between
and Clover.
Teachers To Register For Siinuner
School b Wllkesboro On Saturday
2 Killed At Crosslnit
- , Warrenton, May 20.—Mrs. J.
ifevllle, 42, was Instantly kill-
T; «i 4ind her 20-year-old daughter.
l.Vlots. vas fatally injured this
amoon about 3:20 o’clock
?en the car they were traveling
was struck by Seaboard Air
Lin* train No. 4 at a private
f'eraasing one mile .south of Pas-
Hotel Managers Will Hwr
Eiqplanation of Sales Taz
*WlMton-Salem, May 20.—^Ho-
ogBagers from all parts of
iMorth Carolina will meet here
[^Thttrsday afternoon to hear from
r^pretentative of the state de-
tment of revenue a discas-
ioB of changM In th* tax laws
; vrhlcb Trill apply, partlcalarty to
hotala Jos MeCoy, ot North Wll-
: prisidg»tNnt-H»» ^
Chinese Minister
Will Preach Here
Service Will Be Held At Jen
nings Tent Instead Of
Methodist Cfttnrch
Pastor Cheng, native Chi
nese minister who preeideB ov
er a church of 629 members
in Lnho, China, will preach
Monday night at the J-in-
nings tent instead of the Meth
odist church, it was learned
today as The Journal-Patriot
went to press.
The first announcement of
the coming of the Chinese
minister to the city stated that
khe service would be held at
the Methodist church and ar-
raitgi. talents for the service
were changed after the aa-
nouncement had gone to press
on another page of this news
paper. *
Many Wilibf^ Teachers Ex
pected To Enroll in Lenoir-
Rhyne Branch School
Mrs R. M. Bmme, Jr., and R.
.haTO.,J»tWmed to their
home from Th* WRkee Etoa^tal.
■ ■ . "■
Registration of teachers who
wish to enroll in the Lenolr-
Rhyne College branch summer
school in Wllkesboro will take
place at the WUtkesboro school
building on Saturday, May 25.
according to a recent announce
ment from officials of the col
lege. Classes, will begin on hion-
day. June 3.
Approximately 100 Wilkes
county teachers expressed their
desire for a summer school with
in the county, it is reported, and
for this reason a branch summer
school offering standard courses
was arranged by Lenolr-Rhyne.
The faculty will be composed of
four teachers from the college
and two local Inatructors, W. D.
Halfacre and T. E. Story, super
intendents of North Wilkeeboro
city school and Wllkesboro dis
trict schools, respectively.
The first term will end on
July 12 and g second term will
1. -I... Im
aqjmoi anihofttlig^.
Jamris C. (Sunny Jim) Farm
er, lecturer of the National
Grange and a speaker with a
nationally known and envied
reputation, wUl deliver an
address at the conrthoase in
Wllkesboro on Ts4idBir. alght«.
It is considered quite a dis
tinction to Wilkes county and
the Pomona Grange that the
national celebrity is coming
into their midst for fui ad
dress and a record crowd Is
While In North Carolina
“Sunny Jim’’ will also fill a
few other eug-igerpents, one
each in Lee, jBocklngham, Mc
Dowell and Mecklenburg coun
.In 3 meeting attended by offi
cials of the North Carolina state
grange and Grangers from'' all
sections of Wilkes plans were
made Saturday night for the
state convention, which is to be
held In North Wllkesboro on
September 25, 26 and 27, ac
cording to tentative arrange
ments by the state executive
The meeting was held at the
courthouse in Wllkesboro and
was attended by B. S. Vanatta,
state master, R. W* Pon, of Win
ston-Salem, chairman of the
state executive committee, D. J.
Lybrook, of Advance, member of
the state executive committee.
Miss Pearl Thompson, of Salis
bury, state secretary, members
of the Wilkes Pomona Grange,
and members of the Wllkesboro,
Boomer and Ferguson subordi
nate Oranges.
The coming of the state
Grange convention to North Wll
kesboro Is already anticipated as
one of the highlights of the year
and the Wilkes Pomona Grange
is starting early to lay plans In
order that the convention will be
on© long to be remembered by
each of the many delegates from
all r-arts of the state who will at
In order that all committees
may have ample time in which
to perform their duties J. M.
German, master of the Pomona
Grange, has made the. following
^cqm.mltte® appplutments:
Honolulu . . . Commander E.'
W. Tod tabove), was In chgrge
of the 43 U. S. Navy flying boats
which made up the greatest air
armada ever to make a 1,188
mile water hop. The feat, was
part of the Navy’s Pacific war
game,, maneuvers, veiled with
great secrecy.
Has Aiqilkatioiis
For C. M. T. C.
J. B. McCoy Is Chairman For
Wilkes; Wants Qaota For
County FiDed
J. B. McCoy, Citizens’ Military
Training Camp chairman for
Wilkes county, stated today that
he has application forms for any
youths who desire to enroll In
camp this summer. Mr. McCoy
may be found at Hotel Wilkes,
of which he is manager.
Each county In the state has
a quota of a certain number who
may attend the training camp at
Fort Bragg this summer and ex
tra ones will be allowed from
some counties In the event that
quotas are not filled from others,
wigi J J- -Mepoy nraee tbe 'impoxt- --n.^uerrjf viru»j—
• ' “ rif •who want-tokttottd. paugh.. P.«ica Robinson, Louulst
A- ._l_ 1m 4... ««
Board of education' in sMBfaHK
Saturday named eommitteea tor
the eight central sekodto Im
Wilkes couaty and advisory
mittees to serve each indivlAiit
school in each district.. 1 ^
Very few new names amtnr
on the list of committees,
greater number bsteg''fMttpotag>-
ments. Only minor .ehauBMI
made In the school medUaSBf
act and the commltflBSs mii^IlMrsm
in much the same capacity, am
formerly. '
School committees as Iciltows
were named by the board oT
education in session Saturday;
Central Oonunittees
Wllkesboro—C. A. Lowe, Ds. J-
Brookshire, T. M. Foster, J. T.
Prevette, N. O. Smoak.
Mt Pleasant—T. O. Mintoa. JL
C. McNeil, Dr. W; W. Miles.
Millers Creek—L. L. McItoiL-
J. F. Caudill, R. G. Vannoy.
Mulberry—J. D. Hall, J. ▼.
Jones, Gordon Shatley.
Mountain View—B. W. I^a-
dry, J. A Gilliam, J. G. Mayber
ry, Paul Church, C. D. .Hall,
Traphill — J. W. McBil^
Wessley Joynes, D. C. Castsrveas.
Ronda—G. F. Edwards, E. D.
Byrd, Mrs. Carl Hendrix, B. C-
Sparks, M. L. Gray.
Roaring River—A. W Greene,
J. A. Losgbottom, B. L. Johnson.
WUkesboro (District 1)
Arbor—I. P. Call, Jessie An
derson, Wlnt Call.
Boomer—S. T. Walsh, W. R-
Craft, Elisha Ferguson.
- Cherry Grqve-=-W. H. TB»»-
Mrs. R. B. Cassel
Claimed By Death
Funeral Service For WeU
Known Resident Of North
Wllkesboro Today
Mrs. Mary Ida 'Turner Cassel,
member of a well known family
and a .beloved resident of this
city, passed away at the hos
pital here at 4:40 yesterday
Mrs. Cassel had been in 111
health for more than a year and
had been seriously ill with no
hope for recovery for the past
two weeks.
She was born at Dalton on
July 14, 1874 and at the time of
her death she was 60 years, 10
months and eight days of age.
She was married on March 6,
1890, to Robert B. Cassel at Dal
ton and within a few years they
moved to North Wllkesboro to
make their home.
In early life she joined the
church and when she moved here
she united with the North Wll
kesboro Melodist church, o f
(Continued on back page)'
son, T. E. Story, Mrs. M. A.
Cockerbam, Edward Finley, Mrs.
B. S. Call, Mrs. C. F. Bretholl,
J. A. Gilliam, Clifford Moore, H.
H. Morehouse and A. G. Hen-
Publicity—^T. E. Story, Dwight
Nichols, Dr. John T. Hoyle and
R. B. Pharr.
Program—T. W. Ferguson,
Julius C. Hubbard, T. E. Story
and C. F. Bretholl.
There are now five subordi
nate Granges In Wilkes county.
Little Meuntoln, Boomer, Wll
kesboro, Ferguson and Newllfe.
Plans are under way lor a great
enlargement In the Grange be
tween now and the date of the
state convention. The state
Grange is planning to place a
special organization deputy In
Wilkes from June 1 to Septem
ber. He will work In conjunction
with the county deputies and the
local Grange.
Any communities In Wilkes
which do not have subordinate
Granges and who wish to have
a unit of the leading rural fra
ternal organization 1 n their
midst are asked to get in touch
with T. W. Ferguson, who is
state deputy, or J. M. German,
master of the Wilkes Pomona
camp to sppiy.. early in order-to
fill the quoti'tor the county and
.perhaps provide opportunities
for others who may bo accepted
to fill quotas from any counties
which do not have as many ap
plicants as can be accepted.
Cranberry*-^. F. Sale, J. B
Byrd, Ches Mirthls.
(Continned on back page) •
Plan Memorial
Day Observance
Wall Of Buildinfir
Threatens To Fall
Wall Of, Goldston Smith’s BwM
ing Gives Way Because OC
Excavation Nearby
Tributes .To War Dead Will
Be Made lAt Memorial
Marker On May 30
Memorial Day will be observed
in North Wllkesboro on Thurs
day, May 30, with a memorial
service at the marker on Me
morial avenue In the evening.
A short program will include a
march to the marker, on which
are engraved the names- of
Wilkes men who fell on the bat
tlefields of the World War, tri
butes to the dead of the Ameri
can Revolution, War Between
the States, the Spanlsh-American
War and the World War, and a
short address. The program and
time of the service will be an
nounced Monday.
He who would gather
must not fear the thorns.
Mr. and Mrs. Presley Myers
were visitors to Charlotte Tues
Mwy Attending
Meeting In Tent
Services Conducted By Rev.
Sam S. JenninRS Here At-
ti^ting Interest
The tent revival being con
ducted In this city, by Rev. Sam
S. Jennings Is attracting much
interest and the services each
evening are well attended.
Gospel sermons being deliver
ed at each service by the local
evangelist are received with clos
est Interest by the audiences and
much response has been noted to
the gospel messages.
The song services are also an
Interesting feature of the meet
O n Monday night, Pastor
Cheng, of the Lnho Friends
chnrch in China, will be at the
meeting^and deliver a message.
„u., *. — —- t Brnryhody has k «^al_tovl-
b* held if the demand for It Is tatioh to attend all the services,
evident. It ;at the twit, Rev. Mr. Jemanga
Saturday Prodaimed Poppy Day
Mayor McNeill Urges Peoide To Honor Dead and Aid Liv-
' ing By Wearing Memturial FTovrer Saturday, May 25
Considerable excitement waa
in evidence on Tenth Street
Tuesday when the south wdU of
Goldston Smith’s brick baildiwK
adjacent to the excavation for a-
new building cracked and
peared to be in a most danger
ous position. Traffic along thar
sidewalk and street was blocked
by police to insure safety.
While the wall remained in a-
precarious position the owner of
the building sought a solution to-
the problem of saving It and its
contencs. The inimitable E. V.
(Whistlin’ Ed) Wlilllams took
the contract to brace the strwe-
ture until permanent reidace-
ments or repairs can be made
and the Job was completed with
in a short time.
The wall of the building was
somewhat damaged when a dis
astrous fire razed the adjoining
property several years ago hnt
had shown no signs of coIinfM
until the excavation was nuuto
for a new building on the lot ad
Noted Pilot Visit*
His Home at Raadbs
Saturday, May 25th, was proclaimed Poppy Day In Norto WilkM-
boro in a proclamation issued today by ^ J’ f
proclamation urged all citixens to honor the ’World War dead by wea
ing the Americdn Legion and Auxiliary memorial poppy on that day.
and to aid the war’s living victims by contributing to the Legion and
Auxiliary welfare funds. The proclamation foUows: , ^ .
“The city of North Wllkesboro during the great crisis of the World
War sent forth its sons in response to the nation’s call They served
gallantly in the nation’s defense, and of their numbers some were
called upon to lay down their lives in that service. The memory o
their patriotic sacrifice should always be held dear by the citizens of
North Wllkesboro.
“Others of these brave young men were called upon to
not life, but the heaUth and strength which makes life w^
Their families and the families of the dead also were to m^e
heavy sacrifices. These disabled and dejKmdentp are still paying the
human pnee of our nation’s Worid War victory.
“From the battie front in France our returning soWiers brongw
the poppy:-M the symbol of siwaiAce and tbe memoml flower of the
dead. E-i-'h year on the Satnyday before Memorial Day the m®®
the American Legion and the women of the African I^on Auxii^
ary ask us to wear this flower in tribute to the nations fallen d^
fenders and to give in exchange for the flower a contribution to aid
the war’s living victims.
CSiarles L. HickeiewiritefMBM S
New York After Givtiag Ply
ing I nKfructions
. ita ■
Charles L. Hlckerson, o( New
York City, ex Pan Amwloni
Airways pilot, has flown baek to-
New York, after quite a vtoBt
with his parents at Ronda.
’The spacious lawn of tbe beian^-
tiful and historic old Hlekeraon
home was used as a landfac
field while Pilot Hlckerson w«*
giving flying instructions at
near-by points. A hangar, built
near old time shrubs, with great
oaks In the background, gave a
modern note. Ronda is IndaoS
proud of her successful yoaat;
Erecting Ad|itioa
To Duncan Bnfldiilg
Workmen are now eaigaga* te
making the exuvatloa tor
addition V to the rear of RaUM
Duncan’s electrical store baOS-
Wsu n UtAUH ravemsaisv H _ _
“Therefore, L B- T. McNeill, mayor of North Wilkesboro. urge aUi
citizens to honor tiie dead and aid the liviaa by wearing the Amen^ oonslderable floor
hegim and Ameriean Legim Auxiliary memorial poppy on Saturday,, ^ xnt, egtabHslBwir
“ 26th, ' ^ ' ■*'> and the building wlU B»or*
’And to tiiat end,I do hereby pr^m Saturday, Uiv 28th, Poppy qu*tely house the Hr*-
Day in the dty of Norht Wnktoboro.
' a, T. McNBILL, Mayor."
large stock of electric«l jH
and appUancif. '

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