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....Etnertoii ^
^ Bfakochle Chib4^
■«W^?feUgh^fan3r‘ . - St . ,.-
'=»d'TMiiW eTenlng «t.
ijisi ‘■Mn, Walter Bmersoa !V«i^
> ..;^b.«pjU ta the club at tlutir boiM
** lb^lik«abpro. The first i>srt of
:J^petsniofr'the geests motoreii
^ SbUrwood jAke for s plo-
sr- gjid sirlninlng, later
ig to the borne for tbA
tS* *•'-■■' - - .
ts0> vera arranged in
siting: dt-. cut flowers with
’He f e a “ Winkler wln-
r ^ high score' grlse tor the la-
1^' , dtos nd Paul Billings tor the
'f laen. Hr. Billings also held the
.. tfaTelers prise and the consola-
'Bqa award went to Bill Johnson.
riSid Woman Who
IS.€%edk On Local Attonic
I Are In Toffls of Law;
to be
'itlss WHnains for the past
tew years has been a popular
member of the North Wllkesboro
school faculty and news of her
approaching marriage will be re-
ceiired here with much interest.
: 14'Monthly Mooting
g,;Tfae monthly meeting of the
L)^on Auxiliary was held Moh-
, day evening at the Legion club-
' house with the president, Miss
Toby Turner, In charge. During
the business session interesting
reports were given from the var
ies committees. One ot the out-
jfl^^dlng reports given was by
ifis. A. F. Kilby, child welfare
chairnTan, who reported three
families had been cared for dur
ing the Pust month. At the close
of the meeting those attending
went to the drugstore for re
freshments with Miss Turner act
ing as hostess.
FidolU Class Met
Tvesday Evening
Mrs, A. H. Casey and Mrs. C-
B. Eller combined hospitality to
the members of the Fldelis class
in their monthly meeting Tues
day evening at the home of Mrs.
3aaay with around fifteen mem-
bpoa in attendance. Mrs. Chal
, l|«Seil,, the president, presided
f ft^ia ’short business period after
wti^h a delightful social hour
'waa enjoyed. In serving delicious
ref^ at close of the eve-
'ning the hostesses were aided by
Casey’s two small daught
ers, Lm:Hl«..and Mary Anne.
Mias Violet Erickson Is
Wed To Walter Brewer
Miss Violet Erickson ^ n d
' Walter Brewer were quietly miar-
ried at the bride’s home In Wil-'
kesimro Saturday afternoon, Au
gust 10, at five o’clock with Rev.
Avery Church, Baptist minister,
officiating. The vows were spok
en in the living room before an
improvised altar of Queen Anne’s
lace and pink cut flowers.
The bride wore a lovely wed
ding gown of egg shell satin with
slippers to match and for travel
she ,-chausod to an ensemble of
cope blue with navy accessories.
Immediately following the
ceremony a wedding supper was
served after which the popular
young couple left for a short
trip. A* color scheme of pink and
white was carried out in the
dinihg room, the table being
ppreei with an Irish lace cloth.
Mrs. Brewer is the attractive
daughter of Mrs. Katie Erickson
Jordan, of^ Wllkesboro. Mr.
Brewer Is a son of Mr. and Mrs,
Linney.Wall Wedding
Solonnized Wednesday
' Characterised by* unusual
charm and beauty was the wed-*
ding of Miss Pauline Unney to
Herbert C. Wall, impressively
solemnised Wednesday evening
at 8 o’clock at the home of the
bride’s parents-. Rev. and Mrs.
W. E. Linney, In the presence of
members of the two families.
The TOWS were spoken before
an improvised altar of lattice j
work Inter-twlned with clematis,
banked with floor baskets of
white gladioli, and cathedral
tapers in floor candelabra. The
bride and bride-groom entered
the living room unattended. The
ring ceremony was used by the
officiating minister. Rev. E. V.
Bumgarner, of Tayloesvllle, for
mer pastor of the bride.
Prior to the ceremony, D. Ed
ward Poole, of Mars Hill, uncle
I of the bride, sang “Oh Loyely
I Night.’’ Mr. Poole was accom
panied by Miss Ursula Blevins.
The bridal chorus from Lohen-
al and Mendelssohn’s Wedding
March for the recessional. Dur-
grin was used as the procesion-
ing the ceremony Miss Blevins
played Libestraum.
The bride Was attired in a
fall model of green crepe with
gold trim. She wore a felt bat in
the same shade as her dress and
used black accessories. Her
shoulder corsage v^as ot butterfly
Miss Linney is an attractive
and accomplished daughter of
Rev. and Mrs. W. E. Linney. She
received her education at Wom
en’s College ot the University of
North Carolina. Since her gradu
ation she has been a member of
the school faculty at Taylors
Mr. Wall is a son of the late
Joseph Addison Wall and Flor-
anM Aldfidge Wall, of Sophia,
verslty of Nofth Carolina. H;»'1s
■He was graduated hoSW 'iSe TJni-
a member of Phi Beta Kappa
Honorary Fraternity. He is con
nected with the Queen City
Printing Co., at Charlotte.
After a wedding trip to north
ern states, Mr. and Mrs. Wall
wjU be at home at IGll East 4th
Street. Charlotte, N. C.
Mr. and Mrs A. M. Whitting
ton announce the marriage of
their daughter, Kate Elizabeth,
to Mr. James C. Blevins Satur
day, August 10, 1935, Indepen
dence, Va.
, . ,
mes8iig«,:^WM recolved ^^yis-
torday by Sheriff W^ B. Somera
to the'effect that and -Mrs.
■tkfW0ir smith, wanted on chargM
of forging checks here afid^,:bt
^Blkltt, are being held by authorL
^ttes in Bristol, Tend.
Smith is alleged to have forg*
^ the slguataire^ Attorney R.
;C. -fennlngs oh a |1S' check aqd
cashed U at t. T. Church’s Illl-
ISLg^station tour miles west of
this city on July„4, The check
was made payable to 'A. j. Gar-
Hind.-“'Payment of the check was
held up at a local bank because
the signature was known not to
be that of Attorney Jennings.
The same couple is alleged to
have forged Attorney Marlon
Allen’s name on a |12 check in'-
Elkin. The Smiths are fighting
extradition from Tennessee, it
was learned today.
Sheriffs Told Nation
iUraed from. R. B.'
“T»^l> Top!a.'*’
n-silem! Sentindil;
- - "I' am inollhed to hetloyj[|^ that
North-Wttki^rQ Is the”" best,
toa^'^of its Alse l|t North .Ca^
llna.^twi»a&#4 a kgl&oM
«bo u Oh thw rns'«ttd
makes a |dund trip front^Wli^
ton-Salem nearly every day. *?^'
the public knew of the vast
amcitt'nt'of freight we haul to and
from ttuit town.* t Wlleve thUy^
too. Would, agree with me.
the mecchants and other kuab;
ness houses nP there were
jOying a^splendld trade," con-?,
tinued this raliroidWi He add^
that the largest town In tne
“State of Wilkes" Had a fine
back country to draw from.
“Talk about tine crops. R la a
delight to those who cross the
Yadkin, either on the train or Ist
automobHeor to see tkh com
growing In the river bottome,’*
this man went on to say. He
added that with continued fa-
J w oi. t vofable, seasons he ■believed the
Needs To Obey Ln^,f ^e able to harvest
Hickory. Aug. 14—“We Amer-fthe best corn crop this fall that
leans and North Carolinians the river bottom soil had pro-
Lenoir, Aug. 14.—Charles
Broach, Jr., youthful aviation
Fr^Brew“er7of Moravlan”Falla.^«“‘l>«slast. tonight remained In
a critical condition following the
crash at dusk yesterday of a
small,oneyplace unlicensed air
plane in a cornfield nea’’ the Le
noir Airport.
The plane was completely de
molished when it fell from an
estimated height of 150 feet. It
belonged to Henry Burgess, lo
cal youth. Broach, an unlicensed
pilot is experienced in flying and
is a well known young mechanic.
He was married abqut six weeks
ago. No definite cause for the
mishap, whfeh was the first ot
its kind of any consequence here,
has been announced. Broach was
alone when the crash occurred,
and has remained unconscious
with a concussion of the brain
aince the accident.
Hutclkens Are To Attend
'WiMnins-Sprinkle Wedding
M^.and Mrs. Hoyle Hutchens
find waiall daughter, Margaret
Anne,' will go to York, S. C. to
morrow to attend the wedding of
Mte Rdith Williams and Charles
Sprinkle, of Winston-Salem. The
marriage is to take place in a
.'formal ceremony at the Presby-
' terian church Saturday evening
should change our attitude to
ward law observance If we would
check the wave of crime sweep-,
ing over the state and nation, ’
Clyde R. Hoey, of Shelby, candi
date for Governor of the 'state of
tongued’’ orator, told the sher
iffs of the state tonight in their
North Carolina, and “sliver-
twelfth annual convention here.
Wilmington was selected as
the 1936 convention . city and.
Sheriff S. A. Whlteburs, of
Greenville, Pitt county, was elect
ed president of the Sheriffs’.As
sociation to succeed Sheriff O. D.
Adkins, of Marion.
Other officers elected are
Sheriff O. D. Barrs, Hickory,
first vice president; C. O. Robin
son, Gastonia, second vice presi
dent, and John R. Morris, Wil
mington, re-elected secretary.
Retiring officers aside from
Mr. Adkins are Sheriff N. H. Mc-
Gehy, Fayetteville, and J. Tran-
sou Scott, Winston-Salem. yean>
^ ->n
r£- ■ V-** V
Man Shot During Scuffle
At Kinston Passes Away
Kinston, Aug. 14. — Barney
Anderson, about 31, shot in a
•hcuffle with Eunice Pritchett ov
er a pistol Sunday night, died In
.a hospital today.
The shooting occurred in a
suburban cafeteria. Anderson
told officers it was accidental
and the weapon was In his hand
when it went off, but Miss
Pritchett was held.
I Airrx*
Workmen are engaged in
drilling a deep well at Forester’s
Nu-Way Service station to fur
nish the station with water.
Plans are also under way for
the construction of a pool to be
used as an aqnafTnm for tlu'stu>
tion’s menagerie, which Is fo oe
supplemented soon by the *4^
tton of several odd and Interest-
ing species.
Episcopal Church
Vesper service will be held at
St. Paul’s Episcopal church Sun
day afternoon, August 18th, at
four o’clock. Rev. B. M. Lackey,
Rector, In charge.
How One Woman
Lost 14 lbs. in 3-Weeks
Husband Lost 12 Lbs.
Mrs. J. H. Valentine of Free
port, \. y., writes'; “lost 14 lbs.
with KrnRclien and my hnsband
took off 12 lbs. in ,1 weeks and
intends keeping up the good
work. I think Krusehen Is simp
ly wonderful.”
To take off fat easily, SAFE
one half teaspoonful of Kru-
Bchen In a glass of hot water In
the morning before breakfast—
cut down on fatty meats, butter,
cream and rich pastries—It Is
the safe way to lose unsightly
fat and one bottle that lasts 4
weeks costs but a trifle. Get It
at Horton Drug Co. or any drug
store in America. If this first
bottle falls to convince you this
is the safest way to lose fat—
money back.
But be sure and get Krusehen
Salts—Imitations are numerous
and you must safeguard your
'Jk iMiiri'dycf'** B>U^i
Local Merchant Joins
National Celebration
Announcement Is being made
today that the Rhodes-Day Fur
niture Company Is joining with
more than 1000 merchants In
every state In the Union In cele
brating the 16th anniversary of
the Invention of the original
New, 15th Anniversary models
of this famous heater are being
shown, and, In addition, the
Rhodes-Day Furniture Company
is offering a supply of coal, free,
with every ..Heatrola sold during
the period of August 10 to 31.
The Heatrola, It Is claimed by
Us manufacturers, has revolu
tionized the small-home heating
habits of the nation, offering
circulated fumaco-type heat at
stove cost. .
Mr. C. G. Day, manager of the
Rhodes-Day Company announces
that he^wJU vreloome ^la- by
limyone Intent^ In a iinodani,
rheoitbtol beatiw plhni' tor s^att;
IPI 'homes.
Under and by virtue of the
power contained In a certain
deed of trust executed by W. A.
Durham and wite, E. G. Durham,
to the undersigned trustee, re
corded In the office of the Regis
ter ot Deeds of WJlkes county,
in book 16, page 433, default
having been made in the pay
ment of the note thereby secur
ed, and at the request of the
holder of same, the unders'igned
trustee will offer for sale at
public auction, to the highest
bidder, for cash, on the 7th day
of Sept., 1935, at 11 o’clock a.
m. at Shepherds Cross Roads,
Edwards township, Wilkes Coun
ty. North Carolina, the following
described property to wit: Lying
In Wilkes county. North Caro
lina, beginning on a double
birch on the west bank of Roar
ing River, mouth of Big Shoal
branch, running up said branch
to the fork of branch, then up
west prong to a white oak old
corner, then west to a stake,
north to a red oak, west to a
Bourwood old corner, north to a
large Spanish oak. Brewers old
corner, north to a branch, down
I the branch to the forks of
' branch, up branch to red oak,
west to a pine. Brewer’s old cor
ner, west to a stake on the west
bank of Roaring River, old rock
fence, down river 28 chains to
large rock then south west
crossing the river, dowh said
river to the beginning, contain
ing 70 acres, joins lands ot A.
Brewer, (deceased), L. D. Luff-
man, W. A. Durham and others.
References recorded In the office
of Register of Deeds of WllkM
county. North Carolina,; in book
No. 160, page 433. Therefore this
sale ma^ to satisfy principle, in
terest and coat thereirf. '-**!*%i4
This Srd diyp of Aug.,;
We Carry a Complete
of OfficezSupplies. . .
L^ers, Day Books, Family Fmanijal
ord Books, Columnar Journals, CohmiBar
Pads, Order Books/Carbon Paper^
writer Ribbons, Inks, Stamp Pad Inks, In-
delible Marking Outfits, School Supplies.
■■ . • .-.i'li'Ji .L-, ■ ' ' '
We invite ](0U to inspect our stock, and idl
orders will be appreciated
- /. '^1 «
Nindi Street
-'S'- i
' Jif’-
tN. C’

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