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te Cbafmiiee «
aVk. is.—Matt«ni at
Of to bft folloired in plnanlnA
?r oouiruetion of linM to North
w«r*^dteon«*(| hnr* to-
bj tbo Bute lUral Sloctrlti-
nathoiity. iT
idler BncleTf ehaimnn, end
■J. L. Borne, Jr„ of Rockr Monnt,
• member of the gronp,., wlU
s.|^,i**Te here tomorrow night for
,;Pfkuihlngton to --take up these
= )>lan8 with Mwrie L. Cooke, Fed-
oral rural electrification admin-
I'^fcttator, and exchange views on
seoeedure in filing applications
Orkh the REA.
^ ^ The authority did not attempt
bg^.to pasa definiteljr on points in
he State program, but did for-
ihlate what may be taken as a
tor the future. Cooke’s
?.iwlew8 Xll^unwaAt before the
poiata Bagley
, aaid. ;Jg|^/ wc
I- * letter he
from Cooke ,ln which
aiatrator now apoafont-
rors completion of the MUf-
•^.la North Carolina aimed a^
ling feasible linea. Idiat
tlfho^cdiyiij^tof wro^ a
that aag-Aurveya being
ttCiad thr^gh. the jtoer-
Relief administration^ be
^At that time the State author:;
ity had secured an idlocation of
kd,B00 to complete the sarvey In
seven oonntles.. Bagley wid TS
eonntioe were Inclnded In . the
original check, and of the kt re*'
maiaing, 16 are la the Temieeaea
Valley anthorlty area In western
North Carolina and probably will
be taken care there. Cooke ap
parently favored continuation of
the snrvey to preset a full pic
ture of the sitnation, and
this matter will be discussed
with him Wednesday, Bagley
Soil Erosion
Washington.—Details of the
expanded erosion program plann
ed in North Carolina with |1,-
427,922 in works relief funds
were made public today by H.
H. Bennett, chief of the soil con
servation service.
The program calls for the es
tablishment of five new demon
stration projects in Alamance,
Franklin, Rockingham, Mecklen
burg and Davidson counties and
continuation of three existing
projects In Guilford, Union-An-
son, and Randolph Ouilford-Eor-
syth counties.
A. Bageae Sink Sooceeda B. & :
Attmaa, Who Was Tfaas-
tarred (> Hickory
A. iTagene Sink, formerly of
Winston-Salem, kas been ap
pointed representative of the
MetropoUtaa Lite Insurance com
pany for this territory, succeed
ing B. S. Altman, who was trans^^
ferred, a few days ago to Hickory,
Mr. Sink has been with the
company for fonr years and hkk'
made a good record in Winstpn-
Salem, where ho worked badl^
coming to North Wilkeshoro.
and his wife and son will mpke
their home hare.
During the few years Mr. Alt
man was In this territory be was
active In civic affairs and made
many friends who regret to learn
of his leaving.
♦The late Fiction
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Second Deficiency Bill
Is Signed By President
Washington, Aug. 12.—ToUl
appropriations since Congress
met bn January 3 were boosted
today to f8,153,208,000 when
(President Roosevelt signed the
I second deficiency bill.
As the chief executive put his
signature on that bill, two other
significant thlnga were happen
ing: Chairman Buchanan, Demo
crat, Texas, of the house appro
priations committee was talking
about a “.halanced budget” at
the next session, and the last ap
propriation bill of the session—
the third deficiency measure—
was beginning to take shape.
j^lctdiol Unit Given Praiae
T. Ed Patton, investigator in
charge of the alcohol tax unit of
North Carolina, yesterday receiv
ed a letter from Daniel L, Por
ter of Baltimore, district super
visor, in which the work of the
North Carolina unit was given
high praise.
At the same time Mr. Patton
announced that last week was
one of the biggest weeks in the
history of the North Carolina
unit, with a total of 35 stills
raided during the week.
f BotMrt H.
!Lmm ot ICeatookr (above), fomer
dinetw 6f Bepubikan Natimial
Haadii»rt«n, has mailed 4,SSD let-
.ten with meftioiaiairM. listiag 24
aaaes, sJmig G.Oi*. Inders who
thay wot to Boiataato for the prod-
dfiiqr neat year.  f 'i
a O. P.
' Twe neat vr wont! -thwu. make
I errreR view,
Whshington—Senajtor ^William
E.’ Borah, Idaho, was favored as
the 1936 Republican presidential
nominee 'today in a nation-wide
poll of Republican county chair
men and other local Repnbliean
The poll was taken by Robert
H. Lucas, former executive direc
tor of the Republican" national
committee -He sent letters to 2,-
400 Republican county chairmen,
300 city leaders and 500 “young
Lucas asked for a vote on 11
possible candidates listed. He re
ceived 1,665 replies, represent
ing 1,036 counties throughout
the nation. Those polled were
asked to indicate first and sec
ond choices.
Borah, a liberal (^publican
who has supported pome new
deal measures, was named as the
first choice by 247 and as second
by 121. Colonel Frank Knox,
Chicago publisher, was ranked
second and Governor Alf London
ot Kansas, third.
Former President Herbert
Hoover was sixth. Some wrote in
the names of Colonel Charles A.
Lindbergh, Governor Winant of
New Hampshire, former Gover
nor CauIUield of Missouri, Gov
ernor Merriam of California, for
mer Senator Otis Glenn ot Illi
nois, and Representative-Elect
Risk of Rhode Island.
Ever Offered in Used
Passenger Cars:
1 1935 Ford Tudor
1 1935 Ford Coupe
1 1934 Ford V-8 Del, Tudor
1 1935 Chev. Coach
2 1934 Ford V-8 Tudors
1 1933 Ford V-8 Del. Tudor
3 1933 Ford Tudors
1 1934 Ford Coupe
1 1930 Ford Coupe
1,1932 Ford V-8 Del. Sedan
1 1932 Chev. Sport Road.
1 1931 Chev. Sport Road.
1' 1931 Ford Coupe
1 1929 Pontiac Coach
1 1SP9 Pontiac Sedan
1 1929,Chevrolet Coach
1 1929 Cnevrolet Sedan
1929 Ford Tudor
1929 Ford Coupe
1930 Ford Tudor
1929 Chevrolet Coupe
1929 Buick Coach
1929 Chrysler Coupe
Commercial Cars:
1935 Dodge Truck
School Bus Body
1933 Chevrolet Trucks
1934 Chevrolet Truck
1930 Chevrolet Trucks
1929 Ford Truck
1933 Ford Panel
1930 Ford Pickup
1930 3-4 Ton Internation
al Truck
Senate Turns DoMm
30-Hour Week Measure
Washington, Aug. 12.—The
Senate late today rejected the
Black 30-hour week bill by a
vote of 61 to 23 and then passed
an administration measure com
pelling all Industries bolding
contracts with the federal gov
ernment to observe labor and
wage conditions embraced In
NRA codes.
There was no record vote. The
action is effective for two years.
It bans child and convict labor
and freezes maximum hours and
minimum wages at the peak
fixed in codes under which in
dustry operated before the
agreements were suspended.
The measure now goes to tho
House where action is expected
before adjournment. An attempt
may be made in that body also
to substitute the 30-hour-week
bill which- the Senate turned
down today.
C. M. T. C. Boys Begui 2nd
Week Of Traming Period
Fort Bragg, Aug. 12.—Some
800 young Carolinians are being
drilled in citizenship and mili
tary tactics here In'the aitizens
military training camp, now en
tering its second week.
Gen. Manus McCloskey, com
manding officer of Fort Bragg,
said he believed the CMTC to be
one ot the' most important train
ing activities on the reservation,
and Is devoting a considerable
part of his time to Its supervis
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ri#IW av Nitfth Wilfcw^Kwo, N.
Morganton Votes For
School Tax Of 12 Cents
Morganton, Aug. 12.—In
special election today, voters of
the Morganton grdUed school
district by a majority of 75 car
ried the proposal to extend the
local school term to nine months.
A tax levy of 12 cents to sup
port the one extra month was
favored by 820 votes out of a
registration of 1,4'89, according
to tabulation completed tonight
There were 81 votes cast against
the' Special tax levy.
How Cardm ^Hdps
Women To BuiM Up
Oardul stimuistes tbe an>etlte and
improves digestion, helping women
to get more strength from tbe food
th^ eat. As nourishment ts im
proved, strength is built up^ certsln
frmntkwial pa&lS gO aWSy S^ WDSIp
en praise Cardui for helping them
back to good health.,.. Urs. O. E.
BatUff, of Hinton, W. Va„ writes:
''After the birth of nur but baby. X
dU not seem to get my stneglh
baek. I tocdcdanhil i«sin and wai
OMD sdund and 'w^' X have gtyepi
.|k to my daugta^ and toCWtiniBOd
i| to otttsr ladito* . . . mousaads
Ot womm Oarthd bensfited
Miss Prndie Bbwklif,. of Moan- Martin county
tsin View, tpl& Safnrday #ith|»H»»Iy ou top
Miss Edna Btelr. C
Mr, and Mrs. Rode HnftnM,
of Congo, TlsUed Mr. A. El
ler, Sunday.
^ Mias Edna and Freds Eller, op
Millers Creek, were the dinjser
-.gadlW of Hiss Okley Hutfmsta
Srt; Congo Snndsy.
Mr. Thnrmsn Pierce and fami-
i)pi. of Winston-Salem, spent the
week-end with Mr. Pierce's psf-
enta, Mt. and Mrs, Walter Pierce.
The Epwortb League, of Aiibor
Grove, gave a very IntefMtlng
program l^nnday night. It wag .
followed by a trio was-anng^by
some s visiting . n o y a. . Messrs.
Clurltf i:^imd Ralph Shumaker
and Domer Hnffman, of Congo.
Miss 'l^lla NlcholB spent s few
hours with her sister, Mrs. Glenn
Eller, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Barker, ot
Charlotte, visited Mrs. Barker's
father. Dr. J. M. Hunter, who is
very ill.-'^
Mr. Don Ausbin, of North Wll-
kesboro, spent ^nday with Mr.
Jim Nichols at ilillms Creek.
The League of Arbor
Grovo church wilt give ah ice
cream supper at the church on
Saturday, night, August 17. Eve
rybody welcome.
jnd'' fcffF
Pt9 'aAit frost k
Erank ’ Wllyi
let, jumpid
of a ratUji-
snake’s head dsid I trampled him
to death a feVr'embdC after the,
repUle'had.Mtteajhis j^all hiss-
yeaivold son tm hts be^ foot ^
It's 'a great aatfafadidn for yad
to komt ytHt wiU aerer he o«ar>
charged at 'the Ost^sill l>ept.
Store. Onr methn^wpf Ofwni-
ttoai aad efBclewcf 'fiiotect the
pndUlc. Tow are nivNed to cen
ter your trade with we.
Urge To Wsunder Trait
Of Boones Of Present
Hibblng, Minn.,' Ang. \2.—The
urge to wander still seems to be
part of tbe heritage of descend
ants of Daniel Boone, says E. E.
Boone, of Hibblng, direct de
scendant of America’s famous
Both Boone, a painting con
tractor here, and bis wife are de
scendants of the Boone family.
Mrs. Boone traces her ancestry
back to the wife of Daniel Boone.
Boone worked all over tho
United States before settling In
*T have a cousin who follows
right in the footsteps of Daniel,”
he said. “He’s been all over tho
world, working his way as a
sailor and at present is In Amer
ica’s latest frontier—Alaska.”
If your hoase'Tcqtdres a new roof or new akfing; or, if yea
desire to modemige your home, you can now barrow from
ly payment* extending over a pieriodfw loot aa 36 montha.
has made pamible these easy tcmH with 160
TUa^ year appeetnaity to add to the aaCoa
eg yoor property by tnsHng Impromaents the*
are needed. Let us nphsn boar csw >t ia to tuwv
this work done NOWl
Wilkesboro Mfg. Co.
You can drive it 50 miles an hour the day yon bay it
The Ford V-8 is ready for normal driving
when yon bay it. There is no tedioos period
of breaking-in for 500 of 1000 miles. Yon
can drive it up to 50 miles an hoar the first
day. And after the first hundred miles ypn
*^cairdrive it as fast as you desire.
That means greater motoring enjoyment tor
every motorist. It is especially important to
motorists who are thinking about a new car
for a vacation trip—to physicians, salesmen
and oil those who use a car for basiness. In-
stead of dn:^ging' along at slow speeda for
days, yon can make good time from the start.
The reason for this is as important as tho
resolt. The Ford V-8 needs no breaking-in
becaose of unosoal accoraey in the manufac
ture of moving parts and the smoothness of
heat^surfsoes. Qeannees are correct when
yon buy the car. It is not necessary to depend
on a long wearing-in'period to eliminate tij^ti-
ness and insure smooth mmting. Lcmger life, •
greater economy and better pc^rmance are
bound to resolt from eneb precision methods.
Tl^ Fortl V-8 gives you fine-car construction, ■,
along with fine-car performance, oomfioct,'
safety and beauty.
k'- -..-J'

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