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. Mr. «ad' Mrs. Bret«tt' S}Ie^
juuioanee t&e birth of s son,
■Brsrett, Jr., Tnesda^t. Aneust
Mr. tnd Mrs. Clyde Jones* and
ftiiWfcf.- of' Badln, ace spending
.the'veek with relatlTes and
^eM»)h Wilkes.
ilSrg. Sherman Bumgarner and
igkter, Pauline, visited ..^la
in Winston-Salem dvrlng
_ Miss J||[|Er'^MB3CMl||M spent
' j£^jybtoead|J^ with Mlw^ Rebecca
Jloeeley^ at Daniel Boone Hotel,
|iS8 Bertie Rose, member of
PHiatrict ERA office force,
l^ddenlte, ; nMnu Jesae €wm, oti Wlnatpa-
Saloia, has been alsiting hec.>paiv
«Dts, Mr. and Mrs; H. d.;cnsfr'
•and for .MTeinl days. -. Mr.e .i:";:
. jMlawa Mildred rKllby and Jes-J
sin ^rsp^,. of P^flear, lift Sun
day tor dol'dsbbro, to spend a'
,weok nlth Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Wlggtns,. WhUct, there they are vialt Ocean View ^ - .r.
:s«ach and other piaoea^ot intoi^fT. R StwT. T^ Gnmgers
>the week-end at her hoiiie' deration,
P. H. D. Woodie, of Laurtd'
SprilfB, was in this city yesteis
•day Mtteijding to business mat-
Miss Francea; Bumnrner,
route 1, WMlU^e^' was a
-guast of Miss Same Kilby over
th«i week-end.'- **
, Mrs. J. M. Brown returned
Saturday morning from a States
ville ‘‘hospital, where she under
went an operation.
Miss Eloise Strickland, o f
• j Goldsboro, Is spending this week
?i (f^wltb Misses Hazel and Alma
..Mr.; and.,Mrs.. jj. ^,;Myw ,^d
liua BeaitiM PhUlt]^,' id
were visitors in this, city /eatery
day. _
Dr. ^an^'MEjd.*"R. O. Rex and
dpugh^r, ^^.dra, .of Pen Argyl,
Pa., are visiting Mrs. Rex’s mo
ther, Mrs. F. B. Hendren.
Mrs. W. B. Henry and daugh
ter have‘returned to their home
at Tarboro after spending sever
al weeks at their cottage on the
( Mrs. R. S. Shoaf, Mr. Paul
Shoaf, Miss Alma Shoaf and her
honaeguest, Miss Hattie Lee Cost
ner, of Lincolnton, were visitors
in Greensboro Wednesday.
Mrs. S. S. Jennings is a pa
tient at the Davis Hospital in
Statesville, having undergone an
operation there last week. She
is recovering nicely from the
Mr.' aid «n. Frink Perkins,
6t *lu§iMd?%;
itiiwdiy^ spend sdhiMi tliW^h
Mrk. Sal^'lenningB’"aad Mrl’Wni
MnH'.’^'ft. at Pores
ii^ob. IMrs. PoifltIns‘ before' -her
ti^tfriige was Mlrt Mlnntt,'Caitr
Mrd.‘jen'nings. ..a"
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Parks, sons,
Harold and David, r of Roaring
River, and Mn. Dick Donglasa,
and daughter, Elisabeth,*of Shel
by, returned Monday from a sev
eral we^ca’ antomobile trip to
New Haven, Conn., NeW York,
Washington, Annapolis, and
through the Valley of Virginia.
as ’• WllRt Tb.Hij^-M^cene «“■ embar^ against her
Of State ^ven^n othe^ s^ faced
\r Mrs. E. W. Higgins, Mr. and
i|rs. Ralph Higgins, and. Mr.
Hugh Higgins, all of Blackstone,
Va., are visiting Mr and Mrs. E.
E. Eller and other relatives in
the city. •
Miss Martha Harris, Messrs, C.
J. Plexico and Herbert Crawford,
o f Charlotte, were week-end
guests of Miss Beatrice Holbrook
at Traphill.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Allen, Mrs.
Frank Allen and Mr. Elliott
Deans are in Blowing Rock to
day. ^ile there they will attend
the flower show.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Alexan-
der and three children, of Mon-
y roe, have been visiting relatives
f and friends at Roaring River.
' Mrs. N. S. Forester, Mrs. Eva i Mrs
J Forester, Mias Grace Dean For
ester and .Mrs. Carl Canter were
'■visitors to Winston-Salem Tues-
1 day.
§ :
Mrs. S. D. Duffleld and two
daughters, Betty and Jean, of
Orange, N. J.. arrived today lor
a visit with Mr. and Mrs. E. E.
Eller. Mrs. Duffleld is a niece of
K 'i-
Mr. and Mrs. Gwyn Caudill
have returned from their wed
ding trip through the Shenan
doah Valley and Washington,
and are now at ho.nje, 523 Wal
nut Street, Statesville.''
Misses Thelma, Rose and Vir
ginia L#aws and Mrs. L. G. Critch-
er returned to their homes at
Moravian Falls last night after a
week’s trip to Washington and
New York City.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Whitmore,
of Durham, were week-end
guests of Mrs. Ruby Pendley.^
I .Mrs. A. ^ Pendley, who has
been spending sometime here re
turned to Durham with Mr. and
Mrs. Whitmore.
♦low bright life now looks to a
New York mon who suffered so from
' sivnoch trouble that he was pre
vented from taking his own lire 6/ a
^ pncst.Hetried BISMA-REXond got
such relief that h? now eats any
thing he likes ohd chh hardly
Relieve if to be true /
Blsmo-Rex la an antacid treat
ment that’s different from the
many other Ineffective treat
ments you have tried. It acts
four ways to give you a new kind
of relief from acid indigestion,
' heartburn and other acid stom-
aeh agonies.
Bismo-Rex neutralizes acid, re-
-llevea stomach of gas, soothes
the irritated stomach membranes
aids digestion of foods that
most likely to ferment. Bis-
ma-Rex is sold only at Rexall
Drug Stores. Get a jar today at
North Wllkasboro Drug Store.
Remember Bisma-Rex.
Mrs. James C. McDiarmid was
accompanied by Mrs. Thos. H.
Webb, of Concord, to Blowing
Rock Wednesday to attend a
luncheon given to the Colonial
Dames of North Carolina by Mrs.
Chas. A. Cannon' at her summer
home there. - •• «■
Misses Gray Greene and Reba
Thompson, who have been at
tending summer school at New
Haven, returned Monday.j Miss
Greene and Miss Thompson are
members of the Barium Springs
Orphanage faculty, and Miss
Greene is the daughter of Mrs.
F. L. f*arks, of Roaring River.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. St.John,
son. Bill, Mr. Furchess Shumate,
of this city, returned Monday
from a week-end visit with rela
tives in West Virginia. Mr. Shu
mate reports that the mines
are operating most of the time
in West Virginia and that busi
ness is good there. Little Bill
Shumate who is only six months
old has already been in seven
different states of the union.
Poriear News
PTTRLEAR, Aug. 14.—Misses
Aline and Lucille Hayes, Elsie
Foster and Helen Shatley spent
Sunday evening with Misses Les-
tle and Marie Benton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. McGlamery
and family #ere in North Wll-
kesboro Saturday shopping.
A most successful revival
meeting closed at New Hope Bap
tist church Sunday. Much inter
est was shown throughout the
series of services. Eleven were
added to the church by Baptism.
Mrs. N. T. Benton spent last
week with her mother, Mrs. Mar-
that "Walker, at Walsh.
Mrs. Forest Yates spent last
week with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. T. J. Walsh, at Walsh.
Misses Lestie and Marie Ben
ton visited friends Sunday at
Mrs. Sallie Yates is spending a
few days with friends on Wilkes-
boro Route 2.
College Station, Raleigh, Aug.
14.—Administrative officers of
N. C. State College are optimis
tic over the'enrollment of stu
dents at the institution this fall
since IndteStions are that a regis
tration equal to or larger than
all past records will be had.
Advanced freshman registra
tion this summer is several weeks
ahead of last summer, and al
though uppercIaSsmea and- trans
fer students are not required to
make advanced registrations, an
increase in enrollment also is ex
pected in these groups
Freshmen will complete their
registrations Friday, September
13, and transfer students will be
received on Monday and Tues
day, September 16 and 17. Up
perclassmen will register o n
Wednesday, September 18, and
classroom work for ail students
will begin the next day.
Col. John W. Harreleon, now
attending camp at Fort Bragg,
announced several weeks ago
that the freshman housing pro
gram started at State last year,
To “
Oeoeva^^Atift ;14,—Ethiopia
dla^tched i- tervi^' appeal to
Ithe leagufr of aatleatii‘today tO:
hitve many nationi an
arms embargo agalMt her, aai>.
sacra’ from-Italy.7^;
*The Joint^^ppeal - and^fftto^
■warn (placed, Jlsfore Sw’^’Tfag
s^reta^ genml by' ^ieett Ha^
ariatet’ BtUopian* mtnistaif ^
France, - acting npof Instr^e^ht;
of his government, - v
It calted lUt/ ^■all’i>()8jiWIF
and Ethiopia '‘weak abd paelfle.”
“Notwttluitandhkg. the reitii^'
tiqn of arMW^B‘‘prqc^nre Hr
con'torf^fjp ndth de
cision *Anghst‘.4,'.'' sail' tlld’tnidt'
sitd,‘ “the royal Italian
ment b cohtttnlng to
of unbe
E. Story, master of Wllkks-
boro Gnngb'k is the anthor^of a
eompreheaslve aitlelS'appearing
in the OaroUna Cto^ater, farm
pablieatlon, relatlye to tha stpto
Grange' cionYention to he held is
North Wllkesboro September 16-
47, The artiele Is' vrortb
reproducing and here it to:.
. North .Wtik«Sbb>o ^ to to' ybb
host to the Annnal SUte Meeting
of the OreBM-^urtag the I'ast
days of' Septefnltor V)f this year. ^
A glorious welcome to the Orang- »nd ammunition into . oaeteia
ers of the entire State Is being
planned by ' the patrons and
friends of hudbandry of this com
munity. ‘
The WSlkesboros with a popu
lation of more than 5,b00 people
situated in the heart of the
mountains of Northwest North
a constitute a community
believable charm and de
light. ' They' are located_^r in the
Great Valley through which runs
the beautiful Yadkin and are
hedged in on the south by the
Brushies of some five miles dis
tance and On the northwest by
the Spurs and low lying ridges
contiguous to the Blue Ridge.
They enjoy a wonderful climate,
rarely ever knowing either of
the extremes of temperature.
The county of Wilkes was
formed by the Legislature of
North Carolina In the year 1777
at the instance of Col Ben Cleve
land, a native of the county and
a Revolutionary War hero. It is
one of the largest ’ counties in
the state, being surjjpunded and
touched by eight other counties,
a distinction which only one
other county, Chatham, shares,
grows well all of the grain crops
raised In North Carolina, and
produces potatoes, tobacco, cot
ton, and air manner of vegetables
with ease. Its orchards are unriv
aled. The apples, /peaches, and
other fruits of the Brushies con
stitute the chief industry of all
that section of the county.
Poultry raising is a noted in
dustry of the county. ’There are
a number of hatcheries in the
‘Wilkesboros and nearby com
munities which furnish chicks
for both local and Southwide
markets. An interesting fact is
that at one thne during the
hatching season one of these
hatcheries had 16,000 chicks. E.
E. Elller and Son of North Wll
kesboro is the largest shipper of
poultry products In the State.
The city of North Wllkesboro
is ideally located for a shipping
point of many products from a
wide territory. It is at the head
of the branch line of the South
ern Railroad out of Winston-
Salem and is traversed by State
Highways Nos. 16, 18, and 60,
and U. S. No. 421. The Great
Scenic Highway to be construct
ed along the Blue Ridge may be
reached within thirty ' minutes
drive over either one of three
State highways^
It Is our unbiased opinion ‘
■ Wit • I
Beady Bf
tilled baak4it».:|j
lunch wbicit
ibiaa on, tb
Mr. B|
Africa. It to cekseleuly manufac
turing-amB"*and .imptemente of
war with the solemn^ ^"avowed
intention of - usinf -them'^against
the Bthlopiatt*‘enl$tf4.'
Hm No Mnaltloii-BlMite
‘"There is no ihandtacture ip
Ethiopia, either pubMc or pri
vate, of arms /or munitions of
war. 'The imperial Ethiopian gov
ernment today finds it aibsolute-
ly impossible to obtain means-bf,
defense outride its own frontier.
Wherever it attempts to obtain,
them it meets ;'kit1i ^prohibitions
of exports and emhargoeSl*'; *
. “Is that real neutrality? Is it
jiiBt? Will the'coinlcll‘remain nut
moved in*the face of this situ
ation which is growing steadily
worse? Wm it allow,this unequal
combat to continue between two
members of the league of na
tions, one of which is all power
ful and in a position to employ,
and declares It Is employing, all
its resources in preparing for
aggression, while the other,
weak and pacific and mindful of
its International undertaking, is
deprived of means of organizing
the defense of its territory and
its very existence, both of which
are threatened?
‘‘Will the council assume the
responsibility In the eyes of the
world for allowing these prep
arations to continue unchecked
for the massacre of a people
which constitute a menace to
of Mre,
.with w#l!
alf enjoyfd
spread on tis-
a J
Ur. ab4
aii^faianYr of f
Im Mlksajl aud famll:
m/ W.ilktf Mrl!r (fi\
liains, of Goshen; Hr
Mr. Jopea, , o(
Brunei; and Mr, and MrA
Hail, otv StataerUto. Mr.^
A, brother of Mrs.
/Al^reportsd 9
in bis
“How did you make
neighbor keeg) his hens
own yard?”
“One night I hid a half-dozen
eggs under a bush in my garden
and next day I let him see me
gather them. I wasn’t bothered
after that.”
‘ 'JikL;.;
-It W
^Peautifnl, Durable, Modera.” are three words that are ap
propribtely used in describing the new ROTAL ACE RANG&?
It is a balanced range, with streamline features, and embrac*’
ing many new ir’^nroremwits that make it the best range
value on the market.
$22.50 up
The ROYAL ACE is manufactured in various colors and you'
may choose jnst the color you desire ... It weighs 6M
pounds ... the very best materials are used and the work-
manship is the finest the market affords . . . Range can be
furnish^ with coK»«r reservoir tank or rack for storage com
partment. Don't buy until yon have allowed us to show yw •
America's most beautiful riid best made range . . . the,
Save On Your Furniture By
Trading With Us
Mark-Down Fnmitore Coi j
F. D. Forester & Co. Building
would be continued. The pro- Grangers of North Car- ■
gram requires all first-year men
to room together in the Fresh
man Quadrangle composed of
four dormitories. Because of the
Increase expected in.the fresh
man class, the top floor of Sev
enth dormitoiT also has been re
served for the first-year men.
olina will find this a delightful
rendevous for their Annual State.
Meeting. We shall look forward
to your coming with the expecta
tion for great mutual benefit.
The thought of death is one that
all avoid. Yet, in this age when
men face problems bravely, one
must sometimes think of the
ending of life as well as its daily
trials and triumphs.
home'of service ,.
Wmaton-Salem Fair
Big time antomobile racing,
with all its thrills, chills and
possible spills, will come into its
own at the Winston-Salem and
Forsyth county fair on Saturday,
October 12th, according to man
ager Tom S. Blum, who announc
ed that Hankison Speedways,
world’s largest automobile rac
ing promotional organization,
will stage an A. A. A. champion
ship race meet as the concluding
and outstanding feature of the
annnal fair.
Prominent speedway and dirt
track drivers, corralied from all
over the nation, will participate
in the event. These headliners in
the realm of speed will have as
their mounts the, finest racing
creations in the world today, in
cluding the latest specially built
Millers, McDowells, Vances and
Raleigh, Aug. 14.—The South
CaroliiTa moccasin traded to the
state. museum here some tlnic
ago by a Philadelbhia natufalist
for a supposedly mere hardy
North Carolina snake Is not so
frail after all.
The South Carolina reptile was
placed by Harry Davis, curator
of the museum, in a cage with 'a
dozen other snakes.
One by one the 12 snakes dis
appeared, and today the South
Carolina moccasin had the entire
cage to itself.
“It Pays
Washington,; Aug. 14.—Ex
pressing a growing feeling of
confidence in senatorial circles
Senator Bankhead, of Alabama,
said this afternoon that he felt
“absolutely confident” that the
administration would shortly an
nounce Its intention to continue
the 12-cent a pound loan on cot
ton. The Alabama senator said
that a number of his southern
colleagues were in possession of
information that “canndt be con
trovert,ed” that the moment the
AAA .amendmehta nnd the Bank-
heaiL^ottoa* control act are con-
olndeg, or after the npw bill
Mtail hnvfr iMtoB finned hr j^the
'"nt, the" ooBtliwatlbn of'
I p4ioy wUl„,.be otUotoilri
Then you have never tried R-140,
that fsjnons remedy that baa
proved so - sncccsefni ia . tbons^
ands ot homes for tbe'pgst forty
years. It you snffer from Indl-
gesUon, Gas, Headache, Naasea,
Disainess, Overeating aad.'Driak-
ing, try a bottle and be eoartoo-
ed. Sold in SOc aad !3Sc sfaes at
Horton Drag Co., Rexall Drag
Store, Brame Drug Store 'and
Wilkes Drug do.
Treasury Department, Pro
curement Division, Public Works
Branch, Washington, D. C., Aug.
6, 1935.
Sealed bids in duplicate, sub
ject to the conditions ot bulletin
51 (modified) of the Federal
Emergency Administration o f
Public Wbrks, will be„opened in
this office, at 10 a. m., Aug. 27,
1936. For insect screens to the
U. S. P. 0. -North Wilkesbfro,
North (jarolina. Speclflcat
may be obtained from-, the Cus
todian of the building, or at this
office in the discretion of the' As%-
jBtotant Director of'PrQcnnment,
Fahlic Works ^Branoh. W. Ht
■olds. Assistant Director of
it, Public Works
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