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Mefliddiiits Agm ^
\)tt Union Plan^^
_ - r% ~“;j.^V" W *1*^ ^Ddei^ Vote Viunivowly Far
R. ^ Of Tlnraa 6ro«pa$ Six
Ik «ik TCbmfUmiI llAbrlnm Diatricta
® Evaaiton, Dl., Ansr. lA — A
to fteluid, Be%iam
* and France
nia, R. Q. t Finley dUlghted
.:,nMml«Ts of the North WilkesboirD
lie Club in a i»»g»a«*Fri-
at noon by a aery hrittries^a
at of har leeent trip to Ena-
j’Wifaaen' and Bdclh™> Mrs.
^ ]ha« j«et returned fro«
Lo^on. trtkere ehe attended the
FbUc Bence Festiyal, a part of
, the 'ICi^'s jubilee celebration.
I and ehe related many interestiaa
^ tlieWknte to the chib.
, Fbetmaster J. C. Reins reported
that the postoffice was occupyina
.ita ’biew building and a committee
that the city commis-
are willing to grant lands
tto the state for the purpose of
a new armory. A. A. Lin-
program chairman for
^ day.
Goests were Miss Lucy Fin-
?lay, guests aC tyfndatber. A. A.
Itnley: Mnpi^ora^Fard and
[ Mias Looiiie ‘Ward, |oests of R.
1^. C.^Crier, guest of
For Den
‘*nK tUCKWl"’ A^GOLDBN BOty T0(^ :
87 to
Wgltoattm, Aug. 15..—Tha
^.“wealth tax"
whippl|H||«mh the aenata.
a 67t^*4 lmj^;jPhe action
stirred prospects^o^jjlUO’irnnic’^^
before next weeriPWfe
• Only two days of debate pre
ceded the vote to take an esti-
mated $260,000,000 from million-
doUax incomes, large corporations,
estates and gifts. Senator La-
Follette’s, Progressive, Wisconsin,
two efforts to boost taxes on
small incomes were crushed by
three to one majorities.
..But the bill returned to the
house with an amendment quick
ly interpreted in administration
quarters as threatening a serious
handicap to President Roosevelt’s
financial program.
Adopted 40 to 39 on the motion
of Senator Borah, Republican.
Idaho, this amendment would
prohibit future issues of tax-ex
empt federal securities. Treasury
officials said immediately that, if
accepted by the house, the amend-
[r’^.nient would place the government
'■ at a disadvantage, since states
and municipalities would continue
to enjoy the tax-free privilege on
their securities.
schism which years ago tba
ranks of the powerful
chardi into three hostile fsc-
tionsr wss nearly healed today as
50 drtegates, ^ rei»«senting the
church in all sections of the coun
try, agreed unanimously on a
plan of union.
If it is accepted by thel three
general conferences, it will bring
7,000,000 church members into
(me body, making it the most
powerful U. S. Protestant organ
May, 1936, del^ates will pre
sent their plan to the general
conferences of the Northern Meth
odist Bpistiopal church and the
Methodist Protestant church. It
will be brought before the Meth
odist Episcopal church. South, in
Ninety-one years ago a little
slave gjirl played on a plantation
owned by a Southern bishop of
the Methodist church. The bishop,
James O. Andrew, was taken to
task at the general conference at
jfew York in 1844 for his owner-
jifeip of slaves, and in that year
branch which later resisted
attempts at reunion, occurred.
„ The slavery issue became a
thing of the past after the Civil
War, but ill-feeling between the
Northern and Southern churches
lived on. This week, as the con
ferees met in another conciliation
attempt, there was constant fear
that the old question might arise.
It was forestalled, however,
when Bishop Robert E. Jones,
unassuming negro delegate from
New Orleans, rose to his feet yes
terday and informed the dele
gates that the jurisdiction pi in
for the negro church was acce it-
The plan adopted involves sjx
regional districts, five laid out
geographically and the sixth
turned over to the negro church
es. Negroes will have full con
gregational rights, and, with the
other jurisdictions, will elect their
bishops and delegates to the re
gional and general conferences.
Nine hundred representatives
will attend, the uniting conference.
400 each from the North and
South and 100 from the Protest
ant group.
> Community Newt
-r • ®
Floyd HK3ann, of Austin,
has been taken to the ESkin M»-
m».ial hoepltal where he had a leg
removed. He is getting kltnig
very nicely. .
' Mr. and Jfcrs. Lon Snovi’-ptf
Botmville.-spent the t^-enf Hftth
Mrs. Snow’s mother, Mrs.
Scott'at Austin. " ,
j,;jM1s8 Opal^SpjlM,
riL.M SlAKa OUMlNG Wll'M
State College Gets
Large Forest Tract
A ras w tM «t C»tm-rii t»tm ^
An 84.000-acre tract of wood
land in Jones and Onslow coun
ties has been acquired by the
the State college department of
forestry to be used by the stu
dents in connection with their
class work.
During the school year the for
estry classes will do
work on this property,
When the famous Robbins 3-
ring wild animal circus comes to
North Wilkesboro for two per
formances on Saturday, Aug. 31,
pitching its tents on the fair
grounds it will bring with it the
greatest array of arenic and cir
cus features that this big show
has assembled for this season’s
Three circus rings and massive
steel arena are used and neces
sary in which to present the big
two hour program of this time
honored show, and outstanding as
the stellar features to be seen in
the galax of fifty circus features
to be seen with the Robbins Cir
cus, there are such outstanciing
acts as the riding Bartoni family;
Capt. Wallace and his sixteen
fightihg African lions: Schwyer’s
Bengal tigers; Leona’s leopards;
Ray’s zebras and baby elephants;,
Robbins celebrated high school'
and dancing horses, introducing
Dorothy Hughes, world’s greatest
lady rider mounted on “Dixie
Bc^yT [world’s greatest hind leg
walking horse and equine wonder;
Robbins herd of performing ele
phants. trained pigs, goats, mon
keys, bear.s. clowns by the dozen,
Herr Schumann’s stallions, Rob
bins high jumping and hurdle
horses and mules, Barth & Meyer,
periodic | German teeter board acrobats:
and in Ali Hassen’s Arabian tumblers;
“Rex” appears in person at each
performance of the big show.
For this engagement the circus
has reduced its admission price to
26 cents for children and 35 cents
for adults, which prices include a
seat in the largest circus tent
ever erected here. Performances
at 2:16 in the afternoon and 8 p.
m. at night.
Farm Question
Q.—When fs the best time to
sow crimson clover for soil im
provement ?
A.—This depends on the sec
tion of the state, but as a general
rule the best time to sow in the
mountain section is from August
15 to September 16. In the Pied
mont the seed should be put in
between September 1 and 30.
When the seed are planted in the
hull they should be put in one
month earlier than the dates
given. Where the soil is not in
oculated for legumes this should
be done by mixing the seed for
one acre with two to three hun
dred pounds of soil from a field
known to be incKulated. ’The s(-(k1
and soil are then sown with a
grain drill or by hand.
North Wilkesboro district court
of honor met on August 13 at the
(Methodist Boy Scout hut with a
full attendance of court members
and a large number of .scouts
from the four troops of the Wil-
kesboros. Scoutmasters were also
...jMlss Opal Spiliiil
aprat (fie Wl^-end_^tii
ents. Mr. and Mra.
at Auatin.
.1, Mf. Coyj
Iretiimed tu M^^iana. -
Misa Heater ISiiiegai^Aa. spend
ing :tiie wedc witir Bettie
Mae BlMkhum at .
Messrs. 'Grover "-jSiWeo’ gojo
Watson Higgins. ^-’^llaryl«4^
who have been njfeaSagBtimb time
visiting friends and relatives in
tiiis community, have returned
to" Maryland. - They were accom
panied on the return’'^ by '■ Miss
Mary Higgins.
Miss Brttie Mae Blackburn, of
Austin, spent the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. Calloway Hayes at
State Road.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Havduns
and children, of Austin, spent a
while Wednesday night with Mr.
and Mrs. Nymphus Hawkins at
Mr. Burrette Hawkins, of Aus
tin. is spending some time with
his sister at Boonville.
lteptiMk«n Lesi^ara Q
Class Long As
Aid To TMr Party
CUdago, Aug. 15.—Mfd-vreatem
fi^Uican leaden, 5 several of
them planning edaium^' with
fonner^President Hoover tomor
row,''^^oifight cheered Senatw
fioey fang's announcement of |iis
1936 presidential plans,
HI "More power to hhal," exg^m-
> icak. foriner United SttlW Senator
ie Fw Glenn. —
Other prominent. Chlca^ meu*
IIS have no regnit if theVLot^*
Danoorat csirried out his pro-
gWm^ inaction.
lln New York
Nrtrted,, "if the
Boover^ the Demi
VelLjaUd there is niS jjjMsr:,
caxufidate,” ^e would ' rafi"
pe^ntly for ^ pr^enc,
Fifty am iFatauga''.
ers shipped 878 lambs
sey Cit^ ‘market last wpek-:^
a majority of the aniB0^
“chMee” or "good."
pOM4Ma MberraffMot
r 'oliiMO Ow F.
at any 4rns store.
Sold and
Nortli Wflkiwifwror yyPt.
1 wa eat too macli, onr food decJiTi
or bOTklk. Our friendj a^ll tail' |^' through manage
j aomilaa out of our mouta and call It , •„ t. , r„-„.
Ml hraata. Wa fael tke poiaoa of tali i ment. Timber Will be cut from
'iCt,:“,r,S:X:3.^S>dfor'S!Sta“j the are^to demonstrate approved
, nakas taa food decar la taa boveiai methods of timber harvesting.
wbcB wa cat too much, our blit
lau’t dicGst tt. What la the bile Juieel
I ma. most rUal diKeetlre Juice In oui
, Oaleae 2 plnta of It are flowing from I , a t-ipoTAtn
’ into onr bowela erery day, oui Lexington, Aug. 10 A telegram
a_ WAkkcl moksk metnmVmjrl wnH
summer a full si.x-weeks course | Miss Pearl Harris, the world’s; —- —-
will be offered, according to J. i greatest lady aerialist and many j present and an interesting meet-
v'. Hoffman, director of the for-1 other features. As the added at-1 ing was held.
■>^trv deoartment. traction is “Rex” the original) — ; — —
The students will make special | wonder dog and famed canine Rabbi fur is so un er
studies of the growth and devel-1 stars of radio and movie fame, j ferent trade names.
opment of trees and will gain i ^ ■
first-hand experience in the care
and management of forests.
The property will also be used
as a demonstration to show the
oublic how forest lands should be
managed and what improvements
Hena Need Good
Care In SununUr
The productivity of laying
hens in fall and winter depends a
great deal upon the care and
management given the poultry
flock during the latter part of
the summer.
Good egg prices are expected
for the rest of the year, says C.
J. Maupin, extension poultryman
at State college, and it will pay
the flock owners to bring their
hens into lay under favorable'
He recommends that the birds
be given good feeding, a clean
range, plenty of clean fresh wat
er, and a clean comfortable house
or shelter.
Sexual maturity should be de
layed in order to give the birds a
chance to put on weight before
starting to lay. Do not give
early hatched pullets a feed high!
in protein. Avoid mouldy or!
chaffy feeds, or such material as j
com ground with the cob.' |
If the birds fail to grow well,,
examine them for internal and j
external parasites, Maupin says.!
If mites or lice are found, clean
the roosting quarters and treat
the birds at once. For round
worms or tapeworms, give the
pullets a reliable worm treatments j
Find a good feed and stick to;
it, Maupin recommends, unless'
there is a good reason for chang- ^
ing. Poultrymen often lose money 1
by switching from one brafid to
The British Isles are made up
of over 5,000 islands.
Enough in one bottle to seire 6 thirsty guests a tall glassful
of radiant PALE DRY GINGER ALE. ’
Tested and Approved by Good Housekeeping
,, .. Bdreau 4897
PAR -T par
Full Quart 10c plus 5c deposit Also in Orange,
Grape, and Lime RiAey. Keep . . .
In your refrigerator for your family and guests.
Distributed by
your automobile for an ox cart, or your
electric light for the tallow candle? These
represent stages of progress and just as
the new has supplanted the old, so has
I will print below a partial list of the
most common ailments in which Chiro
practic is effective:
Headache, Stomach Trouble, Lumbago,
Rheumatism, Sciatica, Paralysis, Diabetes,
Female Trouble, Colds and Catarrh,
Hibrt Troubles Nervous Diseases, Uver
Trouble, Kidney Trouble, High Blood
Pressure, Appendicitis, Constipation, Diz
ziness, Asthma, Gastric Ulcers, An emia,
Arthritis and Bright’s Disease.
Office Hours—10-13; 2-5; 6:30-7:30
Office Second Floor GUreath’s Shoe .Shop
^ 8plu
b tka -Human
, rdusa
Neck Broken, Lives
ret h*rd and eonatlpated and
’ Mr food dacara la «or 28 faat of
. Thia decaj lends poison aU over
I body ovary aiz mlnotot.
IW onr frtenda smell oof bad breata
lw« doa't) and we feel like a whipped
, don't nae a mouthwash or take a
Get at the cause. Take Cartel
PiUa which ceatly start the
bile Jnlec. Bat If "somethlns
- u offered yon, don’t'buy It. for
• calomel (mercury) pill, which
'i. giipea and scalds tb« rectum
_oplc. Ask for Carter's Uttls
TmUa by name and gat what yoi
received by relatives here today
related that an operation on Rob
ert Leonard, 16, local high school
student, who broke his neck in
the surf at Virginia Beach 10 days
ago, had been successfully per
formed in a Norfolk hospital this
Java is the most thickly popu
lated country in the world.
I^EGIN work now on ...
i?all Knit Suits
and Dresses
Bernal’s Line of-
Beautiful Yams
tm& w sflf
wf FENNELLi Knittiiig Instrwte
SAT-IS-FY. Something that pleases,
gives satisfaction; something that just
suits. For example, you are pleased with
a dress. As applied to cigarettes, it means
one that is MILD—that is not harsh or
bitter; one that TASTES just right.
■ ■* -i-V'
' :A' " • »'«ktv'5o
,.■'* ■
0 0)1. iMCrir ft ilM8Td2ii0»O».
;ilk^.. , tAc cigm

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