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I inu fat the cepUfat’s of-
^jrtwv Jenlss returned,
Iting hi/ feetona. Behind
- esate a j^ounc, Uun. curl3^
chap in the onifom of a
•hready, Jeakst*' he com-
g^*1t lm*t three lioun
you left to check Hr. Keith’s
^p; you couldn’t
go* wy far with It”
mough to prove he never
■Mded that twelve-twenty-five
" Jenks responded cheerfol-
"Almost the first person I
iooed was this fellow, Jim
He has a yellow cab at
PhiHy station stand.”
"His story,” Jenks continued,
that Mr. Keith no sooner quit
Me .own niachine in the station
JWd than he hired Blake’s cab
!• follow it.”
detective turned to the
tenman. "Is that so, Blake? How,
can you be certain the man was
r this Mr. Keith?”
“I don’t know his name,”
Having qualified as adminis
trator of the estate of Mrs. J. W.
Walker, deceased, late of Wilk's
County, North Carolina, this is
to notify all persons having
claims against the estate of the
said deceased to exhibit them to
.the undersigned at West Side
Ration, High Point, North Caro-
llBa, on or before the 3rd day of
August, 1936, or this notice will
he plead in bar of their recov
ery. All persons indebted to said
estate will please make imme
diate settlement.
This the 3rd day of August,
Administrator of Mrs. J. W.
Walker, deceased. 9-9-6t
The undersigned having quall-
ded as .idmlnistratrix with the
will annexed of the estate of
Ii«anora Gwyn, deceased, late of
JVIlkes county, this Is to notify
ail partl(?B having claims against
said estate to present them to
the undersigned at Ronda, N. C.,
within 12 months from the date
ef this notice or this notice will
he plead in bar of recovery. All
persons owing said estate will
please nrake prompt settlement.
This 1st day of August, 1935.
Admx. With Will Attached.
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Stake ret>Iied, gainfaig aasnrance,
."but if he'wasn’t the same guy
this bloke’s been askin’ about,
then he’s got a double. He c(Hnes
in a maroon colored Packard li-
tuousine, driven by a shofer. It
ain’t hard to remember him; I
lukven’t bad such a fare and run
up such a high bill in a half
year of sleepless Sundays.”
“I see,” Itankin nodded. "In
your own way, Blake, tell me ex
actly what happened. At what
time did he arrive.”
“About twelve-fifteen, yester
day afternoon: and the car turned
into the station driveway, right
beside the cabstand. That’s why
I could hear everythin’ Re said,
The sholFer wanted to carry in
his bag but he told ’im never
mind and to go on, and handed it
to one of the porters. He ordered
the dine to check it for ’m in-
.side and hold the check until he
came back for it: and he tipped
’im a buck. Then he motion for
my bus and climbed in, in a whale
of a hurry.”
‘‘Well, all this didn’t take as
long as to tell it, y’unnerstand,”
continued the cabman. “And when
Re got iti my cab, his limousine
was only leavin' the station yard.
He says, ‘Follow that car: don’t
get too close, but don’t lose it,
whatever you do.’
“In West Philly, he turns down
Forty-ninth street and stops out
side an apartment house; there he
picks up a gent waitin’ for ’im
—a tall, blond, handsome guy,
like an athlete. I think the place
was the Westview Apartments,”
he added.
Rankin nodded. “Of course,
he went for Allen Rowland,” he
informed Jenks. “I suppose then,
Blake, the next destination was
Chestnut Hill.”
“That’s right,” the driver
agreed. “ ft was easy followin’
along there, though the shoffer
speeded some. He went to a real
swanky apartment house, the
Aldwich. I stayed outside the
entrance and the shoffer got out
and walked in; and in a minute a
pretty, swell young woman joins
the gent in the tonnoe. Then, a
little after two, we was all off
“MTiere to this time?” Rankin
“Back to town—to the Wolff
building, at Sixteenth and Market
street. My passenger didn’t get
out right away; he waited a couple
of minutes after the lady and her
escort went in before he follow
ed them. The shoffer stayed out
side in the car. I got order to
wait too, but not over ten min
utes; if Mr.—what’s-his-name did
not show up by then, I was to
leave. .\nd he hands me a whoop
in’ big tip besides a six-dollar
fare. So I hung around for al
most fifteen minutes, but he nev
er came out and that was the last
I seen of ’im.”
Rankin spoke with ill-concealed
eagerness. “Did any of the peo
ple you were Interested in appear
while you were watching, Blake?”
The taximan scratched his head j
and replaced his cap askew. |
“Oh, yes, the gent the shoffer I
first picked up came out and I
spoke to ’im.” he replied, as if |
just remembering. “I guess to
dismiss ‘im or give ’im orders,
because he drove off as soon as
he went inside again.”
“Could you say what time this
happened ? It’s important for you
to be exact as possible.”
“Well, since I watched the
clock all the while I waited. I
can tell you pretty close,” Blake
returned. “My own ticker said
twenty to three; and by the city
uA^ Bi-
repl^ sloi^
unconsciMW^Mt on hl*t*®*^*’‘
rested accuracy of Kafaldn’s
deduetimi. IS
S“At the lobby m said goodbye
and parted at the entrance of ilie
building. I had to catch a train.”
“Have yon any idea in what di
rection Mr. Keith went?” tlw de^
tective asked.
'I cou|fai’t tell you that," Mr,
hall dock, I wasn’t more ttan
minute or so slow.”
The detective received this Mh. - . . ^
expected support of Allen Row- MapQoire repUed. "A* I left, he
of startei back into tl* Idiby, to
some cigars fat the atmd.
land’s account with
“Now*, J'enks, witii reglard
th4 redcap at the station,”
•said. “How long afterward did
Mr. Keith return to him for his
“A quarter after three, Tom
my,” the other answered. “In
time to catch the three-twenty
“And that would bring Keith
into jWashinjfton about three
hoUkP later—say six-twenty,
Rankin observed.
• * •
at his visit, did not appear es-
Obviously, Rankin’s next step pecially disturbed. She had a
[uire to three-room apartment. ’Taking
learn the object of Mr. “Tarle- Rankin’s hat, the girl indicated a
ton’s” call, the name the telephone chair. ^
“I must apologize for intruding
By virtue of a judgment of the
Superior Court of Wilkes County,
signed by the Clerk thereof on
January 14th, 1935, in the case
T. E. Gray vs. J. S. Johnson,
Maiy Johnson and Hattie John
son,, appointing the undersigned
rommissioner to sell the lands
dsecribed in the Complaint, and in
the mortgage foreclosed by this
action, recorded in Book 149.
Page 105, office of Register of
Deeds of Wilkes County, for the
ourppse of paying the judgment
in said action, and secured by
said mortgage, the undersigned
Commissioner will on Saturday,
September 21st, 1935, at two o’
clock p. m. sell to the highest
bidder at public auction for cash
at the Court House door in Wil
kesboro the following described
lands; . ■ ^ ^
Beginning on a Mountain Oak,
on top of the mountain, the En-
o-le Comer, thence north with En
gle’s line 236 poles to the White
oak comer on top of the moun
tain, Engle’s corner; thence Mst
1# poles to a jtake in Ellis’ line;
thence a south course to a beech
on the bank of the branch; thence
with and down the branch to the
cre^, and up the creek to G. J.
Johnson’s comer; thence South
with said line to the top of the
mountain to a white oak; thence
w«st to' the beginning. Containing
70 AC*^ TMArA OT
Thia 17ttt day of August, 193R.
operator said Keith had given.
As it was now almost seven
o’clock, the detective could no
longer reach Mr. MacQuire at the
Wolf building. He obtained the
lawyer’s home address from a
In answer to his ring, a maid
opened the door. She escorted
him through the sun porch into a
larger living room.
The second member of the firm,
whom he had not yet met, des
cended from above. Tall and un
gainly, Julian MacQuire suggested
a scholar rather than a practical
business man. After introductions
were completed, the detective’s
preliminary questions disclosed
that he had no special knowledge
about either Mrs. Rowland’s di-
vorse or the murder itself.
Presently Rankin turned to the
more pressing subject.
1 understand, Mr. MacQuire,”
he said, “that you had a caller yes
terday afternoon named James
The lawyer displayed surprise,
but nodded. “That’s correct,” he
“You were acquainted with him,
of course?” The detective kept
his tone casual. “He was a regu
lar client of yours?”
“On the contrary, Mr. Rankin, I
never met him before in my life.
As is my habit when strangers
consult me. I inquire how ,ie hap
pened to seek me out. He stated
that he had learned of the firm’s
special repute in handling divorce
“And it was about a divorce, I
suppose, that he sought your ad
vice?” asked Rankin.
Where the lawyer had spoken
willingly before, he now hesitat
“That is somewhat difficult to
answer,” he returned cautiously.
“You realize I am bound to treat
a client’s affairs as strictly confi
“Yes, under ordinary circum
stances,” Rankin agreed, but
where a heinous crime is concern
ed, there are exceptions. Have you
noticed the pictures of Mrs.
Keith’s husband in the papers?”
Mr. MacQuire’s perturbation in
creased. “I . . . not very closely.
I’m afraid. Besides, 1 had all my
information of the tragredy first
hand from Mr. Dawson.”
“That would explain why you
didn’t mark the resemblance be
tween your caller and Mortimer
Keith,” said Rankin.
Mr. Macymre s uneasiness turn
ed into astonishment. “Mortimer
Keith?” he exclaimed. “But that’s
incredible! He explained he want
ed to obtain a release from pay
ing alimony.”
“A rather weak excuse,” Ran
kin smiled thinly. “Did anything
Mr. Keith say suggest he was re
ally interested in what his wife
was doing there? For instance,
did he mention her or the Row
Mr. MacQuire’s jaw tightened.
“Yes, he mentioned Allen Row
land; but so casually I could hard
ly surmise he had an ulterior mo
tive. He said he had observed
some one slightly familiar enter
the office just ahead of him, who
“And how did you reply to
that?” Rankin asked.
“Well, I jet him understand that
while I. personally, had no dealing
with him, Mr. Dawson was delib
erating his case. Just what ■way,
I didn’t go into.”
“But Mr. Keith at least learned
it was a divorce case that brought
him there?”
’The lawyer flushed uncomfort
ably. “He seemed familiar with
his domestic troubles without my
telling him; in fact, if his objert
was to pump me, he was very cau
At ^{Aicii.time, Rankin rsfiec^ »-9-4t fii
the cKbrnan
that was the last 1 saw of him.”
Rankin rose with a smile ei
satisfaction and reached for his
hat —
• * . •
Rankin determined to interview
the ex-secretery that very night.
She lived in Logan on York n^,
in a private dwelling with a
brownstone frmt that had been
remodeled into an apartment
Jill Edmond,, though surprised
dd not
at this time of night. Only I
need a bit of information you can
supply immediately."
“Of coqrsc, if I can,” Miss Ed
mond returned curiously,
do yotf want to know?”
“It’s about the evening you
went ■with Mr. Rowland to Sunset
Inn. You told me before you had
no idea why Mortimer Keith turn
ed up right after Mrs. Rowland
interrupted you, I’ve come to let
you reconsider that statement.”
The secretary /s^ffened, on
Poin^Barrow, Alasl^ 16.
—Will ■ Rogers, beloved No. 1
i comedian of ^e age, «id jWiley
Poet, master avlatori ware crush
ed to death when a shiny, new air^ about it”-~
X- .w-ex .J
plane motor Altered and became
an en^e of tragedy near this
outpost at ci'vilisatiMi last night.
Both were Idlled instantly w^en
tReir red Arctic 47 cruiser slipp
ed and fell 60 feet head-on into
a river bank. Yhe 660-horsepower
motor was driven back into the
plane’s fuselage. It smashed out
the lives of the two world fam
ous men instantly,
Native runners raced into Toint
Barrow with wofd of a plane
crash. Sergt {Stanley R. Hoigaa
of the army signal corps daiAeA
to tile scene to learn itg full sig^
nificance. He recovered the bruis
ed bodies. *
Pint the body of Rogers was
ramoyed from the cabin.
Then .Morgan was forced to
tear the plane apart to recover
the form of the chunky little.flier,
who twice has flown jutrand the
globe—-once akme.
Were Hindered By Fog
The bodies wer^ brought here
and given to the care of Dr. Hen
ry iW. Greist. He is a Presbyter-
ian medical missionary... whose
“What work of mercy and battle against
disease have become an epic of
the far north.
A trifling 10-minute flight thus
became the nemesis of the t^o
famous figures accustomed to
long flights. Although Rogers—
gentle master of the “wise crack”
—^never became a pilot, he was
perhaps the world’s foremost aii>
speat^, af- Plane passenger.
it’s’still Resuming a happy-go lucky
guard. ‘Add to it
fecting perplexity/ ’*No, iva own ° ... “ -
a puzzle to me brought him aenal tour of Alwka, a prelude
there or where l»e came from.” to Post’s reported pl^ to fly to
Siberia and on to Moscow, the
Rankin’s features set in a stern
“You don’t believe that your
self and you are hiding the truth.”
Harshness crept into his tone. “In
fact, Miss Eldmond, you kept to
yourself a great deal ^ 'should
have learned. For instance, that
you rdteived four thousand dollars
to act as Allen Rowland’s sweet
heart, and correspondent in the
He saw that the shot thrust
home, as she caught her breath,
her eyes full of consternation.
(Continued Next Week)
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The Free Coal offer is a part
of the fifteenth anniversary cele
bration of the invention of the
Heatrola, in which merchants in
every state are participating.
The Rhodes-Day Company is
also showing special fifteenth an
niversary models of the famous
heater which, its manufacturers
claim, has revolutionized the
heating habits of the nation dur
ing the 15 years since it was first
announced to the public.
noted travelers left Fairbanks
late yesterday for a 600-mile hop
to Point Barrow, northernmost
white settlement in America.
New York, Aug. 16.—The death
of Will Rogers -and Wiley Post
shocked the United States and
brought expressions of profound
sympathy from all ovtsr the
Man high in statecraft, avia
tion, and the theater voiced their
President Roosevelt expressed
the grief of the American people,
and Congress paused to pay an
unusual and moving tribute to
the memory of the dead.
‘I was shocked to hear of the
tragedy which has taken Will
Rog;ers and Wiley Post from us,”
said President Roosevelt. ‘‘Will
was an old friend of mine, a hum
orist and philosopher beloved by
all. I had the pleasure of greet
ing Mr. Post on his return from
his round-the-world flight. He
leaves behind a splendid contribu
tion to the science of aviation.
Both were outstanding Americans
and will be greatly missed.”
Other expressions of grief fol
low:"-'^ _
Vloej President Gnrner—“Two
yfaushty good men have been lost
to the world. I juct esnt taUi
Herbert” Hoover ,—^ to origin
'and accomplishment they were
typically American, with their
careers appealing to everyone ap
preciative of the piofaeer spirit.
They were great souls, and I feel
a sense of deep persMal loes in
their ^ssing.”.^ K
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North Carolina, Wilkes County.
Under and by virtue of the
power contained in a certain deed
of trust e|:ecuted by Joe Benge
and wife to the undersigned trus
tee to secure said indebtedness
mentioned therein, said deed of
trust being recorded in Book 166,
page 67, Wilkes County Registry,
and the said indebtedness being
due and payable and demand ^v-,
ing been made on the undersign
ed trustee to advertise the prop
erty described in said deed of
trust, I will on the 18th day of
September, 1935, at two o’clock,
p. m., at the Courthouse door in
Wilkesboro, North OJrolina, of
fer for sale to the highest bidder,
for cash, the following described
tracts of real-estate, to-wit:
First Tract: Beginning on a
rock, H. M. Anderson’s line and
running south to a maple. G, W.
Hayes’ line; thence west to a
stake in W. R. Johnson’s line:
thence a south course to a dog-
wo^ SV. R- Johnson’s corner;-
thence west with R. N. Garner’s
line to a maple: thence north to
g^ilining, containing
more or less.
iiic wiiitc juok --- Second Tract: Beginning on the
he thought was Rowland whom he northwest corner of lot No. 3 of
had once met.” ’ ' ' '
a dogwood cornel in H. M. An- x>cenuiwi« — — —
derson’s line; then east to the be- Wright’s line and running thence
120 Will
North Carolina, Wilkes County.
Under and by virtue of the
power contained in a certain deed
of trust executed by J. iW. Par
sons and wife to the undersigrned
trustee to secure said indebted
ness mentioned therein, said deed
of trust being recorded in the Of
fice of the Register of Deeds of
Wilkes County in Book 167, page
191, and the terms of same hav
ing not been complied with, and
the amount due thereon being due
and unpaid and demand having
been made on the undersigpied
trustee to sell the property de
scribed therein, I will on Wed
nesday, September 18, 1936, st
one o’clock, p. m., at the Court
house door in the Town of Wil
kesboro, North Carolina offer for
sale to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following described
tract of real-estate, to-wit:
Beginning on a Spanish Oak in
John Wright’s line and running
thence south 60 poles to a stake
and thence east to the dry
branch, a conditional line between
T. C. Milam and J^it Nichols,
and thence west with the dry
branch a north course to the
Wright’s line and with the
jVright line to the beginning.
Beginning on a Siianish oak in
the estate of the late W. M. An
derson, a white oak, ruimmg
north 87 degrees west with Noel
acres, west to the top of the ridge. Will
Church’s line, a conditional line
between T. C. Milam and Will
Church and thence south with
said line to Joel Minton’s line and
tiience east to Wiley Johnson’s
line; thence with Wiley Johnson’s
Anderson’s line 68 ipoles to his line to the beginning^
- ' Beginning on a Blackgnm
corner a post oak: thenSe south
3 degrees west -with Lee Ander
son’s line 21 1-4 poles to a poplw;
„„„ „ „ bjr
the road and runs south 52 de
grees east 84 poles to a stone, J.
son S line Zl pores w a , r-.- ----- ■ -
thence north 88 degrees west with W. Bumgarner’s line, then to and
his line and William Anderson's
line 45 1-2 poles to a small pop
lar W. R. and Vina Johi'son’s
corner; thence south crossing a
small branch ■with their line M
poles to a small chestnut oak in
the said line, thence' east 37 poles
to a sasafras; then west 26 de-
" grees east 30 poles to & stake;
thence east course with said
w tnence east course wiui ooju
tious. We dropped the subject 4g poles to a stone in
Ia-FF 1.rvA XTa Q* fVtaanAA
and left together.” the line of lot No. 3; thence
“That was at two-fifty, wasn’t north 11 degrees east with line of
it, Mr. MacQuire?” the detective said lot 68 poles to the beginning,
inquired. containing 36 acres, more or
“To the instant. I was due at less. See deed from R- M. Myerc,
my club at three-fifteen, and was Registry, Book
so worried about being late for -.“I*
my game that toward the last I
constantly watched the. el()ck._”
the' 17th day of August,
;A. H.
up with a branch 8 1-2 degrees
east 61 poles to the public road:
then with tiie road south 87 1-4
degrees east 68 poles to the be
ginning, containing 10.7 acres,
more or less.
Beginnini; on a poplar, J. G.
Parson’s corner and running
north 60 poles with Brown’s ^d
to a stake J>. B. Nichols line!
thence west with the said J, B.
Nichols line 28 poles to a plant
ed stone at branch; thence a
south course with the said
branch 76 poles to a-dogwood on
the west side of said branch in
tlm Martha Nkhoht line; thence
east 63 poles to the beginning,
containing 19 acres, more or
T1^17tii day of Angnst. 1936.
- J. M. blackSuriC^-
M-4L “ “
» { ■ . ..
Charlek Dickens used
characters in 24 books.
alBStai. Doeun riWWIPt*
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t feat
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