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    - Bettjatein
^^»w«U Atwood
Geoi^ Irwte,
1 Ow7B Wlittite
•s » ns«h of o«
i^ecidoBt on the Sparta
i md about one o’clock
ay noniing.
^ are t^t f!r* or alx
j and women walkias aloBK
. highway would lock , arma
a c^r came in sight«
out across the road and so that the car was forced
in low. gear or stop alto>
ar. The fun, as they cidled it.
progressing nkely when a
1 >7^;ldiima Ariven by George Irwin
[ TjmduSjM to go around the end of
fke blockade. A car approaching
.^ . dltegn the opposite direction caused
the^pick'up to swerve first into
walkers and then away from
over an embankmmit.
|t;-i ®verett Irwin was instantly
killed. Atfrood was earned to the
hospital at EUnn but'died about
. the tlsM he reached there. George
Irwin has been in a serious con
dition but is reported to be im
proving. Bower Irwin received
some minor cuts and bruises.
Gwyn iWhitaker. one of the men
.. walking on the road was hit and
■ received several cuts and bruises
but his condition is not consider-
'ed serious.
*« -»t'
We G^es Da%^TAacco
iSimimiuy from T. on
~ of*CaroIiiiff Ford I^i3ers
Ogdy .Cole, popolaf ndjkMsom-
-imo hat for some,
I time been 'beBid daily at 5:4S
Station WJJ.T. on ll,
'Gf fm Chariots Brtncfa m
KMv Ct^oi^y rM
, .dMibin' of Norta e^ rSottCh
hit a asnMiiito OF
in bis daily ^ sum
maries of tobacco sales. yir-'
Ford new^per adverting
throughout the two CaroUnaa
with a special and timely aj^Mal
to the tobacco areas, is' now |
augmented by the daily spot,
announcements of tobacco saka^
summaries at 5:45. \
^11 — -'*W
The Broadcast has created un
usual comment and int^est
throughout the tobacco sections
WALSH, Aug. 19—I am resolv
ed to sumbit the following re
marks concerning the revival
meeting at Big Ivy church, con-
, ducted by the pastor. Rev. Edd
O. 'Miller, assisted by Revs. T.. J.
Walsh, I. C. Woodruff sind Lee
Beshears. There was a very good
attendance each day and a house
full every night.
^ .The preaching was sound doc-
krlne, very inspiring and impres
sive, enough to save the whole
world if heeded. Meanwhile there
were only two penitents that at
tended the altar and one profes
Coan Gives WI^ Program
^ For State to Commissioners
(Continued from page one)
ization of State and District of
fices has been completed, and
over $9,000,000 in projects has
been dispatched to Washington
for final review and approval.
The approval of these projects
will immediately place thousands
of North Carolina workers on
Works Progress Administration
pay rolls.
District offices for the State
have been located in Elizabeth
City, New Bern, Raleigh, Fay
etteville, Greensboro, Winston-
Salem, Charlotte and Asheville,
with a District Director and Ad
ministrative Staff familiar with
problems confronting their re
spective communities.
On an approved W. P. A. pro
ject, the Federal Government will
pay the total labor cost and other
than labor costs, including ma-
other girl remained a penitent. It
is to be hoped she will find peace
to her soul ere lon.g. Tnere was
a large crowd of unsaved people
at jilghf and only a few would
'give their hands as a token of
their desire to be saved. Oh, how
sad to see how people are drift
ing 80 far from God. their crea
tor and .best friend! While they
know that death will soon over
take them and that they must
give an account of their deed.s,
good or bad. Turn, sinner, turn.
Why will you die in your sins
when Jesus bids you come to Him
now? Forsake all worldly pleas
ure and accept Christ as your
Savior and He will take you in
the end to a peaceful home above.
The preaching service closed
PROVIDENCE. .. Republican staU
leaders are rallying around Judge
Charles B. Bisk, (above), bitter foe
of the New D^, returned the vic
tor in a special congressional elec
tion' early th's month.
Miss Fannie Powell, a ] terials, rental of equipment, etc.,
motherless girl who gave in her up to twenty per cent of labor
experience to the church as a can-j costs. All projects must have the
dldate for baptism later on. The sponsorship of a local govern-
.... :_.j T. ^gutal agency, such as Board of
Commissioner.^, Aldermen, etc., ■
with careful consideration being I
given to the type of project that
it may be of useful and perma
nent benefit to the community,
and at the same time, be of a na
ture that the community can fur
nish adequate labor of a type
suitable for the completion of the
project. All projects under W. P.
A. supervision will be completed
with funds allocated at the time
of approval.
E.specially desirable projects to
submit for W. P. A. consider-;
ation are sanitation and drainage, I
farm to market roadways, rural i
recreational playgrounds, a i r-
ports, school buildings and also
gymnasiums where the total cost
Brushy Mountain Baptists
To Meet August 23-24
(Continued from page one)
Sunday at noon after which the does not exceed $25,000, stated
emomunion season came, also the Administrator Coan.
foot washing, which was institut- Ninety per cent of workers on
ed by Christ Himself and He told w. P. A. projects will be .selected
His disciples that He had given] from relief rolls, and only one
them an example and said if ye i member of a family may be em-
know these things, happy are ye'
If ye do them. So we find that
10:15—Enrollment of messen
gers and recognition of visitors.
10:30—Report on Religious Lit
erature—Biblical Recorder, Char
ity and Children, Home and For
eign Missions, etc., E. M. Black-
bum. Discussion by Rev. J. M.
Page and others.
11:00—Report on Orphanage,
W. A. Stroud. Discussion by
orphanage representative.
11:40 — Introductory sermon,
Rev. Avery Church.
12:15—Announcements, appoint
ment of committees, miscellane
ous, adjournment.
Friday Afternoon
1:30—Praise and worship, Rev.
A. ,W. Eller.
1:45—One minute reports from
the churches, directed by the
‘Christian Stewardship
P^GUSON, Aog. 19.—The - '
I rival the Beaver
*tiat chuieh etarted Jifey
and is bring xoDdHprAby
Peeler and
^Ehnest BSinJrarttfct «f
Tflle . : ^
Mfc S. P. Mot^Mr. and Mrs.
Ohka. Cumnunjji'ahdf Aindtj^, Mias
Louise. Moore, ~of 1341*611 and
Sumpter, S- ,C.V
visiting at home of Misa
iFaak' Spicer for sev»^ days
turned home last week, after alif
tending the Ct^p meeting of ih^
Advent Chrfsasii' dawsh
Blowing Rock. They ware joined
at the camp. meetiw by
Mrs. Curtis Edrias « Dabell, and
climbed to the summit _ of the
Grandfather while in the Moun
tains. - ■
Miss Pearl Thompson, secretary
of the State Grange, was a,visitor
in this community last week in
the interest of Grange work. Her
home is in Rbwan county. ,
The local Grange will have an
ice cream supper Monday night
at the home of the Grange mem
bers. All juvenile and subordftiate
members are asked to be present.
The county-wide Grange picnic
held in conjunction with the
North Wilkeaboro Kiwanis club
and Fruit Growers Association
will be held at Kilby’s Gap
Thursday Aug. 22. 10 o’clock. A
large number of local people are
expected to attend this annual
festival and bring baskets filled
with an abundance of eatables.
A number of weddings have
taken place in this community in
recent days, but this correspon
dent has not yet been informed
as to the contracting parties,
hence hesitates to give details of
the happy occasions. Any way
our good wishes are extended to
all concerned.
Mr. Roland Davis and family,
of Kinston and Mr. David Hor
ton, of Boone, were business visi:
tors in the community last week.
The Parks Subordinate Grange
of Rowan county will render a
program at the school building
Friday evening at eight o’clock.
As far as we are informed at
present this will be open only to
Grange members.
Miss Hazel Shepherd, who has
been employed at Hickory and
Raleigh, is spending' a short va
cation here with her mother, Mrs.
Ella Shepherd and other rela
tives. She will return to Raleigh
His words came true when we do
His bidding. May God help us to
do His will in everything that He
requires of us.
Los Angeles, Aug. 18.—Private
ftaneral services for Will Rogers
will be held at 2 p. m. Thursday
at the Wee Kirk o’ the Heather
in Forest Lawn Memorial park,
where every effort will be made
to avoid demonstrations.
Arrangements for the funeral,
the cemetery announced today,
were made by J. K. Blake, a bro
ther of the widow, and three sis
ters, Mrs’. H. L. Adamson. Mrs.
A. M. Ireland, and Mrs. Zuleike
It was only last year in the
Wee Kirk O’ the Heather that the
funeral was held for Marie Dress-
Isr, a close friend of Rogers. The
efficient handling of that service
■revented disturbances such as
eceurred in New York at the fu
nerals of Rudolph Valentine and
' Idlyan Tashman.
Admission to the Rogers fu-
: neral wiU be by card only. Whe-
: ther the N)dy of the great come-
: ^ will lie in state after its ar-
' rival here by airplane from Alas
ka has oot been determined.
applicants pr^are
' Balelgb . Aug. 18.—Applicants
ft>r licenses to practice law in
Worth Carolina began arriving
IMO today where they will take
tbe semi-annual examinations of
' the state hoard of law examiners
tomorrow and Tuesday.
At tlw close of registrations last
young men and women
" kud registered to take the test,
ykff ujnmlnation this week will
•• tha lari before new regulations
^Mlgned to raise requlremenU for
Boenses over a period of Jve
' yean go Into effect.
Only 40 per cent of the appli-
«nU who took the examlnati^
January paased and
Made Practical.” A. H. Casey.
ployed simultaneou.sly on work! 2:45—The Co-operative Pro
projects. To be eligible for work j gram: (1) State Missions, report
on W. P. A. projects, it is neces-j by Eugene Olive; (2) Home Mis-
sary that registration be made; sions, report by Avery Church,
with the U S. Re-employment j (3) Foreign Missions, report by
Service, offices which are located Miss Bessie Brock; (4) Address
I hv convention renresentatr
C. H.
,, , i by convention representative,
.through the state, as all workers | •' ~
will be drawn from the U. S. Re
employment rolls. W. P. A. work
ers in North Carolina will re
ceive the Security {A^age, ranging
from $19.00 per month of 140
hours for unskilled labor, to
$.39.00 per month for professional
and technical workers on W. P.
A. projects.
Country Reporter Home
3:30—Historical report,
1 Jones.
' 3.45—Closing Meditation, Rev.
j N. T. Jarris,
I Saturday Morning
I 9:30—^Praise and Wcl-'dhip,
I Rev. A. J. Foster,
j 9!45—Woman’s Work, directed
1 by Mrs. Eugene Olive.
' 10:30—The Co-operative Pro
gram continued: (1) Christian
Education, report by Vaughn Jen-
! nings, address by visitor; (2) Re-
; port on Hospitals, U. G. Foster,
address by representative of hos
pital; (3) Report on Aged Minis
ters’ Relief, Miss Bertha Hodges,
general discussion.
11:35—Report on Digest of
Church Letters: (1) Summary of
year’s achievements; (2) Our
Goals for Next Year, Rev. Efl-
gene Olive.
12:00—Blectionf of officers for
next year.
12:15—Closing Meditation, Rev.
l Richard Day.
Satiiiday Afternoon
1:30—Praise and Worship, Rev.
’ H. A. Bullis.
1:45—Report on Temperance
and Public Morals. Lnrille Bum-
gamer. Address by Rev. J. M.
2:15—Report on Sunday Schools,
Miss Marie Haigwood. General
(CQBtigued from page one)
ine ' ge¥enmient for the benefit
of riL"
In ihg recent session at^ the
General Aeaemblp McOonald be
came known throughout the state
for his nnrelrating opposition to
the sales tax,^is ardent sni^rt
of the* public ^schools, and hia
ability to smile in the face of the
moet bitter attacks. A vigoroos
critic of tbe E^ringhans adminiri
trstion, McDonald aUqr led ' tiin'
flriit for reduction of the automo-
bile license tax. He sided with ali i
iBMiinM for social and humani>''
tiirian advancement, was a fi-iend
.of labor, and joined 4 the farm
group in supporting RooSlvelt’s
farm program against the, attacks
“should be _
cot -way to ttf.
pie,-and wi
are sold
planning to
in August ~
Joe. Iibms^ btowit.- »-
.1&BT1KHT ... -
bomber of the heavywei^t’s, M’»
at all^ worried about boring eritie’B
concern "whether or not 'he can
take it" His rs]dy to such queries
is to point to the,above photo, Us
favorite, caught during Us> two
minute knockout of King l«rin^,
•t CUeago, '
Old Orchard Queen
Rutherfordi Aug. 18.—G Edgar
Hill, well known citizen and coun
ty rabies inspector was lodged in
jail here late this afternoon
charged with committing an abor
tion and murder on Mrs. Wilda
Tessneer, wife of Faye Tessneer,
farmer who lives between Ellen-
boro and Henrietta. Mrs. Tessner
died Friday night.
-Sheriff J. Ed McFarland, and
his department, with County So
licitor Wade Matheny worked on
the case all day. A g^rl today told
officers that Hill performed the
operation Friday night and also
told them that he was a doctor.
Friday night, after Mrs. Tessneer
died, a physician was called and
he advised an investigation. Tess
neer signed the warrant. Today
Dr. P. H. Wiseman of Avondale
and Dr. G. 0. Moss, of Cliffside,
performed an autopsy on the body
of Mrs. Tessneer. Hill’s arrest
followed soon after. County Coro
ner Robert Horis summoned a
jury and inquest will be held here
Monday' night at 8 o’clock in the
Mrs. Tessneer was 23 years old
and was buried at Lattimore late
this afternoon. She is survived by
one child and her husband.
Ncamils oont
IuksCT wt ntRvt$|
Land sahoother
7>Goal.Polo Stu
'with a CAMM
EM. Johnioa
Travel %y Bus
Three buses daily are now operating on a schedule through
North Wilkeaboro to Winston-Salem and Bristol. Va. Buses
leave North Wilkesboro for Winslpn-Salem and points east at
9:45 a. m., 3:30 p. m. and 7:20 p. m.
Leave North Wilkesboro for Bristol 8:30 a. m., 2:30 p. m. and
7:00 p. m. ^ . -.l ^
At WbistoB-Salem direct connections are made with Greens-
boroi Raleigh, Richmond, Norfolk; DanTHle and all pointe
North. At Bristol connections are made for all points west
Leave North Wilkesboro 9:00 a. m, 2:30 p. m. and 7:30 p. m-
for Lenoir, Morganton, Marion and Asheville.
East bound buses make direct connection for Statesville, Char
lotte and points south.
Telephone 216
North Wilkesboro, N. C.
IVs An
OLD ORCHARD, Maine ... Mias
Joyce Gilmour of Montreal, Can.,
(above), came South for thnsummer.
And now she’s glad that she did bo-
canse she’s “Qneen of OM Orehan^’^
voted me most beautiful girl here.
North Wilkesboro Postoffic.e
Now In New Building
(Continued from page one)
ting, the postoffice moved and
making arrangements for accom
modations of patrons at the new
building early Friday morning.
The new building is a hand
some structure, although con
structed along plain and simple
plans that are now being used to
supplant the fancy architecture off
a decade ago. The interior is par
ticularly striking and affords much
greater facilities than the leased
quarters. 'There is an increased
number of lock boxes, approxi
mately 800, separate letter drops
for local, train, airmail and pack
ages, and separate windows for
all functions.
Fuller Service
In the new building the stamp
and general delivery window will
be open continuously from 7 a.
which is consid-
CABTHAGE, Mo Mrs. Mary
Matokey (above), named “tiie beri
country newspaper correspondent”
ia the U. S., U back in her Ozark
Hii«, tired from the receptions t.m-
dered her in New York and _Waabi
ington and ,Vhappy to be home”
■heeayt. *
Remove the old birds from the
winter quarters. Scrub the floor
and the fixtures and expose ev
erything possible to the sun: then
let the house stand vacant until
well dried. Use disinfectants
Bead JottnuU-Patrlot ads.
. m. until 6 p. m.,
2:40-^Report on Bptist Tram- improvement over
„ TTninn. Mrs. John Cashion. former system of closing the
windows whUe the daily train
mail is being worked.
ing Union, Mrs. John
General discussion,
3:00—Reports of committees,
miscellaneous Jbusiness, final ad
“A Hearty welcome is extended
to all visitors who represent the
great work our denomination is
doing in North Carolina and
throughout the world. You are
our fellow-laborers. We are anx
ious for you to tell us about tbe
work whic'b is all ours, and we
, trust we may have an increasing
ly large part with our fellow-
Christians everywhere in sharing
Congressman And Mrs.
Doughton To Take Trip
Washington, Aug. 18.—Repre
sentative Robert L. Doughton is
to take his first real vacation in
October, -He will ssiil with Mrs.
Doughton October 19, from San
FrELDcisco to attend the inaugura
tion at Manila of Manuel Quezon,
former .congressional delegate
from the Phillippines, as • first
Ihrorident of the arelupelago, the
with otheri'the , Abundant life ^ pong^iom will be three
Chriat.”~PW!iS!itia CommittoS.'^^ niririllifi':
It ^ys To
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