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    PAtili^iS^ hLaZHD raE'TiSAIL OF.'PftdGRHSS '1n\h^. “STATE''^jF
_ “^'k ni^"' . ' -V ri' "-ai-*^ ~-il-.-y
17.—C. C.
ji«»n and flying
and W. W. Slater
alao a fll««. both of Dallas, were
kiUod %)i6n thoir airplane crash
ed near here late today.
fSSO^Mayr Salee Tax
BaMgh, Doc. 17.—Sales tax
oollaotlons ywterday on Novem
ber reports aggregated $308,-
St®.77, a record for sales tax re-
jMdpta in one day since the levy
srn imposed In 1933.
? i.* 1 fi
To BoUd New Planes
^ i Washington, Dec. 17; — The
Hpar department today announc
ed the award of a contract for
100 attack planes. Involving $2,-
066,074, to the Northrop corpor
ation of Inglewood, Calif.
Liquor Taxes $6,000
Raleigh. Dec. 17.—‘Dry’ North
Carolina Is reaping a harvest In
revenue, estimated at more than
$8,000 per month, from the sale
of alcoholic beverages In 17 coun
ties where liquor stores are ope
rated under local laws.
■> Farmer With $48?
-Martinsville, Va.. Dec. 17.—
Two masked men held up John
Itancock on his farm in Stokes
odnnty, N. C.. today and escaped
with a pocketbook containing a-
bout $43, according to Sheriff J.
M. Davis, of Henry county.
Will Not .Affiliate
-'Washington, Dec. 17.-—Senator
Goorge W. Norris, an insurgent
,Rd[^ubtican for most of his 30
years in Congress, steered clear
today of an offer to affiliate -with
the Democratic party, although
pledged to work for the re-elec
tion of President Roosevelt.
Victim .Auto Wreck
Rocky Mount, Dec. IT.—Fu
neral service for Robert K. Pitt
man, 21, of Greenville, a tobac
co company bookkeeper who was
killed near here today when his
machine left a curve on the Pine-
top highway, will be conducted
Wednesday afternoon in FHilk-
land at 2:30 o’clock.
Ranln of Mm
Who Wore the
Only Nine Confederate Vet
erans Now Living In
M^'es County
Semi-Annual Pension Checks
to Wi&es Veterans and
Widows Total $5,275
Father time is taking his toll
among the men who wore the
grey in the War Between the
States and today there are only
nine surviving veterans of the
Confederacy in Wilkes county,
according to the number of pen
sions checks received from the
state by C. C. Hayes, clerk of
superior court.
Ten checks were received by
Mr. Hayes for distribution but
one of the veterans to whom a
check was made payable died
since the last semi-annual pay
Two of the 63 checks due vet
erans and widows in Wilkes were
not among those received by Mr.
Hayes but it is thought that this
was an oversight on the part of
the Raleigh office.
There were ten veterans'
checks for $182.50 each, making
a total of $1,825; 13 class A
widow’s checks totaling $1,950;
and 28 checks for $50 each to
class B widows, totaling $1,400;
and one servant’s check for
$10n, making a total of $5,275
in the semi-annual, pension pay
ment in Wilkes.
Those to whom checks are due
and who have not received them
are asked to call at the office of
the clerk of court.
^ ^ js Aa^mrmn^mrR:^th
J^daced From 10 to M §d0
Over Eight Hundred Now On Payrofl’* '
of WPA For Wilkes County;.Wooten'
New York . . . The Rev. Father
Barnard, Hubbard, of Alaska,
(above), who has earned the
news sebrlquet of the “Glacier
Priest’’ due to rescue and explo
ration activities in the frozen
North, is now here on vacation.
Group of Farmers
Organize a Club
Poisons Fncie, Aunc - | Hajmeadow" Community;
Los Angeles. Dec. 17.—Life j program Rendered in In-
imprieonment was imposed today i teresting Meeting
on 19-year-old Leroy Drake for ■
poisoning his aged great uncle! Tijg farmers clul). of Haymea-
and aunt. He told the court hejdQ^^. community met at Haymea-
poisoned the couple to save themjdow schoolhouse December 11. at
from “disgrace and suffering’’! 7 p m. k. S. Thornton, teacher
growing out of an automobile ‘ (,f Vocational Agriculture at
theft case against him. t Mountain View, was present.
I The assembly was organized,
eU-i'ling the following officers:
,1. E. Itrown. president; W'. H.
May Seek New Recoi-d
Dayton, O., Dec. 17.—Captain
Albert W. Stevens, who soared to
height of 72,395 feet last
month, said today it may bo pos-
-sible in a proportionately larger
brUloon to ascend 95.000 feet.
Stevens told a Wriglit anniver
sary gathering he may undertake
such a night.
Sebastian, vice president; Manley
Coffey, secretary and treasurer:
Itarnie Harrold. assistant secre
tary and treasurer. R. S. Thorn
ton will act a.s instructor.
The meeting had 0 two-fold
purpose: til it’ ftbt better ac
quainted with how the farmers
are farming; (21 to help solve
Taylorsville, Dec. 17.- ■ rite ! tqich other’s problem.s.
caae of Willard Teague. IS,- There were nineteen of the
charged with first-degree murder I farmers present at the meeting.
See Patrolman
For ‘For Hire’
License Plates
Patrolman Johnson Handling
Applications at Police
Headquarters Here
Highway Patrolman J. J. John
son is handling applications for
“for hit e’’ license plates at po
lice headquarters in this city.
This type of licenses includes
taxis, transfers, etc., which are
not sold along with the private
automobile tage and which must
be ordered from .Raleigh.
By making application before
the patrolman the car owner may
get a receipt which enables him
to drive without being liable to
arrest before the plates arrive
from Raleigh.
Patrolman Johnson will lie
the police office from nine a. m.
until noon each day for the pur
pose of receiving applications of
this type.
DeAth Case Coiiliniiet
the alleged self-defense slay-! The subject discussed at the
lag of his father. Porter Teague, i meeting was ’’Soil Improvement,’’
45, was continued until June land 'Home Mixing of Fertilizers,
term of superior court here today: The sulijecl to be discussed at
because of illness of Hayden I the next meeting, January 8. is
Taylorsville defense at-j “Rat Contror and “Poultry’’ as
Morgan .At Ridge-ri:si
Raleigh, Dec. 17.—Perry Mor
gan, of Raleigh, for 15 years con
nected with the work of the Slate
^aptist Convention, resigned as
^Secretary of Sunday school work
today to become general superin
tendent of Ridgecrest. Southern
Baptist Convention assembly'
ground in western North Caro
All the farmers that can are
asked to be present.
.Mrs. W. E. Horton, resident of
Ferguson, has been taking treat
ment at a hospital in Lenoir.
Wilkes Farmers
Win At Chicago
Ted R. Nichols, of Purlear,
Gets Fourth Premium for
Southern States
Although they failed to win a
blue ribbon at the International
Grain show in Chicago recently,
Wilkes farmers who exhibited
their Wilkes County Wihite corn
won two prizes.
Ted R. Nichols, of Purlear, won
fourth place on ten ears of corn
in competition with corn from
eleven stales and a prize was
won by Quentin Nichols, alao of
I’urloar, in the 4-H corn club de
partment. He won the sweep-
stakes at the North Carolina
state fair.
’ Held For Fratricide
Fairfax. Va.. Dec. 17.—A nuir-
(teg charge was filed today a-
Fred Martin, 40, upon re-
oeipt of reports he may recover
from a wound received in a sui
cide attempt after he allegedly
shot and killed his brother, Isaac,
42, at their home near here.
Sheriff Eppa P. Kirby swore out
the warrant after county Coroner
C. A. Ransom Issued a certificate
of death due to homicide.
Qnlte A Coincidence
Greenville, Dec. 17.—Highway
patrolmen were today investigat
ing a wreck last night on the
Vanceboro road between two
automobiles driven by men of the
same name. It was reported that
cars driven by Dr. B. E. Moore,
of New Bern, and B. E. Moore, of
Greenville collided. Dr. Moore
was accompanied by his wife,
while there were five persons in
OreenxUle cw. None of the
oeeapaBte, bowe’M. received se-
rieOs injury.
Washington. Dee. 16.—With
the letting of another Southern
Appalachian Parkway contract
today, the. National Park Service
passed the 100-mile mark, bring
ing one-fourth of the distance of
the parkway iinflcr a construction
contract and putting one-half of
the $6,000,000 now available for
the project at work providing
•struetion cost will he $2,811,514.
Only last week Demarary
thought it would be in the new
year before the 100-mile mark
was passed. It some agreement
could be reached with the Chero
kee Indian tribe as to a right-of-
way through the reservation for
entrance to the Great Smoky
Mountain National Park a con
tract for another 13 miles could
jobs in keeping with the recov
ery program. ] be let with little delay.
The contract let late today was ; Immediately upon learning to-
for 13.2 miles between Mulberry day that the Cherokee tribal
Gap and Horse Gap in North Car
olina. The low bidder was Nello
T. Teer, of Durham, and the a-
council had rejected the compro
mise proposal advanced by the
government in an effort to reach
mount he will receive for the con-I an agreement on the route of the
Cr^k Roaii Project Started tues^y
. . A ^
To Publish One
Issue Next Week
No Thurwlay Issue Will Be
Published; Monday’s Pap
er Be Issued Tuesday
In order to allow the office
and mechanical force of Hie
Journal-Patriot to enjoy a
brief holida,v period The
Journal-Patriot will not be is
sued on Thursday of next
And in order to provide the
fnllest possible eoverajro of
news the Monday issue, De
cember 28, will not be print
ed until Tuesday inominj;.
Representative Of
FHA Has Busy Day
,1. Clarion Bollck Confers With
I’e«iple Interested In Obtain
ing Housing Ijoans
J. Marion Bolick, field repre
sentative of the Federal Housing
administration, spent a busy day
here Monday conferring with a
large number of people interest
ed In obtaining loans through
the FHA.
Mr. Holick maintained head
quarters while here in the office
of Attorney W. II. McElwee and
during the day explained the Fed
eral Housing plan to a large
number of interested people.
Open Evenings
For Holidays
III order to better accomodate
the Christmas shoppers in North
WilkesboTo during the nemain-
der of the holiday shopping per
iod, many -of tlie leading mer
cantile firms here will be open
evenings until Christmas, begin
ning Friday night.
This is expected to be quite a
convenience to many shoppers
who find it inconvenient to visit
the stores during regular hours.
F'ollowlng is a list of firms that
are announcing today that they
will remain open evenings until
nine o’clock, beginning Friday
night: Penney’s, Tomlinson’s De
partment Store, Belk's, Rhodes-
Day Furniture Company. Abshers,
Rose’s 5 and 10 Cent Store. Har
ris Brothers, Goodwill Store, Carl
W. Steele, The Men’s Shop, Spain-
hour’s, Yale Department Store,
Wilkes Furniture Exchange, E.
M. Blackburn and Sons Company,
Duke Power Company. Best 1
Cent to One Dollar Store, Jenkins
Hardware Company.
Dr. J. 0. Mann
To Preach Here
WPA Workers Win Observe
Holidays From Monday to
December 30th
Total of Approximately 2,000
on Payivll in Five-Coun
ty District
A total of 802 were on
the payroll of the Works
Progress adminisration in
Wilkes county yesterday,
according to information re
ceived from the office of C.
H. Smithey, manager of the
branch office for five coun-
tie.s. A total of 1,941 are on
the payroll in the district.
Simultaneous with this in
formation is the announce
ment that beginning with
the next payrdll period the
work month for WPA em
ployes will be cut from 140
to 128 hours and the work
week will be four eight-
hour days, allowing the
workers two days ta work
at home or seek more prof
itable employment. The
same monthly pay scale will
be in force.
On Tuesday the long delayed
Wooten’s Creek road improve
ment project was started, enab
ling the WPA office to more
nearly reach its goal of placing
ail relief eliglbles in Wilkes on
jobs. The project calls for im
provement on a much needed
road through the Vannoy com
munity to highway 18 at a point
known as horseshoe bend on the
Blue Ridge. Forty men are be
ing used with Winfield Key and
Tom Absher as foremen.
Of the 802 WPA employes in
Wilkes ^95 are men and 207 are ^
women given employment in the |
sewing rooms under the direction
of Miss Ila Holman, director of
the women’s division in the five-
county district.
Works progress administra
tion employes will disband for
Christmas holidays on Monday
afternoon, December 23, and re
sume work on December 30.
Information gained from the
district office relative to WPA
labor is quite complimentary of
the people on relief in this sec
tion and Indicates that a prepon-
deiant percentage of the WPA
workers labor willingly and as
efficiently as they are able to do
Judge J. A. Rousseau, who for
the past several weeks has been
presiding over superior court in
Wlnstou-Salem. will spend the
holidays at his home here.
Ishbel Ross (above), is the
author of the new serial story
'Pi’omenade Deck’’’ which starts
in this .newspaper Monday. It is
a story which wins high ])radse
from the critics. Like “(jrand
Hotel” it is a study of people as
they live together. The scene of
this story is aboard ship .on a
worl4 cruise.
At North Wilkesboro Presby
terian Church on Sunday
Morning, 11 ot'Clock
struetion of this section is $290,-
055. Teer received the first park
way contract awarded on the
North Carolina side.
Six parkway contracts have
just been let in Virginia, the
right-of-way difficulties having
been overcome.
To A. E. Demarary, associate
director of the National Park
Service, must go the lion’s share
of the credit for the .rapid pro
gress which has been made re
cently in getting the parkway
construction under way. When
asked today'for Ihe status of the
pnffcway -j^axpOalned that the
hEtlte aaw North fSuroUilA
Dr. J. O. .Mann, who is in
charge of Sunday school exten
sion and young people’s work in
the Synod in North Carolina, ■will
preach Sunday morning, eleven
o’clock, in the North Wilikesboro
Presbyterian church. In the aft
ernoon he will speak to an as
sembly of the young people of
the church.
j parkway through the reservation.
Secretary Ickes wired R. G.
Browning, of the North Carolina
Highway Department, to come to
Washington for a conference to
Secretary Ickes has designated
Demarary to represent' him at
the conference which is to be
attended by Browning and John
Collier, chief of the Indian Bu
reau. * ■ I
Demarary' stated tonight that
he hoped that something could be
worked out where^. the. .jgytk-
way would - be' iocat^
the reservatipn Jtint .be did
tepw wbethrf. $ny fuithec
ceaslong wb'nld be'made to fbe'tjh
Junior Woman’s
Club Dance On
December 26th
Will Be In I^CRlon And Auxiliary
Clubhouse; Bay State dr-
chestra Coming
$IacM 101 mllee undw
a construction contract. The eon- dians to'secure their ci iisent.
One of the highlights of the
holiday season in North Wilkes
boro will be the Junior Woman’s
Club dance to take Place at the
American Legion and Auxiliary
clubhouse on Thursday night, De
cember 26, from ten,’till 2.
’The widely, acol^med Bay
State orchestra, which has been
playing In Charlotte” for
win, be used ulttb.
Wtuton-Salem Friday
Seven Escaped
IMsoners Are
Still At Large
Price Miller Taken Monday
Night by Highway Em
ploye Near Rmda
Of the prisoners who escaped
from the prison camp in Wlilkes-
boro Saturday night three have
been recaptured and seven are
still at large, although a persis
tent search is being continned.
John GambiJl, nefj.0^ was re
captured soon after the break and
returned to complete his two-
year sentence for larceny,, which
he received in Cleveland county
Bernard Ball was recaptured
Monday in his home county, For
syth, and is back in camp to
complete his four-year sentence
for larceny.
Price Miller was apprehended
.Monday night near Ronda by
Dean Bentley, an employe of the
state highway commission, and
returned to camp to finish his
six months for assault on female
in Guilford county.
Those who are still at large
are Knox Brown, sentenced to
two years for larceny; Will
Brown, two years for larceny;
Ray Huffman, 15 months for
fortery; Jack Presnell, two years
for larceny; Leo Williams, five
years for bigamy; Howard Brack
ett. three years for larceny; Roy
Beck, two years for larceny.
Lutheran Service
Lutheran services will be held
:it tlie Girl Scout “Little House”
on the corner of D and Fifth
.streets on Sunday evening, 7:30,
with the pastor. Rev. R. E. Men-
nen, in charge. This service will
include a Christmas program for
the children. A cordial welcome
is extended to the public.
Churches in the Wllkesboros,
and many churches in the rural
communities throughout the coun
ty, will observe Christmas with
special services in commemora
tion of the birth of Christ.
Observance of Christmas in
many of the churches will be Sun
day, when special music and ser
mons on the Christmas theme are
Following are announcements
of special Christmas services in
churches in the Wllkesboros.
First Baptist a»urch
Tlte morning worship service
will be on the Christmas theme
and at 5 o’clock in the evening
the service will be devoted to
special Christmas music.
First Meftekllst Church *.
Tlie program of Christmas
services starts Sunday morning,
9:45, ■with regular Sunday schoti
and at eleven o’clock the pastor,
A “mi'”" Hr. R. B. Templeton, will preach
Auxiliary “V7ihat Christmas Means^ To
Me.” The evening sermon theme
win be "How Some-Folks Keep
Christmas.” Special music will
be rendered, r
On Monday evening. Decem-
time,‘•will fnmlsli siuMc for the ft;*30 In- the'^clMreh A.
occeskm. Profits the dance onadav sehooL anperln-
^.Oassel, Sunday schooL anperln-
sv." a. . ^-il4aao4«itt.tW.lll preald* At, an old
 Meearo.^«.- B. Rteh^^n aiid i$di!oi»d Chi*tin%-tr» Thare
■ P; ^illsr were btflfliijsss TtoHort jWfll he'PT®*®®*® those
g registered itt tl^.
kday sehooL
“a real Christmas tree, candy,
nuts, apples and maybe some
thing more. Santa will be there in
all his trappings,” the announce
ment stated.
Presbyterian Church
On Sunday evening, 7:30, the
Woman’s Auxiliary will present a
pageant under the direction of
the secretary of ministerial relief
and young people of the church
win take part. At this service
the annual offering for minister
ial relief will be taken.
On Tuesday evening at the
church hut there will be a Christ
mas party for the primary de
partment under the direction of
Miss Julia Finley. There will, be
a Christmas program and . treat
for the children.
Wilkesboro Methodist
Sunday evening, seven o’clock,
a Christmas program will be
rendered in. the WilkMb'oro
Methodist church. There’.■will be
a treat for every member oL the
Sunday school and a sp^gl
Chriatmas program will b» ren
dered. • * - ' • *•
^ I ■■ ■ I' T-y—
of BaaiMM CeMM ji lSMi
' Copgrcaj^MHwIrt ^
An Fiolda ORrittep
Inehided Jd Moef €o«s- i
{dete Ceneiw tojpdte. ^
D. W. Maddox, who has
named supervisor of the cenina
of business in the elghth'congreo'-
sional district, today, announced
that enumeration work will start
in the whole district on jaanary
2, 1936. He said 32 enumera
tors will be named within 'the
next few days to make the can
vass in this district which In
cludes 12 counties.
Offices of the censua are t» be
established in the First National
Bank, Thomasville, and a staff
of 37 persons^wlU be empldYod
to handle the work. All cengna
employees are bound by a atrie$
census oath not tp reveal §jiy
lnfdira.a|lon contained ..on bnal-
ness reports and the Ih'# makea
any vkilatlon a crlmlntl offense.
Mr. Maddox stated that every
retail and wholesale bnslnees, all
hotels, places of amusement, bus
iness service companies, insur
ance agencies, real estate offices,
and trucking and bus companies;
all banks, office building man
agers and contractors will be
canvassed for reports on their
operations during the calendar
year 1935. The results are to be
tabulated in Philadelphia, head
quarters of the business census,
and become the basic statistics
which businesses use In plan
ning their operating policies.
All enumerators will be in
structed thoroughly on ail phases
of the census, Mr. Maddox said,
prior to the beginning of the
eanvase. J. H. Donnell who haa
been selected as assistant super
visor, will help conduct the train
ing courses.
Supervisor Maddox explained
this census has been extended
considerably beyond the limita
tions of the census of distribution
for 1929, and the census of A-
merican Business for 1933, as a
result of business requests that
all fields of business be included.
“It is designed,’’ he said, “to
supply a definite ans'sver to th*
question of how many concerns
there are In business, the total
(Continued on page eight)
Urging Motorists
To Buy Tags Now
And Avoid Rush and Possible
Delay in Buying Later.
This Month
Motor vehicles license bureaua
in this city and elsewhere In the
state are urging car and truck
owners to purchase their 1936
auto plates as early as possible
in order to avoid the congestion,
and rush during the last days of
The state highway patrol is
insisting that the 1935 tags wiU
expire at midnight on December
31 and that all who operate mo
tor vehicles after that date will
be liable to arrest.
Private automobile and truck
license.s may be purchased in
North Wilkesboro at the license
bureau office at the Yadkin Val
ley Motor company and all who
wish to apply for “for hire’’ lic
enses should get in touch with .
Patrolman J. J. Johnson at the
office of the city police depart
A Christmas aervioe
held at Mount Pleaaant
cbnrch..^at' JDhaioplon • on
at two a’elock U. th® a
Santa Claus At
Will Be at Foreateris Nit-.i
Way Service Jo Treat,
Children T\ie^y-:
Santa Claus with all kls outfit
and gifts for kiddl^ wiU be at
Foreater’g Nu-Way ServjM eta-
tion on Tuesday evening,“Decern'^
her 24. » ,
An attractive Christmas . tree
has been 'Wnt^ on the groanda
and ererytnVtff ,1b la readlBMa
for the visit Vof 'Ran^ i^ Cluri»t-^ _
mas eve. V r j’"
A public inv)|a^B^ls extead-
ed to everybody Ki be present
Banta CUns willW^ $
for every child J^a** dt
.Age who vleits theV*vt®e stetlon
between the ,honrs,]tf Jfonr ®?and
six o'doek on Tne»t
!^n ^he pastor. Rev.
Watts, ipi eharge. The epb-
Ts invite
Clans and every ohlH
to meet him and re

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