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    ■Reach ^Plirts
na 0«rmMi8 fought ttorcelr
•today to extend their foothold
1 on the English Channel, drlrlng
I toward Calais ,l^d bombing the
t British channel harbor of Dover
i deoplte sharp allied attacks on
} the flanks of their narrow cor-
I rldor throngh northern France.
I An allied spokesman In London
1 warned that the "altaatlon r»-
* w»ta«a wery grave,'’ particularly as
fgfiiirils raoMnhnleatlons with the
I gilM siwlss la nnrthnm France,
£, The renewed German thrust
{ toward Calais and the nanweet
I part of the English Channel
’ (Dover Is only J5 miles from.
4 Calais) was accompanied by a
\ sunburst of declarations In. Ber-
\ lln that the attack on England
k will begin shortly.
] ' Allied forces both to the north
and the south of the German
oorrldor were lighting stubhomly
to break through.
The French high command re-
ported that Its troops had driven
r back Into the outskirts of Cam-
|t brat and that tho battle In the
(* nsfth was being waged with
’^Vj^kateet violence.” The British
ll^rted that fighting of equal
ttolence was going on a short
distance to the west between Ar-
H|b and Baupaume and that their
Tnbps were holding their orwn.
The British high command said
the Germans had attacked along
the Une of the Scheldt in western
Belgium and had forced a cross
ing of the river at Audenarde.
The Germans said their drive in
this region was now beginning to
pick up speed.
Jod^e Hayes and
C. B. Eller Talk
At WPA Banquet
SptHMors Give Dinner For
Project Workers at Club*
boose Monday Night
Judge Johnson J. Hayes, of the
lKoeIA jOiurollaa district of
court, hwd C. B. Bller,
•Wilkes county superintendent of
schools, were the speakers at the
^WPA banquet held on, Monday
night at the Woman’s clubhouse
on Trogdon street.
The dinner was one of hun
dreds given simultaneously
throughout the country by WPA
sponsors for project workers.
W. D. Haltacre, local banker,
was toastmaster at the banquet,
which proved to be a very en-
jMeble occasion. Total attend-
was 135.
■ In addition to the address, the
program Included solos by Miss
Marcella Pendley and Miss Ruth
ris and numbers by the Bar-
family colored quartet.
Judge Hayes and Supt. Eller
spoke of the relief afforded Job
less by the WPA and of the great
assistance WPA has been to
sponsors in carrying out many
public improvements at compara
tively small cost to local tax pay
ing units.
Epidemic Of Car
Thefts Reported
Four Cars Stolen Here Dur
ing Past Few Days; 2
Bum, 2 Recovered
There has been a veritable epi
demic of car thefts In North
WUkeaboro during the past few
days. Police Chief J. E. Walker
uM today.
Of four cars which have been
reported stolen two have been
recovered and the other two have
boon found totally destroyed by
r e. One arrest has been made.
Alvin Lee Llpford, a negro res-
^ant of the Ferguson commun
ity, was arrested in this city
while In a car identified as being
stolen from Wilkes Anto Sales
Saturday. He was arrested and
charged with theft of the car he
was occupying and also of a car
Stolen a few days previously from
the same place and albandoned
near Hlllsvllle, Va. Llpford was
turned over to federal authorities
for trial in federal court at Wll-
^ A pickup truck belonging to
B. F. Smlthey was stolen from
Main street Tuesday night and
tound burned near The Jumping
Off Place on highway 16.
: A car belonging to ,'eter Bum-
fsmer, which was stolen from
■Acre it was parked near Home
jlRr company Friday, was found
(burned north of this city.
Interest In Primary SatarMf I
Dr. Brtidey Is
Elected Member
Welfare Board
The Wilkes County Triple A
office Is asking all farmers who
wish to purchase lime at the goT-
ernment contract price for sum-
mer and fall use to make appll-
Will Succeed Wm. A. Stroud cation at the Triple A office as
At Expiration Of His
Term June 1
Dr. J. G. Bentley, of Pores
Knob, a well known physician,
today was named a memiber of
the Wilkes county board of wel
fare. ' .
He will succeed Wm. A. Stroud,
whose term as a member of the
board will expire June 1.
According to the plan of ad
ministration of public welfare,
the board is composed of three
members; one is appointed bflr the
state board of charities and pub
lic welfare, one by the county
board of commissioners and the
other by the two first named
members of the board.
The election of Dr. Bentley as
a member of the board was by
the other two members, P. J.
Brame, who was appointed by
the state board, and W. E. Smlth-
ery, who was appointed by the
Wilkes county board of commls-
Included In the other business
transacted today was exaanlna^
tion oi applications for public as
sistance and a discussion of the
welfare Wudget with memibers of
the county board of commission
Mrs. Dick Parller, of Charlotte,
arrived Wednesday to spend a
tew days with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Lambeth,
of High Point, were North Wil-
keshoro visitors today.
A daughter was born on May
6 to Mr. and Mrs. Claude Lank
ford, of Reddies River.
A son was born on Mry 8 to
Mr. and Mrs. Romie Jarvis, of
A son was born on May 9 to Mr.
and Mrs. Elmore Blevins, of
Miss Bertha Sockwell, o f
Greensboro, is spending the week
here in the home of Mrs. C. L.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hcothe.
Williams, of North WUkeaboro
route 3, a son, weight 12 3-4
pounds, on May 9.
Miss Helen Bumgarner spent
Want Applications
For Limestone Now
early as possible in ‘order
orders may be filled.
Only Two^RamSeyeD.Seekii^
In Eadi, P.arty
On Coinl^ Ticket Ike GoTeffiiTi
DemocroU .T9 Select .Nomi
nee Fer ^|te Senate
27 Defendants In
Federal Court Get
Terms In Prison
Many Liquor Casea Being
Tried In May Term
Of Federal Court
Twenty-seven defendants 1 n
1 WeUt/-OCVCU »*»--- —-
federal court at WUkeaboro this this city. According to a time hon-
week have been sentenced by ored custom ncxw Included In the
Hayes to fed- law the nominations rotate among
Judge Johnson J. — — —
eral prisona and reformatories the three counties of the district
and many cases yet remain to bo Wilkes^ Yadkin and Daviei and
Court convened on
onorning and will be In session
for two weeks.
Practically all cases on the
criminal calendar Involve alleged
violations of the federal liquor
tax iawa. Manufacturing, possess
ing and transporting.liquor dn
which federal taxes were not paid
constitute the liquor charges.
List of defendants who have
received prison, and reformatory
sentencea follow
Chlttfeofke , ,
Ehigene Johnson, IS months 4h
Homer Transou, year and a day
In Ohillicothe.
Will Benge, 18 months In At
lanta prison.
Dwight Cheeks (Ashe county),
year and a day in Ohillicothe.
Richard Shew, two years In
Wilson Shew, five years In At
Thornton Thomas Brown (Ca
barrus county), year and a day
in Atlanta.
John Mitchell, year and a day
in prison camp at Lewlsburg, Pa.
Lawrence Henry Russel, 15
months In Chllllcothe.
Bryan Htuchison, 15 months in
Clyde Curry, 18 months in Chil-
this is Wilkes’ time for the noml-
Monday nation.
It Is Yadkin’s time to name the
Republican nominee and Miles
Shore is unopposed for' the Re
publican nomination for state sen
The Democrats In Wilkes also
have a }»ntest for- nomination as
memiber ef the hongs of rqpreeen-
tatives. A. A. CMblon, of this
city, and Jkttomey H. A. Cmnor,
of Wllkl#oro> are .;he q^dl^tes
Harrison Call (Forsyth
15 months in Chilli-
Andrew Williams, year and
week-end in Marshville and day in CLilllcothe.
V 1
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Lester
)aeea. of this city, a daughter on
fay 6.
Monroe with Miss Margaret Phil
lips and Miss Virginia Eldwards,
who were classmates of Miss
Bumgarner at W. C. U. N. C.,
Dr. R. F. Parker, of Murphy,
visited his mother, Mrs. J. L.
Parker, on North Wllkesboro
route 3 Tuesday. Dr. Parker, a
pharmacist, was connected with
a drug store here several years
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Vick
ery and two sons, William Mc
Call and Thomas Nelson, of
Wheaton, 111., are spending a
few days here with Mr. Vickery’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Crltcher
and children, of Oxford, ylslted
Mr. Crltcher’s mother, Mrs. J. C.
Critcher, Sr., and his brothers,
Messrs. J. C. Critcher, Jr and L.
0. Critcher, at Moravian Falls
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Osborne and
Mrs. Joe Mott, of WUkeaboro,
and Mrs. R. I- Smith, of Draper,
returned 'Tuesday from a few
days visit with Lieut, and Mrs.
Guy Gregg, at Fort Belvolr, Md.
Mrs. Gregg Is a sister of Mrs.
Osborne and Mrs. Smith. TThey
also visited Washington, D. C.,
and other points of interest.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Settle will
leave the last of the week to at
tend the commencement at Wake
Forest College. Their son. Mr. Lee
Settle, Is a member of this year’s
graduating class. Mr. and Mrs.
Settle wUl go from Wake Forest
to Norfolk where they will visit
their sons, Messrs. Ernest and
Robert Settle. Miss Mildred Dan
cy wiU accompany Mr. and Mrs.
Settle on the trip.
Lester Combs, year and a day
in prison camp at Petersburg, Va.
Robert Pierce, two years In
Albert Brooks, Alleghany coun
ty, 18 months In Chllllcothe.
John Wesley Bryant (Allegh
any county), 18 months In Chil-
James Russel Brooks, one year
and one day In Chllllcothe.
Ford Shepherd, year and a day
in ChllUcothe.
Roby Williams, one year and
one day In Petersburg, Va.
Walter Sebon Gambill, Claude
Caudill and Clifton Johnson, year
and one day in Chllllcothe.
Roy Caudill, two years in Lew
lsburg. Pa.
Charlie W. Hanes (Forsyth
county), year and a day In Chll
Lewis B. Prevette, year and a
day In Chilllcothe.
Commencement Is
Under Way In City
On Sunday night, eight o’clock.
Dr. Raymond Smith, of Greens^
boro College, will deliver the
commencement sermon for the
senior class In a service at the
first Baptist church and on Tues
day night, eight o’clock, will be
the high school graduation. The
program will be entirely by the
Although there are only two
contests in each party, consider
able interest has already been
shown in the primary Saturday,
May 25, for nomination for coun
ty offices as well atb state.
In the Democratic party there
are contests in Wilkes county for
nomination for representative and
for state senator.
The candidates for the Demo
cratic nomination for state senate,
24th district, are Floyd C. (Tom)
Forester and J. B. McCoy, both of
Hve Candidates Ask Demo
cratie Nomination For
Congress In 8th
With the date of the primary
to be held Saturday, May 25,
drawing near, maximum interest
is being shown in the race of sev
en candidates for the Democratic
nomination tor governor but a
five-man race for the Democratic
nomination for congress In the
Eighth district and contests for
several state offices are sharing a
part of the spotlight.
'fhe candidates for the Demo
cratic nomination for governor
Wilkins P. Horton
Paul Grady
Thos. E. Cooper
A. J. Maxrwell
J. Melville Broughton
L. Lee Gravely
Arthur Simmons.
The Democratic candidates for
nomination to congress In this
district are:
W. O. Bnrgln
C. B. Deane
Bob Steele, lU
D. C. Phillips
Giles Yeomans Newton.
There are four candidates for
the Democratic nomtnstlon for
A .meiniMal service, will be
conducted Sunday night, 7:45, at
Wllkeeboro Bapt^t church. Rev.
C. C. Holland, p^ttorr^ho is a
member of the American Legion,
OrgnnixnrioB Compo—d Of
.Six Dmaiom Wtdi Muty
j^Q^AV/UUASa vs caav w csvsvru. \jm, awva Ma TV AC*
In a body. The pobllh i|as a cor- kesboro here July 1, 2, 3 and 4
dial invitation to the service.
1941 ConvrtdHm
Held In libb City
r ^ eandidafes
T, Story, of .^Tllkeeboro,
and A. Candlll, of Hi^s.
The only other conB^t for nom
ination for county ojpee Is for
Republican nomination for rois
ter of deeds. C. C. iildden, of
Joynes, and Carl Church, of Pur-
lear, are the candidates.
Polls will open Saturday at sev
en a. m. and close at seven p. m.
Voters may vote In the i primary
as they are registered. Voters
registered as Republicans may
vote only for Republican candi
dates and voters registered as
Democrats may vote only for
Democratic contests.
Dance Revue Held
On Tuesday Night
A large audience thoroughly
enjoyed the dance revue by pupils
of Mrs. R. G. Finley’s stndio of
Dance on Tuesday night at the
Liberty Theatre.
The program gave evidence of
splendid training and was thor
oughly pleasing to the audience.
Pupils taking part were Rebtecca
Hayes, Nancy Rousseau, Harriet
Crutchfield, Betty Gwyn Finley,
Jane Carter, Carolyn Moore, Billy
Jo Zimmerman, Geraldine Gaddy,
Jean Somers, Ruth Long, Vivian
Blanche Miller, Mickey Somers,
Jimmie Blair, Tomnry Reins, San
dra Brewer.Aan. Smlth.Bllly Pear
son, Billie Barnes, Margaret Ann
Hutchens, Bobby Wells, Nell
Gwyn Brume, Carolyn Deans,
Carol Hayes, Grace Frank Kilby,
Jeanne Moore.''-
E. 4*;’’
U A) MhrttH.
For secretary of state Thad
Eure, the Incumbent, is opposed
by Walijer Morphy.
Georde Ross Pou and Charlee
W. Miller are candidates for the
Democratic nomination for state
W. Kerr Scott, commissioner
of agriculture, is opposed by C.
Wayland Spruill for the Demo
cratic nomination for that office.
For insurance commissioner
there are two candidates, Dan C.
Boney, the Incumbent, and Wil
liam B. Oliver, one of whom
Democrats will select as their
candidate for that office.
For the first time In the his
tory of the primary system the
Republicans also have a contest
for state office.
Three Republicans are asking
the nomination for governor.
They are: Robert H. McNeill, a
native of Wilkes: John R- Hoff
man, of Burlington, and George
M. Pritchard, of Asheville.
Chrie OrcanizalkMU Help
Veterans In Ittvitxtion
For Tke Convention
North Carolina department of
Veterans of Foreign Wars will
hold its 1941 convention in North
Wilkesboro, according to a decis
ion reached at the convention In
session in Winston-Salem Mon
R. C. Pancett and J. F. Wll-
lluns were the delegates who rep-
redented the Wilkes post Monday
In asking for, the 1941 convention
la North wilkesboro.
were aided by Invitations
extended hV Mayor R- T- McNiel,
North Wilkeaboro’s Commerce
Bureans, and H^e Lions -club.
delegatee pseered the eon
tiite the-lleiegatee and thM Noru
Wilkesboro will be an Ideal con
ventiou city for the V. F. W.
Delegates from the local post
carried to the convention a num
ber of North Wllkesboro’s adver
tising booklets, which received
much favorable cosiment and Im
pressed tho convettlon delegates
very favorably.
The representatives of the local
post were Informed that an at
tendance of about 500 may be ex
pected at the 1941 convention.
The poet here, which was re
cently organised, was well repre
sented throughout the convention,
which began Saturday and ended
on Monday.
Special Service
At Boomer Church
On Friday Night
Paul Collins, who has been
conducting a singing school at
Boomer BtpUst church, will con
duct a special service there on
Friday night, 7:30. Quartet music
will be featured and the public
has a cordial Invitation to at
On Friday night the element
ary grades of North Wilkesboro
schools win give a program in
connection -with the seventh , j
grade graduation. Pupils of eve- degree work In the Pjlhian IMge
ry grade In the elementary de- Monday night and a full atten -
partment will take part
Pytiuans Will Have.
' New Class Monday
A new class will be ready for
ance of members is asked at the
Home Coming
Announcement haa been made
of a home coming service, to be
held at Liberty Grove, church t»n
Sunday, May 26, and everybody
is Invited to attend with baskets
well filled with food for the din
ner to he served at noon.
Cooper Brings His
Campaign Here
Advocating 15 state automobile
license tags and other reductions
In state taxes, to be made pos
sible through greater economy in
government, Tom Cooper, colorful
mayor of Wilmington, brought
his sound truck campaign for gov
ernor to North WDkeoboro Tues
day morning.
Friendship Home
Coming On Sunday
Program Banquet
Farmers, Business
Men Is Outlined
Following completion of the or
ganisation of committees for'tho
will deliver the ipessage and all event, plans for the 60th annf-
Leglonnalres are asked to attend versary celebration of North WQ-
are rapidly taking form and tho
celebration Is expected to be one
of the outstanding events in
northwestern North Carolina tbio
The anniversary celebration
will be sponsored by North Wn-
kedboro’s Commerce Bureaus, of
which R. G. Finley Is president,
and the exeentive chairman for
the celebration is J. R. PreTetU^
S. V. Tomlinson Is exeoutiTO
vice chairman and W. P. Kelly,
executive secretary of the Com
merce Bureaus, is comptroller-
AdvertislDg materials and
wooden money have been ordered
for the event and -will antvo
soon. Highlighting the celebra
tion will be a pageant presented
by the John B. Rogers Prodno-
ing company, of Dayton, Ohio.
’The promotion man will be
here on Friday, May 31, and will
meet all committees In a sreclal
meeting at the city hall that eve
ning at 7:30 p. m. It Is expected
that other meetinge of the com
mittees of each of the dlvlslOBe
will also be caltod.
The anniversary organisation is
coQiBoeod^of stx divisions ae'loir
State ExecutiTe Oflicer of
Triple A Will MsJte the
PrincipBl Address
Sunday, May 26, is tho annual
home-coming event at Friendship
Methodist buroh a t Millers
Creek. The Sunday school will bo
In session from 10 to 11 o’clock jap^er,
under the direction of the super
intendent, O. A. Bumgarner.
Special music will be heard In
connection with the preaching
hour. The pastor. Rev. J. L. A.
Bumgarner, -will preach at 11:80.
Visiting choirs and quartets are
expected to take part at different
times In both forenoon and after
Dinner will ho served picnic
style. All who will are Invited to
bring baskets and spread dinner
on the tables. The lunchotm hour
has heretofore been very pleasant
as a social occasion, and It is ex
pected It to be so again. '
Ibo. afternoon seeslon will be
a medley of buslneea, music and
greetings .from visitors from a
distance. A number of former pas
tors have already written they
will be present. ' ,
An outline of the program to
be carried out at a banquet of
fanners and business men to be
held at the Legion and Auxiliary
clubhouse in this city on Wednes
day evening. May 29, was releas
ed here today.
J. M. German, of Boomer,
chairman of the Triple A commit
tee In Wilkes, will be master of
ceremonlee and tho principal
speaker will be E. Y. Floyd,
state executive officer of the
Triple A. The banquet will open
at 7:30 p. m. with singing of
“America” and invocation by Rev.
R. R. Crater.
Following the dinner Lawrence
Miller, secretary of the Triple A
In Wilkes, will introduce the
Following the address will be
numbers by s quartet and short
talks as follows: “The Farmer
Business Man, and God,” Rev. A.
L. Aycodk; "Lime Phosphate and
Beef Cattle,” T. W. Ferguson:
Electricity on tho Farm,” L. L.
Ray; “The Advantage of tho $20
Payment to tho Small Wilkes
Farmer,” Flake Shaw, member of
the state Triple A committee;
“Limestone in Wilkes County,”
W. M. Abehor; “Compliance From
the Skloo," L. G. Billings; '"The
AAA From a Mailman-Farmer's
Viewpoint,” J. A. Gilliam; “What
Soil Conservation Means to Farm
ers,” P. W. Edwards.
A roundtable discussion will
close the program.
It was learned today that only
a fe« of the 150 tickets available
remain to be sold.
Knt)|r, MseeiMe'chetrman; Pi^
lldty Divisich, D. J. Carter,* chali^
man, and W. J. Bason, associate
chairman; Spectacle Diviston, C.
O. McNiel, chairman, and Frank
B. Johnson, associate chairman;
Special Events Division, E. G.
Finley, chairman, and Dr. A. (L
Chamberlain, associate chairmen;
Hospitality Division, J. B. McCoy,
chairman, and J. B. Carter, asso
ciate chairman; Adminlstratlee
Division, J. B. Williams, chalp-
’The complete organization of
commltteee under the six divis
ions is as follows:
W. D. Halfacre, division chelT'
man; A. F. Kilby, associate chair
man. ,
Underwriting Committee: J. B.
Williams, chairman, A. A. Cash-
ion, J. R. McCartney, L. 3. Spale-
hour, J. R. Hlx, W. H. McElwee,
Carl W. Steele.
Official Program Committee:
L. £•. Carpenter, chairman, Wm.
H. Duhling, Miss Toby Tumor,
Mrs. B. R. Underwood, J. D.
Moore, Jr., Mrs. Cbas. E. Jenkinx
Jr., J. M. Anderson.
Novelties Committee: Robert
M. Brame, Jr., chairman, Richard.
B. Johnston, Chas. E. Jenkins,
Jr., J. Kermlt Blackburn, Fred
Henderson. Harry Pearson.
Queen Contest Committee: Mrs.
Palmer Horton, chairman, Mm.
B. F. Gardner, Mrs. Ivey Moore,
Mrs. J. S. Deans. Mrs. L. L. Car
penter, Mrs. H. T. Clark, Mrs. R-
P. Casey.
Advance Ticket Committee:
Mrs. R. T. McNiel, chairman, Miss
Elizabeth Cashlon, Miss Vanix
Anderson, Mrs. W. Frank Allen,
Miss Frances Cranor.
Reserved Seat Committee: W.
Blair Gwyn. chairman, J. M.
Crawford, J. H. Rector, C. C.
Faw, Jr., E. R. Sprnlll.
Pay Gates Committee: J. Glena
McNeil, chairman, Harry L. Sum
mers, T. Hyde Waller, Homer
Concessions Committee; Frank
C. Tomlinson, chairman.
D. J. Carter, division chairman;
W. J. Bason, associate chairman.
Press Committee: Dwight Nich
ols, chairman, Julias C. Hubbard,
John H. Slkeai, Mias Mamie Sock-
well, Miss Frances Cranor, W. B.
Pharr, R. B. Pharr, P.-vul HarveL
Distributive Committee: Ed
ward Finley, Jr., chairman, • Pqnl
Cashlon. J. H.‘ Whicker, Jr„
Rlehard Deans, Bill Bmme, Ivan
D. Anderson, Prank Allen.
Speakem Committee; J. C.
BelBs, chalrmin, J. G. Hadutt,
K W. Eshelman,..A. H. Cace«r.'’J-
J. Hayes, J. A. Roossean, R.JT,-
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